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									                                                                                       FEBRUARY/MARCH 2010


                    \\ Saratoga Music (we boost music)

  PReSiDentS’ MeSSAge:                                                                 2009/2010 SMB BOARD
                                                                                          executive committee
       Katherine Tseng & Patti Workman                                               Co-Presidents               Katherine tseng
                      SMB Co-Presidents                                                                          Patti WorKman
                                                                                     VPs of Membership           marguerite mcafee
                                                                                                                 cindy Zuccarino
                                                                                     VPs of Fundraising          debbie Jensen
    Dear SMB Membership,
                                                                                                                 sangita seshadri
                                                                                     Treasurer                   sandy olson-miller
                                                                                     Recording Secretaries       susan bancroft
  A Belated HAppy New yeAr                                                                                       Patty buchanan
                                                                                     Parliamentarians *          alice chiou

                                                  Nominations for
     & HAppy VAleNtiNe’s DAy!                                                        Auditor*                    soPhia yang
 Wow! December & January just flew by!                                               CommuniCations

 Hopefully, you were able to attend at least                                         Corresponding Secretary yashoda nag
 one of our wonderful holiday concerts.                                              Publicity Co-Chairs     tomoKo tanaKa
 They were great fun for everyone. Mr.                                                                           christine Van aKen

                                                  Volunteer for SMB
 Otani really set the holiday mood with                                              Newsletter Editorial Assist. Jan conroy
 the concert band playing a medley of                                                Newsletter Distribution      Kathy fetsch
                                                                                     Alumni Relations             maureen barton
 every imaginable holiday song to end               Do you want to be the first                                  beVerly harada
 the evening. There were even rumors               to know what’s happening in                                   taKaKo hasegaWa
 of Santa’s elves helping out this year!          our student music community?
                                                                                     Student Accounts             carol fuKui
    February is a very exciting time!                  Can you help steer            SHS Trip Financial Coord.    sharon ng
 Preparations are well underway for our annual      our programs and events?         Grants                       Julie galVin
  JAzz CAbAret & swiNg DANCe                      SMB’s Nominating Committee         Car & Stock Donations        Jeanie huang
                                                  is now in place, and is looking    Corporate Matching Gifts     claire chao
 on Saturday, March 6 in the SHS Big Gym.
                                                   to fill the Board positions for                                michele chu
 In the high school years, there are so few         the 2010–2011 school year.       Starbucks/Planet Juice Scrip Paulina chang
 events that the whole family can attend -                                           SHS Program Receivables anne WustroW
                                                      The music boosters are a       SUSD Program Receivables amy yen
 This evenT is nOT TO Be MisseD!                    vibrant group of volunteers
 Dance the night away while listening to             that meets monthly along        teChniCal support
 the toe-tapping music from the Saratoga         with the SHS Music Department       Database Coordinator    lynn Welge
 High Jazz Bands, the Redwood Jazz                     staff to guide the many       Website Co-Coordinators Katherine schWertley
 Band, the Saratoga High Women’s                     programs and fundraisers                                    daVe oKada
                                                         supported by SMB.           SQL Development             samantha chen
 Chorale, the Men’s Choir and the Concert                                                                        miKe culbert
 Choir. Plus the Los Gatos Saratoga Big          If you have any questions about     Equipment Inventory         lisa cummins
 Band will join us again for another great        the Board or are interested in
                                                   a position, please contact one    liasions
 performance. Enjoy the yummy appetizers
                                                     of the committee members        SHS Band                susan hannibal
 and desserts. It will be a magical                 below for more information.      SHS Choral Program      mary murPhy
 evening under the balloon canopy and                                                                        ashima shanKar
 twinkling stars! Please nOTe that we                    Alice Chiou                 SHS Color/Winter Guards lillian fuKuda
                                                                                 faith liu
 will start earlier this year at 7:00 pm.                                            SHS Orchestra           leslie tang

                                                        Lilian Fukuda                                        hsiu-mei chen

  AluNDerwriter or
                  please consider                      RMS & Elementary        Peggy Johnston
                    donating as an                                                      Orchestra            manasa sabat
                                                        Pragati Grover               eVent Chairs (Non-Board Positions)
                                                        Cookie Dough Sales Jennie lau
               spoNsor.                               Virginia McPherson                                         Virginia mcPherson
                                                                                     Jazz Cabaret                Julie galVin
 Underwriting the Jazz Caberet & Swing                                                   Judy leVin
 Dance is a great way for your business to               Laurie Shimizu              Pancake Breakfast           Karen burley
                                                                                                                 sharon heimbaugh
 support music education in our community.                Band Bleacher Parents       minhhua Jin
                                                                                                                 sangita seshadri
The President’s Message is continued on page 2
  Presidents’ Message
                                                N tes from . . . the Redwood Music Department
All donations will be recognized in our
program and in a future newsletter. The            Dear Students, Families, and Friends of Saratoga Music,
ticket order form in this newsletter can             Happy New Year                                our program, and we are excited to see how
be used to send in an underwriting
or     sponsor   donation  or   go     to         from the Redwood and                             much more wonderful progress they make
                                                 SUSD Music Departments!                           during their next appearance at the annual                                                                         SMB Pancake Breakfast! Bravo, guys!
for tickets, volunteering and donating for      We hope you had a great holiday and festive
             the Jazz Cabaret.                  welcome to 2010! As with us all, winter            After spending some quality time off with baby
                                                vacation for the music department is a time        Ilea, Mrs. Aryn Krijnen has returned to work
SHS Winter Guard is HOT! Due to                                                                    with our beginning and intermediate Allegro
                                                to relax, but only temporarily! We are now
record enrollment, SHS Guard now spans                                                             strings. Both mom and baby (and dad!) Krijnen
                                                back at school in full-swing preparing for
two different groups, JV and Varsity                                                               are doing well, and we are happy to have all
Winter Guard. Both teams placed first           CMEA state festivals for both full group and
                                                solo and small ensemble performances. Our          of them back at work and sharing their talents
in their first two competitions of the
                                                students are busy practicing and working hard      with our students.
year! Thank you to Tony Crapo for
your wonderful leadership. GO TOGA!!!!!         for these upcoming events!                           WelcOMe Back, Mrs. krijnen!
We are very fortunate to offer many wonderful   Speaking of “full-swing,” we encourage you         In music education, it can sometimes be
music opportunities in our community.           to take note of the upcoming Jazz Cabaret          isolating and lonely being the only one or two
These programs are not possible without         and Swing Dance on Saturday, March 6. This         teachers at a school teaching your content
the strong support that we receive from         fundraiser event is put on by the wonderful        and doing what you are doing. That being
our parents. Our Nominating Committee -         volunteers of SMB and includes performances        said, we are so thankful to have the support of
Alice Chiou, Lillian Fukuda, Pragati Grover,    by all of our jazz bands, the SHS choirs, and      such wonderful people that make our jobs so
Virginia McPherson and Laurie Shimizu           more! Whether you have students performing         rewarding and help keep us grounded. Thanks
are actively recruiting members to serve        or not, be sure to come to this event to support   to our colleagues at Redwood and throughout
on the board and committees for next            all of our students and programs…this event        SUSD for their support and enthusiasm for the
year. Please consider becoming an active        benefits our entire spread of music programs       arts and music for our students. Thanks to
participant in the SMB family. Help the         in Saratoga! The Jazz Cabaret started as a         our fellow music pedagogues, both at the high
SMB support the music programs. Join            small event in the SHS Little Theater when I       school (Mr. Boitz, Mr. Otani, and Mr. Yowell)
the SMB Board and keep on top of all            was a student at Saratoga High. Now, it is         and beyond, for their constant feedback,
the fun events of the year. Please contact      a full-out spectacle, spanning both SHS gyms       support, and hard work in helping us always
Alice Chiou ( or any         and dressed up with beautiful lights, abundant     put our students first and think about how
one of the committee members if you are         decorations, a full dance floor, café tables,      we can best serve and guide their success
interested in becoming a board member           a dessert bar, and more. You don’t want to         in music. Finally, thank you to the Saratoga
for next year.                                  miss out on this! Please join us for some great    Music Boosters (which means you – all of the
And speaking of community, our hearts hang      music and a whole lot of fun! Head on over to      parents and families of our students) for all of
heavy with the loss of Shota Hasegawa.          the SMB website to get more information and        the investments (financial, emotional, and most
Shota, an SMB alumni, graduated SHS in          see how you can get involved!                      of all with your invaluable time) that you make
2007. He passed away in his sleep on                                                               for all of our students! You are the reason
                                                In addition to the continuation of our Color
January 5, 2010. Saratoga High opened                                                              for our ultimate success in teaching students
                                                Guard, our Jazz Dance team at Redwood has
its doors to honor his life with a beautiful                                                       who are not only successful academically, but
reception. Many members of SMB made             now begun learning their routine for 2010!
                                                Under the direction of our very own Ms.            also critical thinkers, well-rounded, and good
sandwiches,     sushi,   desserts,   brought                                                       citizens of our community and world.
drinks, set up chairs, arranged flowers         Katherine Green, we are excited to see what
and decorated the cafeteria beautifully. Our    they have in store for us very soon! Look out         Please be sure to stay updated online at
deepest thanks are extended to everyone         for their debut at the Pancake Breakfast in
who helped. What wonderful role models          May!
for our students. In the truest sense                                                                      and
                                                If you were able to join us for our concerts in
of community spirit, individuals stepped        December, I hope that you found each one of for calendars, announcements of upcoming
forward and took care of a million little       them festive and helpful in getting you into the events, handouts, news, and more. We hope
details, like the players in an orchestra,      holiday spirit. We are always excited to share to see you all at our upcoming music events,
the end result was quite moving. Our                                                                   and best wishes for a great 2010!
                                                our students’ talent with the community,
deepest condolences go to his family,
                                                and all groups did so with wonderful spirit.
Kiyoshi, Takako and Keita.
                                                Furthermore, I am sure we are in agreement                     Mr. Jon Jow
                                                that the debut performances of our beginning       
Thank you everyone for all you do.
                                                groups proved that they are both tremendous
                                                                                                          Mrs. Vicki Wyant
 Katherine Tseng                                sources of talent. The sound and the notes
                                                that we are now hearing from the beginning
        & Patti Workman                         band and string orchestra are exciting and
                                                (for a lack of a better word) awesome. We
                                                                                                     on behalf of all of us in the Redwood
                                                                                                           and SUSD Music Program
                          SMB Co-Presidents     are thrilled to have these students joining

February-March 2010                                       Page 2
 N tes from . . .                             the Music Departments of Saratoga High School
       Instrumental Music Director’s Report                                  Instrumental Music News
  Hello Everyone!
                                                            2010 is off and running with a busy SHS Music
  Welcome to the spring semester! After a very              Department! SCCBDA Honor Band, CMEA Jazz Festival,
  exciting fall season, I am really looking forward to      A visit by Midori Goto to orchestra classes, Anything
  all that we have planned this spring. It is always a      Goes performances, a new Symphony Orchestra,Winter
  crazy time for Mr. Boitz and I as the instrumental        Guard competitions, All-State Band and Orchestra, and
  music department runs three concert groups, one           CMEA Solo Ensemble Festival are all in the coming weeks! Hold on tight and
  percussion class, two winter guards, two jazz bands,      enjoy the time, as the next six weeks should be a fun ride!
  two symphony orchestras, musical pit orchestra and        A new Symphony Orchestra, Saratoga Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO) in 2010!
  two string orchestras actively throughout the spring      The growth of our orchestra program has been exponential thanks to the
  semester. We are never bored and wouldn’t have it         great leadership and pedagogy of our SUSD counterparts with the younger
  any other way.                                            students in our community. This year we reached a point that trying to fit all
                                                            of our students in one ensemble is too great of a challenge. At the beginning
  As the new semester begins, we have many new              of the semester we started the SPO (Saratoga Philharmonic Orchestra) that
  developments to share with you. This year the             comprises all of our 3rd period strings and a wind/percussion section. They
  color guard has reached record numbers and for the        will be performing in our March Concert Series!
  first time Saratoga High School will have two winter
  guard units. They will travel to the same shows and         cOngraTulaTiOns sanTa clara cOunTy hOnOr BanD MeMBers
  will compete throughout the state of California.               Guillaume Bellegarda (12) Steven Hong (12)        Aaron Rhee (11)
  Travels this year include two mini-tours to Clovis             Dana Burley (12)          Joshua Jacobs (9)       Dhruv Seshadri (12)
  and San Diego. If you have never seen a winter                 Victor Chan (12)          Chris Jones (10)        Michael Shang (9)
  guard show we highly recommend that you check                  Taylor Chin (12)          Alex Levin (12)         Jason Shiuan (11)
                                                                 Felix Chiu (11)           Bennett Lopez (9)       Logan Short (11)
  out a show. Dates of performances have been listed             Kyle Fukui (11)           Maya Nag (9)            Karen Wai (12)
  on the SMB website.                                            Justin Hang (9)           Matthew Opatrny (10)
  The concert bands and concert percussion classes               Priyanka Hardikar (12)    Heather Persson (10)
  have also been busy this spring preparing for             These students joined students from 26 other representative high schools in
  upcoming festivals and performances. This year the        Santa Clara County in January at the SHS McAfee Center in a performance
  concert groups will perform throughout the spring         conducted by Dr. Ryan Nelson, Associate Director of Bands at Northwestern
  in various festivals, concerts and community events.      University.
  The music department will also travel down to                    cOngraTulaTiOns califOrnia all-sTaTe BanD MeMBers
  Anaheim in early April to perform at the Heritage
  Music Festival.                                                 Victor Chan (12)        Priyanka Hardikar (12)    Heather Persson (10)
                                                                  Desmond Chan (10)       Vincent Huang (12)        Jason Shiuan (11)
  Finally, both jazz bands are up and running and we              Terran Chao (12)        Zachary Jacobs (12)       Steven Sung (12)
  can’t wait for you to hear them. We have an exciting            Taylor Chin (12)        Matthew Opatrny (10)
  list of tunes that we have been working up. I can’t       The competition for a spot in the California All-State Band is remarkable.
  think of a better way for you hear the jazz band then     Congratulations to the students above for earning a spot in the prestigious
  joining us for this year’s SMB Jazz Cabaret. The          California All-State Band. These students will represent SHS at the annual
  event will take place on March 6th and all proceeds       CBDA/CMEA All-State Conferences February 18-21, and March 11-13
  will benefit the entire music program. It will be a       respectively.
  great night for the entire family and we encourage           cOngraTulaTiOns califOrnia all-sTaTe OrchesTra MeMBers
  you to attend and invite anyone you know who may
  be interested. We will also be asking for volunteers            Cindy Chang (12)            Akash Kar (10)             Anthony Sutardja (11)
                                                                  Carolyn Chen (12)           Brian Kim (9)              William Tang (11)
  to help with running the event. Please check out the            Carolynn Choi (10)          Christopher Lee (9)        Vivian Tsai (10)
  SMB website if you are able to volunteer.                       Claire Chu (12)             Ivan Lee (10)              Victor Wang (9)
  As always, I am very thankful for all of you who                Walter Hsiang (11)          Tammy Lian (12)            Michelle Won (9)
  continue to support our program in one way or                   Daniel Hsu (10)             Parthiv Mohan (10)
  another. When we work together we are able to             Saratoga High School has the largest number of members in the prestigious CA
  provide amazing opportunities and memories for            All-State Orchestra this year. Gaining membership in this group is a remarkable
  our children that will last a life time. Thank you for    accomplishment for any one student, let alone such a large contingency
  all that you do and I look forward to seeing all of you   from one high school. These students will represent SHS March 11-13 in
  throughout the spring!                                    Sacramento.
                                                                                      Best Wishes!
  Musically Yours,                                                                                  ~Michael Boitz
                       ~Duane Otani
                                                                             “Notes From” the SHS Choir are on page 6 . . .

February-March 2010                                              Page 3
     SHS Winter Guard                                                          The
      Enjoys Largest
     Enrollment Ever!
   Winter Guard performances bring music to life
                                                                       sign-up sheeT
   using grace and strength in creative dance. This
   year, for the first time in SHS Guard history, our
   membership enrollment has required the Winter
   Guard program to expand to two teams. This
   increased interest may be largely due to the
   unprecedented success of the SHS Color Guard
   last fall. After a record field season as part of the                     for the
   marching band, the SHS Guard is now ready to

                                                                      Jazz Cabaret
   perform and compete separately as SHS Varsity
   Winter Guard and SHS JV Winter Guard.
   The Varsity team entertains with their “Ballet Noir,”
   a creative and fun, fast-paced show that puts a
   quirky, dark spin on ballet. The JV team dances                   & Swing Dance!
   to the poignant and expressive lyrics of Gordon

                                                                       is on our sMB weBsite
   Lightfoot’s song, “If You Could Read My Mind.”
   This may bring back fond memories of yesteryears

   for some of you. Both SHS Winter Guard shows
   are works in progress; continuously tweaked,
   choreographed and rehearsed, these shows have
   already caught the judges’ attention.
   The two teams will compete in multiple regional
   events. Not only will they be participating in
   the local California Color Guard Circuit (CCGC)             ... from Baking Mini-Cheesecakes
                                                                        To Decorations,
   competitions, they are also scheduled for a mini-
   tour to Fresno to compete in the San Joaquin
   Valley Color Guard & Percussion (SJVCGP) review,

                                                                      from Serving Food
   as well as another mini-tour to San Diego for the
   Winter Guard International (WGI) Power Regional
   competition. This exposure to so many different

                                                                             To Setting Up ...
   competitors provides a wonderful learning
   opportunity for the students to grow their creative
   expression in movement and to refine their
   precision skills with equipment.
   The 2010 Winter Guard season is off to a strong
                                                                   Join In The Fun Camaraderie
                                                                     For This Great Event!
   start! Both teams placed FIRST in their first two
     •	 The SJVCGP Review at Clovis East High
     •	 The CCGC Santa Clara Vanguard Winter
         Guard competition at James Lick HS
   But we are early in the season; and there is still
   more fine tuning to be done, especially as the
   other winter guard teams are now aware that the
   SHS Winter Guard is the team to beat!
   Come join us at a competition and cheer for the SHS
   Winter Guards. There are two local competitions                   Saratoga
   coming up in March. Check the SMB website for
   competition dates and times. (Hope to) see you                      Music
                         Faithe Liu & Lilian Fukuda                  Boosters
                              Color Guard Liaisons

February-March 2010                                        Page 4
February-March 2010   Page 5
       N tes from . . .                           the Choir Department of Saratoga High School
  As we begin the New Year the choirs look forward to some             We only have a few boxes left of the “Dollar Candy Bars”.
  wonderful up coming concerts and events. The students are            I encourage your son or daughter to check one out. This is an
  presently preparing for their performance of the beautiful           easy way to earn a good deal of money for their music account.
  “Schubert Mass in G”.
                                                                       Everyone going on the mini-tour in April should have registered for
  On Wednesday evening, February 24th at 7:30 p.m. in the McAfee       the Heritage Festival. Students can access the website information
  Center the choral departments from both Saratoga and Lynbrook        from the SMB website or pick up a hard copy of the registration
  High school along with the Lynbrook High School Orchestra will       information in the choir room. Registration Cut-Off was February 5th.
  present this timeless classic. There will be over 300 students
                                                                       The choirs are happily preparing for the upcoming Jazz Cabaret
  involved in the performance that promises to be something you
                                                                       on Saturday March 6th. Please note that this year the cabaret
  do not want to miss. Please bring your entire family and friends.
                                                                       will begin at 7:00 p.m., which is an hour earlier than in previous
  The Saratoga community needs to hear this. Come early and get
                                                                       years. You will hear all the choirs perform standard Jazz and Pop
  a good seat!
                                                                       classics. The students have always enjoyed this performance
                                                                                                       and I know you will too.

                                                                                                       All the choir students will be
                                                                                                       traveling to Redwood on Tuesday,
                                                                                                       March 2nd to sing for the students
                                                                                                       at a lunch-time performance.
                                                                                                       Please encourage any Redwood
                                                                                                       student you know to attend this
                                                                                                       concert being held in the music
                                                                                                       building. This concert is used as
                                                                                                       a recruitment concert for those
                                                                                                       8th grade students thinking about
                                                                                                       taking choir in their freshman

                                                              It was heartwarming to see the Saratoga High School community turn out
                                                              in support of the Hasegawa family after the loss of their son Shota. Thank
                                                              you for the genuine love you demonstrated during this mournful time.

   Thank you to everyone for your continued support of the choral program. I look forward to seeing you at the concert on February 24th.

   Warm wishes to everyone!
                                                                                                    ~Jim Yowell

February-March 2010                                           Page 6
                                            Mark your calendarS
                                             for the 2010 Annual
                                            SMb pancake breakFaSt

                                                                                   P a Can yo  n SM
 Sunday, May 2
                                                                                     nc u st yoee B
                                                                          Co ure
                                                                                       a k ep i u d
                                                                                          e n to ! S
                                                                            nt r
                                                                              ac Ch
       Where MuSic and                                                          t K ai
                                                                                   ar r     B r ser
        Food unite our                                                                  o
                                                                                           Bu r C e a e S
                                                                                       n                      v

                                                                                                      an k f B a
                                                                                             rle le             M
          coMMunity                                                                             y
                                                                                                  at     - as s
                                                                                                     21 up
                                                                                                       9-     C t
                                                                                                          31 ha
    * This family-friendly spring music festival features performances                                      44 ir
                                                                                                              .   ?
        from all our music groups – elementary school through high school.
    * Proceeds benefit SMB music programs for the 2010 – 2011 season.
     * Enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast as you listen to the music, served alfresco
        in the SHS quad including: pancakes, sausage and fruit and beverages.
                 * The Pancake Breakfast cannot take place without the support of volunteers
                       - this is a wonderful way to interact with your neighbors and make
                                 new friends in the music department.
      do Sil                        * Complete your day in Saratoga by heading over to the Rotary Art Show
              na en                             at West Valley College after the breakfast wraps up at noon.
              Sil t i

                         on t a
     of          en                            * Watch for the ticket order form and further details
    If e P
                          tio S
                    tA                                    in the next SMB newsletter.
      y                uc           u
   kn ou a
      ow ha n
               ve c a ad
                             n   re ct
    co a
             lo so k
  co nta ca m e
                               ds   qu io                For more information contact the event co-chairs:

     nt ct l b eth B o th
                                           eS n                Karen Burley phone: 219-3144
        ac fo us in r
          t r          in g e
       21 Kar auc ess to a
                                      fu     te                   email: /
          9- en tio w do k f & p
             31 B n e n
                                       a ro !
                                                d                  or Sharon Heimbaugh phone: 867-4135.
         44 ur ite sh ate    st       fit
           . ley ms ou o                                         email:
                at ,  ld r        .

February-March 2010                               Page 7
                                        Gung Hay Fat Choy
                                                        JAzz CAbAret & swiNg DANCe
                                                       sAturDAy, MArCH 6 7-10 pM
                                                       -- ticket order Form on Page 5 inside --

                                                 ANNuAl sMb pANCAke breAkfAst
                                                  suNDAy, MAy 2 8AM - 12:30 pM
               If you have any questions or need additional information about SMB Membership
               contact Marguerite McAfee (408.569.4157)      or Cindy Zuccarino (408.741.7007)

     Saratoga                                                                   SHS AlUMni StUDentS AnD PARentS
                                                            Send us your current address so we can keep you informed about ongoing programs
       Music                                                  and concert dates as well as alumni opportunities. Send your current address to:

     Boosters                                                 20300 Herriman Avenue
                                                                                                   ♦   Saratoga, CA 95070-4999

SMB Meetings are held monthly September through June, the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30 pm in the SHS Teachers Lounge. All Parents Welcome!

                                                                                                   or he                                         f
                                                                                                wwtwmost current in
                                                                                                         .sara formation o
                                                                                                     SE GO
                                                                                                                 toga n dates and
                                                                                                   COnCe E CALE music.o es!
                                                                                                           TO TH                  tim
                                                                                                               RtS /e on our rg

     Permit #41
     Saratoga, CA                                                                                   Saratoga, CA 95070-4999
     U.S. Postage                                                                                   20300 Herriman Avenue
      non-Profit                                                                             Saratoga High School

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