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					         Video Marketing

             When SMEs can be the “STAR”
Video Marketing Mix, Type of Business Video & Instant Video Ad,
                       And the future…
                     Prasit Worachatrawanit
                 New Media & E-Commerce Director
                   ARIP Public Company Limited
                     Who Am I?
                                   Largest’s Thailand Digital Community

                                   Thailand’s First Free email service

                                   E-Commerce: Online Bookstore

                     TRICAST.TV    IE-Metropolis/Tech 24 Internet TV

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                          Tech24   IE-Metropolis
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      Digital Video Production             BuzzIdea Web TV Program
Lady Gaga มาเมืองไทย!!! ทําไม?

  เมื่อดาราใหญ่ มาเยือน Nokia Shop เพื่อ Nokia C3
       2,800 views in a day        11:05 am. 25 NOV 2010
     What you need to know about
           Video Marketing
• Video Marketing Mix: idea, production & channel.
• Only 15% clips on YouTube are business.
• User watches Web Video about 15 min./day.
• Social Network & Search Engine are the best friends.
• Focusing on marketing, not making a video.

       Video Marketing = “Media” Marketing
              Media = Running Content
Video Production Studio
                 Type of Content
                 Production Tools
                 • Video Camera
                   DSLR Camera/Mobile
                 • Lighting Set
                 • Green Screen (set)
                 • 5 x 5+ m Room
                 • Hi-End Computer
                 • Video Editor Software
                  (Movie Maker, YouTube Editor etc.)
                 Delivery Channel
3 Pictures of Video Marketing
This viral video support its brands?
                       Method: Playing with fad.
                       Tone: Aggressive.
                       Feedback: Negative.
                       • Get Viral         Yes
                       • High Traffic      Yes
                       • Brand Image       ???
                       • How about ROI?    ???

           1.5M views in 3 months
     Burger King 0.5M views in 2 months
The same story, but positive approach.
                    Method: Playing with fad.
                    Tone: Attention
                    Feedback: Positive
                    • Get Viral        Yes
                    • High Traffic     Yes
                    • Brand Buzz       Yes
                    • Brand Image      Yes

      2.5M views in 2 months!!!
3 Types of Video for Business
 Viral    Conversion   Educational
 Video      Video        Video

Traffic     Goal         Royalty
          Video Marketing That Works

Most of video marketing use viral video to branding business.
What do you want to blend?
Can Water Cut It?

      B2B E-Commerce
      B2C Media for awareness
Can Water Cut It?
 แถลงการณ์ ฉบับที่ 1

 YouTube: domepakornlum
300,000 views within 2 weeks
        Educational Video

How to video: You can tie-in product in clip too.
      Educational Video

Home Depot Channel on YouTube (203 clips)
   Educational Video
                        Kinky Curly Hair Products
                        • Comment & Advice to
                          5,xxxx clips Customer
                        • Sale Growth 40%
                        • Sale on Target &
                         Whole Foods Market
                            From ZERO
Engagement + Trust = Brand Reputation.
The Viral Product
 The Viral Product

Product : 3D Model files
  6M views in 6 months
Instant Video Ad
      What’s Next?
Targeted Ad is the best format.
     Demand <-> Supply
  Google Display Ad Builder

Text Ad     Display Ad     Video Ad
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