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									                                                                       March 2011 Newsletter, February 2011 Results

 February Queen of Wholesale:
         Erika G. Tabor
  February Queen of Sharing:
       Monica A. Walker


                                                                      Debut as an Independent Sales Director from
                                                                      Feb. 1 to July 1, 2011, and attend Seminar, and
      SHARING a Poem with you this March!                             you will receive an invitation to the elite Glitz &
                                                                      Glam Awards Night Reception; your Senior
          When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,               Director will also be invited!
         When the road you're trudging seems all up hill,
         When the funds are low and the debts are high,
          And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
             When care is pressing you down a bit,                      New Sales Directors also will earn
                Rest if you must, but don't you quit!                            the following:
                Life is funny with its twists and turns,              | * | Have your photo taken with Ryan Rogers!
              As every one of us sometimes learns,                    | * | Be rewarded with a stunning genuine amethyst
             And many a failure has turned about,                     and diamond ring.
        When they might have won had they stuck it out.               | * | Accept your special Awards Night sash.
           Don't give up though the pace seems slow,                  | * | Debut onstage at Career Conference or Seminar.
             You may succeed with another blow!                       | * | Receive your Class of 2011 name badge ribbon.
                   Often the goal is nearer than it
                seems to a faint and faltering one,
                  Often the struggler has given up
        When they might have captured the victor's cup.
   And they learned too late, when the night slipped down,
           How close they were to the golden crown.
                 Success is failure turned inside out,
               The silver tint to the clouds of doubt.
           And you never can tell how close you are,
                                                                      Ordering Deadlines for March 2011:
               It may be near when it seems so far.
           So stick to the task when you're hardest hit,
                                                                      25: Career Conference Begins
    It's when things seem the worst, that you must not quit!
                                                                      30: Last day of month for phone orders
                                                                      31: Last day of month for online orders
TRIVIA QUESTION: What percentage of women would LOVE it if someone would help them match their foundation?
When you are a star consultant, not only are you projecting that you
are serious about your business, but you even earn beautiful
Cinderella prizes. Like these here!

                             Stars and On Target Stars, Third Quarter Ends 03/15/2011
  Consultant Name              Total Contest Credit          Sapphire            Ruby         Diamond            Emerald   Pearl
   Monica A. Walker                      2405                    ******           ******         595              1195     2395
     Erika G. Tabor                      1822                    ******           578            1178             1778     2978
    Karen A. Gage                        1816                    ******           584            1184             1784     2984
    Ashley M. Dean                        936                    864              1464           2064             2664     3864
    Melissa I. Penn                       663                    1137             1737           2337             2937     4137
 Raisa Genao-Abreu                        602                    1198             1798           2398             2998     4198
   Patricia A. Mingin                     532                    1268             1868           2468             3068     4268
Leslie A. Kimball Franck                  489                    1311             1911           2511             3111     4311
   Hilliary P. Turner                     447                    1353             1953           2553             3153     4353
   Ashley D. Pittman                      425                    1375             1975           2575             3175     4375
     Lisa Houston                         385                    1415             2015           2615             3215     4415

                                                                             Our Totally Loyal Customers. (They rock!)
                                                                          Independent research firm, Brand Keys, just published
                                                                          the official results of its 2011 Customer Loyalty
                                                                          Engagement Index, which examines customers’
                                                                          relationships with 528 brands across 79 categories.
Use social media and online tools to
connect with your customers. Here are
some great recommendations:                                               Mary Kay ranks #1 in consumer loyalty, both in the
                                                                          Cosmetics and Facial
> Online: sign up for your own Mary Kay                                   Moisturizer categories!
Personal Website to connect with
hostesses, potential customers, those                                     And there’s more: Mary Kay ranks
interested in starting their own businesses                               #6 in Brand Keys’ “Brands That
and more.                                                                 Delight” category, a list of the top
              > “Share“ via Facebook: share stories and                   performers across all industries
              features from your Mary Kay website and                     that are “knocking the ball out of
              the Look eCatalog on your Facebook Wall                     the park when it comes to
              for friends and family members to see, look                 customer engagement and
              for the "Share" button (see March Applause                  loyalty,” as an article published
              for more details on sharing).                               by online news service Marketing
                                                                          Daily states. Just look at the
> Social Media Status Updates: post Mary Kay                              kind of company Mary Kay is
videos from to your                               keeping:
Facebook page or Twitter

> “Let's Talk“ Party: is the site for consultants and directors
                                                                          #1 Netflix, #2 Apple,
to connect and discuss their business tips and ideas.                     #3 Walgreens, #4 Discover,
                                                                          #5 Hyundai, #6 Mary Kay,
Be sure to review our company's social media guidelines on
InTouch > Business Tools > Digital Zone to be sure that you’re
                                                                          #7 McDonald’s, #8 J. Crew,
following MK’s company guidelines.                                        #9 Samsung, #10 Nikon
                 Recruiters as of February 28

  Team Leaders
  Karen A. Gage

Senior Consultants
  Sharon M. Allen
  Ashley M. Dean
   Lisa Houston
 Heather M. Parks
 Hilliary P. Turner
 Monica A. Walker

 Consider offering a lip gloss to anyone who listens to the MK
 career opportunity plan. Here’s the details on what to say:

 Interested in learning about the Mary Kay Opportunity? A 30
 minute interview (+ answering questions) qualifies you for a
 chance to win a lip gloss just for listening. You must be 18+
 years old, interested in learning about the Mary Kay
 opportunity and willing to learn and have fun during the

             March Birthdays and Anniversaries

             Consultant Name                   Birthday
           William Edward Harris                March 3
                 Nikki Joas                    March 21
            Raisa Genao-Abreu                  March 22

             Consultant Name                 Anniversary
            Valarie Ann Mercer                 March 22
               Bree K Curtis                   March 26
          Nancy Ann Bruckschen                 March 26
Thanks for your February Order
      Erika G. Tabor        $1,822.00
    Monica A. Walker         $892.50
     Ashley M. Dean          $837.00        Here are some great ideas to connect with customers this spring:
      Karen A. Gage          $671.50
                                        Trash it: a drawer full of cosmetics does not look
   Raisa Genao-Abreu         $602.00
                                        cute, plus the products sitting in the drawer are
    Patricia A. Mingin       $482.00    probably way out of date. Hold a “TRASH IT”
 Leslie A. Kimball Franck    $291.00    PARTY! Central theme: out with the old and in
    Valarie A. Mercer        $285.75    with new Mary Kay cosmetics. This is a perfect
   Elizabeth E. Jones        $232.00    party to introduce the new Mary Kay products.
       Amy E. Kelly          $221.50
                                        Easy, glam: with winter fading away, the sun
      Julie G. Owen          $220.50    shines and the weather warms. Women want to
  Charity H. Sturdevant      $204.75    be outside and they have places to go. Help them
    Hilliary P. Turner       $202.50    get a beautiful look in a short amount of time by
     Maria D. Guiles         $201.25    booking glamour appointments to show women how
   Sarah M. Stockdon         $200.50    to get glamorous in 10 minutes or less.
    Bambi P. Angone          $200.25    Focus on fun: seasonal holidays are fun ways to
     Sharon M. Allen         $140.50    promote selling products in cute packages. They’re
   Jennifer Pavlansky        $108.50    also fun for getting with your customers and throwing
       Lisa Houston           $93.00    seasonal parties, finding new silent hostesses, getting
Ronique Y. Breaux-Jordan      $83.00    out and warm chattering in the aisles of your favorite
                                        stores and more. Here’s a look of some of the upcoming holidays: Mardi Gras,
        Nikki Joas            $48.50    St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day.
     Beth L. Heilman          $10.00

                                                 Consultant Name                         Retail & Credit
                                                    Karen A. Gage                          $9,089.50
                                                   Ashley M. Dean                          $7,998.50
                                                  Heather M. Parks                         $6,390.00
                                                  Hilliary P. Turner                       $5,420.50
                                                    Erika G. Tabor                         $4,103.50
                                                  Monica A. Walker                         $3,924.00
                                               Leslie A. Kimball Franck                    $3,559.00
   May 8, 2011, is a day that
                                                     Lisa Houston                          $3,491.00
   needs to be highlighted in
                                                     Amy E. Kelly                          $2,405.50
   your date book. It’s Mother’s
                                                  Holly E. Thomas                          $2,320.00
   Day, which means you need
   to help your customers give
   FABULOUS gifts to their moms.
                                                                                         Qualified New
                                                  Consultant Name                       Team Members
   Mother’s Day could be a
                                                   Sharon M. Allen                              2
   SUPER HOT sales event for you                   Ashley M. Dean                               1
   and your business!                               Karen A. Gage                               1
   SO DO NOT let this                                Lisa Houston                               1
   holiday go unnoticed!                          Heather M. Parks                              1
                                                   Hilliary P. Turner                           1
                                                  Monica A. Walker                              1
                                                                     Welcome To Mary Kay….
                                                               Erika Tabor recruited by Sharon Allen
                                                        Charity Sturdevant recruited by Jennifer L. Ondrako
                                                            Alana Deen recruited by Raisa Genao-Abreu
                                                        Raisa Genao-Abreu recruited by Jennifer L. Ondrako
                                                           Maria D. Guiles recruited by Monica A. Walker
                                                           Melissa I. Penn recruited by Monica A. Walker
                                                         Ashley D. Pittman recruited by Monica A. Walker

          April 2011
        Business Briefing                                  Really, really hot business building tips and ideas
                                             Have a $1,000 Day- Here are the details:
1: Cutoff for consultants to mail forms to
begin DIQ this month                         1. Make a list of 50(+) people (names and addresses). KEEP A MASTER LIST
10: Last day to submit online DIQ form,      FOR YOUR REFERENCE. That way, as they call in, you can check their
available until midnight central time        names off. Then you can follow up with those that do not call you after
11: Priority Awards Seminar 2011 Regis-      6:00 PM!
tration begins                               2. Purchase 50(+) Look Books and then make copies of your own $1,000
15: Deadline to earn first monthly prod-     Day Goal letter. You will create this letter yourself; it shares your goals
uct bonus                                    with your customers and lets them know how to help.
16: Beaut-e-News e-newsletter                3. Choose a day to have your $1,000 day and a time to end it. It has
begins e-mailing to customers,               been proven that Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are not good days
second monthly product bonus                 and that 6:00 PM is an excellent time to end your day.
begins                                       4. You can fold the letter in thirds and TAPE it inside the Look Book. Then
20: March career car paperwork due to        tape the ends of the book closed. Mail your books. Or you can put them
company                                      in manila envelopes and attach the letter (folded just in 1/2 with the
22: Good Friday, all company and             letters facing out) to the Look or Beauty Book.
branch offices closed                        5. On your chosen day, refer to your master list and check off the people
27: Administrative Professionals' Day        as they call in, recording how much they purchased. At 6:00 PM begin
28: Last day for phone orders                making calls to all of the people that didn’t call you. (If you don’t make
29: Last business day of month               these calls, you will not reach the $1000! How bad do you want it?)
30: Last day for online orders, Priority
                                             In the Crayk and McGillis Units, we had over 14 $1,000 DAYS IN ONE WEEK! All
Awards Seminar 2011 Registration ends
                                             others who did the challenge… well… they only had $500, $600, and $700 DAYS
                                             (don’t you feel badly for them!) This is proven! It does work. TAKE THE
                                             CHALLENGE, DO THIS AND TAKE A GAMBLE ON YOURSELF! Happy $1,000 day!

                                                                Look Who has a Mary Kay Website!

                                                                                   Leslie Kimball Franck        Sharon Allen
                                                                                      Patricia Mingin      Ronique Breaux-Jordan
                                                                                     Jennifer Ondrako         Kimberly Brooks
                                                                                        Julie Owen             Mary Crawford
On Going This Month:
-Quarter 3 Star Consultant contest                                                    Heather Parks             Ashley Dean
(Dec 16 through Mar. 15, 2011)                                                      Jennifer Pavlansky           Alana Deen
-Quarter 4 Star Consultant contest                                                     Melissa Penn             Karen Gage
(Mar 16 through June 15, 2011)
-All-Star Star Consistency Challenge                                                Charity Sturdevant      Raisa Genao-Abreu
(through June 15, 2011)                                                                 Erika Tabor           Courtney Giliam
-Class of 2011 (through July 1, 2011)                                                  Holly Thomas             Maria Guiles
                                                                                      Hilliary Turner           Lisa Houston
                                                                                      Monica Walker               Amy Kelly
       TRIVIA QUESTION: 91% of women would love it if someone would help them find the perfect foundation match.
Complete each leaf on the four-leaf clover and receive
                the prize in that leaf.
                                                                                                          March 1 – June 30, 2011

three gorgeous
red jackets*
for new
Star Team



ADD THREE†                                            ADD FIVE†
Receive your choice of one of the red jackets         Receive your choice of one of the red jackets, invita-      *Available while supplies last
plus an invitation to the Lights, Action, Fashion     tions to the reception and luncheon AND a stunning          †A  qualified new personal team member
                                                                                                                   is one whose initial order with the
Reception at Seminar 2011.                            matching jewelry set.
                                                                                                                   Company is $600 or more in wholesale
                                                                                                                   Section 1 products, and it is received
ADD FOUR†                                             Independent Sales Directors who add three, four or
                                                                                                                   and accepted by the Company in the
Receive your choice of one of the red jackets,        five new qualified† personal team members will earn a        same or following calendar month,
an invitation to the reception plus an invitation     beautiful capelet (in place of a red jacket) to accompany    between March 1 and June 30, 2011,
                                                                                                                   that her Independent Beauty Consultant
to the posh Lights, Action, Fashion Luncheon          the new Independent Sales Director suit, along with the      Agreement is received and accepted by
at Seminar 2011.                                      corresponding Seminar rewards. Visit the Mary Kay            the Company.

                                                      InTouch® website for complete contest details.
Spring 2011 mary kay products.

          New! Compact Mini!                          Age-Fighting TimeWise
        Tiny enough to tuck anywhere, this sleek,     Liquid Foundations
          new compact is perfect for the woman        This exciting age-fighting formula can
            on the go. A great new compact            help skin instantly look firmer, younger
            choice for helping you get beautifully    and healthier. Available in 23 shades to fit
           organized. $16 (unfilled)                  a wide range of skin tones. $20 each
                                                      Choose from two flawless finishes:
                                                               Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation Matte
   Mary Kay Foundation Primer                              finish for combination/oily skin or
   This must-have foundation accessory perfects                Luminous-Wear™ Liquid Foundation
   skin as it enhances foundation benefits and             Luminous/Dewy finish for normal/dry skin
   extends wear. $16

   Mary Kay® Liquid Foundation Brush                                              Free Gift with Purchase
   This specially designed tapered brush blends                                   Mary Kay Color Burst Eye
   foundation evenly and smoothly. The end result
                                                                                  Brush Set
   is a smoother, more perfectly flawless finish.
   Works well with any MK liquid foundation $10
                                                                       The eyes have it with this fun four-brush set,
                                                                       including a mini eye definer brush, mini eye
   After-Sun Replenishing Gel                                          crease brush, mini eyeliner brush and mini
   Back by popular demand! Formulated with botanical             cream eye color/concealer brush, handy bag and
   extracts rich in soothing antioxidants, this gel              application instructions.
   absorbs quickly and replenishes vital moisture to the
   body. Get warm weather ready with Mary Kay® sun
   care. $12
                                                                 GWP: FREE with a $40 or more
                                                                 purchase of Mary Kay® products.

                      Acne Fighters Set
                      If you are seeking an acne solution, you can now purchase four popular Mary Kay
                      products in a new convenient bundle called the Mary Kay Acne Fighters Set, $42.
                      It includes:

                                                                         luxurious style.
                           Velocity Facial Cleanser
                           Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner Formula 3
                           Acne Treatment Gel
                           Velocity Moisturizer

                                 Limited-Edition Mary Kay              The Weekender Collection
                      Indulge in the season’s simplified style with this simple, yet sophisticated, collection for
                             lips, eyes and nails. Simplified beauty makes leisure the ultimate luxury.

                                     Weekender Lip Pencil in                       Weekender Eye Pencil in
                                    Coral Stone or Pink Sand.                      Navy, Turquoise Waters, Sage
                                    Perfectly outlines and fills in                and White Wash. You will love
                                    lips with sheer coverage.                      the buildable color and creamy
                                    Sharpener included. $14                        texture of this eyeliner and eye
                                    each                                           shadow in one. Sharpener
                                                                                   included. $14 each

                               Nail Lacquer in Coral Stone                   Base Coat/Top Coat A manicure
                               or Pink Sand. Treat nails to                  must-have with instant high-gloss
                               stay-true color with an instant               finish. $8
                               high-gloss finish. $8 each
                                                                                flyer design:
 Seminar 2011      Information and Initial Details
                                                                                               you p this
                                                                                            in th r focu
                                                                                              ahe onths
Dates:                                                  Registration Fee:
Emerald, July 20-23 | Pearl, July 24-27 | Diamond,      $175 received in Special
July 27-30 | Ruby, July 31-Aug.3 |                      Events by June 30             Sem
Sapphire, Aug. 3-6                                      $200 on-site, space                    201
                                                        permitting (except for
                         pril 11-30, 2011:
Priority Registration – April 1                         new Consultants
Begins April 11. E-mail notification will be sent to    who submit their Consultant
Qualifiers.                                             Agreements in July), Transfer fee: $25

                 s o all members May
Registration opens to a me ers M 1, 2011                Cancellation Deadlines Fees:
                                                        Full Refund: June 30, 2011, Less service fee of $100:
Registration Deadline: June 30, 2
                dline:          2011                    The deadline for all Seminar affiliations will
Teacher Deadline: April, 30, 2011
                e:                                      be July 8, 2011, No refunds after: July 8,
                                                        2011, Hotel Deadline: June 29, 2011

            to        PU
                      PUMP UP
                    YOUR BUSINESS
Get yourself inspired, the finish line is near. Where do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish?
What do you want to earn? Take a look at all the Seminar prizes available on InTouch, take a look at the
career cars that you can earn. Write your goals down, find a few affirmations to repeat during the week
and keep your eyes on your prize!

Try a tried and true idea if gathering new leads is what you need. Place a beautiful facial box at a local salon,
with registration tickets and an eye catching sign reading (for example): “Enter here for a free facial and a
chance for a fabulous, beauty basket!” Have one or two basket winners and then offer the other leads that
you gather a free facial.

Out with the old, in with the new, it's time for Spring sales! Stock up on the new Spring 2011 products, they
                                                                        o                      prod
will be available on InTouch in March and available to order in March as well. New products give your
customers a reason to shop with you all year around. Plus, the upcoming holidays (St. Patrick’s Day,
                                                                  ate                k            cou
Mother’s Day, Easter) provide you with great reasons to create your own gift baskets and gift couples.

Start a Spring Before and After Glamour Portfolio & use the new Spring looks on your new models. Look for
                                                                        ooks k                   Look
                                                                        ,                       m f
women that are interested in being featured in your model portfolio, as an incentive, offer them a free eye
shadow for allowing you to use their photo. During your glamour session, be sure to let them know the
                                                                      ession,            l    mk
specifics about each product, so with each new application, they fall more and more in love. Build a
                                                                        ll             e      .
                                                                                             e. B
                                                                          r cu
portfolio to build your customer base and share the photos with your customers.

Team Building is the key here. Call some of your most loyal customers, customers that said “maybe” before,
                                                                           omers      sa m       e” b ore,
                                                                                          own persona
and women that you have never offered the Mary Kay opportunity. Tell them about your own personal
story with Mary Kay, what a Mary Kay career could mean for them and their families. Share with her theth
                                                                                            n,        sta
modern, up to date flyers that Mary Kay has created. They are very attractive to all women, whether stay
                                                                                        e meem e
at home moms or corporate women. If your potential team member does not have time to meet with you,
                                                                                        bers an
have her listen for a lip gloss over the phone. Remember: just three to four team members and you are in
your Red Jacket; eight team members and you are on your way to becoming a director.     r
Powerful Pink Producers
                    Jen Ondrako
                    Independent Sales Director
                    15041 Superior Street
                    Charlotte, NC 28273
                    Office Number: (704) 350-5389

    "Sometimes you don’t
    feel enthusiastic when
    you wake up in the morn-
    ing, but if you act enthu-
    siastic, you'll become en-
    thusiastic. I don’t under-
    stand it, but it works. Act
    enthusiastic and it will
    happen! If God is within you, you can’t
    help but be enthusiastic about life and all
    of its possibilities!” ~ Mary Kay Ash

             RICHMOND CADILLAC POWER MONDAYS:                                                   CHARLOTTE TUESDAY GIRLS NIGHT OUT :
    BNI CENTER: 2708 Enterprise Parkway, Richmond, VA 23294.                              PINK BUBBLE: 200 E. Woodlawn Road, Charlotte, NC
      Presented by CADILLAC Director Taylor Fehring Moore.                          Presented by...Your Director plus 3 other amazing MK Directors!!
       April Dates: 4, 11, 18, & 25 Cadillac Power Mondays                                 APRIL Dates: 5, 12, 19, & 26 Cadillac Power Tuesdays

      RICHMOND NEW CONSULTANT BOOT CAMP SCHEDULE                                         7:00pm—8:30pm: Training, Recognition & Strategy.
             Every Thursday Night @ 7pm--9pm                                      Guest Makeovers take place during the training part of the
                     YOU MUST RSVP!!                                                    pack the house with guests to work smart…..not hard!!

                     BE ON THE LOOKOUT…..our Senior Sales Director Cindy Draghicchio from Green Bay, WI is planning a trip to work with all of you in the Charlotte
                     area, Richmond area, & Virginia Beach area in May! Details coming soon!! But start working on your 30 faces so you have lots of guests to invite!!!
        April 1:    APRIL FOOL’S Day
        April 2:    Charlotte — Spa Brunch @ Pink Bubble at 10—Noon!! Invite Guests! Invite Guests!
      April 15th:   TAX DAY
                    MONTHLY CADILLAC POWER-UP CONF CALL— 9:00 PM Conf Call# (605) 562-3000, Access Code: 912879#
        April 17:
                    with another fabulous PINK CADILLAC Driving Director!
        April 22:   Good Friday — MK Branch Closed
       APRIL 24     EASTER!!
        April 29:   Last day to place telephone orders (until 10 pm CST) and online orders (until midnight CST)
        April 30:   Last day to place orders!!! Consultants can order online thru 9pm….Directors can order for you from 9—Midnight!!

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