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CONTENTS                                                                        EDITORIAL
 2 Editorial: “Jesus: Hope for Our Day”                                         B Y W ALTER L. W RIGHT ,
                                                                                L AKE U NION C ONFERENCE P RESIDENT
 3 Beyond Our Borders:

                                                                                Jesus: Hope
      Youth Minister at Kentucky Hospital
 4    New Members
 6    Meet the Herald Staff
      God Loves a Cheerful Giver
      Circle in the Sand
                                                                                for Our Day
10    Thirteenth Sabbath:
      Neglected Challenges in the Euro-
      Africa Division
                                                        A     t this season of the year, some might tend to see the Lord only as
                                                              the Babe of Bethlehem. Christmas cards, lawn decorations, and
                                                        church pageants feature God arriving on the human scene as a tiny
11 Sharing Our Hope:                                    baby boy. Paul’s teaching in Romans 1:1–7 focuses our eyes not only on
      Hope for the Homeland Harvest Still               the promised seed of David, but also on the crucified, risen, and coming
      Being Reaped                                      Son of God, bringing hope to all.
12 Creative Parenting:                                     In this passage from Romans, Paul reaffirmed that this Christ was the
      All I Want for Christmas                          child of promise, prophesied by the prophets in the Old Testament. The
13    Healthy Choices: The Silent Killer                first hint came in the Garden of Eden when God said to Satan, “I will put
14 Adventist Health System                              enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her
      Midwest Region News                               seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel” (Gen.3:15).
15    Andrews University News                               Forty years after Israel’s deliverance from Egypt, Isaiah promised a
17    Education News                                    deliverer. “Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call
18    Youth News                                        his name Immanuel” (Isa. 7:14). Isaiah goes on further to say that this

19    Local Church News                                 Son would be a suffering servant, bearing our griefs and carrying our
                                                        sorrows. The coming of this promised one would be during the terrible
20    Union News                                        oppression of the Jewish people under Roman rule.
21    Mileposts
                                                            The fulfillment of the promise so clear in scripture came in the birth
22    Classified Ads                                     of Jesus who “was made of the seed of David according to the flesh”
28    Announcements                                     (Rom. 1:3). The angelic message was clear to Mary: “Thou shalt conceive
30    eXtreme Grace                                     in thy womb, and bring forth a son. … He shall be great, … the Son of the
31    Profiles of Youth                                  Highest: … and of His kingdom there shall be no end” (Luke 1:31-33). The
                                                        same clarity is seen in the angel’s message to Joseph, “Thou shalt call his
                                                        name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins” (Matt.1:21).
Nathan Greene is one of the premier Christian
artists in the United States. Thousands cherish his         History has authenticated this promise. On the night of the Savior’s
warm portraits of Jesus Christ in modern settings.
Nathan’s remarkable paintings adorn the walls           birth, the stars shown brightly down on a manger scene. On resurrection
of corporations, hospitals, churches, schools, and
homes worldwide. Nathan and his wife Patti
                                                        morning, the “bright and morning star” gave new hope to all people.
have three children and make their home in Eau          Death no longer had its sting, nor grave its victory.
Claire, Mich.
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lished monthly by the Lake Union Conference,            unspeakable gift to each of us. Let us never forget that the greatest gift
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                                                        we can ever give anyone is the knowledge of the Christ who freely gave
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and additional mailing offices. Yearly subscription      Himself for each of us in order that we might have hope. We will have
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2 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                               Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.

      Youth Minister at
      Kentucky Hospital                                                                    Students witnessed by singing and playing
                   B Y        N I C K           Z O R K                                    their guitars at the home of a hospital

        his was the first mission trip     Wilson, plant services department
        that I’ve been on,” confided       head and our work coordinator                   two local nursing homes.
        one of the youth who went         for the week. Our responsibilities                   In addition to the various
on the WE CARE mission trip to            started the next morning. Before we             projects and ministries, time was set
Kentucky. “It was a memorable             retired, however, we gathered for               aside for recreation. On Thursday
experience, and I have definitely          an orientation and worship time.                morning we enjoyed the Kentucky
been blessed.”                            We wanted to pause and remember                 outdoors on a whitewater-rafting
    WE CARE is a ministry of the          why we were there.                              excursion. And that evening we had
Andrews University Center for                                                             dinner and relaxed at the home of
Youth Evangelism that runs short-                                                         the hospital CEO, Dennis Meyers.
term domestic mission trips for                                                                On Friday, our final day, the
North American Division (NAD)                                                             youth were able to sign up to spend
youth. Our goal is to provide                                                             a couple of hours with a medical
mental, physical, and spiritual                                                           professional and experience first
experiences for all who participate.                                                      hand the healing ministries offered
    I had the opportunity in                                                              24/7 at the hospital. That evening,
August to take a group of youth to                                                        our group put on a special vespers
Manchester, Kentucky, to assist the                                                       program of music and sharing
Manchester Memorial Adventist             Students assisted with a building project at    experiences for the Manchester
Hospital with several upkeep and          the Manchester Memorial Hospital.               Adventist Church. Sabbath was
repair projects. The hospital had                                                         spent worshipping with the
hosted a WE CARE mission trip                 As Christ’s ambassadors, it                 congregation and relaxing at the
once before, and Debbie Wagers,           is important to remember that,                  Meyer’s home before returning to
hospital chaplain, expressed interest     in reality, we are privileged to be             Andrews University after sundown.
in having us back.                        joining Christ in the work He has                    One of our participants,
    We wanted to return because of        already begun. It is humbling to                Andrea Heyn, remarked, “I came
the great needs in the Manchester         realize that God’s work, in every               to minister to the people, but they
area. The hospital serves a               place, is so much bigger than any               really ended up touching my life.
population of over 30,000. Most of        of us. If we have an attitude of                It is always encouraging to see
these residents are unemployed and        gratefulness and humility, God can              how everyone wins when we serve
live on welfare funds. Their health       work in and through us as we serve.             Christ.”
is poor. We also like the fact that the       For the next three days we were                  If readers are interested in
hospital works with us to ensure          involved in a variety of projects.              joining one of our mission trips,
that the youth receive real hands-        We did landscaping, stripped                    we invite you to call us at 1-800-
on, life-enriching experiences.           wallpaper, ran electrical wire, and             Youth-2-U ext. 3 (1-800-968-8428
    On Sunday morning, August             assisted with a new construction                ext. 3) or visit our Web site:
10, our group of 13 youth and             project. We also made contact with    
sponsors boarded an Andrews               patients. Since our youth were
University mini-bus and headed            blessed with musical ability, we                Nick Zork is the Center for Youth
for Kentucky. We arrived that             witnessed by singing and playing                Evangelism domestic mission trips
evening and were greeted by Lee           our guitars in the hospital and in              director.

Visit our web site at                                                  Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 3
                                                                                     parents and foster families. Times
                                                                                     were tough, as I was mentally,
                                                                                     physically, and sexually abused.
                                                                                     Because of these circumstances, I
                                                                                     began to blame God for all my pain.
                                                                                         When I was 19, I went to live in
Lake Region                                   decision. Two in particular, he        the country with my grandparents.
    Doris Harris was a Seventh-day
                                              remembers well: “I attended the        There was an abandanded church
Adventist at age 16, but she strayed
                                              Emmanuel Church in Indianapolis,       up the road from their home, and
away. In 1998, she returned to the
                                              where my daughter and family           I used to go there in the night, sit
church and started attending the
                                              were members, and was really           on the steps, and pour out my
Capitol City (Indiana) Church. After
                                              impressed with Tunde Ojewole,          heart to God. It seemed God really
the Revelation Seminar conducted
                                              church pastor, and the friendliness    understood me, even though I was
in 2001 by Real Truth Ministries,
                                              of the members. The second was         confused about Him. Then my
Leon Bryant, Capitol City Church
                                              a special program and concert          grandfather died. I tried to locate
pastor, challenged church members
                                              at the Emmanuel Church when            my father so I could have a home,
to hold a series in the sections of
                                              Ralph Shelton, Conant Gardens          but I discovered he had remarried
town where they lived. Church
                                              Church pastor, and members from        and I was not welcome.
elders Chris Peters and Andrew
                                              the Conant Gardens Church in               My wanderings continued,
Bailey conducted a series in Doris’
                                              Detroit came as special guests. I      and I stayed with some friends in
part of town on the northwest side
                                              was impressed with Pastor Shelton,     Kentucky. Then I joined the Army,
of Indianapolis. Over 20 members
                                              too. I remember clearly what he        hoping it would bring stability
supported the meetings, and about
                                              said to me, ’The next time I see you   into my life. All this time, I was
five non-Adventists attended.
                                              I want you to be a member of this      searching for God, even as I lived
Doris’ husband, Tom Harris, was
                                              church.’”                              in a sinful manner. When the Army
one of them.
                                                  Tom says, “At the end of the       transferred me to Hawaii, I met
                                              series, they didn’t even have to ask   James who invited me to go to his
                                              me if I wanted to give my life to      church. During the services, I was
                                              Christ. I just said, ‘I’m ready.’”     impressed to surrender my life to
                                                  Tom and Doris attended their       Jesus, and although I did surrender
                                              first Lake Region Conference            (as I understood it), my lifestyle did
                                              camp meeting in June and were          not change.
                                              overwhelmed with the wonderful             Because of my actions, I was
                                              things they were learning. They        sent to prison for six years. There I
                                              also had an opportunity to get         cried out for God, and a year later
Tom and Doris Harris, new members of          to know Capitol City Church            I made my decision to stop playing
the Capitol City Church in Indianapolis,      members better and meet new            games with Him. Soon I joined a
enjoyed their first Lake Region camp meeting   friends in Jesus.                      prison church and sought to have
experience at Camp Wagner in Cassopolis,                                             the Holy Spirit change me.
                                              Debbie Young, Lake Region Conference       In my search for truth, I began
    The Harris’ daughter and her              volunteer correspondent                earnestly reading and studying my
husband were baptized during                                                         Bible. God led me to Cass Hudson,
the Real Truth Ministries Revelation                                                 a Seventh-day Adventist prisoner,
Seminar. Tom knew about the                                                          who introduced me to the Amazing
                                                  God first began calling me,
series then, but just didn’t go. This                                                Facts and Voice of Prophecy Bible
                                              Kevin Sanford, when I was a child,
time, Doris specifically invited him                                                  courses. Now pieces of the Bible
                                              but my life was so complex that I
to attend the series. “I don’t know,                                                 puzzle began to fit, and I began to
                                              could not understand what was
I guess the Holy Spirit just got a                                                   keep the Sabbath and understand
                                              happening. My parents never went
hold of me, and I decided to go,”                                                    that Christ was coming a second
                                              to church or spoke of God, but they
Tom says.                                                                            time.
                                              did send me a little while to Sunday
    Tom made his decision to follow                                                      Soon Cass and I started a
                                              school. We were a poor family—at
Christ at the end of the series,                                                     prisoner’s Adventist church, with
                                              times homeless, without food, and
but he says there were points                                                        25 inmates attending. We prayed
                                              separated. Over the next 16 years,
along the way that influenced his                                                     for five months that God would
                                              I went back and forth between my
                                                                                     send some volunteers from outside

4 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                      Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
our facility to love and care for
us. The answer came when James
Hord, Sault Ste. Marie Church
pastor, and Brian Skeete started
coming to hold services. The
prison church Cass and I started
has continued for almost a year,
and already ten inmates have been
baptized. These inmates have been
given permission to hold in-prison
evangelistic meetings using Mark
Finley’s videos from The Revelation
of Hope.
    I have now been released from
prison by the mercy and grace of
God. Although I am still on parole,
I have been baptized, attend an
Adventist church, and do some
door-to-door evangelism. The Lord
has prospered me with a job and an
automobile, and my heart’s desire is
to serve Jesus with all my strength
and mind, bringing glory and
honor to Him.

Kevin Stanford with Bruce Babienco,
                                           Kevin Sanford gave his life to God while in prison. Through his and another Adventist prisoner’s
Lake Union Herald volunteer                witness, a prison church was started, and 10 inmates have been baptized.
                                          Bible studies. The LE told her of                      “Cheryl was very active in her
Lake Region                               an upcoming Daniel Seminar,                         Baptist church,” says Evelyn Long,
    Cheryl Claiborne and her              which she attended at the Sharon                    a Sharon Church member who
eight-year-old daughter, Carmay,          Church in Inkster. She enjoyed                      befriended Cheryl and now studies
were baptized in April 2003 at the        it so much that she attended the                    with her every Monday evening.
Sharon Inkster (Michigan) Church.         Revelation Seminar that followed                    “Cheryl started cutting back her
However, her introduction to              some time later. She was blessed by                 responsibilities at her church and
Adventism happened in the early           the information given by Zaddock                    finally backed right out the door
‘90s when she and her husband             Reid, former Sharon Inkster Church                  and into the Sharon Church.”
moved Cheryl’s elderly cousin from        pastor, who, with his wife Verna,                   As Cheryl and Carmay became
Pueblo, Colorado, to Inkster.             frequently visited Cheryl to talk and               acquainted with Sharon Church
    During a doctor’s appointment                                                             members and learned more of the
                                          pray with her.
for her cousin, Cheryl’s attention
                                                                                              Bible truths, they took their stand to
was drawn to a display in the lobby.
                                                                                              be baptized.
There was an offer for a Heritage
                                                                                                 Cheryl admits that when she
Bible with praying hands on the
                                                                                              was a child she always wondered
cover. She took a card and filled it
out but didn’t mail it. In fact, she                                                          why her church didn’t observe the
lost it! Someone found the card,                                                              fourth commandment. Now she
added the stamp, wrote a small                                                                understands the Sabbath truth. She
note on the card, and mailed it.                                                              says her eyes have been opened,
    Soon Cheryl had a visit from                                                              and she’s happy to follow all the
a literature evangelist (LE). She                                                             Bible truths.
purchased several books, and during        Cheryl and Carmay Claiborne were baptized
                                           in April as members of the Sharon Church in
a subsequent visit, she accepted his                                                          Debbie Young, Lake Region Conference
                                           Inkster, Michigan.
invitation to do correspondence                                                               volunteer correspondent

Visit our web site at                                                     Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 5
                                          B Y      GA RY            BU RNS

A      s I travel about our territory, I receive many positive comments regarding the Lake Union Herald. Since the
       changes to the Herald came at about the time I became editor, many have inaccurately credited me for the
success of the new magazine. Let me set the record straight.
    I am very grateful to former editor Richard Dower and managing editor Nadine Dower for setting the stage
for a very successful year. Before assuming their new responsibilities in the North Pacific Union, Richard secured
the services of designer Mark Bond to assist new managing editor Ann Fisher in producing the Herald until a new
editor was selected. That was the catalyst for the changes you have noticed in the Herald.
    We have been very pleased with the results and the responses from our readers. I want to take this
opportunity to express my appreciation and to give you an opportunity to meet our staff members.

Mark Bond: Secluded in northwestern                                                          Ann Fisher: Lake
Montana, Mark Bond is the Herald                                                             Union Herald
art director/designer. Life in                                                               managing editor
Swan Valley, is very different from                                                          Ann Fisher takes
the theme park environment of                                                                the magazine’s
Orlando where Mark spent nearly                                                              mission seriously.
30 years of his life.                                                                       “I enjoy being
    Mark began his design                                                                    able to make a
career with one of Orlando’s top                                                             difference,” she Ann Fisher, managing
advertising firms, working with          Mark Bond, designer, enjoys free time with his kids. says. “I feel like  editor, only smiles like
clients like Pizza Hut, Universal,                                                           it’s a ministry to this when articles are
                                        collaborating with his wife Conna—                   share spiritual     submitted on time and
Wet ‘n Wild, and Disney World.          a gifted musician—to produce                                             deadlines are met.
Feeling the call to use his talents                                                          insights with the
                                        Christian music. Some of you may                     Lake Union church members.”
to support the church, Mark left        have seen their talents on 3ABN.                         Ann has been the consistent
the commercial advertising world            In addition to his passion for                   fixture in the Herald office for the
to become lead designer for the         God and ministry, Mark enjoys                        last seven years, serving in several
Adventist Review and was later          working close to his family and has                  capacities before taking on the
recruited as art director for Florida   fun with his kids (goats included).                  responsibilities of managing editor.
Hospital. He now owns his own           He has four children: Emily Beth,                        Born in Seattle, Washington,
design firm—Bond Design, Inc.            11; Chelsea, 10; Taylor, 5; and                      Ann graduated from Pacific Union
    In addition to designing,           Adriana, 4. He also has six goats,                   College with majors in music and
Mark is also a singer-songwriter,       four cats, and a dog.

6 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                        Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
elementary education. Ann also                  Bruce Babienco:                                  Lake Union Herald staff two and a
earned two post-graduate degrees                With great                                       half years ago as a communication
from Andrews University. She and                dedication                                       intern after graduating cum laude
her husband Jim were student                    to his work                                      from Andrews University in 2001
missionaries in Japan and later                 as volunteer                                     with a double major in religion
spent 17 years in Taiwan where                  correspondent for                                and communication. Soon after
Ann taught music and English at                 the Herald, Bruce
                                                                                                 graduation, he married Lexi Bujak,
Taiwan Adventist College. They                  Babienco gathers
                                                                                                 his college classmate.
have two grown sons.                            information for
    Despite being responsible for
                                                                     Bruce Babienco, volun-
                                                his new member teer correspondent, is                As a missionary’s kid (MK)
keeping the Herald “wheel” turning              stories and other really going to retire         born in Guam, where his father
each month, Ann maintains a vision              news articles        some day. Then what         was mission treasurer, Reggie
for the future of the magazine. “My             that he writes.      will we do?                 brings a world view to his work
goal,” she says, “is to provide more            Bruce brings with him experience                 that is exceptional for his age.
Herald articles that mentor new                 from the Michigan Conference                         Since joining the Lake Union
members and help them transition                communication department where                   communication staff, Reggie has
into Adventist culture.”                        he served as director for three                  performed a wide range of duties.
                                                years and associate director for an              One of his main contributions has
Judi Doty: Every                                additional three years.                          been the continued development
successful team                                     Born in San Diego, California,
has someone                                                                                      and maintanance of the Lake Union
                                                Bruce graduated from San Diego
who is the central                                                                               Web site (
                                                Academy; La Sierra University,
point of contact,                                                                                    Reggie’s youthful perspectives
                                                with a B.A. in theology; and
the one who                                     Andrews University with a M.A. in                and ideas have been valuable
keeps the director                              systematic theology.                             as we have tried to broaden our
informed and                                        Bruce and his wife Marilyn                   readership and appeal to younger
organized, the        Judi Doty, circulation/   began their ministry in the                      generations. It’s hard to be “old
one who provides classified ad manager,          Northern California Conference                   fogies”with Reggie around to keep
a number of          is a calming influence
                                                where they spent 17 years. During                us in line.
essential services in our office.                this time, they were blessed                         By the time you read this,
to a variety of                                 with three children who have                     Reggie will have completed
people, and does it all with grace              given them eight grandchildren.                  his internship and moved on
and a positive spirit. For the Herald,          From California they moved to
that person is Judi Doty.                                                                        to his new position as assistant
                                                Wisconsin then on to Michigan.
    For the past year, Judi                                                                      director of communication at the
                                                    Upon retiring, Bruce accepted
has served as the circulation                                                                    Southwestern Union in Burleson,
                                                the call to the Michigan Conference
and classified ad manager in                     communication department.                        Texas. No matter what the future
addition to her responsibilities                Last year, after retiring a second               holds for him, Reggie says, “I want
as departmental secretary. For                  time, Bruce and his wife moved                   to serve God wherever He sees fit
the previous nine years she was                 to Berrien Springs, where he                     to lead me.”
the Lake Union receptionist and                 continues his volunteer service.
administrative assistant to the                                                                      In addition to our office staff,
union secretary.                                Reggie Johnson:                                  there are dozens of contributors
    Born in St. Joseph, Michigan,               Youthful, capable,                               whose combined efforts help us
Judi is a native of Berrien Springs.            loyal, spiritually
                                                                                                 tell the stories of God at work in
A graduate of Andrews Academy                   mature, willing,
                                                                                                 His people in order to encourage,
and Andrews University, Judi                    humorous,
received her associate degree in                dependable,                                      inspire, educate, advance, and
secretarial science. She and her                congenial, …                                     unify the church in the Lake Union
husband Gary have two talented                  That’s Reggie                                    Conference.
daughters, Heidi and Heather.                   Johnson. The          “Of course the Web site
    Judi is happy for the                       youngest              needs updating. It’s a     Lake Union Herald staff members
opportunity to use her talents to               member of our         Web site—it always
                                                                      needs updating!”
                                                                                                 wrote about each other for this article.
serve her church and enjoys her                 department,           Reggie Johnson,
new position at the Herald.                     Reggie joined the     editorial assistant.

Visit our web site at                                                         Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 7
Cheerful Giver      God Loves a
    A d d G o d t o Yo u r C h r i s t m a s L i s t
                                               B Y    ED     REI D

I   remember seeing a cartoon in
    a horseman’s magazine a few
years ago. The setting was the bull-
                                         what difference does it make why
                                         we give it? Evidently, our attitude
                                         and/or motive in our financial
                                                                                also reap sparingly, and he who
                                                                                sows bountifully will also reap
                                                                                bountifully. So let each one give
riding event in a rodeo. During          relationship with God is in fact the   as he purposes in his heart, not
this event, the rodeo clown is very      bottom line. The reason is simple.     grudgingly or of necessity; for
active and very vital to the safety      God doesn’t need the money!            God loves a cheerful giver” 2
of the bull rider. The purpose of the    He wants our hearts. And He            Corinthians 9:6, 7.
clown during this event is not to        wants us to receive                        It occurs to me that one of the
entertain the audience, but rather to    his promised                           greatest hindrances to cheerful
attract the mad bull’s attention from    blessings.                             giving is when the giver worries
a fallen rider to himself in order to        The Word                           about what will happen to the
lead the bull in another direction. In   puts it this                           money he has given. “What will
the cartoon, things didn’t work out      way: “He                               ’the brethren’ do with it?” But
as planned, and the clown and the        who sows                               isn’t this backward reasoning? For
displaced rider were running side        sparingly                              one to say, “I will give money to
by side for dear life for the nearest    will                                   the church if you will do this and
fence to climb for safety with the                                              this with it,” is wrong motivation.
bull right on their heels. Though                                                      Cheerful offerings are a
both men were literally running for                                                     response of love, not a
their lives, the clown had a smile                                                        demand or an expectation.
painted on his face. The caption                                                          This is not to say that we
spoken by the rider to the clown                                                     should have no interest in
read, “What’s so funny?”                                                              what happens to the offering.
    When it comes to giving                                                            I am only saying that it is
to God’s cause, do we just                                                              easier to give with a cheerful
have smiles painted on our                                                               spirit when we reflect on the
faces, or do we really enjoy                                                             sacrifice of Christ on our
giving? Have “cheerful”                                                                   behalf and His continuing
and “giving” gotten a                                                                     blessings to us on a daily
divorce?                                                                                 basis.
    Today we hear folks                                                                      Ellen White, when
remark when referring to                                                                 commenting on the gifts of
someone with a grumpy                                                            the poor who are motivated to do
disposition, “That person                                                        something to help in God’s cause,
has really got an attitude.”                                                       pointed out that the use of the
Does it make any difference                                                            money by those in charge is
what our attitude is when                                                               not always what the giver
it comes to giving? It is an                                                          had in mind. God will hold
interesting question because                                                        them responsible—not the
if God gets the money,                                                             giver. She states, “I was shown

8 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                  Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
that the recording angel makes a
faithful record of every offering
dedicated to God and put into
the treasury, and also of the final
result of the means thus bestowed.
The eye of God takes cognizance               B Y     G A R Y       B U R N S
of every farthing devoted to His
cause, and of the willingness or
reluctance of the giver. The motive
in giving is also chronicled. Those
self-sacrificing, consecrated ones
who render back to God the things
that are His, as He requires of them,
will be rewarded according to their
works. Even though the means thus
consecrated be misapplied, so that
it does not accomplish the object             Mel Reese told me this story of his experience journeying across
which the donor had in view—the           the sandy arctic shores of Alaska with a local tribe member.
glory of God and the salvation                As they walked, stepping over bleached and buffed driftwood,
of souls—those who made the               Mel noticed a treasure washed up on shore. Closer examination
sacrifice in sincerity of soul, with an    revealed Japanese hand-blown glass floats from fishing nets which
eye single to the glory of God, will      must have bobbed thousands of miles in the ocean current.
not lose their reward” Testimonies            He stooped down to pick them up, wanting to add these
for the Church, vol. 2, pp. 518, 519.     antiquitous treasures to his collection. His guide asked what he was
    May I suggest two solid               doing. When he explained his desire to take them with him, his guide
reasons for cheerful giving? They         said, “You can leave them here and pick them up on the way back.”
are our response to the great love            “But someone else may find them. They might not be here when I
of God and the thrill of seeing the       get back,” Mel protested.
work of God go forward. “What                 Without saying a word, his companion picked up a stick and
                                          began to scratch a circle in the sand around the treasure. Mel asked
can I render to the Lord for all His
                                          what he was doing.
benefits toward me?” All the love
                                              “Now,” the native responded, “no one will take them.”
that men and angels are capable of
                                              “How do you know?” Mel asked.
exercising sinks into insignificance
                                              “Because,” he replied, “I have drawn a circle around them. When
in comparison with the love of
                                          you draw a circle around something, you are declaring ownership.
God toward the human family.
                                          My people will see the circle and know that these belong to someone.
Calls for offerings generally mean
                                          They will honor the claim. No one will take them.”
that the work is being maintained
                                              The two arrived at their destination. Upon their return journey,
and expanded, and doors of
                                          Mel was anxious to see if his treasures were still where they had
opportunity are being entered.            left them. Finally they arrived. He looked with amazement at the
This sounds like a cause for              gleam of light reflecting off the globes. His guide was right. The
rejoicing to me.                          circle in the sand worked. The people did honor that which was
    Christ is anxious to return,          claimed by another.
the fields are white, ready to                 God has declared His ownership. But His people were not always
harvest. Souls are looking to             faithful in honoring His ownership. They denied His authority, and
heaven waiting only to be gathered        when confronted with their crime of theft, defended their actions by
in. Let’s exchange our painted            declaring, “Where have we robbed God?” The prophet replied, “In
smiles for expressions of genuine         tithes and offerings.”
pleasure as we cheerfully respond             The God who created us—the God who created the bounty of our
to God’s unfailing love and the           world—drew His circle around one-tenth of all our increase. He has
opportunities He gives us to bring        declared it to be His. What will we do when we come upon God’s
our offerings to Him.                     circle in the sand?

Ed Reid is the North American             Gary Burns is the Lake Union communication director.
Division stewardship director.

Visit our web site at                                    Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 9
Neglected Challenges
in the Euro-Africa Division
B Y    B RU C E          BA U ER

M     ission offerings for the fourth
      quarter of 2003 are earmarked
for the Euro-Africa Division to
                                                    by a total of 4.5 million people.
                                                    The challenge of reaching these
                                                    eight countries is huge, but there
                                                                                           Britain. Pray for the European
                                                                                           Christians that they will witness to
                                                                                           the Moroccans in their cities.
build a seminary in Sofia, Bulgaria,                 is more to the challenge. The eight        Turkey remains the largest
and an evangelistic center in Paris,                countries have 351 distinct people     unreached country in the world.
France. Seminaries are needed,                      groups, each needing the Bible in      Seventh-day Adventists have had a
and the evangelistic center in                      their language, a unique strategy,     presence in the country since before
Paris could potentially reach out                   literature, a dedicated team of        the First World War, but most
to the many Muslims in Paris.                       church planters, and much prayer       Adventists have been Armenians,
However, the challenges in the                      support.                               unable to witness effectively to the
                                                                       In Afghanistan,     majority population of Turks. Pray
                                                                   there are 48,000        for the success of new witnessing
                                                                   mosques but not         initiatives.
                                                                   a single Christian          For decades, Muslim people
                                                                   church. There are       have been resistant to the gospel.
                                                                   fifty languages with     Perhaps God is waiting for us to
                                                                   only two of them        join Him in His love for Muslims.
                                                                   having the New          Perhaps God is waiting for us to
                                                                   Testament translated    intercede and petition Him for a
 A Bulgarian lay pastor is working with this group of Bible
 students. The 13th Sabbath offering this quarter will help build  and an additional       softening and turning to God in
 an Adventist seminary in Sofia, Bulgaria, so that more trained     three languages that
 pastors will be prepared to share the Advent hope in Bulgaria.    only have portions of
southern portion of the division are                               the Scriptures. Pray
staggering and are often neglected.                 for translators who will give the
    There are eight Muslim                          Afghan peoples the Word of God in
countries in the southern part                      their own languages.

                                                                                                                                            Photo by James Fisher.
of the Euro-Africa Division that                         There are 2.5 million Algerians
make up the Trans-Mediterranean                     in Europe. Pray that the gospel
Territory—Afghanistan, Algeria,                     will reach them so they can be the
Iran, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia,                      ones to share the gospel with their
Turkey, and Western Sahara. This                    relatives and friends back home.       The Trans-Mediterranean Territory has a
                                                                                           combined population of 245 million with only
territory has a combined population Iran has 69 official languages, but                     176 Adventists. Most of the people are Muslims
of 245 million people with only                     most are without the Bible. Pray for   and worship in Mosques.
176 Adventist members. Those                        translators.
                                                         Few Libyans have ever seen        Muslim lands. Perhaps God waits
numbers are shocking. There are
                                                    a Bible, and only two of the 11        because of our hardness of heart
1,396,068 people for each Adventist
                                                    languages have the New Testament.      toward Muslims. I know God waits
member in that region.
                                                    Pray that Christian broadcasts and     because He wants Muslims from
    Turkey and Iran are the
                                                    Web sites will impact the Libyan       every nation, kindred, tongue,
two countries with the largest
                                                    people. Moroccans have emigrated       and people to join Him before the
populations. Turkey has more than
                                                    in large numbers—1.5 million in        throne on the sea of glass.
70 million people with only 35
Adventists. Iran has a population                   France, 240,000 in Holland, 150,000
in excess of 71 million with only 32                in Belgium, more than 800,000 in       Bruce Bauer is the department of
members.                                            Spain (most of whom are there          world mission chair at the Adventist
    During 2003, the population                     as illegal immigrants), 100,000        Theological Seminary in Berrien
in these eight countries increased                  in Germany, and 50,000 in Great        Springs, Michigan.

10 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                          Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
 Hope for the Homeland Harvest Still Being Reaped
                                     B Y      MA DL YN                  HA M B L I N

S   outhern Michigan is known
    for it’s abundance of fruits and
vegetables. Fields cultivated and
                                               Ray asked Richard to fill in
                                           as a substitute teacher when he
                                           was away, and Richard began this
                                                                                                 While Richard was studying
                                                                                             with Judy and Jeremy, he began
                                                                                             sharing with his wife, Betty
seeds sown often result in a rich          additional responsibility in the                  Chomic, at home. Betty began to
harvest of delectable varieties of         church.                                           think seriously about her spiritual
food. Faithful work and God’s                  The Jackson
blessings in sowing gospel seeds           Church members
also result in a harvest of people         began mailing
for God’s kingdom. Such is the case        “Something
at the Jackson (Michigan) Church           Wonderful”cards
where baptisms are still occurring,        periodically to
originating from the Hope for the          the different zip
Homeland meetings held last year.          codes around
    Richard Chomic was one of the          Jackson. Bible
persons who made a commitment at           study interest
the Hope for the Homeland meetings.        cards began
Before the meetings began, he hap-         pouring in,
pened to pick up a colorful brochure       and Ray asked
in Todd Erhard’s dental office. The         Richard to
                                                                When Richard Chomic made his commitment to follow God at the Hope for
brochure’s content appealed to his         be his Bible         the Homeland meetings, he immediately began to share his hope with others,
heart, and he made a commitment            study partner        resulting in three baptisms. From left: Richard Chomic; Betty Chomic; Gene Hall,
to attend all the meetings.                in following         Jackson Church pastor; Cindy Hall; Judy Hankerd; and Lori Rowland.
    At the end of the series, Richard      up some of the
was baptized. But even before his          cards. Richard                                    condition as she followed along
baptism, he began sharing his faith        accepted.                                         with the lessons that Richard was
by passing out literature. And he              The first person they called on                teaching.
began attending the pastor’s Bible         was Judy Hankerd. However, the                        On April 17, Betty Chomic, Judy
class taught by Jackson’s head elder,      time that Judy could be available                 Hankerd, and Lori Rowland were
Ray Hamblin. One of the persons            for studies was not a convenient                  baptized together into the Jackson
Richard passed literature to was           time for Ray. So Richard conducted                Church.
Lori Rowley, a young mother with           the studies on his own. Judy’s                        Just as the trees planted many
four children. She began attending         cousin, Jeremy, began sitting in on               years ago in Michigan are still
church on a regular basis.                 the Bible studies also.                           producing a harvest of peaches,
    The church opened its arms                 Judy had been searching for                   pears, apples, cherries, and other
to Lori, and she was soon                  a church. She visited Catholic,                   fruit, so the seeds sown during Hope
fellowshipping with other young            Baptist, and non-denominational                   for the Homeland are still growing
mothers. After Hope for the Homeland       churches, but always felt                         and producing a harvest.
finished, Lori continued attending          something was missing. When
church and attended the pastor’s           she finished the studies, she knew                 Madlyn Hamblin lives in Brooklyn,
Bible class which began studying           where she should be—the Seventh- Michigan, and is a member of the
Don Gray’s book, How to Witness.           day Adventist Church.                             Jackson Church.

Visit our web site at                                                    Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 11
                                                       “We don’t have the money now, but later … ,” I’ll be
                                                       counting on that.
                                                          I need you to say what you mean and mean what
                                                       you say. If you tell my brother that he’ll have to
                                                       go to bed early, and then let him stay up until I
                                                       go to bed just because he whines and stalls, I’ll be
                                                       disappointed and angry.
                                                          I know you are busy at work and stuff, but I am
                                                       busy all day at school. I need you to have some down
                                                       time with me in the evenings. I want you to listen to
                                                       what really happened at school. And when I talk to
                                                       you, I don’t need your solutions about how I should

      All I Want for                                   do better. I just want you to listen.
                                                          My friends are important to me. I wish they were

                                                       important to you, too. When you don’t remember
                                                       their names, that hurts! I’d like for my friends
                                                       to be able to come over to our house. I’d like to
                                                       take a friend to town or come over for Sabbath
Dear Mom and Dad:                                      afternoon. They don’t care if the house isn’t clean,
    Instead of writing to Santa, I decided to write    and I don’t either.
to you about what I really want for Christmas this        Well, actually I do care if the house is clean. I
year. I know you worry about spending too much on      really need to learn how to be organized and do
me, and then you worry about not spending enough.      important things around the house. Can you show me
When you listen to me and buy me a few of the things   how, and then trust me to take some responsibility?
I want, I feel listened to. It is important for                   I know Christmas is really about Christ’s
me to have some of the same things other                         birth, but I like to have some fun, too.
kids have; but you can over do it, and then I                       Could you keep working on your own
feel a bit guilty myself. You may not believe                       Christian experience and be healthy in
your ears, but it’s really not about the                            all the important ways? Could you let
money you spend on me.                                             me know that you will absolutely and
    What I’d really like is for both of you                       unabashedly love me forever, no matter
to tell me that you love me. I may pull                            what? Then I can better understand God’s
away or even try to escape; but I’m                                  love for me, and I’ll be getting the best
listening. The way you think you are                                   gifts ever!
showing your love may not mean the                                     Thanks for listening.
same to me. Could you also write it
in a note and leave it on my pillow, or
write it on the bathroom mirror, or
                                                                        Your Kid
write it on the banana you send in my                              Note: American parents spend $4.2 billion for
lunch, too? Could you tell others during                         candy and snacks, $6.3 billion on clothes, $8.4
                                                                 billion on toys, and $2.1 billion on computers,
conversations how special I am and how                           stereos, and software for Christmas gifts. Between
important I am to you?                                          Thanksgiving and Christmas, kids make around
    I’d really like you to keep your promises,                 25 shopping trips to buy things for themselves and
too. I’m pretty smart you know. If you put me                pick things for parents and grandparents to buy for
off and say, “We’ll do that another time,” or            them. Children spend $3.5 billion of their own money and
                                                         influence their parents to spend another $21.2 billion.

12 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                           Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
                                                                 Ways to reduce or manage
                                                                 stress in your life:
                                                                 1. Set realistic priorities for your life, and for
                                                                    each day.
                                                                 2. Take time to exercise daily—preferably an
                                                                    outdoors activity you enjoy.
                                                                 3. Avoid situations that are known to cause
                                                                    you stress.
                                                                 4. Create adequate time in your schedule for
                                                                    appropriate rest and relaxation.
                                                                 5. Have a meaningful time every day for

     The Silent Killer
                                                                    prayer and Bible study.

A   re things really out of control in your life? Are you
    faced with unrelenting pressures and deadlines?
Have you become a “workaholic”? Maybe you are
                                                                 Just as excessive stress can cause metal fatigue in an
                                                             airplane wing, so constant stress on the human body
                                                             can produce mental or physical fatigue. Such fatigue is
over-committed and trying to do more than you can            often followed by depression. Fatigue also adversely
realistically accomplish in a given time. It could be that   affects your ability to judge, discern, and be creative.
you feel overwhelmed by various financial or family               There are some simple things you can do to help
problems. Are you experiencing chronic fatigue? Do               yourself cope effectively with ongoing stress. These
you feel you are inefficient in all that you                                include identifying the stress factors in
do, and enjoying life less and less.                                            your life, learning to set boundaries,
    The ongoing pressures of daily                                                  prioritizing your tasks, having a
life—especially during the holiday                                                     regular exercise program that
season—can wear or grind you                                                              is fun, having adequate rest
down. Overloaded circuits                                                                   and relaxation, taking time
have a way of blowing a                                                                       for prayer and reflection
fuse. Unmanaged stress                                                                         (Psalm 37:7), getting
can lead to high blood                                                                           involved with an
pressure, elevated blood                                                                          enjoyable hobby, and
sugar and blood lipids,                                                                            finding time to serve
ulcers, tension headaches,                                                                         others who are in
allergies, backaches,                                                                               real need.
insomnia, irritability,
impaired relationships,                                                                         Winston J. Craig,
a depressed immune                                                                               Ph.D., R.D., Andrews
system, or a pre-                                                                                  University professor
mature heart                                                                                           of nutrition

Visit our web site at                                       Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 13
Hinsdale Hospital Donates
Concert Grand Piano to Church
     The history of the Hinsdale Seventh-day Adventist

                                                                                                                                             Photos taken from a video capture.
Church has long been linked with the hospital across
the street. David Paulson, the founder of Hinsdale
Sanitarium and Hospital, was the church’s first pastor,
as well as the hospital’s first doctor and chief executive
     As Hinsdale Hospital celebrated its centennial year,
it also demonstrated its lasting commitment to the                Larry Dalton, an international concert pianist, inaugurates the Steinway
church with a gift of a nine-foot Steinway and Sons               and Sons concert grand piano at the Hinsdale Adventist Church piano
concert grand piano.                                              dedication service.
                                                 The piano
                                                                  the old church,” added Sadau.
                                             was dedicated on
                                                                      Referring to Blair as a “fair and honest man,” Sadau
                                             April 26, in honor
                                                                  said, “Besides my parents, he had the biggest impact
                                             of Mardian Blair,
                                                                  on my life as a mentor in health-care administration
                                             another Adventist
                                                                  and in my own personal life.”
                                             leader of both the
                                                                      The plaque on the piano reads: “Dedicated to the
                                             hospital and the
                                                                  worship of
                                             church. He served
                                                                  God April
                                             as CEO of Hinsdale
                                                                  26, 2003,
                                             Hospital from 1963
                                                                  presented by
Jonathan Leach, AHSMR regional               to 1970, a time
executive director of ministry and mission,                       Adventist
(left) chats with Mardian Blair at the piano when the hospital    Health
dedication service.                          experienced much
     Blair started his 38-year career in Adventist Health
System at Hinsdale Hospital in 1958 as a billing clerk.
                                                                  to honor
Later as CEO, he saw the construction of the hospital’s
North Wing and Garden Court Apartments. He led
                                                                  Blair, whose      In celebration of its centennial year, Hinsdale
the facility during a time when all the beds were full
                                                                  vision has        Hospital presented a nine-foot Steinway piano to
and people were on waiting lists to get in. Morale was
                                                                  brought great the Hinsdale Church in honor of Mardian Blair. From
high. A profitable community fund drive enabled the                                  left: Mardian Blair and Ernie Sadau, AHSMR CEO.
                                                                  growth to both
hospital to purchase land, create an intensive care
                                                                  the Hinsdale
unit, and be a leader among community hospitals in
                                                                  Hospital and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”
the Chicago area. From Hinsdale, he went to Florida,
                                                                      John Rapp, Hinsdale Church pastor, thanked
serving as CEO of Adventist Health System from 1984
                                                                  the AHSMR executives for their commitment to the
until his retirement in 2000.
                                                                  Hinsdale Church and its ministry.
       “The Lord has blessed (Mardian Blair’s) leader-
                                                                      The first piece of music played on the magnificent
ship,” said Ernie Sadau, Adventist Health System
                                                                  instrument, “In the Garden,” was chosen because it’s a
Midwest Region (AHSMR) CEO. “When Blair worked
                                                                  favorite hymn of Mardian and Joan Blair.
and worshipped here with Christ-like leadership, he
was instrumental in persuading the church to build a                   Lynn Larson, Adventist Health System Midwest Region
new facility on a larger site, rather than adding on to                                  Lake Union Herald correspondent

14 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                         Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
Howard Performing Arts
Center Opens at Andrews

                                                                                                                                                 Photos by Dave Sherwin.
   Nineteen months after the first shovels broke
ground for the Howard Performing Arts Center, its
doors opened to welcome patrons and performers to                   The Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University
                                                                    held its Inaugural Programs the weekend of Oct. 18–20.
the Inaugural Programs.
   John and Dede Howard, then of St. Joseph, Mich.,                     Approximately 350 campus and community
and currently of Holland, Mich., donated a large sum                members attended an open house on the afternoon of
of money for the building project in February 2001.                 Sunday, Oct. 19. The community was invited to tour
The center is the fulfillment of a 40-year dream for                 the building, sit in on fun seminars about the arts, try
Andrews, and will benefit not just the campus, but also              different instruments in the musical “petting zoo,” and
the local community.                                                listen to three free mini concerts.
                                                                        The Howard Performing Arts Center will be
                                                                    available to community groups for performances,
                                                                    seminars, and luncheons. Located near the front of
                                                                    campus, the Howard Center has been dubbed the
                                                                    “hello” building. Its diagonal placement affords a
                                                                    panoramic view of the campus from the glass-faced
                                                                    lobby, including Pioneer Memorial Church, the
                                                                    Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Chan
                                                                    Shun Hall, and the Science Complex.

John and Dede Howard were presented with a large photo of the
performing arts center, complete with music students’ signatures.

    Peter Cooper, chair of the department of music
at Andrews, anticipates that the hall will have an
overwhelmingly positive effect on his department as
well as the entire university. “This generous gift from
the Howards will enable us to broaden our influence
and share our talents with an even wider audience, and              The Berrien Springs Children’s Choir, under the direction of Stephen Zork,
will provide our music students with a professional                 opened both concerts.
performance venue,” Cooper said.
    Inaugural performances for the general public                      Andrews University is humbled to be the home of
were sold out for the Saturday evening concert on                   such an acoustically perfect, intimate setting for the
Oct.18, and only a handful of empty seats could be                  enjoyment of fine music, and hopes the community will
seen at the repeat performance on Sunday, Oct.19. A                 embrace the building as their own. For a complete list of
special program for Andrews University students was                 inaugural season events, log on to http://howard
held Monday, Oct. 20, complete with a hot beverage        , or call the box office at (269) 471-3560.
bar afterward.
                                                                          Katie Shaw, Andrews University Relations news writer

Visit our web site at                                                   Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 15
                                          E DUCATION N EWS                                        Newspaper and television crews stopped by
                                                                                              to capture the students’ volunteer spirit for local
                                                                                              community news. Noblesville Mayor Dennis Redick
                           Loving Your Neighbors                                              also dropped in to extend his appreciation for their
                                                                                              efforts. In a newspaper article about the flood the next
                           Indiana Academy Style                                              day, Mayor Redick remarked about how heartwarming
                                                                                              it was to see volunteers from outside the area help in
                               Indiana —Noblesville (Ind.) citizens were bracing              the flood effort.
                           for flooding as a result of over eight inches of rain                   The White River did crest at 2:00 a.m. the next
                           that fell over the Labor Day holiday, promising for the            morning. Some homes and businesses weren’t able to
                           second time this year to bring catastrophe to residents            avoid the flood’s destruction, but over 7,000 sandbags
                           surrounding the White River within its city limits.                prepared by IA students helped stop the water from
                           Hearing this news, Indiana Academy (IA) chaplain                   doing greater damage.
                           Ernie Peckham and other faculty members decided to                     IA student Alisha Widing shared the students’
                                                                    involve IA students       sentiments with Channel 8 evening news viewers
                                                                    in a service project      when she said, “It was hard work, but it was fun, too!”
                                                                    that would not only       Students like Alisha helped the community learn what
                                                                    assist a neighboring      IA and the Adventist Church are all about—love for
                                                                    community, but
Photos by Diane Thurber.

                                                                                              God and their neighbors.
                                                                    would provide
                                                                    students with the          Diane Thurber, Indiana Conference communication director
                                                                    opportunity to
                                                                    experience the joy of
                           Over 50 Indiana Academy students         reaching out to those
                           assisted Emergency Management Services impacted by disaster.
                                                                                              Alumni Weekend Concert
                           workers by preparing sandbags to prevent
                           flood damage in Noblesville, Ind.
                                                                        It was early in the
                                                                    morning when Ernie
                                                                                              Nets $10,000
                           Peckham telephoned the City of Noblesville to offer                    Lake Region —The weekend of Sept.19–21 proved
                           the services of the IA students in whatever capacity               to be a very exciting and spiritual time for Peterson-
                           they were needed. It didn’t take long for Emergency                Warren Academy (PWA) alumni. Some of them came
                           Management Services (EMS) to telephone back and say,               from as far away as California, Virginia, Florida,
                           “Yes! We can use your help.”                                       Alabama, and
                                                                        At noon,              Illinois to spend this
                                                                    approximately 25          special weekend at
                                                                    students arrived at       PWA and to renew
                                                                    the EMS site where        old friendships.
                                                                    they would spend              The highlight
                                                                    the afternoon filling      of the weekend
                                                                    sandbags for flood         was the Saturday
                                                                    victims. They worked      night concert
                                                                                              presented by the
                           Indiana Academy student representatives diligently to fill the
                           Ryan Thurber and Amy Jacobs, along with bags, tied them off,       Madison Mission        Chris Gardner, one of “the interns” from
                           Ernie Peckham, IA chaplain, received a   and then stacked          and Dynamic Praise the Dell Computers commercials, signed
                           recognition plaque from Mayor Dennis     them on pallets to be     choirs. Because of     autographs for the students.
                           R. Redick in appreciation for assisting                            the hard work of the
                           Noblesville residents during the flood.   moved to adjacent
                                                                    warehouses.               PWA faculty, the Detroit area pastors, and volunteers,
                               About mid-way through the afternoon, vehicles                  the concert brought in over $10,000 on behalf of the
                           arrived bringing more students who wanted to                       academy. Profits will go towards the new gym floor.
                           participate in this outreach project. As tired students                From Los Angeles, Calif., our own Chris Gardner
                           returned to campus, fresh students arrived to finish                came to support PWA’s alumni weekend and host
                           the job. Throughout the afternoon about 50 students                the concert. Gardner is one of “the interns” for Dell
                           left work and classes to help prepare for the flood. Luis           Computers’ TV commercials. During the concert
                           Beltre, assistant chaplain, remarked, “It was amazing              intermission, the Honorable Judge Greg Mathis was
                           for me to see how many students wanted to volunteer                presented with an “Alumnus of the Year” plaque by
                           and to see the way they worked so hard.”                           Juanita Martin, PWA principal; Norman Miles, Lake

                           Visit our web site at                                               Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 17
Region Conference                                                                      Y OUTH N EWS
president; and
Edward Woods, Lake
Region Conference
                                                                 Faith on Fire International
   After the concert, The Peterson-Warren Academy choir sang
                                                                 Pathfinder Camporee
both Chris Gardner for the alumni weekend divine service.            Lake Union —Lake Union Pathfinders will be
and Judge Greg Mathis signed autographs and greeted              attending the largest six-day Adventist Youth event in
the many guests who attended the event.                          the world from Aug. 9–14, 2004, in Oshkosh, Wis.
   The next alumni weekend is scheduled for Sept.                    Over 20,000 Pathfinders from over 60 countries will
17–19, 2004. Honored classes will be 1964 and 1974. For          be attending this historical youth event. Participants
more information, call (313) 565-5808.                           will experience six days of fun and spiritual growth.
                                                                     Each night the powerful life story of Joseph will
        Juanita Martin, Peterson-Warren Academy principal        be presented, so all can see how he kept his “Faith on
                                                                 Fire”in the good and the bad times. A special, giant
                                                                 outdoor stage is being designed for this unique Bible
Peterson-Warren Student                                          story. Two massive Jumbotron screens with a state-of-
                                                                 the-art sound system will make it easy for our “city” of
Witnesses to New Student                                         20,000 to see and hear God’s message.
                                                                                                              This once-in-a-
    Lake Region —This is the first year that Lynette                                                       lifetime event for many
Burnette has attended Peterson-Warren Academy                                                             Pathfinders will also
(PWA). She has only attended public schools, and                                                          include being inspired
this year she refused to attend another one. Through                                                      by some of the best
scholarships, Lynette is now attending a school that she                                                  marching/drill teams in
loves. Leanna Pointer, a PWA student, invited Lynette                                                     the world, such as the
to spend the weekend with her, and for the first time                                                      Hong Kong club which
                                     she was able to attend an                                            took first place at the
                                     Adventist church. This                                               1999 Discover the Power
                                     is the “thank you” letter   Many Pathfinders make the decision
                                                                                                         Camporee. New for the
                                                                 to be baptized at the camporee.
                                     Lynette wrote.                                                      2004 camporee is a drum
                                          Dear Leanna,           core exhibition that everyone will want to see and hear.
                                          I have known you           Many Pathfinders are preparing to be baptized
                                     for just three weeks, and   and invested as Master Guides. Others are planning
                                     we have become friends.     to collect new and used Bibles to help surpass the
                                     Thank you for inviting      32,000 Bibles collected in the 1999 Discover the Power
                                     me to your church, City     Camporee. The goal is to collect 100,000 Bibles at the
                                     Temple. I was impressed     Faith on Fire
                                     with how big your church    Camporee.
                                     is. I was surprised to          The Faith on
                                     see so many of my new       Fire Camporee is
Lynette Burnette is a new student at
Peterson-Warren Academy.             schoolmates like Randy      an opportunity
                                     King and Mario Josiah.      to let Jesus
My biggest surprise was seeing the school principal,             come close to
Dr. Martin, and my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Bone.                  Pathfinders in
They were singing in the choir! Pastor Joseph is a               a powerful and           Pathfinders will experience six days of fun and
wonderful person. I enjoyed the service. For that day,           special way. To          spiritual growth.
I felt that City Temple was my home. I felt welcomed,            learn more about
and I would like to come back soon.                              this important, historical North American Division
    A grateful friend,                                           youth event, contact the Andrews University Center for
    Lynette Burnette                                             Youth Evangelism: 1.800.YOUTH.2.U or (269) 471-8380;
    Grade 10                                            or
  Albert Rogers, Peterson-Warren Academy English teacher            Ron Whitehead, Faith on Fire Camporee executive director

18 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                       Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
              L OCAL C HURCH N EWS
                                                                            Bringing Jesus to Jail
Bilingual Evangelism Results in                                             Marion Members Reach out to
11 Baptisms                                                                 Inmates at Christmas
    Michigan —For the first time in the history of our
Hispanic churches in Traverse City and Elk Rapids
we held dual bilingual public evangelistic meetings
simultaneously. After a revival to prepare our members
mentally and spiritually, the meetings began on Aug.
25. Carlos Camacho, the youth pastor on loan from
a large Hispanic church in California, preached the                         It took many individuals to assemble
                                                                            800 Christmas care packages for the
messages in Spanish, and I, Frank Wilson, Elk Rapids
                                                                            county jails and juvenile facilities.
pastor, translated into English.
                                                                                Indiana —As the holidays
                                                                            approach, Marion (Ind.)
                                                                            members prepare for their         Former inmate Kathie Knight
                                                                            annual Christmas prison           (right) appreciated the outreach
                                                                            outreach. It began six years      program so much that she volun-
                                                                                                              teers to help since her release.
                                                                            ago at the Grant County Jail
                                                                            in Marion, and year after year other jails have been
                                                                            included. Last year, 800 gift bags were delivered to
                                                                            seven county jails and two juvenile facilities. This
                                                                            year the church plans to increase that number to 1,000
                                                                            in order to include another county jail and juvenile
                                                                            facilities. The bags contain many goodies: fruits, snacks,
                                                                            coupons, brochures, Bible studies, literature, health
                                                                            information, Christian books, and letters of testimonies.
                                                                                The church collects funds for this project
Eleven people were baptized as a result of bilingual crusades held in Elk   throughout the year. Local Amish residents are some
Rapids and Traverse City, Mich.
                                                                            of the additional contributors to this ministry. They
   The meetings were held from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. in                         donate fruit for the bags and accompany members
Traverse City, after which we immediately drove the 20                      as they make deliveries, singing and delighting the
miles to Elk Rapids for the second session from 7:30 to                     inmates with their voices. By the end of November,
9:00 p.m. The meetings continued every night for two                        the assembly starts. Many volunteers work in shifts to
weeks with attendance fluctuating between 36 and 60                          complete the gift bags.
individuals.                                                                    On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, groups visit the
   In order to accomplish our goals, we worked late                         inmates, cell by cell, shaking hands, singing, sharing
most nights, sometimes visiting interested people at                        words of hope, and offering prayers for different inmate
midnight. We awoke each morning ready to continue                           requests. Hispanic members and friends contribute by
our search for people who expressed a desire to know                        translating for the non-English-speaking inmates.
more about God’s Word.                                                          Kathie Knight, once in jail for more than a year,
   At the final meeting, an altar call was made, and                         keeps thanking the church for this program since her
eleven people came forward to give their hearts to                          release. She is happily following Jesus and now assists
Christ. Among them was Diego Pascual with his entire                        the church with this outreach program. In addition to
adult family—his wife, two daughters, and one son.                          Marion members, a group in Fort Wayne coordinates
   Since Pastor Camacho had to return to California, I                      Bible studies with the inmates.
continue to pray for and follow up on all the interests.                        Interested persons may come and witness our work
We anticipate an even greater harvest from the gospel                       this Christmas. For information about this program,
seeds planted at these evangelistic meetings.                               you may call (765) 668-7300, and we will put you in
                                                                            touch with Lemuel Vega, the coordinator.
         Frank Wilson, Elk Rapids Church pastor, with Bruce
      Babienco, Lake Union Herald volunteer correspondent                              RayVasquez, Marion Church communication leader

Visit our web site at                                                           Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 19
                              Harvest Yields $1,850 for
                              Aboite Christian School
                                  Indiana —In the fall of 2002, a small group of laity
                              from the Fort Wayne Church was inspired to plant
                              sweet corn on acreage at the Aboite Christian School
                              and sell it to raise funds for the school. Beyond the
                              financial gain desired, they also wanted the project
                              to be a spiritual and educational experience for the
                              children and adult members.
                                                                             The logistics of
                                                                         such an undertaking
                                                                         presented obstacles.       Peggy and Tyler Skiles, of the Fort Wayne Church, sell corn by the roadside.
                                                                         The school had no          sales have reached about $200. Approximately $1,850
                                                                         corn planter, tractor,     have been raised so far for the school.
                                                                         disc, cultivator, or
                                                                                                    Brett McAllister, Fort Wayne Church communication leader
                                                                         experience to draw
                                                                         from. The existing area
                                                                         of land to be planted                              U NION N EWS
                                                                         was approximately
                                                                         three acres and had
                                                                                                    Lay Evangelism Training
Photos by Brett McAllister.

                                                                         been dormant for
                                                                         several years.
                                                                             Jeff Smith and Brett
                                                                         McAllister stepped
                                                                                                    Convention a Huge Success
                                                                         out in faith. During           Lake Union —Before the Century Center in South
                              LaDawn Willauer, Kathy Chambers, and
                                                                                                    Bend, Ind., opened its doors to the Lay Evangelism
                              Jack Fleckenstein help harvest sweet corn. a fall school bon fire,
                                                                         a tractor was rented       Training Convention participants on Friday, Oct. 24,
                              to give hayrides. It was decided to also use the tractor              over 1,200 people had registered. Never before in the
                              to plow the field, but a disc was needed. Smith had a                  history of the Lake Union have lay people responded
                              neighbor who loaned the school a single-row disc plow                 in such numbers for evangelism training and paid for
                              and several hours were spent discing up the thick sod.                the privilege.
                                  Over the winter, an old International Harvester                       Speaker Roscoe Howard, North American Division
                              4-row planter was found and purchased for $100. A                     secretary, wondered if this might be the first drops
                              school neighbor was approached about helping us, and                  of the latter rain. People came with a sense of eager
                              he promised to disc our field and help plant corn.                     anticipation from all five conferences of our union, and
                                  In the spring of 2003, the seed was purchased, and                from every size and type of community.
                              two acres of land were planted with sweet corn. The                       Participants were divided into nine training groups:
                              old corn planter did a fine job.                                       evangelism for Hispanics, evangelism 101, personal
                                  An additional acre was reserved for planting                      evangelism, sequence evangelism, child evangelism,
                              pumpkins, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. Many silent                 youth evangelism, health evangelism, media
                              prayers were offered as we dedicated our undertaking                  evangelism, and family evangelism. Classrooms had
                              to the Lord and waited to see what God would do. God                  standing room only.
                              was good, and there was an abundance of corn ready                        Sunday morning, Walter Wright, Lake Union
                              to be harvested in about 11 weeks.                                    Conference president, gave a challenge and call for
                                  Roadsiding was the method of selling that brought                 commitment at the closing prayer breakfast. The
                              the best return. A festive corn roast was also held at the            response was nearly unanimous.
                              school. In all, it was determined that approximately                      So what’s going to happen now? Nearly 1,200
                              24,000 ears of corn were harvested. Members raised                    trained lay evangelists have returned to their
                              approximately $1,650 selling the corn.                                communities and churches to begin planning how they
                                  As corn sales dwindled, pumpkins ripened and                      will be involved in the 2004 Year of Evangelism. Will
                              were ready for harvest. At the time of this writing,                  you join them?
                              members were in the process of selling pumpkins, and                                Gary Burns, Lake Union communication director

                              20 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                             Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
                            MILEPOSTS                                                  Survivors include her         member of the Battle Creek
                                                                                    husband, Hugh K.; sons, Jerry    (Mich.) Tabernacle.
Within the Lake Union the officiating pastor or church communication leader is
                                                                                    and Jim; daughters, Judy            Survivors include her son,
                                                                                    Archer, Janet Pretzer, and       William D.; brothers, Myron
responsible for submission of information to this column. Forms are available       Joyce Linsday; brother, Edgar    and Eugene M. Hamp; sisters,
in print format, or they can be filled out and submitted directly online. Milepost   Apple; sister, Clara Atkinson;   Ruth Cough, Evelyn Tigert,
forms are available at Conference      14 grandchildren; and 11         and Maxine Lovejoy; four
                                                                                    great-grandchildren.             grandchildren; and 14 great-
addresses and phone numbers are in the masthead on page 31.                            Graveside services were
                                                                                    conducted by Pastor Paul
                                                                                                                        Funeral services were
                                                                                    Larson, and interment was
        ANNIVERSARIES                    Clayton; sister, Barbara Keyes;                                             conducted by Pastors Bill C.
                                                                                    in Bruce Armada Cemetery,
                                         five grandchildren; and three               Bruce Twp., Mich.                Cowin and Fernando Ortiz,
                                         great-grandchildren.                                                        and interment was in Newton
                                            Funeral services were                      MCGARVEY, BESSIE (MCCOSKEY), Twp. (Mich.) Cemetery.
                                         conducted by Pastor Michael                age 95; born Aug. 4, 1908, in
                                         Conley, and interment was in               Sullivan Co., Ind.; died Aug.       SHELLEY, KENNETH “BUD” W., age
                                         Olive Branch Cemetery, Holly,              23, 2003, in Sullivan, Ind. She 70; born Dec. 7, 1932, in Porter
                                         Mich.                                      was a member of the Lewis Twp., Mich.; died July 4, 2003,
                                                                                    (Ind.) Church.                   in Saginaw, Mich. He was a
                                            BYRAM, ELIZABETH A. (LIND),age             Survivors include her step- member of the Twin Cities
   SHELDON AND ANNIE MAY SELTZER         85; born Apr. 26, 1918, in                 son, Willard McGarvey; step- Church, Alma, Mich.
celebrated their 50th wedding            Sandborn, Ind.; died Aug. 24,              daughter, Kathleen McGarvey;        Survivors      include       his
anniversary on Aug. 24, 2003,            2003, in Gulf Breeze, Fla. She             and brothers, Robert and wife, Joyce A. (Shaver); sons,
by a surprise open house                 was a member of the Cicero                 Charles McCoskey.                Kenneth W. Jr., Douglas L.,
given by their children at               (Ind.) Church.                                Memorial services were and Robert J.; brother, Richard;
the Berrien Springs (Mich.)                 Survivors include her                   conducted by Elders Herb sister, Alwilda Crouch; and
Village Church youth chapel.             stepsons, Robert Jr. and                   Wrate, Leone Copeland, and seven grandchildren.
They have been members of                Harvey Byram; daughters,                   Bertie Tyler, with private
                                                                                                                        Memorial services were
the Buchanan (Mich.) Church              Susan Bills and Deborah                    inurnment.
                                                                                                                     conducted by Pastor Jeff
for seven years.                         Underwood; sister, Beverly
                                         J. Vickrey; several grand-                    METZGER, ARTHUR L., age 86; Freeman, and interment was
   Sheldon D.H. Seltzer and
                                         children; and several great-               born July 31, 1916, in Tiosa, in Porter Twp. Cemetery,
Annie May Carroll were
                                         grandchildren.                             Ind.; died July 10, 2003, in Breckenridge, Mich.
married Aug. 23, 1953, in
                                            Memorial services were                  Berrien Springs, Mich. He was
Phoenix, Ariz., by Claude E.                                                                                            STEINWEG, VIRGINIA (DUFFIE), age
                                         conducted by Chaplain Joel                 a member of the Niles (Mich.)
Eldridge. Sheldon has been                                                                                           89; born Oct. 25, 1913, in Battle
                                         Underwood, and interment                   Westside Church.
pastor of many churches.
                                         was in Crown Hill Cemetery,                   Survivors     include     his Creek, Mich.; died Feb. 12,
Since his retirement in 1996, he
                                         Arcadia, Ind.                              wife, Dorothy M. (Stacey) 2003, in Edmonton, Ky. She
has been serving as an interim
                                                                                    Snyder; stepson, Stuart C. was a member of the Pioneer
pastor for the Michigan             CARSON, E LIZABETH “B ETTY ”                    Harrison; daughter, Patricia Memorial Church, Berrien
Conference. Annie May has        (ROOSENBERG), age 79; born                         A. Elie; stepdaughters, Springs, Mich.
been a teacher and secretary     Dec. 12, 1923, in Lima, Ohio;                      Meredith M. Snyder, Martha          Survivors include her sons,
in several conferences.          died Sept. 4, 2003, in Yuma,                       M. Rentfro, and Loretta M. Philip and Don; daughter,
   The Seltzer family includes   Ariz. She was a member of                          Howell; brother, Manfred L.; Ann DiCicco; brother, David
Sharon and Ron Symonds           the Berrien Springs (Mich.)                        sisters, Dorothy M. Rideout Duffie; sister, Alice Fahrbach;
of Berrien Springs; Sandra       Village Church.                                    and Edith J. Applegate; four eight grandchildren; and
Seltzer of Niles, Mich.; Bryan      Survivors include her                           grandchildren; seven step- three step-grandchildren.
Seltzer of Buchanan; and         husband, Bertram H.; son,                          grandchildren; and three            Memorial services were
three grandchildren.             John; daughter, Nancy Beldin;                      great-grandchildren.
                                                                                                                     conducted by Pastor Nathan
        OBITUARIES               sister, Sophie Riley; and seven                       Funeral services were
                                                                                                                     Merkel and David Duffie,
                                 grandchildren.                                     conducted by Pastors Don
  BREAKIE, THEODORE B., age 76;     Memorial services were                                                           and inurnment was in Central
                                                                                    Greulich and Fred Cawkins,
born Dec. 9, 1926, in St. Clairs conducted by Pastor William                        and Elder Ed Stacey, and Lake (Mich.) Cemetery.
Shores, Mich.; died Aug. 10, McVay, with private inurnment. interment was in Silverbrook
2003, in Waterford, Mich.                                                                                                 TUCKER, HAROLD, age 92; born
                                                                  Cemetery, Niles.                                     Jan. 4, 1911, in Huntington,
He was a member of the              FERGUSON, LORETTA I. (APPLE),
Waterford/Riverside Church. age 78; born Oct. 27, 1924, in          MINEAR, MILDRED M. (HAMP),                         Ind.; died Sept. 22, 2003, in
  Survivors include his wife, Romeo, Mich.; died Aug. 26, age 95; born July 9, 1907,                                   Berrien Springs, Mich. He
Lois (Braman); sons, Lee and 2003, in Mt. Clemens, Mich. in Burlington, Mich.; died                                    was a member of the Pioneer
Kent; daughters, Patricia Riley She was a member of the Mar. 22, 2003, in Altamonte                                    Memorial Church, Berrien
and Nancy Breakie; brother, Warren (Mich.) Church.                Springs, Fla. She was a                              Springs.

Visit our web site at                                                                 Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 21
   Survivors include his wife,                                              CLASSIFIED ADS
Isabel (McClain); daughters,
Barbara Slawson, Betty Parker,    All ads must be sent to your local conference for approval. No phoned ads will be accepted. Allow at least
Ellen Curtis, and Jacqueline      eight weeks for publication. Fifty words maximum. No limit of insertions. Rates: $25 per insertion for Lake
Boomsliter; sister, Gladys        Union church members; $35 per insertion for all others. A form is available on
Payne; 13 grandchildren; 27       herald-submit.html for printing out and filling in your ad. Ads must be prepaid. Make money order/check
great-grandchildren; and eight
                                  payable to the Lake Union Conference. There will be no refunds for cancellations. The Lake Union Herald can-
                                  not be responsible for advertisements appearing in its columns, and reserves the right to edit ads in accor-
   Memorial services were
conducted      by    Chaplain     dance with editorial policies. The Lake Union Herald does not accept responsibility for typographical errors.
Laurence Burn, and inurn-
ment was in Lancaster Ceme-               REAL ESTATE                  garage with workshop, deep           Store Rd., #153, Punta Gorda,
tery, Huntington.                                                      well, solar power, 23-tree           FL 33955.
                                  FOR SALE: Small commercial           fruit/nut orchard, berries,
   WALKER, HARRY, age 75; born    print shop and building              grapes, and vegetable garden.        CAVE   SPRINGS     HOME   has
July 1, 1928, in Buchanan,        located in southwestern              Asking $185,000. Call Mike or        openings      for    mentally
Mich.; died Sept. 9, 2003, in     Michigan—70 miles from               Karen at (928) 607-4674.             handicapped adults. Plant-
St. Joseph, Mich. He was a        Andrews University, 50 miles                                              based diet. Daily and Sabbath
member of the Berrien Springs     from Battle Creek, in Amish                    FOR SALE                   worship services on campus.
(Mich.) Village Church.           country. Shop located on                                                  Country home is located in
   Survivors     include   his                                         RVS!! Adventist owned and
                                  first floor with 2-bedroom,            operated RV dealership has           Pergram, Tenn. For further
wife, Betty R. (Mayes) Lutz;      1½-bath upstairs apartment.                                               information, contact Craig or
stepson, Brian Lutz; two                                               been helping Adventists
                                  Asking $250,000. Contact                                                  Joyce at (615) 646-6962; or e-
daughters;       stepdaughter,                                         for over 30 years. Huge
                                  Chuck in the evenings at                                                  mail
Brenda Clayton; one sister;                                            inventory. Courtesy airport
                                  (269) 626-8922.
three grandchildren; and five                                           pickup and on-site hookups.
                                                                                                            MORE THAN 1,000 CONVERTED IN A
step-grandchildren.               ADVENTIST REALTOR: Interested        Satisfied Adventist customer          DAY! Now you can have a part
   Funeral services were          in working with someone              list available. Call toll-free       in preparing for this time of
conducted by Pastor Larry L.      who       understands     the        (888) 933-9300. Lee’s RV City,       reaping. Call PROJECT: Steps
Lichtenwalter, and interment      importance of the Sabbath?           Oklahoma City. E-mail us at          to Christ and learn how you
was     in   Mayes      Family    I can help by listing your  or visit our         can sponsor a bulk-mailing
Cemetery, Stanley, Va.            home and/or finding the               Web site,            of Steps to Christ or The Great
                                  home you’re looking for!                                                  Controversy (abridged) to
                                                                       USED ADVENTIST BOOKS. Thous-
                                  Servicing Mich. in western                                                your area. Call (800) 728-
 Needed: Director of              Oakland, western Wayne,
                                                                       ands of used Adventist
                                                                                                            6872, or visit our Web site at
                                                                       books, newly sorted at
  Imaging Services                and Livingston counties.
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                                  Transferees welcome! Contact
 Avista Adventist Hospital                                             at the Great Lakes Adventist
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 applications for Director                                             operated Books and Bread
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 of Imaging Services. The                                              store in Cedar Lake, Mich.
                                                                          by, or about Adventists.
 ideal candidate will possess                                          Scrapbooking supplies and
                                                                                                            Missing a volume? Looking
 a strong background in                                                rustic furniture are also
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 business, marketing and                                               available. Open Mon.–Thur.,
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 leadership. 3–5 years of prior                                        10:00–4:00; Fri., 10:00–2:00;
 management         experience
                                  of land available in northern
                                  Arizona wilderness, 5,300 ft.
                                                                       other hours by appointment.
                                                                       Call toll-free, (866) 822-1200.
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 in either an inpatient           elevation, panoramic 100-mile                                              Wanted: Creative teens and
 or outpatient setting is         view, treed with evergreen                AT YOUR SERVICE                  young adults who have something
 preferred. Avista is a 100 bed   junipers, seasonal creek,                                                  to say. The Herald is looking for
 acute care facility located      community well, maintained           SINGLES SERVICE: Introducing
 near Boulder, Colorado, and
                                                                                                             stories of faith and challenge
                                  roads. One hour north of             Adventists discreetly and
 is highly rated by patients,                                                                                written by readers between the
                                  Prescott, near Interstate 40.        confidentially since 1987.
 staff,    and      physicians.                                                                              ages of 14 and 30.
                                  For information, call Mike or        We have a magazine format
 Please apply online at                                                with personal ads plus en-            It’s time that your voice
                                  Karen at (928) 607-4674.                                                lightening and uplifting arti-        is heard. Send 400 words
 or contact Dave Smith, Vice      MOBILE HOME FOR SALE: 3-             cles. If you desire infor-            of hope, inspiration,
 President at 303-673-1285.       bedroom, 2-bath, on 26               mation on obtaining friend-           and challenge to:
 Avista Adventist Hospital,       usable acres in northern             ship, fellowship, or compan-
 100 Health Park Drive            Arizona, 360-degree view,            ionship, mail a long, self-           Place “One Voice” in
 Louisville, CO 80027.            5,300 ft. elevation, treed with      addressed, stamped envelope           the subject line.
                                  evergreen junipers, 2-car            to DISCOVER, 15550 Burnt

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NURSING HOME ALTERNATIVE! The Michigan and beyond, running       CAREGIVER(S) NEEDED: Couple/ seeking physicians in the
Woods, licensed adult foster or non-running! Trucks, boats,      individual needed to help following specialties: internal
care family home. Private and RVs also accepted. Call Great      with an older couple who medicine, cardiology (non-
semi-private rooms, nutritious Lakes Adventist Academy           live on Andrews University invasive), OB/GYN, family
meals, Christian environment, donation program, toll-free at     campus. An apartment or practice, family practice/
3ABN via satellite, 24-hour (866) 822-1200.                      room will be provided as occupational medicine/urgent

24 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                      Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
                                        Call (800) 264-8642; or e-mail:
                                                                 physician-owned, Adventist-
                                led. Competitive salary and                                 URGENTLY
                                                                 benefits. Strong hospital.
                                 CAMP AU SABLE in Grayling, Rural setting. Contact Steve                                      NEEDED:
                                 Michigan, seeks full-time assi- Scott at (618) 842-4470 or
                                 stant food director. Please
                                                                                                                            Taiwan Union Mission
                                                                 (618) 842-5833; or email:                               urgently needs teachers
                                 send résumé to Michigan
                                                                                              with the following qualifi-
                                 Conference of Seventh-day
                                                                                                                         cations: (1) minimum
                                 Adventists, c/o Youth Camp, SOUTHERN ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                                         bachelor’s degree for En-
                                 P.O. Box 19009, Lansing, MI seeks director of online
                                                                                                                         glish Bible school, (2) mini-
                                 48901; or e-mail: lwhite@mi learning. Position provides
                                                                                                                         mum bachelor’s degree for
                                                                 technical support for online                            elementary school, and (3)
                                 CAMP AU SABLE in Grayling, learning and development of                                  minimum secondary certi-
                                 Michigan, seeks task-force distance education courses                                   fication for college-prep
care, pediatrics, and anes- workers. If you are interested for the university. E-mail                                    school. Stipend, transpor-
thesiology. Gordon Hospital in dedicating a year to further for                                 tation, accommodations,
is a 65-bed facility operated the Lord’s work at Camp Au information and application                                     opportunity to travel, expe-
by Adventist Health System. Sable, we would like to talk instructions.                                                   rience new cultures, and be
Call (800) 264-8642; or e-mail: with you. Please send résumé                                                             a very real part of finishing                                                                                                  God’s work. Please contact
                                 to Michigan Conference of SOUTHERN ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                                         Bob Evans at: 23686-64
                                 Seventh-day Adventists, c/o seeks full-time professor for
SPECIALTY PHYSICIAN OPPORTUNITY: Youth Camp, P.O. Box 19009, School of Physical Education,                               Marble Quary Rd, Columbia,
Tennessee Christian Medical Lansing, MI 48901; or e-mail: Health/Wellness.           Master’s                            CA 95310; phone: (209)
Center (TCMC), Madison,                        degree required, doctorate                              588-9344; or e-mail
Tenn. (Nashville), is seeking                                    preferred. Send letter of                     
physicians in the following HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS application and curriculum
specialties: medicine/pedi- WANTED who are willing to vitae, or for more information,
atrics, general surgery, anes- serve as tentmakers. Church contact Phil Garver, Dean,                                    The General Conference
thesia, hospitalist, internal planting project in crisis School of Physical Education,
medicine, and orthopedics. after death of one of the Health & Wellness, P.O. Box
                                                                                                                          Adventist Volunteer
TCMC is a 300-bed, acute- team members. Physician 370, Collegedale, TN 37315;                                              Service— Mission
care facility operated by (FP/IM), PA, and CDE phone: (423) 238-2852; e-mail:                                             Opportunity in Korea
Adventist Health System. openings. Medical group
                                                                                                                         Seventh-day         Adventist
                                                                                                                         Language Institute in Korea
               Lake Union Conference Tithe Comparison Year-to-date                                                       needs volunteer Adventist
               39 Sabbaths ending September 30, 2003, compared to 39 Sabbaths ending September 30, 2002                  missionaries who are native
                                                                                                      Average Tithe      English-speakers to teach
        Number of Members:                                              Increase      %                Per Member
  06/30/03 06/30/02 Conference              2003           2002        –Decrease Inc. –Decr.         2003      2002      English and Bible to Koreans.
   12,333   12,084    Illinois   6,882,039   6,736,120                   145,919       2.17%         558.02     557.44   If you have a bachelor’s
    6,620    6,542   Indiana     4,556,643   4,522,548                    34,095       0.75%         688.31     691.31   degree or more, Jesus needs
   26,509   25,635 Lake Region   7,738,549   7,487,082                   251,467       3.36%         291.92     292.06   you to teach His word.
   24,538   24,263  Michigan    19,391,572 19,317,793                     73,779       0.38%         790.27     796.18   Teaching experience is not
    6,646    6,419 Wisconsin     4,152,630   4,011,056                   141,574       3.53%         624.83     624.87   necessary—we’ll train you.
   76,646   74,943    Totals   $42,721,433 $42,074,599                  $646,834       1.54%        $557.39    $561.42   Benefits include a monthly
        Average Weekly Tithe:                          $1,095,421     $1,078,836      $16,585        1.54%               stipend ($1,050–1,500), round-
                                                                                                                         trip tickets (for one year of
                                                                                                                         service), housing, utilities,
                                           Sunset Calendar                                                               insurance, and much more.
                                Dec 5       Dec 12          Dec 19          Dec 26          Jan 2             Jan 9      For more information contact
  Berrien Springs, Mich.        5:14          5:14           5:16            5:20            5:25             5:32       SDA Language Institute,
  Chicago                       4:20          4:20           4:22            4:25            4:30             4:38       Human Resources Dept. at
  Detroit                       5:00          5:00           5:02            5:05            5:10             5:20       82-2-2215-7496; 82-2-2211-
  Indianapolis                  5:20          5:20           5:22            5:26            5:31             5:39       3674 (call collect); or e-mail
  La Crosse, Wis.               4:28          4:28           4:29            4:33            4:39             4:46       us at This is a
  Lansing, Mich.                5:05          5:05           5:06            5:10            5:15             5:23       great mission experience that
  Madison, Wis.                 4:23          4:23           4:25            4:28            4:33             4:41
                                                                                                                         will change your life.
  Springfield, Ill.             4:34          4:34           4:36            4:40            4:44             4:52

26 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                                          Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
                  ANNOUNCEMENTS                                     ; or call:
                                                                       Questions? Contact Israel                    (317) 209-8246.
Churches, schools, conferences, institutions, and organizations may    Ramos at (734) 973-9894; or
submit announcements to the Lake Union Herald through their lo-        e-mail:                     JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM: Experi-
cal conference communication directors. An easy way to do this is                                                   ence a breathtaking journey
                                                                           ANDREWS UNIVERSITY                       to Bethlehem, Dec. 6–7, an
to visit the Lake Union Herald Web site at
                                                                            HOWARD PERFORMING ARTS                  annual community outreach
herald-submit.html and submit the announcement online. Readers
                                                                       C E N T E R C O N C E R T S : For tickets,   ministry of the Cicero Church.
may verify dates and times of programs with the respective sources,
                                                                       call the box office at (269)                  The outdoor walk-through
as these events are subject to change.                                                                              production features a cast of
                                                                       471-3560: Dec. 5—“Welcome
                                                                                                                    over 100 and incorporates live
                                Conference (GYC) has but one           Christmas” concert, 8:00 p.m.;
         LAKE UNION                                                                                                 animals as the real Christmas
                                purpose—to prepare an army             6—Wind Symphony Christ-
OFFERINGS:                                                                                                          story is told. Hours open:
                                of young people on a mission           mas concert, 8:00 p.m.; 7—
                                                                                                                    Saturday night 6–9 p.m.,
DEC. 6 Local church budget      to proclaim the Three Angels’          “Welcome Christmas” con-
                                                                                                                    Sunday night 5–9 p.m. For
                                Messages to the whole world            cert, 4:00 p.m. (repeat perfor-
DEC. 13 Inner city                                                                                                  further information, call (317)
                                                                       mance); 11—Christmas and
                                in our generation. GYC 2003                                                         984-4860.
DEC. 20 Local church budget                                            German Lieder, 7:00 p.m.;
                                will be held Dec. 17–21 in Ann
                                                                       14—Steve Darmody and                            INDIANA ACADEMY   CHRISTMAS
DEC. 27 Local conference        Arbor, Mich., with the theme,
                                                                       Friends Christmas concert, 7:                CONCERT, D EC. 13,  featuring
         advance                “Higher than the Highest.”
                                                                       00 p.m.; 20—Vesper Chorale                   the spectacular academy
                                   Inspirational messages will
THIRTEENTH SABBATH:                                                    and I Cantori present Handel’s               music groups. For further
                                revive the vision for ministry
         Euro-Africa Division                                          Messiah, 7:30 p.m.                           information, call (317) 984-
                                and evangelism. Workshops
                                                                                                                    3575, ext. 236.
SPECIAL DAYS:                   will equip young people to               UNIVERSITY: Dec. 12–Jan.5—
DEC. 6 Bible Sabbath            share the gospel across the            Christmas break.                  ABC CHRISTMAS SALE: Don’t miss
                                street or around the world.                                           special savings during the
   2003 GENERAL YOUTH CONGRESS: Do you want to be part of                         INDIANA             ABC Christmas sale, Dec.
Now is the time for a that generation of youth                            HISPANIC MINISTRIES ELDERS’ 14, 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m., at
generation of youth and who will finish the work?                       TRAINING WEEKEND at    Timber the Adventist Book Center,
young adults who will finish Come to GYC 2003! Register                 Ridge Camp, Dec. 6. For 24845 SR 19, Cicero. For
the work! The General Youth now, and learn more at www                 further information, e-mail: further information, e-mail:

28 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                                Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.; or                          NORTH AMERICAN                         be delivered by the Jan. 5
call: (866) 222-6687.                                   DIVISION                            morning mail.
   CHIP PROGRAM: An outstanding                 SUBMIT A SABBATH SCHOOL ARTICLE:               2004 NAD YOUTH MINISTRIES
educational experience for                   Conference and local church                    LEADERSHIP CONVENTION—FEB. 19–22,
those who have or wish to                    Sabbath school directors                       2004, at the Adams Mark
avoid heart disease, high blood              are     invited     to    submit
                                                                                            Hotel and Convention Center,
pressure, adult onset diabetes,              articles to Sabbath School
                                                                                            Denver, Colo. Join 4,000
high      cholesterol    and/or              Leadership magazine about
                                             their conference activities or                 pastors, youth, Pathfinder,
obesity. A new class is forming
in January sponsored by the                  programs to celebrate 150                      Adventurer, Master Guide,
Adventist Church in Anderson,                years of Sabbath school. In                    young adult, campus, and
Ind. For early registration or               January 2004, the names of                     camp ministries leaders for all
information, call (765) 649-2412             all who have sent articles                     levels of leadership training.
or (765) 779-4216.                           with photos will be entered                    Theme: “Stand Still … See
                                             into a general drawing to                      God’s Salvation.” For more
            MICHIGAN                         receive a prize. The deadline                  information, visit: www.advent
    V ILLAGE A DVENTIST E LEMENTARY          for submitting a 600-word            
S CHOOL ,    Berrien       Springs,          article and one or more
Mich., is beginning an alumni                photos (300 dpi, JPG file) is                      AUBURN ADVENTIST ACADEMY
association. We are planning                 Jan. 5, 2004. Submit materials                 class of 1959 alumni will be
our first meeting spring 2004.                as e-mail attachments to                       meeting in Palm Springs,
If you attended or graduated                 the editor, Faith Crumbly,                     Calif., Mar. 12–14, 2004, for
from VAES, please send us                      Or
                                                                                            their 45th year class reunion.
your name/address/phone/                     submit materials by mail
                                                                                            Alumni of classes 1958
e-mail so we can send you an                 to Irma Brooks, Sabbath
invitation. Send information to:             School Leadership secretary,                   and 1960 are also invited
Village Adventist Elementary                 55 W. Oak Ridge Drive,                         to attend. For information,
School, 409 West Mars Street,                Hagerstown,       MD       21740.              please contact Lorena Jeske at
Berrien Springs, MI 49103; (269)             Be sure to allow sufficient                     (253) 841-1291; or Will Purvis
473-5121;                time for the materials to                      at

   Adventist Media Broadcast Schedules
    Adventist Communication Network                                            Faith for Today                                             It Is Written
                                     Lifestyle Magazine,                          
                                                             Week of:                                               Week of:
    Dec 5 12:00–1:30 p.m. ET, Adventist Television
                                                               Dec 7 “Children and AIDS”                             Dec 7 “An Advance on Eternity”
           Network (ATN) Uplink
                                                               Dec 14 “Overcoming Addiction Through Spirituality”    Dec 14 “The One and Only”
    Dec 6 11:00 a.m.–12:00 noon ET,
                                                               Dec 21 “Christmas Special with the Voice of Prophecy” Dec 21 “The Other World”
           Adventist Worship Hour
                                                               Dec 28 “Vote for Me for Surgeon General”              Dec 28 “When God Becomes Poor”
    Dec 12 12:00–1:30 p.m. ET, ATN Uplink
    Dec 19 12:00–1:30 p.m. ET, ATN Uplink                    The Evidence,                                      La Voz de la Esperanza
    Dec 26 12:00–1:30 p.m. ET, ATN Uplink                    Week of:
                                                              Dec 7 “On God and War”
                                                                                                                        Week of:
  North American Division Christmas Show:                     Dec 14 “On God and Dying”                                  Dec 7     “La peor pobreza”
   Dec 17, 19 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 p.m. ET                 Dec 21 “Wrongfully Accused”
                                                                                                                         Dec 14    “Nuevas de gran gozo”
   Dec 20 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a.m., and 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, Dec 28 “Pathways to God”                                       Dec 21    “Campanas de Navidad”
            4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 p.m. ET                                                                         Dec 28    “El camino del triunfo”
   Dec 24 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 p.m. ET                Voice of Prophecy
   Dec 25 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a.m., and 12:00, 1:00, 2:00,                                Three Angels Broadcasting Network
            3:00, 4:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 p.m. ET            Week of:                                                            
                                                              Dec 7 Sun.: “The Joy of Jesus,” Part 4;
                    Breath of Life                                    Mon.–Fri.: “Can Jerry Seinfeld Make
                                                                                                                        Thursday LIVE, 9:00 p.m. ET:
                                                                                           Dec 4 Holiday Special
                                                                      It into Heaven?”
                                                                                                                          Dec 11 Steve Wohlberg: “Hidden Dangers of Harry
  Week of:                                                    Dec 14 Sun.: “The Christmas Kings”;
   Dec 7 “Decisions,” Part 1                                          Mon.–Fri.: “Proving the Resurrection Story”         Dec 18 Behind the Scenes at 3ABN
   Dec 14 “Decisions,” Part 2                                 Dec 21 Sun.: “The Christmas Shepherds”;
                                                                                                                          Dec 25 Holiday Special
   Dec 21 “Special Delivery,” Part 1                                  Mon.–Fri.: “All God Wants for Christmas”
                                                                                                                        Let us help you get 3ABN on cable in your area.
   Dec 28 “Special Delivery,” Part 2                          Dec 28 Sun.: To be announced;
                                                                                                                        Call marketing: (618) 627-4651, ext. 3112
                                                                      Mon.–Fri.: “This is the Year I Strike It Rich!”

Visit our web site at                                                                                 Lake Union Herald, December 2003 • 29
                                                           galaxies to hang,      the star a divine announcement of
                                                           suspended above        God’s arrival on earth?
                                                           the distant western         More than 500 leagues passed
                                                           sea.                   beneath our camels before we
                                                               Each night         arrived at the tattered city the
                                                           its track was the      Hebrews claim as their capital.
                                                           same—but brighter.     There we found a king, the
                                                               The star           commanding presence of Rome,
                                                           consumed us.           fawning priests, and sub-rulers.

Melchior’s                                                     We studied
                                        all the writings, hoping for some
                                        mention of the glittering orb.
                                                                                       But no real King.
                                                                                       I asked a proudly-robed scholar,
                                                                                  “Where is the king of the Hebrews

                                        Maybe a divine sage predicted its
                                        arrival. Maybe …
                                             But nothing.
                                                                                  to be born?”
                                                                                       “In Bethlehem, as the prophets
                                                                                  fortold,” he answered, as if I were a
                                             Then I found two veiled              first-year student.
                                        predictions in the writings of the             We left that night, slipping
    “I had expected a king, instead I
                                        Hebrews.                                  away from the false pomp toward
found a Savior!”
                                             “A Star will come out of Jacob,” a   the hamlet of Bethlehem. The
    My name is Melchior. I serve as
                                        seer named Balaam said, “a scepter        Bethlehem gatekeeper was awed
counselor to the king of Assyria,
                                        will rise out of Israel … a ruler …”      by our language, and by our
an advisor on foreign policy and,
specifically, as an authority on the
                                                                                       “K-K-K-King,” he stammered.
gods and goddesses of the world.
                                                                                  “You must be looking for Jesus—
    During my life, I have visited
                                                                                  the miracle child. He and his
every kingdom, searching for
                                                                                  parents (terribly poor folks) are in
the perfect God, for a way of
                                                                                    the small hut beside the Stable
worshipping that raises men
                                                                                      Inn. Cute kid he is.”
to their best.
                                                                                             We found them outside
    None has seemed right.
                                                                                          their hut. Oddly, they almost
Each spiritual solution
                                                                                           seemed to be expecting
turned out to be no
                                                                                            us, as if it was normal for
solution at all—more
                                                                                            dusty scholars to wander
fear than holiness, more
                                                                                            up asking about their star-
abuse than hope.
                                                                                            promised son.
    Then a new star rose in
                                                                                                “This is the one,” the
the East.
                                                                                           girl-mother chuckled as she
    My friends and I were
                                                                                           pulled back the lad’s blanket
visiting a temple in the
                                                                                         to show off his beaming smile.
mountains of Ararat, where
                                                                                        “This is Jesus, God on earth,
the night sky was nearly as
                                                                                     come to save people from their
bright as day. We studied every
                                                                                  sins. Have you come to follow Him?”
corner of the heavens from first
                                                                                       “Yes,” we each whispered.
dark till dawn. We stared intensely
                                                                                       We told Him about His Star,
through our scopes, analyzing
                                                                                  about the prophets, about the
each star until the sky became our
                                            “Nations will come to your            traveling, about everything. We
                                        light,” the great Israelite prophet       gave Him gifts—fine treasures of
    Then a new star rose in the East.
                                        Isaiah wrote, “and kings to the           gold, incense, and myrrh.
    Each night, just before dawn,
                                        brightness of your dawn … you,                 Then we were silent. And we
it would come, slightly slower
                                        the Holy One of Israel.”                  worshipped—God among men.
than a comet. While most stars
                                            The words seemed written for               He has captured us, taken us in,
rotate through a predictable
                                        us, and we knew we had to follow          and made us His subjects.
dance around the sky, this one
                                        the star. Would there be a new King            We went looking for a King.
was unique—marching with a
                                        at the end of its nightly path? Was       Instead, we found our Savior!
determined gait through the

30 • Lake Union Herald, December 2003                                 Now You can read the Lake Union Herald online.
Profiles of Youth
    Andrews Academy senior and vice-president of the
class of 2004, Allison Nowack is the daughter of David
                                                                                                        December 2003

                                                                                                                            Official Publication of the Lake Union Conference
                                                                                                                                        of Seventh-day Adventists

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vol. 95, No.12
and Judy Nowack of Berrien Springs, Mich. According
to the senior class sponsors, “Allison’s hard work                                                             THE LAKE UNION HERALD STAFF
and dedication helped make the class trip this past                                                     Box C, Berrien Springs, MI 49103; (269) 473-8242;

September a great success.”                                                                             Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Gary Burns
                                                                                                        Managing Editor/Display Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ann Fisher
    During Allison’s four years at the academy, she has              Allison Nowack                     Circulation Manager/Classified Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Judi Doty
                                                                                                        Editorial Assistant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Reginald Johnson
been a class president, vice-president, and an officer in                                                Art Direction/Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mark Bond
the National Honor Society. She has been an active member of the choral                                                      CONTRIBUTING EDITORS
music ensembles—including Silhouettes, the select choir, and Octet, an                                  Adventist Health System, Midwest Region . . . .Steve Davis
                                                                                                        Andrews University. . . . . . . . . . . Tami Martinez
eight-member traveling ensemble. On Sabbath morning, if she is not                                      Illinois . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Richard Carey
performing with an ensemble, you may find Allison at one of the doors at                                 Indiana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diane Thurber
                                                                                                        Lake Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ray Young
Pioneer Memorial Church where she is a greeter/deaconess.                                               Michigan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael Nickless
                                                                                                        Wisconsin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James Fox
    Allison is a diehard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan who loves to participate
in sports, to shop, and to hang out with her friends. She plans to pursue a                                                            CORRESPONDENTS
                                                                                                        Adventist Health System, Midwest Region . . Lynn Larson
degree in the medical field because she wants to work with and minister to                               Andrews University. . . . . . . . . Patricia Spangler
                                                                                                        Illinois . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
patients.                                                                                               Indiana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Diane Thurber
                         As class president, Daniel Bedney is an active member                          Lake Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tonya Nisbeth
                                                                                                        Lake Union . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bruce Babienco
                     of the senior class and all student activities at Andrews                          Michigan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cindy Doolin
                     Academy. Any given day might find him giving                                        Wisconsin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kitty Crary

                     assistance to fellow classmates, working with faculty                                                LAKE UNION CONFERENCE
                     on projects or class business, or leading out in school                                                 Box C, Berrien Springs, MI 49103 | (269) 473-8200
                     worship. Known to his friends as DB or Danny, he loves                             President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Walter L. Wright
                                                                                                        Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rodney Grove
     Danny Bedney    to be involved in sports—especially basketball and                                 Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Glynn C. Scott
                     baseball—and music. A four-year member of the Concert                              Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                        Associate Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Douglas L. Gregg
Band, Danny is also a first tenor in Men’s Chorus and singer/director of                                 Associate Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Richard Terrell
                                                                                                        ASI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Walter L. Wright
his own gospel group.                                                                                   Communication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Gary Burns
    Born to Donald and Elynda Bedney in Reading, Pa., where they were                                   Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gary E. Randolph
                                                                                                        Education Associate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Garry Sudds
pastoring at that time, he lives with his family in Berrien Springs, Mich.                              Information Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Harvey P. Kilsby
                                                                                                        Ministerial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rodney Grove
Danny attends the Highland Avenue (Benton Harbor) Church, where                                         Publishing/ABC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Allen Dybdahl
his father is currently pastoring after recently transferring from the Niles                            Religious Liberty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vernon L. Alger
                                                                                                        Trust Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vernon L. Alger
Philadelphia Church.                                                                                    Women’s Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Myrna Earles
    Danny plans to pursue a career in sports medicine, working as a team                                 L OCAL C ONFERENCES AND I NSTITUTIONS
doctor or possibly going into private practice.                                                         Adventist Health System, Midwest Region: Ernie W. Sadau, president,
                                                                                                            120 N. Oak St., Hinsdale, IL 60521; (630) 856-2010.

Address Correction                                                                                      Andrews University: Niels-Erik Andreasen, president, Berrien Springs, MI
                                                                                                            49104-0670; (269) 471-7771.
                                                                                                        Illinois: Ken Denslow, president; Rick Remmers, secretary; Duane Rollins,
Numbers that appear above name on address label: _________________________________________                  treasurer; 619 Plainfield Rd., Suite 200, Willowbrook, IL 60527-8438;
                                                                                                            (630) 734-0920.
Name as printed on label (please print) _____________________________________________________           Indiana: Gary Thurber, president; Archie Moore, secretary, George Crumley,
                                                                                                            treasurer; street address: 15250 N. Meridian St., Carmel, IN 46032; mailing
Address _______________________________________________________________________________                     address: P.O. Box 1950, Carmel, IN 46082-1950; (317) 844-6201.
                                                                                                        Lake Region: Norman K. Miles, president; George Bryant, secretary; Leroy
City__________________________________________ State ________ Zip _____________–__________                  Hampton, treasurer; 8517 S. State St., Chicago, IL 60619; (773) 846-2661.
                                                                                                        Michigan: Jay Gallimore, president; Fred Earles, secretary; Leroy Bruch,
I am a member of the ________________________ Church in the _______________ (local) Conference.             treasurer; street address: 320 W. St. Joseph St., Lansing, MI 48933; mail-
                                                                                                            ing address: P.O. Box 19009, Lansing, MI 48901; (517) 316-1500.
       �    Please change my address as indicated above.                                                Wisconsin: Donald Corkum, president; Brian Hamilton, secretary/treasurer;
                                                                                                            street address: 3505 Highway 151 North, Sun Prairie, WI 53590; mailing
                                                                                                            address: P.O. Box 7310, Madison, WI 53707-7310; (608) 241-5235.
       �    I am not a Lake Union church member, but I would like to subscribe to the Lake
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            Union Herald. Enclosed is $8.50 for one year’s subscription.                                your local conference or institution’s Herald correspondent. Stories
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                                                                                                        to the local conference communication director. When submitting
NOTE: If you are a member of a church in the Lake Union but are not receiving the Lake Union Herald,    stories by direct e-mail, copy your local conference correspondent
please request it through your church clerk or your local conference secretary.                         into the address. Writers’ Guidelines are available from conference
                                                                                                        correspondents and online.
Send this form to: Lake Union Herald, Address Correction, P.O. Box C, Berrien Springs, MI 49103.           New Subscriptions: Requests should be addressed to the
                                                                                                        secretary of the local conference where membership is held.
Plan six to twelve weeks for new address to become effective.
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