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									                D IABLO                                                                    w a t c h
Save Mount Diablo                                Protecting the Mountain Since 1971                                          Spring 2008 No. 45
 Breathing New Life into Mangini Ranch                                        SMD Protects Irish Canyon
 By Seth Adams, Director of Land Programs                                     & Marsh Creek-I
                                                                              Both purchases completed on November 27, 2007
 The Mangini Ranch’s 208 acres are expansive by any measure but
 when you add in creeks, ridges and canyons, woodland and chapar-             The holidays came early for Save Mount Diablo—on November 27th,
 ral, it becomes a place where you can spend hours. Some things,              just before our 36th Anniversary.
 like Galindo Creek or a patch of rare desert olive, are obvious but
 if you simply follow the old ranch roads you’ll miss some of the             The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation granted SMD $756,100 to
 property’s special                                                                                                     complete our 320 acre
 features. There are                                                                                                    Irish Canyon purchase,
 several hidden springs                                                                                                 near the city of Clayton.
 and creek branches,                                                                                                    The property’s purchase
 wonderful groves of                                                                                                    price was $1.344 mil-
 flowering buckeye, and                                                                                                 lion.
 increasing numbers of
 wildlife, some of them                                                                                                     The grant not only
 quite rare.                                                                                                                completed the purchase
                                                                                                                            of the property a year
 Save Mount Dia-                                                                                                            early, it includes funds
 blo is cleaning up the                                                                                                     for urgently needed
 property, changing its                                                                                                     stewardship that will
 management, building                                                                                                       lay the groundwork for
 new trails and restor-                                                                                                     long-term creek and
 ing habitat, so that                                                                                                       oak woodland restora-
 the public can enjoy                                                                                                       tion. The grant is also
 more of these beautiful                                                                                                    meant to encourage
 areas.                                                                                                                     SMD to speed up its
                                                                                                                            preservation efforts in
 Boundaries, Springs                                                                                                        the Marsh Creek-Mor-
 & Thoughtful                                                                                                               gan Territory region
 Change                                                                                                                     northeast of Mt. Diablo.
 We completed the                            Mangini Ranch and Mount Diablo from Lime Ridge (Scott Hein)
 purchase of Mangini                                                                                                         “This grant will help
 in January 2007 and immediately began making changes. Each of              Save Mount Diablo to permanently protect the 320 acre Irish Canyon
 our properties is assigned a volunteer steward, from our Steward-          parcel, part of the Black Diamond Mines/Mt. Diablo Open Space
 ship Committee, who                                                                                                   Corridor in Contra Costa
 visits monthly to check for              Save Mount Diablo received a $756,100 grant                                  County,” said Helen Kim,
 problems. (Such as the small            from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation                                    Chief Program Officer for the
 pot farm we discovered and                                                                                            San Francisco Bay Area Pro-
 cleaned up while we were              to complete purchase of Irish Canyon’s 320 acres.                               gram of the Gordon and Betty
 purchasing the ranch). We                     The foundation grant is the largest in                                  Moore Foundation, “This is
 make it clear to our care-                        the Save Mount Diablo’s history.                                    an important acquisition be-
 taker and neighbors that all                                                                                          cause it supports a landscape-
 natural features, including coyotes, ground squirrels and fallen wood      level strategic effort to protect open space surrounding Mt. Diablo.”
 are protected.
                                                                            “The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for its beautiful land-
 Last spring we began fencing the property. Rancher John Ginochio,          scapes,” said Kim, “however, during the next 30 years an estimated
 our caretaker, grazes the property to reduce fire danger but missing       400,000 acres of open space are at risk from suburban development.
 and old boundary fences meant we couldn’t            (continued on page 6)                                                      (continued on page 5)

save      MOUNT DIABLO                                         From the Executive Director
                                                               A Moment In Time
Board of Directors
Malcolm Sproul
President                                                      This is indeed a unique moment in time . . . a window of opportunity during which con-
                                                               servation is getting cheaper. This is giving us the immediate ability to make significant

                                 Seth Adams
Amara Morrison                                                 progress in our mission of protecting the lands on and around Mt. Diablo. We’re buying
Secretary                                                      lands right now for less than half of what they were on the market for a year ago.

Frank Varenchik                                                 We have all read about or experienced the effects of the current downturn in the economy
Treasurer                              and in the real estate industry. However, these conditions have also had a favorable impact on vacant lands that are
                                       of high importance to SMD. Land values have been dropping and a number of land owners are now more willing
Burt Bassler
Arthur Bonwell                         to talk with us about protection of their properties. As a result, we now have the ability to acquire lands at per acre
Dana Dornsife                          prices that are significantly lower than they were just 6 months ago.
Charla Gabert
John Gallagher                         In addition, there are a number of current funding sources (grants from State Bond Funds and from the East Coun-
Claudia Hein                           ty Habitat Conservation Conservancy) as well as potential sources of funds (private foundations and, if successful,
Scott Hein                             from the extension the East Bay Regional Park District’s AA Bond Measure) that can provide a significant number
Michael Hitchcock                      of dollars for our future acquisitions. However, each of these funding sources requires us to provide additional
David Husted
                                       matching funds from the community – more about that later – and they take time.
Doug Knauer
Allan Prager
Dave Sargent                           Many of the properties we are currently considering for acquisition will require us to act quickly to be able to take
David Trotter                          advantage of greatly discounted prices. We will need to provide option payments or the full acquisition price in
Sharon Walters                         just a few months. For this reason, we need to significantly increase the size of our Land Opportunity Fund, since
                                       grants or outside funding often take many months to get approved.
Ronald Brown                           That is where you come in. We really appreciate the ongoing financial support we have been receiving from you
Executive Director                     and our other donors. We hope that you will recognize the great opportunity that is now available to all of us and
Seth Adams                             that you will make an additional contribution to our Land Opportunity Fund. These dollars will go even further
Director of Land Programs              than they would have just a few months ago. By having a large Land Opportunity Fund, we can act quickly when
                                       a property in our high priority acquisition areas comes on the market. These funds can also serve as the match
Julie Seelen
Development Manager                    required for funds from other sources.

Monica Oei                             Remember, the lands that we conserve today will be here for the enjoyment and the quality of life for us and for
Administration & Finance               future generations. We can’t just sit by and hope that it will happen. We need to be proactive and respond when
Manager                                opportunities present themselves to us. Now is one of those times . . . with your help, this can be our “moment in
                                       time”. This is the time when we can make significant progress in saving our special place forever.
Troy Bristol
Land Conservation Associate
Melissa Waver
Development Associate
Veronica Potts
                                                                     Charitable Gift Annuities
Administrative Assistant
                                                                     “I was lucky to retire in my 50’s and join a local women’s hiking group, which
Nora Sanchez                                                         opened up a whole new world to me. We did and still do hike all over the Bay Area
Administrative Assistant                                             and luxuriate in the wildflowers and bird sightings. One of my favorite places to hike
                                                                     is Mitchell Canyon, every time we hike there I bless Save Mount Diablo for working
Publisher                                                            to preserve it. In my worst dreams I picture “executive homes” and side walks in
Save Mount Diablo                                                    place of the trails all over the mountain. How could I not volunteer for Save Mount
1901 Olympic Blvd. Ste 220
                                                                     Diablo? How could I not contribute to Save Mount Diablo?
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
925-947-3535; fax 925-947-0642
www.savemountdiablo.org                                             Jeanne Thomas came to us in 2007 wanting to do more than just give to the annual
                                       appeal. She wanted to continue to support Save Mount Diablo and at the same time receive a generous, fixed
Founded in 1971, Save Mount            income – guaranteed for the rest of her life.
Diablo has been instrumental
in expanding preserved natural         The Charitable Gift Annuity Program was the perfect option, here’s how it works: You make an irrevocable
lands on and around the moun-          donation of cash or appreciated securities. Through a trustee bank (arranged by SMD) the annuity guarantees pay-
tain from 6,788 acres to more          ment of a fixed amount for life to you other beneficiaries. After the death of the donor or the beneficiaries, 75% of
than 90,000 acres.
                                       the remainder of the gift goes to SMD. The amount of the yearly annuity payment depends on the size of the gift
Masthead Panorama:                     ($10,000 minimum), the donor’s age and current annuity rates.
Dragon Oaks 550, Stephen
Joseph                                 The benefits to you are: • Immediate tax deduction from current income • Fixed income guaranteed for life
Diablo Watch is printed on             • Avoidance of capital gain taxes if donating appreciated assets • Reduction of potential estate taxes • Easy set up
recycled paper with a soy base
ink and can be recycled.               Annuity rates will change after July 1, 2008 so call now to set up your CGA and lock in at the higher rate. To learn
                                       more, please contact SMD board member Burt Bassler, who also has a CGA naming Save Mount Diablo as the
   T      CONTAINS
           SOYOIL          9           beneficiary, (925) 820-5816 or lebassler@yahoo.com
                                                                         Notice the instability of       Make a right onto the Lougher Ridge Trail. It
                                                                         the steep young hills on        rises and falls for a third of a mile until you
                                                                         the hillside to your right,     reach the park boundary. We wouldn’t nor-
                                                                         as evidenced by large           mally suggest trespassing, but the adjacent
                                                                         slumps and slides. Prehis-      property is owned by the Antioch School
                                                                         toric slides are often invis-   District and the fence is down in several loca-
                                                                         ible deep under overlying       tions. There’s an overlook just outside of the
                                                                         soils, and unstable hills are   park. The sand stone rocks have chartreuse
                                                                         not safe for development.       and orange, rough-textured lichen growing
                                                                         That’s one reason we seek       on them.
                                                                         to preserve hills more than
                                                                         25-30% in steepness.            Past the gate, leave the trail and follow the
                                                                                                         spine of the ridge, right, to the top of the hill,
                                                                           Stay right and continue       our goal and the turn-around point. 360 de-
                                                                           as the trail loops uphill.    gree views reveal much of East County—the
James Donlon Extension (road) is proposed for these foothills (Scott Hein) You’ll get great views        rolling hills of the Thomas Family ranch be-
Save Pittsburg’s Hills                                                     back to Sydney Flat; it was   low, where the Buchanan Bypass is proposed,
                                                     a water stop along the train route that carried     west past Nortonville Canyon to the Los
Lougher Loop &                                       coal from the mines at Somersville to the river.    Medanos Hills and Willow Pass; Suisun Bay,
                                                     As the mines boomed in the mid to late 19th         Solano County and even Lassen Peak (on
Lougher Ridge Hike                                   Century, Sydney Flat served many of the min-        clear days) to the north; and east to Antioch,
Black Diamond Mines                                  ers’ needs, complete with a bordello. Raucous       the Delta and the Sierra. The views are truly
Regional Preserve                                    saloons and bar fights have been replaced by         the gems of the hike.
By Troy Bristol                                      grasslands with yellow meadow larks and their
                                                     melodic songs.                                      After our tour through the area’s past, you
Trails: Lougher Loop to Lougher Ridge                                                                    can look into the possible future. The most
Trail Distance: 2.6 miles round trip Eleva-                                                              noticeable part of the view is the begin-
tion Gain/Loss: 516 ft. Time: 2 hours Start:                                                             ning of a new Seeno development at the
Sydney Flat Staging Area/Park Headquar-                                                                  base of the hill. A boulevard through the
ters, Somersville Road, past the first Ranger                                                             development is the east end of the proposed
Booth, Black Diamond Mines Regional Pre-                                                                 Buchanan Bypass, which would stretch west
serve. You’ll find water & bathrooms there.                                                               to Kirker Pass Road, past the historic ranch
Dogs welcome. Park entrance fee is $5.                                                                   house, crossing half a dozen creeks and
                                                                                                         interrupting wildlife habitat. Many Pittsburg
Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve is                                                                 residents think it would lessen traffic on
known for its diverse landscapes, wildlife,                                                              Buchanan Road but if the foothills are filled
and rich history, but its ridges also offer a                                                            with more development as the city proposes
chance to overlook threatened lands below, in                                                            it will simply add new bottlenecks and make
this case the location of Pittsburg’s proposed                                                           congestion worse.
Buchanan Road Bypass (aka James Donlon
Extension), and areas that will be affected by                                                           It’s not difficult to imagine the impacts of
                                                     Historic Lougher Ranch buildings (Troy Bristol)
proposed Hillside Development guidelines.                                                                massive grading, road construction, and resi-
Take a short hike to see what’s at stake.          As you gain elevation, views down Markley             dential development. This type of sprawl is
                                                   Canyon extend to the Delta where the Sacra-           the future unless the public demands protec-
Pittsburg’s southern hills are mostly undevel-     mento and San Joaquin Rivers meet. You’ll             tion of the hills. Check our website for how
oped and defined to the southwest by the Los        rise above red-tailed hawks, with their piercing      you can help: www.savemountdiablo.org.
Medanos Hills, the large ridgeline between         calls, and turkey vultures circling below on
Pittsburg and Concord, and to the southeast        warm thermals.                                        Linger for awhile and enjoy the sweeping
by Black Diamond Mines and Nortonville                                                                   views and dramatic landscapes, before head-
Canyon, just east of Kirker Pass. The City of      The breezes get stronger as you rise and, at the      ing back to Sydney Flat along the route you
Pittsburg is currently considering construc-       intersection of the Lougher Loop and Lougher          came. Or back track to the Lougher Loop
tion of thousands of new homes all over the        Ridge trails, you’ll reach the top of the ridge,      trail and head west for a longer loop hike.
hills, to the top of the ridge.                    the pungent grasses windswept like ocean
                                                   waves. By preserving ridges, we also preserve
The 6,286 acre preserve offers visitors a          the beauty and feeling of isolation that a back-
chance to step into the past and discover          drop of hills can provide, rather than spoiling
the stories of Native Americans, ranchers,         the public’s view.
and coal and sand miners. The mining era is
the most recent and most apparent in relicts       Spectacular scenes open up of rolling hills scat-
throughout the Preserve.                           tered with oaks, buckeyes, and rock outcrop-
                                                   pings, along with views up Markley Canyon
Across Somersville Road from the park head-        toward Somersville. It and nearby Nortonville
quarters at Sydney Flat, the Lougher Loop          were once the largest towns in the county, and
Trail is accessed by passing the old Lougher       you can still see flat railroad benches and trees
family ranch house. Cross Markley Creek            planted by the miners; non-native pines, pepper
and head right, up the hill.                       trees, locusts, etc.
                                                                                                                          Route from Park headquarters
                                                                                                         and that there should be recreational trails
                           Land Us e Advo c a c y                                                        extending to the mountain.
                                                                           far tabled—and the Cor-       SMD has a simple goal—developers should
                                                                           rie Creekside Cemetery,       comply with the law. Informing the public of
                                                                           which would harm Tas-         the threats to the mountain and its foothills
                                                                           sajara Creek. In both cases   is a big part of what we do. We discovered
                                                                           the County agreed with        that the Seenos had destroyed a creek and
                                                                           our testimony that and        graded to a ridgeline at their 3000-unit San
                                                                           Environmental Impact          Marco project, the highest grading in Pitts-
                                                                           Report (EIR) be required.     burg, without permits, and we called for an
                                                                           The remaining three           investigation. Turns out they didn’t have any
                                                                           projects are large acreage    permits at all.
                                                                           subdivisions—more than
                                                                           two square miles—just         According to an April 10 editorial in the
                                                                           outside the valley that       Contra Costa Times, “Once again, Albert D.
                                                                           would fragment large          Seeno is under investigation for possible en-
                                                                           areas of open space.          vironmental damages at one of his develop-
Unpermitted Seeno companies’ grading in Pittsburg, winter 2008 (S. Hein)
                                                                                                         ments… Seeno has a record of environmental
                                                                      Meanwhile, the City of             abuse and has been fined several times during
Keeping an Eye On Diablo                           San Ramon issued a Negative Declaration for           the past few years. He agreed to a $3 million
                                                   a Sphere of Influence Amendment to add the            settlement earlier this year relating to grading
You know what Save Mount Diablo’s mis-             4,900 acre Tassajara Valley to their planning         at an Antioch development… No developer
sion is: to preserve Mount Diablo’s peaks and      area—without an EIR. By issuing a Negative            should be allowed to break the law, pay an
foothills.                                         Declaration, San Ramon was asserting that the         easily affordable fine and continue business
                                                   project would have no significant impacts on          as usual.” We agree.
In addition to land acquisition, SMD is            the environment.
active in responding to development ap-
                                                                                                         Seeno’s grading comes at the same time that
plications—over the years everything from
                                                                                                         Concord is considering reuse of the Concord
garbage dumps and quarries, reservoirs, new
                                                                                                         Naval Weapons Station on one side of the
roads, two unit lot splits all the way to mas-
                                                                                                         ridge, and Pittsburg is considering Hillside
sive 5000 unit subdivisions, communication
                                                                                                         Development regulations on the other side, as
towers, etc.
                                                                                                         well as a proposal for a new road through the
                                                                                                         scenic foothills of Black Diamond Mines.
Each week we review thirty-five different
planning agency agendas for projects that
                                                                                                          In the late 1990’s SMD helped stop the city’s
could impact Diablo’s parks and resources.
                                                                                                          annexation of lands below Black Diamond
In 2007 we responded to sixty-six projects,
                                                                                                          Mines. In 2005, City of Pittsburg residents
some of which continue in 2008 during
                                                                                                          passed Measure P, which created an expand-
which we’ve so far monitored or commented
on forty one developments – nine of which         Tassajara Valley is threatened by San Ramon (B. Walker) ed City Urban Limit Line south to include
                                                                                                          large portions of the hills south of Pittsburg.
have been completed.
                                                                                                          Although the Measure, sponsored by the
                                                  SMD believes that the amendment would be                Seenos, seemed to be about limiting growth,
In general we seek to prevent or minimize         the first step towards development of the Valley it instead opened up whole new areas for
impacts, or to gain some public benefit when      and that a full Environmental Impact Report             development. The City is now in the process
development does take place. We’ve pro-           is required. Other agencies and organizations           of creating a hillside development ordinance
tected thousands of acres near the mountain       including Contra Costa County, and the Green-           which will govern how development will be
in this way, as a condition of development.       belt Alliance, have expressed similar concerns.         allowed in the hills.
Below are just a few of the ongoing projects      San Ramon has backed off—for now. It’s an
on which SMD is working.                          election year, though, and the proposals may be The Pittsburg Planning Commission recently
                                                  back after the June primaries.                          recommended extremely weak regulations,
Tassajara Valley – San Ramon                                                                             to which we and the public have objected.
The Tassajara Valley has been the subject of a     San Marco, Hillside Development & the
number of development proposals throughout                                                                                         (continued on page 10)
                                                   James Donlon Extension (AKA Buchan-
the years. We helped stop the 4,900 acre Tas-      an Road Bypass) - Pittsburg
sajara Valley Owners Property Association          You may have seen in the newspaper that the
project, with thousands of units, in the late      Seeno Companies are once again ignoring
1990’s, and then helped tighten the County         development regulations; they’ve been fined
Urban Limit Line to exclude the area. A new        millions of dollars in the past. Why do we care
regional park is also proposed for the area.       about Pittsburg? Black Diamond Mines and the
                                                   Los Medanos hills are part of Diablo’s foothills
Five projects are currently being considered       and are shared habitat for the mountain’s wild-
by Contra Costa County in the Valley—the           life. They’re a greenbelt stretching to the moun-
193-unit “New Farm” proposal which is an           tain and separating Central and East County,
attempt to break the Urban Limit Line—so           and we think the ridgeline should be preserved                      Buchanan Road Bypass in Pittsburg
                                                                        Chaparral Spring property,       Marsh Creek Road near large oaks and rock
                                                                        East Bay Regional Park           outcroppings. The property crosses a broad,
                                                                        District’s Clayton Ranch         flat flood plain of Marsh Creek, lined with
                                                                        landbank and Mt. Diablo          willows and cottonwoods, several of them
                                                                        State Park.                      very large. Marsh Creek has the third largest
                                                                                                         flows of any creek in the County and the
                                                                        The property had been            creek channel migrates across the flood plain.
                                                                        threatened by ranchette          Most years the water sinks below the gravel
                                                                        development before the           in summer but pools are apparent up and
                                                                        organization secured an          down stream. They’re habitat for the threat-
                                                                        option in November 2006.         ened California red-legged frog and many
                                                                                                         other species.
                                                                            Although the deal allowed
                                                                            two years to complete the    Beyond the creek, the parcel rises up a can-
                                                                            purchase, the grant from     yon and through blue oak woodland across
              Kreiger Peak view of Irish Canyon and Mt. Diablo (Scott Hein) the Gordon and Betty         the toe of an un-named ridge to a cliff-like
(continued from page 1)                                                     Moore Foundation allowed     rock outcropping overlooking Marsh Can-
                                                      SMD to complete the purchase a year early,         yon, where the property ends. Marsh Canyon,
The Foundation seeks to protect the Bay
                                                      and to concentrate efforts on other threatened     which is defined by this unnamed ridge and
Area’s unique and irreplaceable lands for
                                                      parcels, such as Marsh Creek-I.                    another one nearly identical, is a wildlife cor-
future generations by making grants for land
                                                                                                         ridor ending at Round Valley. The property
acquisition and conservation easements. Save
                                                                                                         is close and similar to a historic location of
Mount Diablo’s Irish Canyon project is an
                                                                                                         the Mt. Diablo buckwheat, which had been
excellent example of our efforts.”
                                                                                                         thought extinct until rediscovered in 2005.
“This is the largest foundation grant Save
                                                                                                         Although the high point is only about 650’,
Mount Diablo has ever received. We’re re-
                                                                                                         there are dramatic western views up Dark
ally pleased by the Gordon and Betty Moore
                                                                                                         Canyon to Mt. Diablo. Beyond the Briones
Foundation’s confidence in our efforts,” said
                                                                                                         Valley-Deer Valley ridgeline there are north-
Ron Brown, SMD’s Executive Director, “and
                                                                                                         eastern views to the Sierras.
are taking seriously the incentive they’ve
provided to increase the speed of our work.
                                                                                                         As we begin stewardship on the property we
The same day that we closed escrow on Irish
                                                                                                         made an exciting find—Indian mortars on
Canyon, we also purchased another small
                                                              Irish Canyon has been saved (Scott Hein)   table-like rocks on the property. They appear
property east of Mt. Diablo, nine acres which
                                                                                                         to be undocumented and if so, we will under-
we’re calling Marsh Creek-I. We were able to
                                                  Save Mount Diablo will soon replace boundary           take more extensive investigations. A trail is
make this second land deal in less than three
                                                  fencing on the property, allowing fire and graz-       also being planned on the property.
                                                  ing management, and along Irish Creek so that
                                                  creek and oak restoration efforts can begin.
Irish Canyon
The mile-wide 320 acre Irish Canyon prop-         The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation,
erty is within the Marsh Creek-Morgan Terri-      established in 2000, seeks to advance environ-
tory region, near the city of Clayton. It drops   mental conservation and cutting-edge scientific
from Keller Ridge across Irish Creek toward       research around the world and improve the
Kreiger Peak, including ridges, side canyons      quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area.
and tributary creeks.
                                                  Marsh Creek-I
The sublimely beautiful property includes         We reported on our purchase efforts for the
broad views to Suisun Bay, Mt. Diablo and         9-acre Marsh Creek-I property in the Fall 2007                             Marsh Creek-I ( Scott Hein)
the San Francisco peninsula, interesting his-     Diablo Watch, and asked for donations from
tory related to the nearby historic Mt. Diablo    “Angels.” Escrow papers were signed after just
Coal Field, and varied habitats supporting        three weeks of negotiations, and the $315,000             Do you have a used car that
a wide array of wildlife. 297 species have        purchase was completed 90 days later.
been recorded including a number of rare                                                                     you would like to donate?
or threatened species such as the California      The property between Clayton and Brentwood                 If so, call Car Donation Services at
red-legged frog. A nearby former stage coach      was owned by Roy Leach. In addition to the              925-229-5444 and tell them that you want
road to the coal mines is now a public trail.     creek, the parcel packs a lot of biodiversity            to donate your vehicle - for the benefit
                                                  into a small area. It is near the middle of one           of Save Mount Diablo. All paperwork
Irish Canyon’s strategic location will help       of our most important acquisition zones and is            and vehicle pick-up will be taken care
link five nearby preserves in wildlife and        separated by just one ranch from Round Valley              of quickly and professionally. After
recreational corridors, and buffer the Marsh      Regional Preserve. It includes interesting his-          liquidation of the vehicle, Save Mount
Creek-Morgan Territory region. The parcel         tory. Finally, protecting Marsh Creek has been           Diablo will receive a cash donation that
is a half mile from Black Diamond Mines           an SMD priority for years.                              will count towards your membership and
Regional Preserve and City of Clayton Open
                                                                                                                help to preserve our mountain.
Space, and less than a mile from SMD’s            Marsh Creek-I’s nine acres begin along scenic
                                                                        eroded a corridor along        East Bay Trail Dogs, a group of about 15
                                                                        one edge and broken            volunteers, began clean up even before the
                                                                        through the olive thicket      purchase was completed. To date they’ve
                                                                        to reach the spring. That      removed several dozen truckloads of debris,
                                                                        eroded area along scrub        wood from an old corral, and other hazards,
                                                                        and chaparral, or other        especially at an old home site. We’re also
                                                                        shallow or rocky soils,        aware that the mountain’s human history
                                                                        can be a refuge location       has value. We make careful decisions about
                                                                        for rare plants, such as       protecting or removing cultural artifacts.
                                                                        the recently rediscovered
                                                                        Mt. Diablo buckwheat,          We preserved more permanent parts of the
                                                                        that would otherwise be        home site such as foundations, along with a
                                                                        choked out by non-native       rustic cattle scale shed, but removed old con-
                                                                        grasses.                       crete pieces, scattered lumber, old telephone
                                                                                                       poles, etc.
                                                                        The buckwheat was once
      The brand new Desert Olive Trail at Mangini Ranch (Veronica Potts) found at Mangini but we       Once fencing projects were completed, more
(continued from page 1)                                                 haven’t found it there; it     clean up took place, removing the old fence
                                                  may be reintroduced. Two other rare plants           sections. Even there, in intervals we left old
control cattle numbers. Some areas were
                                                  are found with the olive, the Hospital Canyon        wooden fence posts because hawks and other
over grazed, and cattle and feral pigs were
                                                  larkspur in the thicket, and Jepsons coyote          birds like to perch on them. Clean up has
damaging springs, seeps and creek habitat,
                                                  thistle in the eroded area next to it. One or both   been almost completed. There were many
all of which often include rare plants and an-
                                                  of them might need the grazing disturbance.          volunteers but Stewardship Committee
imals. Seeps and springs were literally large,
                                                                                                       Chairmen Dave Sargent and Burt Bogardus
muddy hog wallows. We surveyed boundary
                                               That’s why we decided to fence the springs              really stand out.
lines and replaced boundary fences, fenced
                                               rather than the olive itself. The cattle corridor
a lower section of Galindo creek along with
                                               to the springs is now filling in with desert         Restoration
a nearby pond and a large seep, and fenced
                                               olive but cattle can continue to graze along         A year later, the difference is already
two springs with special pig fencing. The
fencing projects                                                                                                                    noticeable. The
were under-                                                                                                                         lower stretch of
written by two                                                                                                                      Galindo Creek
grants, $4,950                                                                                                                      and the nearby
from REI and                                                                                                                        pond which we
$9,450 from the                                                                                                                     fenced had been
Contra Costa                                                                                                                        a congregating
County Fish                                                                                                                         point for cattle
and Wildlife                                                                                                                        and was grazed
Propagation                                                                                                                         nearly to the
Fund. Outside                                                                                                                       ground, with a
the creek and                                                                                                                       single large oak,
spring fenc-                                                                                                                        surrounded by
ing, we shifted Feral pig-damaged spring before fencing (Sue Bainbridge) Spring vegetation returning after pig fencing (Scott Hein) a big patch of
from year round                                                                                                                     spiny thistle.
grazing to more intense but shorter seasonal
                                               the thicket’s edge. Wild cucumber grows on           The pig fencing has kept feral pigs and cattle
grazing. John Ginochio did the subcontract-
                                               top of the olive. A steward wanted to know if        out of the springs and these wet areas are
ing on the fence and was a great help every
                                               it was native. He knew that the olive was rare,      starting to look more vegetated and lush.
step of the way.
                                               and wondered whether to rip out the cucumber Several species of native plants have made
                                               since it was shading the olive. Both are native.     a come back and buckeye seedlings, which
The flip side of fencing and grazing are
that you may get unintended consequences.                                                           would otherwise be grazed, started getting
                                               When you think about managing a property, or taller. Non-native bull thistles also crowded
Cattle definitely create damage, which can
                                               even a single species, you can’t consider them       into the fenced areas; our volunteers remove
be managed to some extent, but California’s
                                               in isolation. The property is home to a com-
landscape is not natural—it’s dominated by
                                               munity of species, the native ones of which
non-native grasses which might choke out
                                               evolved together. There are dependencies we
native plants. A fenced area can be over-
                                               can’t even guess at. Maybe the olive likes
whelmed by non-native mustard, thistles,
                                               some shade, or the Hospital Canyon larkspur
or rye grass. A fenced pond or ungrazed
                                               needs it. Or the cucumber flowers attract a
grasslands can lose rare amphibians. So
                                               pollinator or some good insect which helps
we’ll let cattle into some fenced areas for
                                               the plants. We just don’t know, so we choose
short periods on a case by case basis.
                                               to make management decisions thoughtfully,
                                               and over time.
The property’s thicket of rare desert olive
surrounds one of the springs, and is next to
another. The plants are spiny and cattle like  History or Garbage?
to rub up against them to scratch. They’ve     Stewardship Committee members and the                            Clean up at Mangini Ranch (Scott Hein)
                                                                         to transfer the property to         a buckeye grove between the olive and a
                                                                         Mt. Diablo State Park so            chaparral slope. It’s a very beautiful and
                                                                         we’ve also been build-              intimate trail; much of it shaded, it passes
                                                                         ing trails. The property            rare and interesting plant habitats, and it
                                                                         has several fire roads;             will be especially wonderful as the fragrant
                                                                         we’re adding single track           buckeyes bloom.
                                                                         (narrow) trails prior to the
                                                                         transfer, a job much easier         Two fire roads cross the property on either
                                                                         for a private landowner             side of Galindo Creek. A fire road along a
                                                                         than an agency.                     tributary of Galindo Creek once connected
                                                                                                             the roads on either side of the creek but a
                                                                            We lay out the trails            large culvert broke and was washed out, and
                                                                            carefully with the East          years of fallen trees had blocked the road
                                                                            Bay Trail Dogs, design-          to vehicles. We restored the “Fern Trail” to
                                                                            ing them in order to keep        narrow trail width, pruning and removing
          East Bay Trail Dogs built the new Desert Olive Trail (Scott Hein) steepness reasonable             dead trees. John Wilcox, an Eagle Scout
                                                                             while passing through           candidate, is building a pedestrian bridge
them but it may take several seasons to get          attractive areas. We avoid sensitive areas,             for the main creek crossing, with permitting
them all.                                            such as chaparral, and hard to manage ones              help from LSA Associates. Another volun-
                                                     like poison oak stands. We don’t remove trees,          teer is coordinating the removal and disposal
The lower creek, the pond and the springs            and design with the height of equestrians’              of the broken culvert. Like the Desert Olive
have yet to stabilize but native wildflow-           heads in mind. Once the trail route has been            Trail, the Fern Trail is pleasantly shaded.
ers were holding on, especially along creek          flagged Heath Bartosh, our volunteer botanist
banks, and they’ve made a dramatic return.           from Nomad Ecological Consulting, surveys               When we surveyed and fenced boundaries,
We’re also seeing increasing numbers of oak the route several times for rare plants and we                   we found that a south ridgeline loop connect-
seedlings outside of fenced areas, and will          adjust accordingly. Then the Trail Dogs begin           ing the two roads leaves the property onto
protect some of them from the cattle to allow work.                                                          the neighboring Ginochio Ranch. Similarly,
them to grow tall enough to replace older                                                                    to the west, the Lime Ridge fire road leaves
trees as they die.                                                                                           Mangini onto Ginochio and then crosses back
                                                                                                             onto our property. In both cases we’re in the
Another measure of success is that coyotes,                                                                  process of replacing these connections with
which once ran on sight of humans, now nap                                                                   single track alternatives, the “South Ridge
on hillsides as we hike by or build trails.                                                                  Trail” and the “Lime Ridge Connector.”
They’ve figured out that the property is a                                                                   These two trails include incredible views.
safe haven. We’ve had repeated sightings of                                                                  The South Ridge Trail, especially, has great
rare burrowing owls, and have high hopes                                                                     wildflowers.
that they’ll nest in the property’s abundant
ground squirrel burrows, which they line                                                                     By the time you read this, all four trails will
with cow manure to fool predators. Feral                                                                     have been completed. Come take a look.
pigs are doing less damage but remain the                        All volunteer trail builders (Scott Hein)
most significant threat to native species.                                                                      Visit Mangini Ranch June 8, 2008
                                                                                                                David Ogden, SMD’s Land Steward for
Trails & Public Access                              Two new trails have been completed. The                     the Mangini Ranch, will lead a hike on
Mangini Ranch is closed to the public but           “Desert Olive trail” climbs a hill near the prop-            the property’s new trails on June 8 at
you can visit on special tours, check our           erty’s north end, looping above the desert olive            9:30 am. Check our website for details
website for the next one. We’re getting ready       thicket, past the fenced springs and through                   and call 925 947-3535 to RSVP.

                                                    ture a variety of hiking, cycling, equestrian,           New Design for Website
                                                    slideshows, and outdoor events - centering on
                                                    Mount Diablo and surrounding parks. In addi-             Look for our newly designed website coming
                                                    tion to coordinating and advertising our events          this summer. The redesign was made possible
                                                    we have also been a resource to the public for           by a grant received from Clif Bar, additional
                                                    other local organizations events and hikes.              funding from Board Member Charla Gabert
                                                                                                             and a generous donation from website de-
                                                    Starting in the fall of 2007 SMD began publish-          signer Alison Martin.
                                                    ing a year round online hike calendar. This
                                                    has allowed SMD to continuously receive and
 Mangini’s Fern Trail was a fire road (Scott Hein)   update event postings. It also enables hikers to             Receive email alerts and updates
Spring on Diablo –                                  check the calendar at their own convenience                   You can check out the hike schedule
                                                    as well as receive the most up to date and ac-                calendar anytime on SMD’s website:
New Online Hike Schedule                            curate information. It is SMD’s goal to become               www.savemountdiablo.org. Sign up for
                                                    one of the most complete and comprehensive                   our electronic newsletter “E-news” to
Save Mount Diablo has been coordinating             resources for events and hikes taking place in                  receive news and event updates.
spring and fall event schedules that fea-           our community.
                                                                                     Diablo Ce
                                                                                                Mount Diablo Challenge
                                                                                                   October 7, 2007
                                                                               The 26th annual Mount Diablo Challenge (a 10.8 mile ride starting in Danville
                                                                               & climbing 3,249 feet to the summit) had a record number of cyclists in 2007.

(left-right) Riders cycling down the mountain after the race; family of riders on a tandem bike, including Robert, Patrick and Katherine Buckley; spectators cheering
on the participants; Cyclists at the summit; First place winner Christopher Phipps finished in 45:47; Cyclists enjoying beverages at the Jamba Juice booth at the expo;
Members of the Synergy cycling team reaching the finish line at the summit of Mt. Diablo; Kids who participated in the race on stage at the expo and award ceremony.

                                                                        Jean-Michel Cousteau at the Lesher Speaker Series
                                                                                                          October 8, 2007

Save Mount Diablo was the featured nonprofit organization chosen by the Dean Lesher Foundation for their speaker series Newsmakers. The featured speaker was
explorer, environmentalist, educator, and film producer Jean-Michel Cousteau. (left to right) Steve Lesher, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ron Brown, SMD Executive Director;
Jean-Michel Cousteau and Gary Crabbe; Cindy & Tom Silva; Sblend Sblendorio, Julie Seelen and Jean Michel Cousteau.

                                                                                         Star Gazing at Chaparral Spring
                                                                                                          September 15, 2007

Star Gazing is a wonderful family event held at Save Mount Diablo’s beautiful Chaparral Spring property. This year’s event included an evening barbecue, op-          Photos: S
tional hike and a presentation by Ron Olowin, professor of astronomy at St. Mary’s College, who used a powerful laser to point out stars and constellations.           & David

elebrated                                 Trail Adventure
                                         November 4, 2007
              A record 238 participants enjoyed running and hiking in various events at the 7th annual
                Trail Adventure. These events included a run to the summit, 1/2 marathon, 10K run,
                                a family hike and for the first time a full marathon.

       (left-right) Clint Byington with child; Jennifer, Kevin, Bryce, Jace, and Baby Williams; Sponsors’ booths in expo area; Runners at the start line; 1/2 marathon runners
       Ann Erickson, Ann Zylstra, Kathleen Pastor, Susan Horning, Laura Haller, and 10K runner Patrice Spyrka; Bob Coomber; Andraya and Aline Spryka who participated in
       the family hike; 10K run 1st place male Tim Hill (finished in 45:14): 10K run 1st place female Shirley Simpson (finished in 55:14).

               After the Storm - 36th Anniversary & Slideshow
                                            December 8, 2007

      Save Mount Diablo’s 36th Anniversary included a lecture by Richard Walker about his book The Country and the City, and a breathtaking slideshow featuring photo-
      graphs by Bob Walker celebrating the anticipated release of Chris Beaver’s book After the Storm: Bob Walker and the East Bay Regional Park District. (left to right)
      Chris Beaver, Richard Walker, Assemblyman Mark DeSaulnier, EBRPD’s Nancy Wenninger, and Pat O’Brian; Stephen Joseph and Susan Bresee, Art Bonwell SMD co-
      founder, and Malcolm Sproul, SMD Board President.

                     Irish Canyon - Black Diamond Way Hike
                                               March 31, 2007

Scott Hein   Because of access problems, our introductory hike at Irish Canyon near Clayton took the long view, rising up Black Diamond Way and Peacock Creek to the coal
d Ogden      mines and viewing Irish Canyon from above. About thirty hikers joined Seth Adams, Director of Land Programs, to learn more about Irish Canyon.

                                                                        dors, and destroy wildlife     ment restrictions and allows the subdivision,
                                                                        habitat, including Mt.         the project would have significant impacts on
                                                                        Diablo Creek.                  aesthetic and biotic resources. It would also
                                                                                                       violate the Conditions of Approval for the
                                                                         Save Mount Diablo helped      previous subdivision which created the parcel
                                                                         create the Community          and prohibited any further development,
                                                                         Coalition for a Sustain-      creating a very bad precedent. Amazingly, the
                                                                         able Concord (Community       County Planning Commission approved the
                                                                         Coalition). The Coalition     request. SMD has appealed their approval to
                                                                         is a collection of afford-    the County Board of Supervisors.
                                                                         able housing, interfaith,
                                                                         labor, conservation &         Altamont Motorsports Park - Livermore
                                                                         neighborhood organiza-        Over the last few years SMD has begun
                                                                         tions seeking a plan that     expanding our work into eastern Alameda
                                                                         preserves the Weapons         County to ensure that Mount Diablo is never
                              Concord Naval Weapons Station (Scott Hein) Station’s natural resources   cut off from the rest of the Diablo Range. The
(continued from page 4)                                                  and scenic hillsides. We      Altamont Motorsports Park project – located
                                                  support protecting 80% of the base for parks,        in unincorporated Alameda County east of
In April, the Pittsburg City Council sent the                                                          Livermore and Altamont Pass – wants to
                                                  open space, and recreation, the creation of a
draft back to staff to revise and will be con-                                                         expand its facilities and uses at the racetrack
                                                  major new regional park east of Mount Diablo
sidering a new version of the ordinance in the                                                         site. The project is surrounded by open space
                                                  creek, a 300’ buffer to the creek, and an urban
months to come.                                                                                        used mostly for agricultural and recreational
                                                  linear park along the Station’s western bound-
                                                  ary. Transit-oriented development should be          purposes, and is part of a wildlife connection
The City is also proposing an extension of                                                             between the preserved lands of Contra Costa
                                                  centered on North Concord BART, north of
James Donlon Road from the intersection at                                                             and Alameda Counties. Unfortunately, as
                                                  Highway 4 and in “Bunker City” between the
Sommersville to Kirker Pass (the project was                                                           Eastern Alameda County continues to devel-
                                                  urban park and the creek buffer.
formerly known as the Buchanan Bypass).                                                                op, open spaces in Contra Costa County and
The proposed two mile extension would                                                                  Alameda County are becoming increasingly
                                                  The city has included our alternative in the
cross seven creeks and the privately owned                                                             fragmented and cut off from one another.
                                                  EIR which will soon be released; there’s more
Thomas Ranch and would require grading of
                                                  info on our website including how you can get
more than 2.7 million cubic yards. The City                                                            This application presents an opportunity
suggests it would relieve traffic on Buchanan                                                          for SMD to work for the protection of open
Road but it would really serve more Seeno                                                              space in the area and ensure the preservation
land, on which development would quickly                                                               of wildlife and recreational corridors. We
overwhelm any improvements in congestion,                                                              have requested that the evaluation, protec-
and would also dump more traffic down hill                                                             tion, and enhancement of wildlife corridors
into existing neighborhoods.                                                                           be a key priority in the mitigations included
                                                                                                       in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
Even if no further residential development                                                             for this project. The EIR for the Altamont
occurs in the area, the road extension alone                                                           Motorsports Park project is due out soon and
will degrade views of the hills, increase the                                                          SMD will submit further comments.
likelihood of landslides in an unstable area,
and impact the habitat of a number of special                                                          Champion Project – Walnut Creek
status species. The City is currently work-            Midway Road could help wildlife cross Hwy 580   Contra Costa County is considering a major
ing on an Environmental Impact Report for                                                              subdivision (that means 5 or more units) ad-
the project and then public comment will be                                                            jacent to the Gateway Property SMD helped
sought. Take the hike on page 3 to see what’s     Habig Project - Marsh Creek Road
                                                                                                       preserve next to the entrance to Mt. Diablo
at stake; we’re leading several hikes that you    The Marsh Creek Road corridor is an area of
                                                                                                       State Park, in the North Gate Area. The
can find on our website, as well as more info     special interest for SMD. The region remains
                                                                                                       Champion project proposes to break 10 acres
about the projects.                               mostly undeveloped and is surrounded by pre-
                                                                                                       into eight lots. The property is adjacent to
                                                  served areas which together create a doughnut
                                                                                                       two public preserves and crossed by Walker
                                                  of open space. Each subdivision approval in
Concord Naval Weapons Station                                                                          Creek, which drains into the Pine Creek
                                                  the “doughnut hole” surrounded by these parks
Reuse Plan                                        fragments and interrupts wildlife corridors
                                                                                                       Detention Basin wetlands.
The City of Concord is planning the reuse
                                                  and potential recreational routes between open
of the 5,100-acre Concord Naval Weapons
                                                  spaces. Any development proposal in the area
Station – the largest development project
                                                  has the potential to have significant impacts on
in the East Bay. The project could create a
                                                  a number of resources.
traffic nightmare from East County to the
Bay Bridge, with development wall to wall,
                                                  Contra Costa County is currently considering a
or it could protect thousands of acres of open
                                                  subdivision of the Habig property on Bragdon
space. The City’s alternatives currently being
                                                  Way, a connector street to Marsh Creek Road,
considered would add up to 13,000 new resi-
                                                  in between Clayton and Brentwood. The ap-
dential units (and related traffic) to Concord.
                                                  plication requests three more units on a hillside
This kind of development would fragment
                                                  property that is highly visible from Marsh
open space, block potential recreational corri-                                                        Champion-red-next to Gateway preserve (S. Hein)
                                                  Creek Road. If the County ignores the develop-
                                                                       in half. By decreasing the    narrowing of the road and to improve safety
                                                                       number of units and pro-      conditions, especially in the lower section
                                                                       tecting a buffer adjacent     where the road narrows due to encroachment
                                                                       to open space, the project    by property owners. Home issues and owner-
                                                                       would be more compli-         ships are extremely complex along the road.
                                                                       ant with the goals of the
                                                                       Specific Plan and have less    Unfortunately, Contra Costa County is
                                                                       of an impact on biological    considering an application submitted by a
                                                                       resources.                    local resident who would like to develop a
                                                                                                     section of his property that abuts one of the
                                                                       Mount Diablo Scenic           most dangerous “S” curves along the road,
                                                                       Boulevard –                   essentially narrowing the road. The applicant
                                                                       Community of Diablo           has built a retaining wall and other improve-
                                                                           South Gate Road, or       ment right along the side of the road, within
                                                                                                     the road setbacks, despite not having been
            Poppies on Northgate Road, Mt. Diablo State Park (Scott Hein) Mount Diablo Scenic
                                                                           Boulevard as it’s known   issued permits to do so. SMD has been work-
The goals of the North Gate Specific Plan            outside of the State Park, is one of two major   ing with the County in attempts to ensure
were designed to ensure the area maintains          routes used to access Mount Diablo State Park    that this application does not create less safe
a semi-rural character by transitioning from        by over 700,000 visitors each year. The narrow   conditions along South Gate Road.
residential development to open space and           road, which was designed when horses were
agricultural lands. A major subdivision allow- more common than automobiles, starts in the                         Please Help Us
ing eight additional units in this location is      community of Diablo near the Athenian School         If you are interested in learning more
not in harmony with the North Gate Specific          and twists and turns its way up the mountain        about these and other projects on which
Plan and would have significant impacts on           until it reaches the summit, often presenting        SMD is working, or if you want to see
Walker Creek and important wildlife habitat         dangerous road conditions for motorists and           how you can get involved, visit save-
in the area.                                        bicyclists.                                          mountdiablo.org or call 925-947-3535.
                                                                                                        Join our e-mail alert list for updates on
                                                 SMD has been working with the State Park               development projects in addition to info
SMD has suggested that the project be denied                                                           on hikes, events and other SMD activities.
unless the number of units proposed is cut       and some local residents to prevent further

                                                                                                     SMD Upcoming Event Schedule
                                                 International Brotherhood of                                 Diablo Trail Endurance Ride–
                                                 Electronic Workers, Local 302                                Sat., June 21, 2008
                                                 Moonlight on the Mountain                            The Trail Ride is a 25 mile limited distance
                                                 Event Sponsor                                        and 50 mile endurance ride. Starting and
                                                                                                      finishing at the Gateway Property on
                                                 The International Brotherhood of Electrical          Northgate Rd. Course will travel through
                                                 Workers, Local 302 will again be the Event           Diablo Foothills, Shell Ridge Open Space
                                                 Sponsor for SMD’s Moonlight on he Mountain.          and Mt. Diablo State Park. Fee $75/$125
                                                 We appreciate the support. IBEW has been the                 Moonlight on the Mountain–
                                                 event sponsor for the past eight years.
 Ron Brown with IBEW’s Tom Hansen (Seth Adams)                                                                Sat., Sept., 13, 2008
                                                                                                      SMD’s 37th anniversary celebration and
                                                                                                      presentation of the Mountain Star Awards.
                                 Golden Eagle Partners                                                Dinner, silent and live auction and live
                                                                                                      music. Tickets $250/person. Must RSVP

                                                                                                              Mount Diablo Challenge–
                                                                                                              Sat., Oct. 5, 2008
                                                                                                      The Challenge a 10.8 mile timed bike ride,
                                                                                                      starting at Athenian School in Danville
                                                                                                      and climbing up Southgate Rd. 3,249 ft to
                     Save Mount Diablo’s Partner Sponsors                                             the summit of Mt. Diablo. 1,000 cycling
                                                                                                      enthusiasts compete, prizes are awarded
                                                                                                      for several categories. Fee $50
                                                                                                              Mount Diablo Trail
                                                                                                              Adventure–Sun., Nov. 2, 2008
                                                                                                      The event offers a 1/2-Marathon, 10K Run,
                                                                                                      and Family Hike starting and finishing at
                                                                                                      Castle Rock Park in Walnut Creek, climbing
                                                                                                      the fire roads up Mt. Diablo. Live music,
 Partner Sponsors are proud to support SMD’s mission. In acknowledgement of their gener-              expo, and lunch for participants. Fee $35
   ous support they receive recognition and admission at all of SMD’s events for one year.              To R.S.V.P. c he c k our websi t e at
  If you would like to become a partner sponsor, please call Ron or Julie at 925-947-3535.                 w w w.s av e m ountdiab l o.org

                                                                                                       rent control laws in California, so as soon
                                                                                                       as a renter moves out, that home is gone
                                                                                                       from the affordable housing supply forever.
                                                                                                       With more than 1 million California renters
                                                                                                       living in rent controlled units, the impacts
                                                                                                       of this measure could be devastating. Prop.
                                                                                                       98 would also gut renter protections for all
                                                                                                       of California’s 14 million renters, like those
                                                                                                       requiring the fair return of deposits or proper
                                                                                                       notice before kicking renters out of their

continued from page 16
                                                   continued from page 16                              Over 85% of the funding for Prop. 98 comes
SB, Huntington SB, San Clemente SB, San                                                                from apartment owners and mobile home
                                                   At first glance it’s easy to be fooled by Prop.
Onofre SB, Torrey Pines SB. While Mt.                                                                  park owners whose main goal is to eliminate
                                                   98. Its proponents are hoping voters don’t look
Diablo is not on the list, it easily could have                                                        rent control. However people feel about rent
                                                   further than their claims about eminent domain
been, and Save Mount Diablo has joined the                                                             control, proponents should campaign hon-
                                                   reform. But, hidden in the definitions of the
coalition to Save Our State Parks.                                                                     estly about what their real goals are and not
                                                   measure are harmful, far-reaching provisions
                                                                                                       hide behind the guise of eminent domain.
                                                   that would amend our state Constitution for
State Parks have received dramatic cuts in         the worse. One problem with Prop. 98 is that
budgets since the Deukmejian and Wilson                                                                Save Mount Diablo has joined a broad
                                                   it threatens our ability to ensure an adequate
administrations and many ranger positions                                                              coalition opposing Prop. 98, including
                                                   water supply. Prop. 98 defines “private use” as
have been consolidated or lost. When asked                                                             Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator
                                                   the “transfer of ownership, occupancy or use of
to cut their budgets yet again, State Park                                                             Dianne Feinstein, the League of California
                                                   private property or associated property rights to
administrators finally said the only way to do                                                         Homeowners, League of Woman Voters of
                                                   a public agency for the consumption of natural
so would be to close parks.                                                                            California, AARP, California Chamber of
                                                   resources.” Since virtually all aspects of public
                                                                                                       Commerce, California Police Chiefs As-
                                                   water projects involve the “consumption of
Just $8.8 million would be saved, but at least                                                         sociation, California Alliance for Retired
                                                   natural resources,” Prop. 98 would preclude
$4.8 million of revenue from visitation to the                                                         Americans, California Teachers Association,
                                                   many public water projects.
closed parks would be lost.                                                                            National Wildlife Federation, California
                                                                                                       Black Chamber of Commerce, Coalition to
                                                   The Association of California Water Agencies
This proposal to shutter these state parks and                                                         Protect California Renters, and many others.
                                                   opposes Prop. 98, saying the measure “could
beaches is drastic and unprecedented; they                                                             These groups will be working hard to ensure
                                                   derail needed groundwater and surface water
represent seventeen percent of the entire state                                                        that voters understand the hidden provisions
                                                   storage projects around the state” and calls
park system. In 06-07, there were 24.5 mil-                                                            in Prop. 98 and the adverse consequences for
                                                   flaws in the measure “cause for alarm.” The
lion visits to the state beaches, and 79 million                                                       our communities.
                                                   Western Growers Association, representing
visits to the entire system. Visitation at the     California farmers and ranchers, also opposes
state beaches that will have reduced lifeguard     Prop. 98 concluding its language creates an
                                                                                                        Bluegrass for Greenbelt
staffing represents more than 30 percent of        “unacceptable risk.” Those who care about the        Sunday, June 22, 2008 at 2pm
the visitation to the entire state park system.    deliverability of safe, quality drinking water
                                                   for our growing population, and our state’s          Celebrating Greenbelt Alliance’s 50th
6.5 million Californians would be shut out         economic growth should oppose Prop. 98.              Anniversary, the family-friendly concert
from their state parks, at a time when state                                                            featuring Laurie Lewis & The Right
residents need low-cost, accessible places for                                                          Hands and The Wronglers. The benefit
                                                   Also hidden in the definition of “private use”
recreation, fitness, education, or simply an       is a provision that would cripple land-use           concert will take place on June 22 on the
experience with nature. Closing down state         planning, gut environmental protections and          lawns of Dunsmuir Historic Estate in the
parks is absolutely the wrong thing to do and                                                           Oakland hills. Bring a picnic or buy local
                                                   threaten communities and public safety. This
a huge mistake.                                    provision prohibits laws and regulations that        treats at the concert and settle down on
                                                   “transfer an economic benefit to one or more         your blanket as the breeze carries sweet
California’s parks and beaches remain as           private persons at the expense of the property       harmonies to your ears.
popular as ever. Demand for state parks is         owner.” Since the courts have ruled that almost
increasing, not decreasing. In many areas,         all land use decisions transfer economic benefit     This year’s event will be more earth
state parks are a critical and prominent driver    at the expense of some property owner, the           friendly by relying on renewable sources
to the local economy and attracting tourists.                                                           for energy and encouraging concertgoers
                                                   reach of this definition is virtually limitless.
                                                                                                        to use public transportation or carpool. To
In general, for every $1 spent supporting the      The types of laws and regulations that could be      increase awareness of land conservation
state park system, $2.35 is returned to the        impacted include a wide range of environmen-         efforts in the East Bay, several nonprofit
state’s General Fund in the form of economic                                                            partners are cosponsoring this year’s event
                                                   tal protections including those that curb global
activity from park visitors, through purchases     warming and protect open space; zoning laws          including Save Mount Diablo
in local economies and in the state parks          that protect our communities from liquor stores
themselves.                                                                                             Tickets are $25 for Greenbelt Alliance and
                                                   and other businesses being located near schools
                                                   or homes; and approvals of new businesses            SMD members, $40 for nonmembers, and
Help keep California State Parks Open. For                                                              $60 with the purchase of a membership.
                                                   needed for economic growth.
more information and to contact legislators,                                                            Purchase tickets at
visit www.savestateparks.org                       Another provision would eliminate all future         www.BluegrassForTheGreenbelt.org
Members of Save Mount                                                                       Scott has been a volunteer for Save Mount              board member, with this prestigious honor for
                                                                                            Diablo since 2001. He has served on the Board          his many years of service and dedication as a
Diablo’s Board of Directors                                                                 of Directors since 2002 and is involved with           volunteer.
Honored                                                                                     several committees including serving as the
                                                                                            chairman for the Land Committee. All this work         In 1971 Don joined the Sierra Clubs’ Mt.
                          Scott Hein                                                        may seem daunting, but Scott takes his dedica-         Diablo Group and served on the Executive
                          Receives                                                          tion a step further by serving as one of SMD’s         Committee for over thirty years. His initial
                                                                                            premier photographers.                                 interests were in trails and trail maintenance;
                                                                                                                                                   he eventually became one of the group’s
                          Magazine’s                                                        Scott attends a majority of the events and hikes       foremost hike leaders, designing a variety of
                          Threads of                                                        that SMD hosts to capture the activity on film.         hikes for all levels and interests including the
                                                                                            He is also among the first to lay eyes on new           31 mile East Bay Skyline Trail hike.
                          Hope Award
                                                                                            properties SMD is considering. He has the
                                                                                            unique experience of witnessing what’s going           Don showed equal enthusiasm towards his
                            Diablo magazine’s
                                                                                            on with SMD through a lens and sharing that            contributions to SMD. He served on the
                            Threads of Hope
                                                                                            experience with all of us.                             Board of Directors 1992-2007 and on SMD’s
                            Awards are given
                                                                                                                                                   Land Committee,
out annually to volunteers whose accomplish-
                                                                                            Don de Fremery Honored with                            led hikes, and led
ments have helped to serve and better their
                                                                                                                                                   a workshop for po-
community. In the December 2007 issue                                                       National Sierra Club Award                             tential hike leaders,
Diablo announced the five “outstanding
                                                                                                                                                   teaching them how
East Bay volunteers” who would receive the                                                  The Oliver Kehrlein Award is given out annu-           to do the work he
award. Scott Hein is one such volunteer and                                                 ally to honor a volunteer for their work and con-      had come to enjoy.
was recognized for his contributions to land                                                tributions to the National Sierra Club Outings         His passion for hik-
conservation through his photography. His                                                   Program nationally and locally over an extended        ing made his outings
breathtaking pictures of Mt. Diablo and its                                                 period of time. In September of 2007 the Sierra        unique and exciting
foothills help Save Mount Diablo show to the                                                Club presented Don de Fremery, former SMD              for participants.
public the landscape it strives to preserve.

Capturing Mount Diablo:                                                                     “My idea was shoot anything and everything on          nered with the Contra Costa Times and put
                                                                                            the Mountain from January to December. Not             together a traveling exhibit called “Capturing
Bob Larson’s Traveling Exhibit                                                              with a gun, but with a Nikon digital camera.           Mount Diablo”. The photo exhibit consists
                                                                                            Never in my wildest dreams did I think that            of 45 framed images representing the four
                                                                                            when I approached my boss about doing a year           seasons on Mt. Diablo. The exhibit has been
                                                                                            long photo documentary on Mount Diablo that            featured at the Contra Costa County Board of
                                                                                            he would say “Go for it.”                              Supervisors Building and the Jewish Com-
                                                                                                                                                   munity Center and is currently available for
                                            Bicyclist riding down the mountain Bob Larson

                                                                                            Bob Larson, a photographer for the Contra Costa        display. Please call Julie Seelen at 925-947-
                                                                                            Times, spent 2006 documenting Mount Diablo             3535 if you would like to request to have this
                                                                                            in all its glory. The result is a stunning pictorial   beautiful shoe exhibited in your offices.
                                                                                            documentation of four seasons and how Mount
                                                                                            Diablo experiences and progresses throughout
                                                                                            the year. From people to plants to wildlife Bob
                                                                                            has captured the essence of the mountain and
                                                                                            what it represents to its inhabitants.

                                                                                            In 2007, at Save Mount Diablo’s 36th anniver-
                                                                                            sary, a slideshow of 200 of Bob’s images set
                                                                                            to original music by Steve Sturman thrilled the
                                                                                            crowd. In an effort to let more people enjoy the
                                                                                            beautiful images Save Mount Diablo has part-                  Coyotes in defensive posture (Bob Larson)

Estate Planning . . .                                                                       gift of appreciated stock.                             ________% of the rest, residue and
                                                                                                                                                   remainder of my estate to be used for the
Remember SMD                                                                                A bequest to Save Mount Diablo can be                  general purpose of the organization.”
                                                                                            accomplished with a simple statement in your
Planned gifts are our future-                                                               will, or in a codicil to an exiting will, or a         If you wish you may designate that your
Join the Diablo Legacy Circle                                                               revocable trust.                                       gift be used specifically for land acquisition,
                                                                                                                                                   advocacy, stewardship, trails, or education.
Do you want to ensure that Save Mount                                                       For example, you may make a specific                   For more information on planned gifts
Diablo will always be here to protect the                                                   bequest: “I give and bequeath to Save Mount            contact Julie Seelen at 925-947-3535 or
natural beauty and wildlife on and around                                                   Diablo, Walnut Creek, California, the sum of           jseelen@savemountdiablo.org. Let us know
the mountain? Consider a Planned Gift                                                       $________ to be used for the general purpose           if you are planning or already have named
through a bequest in your will or estate plan,                                              of the organization.”                                  Save Mount Diablo as a beneficiary and
a charitable remainder or lead trust, a life                                                OR a residual bequest: “I give and bequeath to         join the Diablo Legacy Circle.
insurance policy naming us beneficiary, or a                                                Save Mount Diablo, Walnut Creek, California,
                               S potligh t on Bo a r d , St a ff & Sp o ns o r s
                      John Gallagher                                  Doug Knauer
                      Board of Directors:                             Board of Directors:
                      John serves on the Land                         Doug is a native Califor-
                      Committee and the                               nian who moved from
                      Stewardship Committee                           Los Angeles to the Bay
                      and in 2008 joined the                          Area in 1992. He has
                      Board of Directors. A                           been involved with SMD
                      veterinarian by profes-                         since 1999 and served
                      sion, John is an avid                           on the SMD Board until
                                                 2004 when his work took him to Philadelphia.        Peregrine Lending Company
cyclist, hiker, and backpacker. He first rode
                                                 In 2007 he returned to California and rejoined      1901 Olympic Blvd Ste. 300, Walnut Creek
his bike up on Mt. Diablo when he was 14
                                                 SMD to serve on the Development Committee           www.peregrinelending.com
years old, coming from Berkeley through the
orchards in Walnut Creek. John still rides his   and the Board of Directors.
                                                                                                     The peregrine falcon is native to Castle Rock
bike and can frequently be found somewhere
                                                 He has an M.A. in Economics from UCLA and           Park area in the foothills of Mt. Diablo. Dave
on Mt. Diablo, on bike or foot or helping                                                            Osorio, Matt Devillers and Rick Olson are
                                                 is currently working as a business consultant.
SMD with stewardship projects.                                                                       also natives of Walnut Creek and true lovers
                                                 When not working, he enjoys hiking or bicycle
                                                 riding on and around Mt. Diablo. “I rode my         of the outdoors. They named their business
A few years ago John picked up a SMD             bike up and down the mountain and wondered          the Peregrine Lending Company, naming it
newsletter and said to his wife: “We need to     who was taking care of this great place. A park     after this beautiful raptor that reflected their
be part of this group.” John and Tena hiked      ranger gave me a brochure on SMD. I called          values. “Part of the attractiveness of this area
the Diablo Trail on the 4 Days Diablo trip in    to see if they needed any help and have been a      is the nature which balances out the concrete
2005 and have been on the event volunteer        volunteer ever since. Land preservation, saving     jungle” says Dave. “We support Save Mount
crew ever since. “The opportunity to walk        the wilderness in our backyard is good for men-     Diablo because we love the mountain and
with Seth as he describes the history and ac-    tal health – even if you don’t hike but just look   clean air, clean earth is important to all of us.
complishments of SMD was incredible.”            at it. I enjoy being involved with SMD because      We only have one planet – one resource. We
                                                 they are a very active group of great people        also want to make a difference.”
 A native of Berkeley, John lives in Danville    who get things done.”
with his wife, Tena. Their two grown chil-                                                           The last few years have seen a shift in the
dren also enjoy hiking. John says: “Anyone       Doug also spends some of his time in the Liver-     lending industry and people in the busi-
who appreciates the view of Mt. Diablo           more Valley pursuing his interest in wine mak-      ness started to realize the intrinsic value of
should be a member of this organization.”        ing. He and his wife Jennifer live in Orinda.       the land, not just the monetary value. Dave
                                                                                                     hopes this trend will continue. “When people
                       Melissa Waver:                                  Nora Sanchez:                 don’t get involved they are not committed.
                       Developement                                    Administrative                Peregrine Lending has a great team that is
                       Associate:                                      Assistant:                    committed to the local community and strives
                       Melissa joined SMD as                           Nora joined the               to be the best source of loan information and
                       our new development                             staff of SMD as our           service in the area.”
                       associate. Melissa is                           Administrative Assistant              Mount Diablo Challenge &
                       dedicated to protecting                         in February of 2008. Nora             Trail Adventure Sponsors
                       our natural environ-                            was born in Bistroff,                       MD C E v en t S p o n s or
                       ment, and is excited to                         France, and was raised
contribute to the preservation of Mt. Diablo     on the east coast of Canada. Her family moved
and its foothills. Prior to joining SMD,         around frequently because her father was in the
Melissa worked in fundraising for a nonprofit    Canadian military. At the age of 16 she joined
focused on global warming.                       the military and served in reserve and regular
                                                 force for 16 years.
“Mt. Diablo is an invaluable part of our com-                                                        TA Event S p o n so r
munity, and SMD works to ensure that it will     Nora has lived in the Bay Area for seven years
remain beautiful and pristine for generations    and enjoys the wonderful weather. “I fell in
to come. I’m thrilled to be able to connect      love with the Bay Area the first time I saw it. I
my development skills with my passion for        love the convenience of having mountains and
environmental protection, and I love knowing     trees so close to home. SMD is all about the
that my work has a direct positive impact on     mountain and the outdoors, that’s why I was
my own backyard!”                                intrigued with the opportunity to work for this
A year ago, Melissa and her husband Ste-
phen, moved to the Bay Area from Tennes-         Nora has four children Doug, Ken, Kelly,
see. She earned a B.A. in French and political   and Jodi and two grandchildren Dustin and
science from the University of Tennessee.        Abrianna who all live in Canada. Nora lives in
Melissa enjoys hiking, biking, camping and       Danville with her husband Philip. She enjoys                                                Fitness
kayaking. She loves being surrounded by the      walking, camping, watching hockey and
wonderful natural beauty of Mt. Diablo and       curling, and riding ATVs with her husband.
the rest of the Bay Area.
                                                                                        M e m b e r s hi p M a t t e r s
                                                                    We deeply appreciate and thank all of our members. Your generous
                                                                    support makes it possible for our small organization to meet the many
                                                                    demands that come with increasing population and development pres-
                                                                    sures in the area. We are lucky to have so many members, too numerous
       Save Mount Diablo                                            to list in our newsletter. As of January of 2008, we acknowledge all
                                                                    members in our Annual Report. If you have not yet received it, please
                                                                    give us a call at 925-947-3535 and we will be happy to mail you one.

                  2007 Annual Report                                      All contributions were made from July 1 - December 31, 2007
             Cover of SMD’s First Annual Report issued April 2007

                                   Lawrence Ferri              Bob Walker                         Angela Call’s 90th Birthday      Cynthia Rathbun
    In Memory of                 Ana Fien                        John Michels                       Jennifer, Ross &                 Nancy & Leonard Slootmaker
Kathy Aure                         Marcia & Ralph Smith        Paul H. Williamson                   Jordan Orvik                   Arthur Rosenfeld’s birthday
   Fonda Karelitz                Michelle Amy Gaurd              Millie Williamson                  Sue Orvik                        Fonda Karelitz
Ana Baer Fien                      Nancy Guard Evans           George Zurilgen                    John Campbell                    Jacob Saldinger’s Bar Mitzvah
   Cheryl Carmo                  John Gilbert                    Frances Zurilgen                   Kendra & Thomas Barron           Cynthia Siegel & Arti Kirch
   Joyce Fellows                   Charles Shaddle             Benraz Ali                         Samantha Campisi’s Bat Mitzvah   Sandra Jo Spiegel’s graduation
Ida Barsten                      Jean Hauser                     Sally Dalton                       Cynthia Siegel & Arti Kirch      Annabelle Cloner
   Paul & Elizabeth Baxter         Barbara Hauser              Esperance                          Melissa Clore’s Bat Mitzvah      Malcolm Sproul
Bill Bartlett                    Betty Holmes                    John Anderson                      Cynthia Siegel & Arti Kirch      Sharon & Bill Walters
   Rhonda Bartlett                 Don & Gladys Laston                                            Martha & Tom Coull               Sallie & Jack States
Philip Bartlett                  Betty Hopping                                                      Marcheta Bowdle                  Marcheta Bowdle
   Rhonda Bartlett                 Carole Allen                                                   Audrey & Carl Down               Sharon Walters’ oral history
Eleanor Becker                   Alan A. Kunz                                                       Kathy Down &                     Malcolm & Casey Sproul
   Karl & Billi Haug               Glenna Hoffman                                                   Gregory Kelly                  M.J. Wilson’s 80th Birthday
   Keith & Susi Farmer             Paula Nichols                                                  Marguerite Dupont                  Jean Masonek
Aneek Brown                      Michael Lamp                                                       Marguerite & John Harrell      Scott Zimmerman’s 34th
  Allynee Brown                    Mary Lamp                                                      Agnes Elfving                       Birthday
Ray Buck                         Linda Leyva                                                        Don & Dusti Elfving              David & Judith Gavin
   Darryl Cardoza                  Leslie Servin                                                  Anna Fein                        East Bay California Native Plant
   Debra Jogopulos               Gene Logan                                                         Alan Ory                          Society
   Steve McDermott                 Jane Logan                  Black Shouldered Kite (Scott Hein) Nate & Evelyn Fisher               Laura Baker & Lewis Lubin
Betty & Mitch Campbell           Peggy Mahler                                                       BioZone Lab                    East Bay Trail Dogs
   John Campbell                   Barbara Mahler                                                 Shayna Friedman’s Bat Mitzvah      Steve Ruley
Ruth Chapton                     Chuck & Ellen Malloy                 Foundations                   Cynthia Siegel & Arti Kirch    Maria’s 50th Birthday
   Donald & Betty Scoralle         Verna Kruse                 B.T. Rocca, Jr. Foundation         Charla Gabert                      Stuart & Margie Goldware
   Janet Wiegman                 Margaret Malone               Barth Foundation                     Steven Mansbach                Simba
   Kenneth & Helen Nelson          Eugene Malone &             Coit Financial Group               Scott Hein                         Suzanne Figueroa
   Mary Shurtleff                  Cora Jane McFarren          Johnson & Louise Clark               Michael & Jane Larkin
David Charmo                     Patrick D. Mangini USAF          Charitable Foundation           Scott & Claudia Hein
   Marlowe & Vivian Boyd           Barbara Hayworth            Firedoll Foundation                   for Christmas
Jin Shan Chen                    Valerie Sue Margolis          Ji Ji Foundation                     Steve & Annette Doherty
   Keith & Susi Farmer             J.H. & J.G. Margolis        Lescure Foundation                 Hannah Hoban’s Bat Mitzvah
Bob Chiappone DDS                Lucia McCallen Venos          Maisel Foundation                    Cynthia Siegel & Arti Kirch
   Thomas & Susan Melvin           David & Elizabeth           Gordon and Betty Moore             Mindy Klemstein
Sheila Coburn Rhodes               Birka-White                    Foundation                        Lewis Bielanowski
   Gene & Frances Coburn         Brad McWilliams               Murdy Foundation                   Bonnie Kohleriter
Jane L. Costa                      Robert & Judith Baker       William A. Kerr Foundation           Nicole Kohleriter
   Frederick & Margaret Warnke   Janet Montes                  James & Gloria Redmond             Albina Kozonasky
Eva Derana                         Terry & Glenn Gonzalez         Foundation                        Paul & Martha Kozonasky         Mt Diablo Sunflower (Scott Hein)
   Leonard & Barbara Songster    Mel Morgan                                                       Brian Kruse’s Birthday
Marcy Dubon Howard                 Paul & Elizabeth Baxter                                          Bonnie Lacadre
   Philip & Henrietta Dubow      Larry Mowery
                                                                    Heritage Trees                Jim Lawson                         Corporate Match
Dolores Evans                      Margaret Mowery             In Honor of Ralph Floyd              Nancy & Leonard Slootmaker     Bank of America Matching Gifts
   Leslie Servin                 Wai Ching Ong                    The Besso, Brown, Floyd,        Rob Lawson                          Program
Richard Fahey                      Keith & Susi Farmer            Guitierrez, Hanson, and Oram      Nancy &                        Bank of the West
   Michael & Joyce Wahlig        Lois Rammell                     Families                          Leonard Slootmaker             Charles Schwab Corporation
Christopher L. Francisco           Ronald & Marcia Carlberg    For Gina Costello-Poff in          Tom Lawson                         Foundation
   Rich Francisco                Joaquin Santos                   memory of Fred Poff               Nancy & Leonard Slootmaker     Clorox Gift Campaign
John Farley                        Evah Santos Ross               Jim Treuel & Terri Costello     Katie Loughman                   Ebay Foundation
   Farley Technical Services     Gen & Bill Sattler                                                 Nancy & Leonard Slootmaker     IBM Corporation Matching
   Pearl Harbor Survivors Mt.      Henry Segrove                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Fred Meyer              Grants Program
   Diablo Chapter 13               Susan Watson
                                                                      In Honor of                   Maurice Smith                  Microsoft Matching Gifts
   John Antczak                  Daniel Sawyer                 Paul & Elizabeth Baxter            Betty Niland                       Program
   Richard & Cecilia Coulter       Frederic Sawyer                Carol Baxter                      Marcheta Bowdle                Nissan North America, Inc.
   John & Dawn Emerson           Kenneth & Frances Shelton     Jess Bowdle                        Lee Ory                          Pepsi Co
   Eileen Farley                   Dorothy Shelton                Marcheta Bowdle                   Alan Ory                       The Rockefeller Group
   Paul Farley                   Ida Helen Varenchik           T. Andrews Bowdle MD               Jennifer Phillips                Tyco Employee Matching Gifts
   Robert Kirby                    Frank & Barbara Varenchik      Marcheta Bowdle                   Her Mother                       Program
   B. James & G. C. Smith        Jim Veikos                    Mike Bugbee                        Deb Quilici                      WellPoint Associate Giving
Anna Louis Ferri                   Lloyd & Carole Mason           Beverly & Tom Gorman              Nancy & Leonard Slootmaker       Campaign

Help Stop The Closure of 48 State Parks                                      Prop. 98 Is An Attack on the Environment,
Keep California’s State Parks Open                                           Water Infrastructure, Renters and Our
Editor’s Last Minute Note: The Governor’s proposed budget included           Communities.
closure of forty-eight state parks including seventeen state parks,
seventeen state historic parks and museums, three state beaches, nine        Prop. 98 on the June 2008 ballot is a deceptive and poorly-drafted
state recreation areas and two state reserves. Sixteen state beaches in      measure that would do widespread harm to Californians. Dubbed the
Santa Cruz, Orange and San Diego Counties had also been slated to            “Hidden Agendas Scheme”, it would threaten land-use planning and
have significantly-reduced lifeguard staffing. We’ve just heard that the     jeopardize laws that protect the environment and our communities,
closures have been taken out of the governor’s revised budget in favor       hurt efforts to ensure a reliable supply of clean, safe drinking water,
of fee increases, but nothing’s certain until the budget is adopted this     and eliminate rent control and renter protections.
                                                                             Many of the same groups who oppose Prop. 98 also support Prop. 99 -
The Parks slated for closure include Armstrong Redwoods SNR, Be-             a true eminent domain reform measure called the Homeowners Protec-
nicia Capitol SHP, Benicia SRA, Candlestick Point SRA, Clear Lake            tion Act. Prop. 99 will protect owner-occupied homes from being taken
SP, Fort Ord Dunes SP, Governor’s Mansion SHP, Henry W. Coe SP,              by eminent domain to transfer to a private party. It is a straightforward,
Petaluma Adobe SHP, San Simeon SP, Sutter’s Fort SHP, Tomales Bay            reform without the hidden agendas and adverse consequences of Prop.
SP, and lifeguard reductions would include New Brighton SB, Seacliff         98. To learn more and get involved, visit www.no98yes99.com.
                                                     continued on page 12                                                          continued on page 12

Save Mount Diablo’s Mission ...                  • Educates the public regarding threats to the        surrounding foothills.
To preserve Mt. Diablo’s peaks, surrounding      mountain’s flora, fauna, and rugged beauty, and       • Aids in the restoration of habitat and the
foothills, and watersheds through land           to the history and heritage of the mountain and       preservation of rare species.
acquisition and preservation strategies          its surrounding foothills.                            • Offers technical advice to community and
designed to protect the mountain’s natural       • Works with landowners to preserve their             neighborhood groups regarding preservation
beauty, biological diversity, and historic and   property and to ensure that they receive fair         of natural lands.
agricultural heritage; enhance our area’s        value in any transaction aimed at preserving          • Sponsors events to build public awareness
quality of life; and provide recreational        natural lands.                                        and to raise funds to carry out our programs.
opportunities consistent with the protection     • Works in partnership with Mt. Diablo State          • Temporarily owns and responsibly manages
of natural resources.                            Park, East Bay Regional Park District, and            lands prior to their transfer to a public agency
In support of our mission, Save Mount            other public and private entities to increase and     for permanent preservation.
Diablo:                                          manage natural lands and to identify mitigation       • Encourages recreation and public
• Protects natural lands through purchases,      opportunities.                                        enjoyment of Mt. Diablo’s parklands
gifts, and cooperative efforts with public and   • Participates in the land use planning process       consistent with the protection of their natural
private entities.                                for projects that could impact Mt. Diablo and its     resources.

 s ave          MOUNT DIABLO                                                                                                      Non-Profit
1901 Olympic Blvd., Suite 220                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
Walnut Creek, CA 94596                                                                                                               Paid
                                                                                                                                 Concord, CA
Address Service Requested                                                                                                       Permit No. 525


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