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									                               MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE “LINKS”
"There's a wildfire spreading across the country"

The Mortgage Battles are Taking Effect - our movement is revealing some tough
truths about the banking scam. See what YOU can do about your situation.


Fascinating News Headlines - Even if politicians are obviously jumping on the bandwagon to take credit, the real
credit comes to those out there staying with the battle. Interesting how some of the SAME politicians who backed the
system that got us into this mess, are now on this bandwagon... PLEASE don't fall for it in the upcoming election.

1. Candidate for Sheriff Rico S. Giron Will Declare a Moratorium on All Foreclosures and Evictions in His County (San
Miguel, New Mexico) - - And he will NOT enforce any
IRS liens or levies; he will repeal the Patriot Act; he will NOT accept any salary, etc. etc. WOW! Where can we get
sheriffs like that in our own communities?!?

2. Texas Attorney General calls for statewide foreclosure freeze

3. New York Times: Flawed [apparently fraudulent] Paperwork Aggravates a Foreclosure Crisis

4. Documents Show CitiMortgage and Wells Fargo Also Committed Foreclosure Fraud

5. Speaker of the House Pelosi Calls For Investigation Of Foreclosure Fraud

6. Attorneys General Ordering Banks to Halt Foreclosures for Possible Violations - - "There's a wildfire spreading
across the country: instead of the continuing wave of foreclosures, the practices banks use to initiate the sales of
homes are going under the microscope of judges and attorneys general."

7. 40,000 Turn Up for Mortgage Reduction Event in LA - - October 6, 2010

8. Systemic Fraud Dominates Mortgage-Securitization and Foreclosure Scam

9. State of Georgia Set to End Forced Driver's Licenses
(this is not foreclosure related, but is interesting nonetheless, as it begins another branch of the trend towards greater
individual sovereignty)

10. Three More States Demand Halt to Foreclosures - 10-06-10

11. Bombshell - Unconstiutionality of Rocket Docket Transcript - 10-07-10

12. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Justice Department looking into home foreclosure mess

13. New York Times - "Foreclosure Furor Rises; Many Call for a Freeze"

14. "Freezing Foreclosures" on Good Morning America ABC News - 10-04-
                               MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE “LINKS”
15. Kentucky RICO Class Action Lawsuit Attacks Foreclosure Fraud - 10-03-

16. JPMorgan, Bank of America Face `Hydra' of Foreclosure Probes - Bloomberg 10-06-10

17. Huffington Post on Foreclosures - 10-07-10 variety of important updates about the national war against so-called

- Moratorium NOW - Rep Alan Grayson Petitions the Florida Supreme Court to HALT Foreclosures - -
court-to-halt - foreclosures/ .

- American Foreclosure Moratorium Petition. Please sign it now - -
[that is Barack Obama's site - the petition is sponsored by his administration].

- BREAKING!!! GMAC Freezing Foreclosures in 23 States to Take Corrective Action

- Congressional letter to FANNIE MAE regarding "foreclosure mills" - grayson-rep-barney-frank-and-rep-corrine-brown-to-fannie-

-California Attorney General Brown Directs Ally/GMAC [America's fourth largest lender] to Suspend Foreclosures

- JPMorgan Suspending Foreclosures - New York Times

- Bank of America Freezes Foreclosure Actions

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