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Gangster test (tested by 3 persons)

  User test (tested by 2 persons)

                                            1st person   2nd person   3rd person

What website is this?                           3            3            3

What subpage am I on?                           1            1            0

What are the major sections of this site?       2            0            3

What are my options at this level?              3            2            3

Where am I in the scheme of things?             0            0            2

Where can I search?                             3            3            0

0 – this information can not be found
1 – this information is difficult to find
2 – this information is easy to find
3 – this information is very easy to find
                                                                             TESTED PERSON A
1.     First impression- is web site interesting?
2.     Browsing for new shoes?
3.	    Where	can	you	find	information’s	about	us,	is	it	easy?
4.	    Can	you	find	log	in?
5.	    Can	you	find	adidas	shops	in	Copenhagen?
6.	    Change	language	in	Italian!


1. There are loads of photographs a bit confusing but on the other hand
attractive as there are many famous sport stars on the photos.
Overall interesting with some nice photography and graphic.

2. Person spent too much time searching for the answer but he liked it
as he came across many interesting pictures, thinks that is visually nice.
Usability was not that great, text a bit hard to read.

3. It took him some time but he had found major sections.
Icons were not that visible.

4. He found button very fast.

5. Yes it was easy to find it.

6. He looks in the main subpages he can not find it at all.
QUESTIONS:                                                                             TESTED PERSON B
1.     First impression- is web site interesting?
2.     Browsing for new shoes?
3.	    Where	can	you	find	information	about	us,	is	it	easy?
4.	    Can	you	find	log	in?
5.	    Can	you	find	adidas	shops	in	Copenhagen?
6.	    Change	language	in	Italian!


1. Liked it very much, it is nice.

2. User tried to find the page called “Shoes”, then search button, and always try-
ing to search through the moving pictures. User did not realize that there is a menu

3. Very easy to find.

4. Found very easily, the sign up mark was very visible.

5. User tried to find title “Shops”, then menu bar, then the Help button which she
thought is the right one.

6. Looking in a wrong place (bottom of the page), then in the top right corner and
then clicked on the “Denmark” but she thought it is the way how to find a shop.

•	 Moving pictures on the home page
     - no titles for them, user has to point the mouse on all of them to see what does it say
     - it is not clear that they are reachable also through the drop-down menu (and not all of them)

• Put the titles on the pictures
•	 Drop-down menu
      - too many subpages in the Performance section (20) and only one in the Style section
      - arrows can be confusing, they are showing to the other subpages
      - it is not possible to click on the main section, user has to choose particular subpage, so it is not clear what level he is at

• 1st level of subpages in Performance section with only 3 options (Featured, Sports, More) and only after pointing at one of them 2nd
  level with more subpages will pop up (then there is no problem with arrows)
• the website should include the “front page” at least for main sections
•	 Consistency
     - different styles for the subpages, some of them are opening in new windows
     - the only connecting element is the menu bar (and still not for all of them e.g. Running subpage, Golf subpage...), different
     sizes and positioning of frames, different background...
• The website should include more common features e.g. same loading symbols, background, positioning, menu bar, overall style... (at
  least consistent for each section)
• Subpages openening in new windows should be grouped together (there is no logic why are some of them in new windows and
  some of them are not) and they should contain a button linking to the homepage (
•	 What subpage am I on?
     - it is not clear on what subpage user is (highlights are not clear or they are missing at all)
     - how did he get there, what levels were previous and what might be following (user can not see the hierarchy of the website,
     most of the subpages misses clear path and if they do not it is still not very clear)
• selected main section should be highlighted as well
• subpages should be organized under each other (e.g. aligned to the left)
• the way how you get to the subpage should be visible (e.g. “home > men > footwear > basketball”)

        Our first impression of a web site was quite good. In the
main page moving squares, colorful images, some text. But to set
up the aim of finding male sports shoes we totally got confused
– main titles of pages are not clear.
        Trying to find some information on moving images we got
more confused. Finally when we dealt out whole web site we
found what we where looking for!
        Talking about the sub-pages there are too much informa-
tion in the same time. It would be more relevant to set out infor-
mation one by one.
        We think that the web site developers focused on visual as-
pect more than functionality and usability! This is also the reason
why we chose this web site - hard to navigate and find needed

       We modified the website and came forward with better
solutions - The website should include more connecting elements
e.g. same loading symbols, menu bar, overall style, hierarchy of
subpages should be clearer and understandable for user and
more indicators telling him where is he should be included.