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					Mission Statement and Strategic Plan
             January 2007

Second Presbyterian Church
          IndIanapolIs, IndIana

                                               Table of Contents:

                                               Letter from the Senior Pastor ............................ 4-5

                                               Statement from the Task Force ............................6

                                               Strategic Planning Task Force members..............6

                                               New Ministries .........................................................7

                                               Our New Mission Statement.................................8

                                               Goals Linked to our Mission Statement .......9-13

                                               Other Resources for Further Information ........14

    Building Community … Transforming Lives … Engaging the World                                                           3
Letter from the Senior Pastor

                                                                             ver the past two years, the Strategic Planning
                                                                             Task Force has led our congregation through
                                                                             a process of spiritual discernment. This
                                                                  dedicated group of volunteers has met more than 20
                                                                  times, read numerous books, reviewed previous planning
                                                                  reports, studied data and surveys from the church and
         “There are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit;      community, visited other large churches and met with
                                                                  members of the congregation. Most importantly, these
    and there are varieties of services, but the same Lord; and
                                                                  committed members of the Task Force have prayed
      there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God   for God’s guidance through the entire process. They
                                                                  have undergirded their work with the study of Scripture and time for theological
              who activates all of them in everyone.              reflection. The members of the Task Force have been an inspiration to me. They
                                                                  have demonstrated the truth of Paul’s words that each one of us is a member of
         To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit         the body of Christ and that each one of us has been given gifts to use in Christ’s
                                                                  service. They have demonstrated a remarkable spirit of unity with a profound
      for the common good… You are all the body of Christ         appreciation for the diverse gifts, passions and talents of our congregation.
                 and individually members of it.”                 I am grateful for the way in which the Task Force has engaged more than a
                                                                  thousand members in the planning process. From the beginning, the Task Force
                        1 Corinthians 12:4-7, 27                  was convinced that if we listen carefully enough, then we will hear God speak
                                                                  through the voice of the congregation about the future of our mission and ministry.
                                                                  Therefore, this Strategic Plan is the result of your work with the Task Force. Thank
                                                                  you for taking the time to participate in conversations, surveys, meetings and a
                                                                  planning summit. I pray that you will see your concerns, thoughts and dreams
                                                                  reflected in this report. Now we will begin the hard work of implementing the
                                                                  report and achieving our goals. The Plan Committee of Session is charged with
                                                                  the responsibility to work with the other committees and organizations of the
                                                                  church to insure that this Plan does not sit on a shelf but becomes a vital guide as
                                                                  we carry out our ministry for Jesus Christ in the church, community and world.

                                                                  On behalf of the congregation I want to personally thank the members of the Task
                                                                  Force for their faithful service. In addition, we owe special gratitude to Dr. Glen
                                                                  Bell, the pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church, who volunteered his time to serve
                                                                  as our coach, and to our two consultants who coordinated the planning process,
                                                                  Dr. David Bodenhamer, Executive Director of The Polis Center, and Dr. Robin
                                                                  Chaddock, author and life coach.

                                                                  Faithfully yours,

                                                                  Dr. Lewis F. Galloway

4                                                                                                                                                   5
To the Members of the Congregation:                                                   Careful Planning Leads To New Ministries

It is with thanksgiving and praise to God that we present this Strategic Planning     Below is a list of new ministries and programs of Second Presbyterian Church that
Task Force report to the members of Second Presbyterian Church. We thank              have been planned and developed over the last 20 years.
you for your participation and prayers during the many months of the project.
We believe that this has been an extraordinary process from the beginning to the          •	   Adult Education Program              •	   Lake Fellows Residency
end. Our method included reading, reflection, researching old strategic plans,                 expanded with Theologian in               Program in Parish Ministry
employment of a consultant and a coach, congregational “conversation circles,” an              Residence
online survey, a “Summit,” a two-day leadership retreat and a staff retreat. We are                                                 •	   Marriage Preparation
grateful for the interest and thoughtful suggestions from the congregation and the        •	   Annual Church Picnic                      Program
prayerful review and work of the staff.
                                                                                          •	   Aspire Youth Ministries              •	   Men’s Fellowship Breakfast
We invite you to participate in putting this plan into practice and we ask God’s               expanded with new programs
blessing as we begin                                                                           and staff                            •	   Mission partnerships in
                                                                                                                                         Kenya and Mexico
     Building Community … Transforming Lives … Engaging the World.                        •	   Celebration of Hope
                                                                                                                                    •	   New Day for Children of
Sally Lanham and Steve Stoughton                                                          •	   Center for Family Life                    Divorce
Co-Chairs, Strategic Planning Task Force                                                       Ministries
                                                                                                                                    •	   Presbyterian Women
                                                                                          •	   Children and Family Ministry              reorganization
                                                                                               expanded with calling new
                                                                                               associates                           •	   Sages Council and Senior
Strategic Planning Task Force members                                                                                                    Adult activities
                                                                                          •	   Deacons’ Inspirational Phone
                                                                                               Line                                 •	   Second at Six
    •	   Sally Lanham, Co-chair                •	   Carole Schramm
                                                                                          •	   Facility expansion in 1988           •	   Second at the Lake
    •	   Steve Stoughton, Co-chair             •	   Paul Stewart
                                                                                          •	   Facility expansion 2006              •	   Session reorganization
    •	   Bob Getts                             •	   Dr. W. Glen Bell
                                                    Senior Pastor, Faith                                                            •	   Spiritual Formation ministry
    •	   Nancy Kriplen                                                                    •	   Families at Five
                                                    Presbyterian Church                                                                  (Companions in Christ,
    •	   Charles Liles                                                                    •	   Festival of Faith                         Spiritual Direction, Centering
                                               •	   Dr. David J. Bodenhamer
                                                                                                                                         Prayer and the Search)
    •	   Sally McGuffey                             Executive Director,                   •	   Footsteps of Faith
                                                    The Polis Center                                                                •	   Sweetheart Banquet
    •	   Mike McLain                                                                      •	   Great Banquet
                                               •	   Dr. Robin A. Chaddock                                                           •	   Web site
    •	   Krista Mullinix                            author and life coach                 •	   Habitat for Humanity
                                                                                               Abraham House built by               •	   Westminster Neighborhood
    •	   Sean O’Connor                         •	   Dr. Lewis F. Galloway                      Jews, Christians and Muslims              Ministries redevelopment
                                                    Senior Pastor and staff liaison

6                                                                                                                                                                     7
Our New Mission Statement

Second Presbyterian Church is a welcoming
community of faith where Jesus Christ                                       … through worship,
transforms lives…                                                       as we praise and glorify God

                                                       Goal 1: Provide a variety of opportunities to worship and glorify God
    …through worship, as we praise and glorify God;              that demonstrate commitment to the Reformed faith, deepen our
                                                                 appreciation for traditional forms of worship, and engage the gifts
    …through mission, as we embody God’s love                    and talents of the people of God.

       in service to the world;                        Goal 2: Explore the feasibility of establishing alternative forms and times of
                                                                 worship in addition to our current opportunities for worship.
    …through study, as we listen for God’s Word;
                                                       Goal 3: Develop a broad ranging fine arts program that invites all ages of the
                                                                 congregation and community to experience the presence and power
    …through giving, as we express gratitude to God;             of God through music, art, poetry, drama, dance and other forms of
                                                                 fine art.
    …through fellowship, as we love and care for
       one another.

Building Community …
   Transforming Lives …
        Engaging the World.

                                                                                         worship                                        9
        Goals                                                                                                                         Goals
            … through mission, as we embody                                                          … through study,
            God’s love in service to the world                                                  as we listen for God’s Word
Goal 1: Personal Discipleship: Equip and encourage each member to be           Goal 1: Train a large number of members in Bible, theology and leadership
          personally involved in at least one outreach ministry.
                                                                                         skills who will serve as mentors, teachers and leaders in the church,
Goal 2: Local Discipleship: Engage the congregation in supporting key                    community and world.
          community-based mission work, and in building outreach ministries
                                                                               Goal 2: Develop a comprehensive program to support families in fostering
          that will result in significant human transformation.
                                                                                         the spiritual and moral growth of their children and youth.
Goal 3: Global Discipleship: Develop a wide range of global ministries and     Goal 3: Encourage every member of the congregation to be involved in a
          mission projects that respond to the needs of our nation and world
                                                                                         Sunday or weekday opportunity for spiritual growth and reflection to
          with the gospel of Jesus Christ and which focus on human and
                                                                                         promote life-long learning for disciples of Jesus Christ.
          spiritual transformation.

                                    mission                                                                                  study                               11
         Goals                                                                                                                           Goals
                      … through giving,                                                               … through fellowship,
                as we express gratitude to God                                                 as we love and care for one another

Goal 1: Help the members of the congregation to identify and develop their          Goal 1: Create a broad ranging program of small group ministries that
           spiritual gifts and talents and equip them to use these gifts in their             addresses the needs and interests of the congregation as a whole
           life’s vocation and as Christ’s servants in the world.                             and the particular needs of special groups within the church and
Goal 2: Build a spirit of sacrificial and regular giving of time, talent and
           treasure so that we may grow spiritually and become a church that        Goal 2: Develop a strong ministry of hospitality that invites members and
           commits 50% of its financial resources beyond itself in mission and                nonmembers to participate in the life, worship and mission of Second
           benevolent giving.                                                                 Presbyterian Church and ensures that visitors and members receive a
                                                                                              warm welcome into the community of faith and are assimilated into
Goal 3: Encourage the congregation to support the work of the Endowment                       the life of the congregation.
           so that it may become an even greater means of supporting the work
           of the church and extending the outreach of Jesus Christ into our        Goal 3: Develop a comprehensive program of Lay Pastoral Care to respond to
           community and world.                                                               the personal and pastoral needs of the congregation.

                                             giving                                                        fellowship                                            13
Other Resources for Further Information

If you are interested in learning more about the program and mission of Second
Presbyterian Church, please visit our web site,

Books and reports that guided the SPTF are available in the church library.

     1. Holy Conversations: Strategic Planning as a Spiritual Practice for
        Congregations by Gil Rendle and Alice Mann

     2. Lives Touched by Faith (a history of Second Church) by George Geib

     3. Memories, Hopes and Conversations: Appreciative Inquiry and
        Congregational Change by Mark Lau Branson

     4. Transforming Congregational Culture by Anthony B. Robinson

         “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the
          renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the
            will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.”
                                   Romans 12:2

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