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									               Hope Church News
VOLUME 53, NO. 6                                                 JUNE/JULY, 2010

                    SUMMER AT HOPE CHURCH
                     Sundays, 10:00 a.m.in the Sanctuary
 Children’s worship time will be in the Youth Room, for ages 3 through the completion
       of grade 2, when they are dismissed from the 10:00 a.m. worship service.
                   More information on Children’s Ministry is on p. 4.
             There will be no Early Worship during the summer months.

                           SUMMER OFFICE HOURS:
                      Monday—Thursday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
                          Friday, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

                       CO-ED SOFTBALL: KNOW HOPE!
        The Hope Church softball team plays Friday evenings through July 23.

                                  PIZZA SUNDAYS
              Pizza Sundays will be on June 27, July 25, and August 29

                                    FOR ADULTS
            Roland and Jane Van Es, missionaries at St. Paul' University
      in Limuru, Kenya, will be speaking after church in Commons I on June 6
                        after the 10:00 a.m. worship service.

                    Quiet Morning Prayer and Spirituality Retreat
 Worship, Prayer, and Spirituality Ministry is again sponsoring a “Quiet Morning” on
                     Saturday, June 12. More details on p. 3.

    On June 20, Hope Church members Tony and Melissa VanderArk, who served
   as faculty members at the Lithuanian Christian College International University
                this past academic year, will recount their experiences
         after the 10:00 a.m. worship service. See p. 2 for more information.

 Advent Planning hosted by the Worship, Prayer, and Spirituality Ministry, will be on
             Monday, June 28, at 5:30 p.m. Full information on p. 3.

              Cran Hill Family Camping Weekend is July 30 - August 1,
                          sponsored by Fellowship Ministry

                            EVENTS AT MORAN PARK
                       Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 25
PAGE 2                       VOL UME 53, NO. 6                           J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010

In early May a number of people met with the elders of Hope Church after a marvelous
meal prepared by members of the Outreach and Hospitality Ministry. The dinner
included the new members, sponsors, youth making profession of faith, their mentors,
and elders of the Consistory. These people were welcomed into the fellowship of Hope
Church on May 23 during 11:00 a.m. worship.
Following are short descriptions of these new members. Please take the time to
welcome them into the family of Hope Church.
Calvin and Barbara Bouma join by letter of transfer from Christ Community Church
in Lemont, Illinois. They are both retired and enjoy reading, swimming, and orchids.
The Boumas are sponsored by Janet and Paul Elzinga.
Steve and Susan Griffore join by letter of transfer from Christ Memorial Church in
Holland, Michigan. Steve is a lab technician at Herman Miller. His hobbies include
cycling, running, and choral music. Susan is a registered dental assistant. She loves
to read, cycle, walk, and sew. They are sponsored by Randy and Laurie Braaksma.
Stephanie Krom joins by letter of transfer from New Hackensack Reformed Church of
Wappingers Falls, New York. Stephanie is retired and lives at Freedom Village. She is
sponsored by Beverly Schoch.
Steve and Heather Remillard join by reaffirmation of faith. Steve previously attended
Evangelical Covenant Church of Evanston, Illinois, and Heather attended Full Gospel
First Church of Long Grove, Illinois. Steve is a professor at Hope College and Heather
is a piano teacher. They are sponsored by Andrew Bunnell and Jill Russell (and
The youth who made profession of their Christian faith are Cecily Carder, Megan
Israels, Gabe Jarzembowski, Simon Jarzembowski, Jon Jerow, and Avery Wilson.
Their sponsors are Gretchen Schoon Tanis, Anne Duinkerken, Greg Accardo, Dave
Dirkse, and Kevin Rosenau. We rejoice with these young people as they express the
faith that the Spirit has nurtured in their lives.

On Sunday, June 20, shortly after the worship service, Adult Education will host a
special session on Lithuanian Christian College International University (LCCIU). Hope
Church members Tony and Melissa VanderArk, who served as LCC faculty members
this past academic year, will recount their experiences. They will be assisted by Hope
Church member Ron Mulder, who serves as an advisor to the LCCIU Board of
Directors; and by Steve Dintaman, who is a Professor of Theology and Director of
Church Relations there.

LCCIU is a Christian college founded by European and North American Mennonites in
1991. Today it enrolls more than 600 students, largely from countries of the former
Soviet Union. Numerous Calvin and Hope College professors have served as LCCIU
staff members.
            All are invited to learn about this ministry outreach.
                      The class will meet in Commons I.
VOL UME 53, NO. 6                           J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010               PAGE 3

                   “PRACTICING RESURRECTION”
                         Saturday, June 12, 8:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
                    Hope Church in CIW room 208 in the Education Wing
                              Coffee and bagels at 8:00 a.m.

“So, my friends, every day do something that won’t compute. Love the Lord. Love the
world... Ask the questions that have no answers... Be like the fox who makes more
tracks than necessary, some in the wrong direction. Practice resurrection.”
                                            Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front
                                                                        by Wendell Berry
During the season of Easter we speak often of resurrection. We celebrate it in worship
through music, word, and liturgy. We celebrate it in nature as Mother Earth springs to
life, pulling us free of winter’s grasp and inspiring within us the hope of new life. There
is a bounce to our step, a lilt to our voice, and a joy in being fully alive. The world
seems fresh and new, pregnant with possibilities.
Though resurrection calls forth images of Easter, its life-giving force should not be
limited by a day or a season. Resurrection is all around us. It is possible in every
transition of life, those we anticipate and those thrust upon us unexpectedly. When
one chapter of life comes to an end, we are often faced with the possibilities of
resurrection, of becoming something new. Broken relationships, retirement, marriage,
the birth or departure of children, job change or loss, failed dreams, mid-life crises,
and serious illness are but a few of the significant endings in life that make way for the
hope of resurrection.
In this retreat time we will reflect on the experience of resurrection in our lives through
the three-fold movement of grace: letting go of the past, navigating the in-between
time, and emerging to new life. We will ask important questions about each movement:
How do we let go? How do we cope with the chaos and uncertainty of in-between
places? How do we nurture and practice resurrection in our lives? Our time concludes
with a non-threatening, creative ritual to express and celebrate our hope of
You don’t need to prepare for the retreat, other than to anticipate God’s blessings for
you in this time. All are welcome. Sign up in the Gathering Area, call the church office
at 392-7947, or email lbeyer@hopechurchrca.org, by June 9.

 Sponsored by the Hope Church Worship, Prayer, and Spirituality Ministry

Advent planning session on Monday, June 28 at 5:30pm. Our intent is to "think
ahead" so that creativity can simmer well in advance of the liturgical season. We
welcome input from the larger Hope Church community--and you' welcome to join
us for this planning session. So that we can give you the reading assignments (the
lectionary texts), please let Cindi Veldheer DeYoung (tcyoda@sbcglobal.net) know of
your intent to join us.
PAGE 4                        VOL UME 53, NO. 6                            J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010

Children ages 3 through those that have completed 2nd grade will leave the 10:00 a.m.
service after the Word with the Children and meet in the Youth Room. To begin this
summer we will be continuing our Church School study of the early church with the
stories of Tabitha, Peter and Paul. The children will experience the stories through
games, music, storytelling and crafts. That’s to get excited about spreading the good
news of Jesus with others as the early Christians did.
Thirteen youth volunteered their time and talents this past year. We would like to
thank all of them for using their talents to help in the nursery, being doorkeepers in
the Children in Worship centers and helping during special events. Hope Church
appreciates that they are such great models for all of us by showing their willingness
to be of service to others and their joy in sharing their lives with the youngest
members of the church. The younger children thrive on the special attention that they
receive each Sunday morning.
The CIW leaders ask you to prayerfully consider joining them in the wonderful
experience of worshipping with the children of Hope Church. The leadership schedule
can be very flexible to match your availability and your level of commitment. The
Children in Worship program is an integral part of the nurturing of the children as
they begin their faith journey. We are in need of storytellers, whether experienced or
willing to learn, to help staff the current worship centers and others to aid in the room
as greeters. It is a great way to meet and get to know the wonderful children in our
faith community. Talk to leaders who have spent time in the centers or to me if you
have any questions. Some training is necessary but that also can be worked into any
schedule. If you have been a leader in the past, please consider sharing your talents
again. If you have a Sunday a month, or a few consecutive weeks that you would be
willing to be involved, you can be of great service. You will be enriched as much as, if
not more than, the children themselves as you worship together.
Thanks for your consideration.
Jocelyn Van Heest, Children’s Ministries Coordinator

During summer worship, we have opportunities for guest musicians to bring their
talent and faith to our worship service. If you would like to be part of the summer
music plan or know of a gifted family member/friend visiting this summer, please
contact Brian Carder, 396-6030 or email at cacarder@sbcglobal.net.

Stop by the Fellowship Ministry bulletin board in the gathering area to peruse the new
display of the various groups meeting at Hope Church. Are you in one of these
groups? Would you like to be? Is there a small group you’d like to be in but do not see
listed among the current offerings? Please contact the church office or speak with one
of the pastors if you’d like help in starting a new group.
VOL UME 53, NO. 6                         J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010            PAGE 5

HOPE CHURCH’S KIDS HOPE program concluded its 2009-2010 program year
on April 30, with a celebration on Thursday evening, April 29. Approximately 100
persons participated in this celebration as we recognized 15 children whom we
mentored during this school year.
We have now completed seven years of partnership with VanderBilt Charter Academy.
Many persons from Hope Church have participated in this program, as we share God’s
love with the children of our community. Our two graduating fifth graders were part of
our program for six years, each working with the same mentor the entire time. I want
to recognize Kathy Brownson and Barbara Borr-Veurink for their commitment to the
two boys who were our graduates. Thanks, Kathy and Barbara!
Additionally, I want to thank many Hope Church people who were part of our program
this past year. This year’s mentors were: Judi Boogaart, Peter Boogaart, Barbara Borr-
Veurink, Kathy Brownson, Don Buteyn, Stephanie Croom, Keith Derrick, Anne
Duinkerken, Renie Geary, Rachelle Oppenhuizen, Nancy Rock, Loretta Smith, Marlin
VanderWilt, and Phil VanEyl. Substitute mentors were: Margaret Boelkins, Linda
Cook, Barbara Joldersma, Brad MacLean, Michael VanderWilt, and Nancy
VandeWater. Prayer partners included: Ann Anderson, Laurie Baron, David Boelkins,
Randy Braaksma, Joanne Brooks, Marilyn Cook, Helen DeWeerd, Jan Fike, Carole
Hintz, Ruth Hoekstra-Telgenhof, Norma Killilea, Char Laman, Earl Laman, Judy
Mastenbrook, Kim McGraw, Kari Miller-Fenwood, Karen Mulder, Barbara Osborn,
Stan Rock, Jill Russell, Jan Smith, Eloise VanHeest, Gordon Wiersma, and Judy
Werkman. I also appreciated special support from Lois Maassen and Judy Bultman,
members of the Community and World Ministry. Thanks, too, to members of the
church staff who provide support services for what we do: Laurie Beyer Braaksma,
Barbara VandeVusse, Karla Bos-Kammeraad, Ric Beltran, Jill Russell, and Gordon
This is quite a list – approximately 50 strong! You can see that it takes the
commitment of many people for our Kids Hope program to run smoothly. So, when
you see the folks mentioned above, do express your gratitude to them for their steady
and unwavering commitment to bringing hope to children in Holland!
I also want to introduce you to Barbara Joldersma who will join me, beginning July 1,
2010, as co-director of Hope Church’s KH program. Barbara will participate in the
training for this position on July 12 and 13 and in the fall you will see her assuming
some of the responsibilities for the leadership of our program. I am grateful for
Barbara’s willingness to assume this responsibility and I look forward to the work we
will do together, continuing to maintain and improve what we do for children in our
church’s neighborhood.
Finally, I offer a special thanks for the on-going support of the entire congregation,
especially for including the funding for this program within its budget and for its
support to me over these past seven years. I am grateful for the opportunity given me
to implement and work with this program at Hope Church and look forward to my on-
going involvement with it, though at a reduced level.

Judy Vander Wilt
Director, Kids Hope USA
PAGE 6                        VOL UME 53, NO. 6                            J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010

Health Ministry received, with gratitude, three new
members at their April meeting. As part of these new (and
quite wonderful, we think) resources for Hope Church, we
have asked each of them to share a little about themselves
and the passion they bring to Hope Church and Health
Ministry. This month, we would like to introduce Ellen Hale.         Health Ministry
Ellen Hale, RN, MSN holds a BSN (Bachelor of Science in
Nursing) from the University of Iowa, and a MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing) from
Grand Valley State University. Her "hands-on" clinical experiences include Labor and
Delivery and Critical Care. She has also served in management positions in acute care
and home care settings. Currently Ellen works for Clinical Practice Model Resource
Center in Grand Rapids. This organization serves a consortium of hospitals
throughout the United States and Canada. The Center’s mission is to strengthen
professional practice and integrate the care of the various disciplines in the acute care
                                                                        t          t
setting. (Translated: this means that when you are a patient you won' ask "Don' they
talk to one another?") The Center’s work includes intentionally designed
documentation that supports holistic caring and evidence-based practice. There is
often a major time gap (often cited as 15 years) between research and application of
research at the bedside. The Center creates guidelines for care that support critical
thinking and incorporates the latest in research, and these guidelines are built into
the documentation tools that clinicians use every day. The Center’s work also
supports healthy organizational culture and relationships, recognizing that the best
care is given at places that are also the best places to work.
Ellen’s personal passion began years ago when she was given the opportunity to lead
the work at Holland Community Hospital to implement advance directive education
and policies. She loves to talk to people about what it means to have a Healthcare
Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA). Ellen says her ideal job would be to provide
education regarding Healthcare DPOA, and then be available to families for support
and serve as an "interpreter" of clinical language when the time comes to make
difficult medical decisions. For example, it makes perfect sense for an otherwise
healthy 92 year old with fractured ribs from a car accident to be on a ventilator for a
few days, but a ventilator may not be the right choice for a 40 year old with a terminal
illness. (Too often, Ellen says she has heard people say "I never want to be placed on a
ventilator", but that should depend on the situation!) Even decisions about
administering antibiotics and blood transfusions may need to be made by
the designated spokesperson when an individual is not able to communicate.
Health Ministry looks forward to Ellen’s contribution to the lives of members of Hope

      Thursday, June 10, 7:00 p.m., Sponsored by Lakeshore Women for Peace
This workshop will be facilitated by nationally credentialed Dusty and Vicki Rhoades.
                    Limited to 20 people; reservations required.
       Contact Sara Leeland at (616) 335-2686 or saraleeland@sbcglobal.net.
             At DeGraaf Nature Center, 600 Graafschap Rd., Holland.
VOL UME 53, NO. 6                           J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010            PAGE 7

                " & ( ' )
                                                !                       "          #
                                                           $       $
              %& '

I’m lucky enough to have a friend with whom I can talk about matters of faith. We
were having lunch one day, me describing a continuum I’d constructed, ranging from
self-confidence to faith to delusion, she musing about the dichotomy of faith and
denial. Both of us wondered: How do you know you’re believing a reasonable thing?
How do you know your faith isn’t an excuse or an illusion?
Through conversations with each other and with Gordon, and some serendipitous (or
providential—I can never tell) reading, we sorted some things out. First, while my
continuum was tidy, it really didn’t hold up. While the topics are related, they don’t
have a linear relationship. And you don’t have to choose just one.
Faith is communal, not individual. A communal faith means we can cover for each
other in times of doubt, and that those who are full of faith—even just for a moment—
can share the wealth. My friend can e-mail me to say, “It’s not about how bad you are
or how much you fall short. It’s about how good God is.” And this can change the
whole tenor of my day.
Some of that serendipitous reading led me to Mary Karr’s Lit, in which she talks about
faith as a verb, not a noun. As a young doctor treating Karr says, “Faith is not a
feeling…. It’s a set of actions.” And, more serendipitous reading, 1 John 4 helped me
clarify what kind of action faith calls for. The logic train—to the extent that logic is
helpful in matters of belief—is this: God is love. When we love, we “live in God,” which
is a pretty good definition of faith. When I’m tempted to question whether I have faith
or whether my faith is good enough, the answer is always “love more.”
1 John 4 also includes a notion that literally makes me breathe easier: Perfecting in
love. It recognizes the verb-ness of faith, of the steps we take, sometimes big,
sometimes tiny. Instead of an impossible ideal, we have a continuing process. Karr
speaks to this, too, in Lit: “I was made—from all the possible shapes a human might
take—not to prove myself worthy but to refine the worth I’m formed from, acknowledge
it, own it, spend it on others.”
In other words, “Love more.” It’s not easy. But at least it’s not complicated.

         You can read a longer version of this essay, including the origins of the
                     self-confidence/faith/delusion continuum, at
                                                                            Lois Maassen
PAGE 8                         VOL UME 53, NO. 6                          J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010

A few updates about Hope Church staff changes from your Personnel Committee:
    ♦ High Hopes Coordinator ~ Thanks to Kristen Hintz as she completes her
      good work with High Hopes over the past few years as a sponsor and
      coordinator. And welcome to Gretchen Schoon-Tanis who has been a High
      Hopes sponsor and is now taking on the coordinator role.
    ♦ Kids Hope Director ~ Judy VanderWilt has served for a number of years as
      our director for the Kids Hope program. We’re grateful that Judy will be
      continuing that work as we also welcome Barbara Joldersma to join her as a
      co-director. Judy and Barbara will be sharing the director responsibilities
      through the year, and we believe this team will provide strong support to the
      Kids Hope program.
    ♦ Seminary Intern ~ Thank you to Jessica Kast-Keat for her faithful service to
      Hope Church over the past program year as our seminary intern. Although
      Jes has concluded this role with us, she is still a member of Hope Church.
      and as she works toward completion of her seminary degree and ordination
      in the RCA we’ll continue to pray for and support Jes each step of the way.

          ~ funded through the Les Beach Memorial ~
  You are invited to enjoy a retreat day at Bethabara
  Retreat Center in Saugatuck. Bethabara is run by Mary
  VanAndel and Ben Sikkink, and you can find out more
  about Bethabara and taking a retreat day at
  http://bethabara.net. Just contact Mary at 269-857-
  7010, or email bethabara@comcast.net, to schedule a
  time and tell them to contact Hope Church for payment –
  it’s that simple! Bethabara offers a beautiful setting for
  retreat for body and soul, and we’re grateful for the costs
  to be covered through the ongoing support of the Les
  Beach Memorial Fund at Hope Church.

         ISLAM AS A DYNAMIC SOCIAL                      NOTICE SOMETHING
               PHENOMENON                                   MISSING?
            At the general meeting of              The June and July calendars are not
  Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony         in the newsletter! We will
                     (ACEH)                        be printing the calendars
             Fri, June 11, 7:00 p.m.               at the beginning of each
     at the Center for Women in Transition         month in order to keep
            411 Butternut, Holland.                them more up-to-
                                                   date. They will be
Presentation by Dustin Byrd, a convert to Islam.   distributed   with   the
      Call 392-5086 for more information.          worship bulletins in early June and
              Open to the public.                  July.
VOL UME 53, NO. 6                           J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010            PAGE 9

 As Hope Church explores what “multi-cultural” or “diverse” might mean for our
 congregation, Reciprocal Language Partnership (RLP) offers a simple, personal way
 to get started: two people teaching each other their language and sharing their
 cultural identities with each other.
 According to its brochure, RLP is for native English speakers who want to learn
 Spanish, teach English, and develop relationships with native Spanish speakers.
 Participants must commit to a 12-week evening class, led by an experienced
 ESL/Spanish-certified teacher. You must attend an informational meeting before
 signing up for the class.
 If you have thought about learning Spanish, here is your chance. Classes are fun and
 non-judgmental. With half of each class conducted only in English and the other half
 only in Spanish, participants soon realize that all are both learners and teachers. The
 one-on-one pairing throughout the 12 weeks promotes friendship and the desire to
 help each other.
 Classes run from January to March and from September to December. Visit the RLP
 website at www.rlpprogram.org, or call 392-9022 for more information.

  The Community & World Ministry had the unexpected blessing of being able to
  allocate $8,330 of additional funding for 2010, made available by Consistory
  through the recent disbursement of unspent funds Hope Church has accumulated
  over recent years.
  We were able to give additional support to several organizations we know to be
  under extra stress because of prolonged economic pressure and unemployment in
  our community: Community Action House and the Holland Free Medication Clinic.
  We were also able to make a gift to Resthaven Care Community for benevolent care
  for residents.
  Our second focus was on organizations active locally in building multicultural
  diversity. We were able to increase our support of the Lakeshore Ethic Diversity
  Alliance to sponsor the Summit for Racism and the Migrant Mentoring program. We
  also made a small gift to the Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony to equip
  their meeting facilities, and to the Reciprocal Language Program, which brings
  together native English- and Spanish-speakers to teach language to one another.
  Finally, we were able to allocate about $1,600 to the Mission Opportunity Fund,
  which is available throughout the year to support special projects and mission trips
  undertaken by Hope Church members.
  If you have any questions about any of the agencies we’re supporting, contact me or
  another member of Community & World Ministry. We appreciate the continued
  generosity and faithfulness of the Hope Church community.
  Lois Maassen
 PAGE 10                      VOL UME 53, NO. 6                        J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010

           THANK YOU

Dear Women of Hope Church,
On behalf of Women’s Ministries Third Reformed Church I want to thank you for the
hospitality you extended to us for the Lenten Brunch. It was lovely to spend that
morning in meaningful reflection and fellowship with you.
                                               Eleanor VanDyke, Program Chairwoman

                                    Circle 1
                           Wednesday, June 2, 9:30 a.m.
                            At N.VandeWater’s cottage
                                    Circle 2
                           Wednesday, June 2, 9:30 a.m.
                                  Commons II
                                      Circle 4
                                 June 9, 6:30 p.m.
                                 L. Heyboer’s home

                          HOPE CHURCH READERS
                        The group will meet at 12:00 noon
                             on Wednesday, June 16,
                                at Jean M’s home,
                       This is our annual Salad Luncheon at
                       which we will select our books for the
                                 2010-2011 season.
                           Please call Jean (786-9832) or
                       Ruth (394-3075) if you need directions.

GOT AN IDEA? If you’ve got a suggestion for the life of Hope Church or our
contribution to the community and world around us—but you’re not sure who to talk
to, send your idea to the Ideas Ministry. Use our online form, available from the
“Ministries” or “Contact Us” tabs on: www.HopeChurchRCA.org, or pick up a paper
form in the office or Gathering Area.

                will not meet in June or July
VOL UME 53, NO. 6                              J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010               PAGE 11

Yes, market crash and all, the Hope Church Endowment Fund—struggling along at less than
$616,000 in January-March of ’09—has since performed better than the market to be at over
$972,500 at the end of March this year. How’d that happen?
The market as a whole has done well the last year or so. And the Hope Endowment Fund was
carefully spread over all of the primary market segments. The largest share is in stocks
(targeted at 60%), which have done especially well lately.
     1. Last year the board revised its investment philosophy, how it would approach the
     market (see number one).
     2. The board hired a local financial advisory company (CAP Trust) last summer to
     implement that new approach. Since then, the Fund has outperformed the market by 1.2
     percentage points.
     3. Recent contributions to the Fund, including a $25,000 memorial gift, exceeded
     4. At the board’s April meeting, it learned that the current bull market is one of the
     strongest, if not the strongest, since 1962. Hope Church was well positioned to take
     advantage of the market’s upsurge.
A word of caution, however: while it is great to celebrate having been prepared to exceed a bull
market, the market is not immune to the law of gravity—which means it goes down sometimes,
too. But the board is confident that the Hope Church Endowment Fund is being managed in
such a way that it will be able to withstand and recover from any downturns.
Questions, comments? Talk to any of the board members. And you’re welcome to attend the
next meeting at 5:30, July 28.

 Once again it’s time to think about blueberry pies. For the last several years Larry and
 Karen Mulder have graciously donated their blueberries, recipes, and pie making
 expertise to the Blueberry Pie Team! Proceeds from the pie sales have gone to support
 our mission endeavors in Mexico. From sewing with the Bible school girls in Chiapas,
 organizing a library, refurbishing a school, medical clinic construction work in
 Palenque, and most recently the Water Missions group, the pie loving attitude of Hope
 Church members and friends have supported these great causes.
 Not only can you EAT pies, you can help MAKE THEM! This is a family friendly team,
 and there are jobs for all skill levels. Usually, Friday evening is making dough, and
 Saturday morning is spent in rolling out crusts, mixing blueberries, and assembling
 pies. It is always a lot of laughs and fun!
 Mark your calendars with these dates:
 Throughout early July:
    ♦ Order pies on Sunday mornings. They are $8 each – what a bargain!
    ♦ July 23 & 24: Pie making with the Blueberry Pie Team!
    ♦ July 25, Sunday: Pick up your pies after the 10:00 service.
 For more information, you can ask Janet Elzinga, Kyle Vohlken, and Jean DenHerder
 when you see us around church, or e-mail Janet at janetelzinga@comcast.net.
 PAGE 12                     VOL UME 53, NO. 6                           J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010

Hope Church celebrates its 150 year anniversary in 2012, and planning for this
special occasion is already underway. An anniversary planning committee is in place,
and three focal areas have surfaced as a result of our early discussions: history,
celebration, and missions.
The seed is planted and excitement is growing. We want you to be part of this special
time. Do you have a knack for history or enjoy celebration event planning? Do you
have celebratory ideas you would like to share? Do you have ideas for mission and
service to develop? If so, let us know your thoughts, and consider joining one of our
planning teams. Remember, we only turn 150 years old once! Let’s make this a
celebration to remember.
                      For more information, please contact
           Gordon Wiersma, (392-7947 or gwiersma@hopechurchrca.org).

                     THREE AVENUES OF CARING:
Last year we gave remarkable summer-long help by recognizing that “Hunger Takes no
Vacation”. This year we want to confront three glaring areas of need that CAH finds it
difficult to provide.
Why a summertime effort? Because support has already fallen off severely, but the
need definitely increases.
Three ways to make a big difference:
   1- For the Community Kitchen: #10 cans of fruit for better nutrition.
   Because of cost, fruit has been served very rarely in past months.
   2- For the Pantry: Canned meats - especially turkey, chicken, ham, etc.,
   (mostly tuna is available) which can be added to dishes for protein so
   commonly missing from poorer people’s diets.
   3- For the Pantry: Baby products - baby oil, powder. lotions, soap; canned
   and boxed cereals; and bottles and nipples. Too often not available, the need
   is greatest in summer with migrant families coming in.
How can we provide these things?
   1- The Big Basket in the Gathering Area will receive your weekly purchases,
   which will go directly to the Pantry shelves!
   2- Your money gifts will be received at the Three Avenues table in the
   Gathering Area (or can be mailed in). These joined-together gifts will enable
   these products to be purchased in large cost-effective lots!
We’ve found a way - Three Avenues - to wonderfully affect the lives of people in our
community who struggle daily!
VOL UME 53, NO. 6                             J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010               PAGE 13

It’s been over a year since our more focused exploration of multi-cultural diversity began, a
milestone when it’s useful to recap where we’ve been and where it led us. Of course, Hope
Church’s mission statement reflects our long-time commitment to inclusiveness and
diversity: “TO BE OPEN: Hope Church seeks to nurture the diversity in which she finds
Within the Community & World Ministry, we received a number of suggestions, either from
our own members or through the Ideas Ministry, that reflected different approaches to
connecting with, embracing, or increasing diversity, especially across ethnic and racial
divides. We realized two things: first, that we weren’t comfortable that we understood
enough about the intent and spirit of the Hope Church community to make good decisions,
and second, that many of the things we might undertake involved additional or different
ministries or other church structures.
To get more clarity, Community & World Ministry asked Consistory last March to engage
the congregation in a broader discussion so that we have a shared vision for our future
together. Consistory discussed the request and decided to have an open, workshop-style
meeting for a more in-depth discussion.
That meeting was held in August. About 50 people attended, and we identified “polarities”—
things that appear to contradict each other that, in fact, complement and complete each
other—that we want to be conscious of as we continue our journey. An example of a
polarity might be our desire to be open to people of all backgrounds and traditions and our
own strong tradition of liturgical worship.
At that meeting, we also spent time brainstorming ideas for steps to take or programs to
investigate to help us progress in our journey of learning, change, and growth. All of those
ideas were captured and distributed to the ministries, so that each ministry could
determine what could be acted upon, what needed to be researched or thought about, and
what just didn’t feel like a fit.
Each of the ministries was asked to prepare an update to Consistory for December,
outlining their priorities and initiatives. Another discussion was held, then, in February, for
ministry leadership to compare notes, identify places where they needed to work together,
exchange ideas with each other, and decide what few priorities we should all attend to
together. The three ideas that emerged for additional focus were:
   ♦ Find meaningful ways to engage with our neighborhood
   ♦ Develop deeper relationships with our existing Child Development Services and
       Community Housing Partnership connections
   ♦ Engage with other churches who share our pursuit
To help us engage with other churches, Hope Church is taking advantage of an RCA
initiative which began in May. A Multi-Racial Journey is “a learning process for churches
desiring diversity and engagement in their neighborhoods.” The RCA Multi-Racial Initiatives
and Social Justice Office, The Synod of the Great Lakes, and the Center for the Church’s
Learning at Western Theological Seminary are partnering sponsors; Jill, Gordon, Ric
Beltran, John Koch, Lois Maassen, Kyle Vohlken, and Beverly Zell, will attend sessions over
the next two years.
You’ll read and hear more about that and the other initiatives as the work continues.
Consistory will continue to follow the progress of projects through, across, and beyond
ministries to help guide our journey. Get as involved as you like; share your thoughts with
church staff, ministry chairs, or through the Ideas Ministry’s in-box in the Gathering Area.
PAGE 14              VOL UME 53, NO. 6                  J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010

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                                                " 2
            +   !.                                 +
 %          /       (#"
                  &) &
VOL UME 53, NO. 6                                J U N E/ J U L Y ,   2010                  PAGE 15

 BRIM BUNCH           will hold its annual picnic on Thursday, June 24, at 6:00 p.m. at Kollen
 Park. All are welcome! Cost of the meal is $5.00, payable at the picnic. Reservations are
 necessary and may be made with the telephone committee members who will be calling, or by
 calling Lois Boersma at 396-7247 by Monday, June 21. Should it rain on the 24th, the event
 will be held in the Commons at Hope Church.

 The Hope Church softball team plays Friday evenings through July 23. Spectators and
 cheerleaders are also needed! The schedule will be listed in the bulletin with the times of the
 games. Come and cheer on the Hope Church team!
 Coming in August – watch the bulletin and the August HC News for more details.
 A host is needed for the June 27th Pizza Sunday. Please sign up in the gathering area if you
 are willing to serve as host. Pizza Sundays for the summer will be held on June 27, July 25,
 and August 29.

A hodgepodge of a few things I’ve been thinking about…

                                                                                             AND FINALLY…
I’ve been thinking that it’s summer! As I write this in May it feels like summer, and
once it is June/July it will actually be summer. I’m a fan of summer.
I look forward to a change of pace in some of the rhythms of family, work, leisure.

I’ve been thinking about the lectionary gospel lessons from John during the Easter
season. I’m a fan of John’s gospel.
I’ve been struck by Jesus speaking often about the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit
will continue to teach and guide us in God’s ways – teach us new things, even!

I’ve been thinking about Celtic Christian spirituality. I’m a fan of the Celts.
The Celtic emphasis on the goodness of creation, the wideness of God’s grace, the
presence of God in all things, and the Triune Oneness of God resonates deeply with
me (and resonates with my daughters too – an interesting cross-generational thing).
The Celtic way has been one of the new things the Spirit has taught me in recent
(I also enjoy saying “Celtic” with a hard “C”! ~ dictionary says hard or soft “C” is ok.)

Summer & the Gospel of John & the Celts…all of which together have led me to feel that the
Spirit is calling me to learn a new daily pattern for prayer, so this summer I am going to use
some resources from the Celts to do that (see how that all goes together?!).
There is a Rising/Morning prayer and a Midday prayer and an Evening/Bedtime prayer. My
goal is to pray each prayer each day of the summer. You can save the green insert page of
prayers, and join in this summer pattern for Celtic prayer.
But whether you do or not, part of what will be in my heart as I’m praying each day is that we
all are open to what the Spirit is teaching us each day, this summer and beyond.
"                                                                                       $ ! .
" !   !    !   !                   %   )     ! !                    !                   - "   )
" !   !    !                       $  , (       )              !                            "
" !   !    !   #                      !( &                          (                    !
" !   !    !    ! $!               %! )    !                       () '                             ! ,(
%!    &   '                                                                                           #
                                   - ) !          (        (                ,           0            !
"                                   , ( !#                     !        !
" !   !   !                !                  (                                           ) ,
" !   !   !     !                      !( )            (        )           ,
                                                                                         ! )! !
" !   !   !                            , )            )        ('
                                                                                        ! )! !
"                                                                                                       ,
" !   ! !              !                                                                !
" !   ! (                                                                                           !
" !   !         )
"                                                                                   /         . !        (
" !   !    !   * !                                                                           ! $!       '
" !   !    !   *   !
" !   !    !   *+(             '


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