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									    American Nuclear Society
  Operations and Power Division

         Presentation to the
       ANS Board of Directors

            Tom Snow

Reno, NV           November 12, 2008
                        OPD Mission
The advancement of science and engineering related to:

• The dissemination of knowledge and information in the area of
  power reactors with particular application to the production of
  electric power and process heat.
• Power plants, research and test reactors, and other nuclear
  facilities, including but not limited to design, construction,
  economics, licensing, quality assurance, fuels, management, and
  public acceptance.
• The safe and efficient operation of nuclear facilities, including
  power reactors, research and test reactors, and other nuclear
  facilities, through professional staff development, information
  exchange, and supporting the generation of viable solutions to
  current issues.
                      OPD Governance
• Officers:
   Chair: Tom Snow                   Secretary: Sandra Sloan
   First Vice-chair: Sean O’Kelly    Treasurer: Stephanie Banker
   Second Vice-chair: Don Eggett     Past-chair: Greg Gibson

• Executive Committee:
        2009                  2010             2011
   Robert Penn, Jr.     Roman Estrada      Sasan Etamadi
   Bill Corcoran        Thomas Remick      Alan Fiorente
   Brian Katz           Steven Stamm       Steven Reese
   Preston Pratt        Chris Wiegand      Richard St. Onge
   Michael Spellman     Brian Vitiello

• Board Liaison: John McGaha
OPD Governance
Total Membership
  OPD Governance
Student Membership
                 OPD Governance - Budget
                                           Actual     Budget       Actual
Division Finances                        12/31/2007    2008      8/31/2008
Budget Funds
    Carry Forward                         105,605     105,605     97,657
    Member Allocation                       4,063       4,100      8,374
    Division Income                                    35,000     33,628
Total Budget Funds                        109,668      144,705   139,659
Budget Expenses
    Awards and Plaques                                    500        255
    National Meeting Costs                 3,689        2,500        802
    NEED Funding                           5,000        5,000      5,000
    Landis Challenge                                               5,000
    Student Support                        3,304       25,500     14,100
Total Expenses                            11,993       33,500     25,157
Excess of Budgeted Funds over Expenses    97,675      111,205    114,502
              OPD Governance
• 1-year Tactical Plan – Updated for 2009
• 5-year Strategic Plan – Update planned
• Succession planning:
   – 6-year rotation of officers
   – Treasurer elected each year
   – Automatic succession for other officers
• 14 Additional At-large members on the Executive
  Committee for 3-year terms
• OPD website is posted
• Two newsletters published each year
           OPD Contributions to ANS
• ANS Position Statements
   #14 Use of Nuclear Energy for the Production of Process
       Heat (Nov. 2003)
   #33 Licensing New Nuclear Plants (Nov. 2005)
   #51 Reactor Safety (June 2007)
   #56 The Need for Near-Term Deployment of New Nuclear
       Plants (June 2005)
   #60 Nuclear Energy for Hydrogen Generation (June 2003)
   #62 Use of Nuclear Energy for Desalination (March 2005)
   #75 The Need for Deployment of the Next Generation
       Nuclear Power Project (March 2005)
         OPD Contributions to ANS
• Society Leadership
  – OPD Executive Committee meets at both National
  – OPD Maintains Active Liaisons with ANS National
     • Bylaws and Rules Committee (OPD Chair)
     • Honors and Awards Committee (OPD Chair)
     • Professional Divisions Committee (OPD Chair is an at-large
     • Public Information (Executive Committee Member)
     • Membership (OPD Secretary)
     • Local Sections (Executive Committee Member)
       OPD Service to Membership

• UWC 2007: “Root Cause Analysis for Safety
  Culture and Human Performance Improvement”

• UWC 2008: “Root Cause Analysis for Safety
  Culture and Human Performance Improvement”
          OPD Service to Membership

• Peer Recognition/Awards
   – Walter H. Zinn Award (1976)
       • 2008 William F. Naughton
       • 2007 Leonard J. Koch
   – Utility Leadership Award (1994, National in 2005)
       • 2008 Marvin S. Fertel (NEI)
       • 2007 Marilyn C. Kray (NuStart)
   – Utility Achievement Award (1994, National in 2005)
       • 2008 Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant
              Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant
       • 2007 LaSalle County Station
              Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
   – Mona Grimsley Best Session Awards
   – Best Paper Awards
          OPD Service to Membership

                   Power (1985)   Bisesti(1994)   Lacy (1995)
OPD Scholarships
                     (#2760)        (#2778)         (#2780)
Awarded annually      2500          2000            2000
OPD endowment        45,209        22,855          25,571
       OPD Service to Membership

• Student Support
  – Provided financial support for two student
    interns to participate in the Utility Working
    Conferences in 2007 and 2008.
  – Provided a financial contribution of $6000 for
    the 2008 student conference.
  – Provide $7500 for student travel to the ANS
    National Meetings in 2008.
              OPD Meeting Participation

• Two National Meetings per year
   –   2007 Annual Meeting – 7 sessions
   –   2007 Winter Meeting – 11 sessions
   –   2008 Annual Meeting – 9 sessions
   –   2008 Winter Meeting – 9 sessions
• Class I, II, and II Topical Meetings
   – UWC (Class I every August at Amelia Island, FL)
   – ICAPP (International Congress on Advances in Nuclear
     Power Plants; Class III in even years, Class IV in odd years)
         2007 OPD Metrics and Measures
Division             Division            Division      Division
Meetings             Governance          Contributions Services to
                                         to Society    Membership
National Meeting     Succession          ANS Position         Professional
Participation        Planning            Statements           Development

Class I and II       Membership          Participation with   Scholarships
Topicals             Trends              Outside
Class III Topicals   Communications      Society Leadership Peer Recognition/
                     Division Planning   Non-meeting          Student Support
                                         Commitment to
               Areas of Success

•   Utility Working Conference
•   Scholarships
•   Student Support (conferences and travel)
•   Awards (UWC and National technical
             Future Focus Areas
• Maintain the Utility Working Conference as the
  premiere topical meeting for utility participation.
• Maintain stability in the number of OPD members.
• Increase the number of student members.
• Continue support for the student conference,
  student internships for the UWC, and student
  travel to the national meetings.
• Continue to support the national ANS initiative to
  revitalize utility involvement in the ANS.
• Evaluate appropriate uses for OPD funds.

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