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									                                                                            Pete Truxaw, Co-Founder

    MEDIA release                                                           Salt Creek Grille Restaurants

                                                                            Southern California: Lee Healy
                                                                            Lee Healy Marketing Communications
    Contacts:    Sharon Ross, Community Outreach Manager                    949-760-3054
                 Lifesharing – A Donate Life Organization
                 Team SoCal Steering Committee                              New Jersey: Karen Irvine
                 Team San Diego Co-Captain                                  Culinary Communications
                 619-889-6161cell                           732-544-0030

     Salt Creek Grille Patrons Dine for Great Cause & Celebrate Lives Saved
          Restaurants’ Innovative Gift Supports U.S. Transplant Games Athletes
San Diego, CA – Feb. 26, 2008 – A generous gift estimated at more than $10,000 makes the Salt Creek Grille
restaurants located in Southern California and New Jersey a major sponsor for three teams attending the 2008
National Kidney Foundation U.S. Transplant Games July 11 - 16 in Pittsburgh, PA. The bi-annual, Olympic-style
games honor organ donors, underscore the high quality of life possible after transplantation, and demonstrate the
critical need for additional donors. Currently 98,000 Americans are on the national organ waiting list.

During Donate Life Month, restaurant co-founders Pete Truxaw and Tim McCune and their partners will donate 10
percent of their five restaurants’ entire proceeds on Sunday, April 27, to provide scholarships to the National Kidney
Foundation U.S. Transplant Games and inspire people to support life-saving organ and tissue donation – a cause near
and dear to them. Their vendors and business partners also are supporting this effort.

“We’re celebrating the incredible ten years of life my nephew Christopher has been able to enjoy thanks to a life-saving
heart transplant when he was only 13,” Truxaw said. Chris, a recent Stanford graduate, will be on hand that day along
with his family and a very special guest – Donna Green, the mother of his donor Tommy Weiss who died in a car
accident. “Through donation, Tommy did what no doctor could do. He saved Chris’ life. We consider Tommy, his
mom, and all donors to be heroes. This special day is dedicated to them.”

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       3465 CAMINO DEL RIO S. - STE 410, SAN DIEGO, CA 92108 · PHONE 619-521-1983 FAX 521-2833 ·
                                                                            Benefit Celebrates Saving Lives - Add 1/1/1/1/1

Also making plans to attend the restaurants’ Donate Life Day benefit are members of three National Kidney
Foundation U.S. Transplant Games teams near the restaurant locations: Team SoCal (Southern California), New
Jersey’s Team Liberty and Team Philadelphia. Team members include recipients able to overcome organ failure
thanks to transplantation and donor family members.

Volunteers and staff from the regions’ federally-designated, non-profit organ and tissue recovery agencies also will be
at each of the Salt Creek Grille restaurants to answer questions and help interested people sign up to be donors – a
process that takes only minutes and can mean a lifetime to someone else.

“The support from the Salt Creek Grille restaurants is so innovative,” said Lisa Stocks, executive director of
Lifesharing, the regional organ recovery agency serving San Diego where Christopher received his transplant. “People
get to enjoy great food and help a great cause. We sincerely appreciate Salt Creek Grille’s gift and their commitment
to support the most precious gift of all: the Gift of Life through donation.”

Current Waiting List
Nationally more than 98,000 people suffer from life-threatening organ failure and have been added to the national
organ waiting list; 2000 are under the age of 18. Every 13 minutes a new name is added to the national waiting list.
Their lives can only be saved by organ transplantation.

Each day 74 people receive a precious second chance at life because someone said yes to donation. Tragically 18
people will die waiting today. Currently 20,000 people – one in five people on the national waiting list – live in
California. The majority suffer from kidney failure. In New Jersey, over 3,000 people are waiting.

One Donor Can Help Many
One organ donor can save the lives of up to eight people with the gift of lungs, heart, kidneys, pancreas, liver and now
intestines. As a tissue donor, they can enhance the lives of up to 50 people including skin to save a burn survivor;
bone to help someone with cancer; and corneas that restore sight. Tissue donation also can include ligaments,
tendons, joints, heart valves; and even nerves. People interested in being a living donor should contact a transplant
center in their communities. Living donors can save lives by donating a kidney or a portion of their lung or liver to
someone in need of a transplant.

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       3465 CAMINO DEL RIO S. - STE 410, SAN DIEGO, CA 92108 · PHONE 619-521-1983 FAX 521-2833 ·
                                                                             Benefit Celebrates Saving Lives - Add 2/2/2/2

About Salt Creek Grille
Founded in 1996, long-time restaurant partners Pete Truxaw and Tim McCune developed Salt Creek Grille as a top
quality, upscale-yet-casual dining experience centered within their local community of Dana Point. As they grew to five
locations in Southern California and Central New Jersey, Pete and Tim have remained committed to countless local
charitable and civic causes, with a sincere desire to maintain life-long relationships with their close knit neighbors and
friends that have become such loyal patrons over the years. Charity has literally been on the award-winning
restaurants’ menus since they opened their doors. As a result, Salt Creek Grille restaurants have raised hundreds of
thousands of dollars for charities and priceless public awareness about their missions. Salt Creek Grille restaurants
specialize in mesquite grilled hand-cut steaks, thick chops and fresh fish, all served in a timeless environment and
complimented with live jazz music.

The National Kidney Foundation U.S. Transplant Games & Benefit Teams
The National Kidney Foundation U.S. Transplant Games ( include competitive sporting
events for transplant recipients who have received life-saving organ, tissue or bone marrow transplants. Medals are
awarded in cycling, swimming, golf, racquetball, tennis, basketball, bowling, badminton, volleyball, and track and field.
Activities also include workshops for donor families and living donors and inspirational opening and closing ceremonies.

In 2006, the National Kidney Foundation U.S. Transplant Games attracted 1,229 athletes from 47 teams and five
foreign countries. Additionally, 594 donor families and 171 living donors were in attendance. Athlete participants
ranged in age from three to 84. Teams who will benefit from Salt Creek Grille’s generous support are:
    ▪   Team Southern California (SoCal), which has fielded teams since 2000. More than 130 members attended
         the National Kidney Foundation 2006 U.S. Transplant Games. The 2008 team wants to bring home more gold.
    ▪   Team Liberty from New York and New Jersey won 20 medals at the 2006 Games, including nine gold medals.
    ▪   Team Philadelphia, whose members include recipients and donor families from Southern New Jersey,
         Pennsylvania and Delaware. The Gift of Life Donor Program there has sponsored about 200 recipients and 40
         donor family members as part of Team Philadelphia each year since 1990.

Signing up to be a Donor
Organ and tissue recovery is coordinated in federally-designated regions by 58 non-profit organizations. In California,
residents may register to be donors by going to the Department of Motor Vehicles or signing up online at or Since its establishment three years ago, nearly three
million Californians have registered to be donors. Over 7,000 people sign up each day through the California DMV.

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        3465 CAMINO DEL RIO S. - STE 410, SAN DIEGO, CA 92108 · PHONE 619-521-1983 FAX 521-2833 ·
                                                                                 Benefit Celebrates Saving Lives - Add 2/2/2/2
To learn more, contact the Southern California organ recovery agencies:
        ▪    Lifesharing                                     ▪   OneLegacy
             Counties served: San Diego and                      Counties served: Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San
             Imperial                                            Bernardino, Santa Barbara, and Ventura

             3465 Camino del Rio South #410                      221 South Figueroa Street - Suite 500
             San Diego, CA 92108                                 Los Angeles, CA 90012
             619-521-1983 / 619-521-2833 fax                     213-229-5600 / 213-229-5601 fax

             Website:                        Website:

In New Jersey, residents are encouraged to visit their local Motor Vehicle Center (MVC). They also may express their
intention to donate by filling out and signing a donor card available from the two recovery organizations there:

        ▪    New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network                     ▪   Gift of Life Donor Program
             Counties served: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon,                  Counties served: Atlantic, Burlington,
             Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean,                         Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester
             Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and Warren                        and Salem

              841 Mountain Avenue                                                401 North 3rd Street
              Springfield, NJ 07081                                              Philadelphia, PA 19123
              1-800-Share-NJ                                                     800-DONORS-1
              973-379-4535 / 973-379-5113 fax                                    215-557-8090 / 215-557-9359 Fax

              Website:                                           Website:

Other Ways to Help
“We consider deceased and living donors, their families, and the people who sign up as organ and tissue donors to be
heroes – heroes who unselfishly give or will give the Gift of Life to others,” Stocks added. “The National Kidney
Foundation U.S. Transplant Games help us recognize their gift, celebrate life and increases awareness so our
neighbors won’t die waiting.”

For more information on ways you or your business can support the Games or inspire others to Donate Life, please
visit the Donate Life America website at, contact the organ recovery agency serving your
region, or email Ideas for support include:
    ▪       Dining with Transplant Games Team Members Sunday, April 27, at a Salt Creek Grille location near you
    ▪       Registering to be an organ and tissue donor
    ▪       Sending a tax-deductible monetary donation to the organ recovery organization serving your area
    ▪       Sponsoring an athlete or donor family team member
    ▪       Providing goods or a cash gift for a team opportunity drawing
    ▪       Telling your family and friends what a difference donation can make not only for recipients, but for donor
             families that tell us repeatedly that donation made something positive happen out of tragedy


            3465 CAMINO DEL RIO S. - STE 410, SAN DIEGO, CA 92108 · PHONE 619-521-1983 FAX 521-2833 ·

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