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      Claude L. Johnson Jr.
      4003 Lakehouse Road
      Apt. 31
      Beltsville, MD 20705

      Vox: +1.301.806.7399


      MS Word format:

To architect, build and manage network, computer security and systems
infrastructure running on Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD or other Unix/open
systems platforms supporting mission critical systems, data, and
applications in the Internet services industry.


     Quoted in the article "10G Matures" published in
      NetworkWorldFusion [Digex/MCI Enterprise Hosting 2003]
     Built web hosting infrastructure, including installation and
      configuration of network devices and Dell Linux systems, for
      Clever Systems LLC, a subsidiary of Jettis, Inc. [2002]
     Managed internal systems for Jettis, Inc., including the primary
      Oracle database system running Solaris 7 on a Sun Enterprise 450
      server. Designed specifications for 2 SunFire V880 servers
      running Solaris 8 which replaced the Enterprise 450 server.
      Involved in vendor selection of consultant who performed
      installation and integration of my specifications. This system
      was responsible for processing an estimated $1M+ (US) in credit
      card transactions daily. [2002]
     Performed initial systems and network design for [GlobalCenter 2000]
     Coordinated initial installation of approximately 1000 1U servers
      into the GlobalCenter MDC in Herndon, VA for Google. [2000]
     Managed site generating 300+ Mbps sustained traffic
      across redundant F5 BIG-IP load balancers. Managed the 15 custom
      Linux servers and 2 NetApp F740 Filers comprising the site.
      [GlobalCenter 1999-2000]
     Managed web site infrastructure, including consulting on system
      performance and other aspects, for Nike, Thomson Investor's
      Network (a unit of Thomson Financial), TWA, CCH, Ford, ZDNet,
      Electronic Arts, eToys, Amtrak, Dole Food Company, Lipton and
      other enterprise customers. [Digex/GlobalCenter 1998-2000]

Computer Skills:

     Operating Systems: Solaris 2.x/7/8/9; Red Hat Linux {6,7,8}.x and
      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3; MacOS X 10.{2,3,4}.x; Windows Server
      2003 and Windows 2000/XP Professional; FreeBSD 4.{2,4,5,8,9}.
      Previous experience with Ultrix 4.x; OSF/1; Digital UNIX 4.0;
      NeXTStep 3.3; Irix 5.3; HP/UX 9.0.5/10.20; AIX 4.2; MS-DOS; SunOS
      4.1.x; MacOS System 7.{1,5} & 8.0; Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/NT 4.0;
      Cisco IOS 11.x/12.x.
     Languages: Bourne Shell; C Shell; some Perl, C and C++.
     Applications: Apache 1.2.4/1.3.x/2.2.x; BIND 8.x & 9.x; CVS
      1.10.6/1.11.5; RCS 5.7; IRCD 2.10.3p2; RDist 6.1.5; OpenSSH
      2.x/3.x; Samba 2.x; TCP Wrappers 7.6; GNU Toolchain (GCC, make,
      flex, bison); GnuPG 1.0.x/1.2.x; VNC 3.3.x; OpenSSH for Windows
      3.4-2; NetSaint 0.0.7; Postfix 2.02; Exim 4.x; iPlanet (aka
      SunONE) Web Server 4.x and 6.x; BEA Weblogic Application Server
      6.x; Nmap; tcpdump/snoop. Limited experience with Veritas Volume
      Manager 3.0.3/3.2/3.5, Solaris Volume Manager, Veritas Cluster
      Server 3.5, Veritas NetBackup 3.x/4.0/5.1 and iPlanet Directory
      Server 4.x, NetIQ Server Monitoring 6.0, MPICH 1.2.7p1, LAM-MPI
      7.1.2, Sun Studio 11 compiler suite. Previous experience with
      Sendmail 8.8.x – 8.13.x; Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0/3.x;
      RealServer 4.0/5.0; MRTG 2.x; NetGravity AdServer 3.x; Veritas
      Volume Manager 2.5.2; MIT Kerberos V5 Release 1.0.5; Visio 2000;
      BIND 4.9.x; Remedy Action Request System; NcFTPd 2.x; Samba
      2.0.x; ProFTPD 1.2.x; The University of Washington IMAP server
      2001a release; Tripwire 1.2.
     Graphical User Interfaces: X-Windows; Microsoft Windows Explorer;
      MacOS/MacOS X Finder. Previous experience with OpenWindows.
     Systems: Sun SPARCstation 5; Macintosh, IBM & compatible PCs;
      Apple PowerBook G4; Sun Ultra Enterprise 1 & 2; Sun Ultra 5 &
      10S; Sun Enterprise 250 & 450 servers; Sun Enterprise
      3x00/4x00/5x00/6x00 servers; Sun Netra t1405 server; Sun Fire
      V100 server; Dell PowerEdge 1650, 2300, and 2650 servers; Compaq
      Proliant 1850R/3000 servers; Compaq DL380/DL580/DL585 Generation
      4 and 5 servers; Sun Enterprise 220R/420R servers; Sun SunFire
      V100/V240/280R/V440/V480/V880/V890/T2000 servers. Limited
      experience with Sun SunFire 4800 servers.
     Network Devices: Cisco Catalyst 29xx Series switches; Cisco
      Catalyst 4003 switch; Apple AirPort Extreme base station.
      Previous experience with Cisco Catalyst 5500 & 6509 switches;
      Cisco LocalDirector; Cisco 2501 & 36x0 routers; Cisco 12016
      Gigabit Switch Router; F5 BIG-IP load balancer; 3Com SuperStack
      II switches.
     Storage: Network Appliance F7x0 Filer; RaidZone OpenNAS
      Appliance; Sun StorEdge T3, T3+, and 3510.
     Protocols: TCP/IP; UDP; SMTP; DNS; DHCP; HTTP; FTP; NFS; CIFS;
      RPC. Previous experience with AppleTalk/LocalTalk.
     Other: Internetworking; data communications; RAID (1, 0+1, 5);
      Unix performance analysis & performance tuning; Unix security &
      system hardening; firewalling with Netfilter/IPtables and IP
      Filter; some C programming/debugging; some Solaris crash dump
      analysis with adb/mdb.


     May 1999: Sun Certified Solaris Administrator for Solaris 2.6
     31 March 2003: Sun Certified Solaris Administrator for Solaris 9
     14 Jan 2005: Red Hat Certified Engineer, Certificate

Other Skills:

     French (Beginner)

Professional Summary:
December 2002 - Present: Specialist Engineer - Internet Software
Systems, Verizon Business IP Application Hosting (formerly MCI
Enterprise Hosting which was formerly Digex, Inc.)

Currently, I share responsibility for performing daily maintenance
activities on Verizon Business customer servers running Solaris
2.6/7/8/9/10 running on Sun Enterprise/SunFire hardware and Red Hat
Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 3.x – 5.x on Compaq hardware. These activities
generally include hardware and software fault resolution
(CPU/memory/disk replacement and reconfiguration within the given
volume manager); assorted scheduled maintenance activities; SSL
certificate registration and installation under Apache or
Netscape/iPlanet/SunONE web servers; operating system configuration and
management; installation, configuration and management of supported
applications; and other duties as required. The same team is
responsible for managing Verizon Business internal systems operations
including HR, CRM and database systems running packaged applications.
Responsible for assisting Client Executives and Technologists in
providing support to their customers by providing customer-specific
solutions on issues ranging from disk utilization to server sizing.
Wrote a Perl script to back out Digex Recommended Patch Clusters in
exact reverse order. Engaged in direct interaction with technology
vendors (such as EMC, Oracle, Sun, and Red Hat) to troubleshoot and
resolve problems with their hardware and software platforms on behalf
of Verizon Business customers. Provided active support for diverse
customers including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Novartis,
Comerica, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, Wyeth, J.Crew,
Centrica PLC, and Intercontinental Hotels Group, among others.

September 2003 – August 2008: Technical Advisor (volunteer), Computer
Learning and Design Center (CLDC), Howard University School of

Reporting to the Director of CLDC, responsible for managing a student
workforce varying in size from 10 - 30 students across multiple
educational disciplines (computer science,
electrical/mechanical/chemical engineering, electronic studio art,
chemistry). Responsible for administrative decisions and
recommendations, including hires/fires and compensation issues.
Responsible for scheduling of students to work in the primary student
run lab (consisting of 20 Dell workstations running Windows XP
supported by 2 Dell servers running Windows Server 2003) as well as
assigning students to projects to support the initiatives of the CLDC.
Deployed the in-house NTP/SMTP/DNS server on a Dell 1650 running
FreeBSD 4.9 using BIND 9, Exim 4 and NTP 3. Built the IP Filter
firewall system running on FreeBSD 4.9. Managed network reconfiguration
during spring break 2004 which resulted in a completely segmented
network behind the aforementioned firewall, dividing the internal
network into 3 RFC 1918 broadcast domains, increasing the flexibility
of the network to external reconfiguration while not requiring internal
reconfiguration. Responsible for recommendations for hardware and
software acquisitions. Managing the buildout of a 17 node mixed
architecture (Pentium 4 and Athlon) Linux cluster designed to be used
to support research in computational fluid dynamics, computational
chemistry and other faculty research interests.

Additionally, installed Solaris 9 and the Sun Studio 11 compiler suite
on a 10-way Sun Enterprise 4500 for use in research activities by the
CLDC Director. Compiled and installed customized builds of MPICH
1.2.7p1 and LAM-MPI 7.1.2 using both the Studio 11 compilers and GCC
3.4.2 for use with the Director’s applications.

January 2005 – June 2005: Consultant, Atmospheric Physics Research
Group, Howard University

Responsible for maintaining a Sun V880, a SunBlade 2000 and Ultra 10
workstation, which represented the core computing infrastructure for
the group. Duties included regular preventative maintenance; technical
advisory services; and backup administation of Solstice Backup 6.1.4
Build 562 with a Sun StorEDGE L9 DLT tape library, including adding
tapes to the library, tape rotation, backup scheduling and other
software configuration as necessary.

July 2002-November 2002: Sr. System Engineer, Jettis, Inc.

Responsible for daily maintenance duties on assorted RedHat Linux
7.{0,1,2,3} systems. This included web server log file configuration,
load balancer maintenance (load balancers were using IPVS for load
balancing and heartbeat for failover running on custom configured
RedHat 7.0 systems), and firewall management. Also responsible for
management of a Sun E450 running Solaris 7 which served as the
production database server for Jettis' transaction processing
operations. Responsibilities included server sizing and developing
server specifications, mentoring other members of the team, and on-call
work as required. Managed the monitoring system built around mon as
well as performing the initial implementation of the new monitoring
system based on NetSaint. Developed specifications for two Sun V880
servers (including disk layouts and Solaris OS configuration) which,
when implemented, would take over production Oracle database server

Also involved in the development of a web hosting company (Clever
Systems, LLC) to which Jettis served as the parent company. In this
capacity, my responsibilities included physical installation, system
configuration and maintenance of the hosting infrastructure. Managed
DNS services for Larry Flynt Productions, among other customers.
Handled ASN application and management with the American Registry for
Internet Numbers (ARIN). Built RPMs to allow easier installation and
configuration management for custom configured software packages.
Maintained internal services including DHCP (ISC DHCP), E-mail
(Postfix), DNS (BIND 9), IMAP+SSL (Courier IMAP), Samba, and NFS.

November 2000-July 2002: Network Scientist, Avamar Technologies
Responsible for shared system administration duties on various RedHat
Linux (6.x,7.x) systems and Sun Ultra 5s and a Sun E450 server running
Solaris 2.6, 7 and 8. Also responsible for generating custom Linux
kernels from the Linux kernel sources located at
as required by the Engineering group. As part of the system
administration group, part of an emergency pager rotation schedule.
Building custom software packages for software distribution, primarily
RPMs on RedHat Linux for internal software distribution and use.
Designed and originally implemented the RedHat Kickstart system used
for automated Linux desktop and server builds. Kickstarted hosts
network boot using a system built upon a combination of TFTP file
delivery, Intel's Preboot Execution Environment (PXE), and H. Peter
Anvin's PXElinux bootloader. Implemented and maintained the RDist
infrastructure for approximately 29 Linux and Solaris servers.
Developed a custom Linux 2.4.16 kernel based on Sun Cobalt's 2.4.16C5_V
kernel. Our software has been developed with emphasis on, and will be
shipped on, Cobalt RAQ XTR systems. Responsible for initial integration
work between Cobalt's Linux distribution and Avamar's custom kernel.

Performed various system administration duties including capacity
planning and performance tuning of server systems (RedHat Linux 7.1 and
Solaris 7); recommending and specifying hardware for internal
operations use; vendor relations with network equipment and network
services vendors; documentation of operational processes; and hardware
upgrades as required. Assisted with or consulted on network
implementation projects as needed. Led successful effort to migrate
external DNS and e-mail servers from Exodus to our in-house network.
Led successful effort to migrate network access service from a
GlobalCrossing T-1 circuit to a Broadwing T-1 circuit, including vendor

As a member of the QA group, responsible for writing tests within our
Perl-based testing framework to automate functional tests of our CLI
based software products.

Configured a beige box PC as an Internet router to simulate WAN links
between multiple modules of our product. Configured T-1 and DS-3 point-
to-point WAN connections using FreeBSD 4.x's dummynet(4) capability to
achieve this simulation.

September 1999-November 2000: Implementation Engineer, GlobalCenter

As an Implementation Engineer in the Network Engineering group, I was
responsible for ordering, installing and initially configuring Cisco
switches (Catalyst 6509) and routers (12016 GSR) for new MDC builds as
well as performing upgrades of network devices in existing MDCs.
Participated in weekly change management meetings, as necessary, in
preparation for network maintenance activities.

As a team lead, I was responsible for managing 3 TAMs/Sr. TAMs in the
course of their daily duties, including assigning TAMs to new accounts,
problem escalation, and administrative tasks. Performed training in
GlobalCenter process as required. Responsible for participating in MDC
design and construction meetings groups to integrate TAM requirements
into new MDC buildouts.
Also spent 2.5 weeks in London assisting with the turnup of the new TSA
(Technical Service Associate) Group in London. Responsibilities
included training new TSAs on GlobalCenter process and tools,
performing pre-sales consulting and design services, recommending
hardware for a training lab and performing technical interviews for new
TSA candidates.

As a Senior Technical Account Manager (TAM), I was responsible for
maintaining client relationships as primary technical contact for 15+
client accounts serviced by a team of 4 TAMs/Senior TAMs. Responsible
for various levels of support to client systems infrastructure
colocated in the GlobalCenter Media Distribution Center (MDC) in
Northern Virginia, ranging from fully managed solutions to basic
colocation services. Responsibilities also include providing pre-sales
support to Account Executives as required; client meetings (including
travel); research and design of technical solutions to client technical
problems; mentoring new TAMs; maintaining relationships and
communication with hardware and software vendors such as F5 Networks,
Inc., Alteon WebSystems, and ArrowPoint Communications. Volunteered to
serve on Year 2000 readiness duty for GlobalCenter Herndon as a member
of 4 on-duty TAMs during the Year 2000 rollover. Supported customers
with aggregate sustained network egress throughput of 200-300 Mbps
(ZDNet). My customers included ZDNet, Google, and ORIGIN.

Also spent 2.5 months in Anaheim, CA as 1 of 2 TAMs working to light up
the new GlobalCenter MDC in Anaheim. Duties included pre-sales meetings
with customers, design of systems and network architecture for customer
sites, creating hardware and software specifications, and training new
TAMs. Installed DHCP and mail servers for the Anaheim TAM group.

February 1998-September 1999: Technical Account Manager, Cross-
Platform/UNIX Strategic Account Team, Digex, Inc.

As the Unix Technical Account Manager (TAM) on the Cross Platform
Strategic Account Team (SAT), I was responsible for performing most
technical duties on SAT customer servers as well as developing
specifications for new customer servers as required. Responsible for
opening and closing trouble tickets on dedicated customer technical
problems and being the main contact for those issues. Responsible for
interacting with other groups within the company, including Leased Line
Customer Support, UNIX Technical Operations, and Security Operations to
resolve customer issues as needed. Performed customer site visits and
in 24 hour on call pager duties. Responsible for helping to provide the
highest levels of dedicated support to the top revenue generating
customers. Responsible for interviewing candidates for the positions of
Technical Account Manager and Engineering Project Manager. Performed
Kerberos administration duties for the entire Strategic Accounts group
(3 groups of approximately 2 TAMs, 2 Engineering Project Managers, 2
Project Managers and 1 Manager each). My customers included Thomson
Investor's Network and Ford.

As a Platinum Account Engineer from October 1998 until May 1999, I was
responsible for supporting UNIX Platinum customers with all aspects of
their web/e-commerce site management, including capacity planning,
performance tuning, hardware/software upgrades, and aligning
information technology resources with business objectives. Consulted
with customers and their developers regarding the design, installation
and maintenance of the customer's Internet presence. My customers
included Nike, TWA, Standard & Poors, Hallmark, and Anheuser-Busch.

As a Senior UNIX ISA from July 1998 until October 1998, I was
responsible for all the duties of UNIX Internet System Administrators,
including troubleshooting, performance tuning, and proactive
maintenance. Paired with another Senior UNIX Internet System
Administrator to service Platinum customers as dedicated account
engineers. In that regard, duties include developing a personalized
knowledge of the customer's hardware/software configuration and
servicing specific customer requests as quickly as possible with the
goal of minimizing server downtime and increasing server efficiency.

As a UNIX Internet System Administrator (ISA) from February 1998 until
July 1998, I performed level 2 customer support and troubleshooting on
a 450+ system SunOS/Solaris web server farm. Built customer web servers
on Sun Sparc 5, Ultra Enterprise 1 & 2 and Enterprise x500 server
systems. Duties included server monitoring, proactive troubleshooting
and performance tuning. Available on pager call 24/7/365.

Organizations and Memberships:

     Member, The Advanced Computing Systems Association (USENIX)
     Member, USENIX System Administrator's Guild (SAGE)


     Howard University, Washington, DC. Bachelor of Science, Computer
      Engineering, expected
     Oxon Hill High School, Science and Technology Center, Oxon Hill,
      MD Diploma and Science & Technology Certificate, June 1993

Professional Coursework:

     Solaris 10 New Features for Experienced Solaris System
      Administrators (13 - 17 June 2005)
     AIX 5L Jumpstart for UNIX Professionals (28 June - 1 July 2005)
     Oracle Database Administration and Management
     VMware Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure V3.5 (19 – 22
      August 2008)

Academic Coursework:

     Calculus I, II & III
     Physics I, II & III
     Introduction to Engineering I & II
     Digital Systems I & II
     Introduction to Microprocessors
     Microprocessor Applications
     Principles of Marketing
     Principles of Finance
     Principles of Investment

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