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					                       Power Trek Participant Application Form
                               Mercer Area District / Pahaquarra District
                                         POWER TREKS 2011
                                             Saturday, April 30, 2011

         Please read the attached instructions first and then fill out both sides of this form.
                                 Registration Deadline: Friday, April 8, 2011.

Select ONE :       Boy Scout           Venturer           Adult                          Date

Select ONE :            Male            Female                       If Under 21, Age (on 4/30/2011)

First Name                                                        Last Name


City                                                              State            Zip



Unit (if applicable)
Troop           Crew           Number                        Hometown

   District                                                       Council

Select ONE (see instructions for details):
           Canoeing Power Trek                             Hiking Power Trek                           Raid Power Trek

       Cycling Power Trek (25 miles)          Cycling Power Trek (37.5 miles)            Cycling Power Trek (50 miles)

Date of last BSA Swimmer Test (required for canoeing/raid trek only)

For adults only:
(1) Primary BSA Registration (e.g. ASM, District Committee, etc)

(2) Date of last Youth Protection Training (all adults)

(3) Date of last Hazardous Weather Training (at least one adult per Crew)

(4) Date of last Safe Swim Defense Training (all adults on canoeing/raid treks)

(5) Date of last Safety Afloat Training (all adults on canoeing/raid treks)

(6) Date of last First Aid/CPR Training (at least one adult per canoeing/raid trek Crew)

20110201                                                                                                                 -1-
                                     Please fill out BOTH SIDES of this form.

Select ONE
(A) I will camp with my regular unit at YCSR
(B) I will need to camp with a provisional unit at YCSR
(C) I will not be camping at YCSR

Fees Enclosed

                    Power Trek Registration Fee (required for all treks) $21.00                          $21.00

                    Canoeing Trek Extra Fee (required for canoeing trek only) $45.00

                    Raid Trek Extra Fee (required for raid trek only) $35.00

                    Power Trek Dinner at YCSR (optional) $7.00

                                                                     Total Amount Enclosed

Please note that full refunds of payments for this event are not available, but substitutions will be
permitted. After April 8, 2011, no refunds at all will be available except for documented
emergencies. The complete Refund Policy can be found at http://cnjcscouting.org/

I certify that I have experience in the Power Trek discipline that I have indicated above. I understand the strenuous
nature of this activity and I will continue to train to be in top physical condition at the time of the event. I will present
myself with the appropriate clothing and personal gear needed for this activity.

Signature                                                                              Date

Parent or Guardian Approval (required for youth only)

Signature                                                                              Date

Scout Leader's Approval (required for youth only)

Signature                                                                              Date

It would be very helpful, if you submitted the applications from your home unit or trek crew as a
group. Be sure to read "Power Trek Crews" on page 4, thanks.
Remember that your registration is not complete until you have paid your fees. You can pay by
cash, check, or credit card. You can submit payments by hand, mail, or fax. Authorized persons
only can use a UDA. See http://cnjcscouting.org/ for the restrictions on credit cards.
Postal Address:          Power Treks, Central New Jersey Council, BSA
                         2245 Route 130, Suite 106, Dayton, NJ 08810-2420;
If paying by check, make checks payable to: CNJC
Phone: 609-419-1600; Fax: 609-419-4186.

                  MAD/PAH Frontier Trek Home Page at http://mad-bsa.org/frontier2011/

20110201                                                                                                                  -2-
               Instructions For                              condition at the time of the event. Each participant will
    Power Trek Participant Application Form                  need to bring the appropriate clothing and personal gear
                                                             needed for the activity. Participants will only need to
Please read these instructions first and then fill out       carry light personal gear on each trek.
         both sides of the attached form.
     Registration Deadline: Friday, April 8, 2011.           On Friday night and Saturday morning Trekkers will not
                                                             need to do any cooking at their campsites. In fact, fire-
Abbreviations                                                building and/or cooking are discouraged. All Treks will
ASM = Assistant Scoutmaster                                  start early on Saturday. Trekkers should turn in after
BSA = Boy Scouts of America                                  their Trek Briefing on Friday night, get as much rest as
CNJC = Central New Jersey Council                            possible, get up early on Saturday, stow their camping
CPR = Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation                          gear, and get their trek gear ready to go.
GSS = Guide To Safe Scouting
KMSR = Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation                 On Friday night, snacks will be provided, but you will
MAD = Mercer Area District                                   need to eat dinner beforehand. Hot water, hot chocolate,
PAH = Pahaquarra District                                    coffee, fruit, oatmeal, cereal, energy bars, etc., will be
YCSR = Yards Creek Scout Reservation                         available. On Saturday morning, a similar continental
                                                             breakfast will be available. You can take some of the
Basic Information                                            breakfast food with you if you like, but trekkers are
Once again Boy Scouts and Venturers will have the            expected to bring their own lunch and other trail food. If
opportunity to participate in special Power Treks on         you have special dietary requirements, please plan to
Saturday, April 30, 2011, in conjunction with the            bring your own menu.
MAD/PAH Frontier Trek Camporee to be held at YCSR
on April 29 - May 1, 2011. Power Trek Registration           On Saturday night there will be an optional, complete
automatically includes registration for the Camporee and     dinner at the YCSR Dining Hall available to Power Trek
all activities including camping. Camping is not required,   participants and support volunteers for $7.00.
but strongly encouraged for Friday night to avoid delays
on Saturday morning.                                         Health and Safety
                                                             Each participant will need to bring along a copy of their
Each trek will have an Information Packet that contains      completed and signed Annual BSA Health and Medical
details about the trek, required equipment, and              Record (Parts A and B).
recommended training. Packets will be posted at
http://mad-bsa.org/frontier2011/ Each Power Trek Crew        Safety is paramount on all the Power Treks. All youth
will start from YCSR. The four trek options will be:         and adult participants will be expected to conduct
                                                             themselves in a Scoutlike manner. Trek Crews will keep
Canoeing Power Trek — On Saturday morning depart
                                                             together and only separate, if it becomes necessary to
from YCSR by bus to a boat launch in Pennsylvania,
                                                             get medical or mechanical help. There will be no racing
canoe down the Delaware River for about 16-20 miles to
                                                             permitted on any trek.
the Delaware Water Gap, bus back to YCSR.
Cycling Power Trek — On Saturday morning depart              On Saturday, participants should arrive back at YCSR
from YCSR via bicycle, cycle along local roads and trails    before 6:00 PM. Along each trek route, there will be
for 25-50 miles returning to YCSR. Please indicate on        several support stations, where water will be available.
the Registration Form the approximate total distance that    Every participant must check in at each of these
you are primarily interested in traveling for the day: 25,   checkpoints. If a participant falls too far behind or is
37.5, or 50 miles. Depending on interest, one, two, or all   otherwise incapable of completing their trek, they will be
three options may be available. Everyone will start on       transported by vehicle to YCSR from the nearest
the same basic loop, but optional extra loops will be        checkpoint.
added for Cycling Crews to go farther as needed.
Hiking Power Trek — On Saturday morning depart from          All BSA Health and Safety guidelines will be followed in
YCSR by bus to KMSR, hike via Appalachian Trail for          camp and on the treks. For complete details see
about 21 miles back to YCSR.                                 http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/G
Raid Power Trek — On Saturday morning depart from            SS.aspx.
the YCSR Dining Hall, hike across Kittatinny Mountain to
the Poxono Boat Launch, then canoe down the                  Crews will serve as provisional units for camping, if
Delaware River to the Water Gap, then hike from the          needed. All Crew adult leaders will need Youth
Water Gap along the Appalachian Trail back to YCSR.          Protection training by the time of the event. At least one
The total distance is just over 20 miles.                    adult leader in each Crew will also need Hazardous
                                                             Weather Training.
Each Power Trek will be a challenging activity. Every
participant will need to be experienced in the Power Trek    All participants in the Canoeing Trek and the Raid Trek
discipline that they select and be in good physical          are required to be classified as swimmers in accordance
20110201                                                                                                         -3-
with Safe Swim Defense, and must have passed the               Fees
BSA Swimmer Test in the preceding 12 months before             The basic Power Trek Participant Fee is $21.00, which
April 30, 2011 .                                               includes a Camporee Patch and the Power Trek food on
                                                               Friday night and Saturday morning.
All Crew adult leaders on the Canoeing Trek and the
Raid Trek will also need Safe Swim Defense and Safety          All Power Trek participants and support volunteers are
Afloat Training by the time of the event.                      welcome to participate in the optional Power Trek dinner
                                                               on Saturday night in the YCSR Dining Hall for $7.00
At least one adult leader in each Canoeing Trek and
Raid Trek Crew will also need First Aid Training               Canoeing Trek participants need to pay an extra $45.
including CPR.
                                                               Raid Trek participants need to pay an extra $35.
Youth Protection Training, Hazardous Weather Training,
Safe Swim Defense Training, and Safety Afloat Training         Power Trek Tee-shirts will be available on a separate
are all available online at http://olc.scouting.org/           Order Form for a small fee. Check the web site.

Additional special procedures and equipment may be             More Information
used on each trek. Details will be provided in the Trek        Updated information about this event can be found on-
Information Packet for each Trek.                              line at the http://mad-bsa.org/frontier2011/

Support Volunteers                                             Very helpful information for each of the trek disciplines
Supporting youth and adults will be needed at KMSR,            can be found in the Canoeing, Cycling, and Hiking Merit
YCSR, and at the support stations along the trek routes.       Badge Pamphlets. It is strongly encouraged that eligible
Even if your unit has no trek participants, you are still      trek participants earn the applicable merit badge before
welcome to serve as a support volunteer. Adults with           the event or work towards earning it as part of their
vehicles will be particularly needed. To volunteer for a       training.
specific Power Trek, please contact the specific Power
Trek Chairman.                                                 To volunteer or get more information please contact:
                                                                             Canoeing Trek Chair, Bruce,
Additional Volunteers are needed at YCSR to help with
the food on Friday night and Saturday morning and also
to help with the Power Trek Dinner on Saturday night.                         Cycling Trek Chair, Gene,
Power Trek Crews
                                                                                Hiking Trek Chair, Rob,
Trek crews will consist of 6-10 youth members and 2
adult members. If you like, you can organize a full trek
crew or partial trek crew on your own. If your home unit                  Raid Trek Chair, to be determined,
is submitting more than one application for a particular                     raidtrek[at]mad-bsa[dot]org
trek, please submit all of your individual applications
together along with an accompanying letter listing the                           Overall Chair, Don,
crew members. Crews are encouraged to have at least                            donw[at]superlink[dot]net
one meeting or group training before the actual Power                           Staff Advisor, Stephen,
Treks, if possible.                                                        stephen.smith[at]scouting[dot]org

Trek participants who are not already members of a trek
crew will be formed into provisional trek crews.
Provisional trek crew participants will be notified of their
crews as soon after April 8, 2011, as possible.

Power Trek participants are welcome from all districts,
not just MAD and PAH.

Trek Capacities
Each Power Trek will have limits on the number of
participants in order to provide a quality experience for
everyone. If your initial choice for a Power Trek is full,
you will have the opportunity to put your name on a
waiting list for the Trek, to select another Trek, or obtain
a full refund.

20110201                                                                                                           -4-