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Nail Care Guide
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 How to get a
 prettier grip on
 the new year
      t’s about that time we’re all either thriving or struggling
      with our New Year’s resolutions. After a quick glance at
       the Top 20 New Year’s Resolutions of all time following
       the expected get fit, quit smoking, and spend more time
 with family was quit nail biting.
    Known in the clinical world as choric onychophagia, nail
 biting is most common among children, but still very common
 among young adults and those slightly older (Britney Spears
 made her New Year’s resolution to quit biting in 2009). Not
 only can it cause infection - transferring bacteria from your
 fingers directly into your mouth – it can cause dental problems
 such as gingival injury. So, why do people still do it?
    Clinical studies have all suggested that stress, anxiety, hun-
 ger and boredom are all reasons that people take on a life of
 nail biting. Measures to quit can be as intense as hypnosis
 and medication, however, the nail care experts at Nutra Nail
 promise it doesn’t necessarily have to go this far!

 Here are a few tricks to ensuring you don’t have a New
 Year’s resolution repeat:

 Trick 1: When you get the urge to bite, try substituting
 a different form of oral gratification such as chewing gum
 or sucking on a mint.

 Trick 2: A split or chipped nail is a common trigger for
 biting nails, so try carrying a nail file or spiffer with you at
 all times. As soon as you get a nick, file it off so you won’t
 be tempted to play with it and bite it off.

 Trick 3: Weekly manicures are a good way to deter nail
 biting - if your nails always look nice, you will be more
 conscious of them and not want to mess them up!

Ultimate Nail Care Guide                                             Ultimate Nail Care Guide
                 Basic fingertips

                 efore getting started on applying the shade du jour, Laurel Dobalo, director
                 of marketing at Nutra Nail provided us with a few helpful tips when
                 cleaning up your nail bed.

          Short and Sweet: Keep your nails at a length appropriate to the size of
          your nail bed and your activity level. Nails shouldn’t extend more than 1/3
          the length of your nail bed, or less if you are into more hands on activities.
          Short and neat looks better and face it, crazy long has never been in style.

          Not earning frequent file miles – practice restraint: Excessive
          filing can weaken the edges of nails, causing them to peel, so keep filing to a
          minimum. If you really need to shorten your nails, clip them first, then smooth
          out the rough edges with a file or buffer when nails are dry. Never file nails
          back and forth across the tip of your nail, this will weaken the nail, causing it
          to split and chip. Instead, file nails toward the center, first from one side, then
          from the other.

          Take the cut out of cuticles: Yes, we know they do it at the salon but
          never cut your cuticles! This will make them come back thicker & faster, and
          can also lead to infection. Keep them well moisturized and use a cream cuticle
          remover and cuticle stick to push them back. To soften stubborn, dry cuticles,
          try making your own soaking solution by adding a few drops of honey, olive
          oil, or moisturizer to a small bowl of warm water. Soak nails & cuticles in this
          solution for 2 to 5 minutes, massaging them occasionally as they soak.

Ultimate Nail Care Guide
       Daily tips for model
         worthy mitts
            ou may not recognize the name          Step 2: Identify your needs in
            Ellen Sirot, but you will                a hand-treatment product.
            definitely recognize her                 Whether you need to address age
            hands. Over the                          spots, dryness, lack of elasticity
   last 20 years this world-                         or all of the above, choose the
   famous hand model has had                         appropriate cream and use as
   her flawless paws in print                        needed at least twice a day and
   advertisements worldwide                         especially at night as this is when
   and has even played a hand-                      the skin does its repair work.
   double for famous celebs                           Active ingredients such as vita-
   such as Sarah Jessica Parker                       mins A, C, and E have proven
   and Hilary Swank. Since                           to slow the aging process by in-
   the majority of us don’t                         creasing cell turnover. In addition
   have hands that are worthy                     vitamin C is an excellent source of
   of the attention Ellen’s are,                radiance. Grape seed oil and shea but-
   national trainer for Sally                 ter are also common ingredients in ef-
   Hansen Doug Atkinson                     fective hand treatment products.
   offers up a few daily steps
   to at least get us on the                      Step 3:       Hand cream and
   right track to having A-list                      exfoliator are vital for healthy-
   hands.                                              looking hands and cuticle
                                                           maintenance. “Nothing
   Step 1: Use a gentle cleans-                            will spoil the look of a
   er on hands wherever possi-                            fresh manicure more than
   ble. “In this day of sanitizers                         ragged, jagged cuticles,”
   high in alcohol it is essential                         says Doug. Choose either
   to use a cleaning product that                         an oil or cream for the
   does not further dry or dehy-                        cuticles and apply at least
                                                                                          Ellen Sirot’s hands by Joe Neilfor

   drate the skin,” explains                          twice a day.

Ultimate Nail Care Guide
               Top 5 tips from Ellen

             1    Take care of your hands when washing.
                  Water alone is inherently dehydrating to the skin. And conventional
             soaps additionally strip moisture from the skin and compromise the lipid
             barrier. Use a sulfate-free cleanser when washing and moisturize immediately
             while hands are still damp to lock in hydration.

             2    Wear protective gloves when cleaning,
                  doing housework or projects around the house to minimize exposure
             to chemicals and the need for repeated washing.

             3    U se an overnight serum
                  specifically for the delicate skin of the hands to take advantage of
             circadian rhythms and overnight cell renewal.

             4    Protect hands
                  from UVA/UVB exposure.

             5    Take time
                  to care for nails and cuticles.
                                                                                                     Ellen Sirot by Dylan Cross

                                  Ellen Sirot

Ultimate Nail Care Guide                                                  Ultimate Nail Care Guide
             2010 Nail ColourTrends

                                             Heavy Metal
                                             According to Sally Hansen’s national trainer, Doug
                                              Atkinson, spring/summer 2010 models got their
                                              metal on and runways sparkled. Doug’s sure this
                                              trend won’t stop at fashion week explaining that,
                                              “metallics are going mainstream and will be worn
                                               by all.” A perfect way to add a little bling to your
                                                outfit without breaking the bank, the reflective
                                                particles in your choice of shade will leave a
                                                shiny iridescent finish. Holla!

      Tropic Thunder
      Come summer the sun isn’t the only thing that
      will be looking bright as the weather heats up.
      Shelves will be stocked with an array of vibrant
      shades to choose from. From hot pinks to Florida
      orange, your nails will be the center of attention
      which means it’s less likely that anyone will notice
      you’re wearing your favourite little black dress
      again! Since all eyes will be on your nail bed, be
      sure to keep up on polish changes, topcoat
      reapplications and weekly at-home manicures!
                                                                                                      Stephen Ferrie

Ultimate Nail Care Guide
Save $600 each year
                 e received feedback from 150 beauty
                 advisors about what trends in nail
                 care had been encouraging a
                 little more traffic than
 usual in the nail care aisle. Many of the
 responses confirmed what national
 trainer for Sally Hansen, Doug
 Atkinson predicted for 2010; an
 increased number of recessionistas
 embracing at-home manicures. In
 leiu of spending $25 every few weeks on
 mani up-keep (2 visits a month is $600
 spent each year), Doug offered
 up the must have tools
 and instructions to
 brush up on the

             ...and                  do it at home
                                                                                  Crystal Cartier; Corbis

Ultimate Nail Care Guide                               Ultimate Nail Care Guide
 Your do-it-yourself kit should include:
                                       Cuticle Remover
                                 Cuticle or Orangewood Sticks
                                            Nail File
                                           Base Coat
                                          Nail Colour
                                            Top Coat

      Your hands-on 7-step manual:
 1     Use a cuticle remover to remove thick, overgrown cuticles by applying a small amount
       of liquid around the cuticle. Let sit for no more than 15 seconds depending on the
       product and remove with warm soapy water.

 2     Once the excess cuticle has been removed, gently push back the cuticle with the
       rounded edge cuticle sticks.
                           Doug suggests wrapping cotton wool around the stick if you would like a
                           little extra padding.

 3     Now use the other pointed side of the stick to clean under the free edge of the nail.
          Fingertip!       Cuticle oil is commonly used during this step, but not necessary.

 4     Pick a file that best suits your nails and begin to shape the nail.
          Fingertip!       Rounded nails are not only trendy for 2010, they also prevent pesky breakage.

 5     Once shaped, apply a base coat to the nail. Base coats hold the colour longer and help
       prevent the yellow stains - admit it, we have all suffered stained nails from keeping
       our polish on for too long. Colour should be changed once a week.

 6     Select your shade.
          Fingertip!       If you’re looking to get ahead of the trend, pick something in metallic!
                           Depending on the colour and formula you choose apply one to two coats.

 7     Finally, top things off with a top coat to seal and protect. You didn’t do all of this work
       for nothin’!

Ultimate Nail Care Guide
Glen Perotte; Getty Images

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