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   The official monthly news letter of the Col.Carl-Heinrich Asmis Memorial Dressage Association

                                         NOVEMBER 2010

Welcome Back Everyone!                                  In This Issue:
As many of you know, CAMDA has                          Welcome message from the president...............1
recently returned to active GMO status from             NEW CAMDA contacts....................................1
a three year hiatus...just in time to celebrate         Calendar events..................................................2
its 25th anniversary! With the return came              Classifieds..........................................................2
many challenges. The first of which was                 CAMDA membership form...............................6
how to put new officers in place...                     Clinic Registration form....................................5
                                                        Fix a Test Entry form.........................................7
                                                        New business members and sponsors................3
My name is Kelly Shaw. Many of you                      Training Tidbits.................................................3
know me by my maiden name, Kelly Reed.                  Fund raising news..............................................8
I am an avid equestrian and soon to be
mother. My pregnancy has caused me to                   Committees      are   forming     and   the
have to take my own hiatus from riding and              membership is growing! Many, many,
my job as a career firefighter, which left me           many thanks to everyone who has offered
with not a lot to occupy myself. That's                 support,     venues,      donations,   and
when I began thinking about the state of the            sponsorships...I know I speak on behalf of
local GMO's in our area. That led me to                 everyone when I say "Thank You!" We
contact Ginger Parker, the last active                  won't let you down. Our Silver Anniversary
president of CAMDA, and Alison Head, the                Celebration Year will be one to remember.
Region 1 coordinator. After some long
discussions, and the blessing from Ginger, I
                                                        CAMDA Contacts for 2010-2011
decided to tackle the task of reigniting                President: Kelly Shaw
CAMDA to bring more opportunities to                 
local equestrians.                                      Vice President: Ben Shaw
I recruited my husband, Ben, also an avid               Treasurer: Jenn Hoffman
equestrian, retired Marine, and entrepreneur,        
to give me a hand. We set about contacting              Membership Secretary: Jenn Hoffman
the previous members we knew of and                  
trying to piece together documents and                  Board Members:
equipment. There are CAMDA bylaws, but                  Dona Ruth
they don't address what to do when there is          
                                                        Sarah Duclos
no membership in place to vote folks into             
office. That's when we decided that the best            Dee Epstein
business decision for the club was for us to         
act as president and vice president and                 Lori Lampert
recruit others to fill the needed positions. It      
was a necessity to simply appoint willing               Marge Wagner
and knowledgeable people into positions so           
things could get underway quickly and
Events and Happenings                            Classifieds
To mark our 25th anniversary, CAMDA will         For Sale: 18" Cardanel Orion dressage
offer a Silver Anniversary Show and Event        saddle. Black, hardly used, long strand
Series consisting of six dressage shows, two     virgin wool flocked, wide twist, medium
combined tests with dressage shows, two fix      deep seat, wide gullet. Will fit a wide horse.
a tests, as many clinics as we can book,         Very nice saddle. Only one owner. Made in
social events, fundraisers, and even a three     England. Asking $1600.00 obo. Willing to
phase event!!!                                   bring to a CAMDA event or local barn for
                                                 you to try. Contact Kelly Shaw 717-634-
Most of our shows have been booked and           9193 or
appear      on      our    new      website Please note this is       Free: Roofing estimates for your house,
a change from the old web address so please      barn, stable, or outbuilding. All types of
add it to your list of favorites and visit it    metal and traditional materials available.
often for updates and important news.            Competitive pricing and excellent service.
                                                 Gutter and leaf protection systems also
We also have a face book page! Please visit      available. Contact Ben Shaw 717-688-1429
it for updates and discussions.                  or email

                                                 Boarding and Training: Autumn Charm
                                                 Sport Horses offers boarding, training,
                                                 lessons, breeding and sales.     Standing
                                                 holsteiner stallion Coromino. Always nice
                                                 young horses for sale. Wrightsville Pa.
                                        717 246 3048 or

Mark your Calendars!!!                           Oldenburgs for sale: 2008 bay gelding by
Clinician Kirsten Nelson of Wexford Farm         Coromino o/o Look At Me by Le Santo.
in Florida will be joining us November 20,       Premium GOV as a foal. 16 hands. Lunges,
2010 for a clinic at Echodale Farm in Spring     saddles, bridles, loads, ties etc. Will be
Grove, PA.         Kirsten is a wonderful        started under saddle in November. Athletic
instructor and provides insightful instruction   horse.     $13000 price doubles in 2011.
to riders of every level--both dressage and      2009 grey filly by Coromino out of Amari
eventing enthusiasts will enjoy riding and       by Silver Buck (tb). Tall, very pretty. Tons
auditing this clinic.                            of suspension and extremely athletic.
For registration forms please visit the          Jumped out of a 5 ft roundpen at 12 months.
website CAMDA             Huge mover for any discipline. Ties, loads,
members do receive a discount on fees and        lunges. $10000. Several foals coming in
priority scheduling. There will be food          2011 by Routinier and Coromino out of
available for purchase at this event and all     warmblood mares. Prices start at $6500.
participants will receive a thank you gift bag   Contact Jenn at Autumn Charm Sport
of goodies!                                      Horses or 717 246
December 11, 2010 Fix-a-Test at Ships
Quarters Farm in Westminster, MD!! We                      Visit our new website!!
are offering both USEA and USDF tests!          
Sarah Duclos (L) will be our judge. There                  or see us on face book!
will be food available for purchase all day.
Check the website
for entry forms and more information.
Welcome New Business Members!                     when I studied Natural Horsemanship
This year CAMDA is offering a business            (Vaquero Style). That style of training
level membership along with several other         specifically focuses on the psychology of the
new membership options. The following are         horse - which all horses share, no matter the
our newest business members:                      breed, size or sport. This approach offers a
Ships Quarters Farm, Westminster, MD              common denominator that allows the human                  to understand the basic mental and
Stonewood Farms, Dover, PA                        emotional needs of an equine. The second                     major epiphany I had was when I began to
Autumn Charm Sport Horses                         understand horse balance and the bio-                      mechanics of horse movement. After all,
StirrupHolster                                    horses not only share the same instincts they                     also share the same anatomy. These two
New Freedom Riding Academy,                       realizations seem so simple - yet it was a
       New Freedom, PA                            massive discovery for me because it             crystallized my objectives when working
CAMDA would also like to thank Schurer            with horses. I have come to understand "the
Saddlery for their recent corporate               basics" as those skills that support a horse
sponsorship.             mentally, emotionally and physically to live
                                                  in the human world and be ridden for a
Training Tidbits                                  variety of sports.
From Kirsten Nelsen of Wexford Farm                               The horse has to be willing to participate
Back to Basics                                    Anyone can come up with a way to make
Lots of people talk about "the basics" and        most horses do something. What separates a
excellent trainers constantly emphasize the       person as a horseman is when that person
importance of good, solid basics - but what       gains trust, love and willing cooperation
exactly are the basics of good                    from a horse. Techniques will come from
horsemanship?                                     experience and can be used for developing a
                                                  horse to his greatest potential or for making
My personal journey of horsemanship has           a horse bend to the rider's wishes. If you
felt like I work backwards much more than I       make the horse's needs as important as your
ever work forwards. Every time I try to do        own goals and desires, you will earn his vote
more of the flashy stuff I find I have to first   as a trusted leader and he will happily and
go backwards, back to the basics. The more        willingly want to be with you, even when
I work with horses, the more I see how often      the work becomes challenging.
the simple stuff gets brushed over and only
addressed when a small problem develops           Horses need to feel safe
into an unmanageable one. By working on           The sense of self-preservation is very strong
quality at a very fundamental level, I have       in a horse or in any prey animal for that
found the horses progress much faster and         matter. Meeting the horse's need to feel safe
the results stick. The flashy stuff even          is perhaps the most elemental basic to build
becomes easy when it is broken into               from and continue to build into all levels of
elemental basics and then put back together.      training. It is a real need for a horse, not
                                                  simply a wish or desire. Until a horse feels
Every training theory and program has its         safe, he will not be able to relax. If he can't
own version of the basics. I found it very        relax, then he can't really learn - the horse
confusing moving around through various           can only do - and the training won't really
riding disciplines as everyone seemed to          stick as situations change.
want something different for each sport. The
first epiphany I had about horse training was     Continued on Page 4...
Continued from Page 3...                           Some questions that may help you assess the
                                                   quality of how well your horse does his job
Horses need time to think things through.          are:
Having a horse just "do" something is not          - Is your horse relaxed and calm before,
enough. Horses are perfectly capable of                 during and after each job? Are his
learning. They can learn their jobs as a set of         muscles relaxed and supple?
skills instead of mindlessly responding to         -     Is your horse still paying attention to
the pressure and release of a rider.                    you, looking for the next aid before and
Developing real skills is the only way a                while doing these jobs?
horse and rider will be able to manage more        - Is your horse traveling in balance? Does
complicated or challenging maneuvers and                his posture support his body making
jobs that lie ahead. I know the horse finally           each job easier by working from the
understands what his job is when he can                 hindquarter or is your horse traveling on
offer a light aid or request and the horse              the forehand?
proceeds to carry out the rest with a relaxed,     -     Is your horse straight and even in the
happy attitude. How does a horse learn his              reins while doing his job?
job? From the simplest of skills, the horse        - Can your horse switch from one basic
needs time to think and respond without                 job to the next, slowly or rapidly while
rider interference. Horses and people only              maintaining relaxation, attention and
learn how to do the right thing by doing lots           balance from the hindquarter?
of the wrong things. We all learn through
mistakes. Our fears of making mistakes or          Most of the horses I work with unfortunately
looking foolish also make us short tempered        cannot perform these nine basic skills or
or frustrated when our horse makes a               jobs with emotional, mental and correct
mistake. Instead of looking at unwanted            physical balance. This is where the real
behavior or responses as "disrespectful,           problem usually lies when people think the
stupid, lazy, etc…" we can look at them            problem is a canter lead, behavior issue,
simply as a mistake. This gives the horse          dullness, impulsiveness, bucking, rearing,
and rider a chance to start over and make as       lead changes, refusing or any other issue
many mistakes as it takes to develop the new       where the horse is the problem.
                                                   Check your basics
Exactly what skills do horses really need to       Are these nine basic skills well developed in
develop?                                           your horse? Are they good or are they
Getting right down to the elemental nature         excellent? Are they light? Are they
of the human structure sitting on top of a         absolutely reliable no matter the time or
horse's structure, what are the skills that the    place or do situations dictate your horse's
both must possess?                                 ability to do his job. If you can improve the
1) The rider must have balance no matter           quality and consistency in the basic skills
    what the horse is doing or not doing (but      you will probably find that your "problem"
    that is another lesson).                       seems to just disappear.
2) The horse must be able to stand still,
    walk, trot, canter, gallop, turn right, turn
    left, halt and back up - with a rider.

The quality of these basic nine skills of the
horse is what makes all the difference. The
goal is for the horse to carry the rider during
all these skills, not for the rider to puppeteer   Attend the CAMDA clinic with Kirsten 11/20/2010
or hold the horse together during these jobs.            to hear more about her philosophies.
                                 CAMDA CLINIC REGISTRATION FORM

                                 CLINICIAN KIRSTEN NELSON 11/20/10

Please fill out the following:

NAME_________________________________________________________Date of Birth________________



EMERGENCY CONTACT___________________________________________________________________

Please circle one:     Private one hour lesson: $130 members/$135 non-members

                       Semi Private group of 3 or less of similar level: $90 each member/$95 each non-member

                       Auditors: $20 each member/$25 each non-member

Check or money order payable to CAMDA along with copy of current negative coggins sent to Kelly Shaw,
4021 Old Orchard Rd, York, PA 17402. Must be received no later than November 12, 2010. Auditors are
encouraged to pre-register but may pay at the door.

HORSE'S NAME:_________________________________________BREED___________________________

HORSE'S CURRENT LEVEL_____________________________________________AGE________________

RIDER'S CURRENT LEVEL_________________________________________________________________

         I acknowledge that I understand that equine activities are dangerous in nature, and hereby indemnify and
hold harmless, CAMDA, Echodale Farm, and Kirsten Nelson and its/their employees or owners from any
liability arising from accident, injury, theft, or damages to myself, my representatives, and helpers, all
equipment and property, and all animals under my jurisdiction.


       Signature of parent or guardian if under 18yrs__________________________________________

CAMDA is a non-profit 501 C 7 dedicated to binging the classical art and sport of dressage to all riders, at all
levels, while promoting the love of the horse and nurturing the rider-equine bond. Visit or visit us on face book for more information on upcoming events.
                                    CAMDA Membership
                        Membership begins immediately upon receipt of payment
                                   and will expire November 30, 2011.
Please send payments and a copy of this form with payment in the form of check or money order made payable
                       to CAMDA to the membership secretary at following address:
                                               Jenn Hoffman
                                              2489 Craley Rd
                                           Wrightsville, PA 17368
                                  Please send questions to
                                         Please fill out the following:

Name:_______________________________________________Date of Birth_______________

Mailing address:________________________________________________________________

Email address_________________________________Phone #___________________________

Please provide the following info for CAMDA's use in purchasing awards:

Preferred blanket/cooler size_____________________ Preferred halter size________________

Preferred t shirt/sweatshirt size:___________________ Preferred ball cap size:______________

Please choose from the following membership options:

______$40.00 Regular Adult Membership (18 years and older)
______$30.00 Young Rider/Junior Membership (under 18 years old)
______$35.00 College Student/Military Membership (current college students and active or
      retired military--must provide copy of ID)
______$25.00 Non-Participating Membership (does not compete or participate as a
      rider/handler, may audit any event and attend meetings)
______$65.00 Business Membership (includes one regular adult membership, ad in omnibus
      and all show programs, links from face book and ad on website)
______$25.00 Additional family membership (applies to each additional family member)

Benefits of membership:
    All members receive a complimentary membership to the USDF as an active GMO member and will
       receive Connections magazine.
    Opportunity to participate in a full line up of competitions, educational, and social events. Members will
       receive priority scheduling and benefit from any reduced fees.
    All members will receive CAMDA's monthly newsletter and be invited to share their thoughts at open
       monthly meetings.
    All members will be eligible to apply and compete for CAMDA sponsored scholarships and awards.
    Opportunities to compete as part of CAMDA sponsored competition teams at various local and regional

Please sign and date this form and return with payment to the address above.

                   Silver Anniversary Educational Series
                   Fix-a-Test Entry Form
                 December 11, 2010                 Ships Quarters Farm, Westminster, MD                               Closing Date: 12/04/10




ARE YOU OVER 18yrs OLD?_______________

TEST(S) YOU WILL BE RIDING:_______________________________


Entry fee is $40 for CAMDA members, $45 for non-members, for each test. Please submit check or
money order made payable to CAMDA for your total entry fee with this form no later than Saturday,
December 4, 2010. Also include a copy of current coggins. Mail your entries to: Kelly Shaw, 4021 Old
Orchard Rd, York, PA 17402
    Riders will be scheduled in 30 minute time slots. You will ride your test then have a lesson with L judge Sarah Duclos.
    Riders may choose from USEA, USDF, or USEF dressage tests, or any combination of those.
    Eventing and Introductory level tests will be ridden in a regulation small size indoor arena. All other tests will be ridden in a
           regulation outdoor arena, weather permitting. If weather or darkness becomes a factor day of the event, all tests may be
           moved inside.
          If weather is predicted to be totally inclement, please call 717-634-9193 or go to to confirm the rain
           date of December 12, 2010 at the same location.
          Refunds will only be given after Saturday, December 4, 2010 with a vet note. Refunds prior to that date (for any reason) will
           incur a $5.00 office fee per entry.
          Dress for the day will be clinic attire appropriate for the weather. All riders MUST wear approved safety helmets and
           appropriate footwear. Horses are permitted to wear saddle pads, bell boots and leg wraps appropriate for schooling. All
           other tack, whips, spurs, bits, etc. must comply with current USEF rules.
          FOOD and DRINKS will be available for sale.
          All participants will receive a thank you gift!
          Please clean up after your horses and take your manure and trash with you.
I acknowledge that I understand that equine activities are dangerous in nature, and hereby indemnify and hold
harmless, CAMDA, Ships Quarters Farm, and Sarah Duclos and its/their employees or owners from any
liability arising from accident, injury, theft, or damages to myself, my representatives, and helpers, all
equipment and property, and all animals under my jurisdiction.

Signature of parent or guardian if under 18yrs______________________________________

CAMDA is a non-profit 501 C 7 dedicated to binging the classical art and sport of dressage to all riders, at all levels, while promoting the love of the horse and
nurturing the rider-equine bond. Visit or visit us on face book for more information on upcoming events.
CAMDA Fundraiser                                           Please contact Kelly at if
November 13, 2010                                          you have tack, clothing, or other horsy items to
CAMDA will host a table at the annual York                 donate. If you have expensive items such as
County 4-H Tack Sale! This fundraiser is a great           saddles, CAMDA is willing to consign them for you
opportunity for us to reach out to the local               for just a 10% fee. So dig through your tack rooms,
equestrian community and raise awareness about             trailers, and closets and see what you can find!
our club.

If you have a classified ad you would like to place in the next issue of Saddle Soap, please send your ready for
print text to and type "classified" in the subject line. Classifieds are free to CAMDA
members and $5.00 for non-CAMDA members per issue. Please send check or money order payable to
CAMDA to Jenn Hoffman, 2489 Craley Rd, Wrightsville, PA 17368.

CAMDA welcomes article submissions from its members and other equine professionals. Members please send
your ready to print articles to with "article" in the subject line. Non-members please
contact CAMDA with your article ideas before submission.

Send in your photos and accomplishments!! CAMDA wants to share your photos and accomplishments with
everyone! Please send digital photos with written release for use if taken by a professional. Please include
caption information with each digital photo.

CAMDA reserves the rite to edit submissions for content and length. CAMDA also reserves the rite to reject
submissions based on inappropriate content or language.

DEADLINES for submission of all materials is the last day of each month.

                      Ride for the love of the horse and the thrill of the sport.
                            Saddle Soap is the official monthly newsletter of the
                         Col. Carl-Heinrich Asmis Memorial Dressage Association.
                                              November 2010