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             St Joseph’s Cathedral Lucknow 01& 02 October 2008


                         YESU KATHA SATSANG
                            03 AUGUST 2008

The Evangelization and Charismatic Renewal group conducted their Satsang on 03 August 2008
at the Audrey Fanthome Auditorium in Lucknow.

The Satsang was preceded by a preparatory prayer service on 02 August 2008 at the same
location from 4.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. This service was conducted by Brother James D‟Rozario
our resource person from Kolkata. He was the obvious choice since he has been working
regularly in our diocese for the past seven to eight years and is a mighty instrument in the hands
of God, in renewing the faith of many people.

03 August 2008

The Satsang started on a positive note, a prominent Hindi daily newspaper „SAHARA‟ covered
the activities of the previous day and the Satsang commenced at 11.00 a.m. sharp with some
devotional praise and worship hymns. Since the day also happened to be „friendship day‟ we
commenced with the popular hymn „What a Friend we have in Jesus‟

After about 45-50 minutes of soul searching Praise and Worship hymns, Brother James spoke on
faith formation with references from the Holy Bible.

This was followed up by a Workshop; the group was reorganized into smaller groups of 10-15
people with representation from all walks of life, breaking all barriers of race, religion and creed.

By the time we entered the workshop the group had grown to close to 400 people, a very large
majority of whom where non-Christians. Infact Catholic were surprisingly very few in number
in-fact less than 100 Catholics. May be it was Sunday and they went to their respective parishes
or had good reason to stay away.

Hence through the divine providence of God the workshop was indeed creative and soul
searching with participation of our brothers and sisters of others faiths participating in very large
numbers in the Satsang.


Each group was required to listen to a story and then answer a few questions. The groups were to
choose a group name, preferably the name of an Asian Saint. Each group had a moderator and a
secretary to write down the responses, while a few volunteers hovered around assisting the

1st Story – Brother James D’Rozario
The Rope
A mountaineer after many years of rigorous training decided to climb a very high mountain,
since he did not want to share the glory with any one else, he decided to climb to the summit
alone. Soon it began to get dark, instead of camping for the night he decided to climb on and
conquer the peak in one go.

Unfortunately in the dark he missed a step and fell towards the ground, as he was falling he
began to recall all the good deeds and bad deeds that he had done and remembered God.

He suddenly yelled out save me God! In the stillness on the night a voice answered him, do you
really thing that I can save you? He shouted back yes Lord! The voice replied „then cut the rope
tied to your waist!.
There was a long silence and the mountaineer decided to cling on to the rope, through the night
he hung in mid air tied from his waist to the safety rope, in great pain and despair.

At day break he looked down to see how far he was from the ground and was shocked to
discover he was merely 5 feet from the ground.


   1-      Would you have trusted God and cut the rope?
   2-      How many times have you suffered unnecessarily because you did not trust God?
   3-      How many times have you desired the glory for yourself?
   4-      What can we learn from this incident?

2nd STORY – Mr. Adrian Michael
CHRIST CENTRED COMMUNITY (adapted from the AMC document) #
There was a hermit who lived in a hut on a barren windswept mountain-top. Through long hours
of prayer, fasting and reflection on the Word of God, he had attained a high degree of Sanctity.

People came from far and near to receive his blessings, seeking his advice and listening to his
inspiring discourses on the life and teachings of Jesus.

With the passing of years age began to catch up on the holy man. One day he fell seriously ill
and succumbed to his illness. His devotees buried him on the mountain-top, and over his grave
they raised a magnificent marble monument.

People continued to visit the mountain-top even after the hermit‟s death. His tomb was now the
focus of their attention.

To perpetuate the memory of the holy man, his disciples printed booklets on the life and miracles
of the hermit. Pictures of the hermit adorned the walls of the homes of the devotees.

Over the years as more and more devotees visited the shrine, the mountain-top was completely
transformed as hotels and lodges sprang up to cater to the needs of the visiting pilgrims.

In the single minded devotion to the departed hermit, Jesus the source of his inspiration did not

Points for discussion:

   1-      What was missing in the faith life of the devotees of the hermit?
   2-      What is the role of the saints in our lives?
   3-      How can we make our life more Christ centred?
   4-      We worship God but we honour the saints, explain?
3rd STORY – Mr. Adrian Michael
When God created the universe and all that is in it, He found that there was no one to till the land
(Gen.2:5), hence He created man to till the land and look after all that He had created (Gen2:15).
The Bible clearly states in Genesis and other books that God created man to work!

Obviously most of us are not farmers; hence it is obvious that we cannot till the land, a form of
work dedicated to farmers. In Biblical times that was the primary occupation besides taking care
of animals and life-stocks.

Preciously 2007 years ago, Jesus Christ the Son of God walked this earth and spoke to His
disciples and a sea of humanity when ever possible. During those discourses and sermons Jesus
taught them many things and reconfirmed many aspects and prophecies of the Old Testament.

Interestingly when he allotted work to his 12 disciples and to the 72 others he again spoke to
them about farming, an aspect not related to them since most of them were fishermen.

What exactly did Jesus say to them?

The Harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to
send out labourers into his harvest. (Mt. 9:37-38)

Immediately after speaking these words Jesus commissioned His disciples to go out, He gave
them authority over unclean spirit, the power to heal the sick and instructions for their journey.

The interesting part in the story is that Jesus also spoke about tilling the land just like His Father
had desired at the time of creation. The difference is that Jesus was very specific. His disciples
are expected to till and then harvest, not a harvest of wheat or rice, but of human beings.

Points for discussion:

   1-      What are you doing with the hands that God gave you?
   2-      Are you a disciple of Jesus; if so are you labouring for His harvest?
   3-      What have you done with the mandate and authority He gave you?

Praise the Lord! My name is Jasmeet Kaur and this is my mother. I wish to share my testimony
with all of you, after all that is what Jesus desires of us to be his witnesses.

I am a born Punjabi and was very staunch in my beliefs and religion, with daily devotion to the
Guru Granth Sahib the Holy book of the Sikhs. But I never knew the truth. I never knew the

Today as I stand before you I know the truth and the truth has set me free. I have accepted Jesus
as my Lord and hence want to share with you my testimony.
Although I studied in a Christian School „St. Mary‟s‟ I never tried to know Christ. I was not
interested in Him.

In 2005 I lost my Papa to renal failure (Kidney problem) which led to severe financial problems
in the house. I was already struggling with my loss and my mother also fell ill, a demon
possessed her and all our efforts to rescue her proved futile.

My mother and I visited every holy place for relief from the demons, the maulvi the pundit and
everybody else, infact the punditji gave my mother only two years to live. I was shattered and

One day in school all this flashed through my mind and I broke down crying uncontrollably.
Some of my friends made fun of me and ridiculed me while a few had sympathy for me and
reported the matter to reverend sister.

Since it was a Christian institution sister was also my teacher and she consoled me saying believe
and trust in God. Share your problems with Him and He will save your mother from the

Before all this my mother was a staunch Punjabi woman and would go no where besides the
Gurudwara, however for my sake she went every where with out any relief. So on my teachers
advise I decided to give Jesus a try.

We were passing the Holy Redeemer Church in Alambagh when we heard loud singing and were
attracted to the church. It was the 06 of July 2006. A preacher was singing praises and praying to
Jesus later on we came to know him as Brother James D‟Rozario, our today‟s resource person.

During this service something strange happened and I wept like never before, I accepted Jesus as
my Lord and Saviour and wondered what kept me so long from coming to Him.

I don‟t know how but my mother was freed, the demon left her that faithful day at the Holy
Redeemer Church. She is at peace and standing alongside me hale and hearty.

All those problems were taking their toll on my health; I was almost paralyzed on the left hand
side and was a walking dispensary with the amount of medicines that I consumed daily. I needed
Nemoslide tablets daily.

I am standing before you and I need not lie to you I have stopped taking medicines because every
sickness has left me, Jesus has healed me completely and I am ever grateful to Him.

My neighbors say to me now Jasmeet how come you have such a glow on your face? You look
so different and content these days. All that I can say is I am now no longer in the darkness, I am
now in the light and live with the light, my life is now like heaven.

The two day Satsang came to a spiritual end or may I say beginning with the sacrifice of the
Holy Mass by Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Lobo, our group leader and the Spiritual Advisor to the
Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Lucknow Diocese.

Mr. Adrian Michael the Executive Secretary then spoke a few words of thanks.

   1- We thank Mr. P. Lewis the President and in-charge of the Audrey Fathome auditorium
      for his generosity on behalf of the trust for allowing the use of the auditorium on Free of
      Cost Basis along with 100 chairs for this Satsang.
   2- We also thanked the manager of the auditorium for the whole hearted support they
      expended in terms of cleaning, sanitation and over all maintenance of the hall for the two
   3- We thank the Lucknow Service Team of the National Charismatic Renewal Services for
      their generous contribution of Rs. 2000/- towards electricity, generator, furniture hiring
      and other incidental expenses.
   4- Thanks to the benefactor who contributed the rent for the P.A. system and loaned the
      carpets for the venue.
   5- We thank all those who provided vehicles and other logistical support for this Satsang.
   6- We thank M/s Tanveer Press for printing posters and handbills for the Satsang on Free of
      Cost Basis.
   7- We also thank two other benefactors who do not want their contributions recorded,
      however without their support things would not have been as smooth.
   8- Thank you every body present for sparing your precious holiday this Sunday to listen and
      share the Story of Jesus among the people of Lucknow.

   Thank you and God bless you all !
   * In a similar fashion the youth group held their group Satsang in St Francis College
      Auditorium on 24 August 2008.
   * The Ashram Group held their Satsang on 7th September 2008 led by Swami (Fr) Leo
          YESU KATHA SATSANG 2008


The following is a gist of the reports received by the Bishop with regards to the Satsang at
various locations in our Diocese. Since 66 reports were received it is not possible to reproduce
the complete details since they have conducted workshops and the reports are very descriptive
and long.

Although a document was circulated on „how to do the Satsang‟ the groups were left open with
the option to go about it freely as inspired by the Holy Spirit to meet the broad objectives of the
Diocesan Mission Congress(Yesu Katha Satsang). This freedom has brought out a flavor and
free flow of concepts and ideas which certainly must be unique to the entire AMC experience.

1. The YKS is actually a „celebration of faith and life‟ this is best depicted by the St Fidelis
   Parish. The Satsang in this Parish was unique the activity spread over from July to September
   covering 6 ministerial groups (Faith formation, Education, Family, Charismatic Renewal &

2. Holy Redeemer Church Alambagh uniquely carried the Satsang into the families, they
   conducted the Satsang in families, wards and finally celebrated it as a parish community.

3. St John Mary Vianney Parish carried out the Satsang in accordance with the document “how
   to do Satsang‟ the highlight was 4 priest and 250 lay people participated in this event.
   Resolved to familiarize them selves more with the Bible and use their personal Bibles to
   follow the readings of the Mass.

4. Our Lady of Graces Church, Rajajipuram also did a good job with the Satsang, they also
   covered 7 ministries (Education, Youth, Prison, Health, Charismatic Renewal, family &

5. Fatima Church & College Gonda united their Satsang and the invitation was open to all
   people of good will who wished to participate. It was spread over 3 days in accordance with
   the original AMC spirit. Healing service was a part of the Satsang.
6. St Anthony‟s Church Barabanki also did a commendable job with the Satsang. Here 5
   different people played the role of resource person besides the 2 priest. The involvement of
   so many people has given a good and expanded view to the Satsang.

7. St Norbert‟s Church Baharaich did a full day Satsang with over 200 people in attendance.
   People of different faiths and other denominations were present in large numbers. All the
   pastors were given time to share and a film on Jesus was screened.

8. St Jude‟s Church Mohanlalganj followed in the spirit of the AMC, they held the Satsang for
   3 days. 350 Catholics and 50 others participated. 4 priests led the Satsang and it concluded
   with a healing service. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed on 2 days. Resolution was a
   pledge to share the Word of God.

9. The Satsang at Nitya Sahaya Matha Church, Gaurabagh was attended by 3 priests and 200
   others. They resolved to conduct such spiritual programmes in future to build up the parish

10. St Dominic Savio Church, conducted the Satsang as circulated. 160+ people participated
    along with 2 priests. Pictures from the Bible were put up and displayed as exhibits for all to
    see. A movie based on Luke‟s Gospel was viewed. Noteworthy resolutions were a
    contribution to support families in distress and large participation in funeral services to
    support the family in sorrow.

11. St Paul‟s Parish also experienced a balanced blend of many speakers and most importantly
    they have documented a parish resolution, only 2 others have done so (St Dominic Savio &
    St John Mary Vianney).

12. M.C. House at Jyotinagar, also conducted the Satsang in their campus 200 people
    participated all from different walks of life. Like St Jude‟s Church here also a healing service
    was conducted.

13. Among the balance Community groups – the Seminarians, MOP, BMC Khairabad, MC Prem
    Niwas & MSJ Formation house have conducted the Satsang as desired.

14. Among the Institutions St Francis Nigohan, Canossa Inter College, St Dominic College,
    Fatima College, I.C. Convent School & St Agnes boldly conducted the Satsang in the desired

15. In many reports the Satsang lasted only for 1-2 hours and the desired direction was not
   applied, it seems that the concerned people did not attend the preparatory meeting.

16. The Satsang desired introspection & group sharing. Reports on the workshops were desired
   by us to help us reach a diocesan resolution, unfortunately although most have reported
   having conducted the workshop the content has not being provided to us.
17. The religious sisters have played a pivotal support role in a majority of the Parish Satsangs,
    may be due to this a few of them have not held community Satsang separately.

18. Priests have rallied around each other to support the Satsang, this is visible through their
    active participation in other parishes and groups.

                                       Time Table
1st October 2008
09.00 a.m.            Bible procession led by Bishop Gerald Mathias, followed by welcome

09.15 a.m.            Praise and worship led by Rev. Fr. Bobby Thomas V.C..

11.30 a.m.            Short break

11.45 a.m.            Inaugural Holy Mass – „Feast of Child Jesus‟

01.00 p.m.            Inauguration of the Exhibition in the Cathedral Hall followed by Lunch &
                      time for viewing Exhibition in the Cathedral Hall.

02.00 p.m.            Praise & Worship led by Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Lobo

02.30 p.m.            Faith Sharing Testimony of Mrs. Seema Mathews

03.00 p.m.            Talk “A Celebration of Faith & Life” By Rev. Fr. George D‟Costa.

04.00 p.m.            Tea break

04.30 p.m.            Praise & worship led by ICYM Rev. Fr. Ronald D‟Souza

05.00 p.m.            Media and Evangelization in the life of the youth By Rev. Fr. Donald H.
                      R. De Souza

05.30 p.m.            Holy Hour devotion before the Blessed Sacrament led by Rev. Fr. Ignatius

06.45 p.m.            Movie “The Story of Jesus” based on the Gospel of Luke HINDI
2nd October 2008

09.00 a.m.   Morning devotion led by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Mathias.

09.45 a.m.   Talk on Women & family Mrs. Seema Mathews & Mrs. Maria Anthony

10.30 a.m.   „Rekindle yourself‟ talk by Bishop Gerald John Mathias.

             Short break

11.30 a.m.   A play staged by ICYM on the life of Jesus, a parable, an incident & a miracle.

12.30 p.m.   Lunch & time for viewing Exhibition in the Cathedral Hall.

02.00 p.m.   Praise & Worship led by Mrs. Marian Burne

02.30 p.m.   Faith Sharing Mr Adrian Michael.

03.00 p.m.   Talk on Faith formation & Catechesis by Rev. Fr. Alwyn Moras

04.00 p.m.   Tea break

04.15 p.m.   Hymn

04.30 p.m.   Closing ceremony
             * Diocesan resolution
             * Mission Pledge
             * Holy Mass – „Evangelization‟
             * Mission Cross

06.45 p.m.   Movie “Divine Mercy No Turning Back” English.

                           Yesu Katha Satsang
The Catholic Diocese of Lucknow organized the first Yesu Katha Satsang (Diocesan Mission
Congress) on 01 & 02 October 2008 as per the time table displayed above this text. This Satsang
was completed after several months of on going activities and smaller Satsangs in every parish,
religious community and institution in the diocese.

In all 66 smaller Satsangs were conducted at different locations and finally it all was collectively
celebrated as a diocese in the St Joseph‟s Cathedral – Lucknow.

The day started with the enthroning of the Holy Bible by the Bishop of Lucknow Most Rev. Dr.
Gerald John Mathias followed by his welcome address.

There After Rev. Fr. Bobby Thomas V.C. the incharge of the Prabhudham Ashram in Meerganj
led the congregation in Praise and Worship building up every body to feel the presence of the
Holy Spirit.

After this soul stirring session the faithful entered into the Holy Mass, the theme was „the feast
of Child Jesus‟ and a brief commentary was read out by our Vicar General Rev. Msg. Ignatius
D‟Souza. The Bishop was the main celebrant and concelebrated by all the priest present
numbering around 50.

The Cathedral was filled to capacity inspite of it being a working day for all our Catholic
institutions, including the Cathedral School.

Thereafter our Bishop proceeded outside along with the congregation and inaugurated a
Exhibition „Telling the Story of Jesus” along with the exhibition a stall was also set up by the
Diocesan Pastoral Centre selling religious items including Bibles in Hindi and English.

After the prayer of the meals followed by the Angelus, packed lunch was served to all which was
enjoyed in the courtyard of the Cathedral.

A new concept was the screening of a film during the lunch break, a video on Bible Songs was
screened and computers were made available which were loaded with power point slide shows,
the same hall was used in the evening to screen the film on Jesus and Divine Mercy respectively
on both days.
Immediately after lunch Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Lobo and his team led the gathering in Praise and
Worship, followed by faith sharing by Mrs. Seema Mathews.

The Rectory of St Paul‟s Minor Seminary Rev Fr George D‟Costa gave a wonderful insight
when he spoke on the Story of Jesus a Celebration of Faith & Life”

Tea was followed up by another round of Praise and Worship this time it was the youth of the
diocese who led the congregation in devotional songs.

Media plays an important role in our daily life and also in Evangelization, the Diocesan Director
of Apostolate for Social communication & Chancellor of the Diocese Rev Fr Donald H. R. De
Souza highlighted the role of Media today and how it influences the youth in particular when he
delivered his talk on “Media and Evangelization in the life of the Youth”

The day ended with devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. The congregation was led by the Vicar
General Rev. Msg. Ignatius D‟Souza there after a film on the story of Jesus was screened in the
Cathedral Hall.

                          DAY 2                  02 October 2008
We started the second day on time with a morning devotional service led by Rev Fr Sebastian
Mathias. This devotional service has a unique aspect where in the Parish Priest of St Joseph‟s
Cathedral (the venue) Rev Fr Lancy Lobo carried and installed a Pascal Candle at the altar
symbolizing the “light of the world” there after each parish priest of the 37 parishes accompanied
by two lay representatives came forward and offered a flow at the altar symbolizing “life” and lit
a flame from the Pascal Candle symbolizing „Rekindling the Flame of Jesus in the parishes”

Talk on Women and Family ministry was followed by Mrs Maria Anthony and Mrs Seema

This was followed with a talk by Bishop Gerald John Mathias “rekindle yourself” during this
beautifully delivered and inspiring talk his Excellency laid out his vision for the diocese and
inspired one and all to boldly tell the story of Jesus.

The Diocesan Youth under the watch full eyes of the Diocesan Director of Apostolate for Youth
Rev Fr Ronald D‟Souza followed up this talk with a well enacted stage play. They depicted the
story of Jesus through a parable, an incident and a miracle. The Samaritan woman caught in
adultery, the Good Samaritan and the healing of the 10 lepers.

The Lunch break was preceded by the prayer over the food and the Angelus and a longer break.
During this time besides viewing the exhibition people watched a film on the National Youth
Post Lunch the Cathedral group led the congregation in Praise and Worship, this group was led
by Mrs Marian Burne.

Faith Sharing was a testimony by Mr Austin Lobo, he briefly shared how the Lord had worked in
saving his eye sight and also of the good work he has done for the Lord Jesus, this was followed
by Mr Adrian Michael‟s testimony. Adrian shared how although he was born in a Catholic
Family he was always cold to the Lord. He was a seasonal Christian who surfaced only at
Christmas and Easter. It was only 8 years back that he encountered the Lord Jesus during a
Charismatic retreat and his entire life changed.

The Diocesan Director of Apostolate for Faith Formation and Catechesis Rev Fr Alwyn Moras
gave the final talk on faith formation.

The Closing ceremony was something every body cherished, a Diocesan resolution was adopted
and read out in Hindi by the Vicar General Msg Ignatius D‟Souza and the translation followed
read out in English by the Chancellor and Spokesperson Fr Donald H. R. De Souza

The congregation then stood up while all the priest and our Bishop were already at the altar for
the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass to take a solemn pledge. Every body raised their right hand during
the pledge acknowledging the presence of God as a witness to the pledge. The diocese was led in
this pledge by the Diocesan Director of Evangelization and Proclamation Rev Fr Alphonsus

Mr Austin Morris from the congregation was invited to extend the vote of thanks on behalf of the

The theme of the Holy Mass was Evangelization and subsequent to the Mass his Excellency our
Bishop blessed the Missionary Crosses and re dedicated the missionary mandate to every
mission station in the diocese. These crosses are to serve as a reminder of this solemn and sacred
day in our diocese and remind us of the mission of retelling the story of Jesus.

The Film Divine Mercy No turning back was screened at the end of the day since a majority of
the faithful say the 3 O‟clock prayer this film was chosen.

Spread over two day the attendance was good at close to 2000 participants.

Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Lobo,
Diocesan Director of Apostolate for Evangelization and Proclamation.

We the clergy, religious and the laity of the Catholic Diocese of Lucknow do solemnly pledge
our loyalty to Holy Mother the Church, and commit ourselves to wholeheartedly spreading the
sweet fragrance of your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel values in our personal lives,
in our families and diocesan communities, and in our relationships with our brethren of other
religions and cultural traditions.
We shall be witnesses of your fatherly love, and messengers of your peace, hope and joy,
especially to our sisters and brothers who are poor and marginalized.

Heavenly Father, accept this pledge which we make in the precious Name of Jesus, Our Lord and
Saviour. Confirm us with a fresh outpouring of your Holy Spirit, and shower your copious
blessings on all the people of our diocese, your precious Son, fulfill your plan of Salvation for all
your children.

We entrust our pledge to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of the New
Evangelization, and pray for her maternal guidance and intercession as we sojourn in this valley
of tears towards our heavenly homeland. AMEN.


Most Rev. Dr. Gerald John Mathias Catholic Bishop Of Lucknow

Heavenly Father, You sent your Son to us because you love us and want to save us. By the
Power of this cross free us from sin and let us live each day for you. Bless this sign of glory and
let it remind us that Jesus died and rose for all, help us to carry our cross, everyday to follow
Him in serving others and to proclaim His salvation to all our brothers and sisters. We ask this
through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Lord we praise you for choosing this our congregation and sending them out as missionaries
among the various peoples of our diocese, just as you sent your apostles to evangelize the whole
world. Make them effective storytellers choosing for themselves the most appropriate place of
proclaiming your message of salvation in their local settings so that it will take root in many
more hearts and the values of your kingdom will be spread far and wide.

Feedback and suggestion have been sought towards this Satsang which will be addressed to the
The Story continues ……
A delegation consisting of 20 clergy and religious, 10 youth and 30 laity is preparing to
proceed to Agra for the Regional Mission Congress (YESU MILLAN SATSANG) for 13-16
November 2008. There after we have the proposed National Mission Congress to look forward

Subsequent to the Diocesan Yesu Katha Satsang, the Lucknow Diocesan Mission Team
comprising of our Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Gerald John Mathias, 12 Diocesan Priests, 10 Religious
Women and 44 lay Faithful participated in the Regional Mission Congress „Yesu Milan Satsang
2008‟ in Agra from 14-16 November 2008.
Dr. Denzil Godin of our diocese was the regional resource person for the Youth Panel
discussion. Mr Austin Morris and his wife Mrs. Rosemary Morris represented Lucknow in the
Family Panel & Mr Adrian Michael participated in the Faith Sharing.

Praise and Worship on the third day of the Yesu Milan Satsang was conducted by the entire
Lucknow Team led by our Bishop Gerald John Mathias, Rev. Fr. Naresh Lobo, Mrs. Seema
Mathews and Rev. Fr. Elias Cardoza led the entire gathering in praise and worship.

The Diocese of Lucknow is now looking forward to the National Mission Congress called „Yesu
Mahotsava‟ which is proposed to be held at ST. Pius X Seminary Goregaon in Mumbai, from
14-18 October 2009. In the months leading to the National Mission Congress, each diocese will
form its Diocesan and Parish Mission Team to conduct Parish level evangelization and renewal
courses following the „Philip course‟ method and then by the „Paul course‟ method details of
which are to be communicated to the Teams shortly.

Adrian Michael
Secretary Diocesan Mission Congress

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