Regular Meeting of the Academic Senate Los Angeles

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					Regular Meeting of the Academic Senate, Los Angeles
Division Executive Board
MINUTES                 JUNE 11, 2007          3:00 – 5:00PM                         3135 MURPHY HALL

BY                Vivek Shetty, Academic Senate Chair at 3:10pm.
TYPE OF MEETING   Executive Board
                  Vivek Shetty (Chair), Elizabeth Bjork (Vice Chair/ Chair-elect), Adrienne Lavine
                  (Immediate Past Chair), Kathleen Komar (At-Large Member), Robert Fink (Chair –
                  Undergraduate Council, Ex-Officio), Malcolm Gordon (Chair - CPB, Ex-Officio),
                  Maggi Haberland (At-Large Member), William McDonald (At-Large Member),
                  Andrew Leuchter (At-Large Member), Roger Savage (Chair – Graduate Council, Ex-
                  Officio), Janet Cummings-Link (Graduate Student Representative)
                  William Oppenheim (At-Large Member), Nat Schuster (Undergraduate Student
SENATE STAFF      Jaime Balboa, Erica Chuang
GUESTS            Christine Littleton – Chair of Women’s Studies IDP
Agenda Topics
                                                                                        VIVEK SHETTY/
                                                                                     ELIZABETH BJORK
DISCUSSION        Approval of May 17, 2007 minutes

ACTION ITEMS                                            PERSON RESPONSIBLE        DEADLINE

Make necessary edits to May minutes.                    Shannon                   N/A

ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                        ELIZABETH BJORK
                  Mickey Katz Endowed Chair in Jewish Music:
                  Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Katz, in honor of Mr. Katz’s father, who was a master
                  musician and performer. It will be housed in the School of Arts and Architecture
                  Ethnomusicology, with $1 million pledged on a five year payment schedule. The intent of
                  the Chair is to support teaching and research activities of distinguished faculty members
                  that are affiliated with the department of Ethnomusicology, and to ensure that the study
                  of Jewish music will continue to be supported at UCLA.
                  The Richard Metzner Endowed Chair in Clinical Neuropharmacology:
                  This Chair will be housed in the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and
                  Human Behavior, and the Department of Psychology and Biobehavior Sciences in the
                  School of Medicine. There is a pledge of $500,000, of which $125,000 has already been
                  received. It is currently for the establishment of a five-year term chair.
ACTION ITEMS                                            PERSON RESPONSIBLE        DEADLINE


SAXON CHAIR PROPOSAL                                                                    VIVEK SHETTY

                 Proposal to endorse the split of the Saxon Chair (previously announced at 5/17
               meeting) is accepted unanimously.
                The decision of the Board was to support the proposal given the following

                  1. The Board is not in favor of providing Presidential Chairs to junior faculty. It is
                     the majority view of the Board that Presidential Chairs should be reserved for
                     more accomplished faculty, given the prestige associated with the qualifier
                  2. The Board does not want to appear to be setting a precedent whereby
                     Presidential Chairs are routinely converted to Term Chairs. However, given
                     the specific history of the David Saxon Presidential Chair in Mathematics and
                     Physics, the Board was persuaded by your argument in favor of the split in
                     this particular instance.
                  3. The Board was encouraged that you indicated that the chair will be allowed to
                     sit vacant for one year between appointments, in order that the endowment
                     may grow and that the broader campus may make use of it.

ACTION ITEMS                                         PERSON RESPONSIBLE        DEADLINE


STEP 6                                                                                 VIVEK SHETTY
               Concern was expressed that Senate service is not currently an expectation for
               advancement, specifically in the APM on promotion of Professors to Step 6. As a
               result, faculty members prioritize their time to other activities that advance their
DISCUSSION     tenure, in areas other than Senate service. Chair Shetty sought permission and
               support from the Executive Board to seek this change in the revision of the APM at
               Step 6. Some members expressed doubts about whether this could be achieved,
               given previous failures in the past.
               The Board unanimously instructed the Chair of the Senate to work with the Vice
               Chancellor of Academic Personnel, the EVC, and Chancellor, to pursue the necessary
               revisions of the CALL and the APM to ensure that on Promotion to Step 6, university
               service will be evident in the dossier of the faculty.
ACTION ITEMS                                         PERSON RESPONSIBLE        DEADLINE

               Chair Littleton seeks the approval from the Executive Board to depart mentalize the
               Women’s Studies program already in place. Chair Shetty sought approval from the
DISCUSSION     Board, pending the approval from the Rules and Jurisdiction Committee.

CONCLUSIONS    The Board unanimously approved the proposal, pending approval of CR&J.
                                                     PERSON RESPONSIBLE        DEADLINE

IDP TASKFORCE REPORT                                                                   KATHY KOMAR

                    Past Chair Komar summarized elements of the IDP Taskforce Report. One technical
                    proposal that was discussed pertained to the appointment of IDPs on the
                    undergraduate level. This position is currently being appointed by the college FEC,
                    which predates the creation of the Undergraduate Council (UgC). With the creation
DISCUSSION          of the UgC, the report recommends that the appointment of IDPs on undergraduate
                    level should parallel to the process on graduate level, and go through the council
                    itself. Discussion was also raised pertaining to use of the title of FAC in the IDP
                    process. Many of the problems with IDPs related to the lack of a stable pool of
                    faculty members, and appropriate support for the IDPs themselves.
CONCLUSIONS         n/a
ACTION ITEMS                                             PERSON RESPONSIBLE       DEADLINE


SUMMER COMPENSATION                                                                       VIVEK SHETTY
                    CAO Jaime Balboa sought permission from the Board on three items: 1) Seeking
                    approval for a request of a Summer 1/9, pertaining to the program review in the
                    World Arts and Cultures Department for Professors Roger Savage and Robert Fink;
DISCUSSION          2) Approval for Summer 1/18 for Rebecca Mendez (Graduate) and Undergraduate
                    member (not yet selected);
                    3) Approval to empower the Chair to conduct negotiations pertaining to unforeseen
                    circumstances during the summer which require summer compensation.
CONCLUSIONS         The Board unanimously approved the request.
ACTION ITEMS                                             PERSON RESPONSIBLE       DEADLINE

Approval for 1/9

Approval for 1/18                                        VIVEK SHETTY

Empower Chair Shetty to approve unexpected events        CHAIR

EXCEPTION FOR CONC APPOINTMENTS                                                           VIVEK SHETTY
                    Dr. Balboa summarized ConC’s proposal to seek an exception to term limit bylaw for
                    ConC appointments in order to reappoint termed-out members to open seats. The
                    FEC’s approved this request. There was discussion related to the possibility of
                    changing the bylaw and the willingness of the FEC’s to do so. Member suggested
                    changing the bylaws to deal with this conflict. Vote was taken to approve the
CONCLUSIONS         The Board unanimously approved ConC’s request for an exception.
ACTION ITEMS                                             PERSON RESPONSIBLE       DEADLINE

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENTS                                                                  VIVEK SHETTY
                    Chair Shetty reviewed the policy on Fiscal Impact Statements (FIS); All policies or
                    proposals to the Academic Council which have budgetary impacts, must be
                    accompanied by a Fiscal Impact Statement, which includes an estimate of the cost
                    savings, new or created costs, or cost neutrality. The Council will review the FIS
                    before approving these requests. The intent of these statements is to exhibit who will
                    be impacted by proposals to the Academic Council.
CONCLUSIONS         n/a

 ACTION ITEMS                                                                PERSON RESPONSIBLE             DEADLINE

APM 620                                                                                                             VIVEK SHETTY
                          Dr. Balboa summarized the findings of work group set up to oversee faculty salary.
                          The main points of the work group’s report: Attract salary through competitive faculty
                          Recommends language Amend APM 620 to make salary system a range rather than
                          point system. Provide a new scale that would move current scales upwards.
                          Members questioned whether there is an source of funding supporting this measure .
                          While the Board was in support of the general concept of APM 620, it required further
                          elaboration and clarification before it could support the proposal as written.

 ACTION ITEMS                                                                PERSON RESPONSIBLE             DEADLINE

                                         Executive Board Attendance Record 2006-2007
                 Name                       10/26/06   11/16/06   12/14/06     01/18/07   02/15/07   03/15/07   04/19/07   05/17/07   06/21/07

Chair Shetty, Vivek                            X          X          X            X          X          X          X          X          X
Vice Chair/ Chair-Elect Bjork, Elizabeth       X         EX          X            X          X          X          X          X          X
Immediate Past Chair Lavine, Adrienne          X          X          X            X          X          X          X         EX          X
At-Large Member   (yr 1) Haberland,
                                               X          X          X            X          X          X         EX          X          X
At-Large Member   (yr 1) Komar,
                                               X          X         EX            X          X          A         EX          X          X
At-Large Member   (yr 1) Leuchter,
                                               X          X          X            X          X          X         EX         EX          X
At-Large Member   (yr 2) McDonald,
                                              EX          X         EX            X          X          X          X          X          X
At-Large Member   (yr 2) Oppenheim,
                                               X          X          X            A         EX          X          X         EX          A
At-Large Member (yr 2) Peplau, Anne            X          X          X            X          X          A          X          X          X
Ex-Officio UgC Chair Weiss, Richard
(Fall) /Fink, Robert (Winter & Spring)
                                               A          X         EX            X          X          A          A          A          X

Ex-Officio GC Chair Savage, Roger              X         EX          X            X          X          A          X         EX          X
Ex-Officio CPB Chair Gordon, Malcolm
/ Frank Jr., Robert (Vice Chair)
                                               X          X          X            X          X          X         EX          X          X
Undergraduate Student Rep Schuster,
                                               X          X         EX            X          A          X          X          X          A
Graduate Student Rep Cummings-Link,
                                               X          X          X            X          X          X         EX          X          X

With no further business for discussion, the meeting adjourned at 2:45pm.

X = Present
EX = Excused
A = Absent without notice