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Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central V16.3R03.090 ....................................... 6
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows V16.3R03.090 ............................................. 7
Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central V16.3.03.080 ......................................... 7
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows V16.3.03.080 ............................................... 9
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.2.02.24 (Partial Update) ..................... 9
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.2.02.23 ................................................ 10
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.2.02.16 ................................................ 10
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.2.02.15 ................................................ 11
Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central v16.2.02.15 .......................................... 12
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.1.1.6x (English, Traditional Korean,
Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese)................................................... 13
Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central v16.1.1.6x (English, Traditional
Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese) ................................... 13
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.1.1.56 (English, French, German,
Spanish) .................................................................................................................. 13
Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central v16.1.1.56 (English, French, German,
Spanish) .................................................................................................................. 14
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.1.01.48 (English) ............................... 15
  Changes: ............................................................................................................ 15
Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central v16.1.01.48 (English) ......................... 19
Changes in Web Central Version (English, French, German,
Spanish) .................................................................................................................. 20
Changes in Windows Version ......................................................... 23
Changes in Web Central Version ................................................... 23
Changes in Windows Version ......................................................... 25
Changes in Partial Update V14.3 R03.311 (English Only) ............................. 27
Changes in Partial Update V14.3 R03.310 (English Only) ............................. 27
Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows V17.1.0
     ARCHIBUS Overlay for Revit. ARCHIBUS for Windows now has direct support

     inside of Revit 2008, where you can work in a fashion similar to the ARCHIBUS
      Overlay for AutoCAD or the ARCHIBUS Overlay for AutoCAD Architecture. While
      competitive approaches require tedious and error-prone extract files, the Overlay for
      Revit application connects your Building Information Models (BIMs) to a live
      enterprise database that can leverage that BIM data and make it work over-and-over
      again, organization-wide.

     Flare-based Help System. The help system has been modernized with Madcap
      Flare. The result is a system that is easier to search and more completely compatible
      with US Federal 508 regulations for the disabled.

     Security. VPA Restrictions. Site VPA restrictions no longer cause the program to
      stop responding if there are user IDs in the database that have more than one site ID.

     Data Transfer. Oracle. Previously, the program incorrectly exported date field values
      as time values. This problem has been resolved. (3015443)

     Project Preferences. Additional Search Folders. Previously, ARCHIBUS reports
      did not support relative search paths. This problem has been resolved. Previously, if
      you moved your CAD drawings to a new folder and added this folder to your project
      preferences as a relative search path, drawing reports would generate a “file not
      found” error message and would not display the drawings. (3015494).

     Overlay. AutoCAD Architecture 2008. Publish to DWF. Running this command no
      longer generates an exception error. (3015359)

     Overlay. Drawing Restriction Highlights. You can now set a different highlight
      color for each separate restriction per drawing. (3015624)

     Overlay. Highlight Restriction. The program now correctly processes changes to
      the default hatch spacing values. Previously, the program displayed all hatch patterns
      using the default spacing values, even if the user entered new values. (3015861)

     System Management. Process Tasks Table. You can now edit this table’s tasks
      field. Previously, if you were using an MSSQL or Oracle database, the program
      generated an error message when you attempted to edit this field. (3015495)

Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central V17.1.0

     Service Desk Activity. While maintenance organizations prefer the On Demand
      work activity, the Service Desk activity is for internal customers. It automates the
      catalog of services -- from copying services, to dry cleaning, to IT service requests --
      that the organization provides to keep their staff effective and on-the-job. The same
      service-level agreement system as the On Demand Work activity makes it possible to
      define flexible workflows, notifications, and multiple approvals -- all from the
      software’s dialog interface.

     On Demand Work Activity. While you can access the default service level
      agreement to use this activity as a “Work Wizard for the Web,” the activity goes well
      beyond that with a service-level agreement system that is flexible enough to speed
      any organization’s maintenance process.
   View Definition Wizard. A new View Definition Wizard helps process owners define
    reports, summary reports, and edit-forms with search consoles. The wizard takes you
    step-by-step through the process of picking a view pattern, the tables that fill the
    pattern, and the other view characteristics, such as visible fields and sort order. At the
    end of the process, you can add your new view directly to the Process Navigator.

   Tree-Control. System integrators will appreciate the new dictionary-driven data
    control that can display your ARCHIBUS data in drill-down trees. You can use the
    tree control on owner-assigned, bridge-file, and unlimited-tier hierarchy views. You
    can also use the control as either a navigation pane or a pop-up Select Values dialog.

   Activity Improvements. A large number of existing forms and reports have been
    upgraded to use the v16.3 rich interface views (AJAX views). Forms such as the
    group move form now use the searchable select value validation dialog and nested
    tabs to speed you through common actions.

   Error Handling. The program now correctly handles Web Central error messages
    containing double quotation marks. Previously, Web Central error messages
    containing double quotation marks caused the browser to generate a JavaScript error
    message. (3010821)

   Project Management. Contract. Review Actions by Date and Time. This view now
    correctly restricts actions by the specified date and time. Previously the view did not
    obey the date filter. (3011798)

   Capital Budgeting. Project Management. Project Name. You can now use special
    characters in project names. Previously using special characters in project names
    caused the program to generate database server errors. (3014541)

   Systems Administration. Assign Process to Users. This view now includes filter
    consoles so that you can more efficiently assign processes to users. (3015262)

   Project Management. Approve Change Orders. You can now set the change order
    status to Approved. Previously, clicking the Approve Change Order status button set
    the status to N/A. (3015324)

   Workplace Services. Reservations. Confirmation Sheet. This view no longer lists
    the same reservation multiple times in the tree view. (3015330)

   Solution Templates. Free Navigation Sequence. Entering data and saving this
    form no longer generates an exception error. (3015346)

   Workplace Services. Reservations. Room reservation email notifications now
    differentiate between one-time and recurring reservations. (3015372)

   Workplace Services. Reservations. You can no longer use the Copy Reservations
    command to create reservations that occur in the past. (3015403)

   Convert to PDF & Excel. Send Link. The Send Link command does not function.
    Instead, you must use the Email Link command to share these files. (3015420)

   General. Database Validation Errors. Validation errors no longer intermittently refer
    to the incorrect table and/or field in the message text. (3015434)

   Workplace Services. Reservations. In order to improve usability, the View and/or
    Edit My Reservations form now includes a separate button for canceling recurring
    reservations. Previously, the form had only one Cancel button for both single and
    recurring reservations, which was confusing. (3015456)

   Workplace Services. Reservations. The Clear button on the Reservations filter
    console no longer performs a search based on the previously entered criteria prior to
    removing these values. For example, if you entered the value “HQ” in the Building
    Code field, and then clicked the Clear button, the program would first filter the results
    where the Building Code equals “HQ” and then clear the Building Code field. (3015463)

   General. Restriction Consoles. The program no correctly resets date and time text
    values to correspond with blank date and time fields. For example, previously, if you
    entered a value of 9:00 AM in a time field, the program would display the
    corresponding text value either beneath or sometime adjacent to the field. If you then
    used the keyboard to remove the original value from the time field, the program would
    continue to display 9:00 AM in the corresponding text value. The program would not
    correctly update the text value until you entered a new time value in the time field.

   General. Blank Views. The program now generates the message “No Records to
    Display” for views that do not return any results because there is no corresponding
    data in the database. (3015478)

   Building Operations. Operations Management. Create Work Request. Using an
    employee name that contains an apostrophe in the Requested By field no longer
    generates a database error message. (3015503)

   Project Management. Management Consoles. Communication Logs have been
    consolidated into a single console view named “Communicate.” You can access this
    view from the Process Navigator at Project Management/Execute/Communicate. This
    console view includes Communication Logs, Logs by Communication Type, Add
    Communications Log, and My Communication Logs views. (3015507)

   Reservations. Background Data. The Define Room Arrangements view no longer
    generates an error message when you click the Select Values button for the
    Resources Not Allowed field. The program only generated this error if the field had an
    existing value. (3015509)

   Workplace Services. Reservations. The Define Room Arrangements view’s Image
    Document field is now functional. Previously uploading documents for a Room
    Arrangement record did not correctly attach the file. (3015518)

   General. Special Characters. Web Central now supports the Umlaut special
    character in all tables and fields. Previously using Umlauts in table and/or field values
    caused the program to generate a database error. (3015562)

   General. Generate Excel File. The program no longer incorrectly changes the output
    sort order when you generate a Microsoft Excel file (.xls) from a Web Central view.

   Workplace Services. Reservations. The program now correctly includes both the
    room and resource costs when calculating the total costs for a reservation.
    Previously, the program totaled the resource costs and excluded room costs. (3015580)

   Space Management. Highlight Rooms Charged to Your Department. The
    program no longer rounds off room areas greater than 999.99 SQ FT when
    calculating area totals for this report. Previously, for numeric values, the program
    treated comma separators as decimal points and thus rounded off any value greater
    than 999.99 (e.g. the program rounded 1,500 to 1 or 2,900 to 3). (3015596)
     Workplace Services. Reservations. Timeline. The program now correctly displays
      the pre-booking and post-booking blackout periods for rooms with multiple room
      arrangements. (3015621)

     General. Pop-up Calendars. Pop-up calendars now appear and function
      consistently for all Web Central views. (3015658)

     General. Restriction Consoles. You can now enter apostrophes in restriction mini-
      consoles fields. Previously, entering an apostrophe in these fields caused the
      restriction to fail and the program generated a JavaScript error message. (3015665,

     Move Management. Move Projects. The “Move To” field (destination location) is
      now saved when you add equipment to a move project. Previously, the program did
      not save this information and the“Move” To field was blank. (3015757, 3015787)

     Move Management. Edit Group Moves. The Edit and Edit Multiple buttons are now
      functional on the Data Coordinator/Group Moves/Edit Group Moves view. (3015797)

     Project Management. Management Console. Adjust. The Update Actions view no
      longer fails and generates an error message when the user clicks the Save button.

Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central V16.3R03.090

     Rich Interface Standalone Forms. Save and Cancel Actions. Standalone forms
      that use the V16.3-style rich interface no longer generate an error message when you
      click the Save or Cancel buttons. (3015374)

     Rich Interface Forms. Auto-Numbered Fields. You can now save new records with
      an auto-numbered primary key field using the V16.3 style rich interface views.
      Previously, the program would not allow you to create and save a new record of this
      type. (3015376)

     View Analysis. Multiple Projects. Previously, if you had more than one project
      database on the same instance of Web Central, view analysis reports displayed data
      from one project in the reports for other projects. For example, view analysis reports
      for Project 2 contained data from Project 1. This problem has been resolved. (3015380)

     Reservations. Define Reservable Rooms. This view now correctly sorts the Rooms
      Panel records by Room Code (3015291)

     Reservations. Define Room Configurations. This view now correctly sorts the
      Rooms Panel records by Building, Floor, and Room Codes. (3015292)

     Reservations. # of Days to Approve. The # of Days to Approve field that is defined
      in the Define Room Arrangements and Define Resources tasks was previously not
      functional. The # of Days to Approve field is now functional. (3015149)

     Reservations. Create New Room Reservation. Add External Visitor. The Add
      External Visitor pop-up dialog now displays the visitor's first and last name. (3015293)

     Reservations. Email Notifications. The Reservations activity no longer requires you
      to send email notifications. This is now optional. You now set the
      SendEmailNotifications parameter to Yes or No to define whether or not to send
      email notifications. For information, see the Configuring Parameters topic for the
      Reservations activity. You must also set up your web server to send email.
       Previously, sending email notifications was required, and if you did not configure a
       web server to send emails, you would get an error message upon confirming
       reservations. (3015297)

      Reservations. Recurring Reservations. Sybase. Creating or cancelling recurring
       reservations on Sybase no longer generates an error message. This problem did not
       affect MSSQL or Oracle. (3015347)

      Capital Budgeting. Reject Projects. You can no longer allocate funding to a
       rejected project. (3015285)

Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows V16.3R03.090

      Documentation. Training. The material in the Training section on the Contents pane
       of ARCHIBUS Help is now available in PDF format in \Program
       Files\Afmxx\Documentation\Training. For information on these documents, see
       Training Overview.

Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central V16.3.03.080
Changes in this version of ARCHIBUS Web Central are:

      Move Management. Churn Report by Department. On Microsoft SQL Server, the
       drill down action for this report no longer generates an SQL syntax error. (3011742)

      Project Management. Monitor. The Project Management/Monitor task now includes
       a view that compares project costs to budget. (3011830)

      Project Management. Execute. The Project Management/Communicate console
       now includes a button to add communications logs. (3011891)

      Building Operations Management. The default sort order for work requests is now
       descending by date created. The program now displays new work requests at the top
       of tree views (e.g. Review Status of Work Requests). (3009610)

      Capital Budgeting. The program now automatically enters the current users initials
       when requesting a new project or adding a new program. (3010877, 3010884)

      Move Management. Request Group Move. This form now includes a check box to
       select all or clear all employees in the group move request. (3010930)

      Project Management. Assign Team. The program now auto-populates the email
       address when assigning new team members. (3011261)

      MDX Views. The program now enables you to create charts at 300 x 150 pixels.
       Previously you could only create 300 x 300 pixel charts. (3011560)

      Project Management. Gantt Chart. The program now updates the project name in
       the restriction console to reflect the current selected project. (3011694)

      Project Management. Approve Bids. The view now enables you review bid

      Select Values Dialog Box. The Select Value dialog box now processes partial inputs
       (prefixes) entered into the fields on a form. (3012267)
   Database Connections. Systems Administrators can now set a value in afm-
    config.xml that automatically reconnects Web Central to the database if the database
    server is re-started. (3012269)

   Move Management. Request an Employee to Move. You can now use a prefix to
    filter the Select Values dialog box for Employees prior to clicking the ellipses button to
    invoke the dialog. Previously, the Employees Select Values dialog always listed all
    employees in the database (subject record limit display settings and/or VPA
    restrictions). This feature is very useful for organizations with a large number of
    employees. (3012389)

   Project Management. Define Project Phases. The Project Management application
    now includes a form that enables you to add or delete project phased during the set
    up process. (3012450)

   Print to PDF. The feature no longer generates hidden fields in PDFs. (3012456)

   Move Management. Request a Group Move. Setting a VPA restriction on the
    Buildings table no longer breaks this form. (3012602)

   Views and Forms. Headings. You can now replace default single and multi-line
    headings with custom headings (as you can in the Windows product) using the
    following syntax: (3012853)

    <field table="project" name="project_id">
    <title translatable="true">Name</title>

   Project Management. Record Payments for Invoices. The program no longer
    allows duplicate payment codes for invoices. (3013268)

   Project Management. Gantt Chart. Action IDs. The Gantt Chart no longer displays
    the incorrect Action ID detail for Action ID numbers greater than 1,000. (3013281)

   Furniture and Equipment Management. Telecom Assets Control. The program
    now correctly updates the tree view and the drawing frame to reflect changes to
    equipment data. (3013375)

   New View. Filter. Entering two or statements in the New View / Filter dialog no
    longer causes the program to fail and generate an error message. (3013384)

   Document Management. Archived Versions. You can now open older, archived
    versions of documents from the Web Central interface. (3013551)

   Move Management. Questionnaires. The application now generates a warning
    message for questionnaires that exceed the maximum character limit of 2000 for the
    field. (3013559)

   Email Notifications. General. You can now blind copy (BCC) recipients for views
    that generate email notifications. (3013692)

   Move Management. Issue Group Moves. The program now generates the correct
    email notification, which includes the project ID, when you issue a group move.

   Time Fields. General. The application no longer incorrectly changes AM and PM
    values for time fields (data type = time). Previously, if you entered a value in a time
      field with a PM value (e.g. 5:00 PM) and the current system clock time was any AM
      value, the program would change the entered value to AM. The reverse was also
      true; AM values were changed to PM based on the current system clock time.

     New Views. Allowed ARCHIBUS Field Type. You can now create new views that
      contain ARCHIBUS field types of hiearchical-concat. Previously new views that
      included fields of this type appeared blank and did not function. (3013948)

Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows V16.3.03.080

     Microsoft Vista Support. Version 16.3 is compatible with Windows Vista Business.

     AutoCAD 2008 Support. Version 16.3 Overlay is compatible with AutoCAD 2008.

     Oracle 10G2 Support. Version 16.3 is compatible with Oracle 10G2.

     Process Navigator. The process navigator user interface has been redesigned to
      improve usability, readability, functionality, and so forth.

     Documentation. Tutorials. As part of the help system, version 16.3 includes 26
      tutorials. Hands-on exercises covering the fundamental database and drawing skills,
      as well as the set of Process Navigators that are included in the ARCHIBUS Express
      bundling can be found within the "Training" book on the Contents of ARCHIBUS Help.
      The tutorials complement the material in the help system and require users to read
      the corresponding help topics before running the exercises. For more information,
      including how to use these materials for a classroom setting or self-paced learning,
      see Training Overview.

     Reports. Default Page Sizes. You can now set a default page size for report views.
      The A5 default page size has been added. (3006970)

     Space Management. Composite vs. All Room Inventory Methods. These two
      methods are now more clearly differentiated on the Process Navigator. "Composite"
      or "All Room" is now listed in parenthesis on the Process Navigator after each
      activity. (3013473)

     Overlay and DWG Editor. Drawing Publishing Rules. You can now run the
      Drawing Publishing rules when both the Overlay of AutoCAD and the DWG Editor are
      active. These applications now have separate program IDs. (3013544)

     Overlay and DWG Editor. Drawing Publishing Rules. The program now generates
      an error message if you attempt to run an inactive drawing publishing rule. (3014201)

     DWG Editor. Options. The DWG Editor correctly saves the drawing area
      background color. Previously, the background color always defaulted to white.

     Manage Moves and Layouts. Churn Statistics From Move Orders. You can now
      generate churn statistics at the Division and Department level. Previously, the
      program generated an error message when you ran this report at these
      organizational levels. This problem did not affect similar reports in Web Central.

Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.2.02.24 (Partial Update)
       A/FM. DWG Viewer. You can now use the DWG Viewer to print reports with drawing
        highlights, such as the Highlight Rooms by Department report. Previously, the DWG
        Viewer correctly displayed drawing highlights on the screen, but not on print-outs.

       Additional Language Support. Support has been added for Dutch and Norwegian.

Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.2.02.23

       Additional Language Support. Support has been added for French, German, and

       Online Help. French, German, and Spanish translations of ARCHIBUS Help are

       Grid. Highlight Pattern Fields. The grid now correctly displays highlight pattern
        colors in two-column mode. Previously the grid displayed all highlight colors as red
        when the grid was in two-column mode. (3013961)

       Drawing Publishing. Previously, you could not use the Avw.AddTemplateLayer
        function to add static highlight layers created by the Drawing Publishing command to
        view files. This problem has been resolved. (3013956).

       DWG Editor. Draw Reference Grid. The program now correctly draws the correct
        number of horizontal bays. (3013950)

       DWG Editor. You can now use your DWG Viewer license to open the DWG Editor in
    Read Only mode. Previously, the program generated the error message: There are no
    more Drawing Editor licenses available. You may wish to try again later or you may wish
    to use the Drawing Preferences tab on the Options/Preferences form to use a different

       DWG Viewer. You can now enable the Setup/Use Viewer License preference in
        conjunction with the Report/Drawing Viewer/DWG Viewer preference. Previously,
        with this configuration, the program did not allow you to use the DWG Viewer to view
        embedded drawings in reports and generated the following message: There are no
        more licenses for the DWG Viewer." (3013940)

       DWG Editor. Previously, the Format/Text Style command was disabled in the DWG
        Editor. This problem has been resolved. (3013931)

       Real Property and Lease. View Properties by Location Report. This report no longer
        displays locations that do not have any assigned properties. (3013863)

       Grid. Window Commands. The Window/Tile Vertically and Windows/Cascade
        commands have been disabled for views with multiple grid windows in order to
        accommodate a more streamlined, form-like grid interface. The Windows
        minimize/maximize buttons are no longer visible; however, you can achieve the same
        functionality by double-clicking the title bar. (3013836)

       Windows Mobile 5 Support. The Condition Assessment and Environmental
        Sustainability applications now support the latest version of the Windows Mobile
        operating system. (3012614)

Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.2.02.16
     DWG Viewer. Licensing. This version resolves an issue in which the program did
      not correctly identify the existence of AutoCAD or Architectural Desktop 2004-2006
      on your computer, and thus did not allow you to use your AutoCAD license for the
      DWG Viewer (the Options/Preferences/General/Use AutoCAD License for DWG
      Viewer? preference). (3013941)

Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.2.02.15

     DWG Editor. Drawing Limits command. This version includes the AutoCAD
      Drawing Limits command. The drawing, or grid, limits are the user-defined
      rectangular boundary of the drawing area, which is covered by dots when the grid is
      turned on. (3013711)

     Overlay. Show Widowed Assets command. Now highlights doubly-linked asset
      symbols. If an asset symbol has a record, but its ehandle points to a second record,
      the rightful owner is temporarily highlighted in blue and the pretender is highlighted in
      red. (3013669)

     A/FM. Work Order Codes. You can now use the Set Restriction command to search
      for 10 character work order codes. Previously, the Set Restriction dialog did not
      accept 10 character work order codes. (3013661)

     A/FM. DWF Viewer Licensing. Upon initial starting of ARCHIBUS after installation,
      the program prompts the user for a licensed copy of either AutoCAD or Architectural
      Desktop. Workstations with licenses available for either of these Autodesk
      applications do not require a separate ARCHIBUS license to run the DWG Viewer.
      For more details, see the Use AutoCAD for DWG Viewer? preference in the General
      Preferences topic. (3013290)

     A/FM. Reports. You can now prefix image file names in the database with a folder
      path which is read and appended to the "Project Image Files Folder=" path in the
      Projects Preferences file as the starting location for searching for the image file. For
      example, assume you have "Project Image Files Folder=S:\Images" The image file is
      specified in the database (i.e. em.image_file) as "\28_madrid\E2809521.gif" rather
      than just "E2809521.gif" ARCHIBUS will look in "S:\Images\28_madrid\" first then
      search according to the normal rules if the file is not found.

     A/FM. Documentation. A number of updates have been made to improve the clarity
      and usability of the online documentation.

     DWG Editor. Space Hierarchy Defaults. In some cases, the program had not been
      filling in the Building Code and Floor Code default values for gross assets. This is
      fixed. (3013711)

     DWG Editor. The pre-v16 versions of the ARCHIBUS Drawing Editor supported the
      click to select feature, which highlighted a corresponding record in the grid when you
      clicked on an asset symbol in the drawing. To support this functionality in version 16,
      the DWG Editor and the Overlay now include the Asset/Restrict ARCHIBUS View by
      Selection command. (3013813)

     Overlay. Drawing Publishing. The drawing publishing rule that publishes workflow
      rule diagrams no longer publishes the highlights in too large of a format. (3013397)

     Overlay. Drawing Publishing. Drawing publishing now produces only DWF files (no
      DWG files) when invoked from a script that turns off the Drawing Publishing dialog
      with one of these API calls: (AfmDwgPubSetShowDialog nil) or (vlax-put-property
      pub 'vbShowDialog :vlax-false). This cuts drawing publishing time in half. (3012941)
     Overlay. Trial Views. The furniture trial views (emtrial.avw, fntrial.avw, etc.) had the
      GROS layer as the current template layer, which misplaced asset symbols on the
      wrong layer with the initial use of the Asset Insert command. This is fixed. (3013540)

     A/FM. Hotlist. Editing hotlist items sometimes could produce a duplicate record,
      which would need to be deleted. This has been fixed. (3013773)

     A/FM. Domain Navigator. Adding a new custom domain that had a text label but no
      bitmap had been repeating an existing bitmap rather than showing the text label. This
      is fixed. (3013759)

     A/FM. View/Save and View/Save As commands. You can now use these
      commands to save view files to UNC paths. (3012035)

     A/FM. View/Export. The program now generates a warning message if you try to
      export a view with virtual fields, which are not supported by this command. (3012955)

     A/FM. Grid/Replace Column. The program now automatically wraps all SQL
      statements in parentheses. Previously, the user was required to do this manually.

     A/FM. Building Operations. Previously, you could not update the Work Requests
      Craftspersons table (wrcf) when using the Oracle database server in conjunction with
      the Oracle ODBC driver (instead of the Microsoft ODBC driver). This problem has
      been resolved. (3013553)

     A/FM. Grid. Resizing all columns simultaneously no longer causes the program to
      close unexpectedly. (3013720)

     A/FM. Grid. Previously, for drawing views, selecting items in the grid did not highlight
      the corresponding asset symbol if the drawing was zoomed in too far. This problem
      has been resolved. (3013232)

     A/FM. Reports. When a report contains a sort associated with a break, switching to
      grid mode, changing the sort order in grid mode (via double-clicking on the column),
      and then switching back to report mode had been causing ARCHIBUS to close. This
      is fixed. (3013522)

     A/FM. Reports. Reports now have input focus (for the Page Down, Page Up, etc.
      keys) as soon as they are loaded from the Process Navigator. (3013121)

     A/FM. VPA. The forFields restriction is now applied to custom Select Values that
      have two or more fields of data specified in the second argument. (3013592)

     A/FM. VPA. The Avw.ClearAllRest() function no longer clears the VPA restriction.

     Installation. Registry Keys. Are now all located beneath ARCHIBUS 16 in the
      Windows Registry. (3013251)

     Sample Data. VPA. The HQ VPA restriction for the A/FM Drawings table to illustrate
      restricting the Drawing List had been missing. This sample has been re-added.

Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central v16.2.02.15
      Autodesk DWF Viewer 7 Support. This version supports the latest version of the
       DWF Viewer from Autodesk.

Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.1.1.6x (English, Traditional Korean,
Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese)

      Additional Language Support. Support has been added for traditional Korean,
       Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

      Overlay. Publish to DWF. The default output folder for published DWF files is now
       \program files\afm16\projects\reports. Previously, the default folder was \program
       files\afm15\projects\reports. (3013582)

      Overlay. Populate. The Overlay Populate command now includes a tolerance factor
       to more accurately determine whether asset symbols lie inside or outside the
       container polyline. Previously, asset symbols whose extents were on the container
       polyline were sometimes incorrectly populated or excluded because the Overlay
       program was aggressively rounding off coordinates. The Overlay also now includes
       an optional message box that provides feedback regarding potential asset population
       issues. (3013102)

      Process Navigator. Stray Characters. The Process Navigator no longer displays
       unwanted stray characters. (3010311)

      Process Navigator. Previously, for Activities with a large number of
       Processes/Roles, the Process Navigator would sometimes stop responding after
       extended use. This issue has been resolved. (3012325)

      Process Navigator. Folder Location. This update includes support for a new per-
       site setting that enables you to specify the folder location for the Process Navigator
       files. Previously, the program only recognized the default location, which was
       \Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Archibus. (3011911)

      A/FM. Task Switching. Previously, the program would sometimes stop responding
       when task switching between multiple windows. This problem has been resolved.

Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central v16.1.1.6x (English, Traditional
Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese)

      Additional Language Support. Support has been added for traditional Korean,
       Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

      System Requirements. The system requirements for JRE and IBM WebSphere
       have changed. Web Central now supports:
           Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.4 or later. (JRE 1.3 is no longer
           IBM WebSphere 5.1 or later. (Earlier versions have been de-supported.)

           o   BEA WebLogic 8.1 or later

           o   Oracle Application Server 10g

Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.1.1.56 (English, French, German,
     Additional Language Support. Support has been added for traditional French,
      German, and Spanish.

     Overlay. Asset text commands no longer cause the program to delete asset symbols
      from new drawings. Previously, if you created a new drawing and ran any asset text
      commands on newly created assets, the program would remove the polyline(s) and
      associated record from the database. (3013535)

     Reports. Charts. Due to a conflict with Windows XP Themes, the SaveAs command
      has been removed from the right click menu for charts. If you need to use this
      command to save a chart, run File/View/Save As. (3013270)

     Database. Numeric fields now accept negative numbers. Previously, Version 16 did
      not accept negative numbers in numeric fields. (3013523)

     Sample Data. A number of additional DWFs have been pre-published in order to
      produce more meaningful sample reports. (3013259)

     Sample Data. The usages of the "r" and "x" dwf files for static highlighting are
      unnecessary for Version 16 or later, and have been removed. The "r" and "x" files
      had output for multiple processes in the same file. In v16.1 different processes use
      DWF files with different suffixes (e.g. "-abspacerminventoryb" for the space inventory
      process) so that the DWF files are smaller and so that updates from one process
      does not affect others. (3013189)

     Sample Data. Spanish. Summarize Closed Work by Craftsperson Report. For
      Spanish databases, this report no longer generates a division by zero error message.
      This problem only affected Spanish versions of the HQ sample database. (3013120)

     Building Operations. Work Summary Report. Translation errors in the report title
      have been corrected. (3012447)

     Overlay. Populate Tagged Furniture. The populate command now properly inserts
      tagged furniture assets inside room asset polylines. Previously, populate would
      sometimes insert the assets outside room polylines. (3013102)

Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central v16.1.1.56 (English, French,
German, Spanish)

     Additional Language Support. Support has been added for traditional French,
      German, and Spanish.

     Reports. Highlight Rooms by Department. The drawing legend now matches the
      report data. Previously the legend was inaccurate. (3013383)

     Forms. Define Floors. You can no longer edit the Building Code field in this form.
      Editing this field is not necessary to complete the form. (3013118)

     Log File. Record Count Error Message. You can now disable the Record Count
      Error Message so that the program does not repeatedly write it to the log file. To do
      so, edit afm-logging.xml as follows:

 (<category name="com.archibus.config.RecordLimits">
 <priority value="error"/>
      Installation. Tomcat. The setup routine now creates a \tools\tomcat\temp folder,
       which enables you to create charts when you are running Tomcat as a service.

      Installation. Tomcat. Uninstall no longer removes the Tomcat service unless it was
       explicitly installed by the Web Central setup routine. (3012563)

      Project Management. Project Map. Clicking a polyline on the Project Map now
       generates additional data for the selection as expected. (3013134)

      Guest Sign In. Repeated use of the Guest account no longer generates and error
       message. (3013053)

Changes in ARCHIBUS Windows v16.1.01.48 (English)

      A/FM. EIS. This version does not include and default EIS and the EIS Navigator tab
       is off by default. The default tab is now the Process Navigator. (3012401)

      A/FM. EIS. The Show EIS button has been changed to Show Processes.

      A/FM. Modules. Modules are now called Domains. (3012721)

      A/FM. New Domains. This version includes two new Domains; Risk Management
       and Capital Planning. These domains include existing activities previously located
       under the Other Activities module. (3012121)

      A/FM. Navigator. The ARCHIBUS (Module) Navigator has been renamed Domain
       Navigator in both the user interface and documentation. (3012733)

      A/FM. Navigator. The order of the tabs has been changed. The new order from left
       to right is Project, Processes, Domains. (3012416)

      A/FM. Computer Based Training. The CBTs are not included in this version and are
       no longer supported. (3012249)

      A/FM Database. Sybase. Auto-commit. ARCHIBUS now auto-commits all database
       changes for all database server types, including Sybase. Previously the program
       auto-committed database changes for MSSQL and Oracle only. As a result, the
       Auto-Commit View Preference has been eliminated from this release. To help avoid
       user error, confirmation message boxes have been added to grid commands that
       may affect multiple rows. (3011954, 3008357, 3012926, 3011952)

      A/FM. Drawing Editor. This version includes a new Drawing Editor (DWG Editor)
       based on AutoCAD OEM. The DWG Editor is a version of AutoCAD specifically
       tailored for facility and infrastructure management with the ARCHIBUS Overlay
       functionality built right in. The DWG Editor includes the basic polylining, editing,
       modification, viewing, and printing features of AutoCAD, and makes use of your
       existing skills with object snap modes, grip editing, and the command line. All menus,
       commands, prefrences, and documentation that supported the previous drawing
       editor have been removed. For information on v16 equivalents to common v15
       Drawing Editor tasks, see Comparing the Drawing Features in v15 and v16.
   Overlay. AutoCAD Support. AutoCAD 2002 has been de-supported for this and all
    future versions of ARCHIBUS, as Autodesk no longer supports this version of

   A/FM. Sample Data. Drawings. The HQ sample data drawings have been converted
    to AutoCAD 2004 format. (3011917)

   Overlay. A number of menus and commands have been changed and/or added to be
    consistent with the new ARCHIBUS DWG Editor, which replaces the previous
    drawing editor.

o   The Drawing List command and dialog are now available from the Overlay. (3011930)

o   A new command (ARCHIBUS/Create Drawing Named View) enables you to save
    ARCHIBUS view as a named view in AutoCAD. This command is also available in
    the new ARCHIBUS DWG Editor. (3011947, 3011935)

o   The Tool Palettes (and supporting menu items) have been renamed to Process
    Navigator. (3012417)

o   The File/Drawing/New Block command has been removed. You can create new
    blocks using the ARCHIBUS menu / New Block Drawing command, or manually
    using the File/New Drawing command and the AutoCAD BLOCK/INSERT
    commands. (3008699)

o   The Draw Reference Grid command is now available form the ARCHIBUS

o   A new command "A/FM/Save Height for Asset" enables you select an asset or asset
    text, edit the text height, and save the new value. (3011916)

o   A new command "A/FM/Set Default Alignment" (afm_asetalign - available from the
    command line) enables you to set the default alignment for asset text and save it to
    the user preferences file (AfmUserPreferences.ini). These settings will be used each
    time you load the Overlay.(3011916)

o   A new command "A/FM/Set Asset Selection Style" enables you to set the default
    selection style (how the asset appears when you select it) and save it to the user
    preferences file (AfmUserPreferences.ini). These settings will be used each time you
    load the Overlay.(3011916)

o   The Show Widowed Records and Show Widowed Assets commands have been
    added to the Overlay. These command enable you to see and resolve widowed
    database records and drawing assets. (3011915)

   Overlay. AutoCAD Profile. A new drawing preference (Options / Preferences /
    Drawing) allows you to select an AutoCAD Profile to use for the Overlay. (3006005)

   A/FM. Hatch Patterns. Windows (GDI) hatch patterns (hpattern) are no longer
    supported. Instead, this version uses AutoCAD hatch patterns (hpattern_acad). An
    script has been provided (ConvertHpatternToAcad.Abs) to convert all the old
    hpatterns to AutoCAD hpatterns. A new view action enables you to generate unique
    AutoCAD hatch patterns (hpattern_acad) from Windows hatch patterns. This view
    action is available from edit views with hatch pattern fields (hpattern) such as dp.avw,
    emstd.avw, gpstd.avw, and hprorate.avw. (3012513, 3012496, 3011964, 3011934).
   A/FM. Hatch Patterns. You can now preview hatch patterns in the Set Highlight
    Pattern (AutoCAD style) dialog box. (3011931)

   Drawing Publishing Rules. The drawing publishing rules have been updated to
    resolve a number of minor issues:

o   The program no longer overlaps or excludes legend text. (3011508)

o   New publishing rules have been added to support V16 and DWG OEM and the new
    version of the DWF viewer. (3012439, 3012434, 3012421)

   A/FM. Drawings. Space. The Space Domain now includes two new LISP commands
    that support cascading updates and deletes for MSSQL and Oracle. The
    Space/Delete Room and Space/Rename Room commands are now available from
    the Domains menu for both the Overlay and the new ARCHIBUS DWG Editor.

   A/FM. Grid. The Grid display now defaults to Ledger Style display (alternate rows are
    light yellow). (3012403)

   A/FM. Grid. A new grid preference (Options/Preferences/Grid) allows you to disable
    grid tool tips. (3012513)

   Deprecated BasicScript Functions. The following functions were undocumented
    and were never formally supported in v15. As they depend on ObjectDBX, which is
    not in v16, they have been removed for v16:

    IsActiveDocumentADrawing, GetCurrentDrawingName, AnyEntitiesOnAssetLayer,
    CopyAssetsToOrFromTrialLayer, DeleteAssetsOnLayer, CatalogGroupOfAssets,

    If you copied ARCHIBUS Process Toolbar scripts, you may have references to them.
     Use the equivalent functionality in the Overlay for AutoCAD or the Overlay for the
    DWG Editor.

   Process Navigator. You can no longer set the Process Navigator to float and by
    default it is docked at the left-hand side of the screen. (3009333, 3011773)

    Project Properties. The Project Properties dialog includes a new setting (Publish
    To) that designates the default location for Drawing Publishing output. This location is
    added to the project search path so that the Reports can locate published drawings.

   A/FM. Preferences. System Variables. The following preferences and variables
    have been removed since they are no longer valid in this version (3011907):

o   View Preferences. Drawing Arrangement Style, Drawing Windows

o   Drawing Preferences. Use Relative Coordinates, Use Angle Snap, Auto-populate,
    Auto-infer, Arrangement Percentage, AutoCAD New Drawing Save Format

o   Setup Preferences. Drawing Engine Support Path, Drawing Engine Fonts Path.

   A/FM. Preferences. The Outline Highlight Thickness and Outline Highlight color
    General Preferences have been moved to the Drawing Application preferences
    section of the preferences file. (3011906)
      Security. Default User Account Name. For ARCHIBUS for Windows, security is
       either on or off at your site. If on, your users will always be prompted for a username
       and password. If off, ARCHIBUS will always log in with the ARCHIBUS user account
       named AFM and use the processes and permissions assigned to that account. This is
       different from v15, in which no user account was used if security was not on. (3013101)

Issues Resolved

      A/FM Preferences. Invalid characters in the AfmPerSitePrefrences.Ini file no longer
       cause the program to crash. Instead, the program ignores invalid characters and uses
       the default preferences. (3012252)

      A/FM. Process Navigator. Previously, the Process Navigator would occasionally
       freeze, and you would need to re-load it before it would respond. This problem has
       been resolved. (3012325)

      A/FM. Process Navigator. You can now have Process with no tasks. Previously, if
       you created new Processes with no tasks, the program generated an error message.

      A/FM. Grid. The row height for memo fields is now maintained after toggling between
       grid and report mode. (3012296)

      A/FM. Import to Excel. Previously, when exporting data that contains a leading "-" to
       Excel, the program added a leading space. This problem has been resolved. (3012055)

      A/FM. Drawing Reports. Customizations. Previously, for reports with data
       displayed above the drawing, adding multiple columns and fields sometimes causes
       the program to re-size the drawing frame. This problem has been resolved. (3000771)

      Overlay. Numeric Separators. Editing asset symbols with numeric asset text no
       longer removes the numeric separator. For example, previously, if you ran Edit Data
       on a Room asset symbol the program changed the room area asset text from 1,000
       to 1000 (the comma was removed). (3004982)

      Overlay. The Overlay no longer crashes when you change AutoCAD 2004 or later
       from MDI (multiple document mode) to SDI (single document mode). (3011843)

      A/FM. Synchronize Room Percentages. Previously, the synchronizing room
       percentages did not account for deleted rooms in the calculations. (3005433)

      Overlay. Telecommunications. The Connect command now checks to ensure a
       project is open prior to initialization. Previously, the program did not check for an
       active project and would stop responding. (3008311)

      Overlay. Highlight Commands. Previously, if you ran the Highlight by Owner
       command, the Overlay would insert a red highlight color for assets with a blank
       AutoCAD Highlight Pattern (hpattern_acad) field. This could result in inaccurate or
       confusing results, since some assets may specify the color red in the AutoCAD
       Highlight Pattern field. The Overlay now leaves the asset blank instead. (3008967)

      Overlay. Highlight by Restriction. This command now properly highlights assets
       using the selected color for the highlight layer. (3009033)

      Overlay. Open Project. The Overlay nows prompts you to open a project if you try to
       edit a drawing asset without first opening a project. (3011829)
       Overlay. Read Only Drawings. For read-only / locked drawings, if you attempt to
        edit assets, the Overlay now generates a warning message informing you that no
        changes will be made to the database. (3010394)

       Overlay. Furniture and Equipment. You can now insert Furniture Standards to the
        trial layers (e.g. FN-TRIAL 1). Previously, the Insert Furniture Standards command
        always placed assets on the FN layer, even when you set the active layer to a
        different layer manually. (3009365)

       Overlay. You no longer need to re-open drawings in order for drawing scale changes
        to take effect. Previously, drawing scale changes did not take effect until after you re-
        opened the drawing. (3010137)

       A/FM. Database. The program no longer automatically inserts a "0" in fields with an
    "allow null" value set to "yes". Previously, if you left this type of field blank, the program
    would generate the error message: "A value for one of the fields, XYZ, is not correct.
    The value must exist in the validating table, the ZXY table" because the value "0" did not
    exist in the validating table.(3009055)

       A/FM. Workflow Rules. This version includes the SysMan wf-rule-diagram-
        template.dwg in AfmXX\Symbols folder. This file was omitted in Version 15. (3012863)

       A/FM. Quick Drawing List. The Quick Drawing List now properly obeys Role-based
        VPA restrictions. (3012841)

       A/FM. Views. Previously, the File / View / Save and Save As commands did not
        recognized UNC (universal naming convention) mapped folders and you could not
        save views to these locations. This problem has been resolved. (3012834)

       A/FM. Building Operations. Using an apostrophe in the PM Schedule Groups and
        PM Procedures fields no longer causes a runtime error. ( 3011557, 3011555)

       Work Wizard. The afm_roles.ww_preferences and afm_groups.ww_preferences
        values will override the .ini settings for ALL users, including system manager level
        users. Previously, the Work Wizard did not use the ww_preferences values to
        override the .ini values if the user was a System Manager level user. (3011058)

       A/FM. Projects. Manually changing the default DB name, no longer causes database
        creation / connection issues. When creating a new project, the default database
        name matches the project name. For example, if you enter a new project name of
        HQ, then the DB Name would be HQ.db. Previously, if you manually edited the DB
        name field, the program would generate an error message and you would be unable
        to connect to the project. This problem has been resolved. (3010947)

       A/FM. Security. Previously, VPA security restrictions did not function when the
        Schema folder and files were located on a remote computer. This problem has been
        resolved. (3010156)

Changes in ARCHIBUS Web Central v16.1.01.48 (English)

       A/FM. Web Central. DWF Viewer. This version supports the AutoCAD DWF Version
        6.5. Previous versions are no longer supported.

       A/FM. Web Central. Security. Guest users (user logged in with the built-in Guest
        account) can longer access the My Profile menu, thus eliminating a potential security
        risk. (3012230)
Changes in Web Central Version (English, French, German,

      Updated Documentation. The Web Central online help and the Move Management,
       Capital Budgeting, and Project Management PDF files have been updated to correct
       minor issues. The Web Central PDF has been updated to include a discussion of the
       Move Management, Capital Budgeting, and Project Management activities.

      Web Central. Reporting to PDF. This revision includes the following changes to the
       reporting to PDF feature:

   o   The Report to PDF button is now visible by default only for views that can be
       converted to PDF without causing formatting issues, such as line wrapping.

   o   A new setting in the afm-config.xml file enables system administrators to globally
       enable or disable the Report to PDF button.
       (3011723, 3011806, 3012041)

      Web Central Views. Record Limits. Display record limits can now be set per output
       type in afm-config.xml. You can set record limits for HTML (views), PDF files, and
       also for batch reports.

      Web Central. VPA Restrictions. Tree Views. Previously, Web Central Tree View
       selection list frames did not enforce role-based VPA restrictions. This problem has
       been resolved. (3011686)

      Web Central. System Administrator. Edit Hotlists. The Is a Hotlist Task field is no
       longer visible in this view, since it is not a user-editable field. (3012122)

      Web Central. VPA Restrictions. New Views. Role-based VPA restrictions are now
       properly enforced in new Web Central views. (3011687)

      Web Central. Error Messages. For security reasons, Web Central error messages
       no longer include stack trace information. Stack trace information is still available to
       System Administrators in the archibus.log file. For debugging purposes, System
       Administrators can enable stack trace information as follows:(3011807)

   o   Open \schema\ab-system\system-administration\error-message.axvw.

   o   Edit the following line, changing false to true.

       <preferences stackTraceAllowed="true">

      Installation. Apache Tomcat. The set-up routine now makes installing the Apache
       Tomcat service optional. Previously, Setup always installed the Tomcat service.

      Web Central. Project Management Activity. Activity Types. Microsoft SQL and
       Oracle. Previously new Microsoft SQL and Oracle projects were missing the default
       activity types. This problem has been resolved.

      Project Management Activity. Vendor Views. Previously, the Vendors, Vendor
       Payable History, and the Vendor Performance views did not correctly restrict data
       displayed by the project selected in the restriction console. Instead, these views
       displayed all vendors and their data, regardless of whether they had active work in
       the project. This problem has been resolved. (3011592)
   Project Management Activity. Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled. The Budgeted
    Cost of Work Scheduled view now correctly includes work with statuses of On Hold,
    Completed, and Closed. (3011703, 3011794)

   Project Management Activity. Actions Summary View. Previously, this view did
    not include On Hold Action items. This problem has been resolved. (3011794)

   Project Management Activity. Monitor. View Projects Org. Impact by
    Building/Room. Previously, all console restrictions other than time incorrectly
    filtered out all results. This problem has been resolved. (3011706)

   Project Management Activity. Execute. Action Statuses. The program now
    correctly restricts Action Items for this view by the project selected in the console.

   Project Management Activity. Oracle 8. Previously, the program could not load the
    following views using the Oracle 8 database server. These issues have been
    resolved. (3011761)

o   Move Management Activity: Churn Rate by Division.

o   Capital Budgeting: View Unallocated Program Funds, View Budget by Program Type.

o   Project Management: Review Variances Design to Baseline, Review Variances Bids
    to Baseline and Design, Report Vendors Performance, Calculate and View Projects
    Behind Schedule, View Projects Org. Impact by Building, View Projects Org. Impact
    by Room, Review History, Review Actions Schedule Variances, Review Vendor
    Performance History, Review Vendors used by Project Type, Vendor Performance,
    Bid to Design Variance, Management Console Adjust, Create Work Req. for Action.

   Project Management Activity. Gantt Chart. The program now displays the
    message "There are no Actions that meet your restriction" for Gantt Chart queries
    that do not return any data. Previously, the program did not provide any user
    feedback if the Gantt Chart could not be generated. (3011746)

   Project Management Activity. Gantt Chart. Previously Gantt chart report headings
    displayed the incorrect date range. The month value was off by one. Also, numeric
    values for month were off by one (January = 0, December = 1, etc). These issues did
    not affect the actual Gantt chart, just the report headings. These problems have been
    resolved. (3011782, 3011833)

   Project Management Activity. Gantt Chart. For seven-day weeks, the program now
    correctly uses Sunday as the 7th day. Previously, the program used Saturday as the
    7th day. (3011820)

   Project Management Activity. Gantt Chart. The Gantt chart now correctly includes
    weekends for seven-day week calculations. Previously, the Gantt chart correctly
    displayed actions as occurring on weekends, but did not include weekends in
    calculations. (3012260)

   Project Management Activity. Gantt Chart. To improve usability, you can now
    scroll the body of the Gantt chart and the row headings will remain fixed. This is very
    helpful when viewing Gantt charts with very long date ranges. (3011827)

   Project Management Activity. Review Work Packages Schedule Variances.
    Restricting by Project in the console no longer causes the view to fail. (3011764)
   Project Management Activity. Action Costs Variance. Estimate Baseline
    Schedule and Durations. The program now correctly restricts work packages to the
    selected project in the console. Previously, the program displayed work packages for
    all projects. (3011812, 3011837, 3011837)

   Project Management Activity. Project Calendar. The Months by Year project
    calendar now works properly for date ranges that span multiple years. (3011815)

   Project Management Activity. View Projects Behind Schedule. This view now
    compares the costs of completed actions against all actions scheduled to be
    completed by the current date. This is a more accurate calculation than the previous
    one, which compared the costs of completed actions against costs of those remaining
    to be completed. (3011816)

   Project Management Activity. Import / Export to Microsoft Project. The Post
    button is now disabled unless there is data available to post. Previously, the Post
    button was always active, even when there was no data to post. Clicking the Post
    button in this case caused the program to generate an error message. This was
    sometimes confusing to the end user. (3011983)

   Capital Budgeting Activity. Copy Condition Assessment Items to Projects. The
    program now restricts the Copy Project dialog box to projects whose status is
    Requested or Approved. The program no longer displays completed projects.

   Capital Budgeting Activity. Previously, on Sybase, specifying a City, State, and Site
    Code in the console window of certain Capital Budgeting views caused the program
    to generate the error message ASA Error -142: Correlation name 'bl' not found. This
    problem has been resolved. (3011809)

   Move Management Activity. Define Business Units View. The Move Management
    activity now includes a view that enables business process owners to define Business
    Units. Previously, to run the Churn Rate by Business Unit report, business process
    owners had to use the Alter View feature enter their organizations Business Units.

   Move Management Activity. Define Trades View. The Move Management and
    Building Operations activities now include a view that enables Facility Information
    Managers to define trades, which makes it easier to define and assign craftspersons
    to projects. (3011584)

   Move Management Activity. Close Move Orders. You can now close move orders
    that have rejected action items. Previously, all move order action items needed to
    have a status of closed before you could close the move order. If the move order had
    action items with a status of rejected, you could not close the move order. (3011928)

   Move Management Activity. Move Calendar. The Move Calendar dates are now
    accurate. Previously, the move project start and end dates were off by one day in
    some cases. This problem has been resolved. Also, the Move Calendar would not
    display move projects unless they included actions items. The Move Calendar now
    displays all move projects. (3012063)

   Move Management. Show Drawings. Previously, the Show Drawings feature only
    displayed drawings whose file names were a combination of the building name and
    floor name (e.g., HQ18). This problem has been resolved. (3010517, 3012132)
      Web Central. Move Management Activity. Issue Group Moves. Previously, issuing
       a group move that contained no move records failed, and the program generated an
       error message. This problem has been resolved. (3011752)

      Solution Templates. Dashboards. Own vs. Lease Statistics. Previously, selecting
       this view generated an error message. This problem has been resolved. (3012134)

Changes in Windows Version
There were no significant changes to the ARCHIBUS Windows application for this release.
Changes in Web Central Version

      Web Central. Performance. V15 has several performance improvements that
       speed response times and lower total server memory footprint for each user. For
       instance, benchmarks of typical login and view usage sequences for a 100 concurrent
       user server show a 10% gain over v14.3. Your own deployment variables will also
       affect performance fundamentally. For instance, benchmarks in this same
       configuration show a 500% gain from JDK 1.3 to JDK 1.4 on 100 concurrent user
       servers, and a further 30% gain from JDK 1.4 to JDK 1.5.

      Document Management. Web Central V15.1 includes next-generation enterprise
       document maengagement functionality. With Web Central document management,
       you no longer need a separate software application or point solution to manage your
       documents; instead, they are managed as natural extensions of your property, lease,
       space, asset, work order, move, purchase order, invoice, contract, equipment,
       change orders, condition assessment image, task, and other data. You also do not
       need to perform extra steps to flow documents through your workflows; they are
       included as natural object extensions and achieve the same the same benefits of
       ARCHIBUS workflow: email notification and status tracking.

      Reporting to PDF. With this new feature, you can generate PDF versions of Web
       Central data in a separate browser window with just one click. For default reports, the
       table and field data visible in the HTML frame are the table and fields that will appear
       in the PDF. For custom reports and forms, the application sometimes overrides this
       default format.

   The data written to the PDF obeys current VPA security, view, and frame restrictions. If
   you use a parent list frame to select a particular record, only the restricted records will
   appear in the PDF. For instance, if you have a VPA restriction showing just Work
   Requests for a site, and you use a console to restrict to just electrical problems, only the
   work requests that fall within all restrictions will appear in the HTML frame, and only those
   requests will appear in the PDF. In this way, the PDF contains only that data that is
   relevant to your current search. You do not need to spend time generating data or paper-
   printing data that is not relevant to your immediate need.

      View Analysis. The View Analysis features of V15.1 provide OLAP (Online
       Analytical Processing) that enables one-quick access to shared, secure, multi-
       dimensional data. It provides for analysis of your data by any of the categories youve
       established: organization, space, or account hierarchies, by time-based criteria, or
       corporate standards. One click will get you to a dashboard of pending operations
       issues sorted by urgency. Another click will get you to the detail. A third will approve a
       work request and get it into process. The View Analysis features connect real-time
       business intelligence to your business processes.

      Dashboards. V15 includes components and features that enable you to create
       Dashboards. Dashboards provide an easy-to-use tool for accessing information that
       you need to accomplish your facilities management goals. When you access a
       dashboard, it displays information that is geared specifically to your job and your
    personal preferences. For this reason, the dashboard that you access will be different
    than dashboards that is accessed by other employees.

   Workflow Rules. Workflow Rules enable system integrators to call and extend
    portions of the ARCHIBUS business logic. A/FM 15 includes several pre-defined
    workflow rules, which are used in the new Web Central activities such as Move and
    Project Management. Integrators can modify existing workflow rules using the
    Workflow Rules interface or create new rules as follows:

   Message Event Handlers. The Web Central controller can delegate <AfmAction />s
    initiated interactively by the user to an event handler that executes synchronously.
     These event handlers are the equivalent to the View Actions in Windows

   Scheduled Jobs. Web Central can start a separate job scheduling thread that loads
    scheduled jobs -- jobs that fire on a specific time interval and run in their own sub-
    thread. The job scheduler logs in to Web Central with its own User ID, and executes
    all jobs within that context.

o   One-time Scheduled Jobs. Message event handlers can post a scheduled job into the
    scheduled jobs queue (that is executed asynchronously in its own thread). These
    event handlers are the equivalent to the module Navigator Actions in the Windows

   Microsoft and .Net Integration. Web Central V15 includes features that enable
    seamless Microsoft .Net integration in key areas such as authentication / security,
    deployment, and personalization.

o   Active Directory Integration. You can use single sign-on techniques with Active
    Directory to use your standard AD identities to control access to Web Central. You
    can also control your ARCHIBUS group assignments directly from Active Directory
    group assignments.

o   ASP.Net. You can launch your own ASP.Net forms and reports right from the Web
    Central Process Navigator. You can use these forms to edit data, perform
    calculations and updates, and produce reports all using a live connection to the
    database, so the data is always up-to-the-minute.

o   Microsoft Deployment Tools. Sites running Microsoft Internet Information Server
    and Microsoft SQL Server can quickly and easily deploy ARCHIBUS Version 15 for
    both Windows and the Web. ARCHIBUS comes with a native SQL Server 2000 or
    2005 database and a free, authentic version of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express,
    which can support a single-user or a workgroup. ARCHIBUS /FM will even perform
    the database attachment operations automatically as needed.

   Single Sign-On (SSO). Project Sign-On. In addition to user identity, the Web
    Central single sign-on parameters can now accept a project name so that external
    identity caches can also direct users to different Web Central projects.

   Installation. The Setup routine includes a new streamlined interface that allows you
    to install required components, such as Apache Tomcat and the JDK, separately. You
    can now access online installation instructions directly from the Setup path.

   Web Central. Security Groups. Security groups now properly restrict access to Web
    Hotlist items. Previously, the program did not restrict access to Web Central Hotlist
    items to members of the assigned security group.
     Web Central. Room Reservations. The Room Reservations Restriction Console
      now includes fields that allow you to selectively restrict by room standard, room
      category, and room type. The hard-coded room standard, room category, and room
      type restrictions have been removed.

     Web Central. Create Work Request. Standard work request description is now
      validated by the Problem Description Codes table / Problem Description field, rather
      than the Work Request table / Work Request Description field. This is more
      consistent with the rest of the Building Operations features of ARCHIBUS Windows.

     Web Central. Process Navigator. The Process Navigator can now call external
      URLs (e.g. by entering a valid Web address in the Process Tasks
      table / Task File field and setting the Task Type value to Web URL.

     Web Central. Process Navigator. Blank Task File fields in the Process Tasks table
      no longer generate Process Navigator error. Previously, if you created a new Process
      Task and left the Task File field blank, the program generated an error message.

     Web Central. Process Navigator. You can now add a single task to the Process
      Navigator. Previously, if you used the A/FM Process Tasks table (afm_ptasks) to add
      a single task to the Process Navigator, the new program did not display the new task
      did until you added a second task.

     Web Central. Workplace Portal. Issue Visitor or Parking Pass. Previously, you
      could enter a begin date later than the expiration date for a parking pass. This
      problem has been resolved. The program now generates an error message in these

     Web Central. New View. Alter View. The Sort Order dialog no longer hides primary
      key fields. Previously, primary key values were not always visible in the Sort Order

     Web Central. Room Reservations. Vacant Rooms. The program now properly
      displays vacant rooms located in drawings whose name is not a combination of
      building ID and floor ID. Previously, if the drawing name was not a combination of
      building ID and floor ID, the vacant rooms restriction would return no values.

     Web Central. Alter View. Set Filter. Previously filters were not maintained
      consistently after you exited the Set Filter dialog. This problem has been resolved.

     Web Central. Alter View. Set Filter. Using Choose < or <= operators in the Set Filter
      dialog functions properly and no longer generates an error message.

Changes in Windows Version

     AutoCAD Architectural Desktop 2006 Support. In addition to AutoCAD 2006,
      2005, and 2004 support available in earlier releases, ARCHIBUS V15.1 fully supports
      the latest release of AutoCAD Architectural Desktop (ADT) from Autodesk, Inc.

     Sybase 9 Runtime Support. ARCHIBUS V15.1 supports and includes the runtime
      version of Sybase 9. Previously, the product shipped with the Sybase 7 Runtime
      version. In addition to many bug fixes and product improvements, Sybase 9 supports
      binary large objects (BLOBs), which are used by the new ARCHIBUS /FM Web
      document management features.
   Web-based Documentation. There are three sources for ARCHIBUS help topics:
    the ARCHIBUS (Windows) online help, the ARCHIBUS (Windows) System
    Management Help, and the ARCHIBUS Web Central online Help. The System
    Management Help and Web Central Help are now web-based.

   A/FM. Update Project Wizard. The Update Project Wizard now checks the ODBC
    driver version at start up and warns you of potential problems. For example, if you are
    using the Sybase 9 ODBC driver, the UPW instructs you to use another driver per the
    Setup Preferences (Preferences command) System Management help topic.

   Overlay. Default Project. Previously, the default project preference did not properly
    apply to the Overlay and a default project did not automatically open when you
    started the Overlay. This issue has been resolved.

   A/FM. Show Graphics. The program now properly releases memory after displaying
    large graphic files. Previously, displaying large graphic files could cause your system
    to run out of memory.

   A/FM. Fixed Format Views. Previously the LoadFixedFormatViews function
    displayed the report off-center. This problem has been resolved and the program now
    maximizes the report on display.

   A/FM. Reports. Memo Fields. The program now correctly displays all of the text for
    very long memos. Previously, the program truncated or obscured some text for verly
    long memos.

   A/FM. Grid. Search. The Grid Search feature using the function keys (F11 and F12)
    now uses AND instead of } OR {when you enter multiple search criteria.

   A/FM. Reports. Large Graphic Files. Previously, repeatedly viewing large graphic
    files in reports caused the program to consume memory and eventually stop
    displaying graphics. This problem has been resolved.

   A/FM. Virtual Private ARCHIBUS (VPA) Restrictions. Previously, the VPA feature
    did not properly filter data for the Floors, and Rooms tables if you created a VPA
    restriction on the Site Code field. This problem has been resolved.

   A/FM. Virtual Private ARCHIBUS (VPA) Restrictions. Previously, VPA restrictions
    would sometimes override a permanent view retraction causing the view to return no
    records. This problem has been resolved.

   A/FM. Virtual Private ARCHIBUS (VPA) Restrictions. Previously, VPA restrictions
    were not enforced for drawings opened using the File / Drawing / Open method. VPA
    restrictions were enforced for the Drawings Tasks categories and the Drawing List.
    This issue has been resolved.

   A/FM. Update Project Wizard. Navigator and Hotlist Data. The Update Project
    Wizard now enables you to update your database without migrating Navigator and
    Hotlist items. This feature is useful for those working on localization projects or for
    users who wish to copy their data from an older A/FM database version to a newer

   A/FM. Update Project Wizard. Special Characters. Previously, the Update Project
    Wizard would stop responding when it encountered records containing the % symbol.
    This problem has been resovled.
      A/FM. Real Property and Lease. Expired Leases. Lease Expiration. Tickler
       reports now properly display leases due to expire within 180 days from the current
       date rather than less than 180 days from the current date (in the past and the future).
       The previous restriction, displayed leases that had already expired.

      Oracle. ODBC Driver. Version 15 installs and uses the new Oracle ODBC driver
       instead of the Micrsoft ODBC driver for Oracle that previous A/FM versions used.
       Microsoft's Oracle ODBC driver does not support Binary Large Objects (BLOBs),
       which are needed for the new document management features. In addition, Microsoft
       has discontinued driver support for both Oracle 9 and 10g, which are both supported
       by ARCHIBUS.

      A/FM. Grid. Several issues have been resolved as follows:

      Pasting numeric values in a field sometimes truncated the value. This problem has
       been resolved. For example, pasting 1,000,000.00 in a numeric field could result in a
       value of 1,000.00.

      Previously, the program allowed you to cut and paste to an auto-numbered field in
       record mode (1 column, 2 column, 3 column, etc.). This problem has been resolved.

      Work Wizard. Virtual Private Archibus (VPA) Restrictions. Previously, VPA
       restrictions were not applied to the Work Wizard Tree View Control. This problem has
       been resolved.

      Overlay. AutoCAD 2002. Previously, the Hierarchical Select Values dialog did not
       function with AutoCAD 2002. This problem has been resolved.

Changes in Partial Update V14.3 R03.311 (English Only)

      Overlay. AutoCAD MDI Mode. Set Scale. Previously, if you had more than one
       drawing open in MDI mode and you changed the drawing scale for one drawing, the
       program applied the settings to all open drawings. This issue has been resolved.

Changes in Partial Update V14.3 R03.310 (English Only)

      A/FM. Windows Process Navigator. Previously, VPA security was not enforced in
       the Windows Process Navigator. This issue has been resolved.

      Overlay. Publishing to Web Central 14 Format. Previously, the Overlay drawing
       publishing features did not generate the correct filenames for Web Central 14. This
       problem has been resolved. Web Central 14 drawing views expect one of two file
       name conventions: <dwgname>x.dwf or <dwgname>r.dwf. The 14.3 Overlay
       publishing routines were not written to generate these filenames automatically.

There are two methods to publish DWFs from the Overlay:

   1. Modules/Tools/Publish to DWF (AFMDWF): This uses LISP and Highlight by Owner
      functionality to produce asset highlights and URLs. For this method, the routine
      already generated the X.DWF file, so the only change to the script was to make a
      copy of this file to an identical R.DWF file. This change was made in AfmDwf.lsp.

   2. Modules/Tools/Publish <...> Highlights: These commands call a LISP script that uses
      the Drawing Publishing Rules to publish drawings. The changes to these commands
      are detailed below.
The commands to generate DWFs using Drawing Publishing Rules are:
Modules/Tools/Publish Room Highlight
Modules/Tools/Publish All Highlights
Modules/Tools/Publish Geographical Highlights

These commands publish a sub-set of the drawing publishing rules for the current
drawing, or all drawings. Currently in 14.3 they only produce <dwgname>.dwf, so to
use the DWFs in Web Central they need to be manually renamed to fit the filename

There is now added functionality to produce DWFs with the correct naming
convention. See the Publish Highlight commands and the Publish to DWF command
topics in afm.hlp for more information.

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