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					   Section III
2009-2010 Season
    (Updated: December 2009)

Some Important Dates 2009-10 Seasons
Mon. Aug. 3                         Section III Cheer Committee Meeting

Sat. Aug. 22                        Safety Clinic for Coaches – possible AACCA course offering (at West Genesee High)

Sat. Nov. 7                         Section III Fall Championship @ South Jefferson High School

Mon. Nov. 9                         Section III Cheer Committee Meeting for Fall Post Season/Winter Pre-Season

Sat. Jan. 23                        Section III Winter Championship @ site TBA – Utica area

2nd/3rd week Feb.                   Division Year End meetings completed within this time frame. Reports sent to Chair

March 2010 (1st Monday)             Section III Cheer Committee Meeting – Winter Post-Season & Conclude Year

                                           Future Sectional Sites
                                                       Fall Championships

Nov. 2009                 North Area – South Jefferson High School
2010                      Syracuse Area – site TBA
2011                      Utica Area – site TBA
2012                      North Area – site TBA
                                                      Winter Championships

Jan. 2010                 Utica Area – site TBA
Jan. 2011                 North Area – site TBA
Jan. 2012                 Syracuse Area – site TBA

Missions/Goals Statement:
The Section III Cheerleading committee goals include: Improving communication of coaches within Section III.
Creation of All-Star/All-CNY Team selection process, promoting sportsmanship and professionalism, improving
safety knowledge and education of coaches, work towards treatment of cheerleading as a sport and standardized
certification of coaches.

                      Cheerleading Committee Members – Officers & Contacts
Position            School            Name                Preferred Address             Phone/email
Chairperson         N/A-              Coleen Nilsen       3008 Chillingham Way          638-0599hm, 243-9853cell
                    Baldwinsville                         Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Co-Chair            N/A-              JoAnn Falcone       423 First Avenue Ext.         Hm-894-4711
                    Frankfort                             Frankfort, NY 13340 
Secretary           Liverpool         Rebecca Rose        3023 Crocus Lane              Hm-303-4985
                                                          Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Treasurer           N/A – CSC         Fran DiSpirito      1404 Newport Rd               Hm-845-1621
                                                          Poland, NY 13431
Advisory            N/A-              Arlene Laut         767 County Route 21           Hm-564-7443, Wk-564-7910
                    Hannibal                              Hannibal, NY 13074  
Advisory            N/A –             Audrey Snyder       1995 Shutts Rd.               Hm 349-5633, Wk-564-6799
                    Hannibal                              Martville, NY 13111 
The Cheerleading Committee is seeking Reps. For the missing league categories below –
If you are interested in being a member of the committee – please contact the chairperson.

                Cheerleading Committee Members - Coaching Representatives
Position        School        Name              Preferred Address           Phone/email
Tri-Valley      Whitesboro    Kristin
Center State
Div. I
Center State
Div. II
Center State    Oriskany      Patty Jenks       29 Stark Road               Hm-964-2936, Wk-768-2063
Div. III                                        Williamstown, NY 13493
Center State
Div. IV
Frontier D      Copenhagen    Jennifer          PO Box 246                  Hm/Wk-688-2639
                              Spaulding         Copenhagen, NY 13626
Frontier C      Sandy Creek   Tanya             1171 Ct Rt 48               hm-298-5917, Wk-387-3465 x1943
                              VanOrnum          Richland, NY 13144
Frontier B      South         Dianna Johnson    c/o SJCSD /PO Box 10        Hm-232-3728, Wk-232-4531x2911
                Jefferson                       Adams, NY 13605   
Frontier A      IHC           Jennifer Dindl-   168 Howe Street             Hm-773-4265, Fax-773-4770
                              Neff              Black Rover, NY 13612
CNYCL           W.Genesee     Nina Baker        8101 McCamidge Drive        Wk-288-4174
Overall (Nat)                                   Cicero, NY 13039  
CNYCL           Baldwinsville Sarah Mara        850 Vine Street Apt. #240   Cell-720-5465
National                                        Liverpool, NY 13088
Central         Cincinnatus   Maureen
Counties                      Holtmart                            
OHSL            Marcellus     Lindy             4884 Beef St                Hm-673-1367, Wk-498-6146
Liberty                       Drapikowski       Syracuse, NY 13215
OHSL            ESM           Veronica          75 Frederick Street         Hm-437-3705, Wk-474-5190
Freedom Am                    Muscolino         E. Syracuse, NY 13057
OHSL            Mexico        Charlotte Hall
Freedom Nat                                                       
Patriot Am.
Patriot Nat.


CENTER STATE CONF.        FRONTIER                     OHSL
       Division I         A Division                   Freedom
ADIRONDACK                CARTHAGE                     CHITTENANGO
HERKIMER                  WATERTOWN                    FOWLER
ILION                                                  FULTON
LITTLE FALLS              B Division                   HOMER
                          GENERAL BROWN                MEXICO
       Division II        LOWVILLE                     PHOENIX
COOPERSTOWN                                            Liberty
MOUNT MARKHAM             C Division                   BISHOP LUDDEN
SAUQUOIT                  BEAVER RIVER                 CAZENOVIA
WATERVILLE                SOUTH LEWIS                  HANNIBAL
                          THOUSAND ISLANDS             JORDAN-ELBRIDGE
       Division III                                    MARCELLUS
HAMILTON                  D Division                   SKANEATELES
WEST CANADA               LAFARGEVILLE                 Patriot
WESTMORELAND              LYME                         BISHOP GRIMES
                          SACKETS HARBOR               CATO-MERIDIAN
       Division IV                                     FABIUS-POMPEY
NEW YORK MILLS                                         FAITH HERITAGE
OLD FORGE                 CNY COUNTIES                 LAFAYETTE
OPPENHEIM-EPHRATAH        National                     MANLIUS PEBBLE HILL
OWEN D. YOUNG             BALDWINSVILLE                ONONDAGA
POLAND                    CICERO-N. SYRACUSE           PORT BYRON
REMSEN                    HENNINGER                    PULASKI
ROME CATHOLIC             LIVERPOOL                    Syracuse Academy of Science
                          UTICA PROCTOR                TULLY
TRI-VALLEY                WEST GENESEE                 WEEDSPORT
CLINTON                   American
HOLLAND PATENT            AUBURN                       CENTRAL COUNTIES
NOTRE DAME                CORCORAN                     CINCINNATUS
V.V.S.                    NOTTINGHAM                   MADISON
WHITESBORO                OSWEGO                       MC GRAW
                          ROME FREE ACADEMY            OTSELIC VALLEY
                                                       STOCKBRIDGE VALLEY

           Cheerleading Committee Operations Guidelines
                                           (Rev. 2008)

           1. To enable a new member to know his/her responsibilities.
           2. To enable all schools to know Section III procedures regarding cheerleading, keep a flow
              of communication between the Section III office, athletic directors and coaches.
           3. To enable all schools to know procedures for sectional tournament and know what rules
              they should be following throughout their season.

           1. Selected by committee members & approved by Section III.
           2. Duties:
                  a. Schedule meetings or Cancel/Call meetings if necessary.
                  b. Act as liaison for committee with A.D.’s & Section III board.
                  c. Attend Section III meetings involving cheerleading.
                  d. Coordinate Committee regarding:
                          Championship Tournament
                          Notify & Schedule with host school of Tournaments
                          Keep Section III office notified of committee notes/changes to forward to
                             A.D.’s (Secretary)
                          Judges of Championship Tournament Coordination
                          Kickoff Classic Games – (Coordinator TBA)

                  e. Develop, Update and distribute handbook each year.
                  f. Chairperson has the right to make on the spot decisions for the committee if there
                     is No Time to confer or call a meeting.
                  g. Report to Section III Officers and the Athletic Council on updates and current
                     events of committee

           1. Coaching Representatives. Selected at division post-season year-end meeting.
           2. Duties:
                 a. Attend all meetings. If unable to attend send well informed substitute coach or call
                      chairperson in advance with input.
                 b. Intervene with a school in your league when cheerleading bylaws have been
                 c. Discuss agenda issues with coaches in your league prior to committee meetings.
                 d. Come prepared to committee meetings with information gathered from those you
                 e. Actively serve on sub committees.
                 f. Meet with division coaches at least twice per year.
                      Before Season:
                              To communicate changes in rules and bylaws.
                              To inform coaches of dates and deadlines.
                              Collect coach data & changes
                              Discuss coach of the year nomination & where to send it
                 Post Season:
                            Gather info./concerns to address with committee
                            Elect a coaching rep. for the next year
                            Generate concerns to forward to the Cheerleading committee.
                 g. Submit coaching changes in league to committee
                 h. Send copies of meeting minutes to chair.
                 i. Submit a season year-end report to the chair.

          3. Head Cheerleading coach must attend all division meeting or send an informed
             representative for voting purposes & to remain informed of rule changes.
             MUST attend all safety clinics and certifications

          1. Championship Sub Committee:
                a. Plan and coordinate all aspects of Championship with host coach
                b. Facilitate meetings before sectionals
                          Coordinate selection of sites.
                          Secure judges.
                          Manage duties as outlined in the Cheerleading Tournament Guide
                          Coordinate deposit of gate receipts and submission of expense vouchers
                             with the Section III Treasurer.
          2. Handbook & By-Laws Committee:
                a. Collect submissions from Reps. for changes to be made
                b. Organize and present changes to committee for voting
                c. Update handbook and By-laws for submission to Section III for distribution

          1. The chair will determine the voting method to decide individual issues.
                a. Democratic Vote of the Full Committee:
                           Used for agenda items when reps have had time to collect input from
                              those they represent. (this will be used for Election of Committee
                           Each rep in attendance gets one vote.
                           Absent reps lose their vote on that issue if they do not send a substitute
                              with their vote.
                           Chair votes to break ties.
                b. Democratic Vote by Class:
                           Used for agenda items when reps have had time to poll those they
                              represent and issue effects only one class with no effect on other classes
                              (e.g. – hello cheer/providing snacks, etc).
                           Each rep in attendance gets one vote.
                           Absent reps lose their vote on that issue if they do not send a substitute
                              with their vote.
                           Committee Chair votes to break ties.
                c. Consensus Decision:
                           Used to decide issues that haven’t been discussed in advance.
                           At committee meetings: Reps in attendance vote their own feelings as to
                              what is best for Section III cheerleading
VOTING (cont.)
                              At Championship Tournament: executive committee and/or those reps in
                               attendance vote(s) own feelings as to what is best for Section III
                               cheerleading and those involved.

           1. Any Chief School Officer, Athletic Director or Coach may attend a Committee
               meeting. They may speak only through their conference Representative, unless
              asked to address the committee by the chairman or otherwise arranged.

           1. Any business that a representative or anyone else wants on the agenda, other than
              ordinary business, should be sent to the chairperson at least 1 week prior to the meeting
              date if possible
           2. Minutes of Meeting
                  a. Sent to all representatives by the recording secretary. May be done through email
                      or through Section III office.
                  b. Coach Representatives are responsible to send important notices to all
                      cheerleading coaches in their conference.
           3. Representatives should advise committee about voting items they’ve discussed with all
              they represent prior to each meeting

Note:      Section III cheerleading policies and procedures take precedence over all
           league policies and procedures.

           1. Top 3 places in division are announced – no trophies will be awarded. Only Division
              Champion (1st place) is awarded banner lines. If they are the only team in the division,
              score sheet is adjudicated and team must receive 70% or higher to receive 1st place. If
              scores in matching divisions are not at a 70% level, this percentage will be adjusted for
              equality. Each member of championship team receives Section III Champion patch and
           2. All stars at Championship. Must be a senior and compete individually at championship.
              Top 5 individuals per division receive Section III patch and certificate. If tie for 5th
              score, 6 awards will be given.
           3. Coach-of-the-year –nominations are made to committee. Plaque awarded to winning
              coach at Tournament Championship

CLASS PLACEMENT (for Championship):
           1. All schools will be placed in a class according to the Section & State Guidelines
           2. Tournament Class determined by the men’s team the cheer team supports for that season
              (Football-Fall, Basketball-Winter) – Schools must understand that they must register for
              the Class that the men’s team they cheer for competes in, even if their schools’ womens
              teams compete in a lower class. In this way, cheer teams are competing against the
              teams they cheer against at normal league contests.

         3. Tournament Division is further divided by cheer team size for more even competition (as
            noted on Tournament Registration form)

         1. Schools may wish to combine JV & Varsity teams for game support purposes
         2. Schools should understand they will NOT be placed in a division and class that reflect
            the combined enrollments of the two teams – only the Varsity members may compete.
         3. Schools should understand that Sectional Tournament is for the School Cheer Team that
            supports school teams during games. Teams strictly for competitive purposes,
            containing members that do not participate at games are not eligible.

         1.    Visiting teams will be provided access to a changing facility, emergency care, and a
               warm-up area. They should also be given a secure area to store their gear, if possible.
         2.    They should be welcomed by a member of your group and notified of areas they have
               access to (bleacher/sideline space they are to use).
               They should be notified of any school policies you may have that affect them.
         3.    Notify visitors of performance time (time-outs and between quarters, etc) when they
               may use the performance floor. If host school has a band, the host school and band
               share ½ of the performance times, and visitors get the other ½.
         4.    Host school is not responsible for providing mats for stunt/trick purposes. Visitors
               should bring their own mats if they wish to do those tricks during the game.
         5.    Cheer teams should enter and exit the playing surface in a timely and safe manner –
               so as to not interfere with the game, referees or players of the contest.

         1.     First Verify the Rule Infraction in your NFHS Sprit Rules Book and approach the
                coach of the team committing the infraction - they may not be aware of the rule and
                it could be resolved easily by you.
         2.    Contact your league coaching representative. Complete the infraction form and send
               it to your league rep. so they can keep track of schools that have been approached.
         3.    If the representative cannot resolve the issue or feels it is of such magnitude that it
               must go to a higher authority he/she will inform the Section III Cheerleading
               Chairperson and pass along the written complaints.
         4.    The cheerleading chair will communicate with the Section III Athletic Directors
               representing cheerleading who will consult with the Section III President or Executive
               committee if needed.
               If appropriate, the Section III Executive Committee or Director will write a letter to
               the offending school demanding their written reply and compliance.
         5.    If the problem continues or, the school shows a pattern of repeated violations of
               rules/policies, or if the single issue is deemed of serious enough nature, a hearing will
               be convened to hear the complaint and consider sanctions against the school’s
               cheerleading program. The hearing panel will consist of the cheerleading chair,
               assistant chairs and officers. The Section III President and Executive Director will be
               invited as observers as well as the AD representatives and cheerleading coaching
               representatives of the leagues/divisions of the offending school and the school that
               filed the complaint.
         6.    The hearing panel will then issue a report to the Section III Executive Committee that
               may recommend sanctions against the offending school.
          7.   If the Section III Executive Committee approves the sanctions, said sanctions will be
               communicated and implemented by the Cheerleading Committee and/or Section III
               Executive Committee.
          8.   Appeals of decisions made by the panel & the Section III Executive Committee
               should be made to the Section III Appeals Committee.
          9.   Possible sanctions, depending on the severity of the infraction(s) could include one or
               more of the following, or other such sanctions:
                    a. Loss of opportunity to host League/Sectional Tournaments
                    b. Loss of opportunity to participate in the Kickoff Classic games
                    c. Forfeiture of a Sectional and/or League contests or multiple contests
                    d. Loss of privilege of participating in the Sectional Tournament

               The maximum number of eligible participants for Section III Championship is 25
               Varsity athletes on the performance mat.

               Currently there is no limit on the number of team members eligible for game
               participation – it is up to each individual school.

               If a team wishes to move up a JV athlete for competition purposes, the athlete must
               cheer a minimum of two games as a Varsity member prior to the Sectional
               Championship and must remain a Varsity athlete for the remainder of the season –
               they cannot move back down to JV.

               No rulings are in effect as of yet – due to cheerleading not accepted as a sport in
               Each school should follow its’ own district policy regarding this situation.

                                       (Revised: September 2008)

1. Cheerleading teams should be placed under the direction of an advisor or coach with a current
   CPR/AED training and Standard First Aid card.

2. Cheerleading coaches should be provided with a current National Federation Spirit Rules Book by
   their Athletic Director at the start of each season. All teams are required to follow these rules, for
   practice, games and competitions.

3. Cheer coaches are to attend all league pre and post season meetings to stay informed of events and
   rule changes at all levels (League, Section, State, NFHS). Voting on issues affecting the league and
   discussion of issues to be introduced for vote at the Sectional level will also occur at these meetings.

4. Cheer teams and coaches are to follow all League, Section, State and NFHS Rules.

5. Each cheerleader should be required to pass a physical exam, in accordance with their school policy
   for athletes.

6. It is recommended that each cheerleader be required to follow the same rules and regulations as
   other athletes in accordance with their individual district policy for student-athletes.

7. The cheerleading coach should make sure that the teams know the rules of the game that they are
   cheering for, doing the appropriate cheers at the correct time.

8. The cheerleading coach should see that the following is done when hosting another school:
      a. See that the visiting cheerleaders are greeted
      b. Arrange for a room for the cheerleaders to use and keep their personal things in (if available)
      c. Explain any school rules prior to the game to the visiting coach
      d. Have a designated area for the cheerleaders to stand/sit
      e. Cheerleaders from both teams should have an adequate area to warm-up, away from players
         warm-up, if available. If this is not possible, warm-up should be done with as much safety as
         is possible. (NFHS Spirit Rules 2008)

9. Performance of a “HELLO” cheer to welcome the other cheerleaders and fans, along with an
   appropriate cheer from the visitors team, and or providing the visitors with snacks is a courtesy and
   not a requirement. This should be decided by each league at their league meetings. If cheers are
   performed they should be positive and for welcome and good wishes.

10. While games are in progress, sideline cheers are permissible as long as cheerleaders do not enter
    the playing area.

11. No stunts are to be performed on the sidelines when the ball is in play during basketball games.
    Stunts are only allowed during time-outs and between quarters. (see NFHS Spirit Rules for warm-up
    “ball in play” requirements)

12. Cheerleaders are not to enter the playing surface to perform floor cheers during 30 second time-outs.

13. Only one team does a floor cheer during a full time-out. Rotate turns, visitors first. During basketball
    games (and football games where cheers must be done on the playing surface), teams should leave
    the floor immediately when the buzzer sounds.

   CHEERLEADING BY-LAWS             cont.

14. Regarding Full Time-outs. IF the host school has a pep band, the rotation should remain even
    between the schools, not the groups. The host cheer team and the host school band share their
    school’s performance time. In this way, the visitors and the host school have equal performance time,
    keeping things balanced for each school. (Fall and Winter seasons)

15. Only one team does a floor cheer between quarters of the game. Rotate turns, visitors first.

16. No negative floor/sideline cheers. No going over in front of the opponent’s stands except for the
    hello/thank you cheers. Cheerleaders should also discourage fans from booing and participating in
    negative cheering.

17. Pom-Pom/Dance routines to be done by the home teams, visitors only if invited/permitted to do so.

18. The host school is not responsible for providing mats to the visiting cheerleaders for game purposes.
    The visiting team should bring their own mats if they wish to do skills requiring them.

19. Signs should show good taste and sportsmanship. Some schools do not allow signs, so teams
    should get permission from the host school to put up any signs. Remove them after the game.

20. Recorded music should not be blasted loudly. The host cheerleading coach has the responsibility to
    see that the music is turned off when the cheerleaders are on the floor cheering.

21. Cheerleaders should not kick against the bleachers in any gym

22. No offensive comments/gestures towards players, coaches or officials or spectators-cheerleaders &
    coaches are representing their school and should act as such.

23. No cheers during foul shots once the player has the ball at the foul line. No cheerleaders are to be
    standing in the foul lane extended, during any part of the game – per NFHS Rules.

24. No negative cheers at the end of any games; “it’s all over”, etc.

25. A stretching exercise and flexibility routine should precede all practice sessions and game activities

26. For safety purposes: no eating, no jewelry, and fingernail length and hair should be controlled
    appropriate for the activity – at practices and at games. Jewelry and Piercings of any kind is
    prohibited. Pins with sharp points are considered jewelry, included is woven bracelets, etc

27. Shoes/sneakers must be kept on at all times and tied for safety

28. Cheerleading squads may not perform a basket toss at football or basketball games without a floor
    mat. This includes camps and competitions as well. (Voted at 9/11/97 athletic Council Meeting –
    Carried – 88-10-3)

29. All new partner stunts and pyramid activity should be reviewed and approved by the coach prior to
    execution. “Hands-on” spotting should be utilized until the new stunts are mastered

30. Rules infractions should be handled as per stated in the Section III Cheerleading Handbook.

                             Season End Report Form
Filled out by each divisional Representative – Send form to Section III Cheerleading Chair by
November 1st for Fall Season and by March 1st for the Winter Season.

Class ___________                                      Division ________________________

Divisional Coaching Representative for next year:

Name/School:        _____________________________________________________

Contact address/email/phone:_________________________________________

Topics discussed to be placed on the agenda of the Section III Cheer Committee:

         Section III Cheerleading Rules Violation Form

School Reporting Violation
Contact Name, Title and Phone
School in Violation
Date of Violation & setting (game, etc.)
Description of Violation & Specify Rule Violated

Was coach addressed at time of violation?        Yes   or   No
How and By who?

Was infraction rectified or acknowledged?        Yes   or No
How – (if applicable)

Section Below for Section III Rep. & Committee

Violation addressed and action taken/needed:__________________________________________

School A.D. signature                                            Date:

Coach signature:                                                 Date:

Actions Taken:
Warning given: _______________________________________________
Repeat Offenses or Multiple Complaints – (dates and details)

A.D. letter sent ________ date:______________ acknowledged? Y or N

Penalty Imposed (if any):

Person Completing this form (please print)



Signature:                                   Date Complete