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last year's catalog_ - Welcome to Westside School

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									        Welcome to the 21st Annual
       Westside School SPIRIT Auction
            Saturday, March 20, 2010

             Schedule of Events
           Please bring this catalog with you.
5:30 pm           Doors Open and Registration Begins
                  Silent Auction and Almost Live
                  Open for Bidding
5:30 - 6:00 pm    Complimentary Cocktails, Beer, Wine
                  and Soft Drinks
6:45 pm           Silent Auction Closes
6:55 pm           Almost Live Closes
7:00 pm           Dinner Seating
                  Welcome by Jo Ann Yockey, Head of
                  School, and Raffle Drawings
                  Live Auction with Paul Schenfeld,
                  Auctioneer and Scott Schaefer, MC
       Westside’s Learning & Growing Community                                    2009 - 2010 Board of Trustees
Seven years ago, 2003-04 was the fifteenth year of the Westside                President                    Mollie Jensen
auction – it was a Wild, Wild West event. Our Wild West spirit                Vice President               Darren Medina
celebrated not so much a place as an attitude. It was the                     Secretary/ Treasurer         Mark Sundberg
feeling that just about anything was possible, when folks with
big hearts and open minds get together. We continued the                                      Trustees
following year to “Ride the Wave” of our success and began       Jana Barber              Megan Dahl               Denise Tabbutt
to “Dream Big.” In 2007, we celebrated our 25th Anniversary      Bruce Brown              Hallidie Haid            Robert Watt
at the Westside School’s auction “Toast of the Town.” Today      Brian Chestnut           Mary Harrelson
our auction endures as an opportunity for our community          John Comick              Susan Silver
to celebrate our successes while continuing to let our
expectations soar!                                                                       Faculty and Staff
                                                                 Teachers                 Assistants                Enrichment
The 2009-2010 Spirit Auction is a wonderful, joyous event.       Judith Arvidson          Domie Brown               Cathy Chutich
Tonight we gather to support Westside School – a joyful          Margie Carpenter         Jen Circosta              Kevin Jones
environment where students are inspired to become lifetime       Laura Holmes             Andrew DeLappe            Donna Jornlin
learners and to lead; where parents and teachers are true        Sarah Howard             Christina Gonzales        Ashley Kloess
advocates for children. We have established a community of                                                          Margery Lamden
                                                                 Nancy Levine             Andrea LaCour
generosity, which is respectful and inclusive.
                                                                 Marsha Lovely            Maria Lidgard             Ching-Hsien Shu
                                                                 Claudia Ross-Weston      Kayoko Mathews            Sarah Wildflower
Our aims are high! As well they should be, because Westside      Stuart Scolnik           Devin McQuiston
Spirit continues to challenge us to be the best.                 Renee Smith              Tara Potter               Admin Staff
                                                                 Linda Turner             Ildi Strieker             David Bergler
                                                                 Joe Tutch                Chris Reardon             Julie Jetland
                                                                 Jill Weaver              Margaret Wilkins          Jana Riggan
                                                                                                                    Kathy Winans
                                                                 Other Staff                                        Jo Ann Yockey
                                                                 Suzi Bailie
                                               Jo Ann Yockey     Grace Cumbow
                                               Head of School
                                                                 Jimmy and Doan Nguyen
                                                                 Thai Truong

                              4                                                                      5
                      Thank You Auction Team
              Thank you to the following committee chairs:
           Auction Chair                  Carolyn Comick
           Auction Co-Chair               Kit Cudahy
           Procurement                    Kate Petrich
                                          Roshele Allison
           Database                       Tracy Sundberg
           Advertising                    Kristin Mariani
           Bar                            Susan Viscon
           Class Projects                 Janet Beeby-Maglaque
           Clean-Up                       Alison and Phil Wallace
           Decorations                    Celesta Bjornson
           Dessert Auction                Molly Woodruff
           Editor                         Jan Ellis
           Fine Wines                     Bear Silverstein (in memoriam)
           Graphic Design                 Peggy Nelsen
           Movers and Set-Up              Christine Smith
           Movie                          John Nuler
           Raffle                          Janel Lardizabal
           Registration                   Kathy Winans
           Thank You Notes                Shannon Marsh

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event great! Without you,
our event and our school would not be the amazing place that it is.
Also, thanks to our vendors: Tuxedo and Tennis Shoes Catering,
The Hall at Fauntleroy, Stokes Auction Group, Terry Gray - Audio,
Triamp - Video, and West Seattle Cellars.

                         Mission and Values                                                            Dinner Menu
                          Mission Statement                                                            Entree Course
Westside School prepares students for the world by challenging them                   Red Wine Braised Shortribs with Pan Juices,
to achieve academic success and by connecting their human spirit and            Horseradish Whipped Potatoes and Grilled Vegetable Salat
imagination to learning.
                                                                                                             - or -
                                                                                           Seared Ling Cod with Papaya Salsa,
                      High Academic Standards                                        Saffron Risotto Cake and Grilled Vegetable Salat
Our integrated curriculum and small class size challenge each student
to succeed at his or her highest level. Our academic program focuses                                         - or -
on the core subjects and is enhanced by instruction in foreign                              Saffron Risotto Cakes with Quinoa,
languages, music, art, physical education and technology.                                Papaya Salsa and Grilled Vegetable Salat

                            Joyful Learning                                           Rustic Hearth Breads with Sweet Cream Butter
Our students are engaged and encouraged by our faculty to use all
their unique abilities to succeed academically, think critically and be
creative, excited learners.                                                                        Beverage Selections
                                                                                        Freshly Brewed Tully’s House Blend Coffee
                                                                                                 Regular and Decaffeinated
                         A Caring Community
                                                                                      with Sugar, Equal, Half & Half or Baileys Irish Cream
Our community of students, teachers, staff and parents is empathetic,
cooperative and collaborative. We treat one another with honesty,
respect and a generosity of spirit. We teach students to be responsible                                  Fine Wines
members of the community.
                                                                          In addition to the house wines available at the bar, West Seattle Cellars
                                                                           has provided a selection of fine wines available for purchase. Be sure
                         A Global Community                                         to visit the Fine Wines’ table in the main dining room.
Our community embraces and promotes understanding of all kinds of
differences: ethnicity, culture, religion, and socio-economics.

                                    8                                                                          9
                          The Way it Works                                                             The Way it Works
                             What to Bring                                                                Buy-in Parties
Please bring your auction catalog and cash, check, Visa or MasterCard        These are parties that you can “buy in” to for a specified dollar amount.
with you on auction night.                                                   You’ll find descriptions in the “Almost Live” section of the catalog.

                              What to Do                                                                 No Cash Needed
                                                                             Tonight you will be able to charge all your purchases to your bid
    • When you arrive, check in at the Registration Table to:                number. Just give your bid number as payment when you order drinks at
                                                                             the bar or buy raffle tickets and they will be added to your bill.
    • Pick up packets which include bid number, table number and
      name tags – you can’t do anything without these!                                                        Raffles
    • Sign up for Express Pay to avoid checkout lines at the end of                                      50/50 Cash Raffle
      the evening – a real time-saver!                                       Buy a ticket for $10! The winner receives one-half of the total cash
                                                                             proceeds up to $2500. You don’t have to be present to win!
    • Drop off your bottle of wine and/or purchase a gift certificate to
      be added to the Westside Wine Cellar
                                                                                                          Big Ticket Raffle
    • Keep your bid number with you. You will use it to purchase             The winner of this raffle ticket gets to choose one of four selected live
      raffle tickets, drinks at the bar, and silent and live auction items.   auction items: 5 Nights in a Winthrop Home, Your Westside Child(ren) on
      Use of your bid number indicates your agreement to abide by all        a Westside Billboard, $1000 Westside Dollars, Two Suite Tickets to U2.
      stated auction rules.                                                  You don’t have to be present to win, but you must choose your preferred
                            Express Check
                                                                                                         Dessert Auction
Express check is a credit card payment option that lets you avoid long
                                                                             Your table gets to choose one of the tempting desserts made especially
checkout lines. Just visit the cashiers and have them swipe your card.
                                                                             for you. Bid at your table, and the table who bids the most gets first pick,
Your receipts and any gift certificates you have purchased will be            and on down the line.
available at the end of the evening, along with your tangible items, on
your way out the door. No lines and no hassles! A full receipt of your
                                                                                                      Centerpiece Auction
purchases will be in your parent folder in the office. If you are not a
                                                                             The glassybabies on your table are for sale for $50 each. If you would
parent, we will mail the receipt to you.
                                                                             like to purchase one or more, please fill out the centerpiece bid sheet
                              No Host Bar                                    on your table and turn it in with your dessert auction bid during the live
Westside Signature Lillet-Basil Cocktail $7, Wine and Beer $4,               auction.
Assorted Soda and Water $2

                                    10                                                                           11
                                                                                     We’re proud of the work, time and
                           The Way it Works                                        creativity you put into this year’s event.
                              Auction Rules                                      Thanks for making it a spectacular evening!
1. Each item in the silent auction has a bid sheet near the item. Bid on the
silent items by signing your bid number next to the amount you are bidding.       A big round of applause to our chairs . . .
You may bid on silent auction items at any table until that section is closed.
2. To be valid, all silent auction bid raises must be in the increments
already specified on the bid sheet. To guarantee your purchase, enter                                Kate Petrich
your Bid Number in the “Guaranteed Purchase” box on the bid sheet. This
prevents anyone from out-bidding you! To avoid confusion, please draw                             Roshele Allison
a line through the remaining bid lines so it is clear that the item has been                     Tracy Sundberg
purchased. Your Bid Number on the silent auction bid sheet is a legal
contract to buy.                                                                                  Kristin Mariani
3. Disputes on silent auction items will be settled by oral bidding if                             Susan Viscon
requested by either bidder. An authorized staff member or the auctioneer
must conduct the bidding.
                                                                                             Janet Beeby-Maglaque
4. Bid on the live auction by raising your Bid Card. A bid acknowledged by
                                                                                             Alison and Phil Wallace
the auctioneer is a legal contract to purchase that item.                                        Celesta Bjornson
5. All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds are allowed unless                                 Molly Woodruff
otherwise noted. All purchased items must be removed from the auction
site on the evening of the auction.                                                                  Jan Ellis
6. Pay for your silent and live items before leaving the auction. Cash,                            Peggy Nelsen
Visa, Mastercard or personal checks made out to Westside are accepted                             Christine Smith
                                                                                                 Janel Lardizabal
7. Unless otherwise specified, all services must be used by March 20, 2011.
8. The Auction Committee has attempted to correctly describe all items.
                                                                                                 Shannon Marsh
The values listed are estimates only and are not warranted for tax                                  John Nuler
purposes of fair market value. Items have not been appraised unless
otherwise noted. Westside is not responsible for the correctness of the                  . . . and our many volunteers
description, genuineness, authorship, provenance or condition of items
listed in the catalog or orally mentioned in the auction.
9. Each person issued a Bid Number (Bidder) assumes all risks and
hazards related to the auction and items obtained at the auction. Each                   We couldn’t have done
bidder agrees to hold harmless Westside School, the auction committee,
the board, parents, employees, the auctioneer, the auction company
                                                                                             it without you!
and its agents and employees, the event organizers and/or volunteers
associated with the auction.
                                                                                      Carolyn Comick & Kit Cudahy
                   Restaurant Bidding Frenzy
Get ready because the bidding will be fast and furious! Restaurants may
go above value, but get your card in the air or you might miss out!

    Table 35                                              $25
    Thank you Table 35

    Dick’s Drive In                                       $30
    Fifteen $2 gift certificates, and a Dick’s
    memory book and postcards.
    Thank you Dick’s Drive In Restaurants

    Il Terrazzo Carmine                                   $50
    Thank you Il Terrazzo Carmine

    Eats Market Café                                      $50
    Thank you Eats Market Cafe

    Fresh Bistro                                          $50
    Thank you Fresh Bistro

    Matador Restaurant & Tequila Bar                      $50
    Thank you Matador Restaurants

    Mission Latin Restaurant & Lounge                     $50
    Thank you Mission Latin Restaurant & Lounge

    Cafe Revo                                             $50
    Thank you Cafe Revo

    Le Gourmand                                           $50
    Not valid Feb. 14, July 15 or December 31.
    Thank you Restaurant Le Gourmand

    Osteria da Primo                                      $50
    Thank you Osteria da Primo

              Restaurant Bidding Frenzy                                   1
                                                       Two Night Stay at Roche Harbor Resort
Tom Douglas Restaurants                   $100
Thank you Molly & John Woodruff
                                                  Enjoy two nights’ lodging at Roche Harbor Resort
Tom Douglas Restaurants                   $150
Thank you Tim Frost and Lauren Cole              in the luxurious QuarryMan Hall or McMillin Suites.
                                                     As an added bonus you’ll enjoy dinner for two
Canlis Restaurant                         $200      at McMillin’s Dining Room, the award-winning
Thank you Melissa and James Dayka                 waterfront restaurant that features fresh seafood
and Canlis Restaurant
                                                  and personal service. Or, if you prefer, indulge in a
                                                 relaxing spa treatment at Afterglow Spa. Airfare not
                                                       included. Book early for best availability.
                                                                  No date restrictions.

                                                          Thank you Roche Harbor Resort

                            22                                            23
                         2                                                        3
        Fly Fishing and Guided Tour for Two               Six Night Stay at an Anderson Island Beach House

   Here’s your chance to learn to fly fish or become            Retreat to this South Sound beach house for
 an even better fisherman (or woman!) Joe Donsky,           seven days and six nights. Located on Anderson
  a world class fly fisherman and guide, is ready to         Island, this house has 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms,
take you on a one day fly fishing excursion down the            1-bunkhouse, and easily sleeps 8-10 people.
Yakima River. The Yakima River is a blue ribbon trout     Anderson Island has a golf course, restaurant, and
  stream that yields both Rainbow and Brown Trout,         country store. Get there by the Steilacoom ferry.
many exceeding the 20 inch mark. It is a destination
                                                                       Expires December 2010.
     sought after by many of the top fly fishermen
   throughout the country. Along with the float, Joe
     will also be giving a fly fishing tutorial before
 embarking to make sure that even the most novice                             $1200
of fly fishermen feels comfortable handling a fly rod.         Thank you David Farrell and Judith Arvidson
 Joe will provide all the tackle needed, fly rods, flies,
 etc. Fishermen should provide their own waders (or
 pants if they don’t mind getting wet), wading shoes
 or boots, a sack lunch, and rain gear (just in case).
  Date of trip and trip logistics are to be determined
 between the guide and winning bidder, but the best
             times are May through August.

               Thank you Joe Donsky

                          24                                                     25
            Footprint Bookshelf
        Margie’s 1st Grade Art Project

This 36” x 48” bookshelf has been decoupaged
with footprints and decorated by the class with
            tissue paper and crayon.

          Coordinated by: Shelli Park

     Thank you Margie’s 1st Grade class

        “Using the Right Tools for the Job”
          Renee’s 1st Grade Art Project

 Signed by each first grader, this 22” x 28” framed
piece of oil pastel art is a mosaic of each student’s
         ‘tool’ to do their favorite subject.

Coordinated by: Jackie Clough and Kim Valenzano

       Thank you Renee’s 1st Grade Class

                       6                                                        7
          One Week in Honolulu, Hawaii                           Jack Johnson Autographed Ukulele

      Enjoy a one week stay at a private, luxury,         Play the ukulele… or just look like you do with this
    two-bedroom apartment in Honolulu, Hawaii.           ukulele signed by Jack Johnson, whose recent top-
    The apartment is located on the top floor of a         selling albums include “Sleep Through the Static”
   commercial/industrial building and comfortably        and ‘’Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious
    sleeps a family of five. Beautiful beaches are               George” by Jack Johnson and Friends.
 within a quick 10 minute drive. If your children love
  planes or you love history, the apartment is close
   to Pearl Harbor and has awesome views of the                                $1000
 airport where you can observe F15’s, 747’s, and an                 Thank you Friend of Westside
 occasional submarine surfacing! Amazingly quiet.
    Fully Equipped Kitchen, 2 1/2 bathrooms, toys,
foosball, and great fun! Availability based on mutual
 agreement; currently available for several weeks,
    including July 4th and Christmas Break 2010.

              Thank you Lisa Hadley

                         30                                                       31
                              8                                                        9
         Cocktail Party with the Board of Trustees              Four Diamond Club Tickets to the Seattle Mariners

 On Friday, May 21, celebrate summer’s impending arrival        You can’t get any closer to the action unless you’re
  and enjoy cocktails with Westside’s very own Board of          up to bat. These Diamond Club seats to the Seattle
 Trustees! Gourmet hors d’oeuvres, wine, beer and a spe-         Mariners are in the second row behind home plate
cialty cocktail will be served, along with great conversation     and come with some fabulous benefits, including
                       and Westside fun!                        parking, an all-you-can-eat buffet in the private club
                                                                 dining area and all the beverages and snacks you
                                                                can consume. So close you can smell the sweat. Go
                    $50 per person                               early to watch batting practice and possibly get a
          Thank you Westside Board of Trustees                  baseball autographed. Winner to choose one of the
                                                                following dates: Friday, April 16 or Sunday, April 18
                                                                         (Detroit) or Sunday, May 9 (Angels)
                                                                          or Saturday, May 22 (San Diego).

                                                                        Thank you Mary & Stan Harrelson

                             32                                                          33
      “Children’s Imagination Comes to Life”
      Sarah’s Kindergarten Class Art Project

  Children’s Imagination Comes to Life in this class
    project where two characters pop-up out of a
  storybook. The book is decoupaged and made of
  100% recycled materials and the sculptures are
  made of metals, wood, paper, and an assortment
 of odds and ends. To create these sculptures, the
children and parents emptied out their junk drawers,
garages and recycle bins and the children created a
 boy and a girl character that rise out of the story.

           Coordinated by: Callie Deegan

      Thank you Sarah’s Kindergarten Class

           Mixed Metal Wall Hanging
     Marsha’s Kindergarten Class Art Project

Marsha’s Kindergarten class has designed a mixed-
 metal wall hanging sculpture using copper, sterling
   silver and brass wire. Each child designed and
 created one 4” x 4” tile to contribute to this piece.
  The tiles are connected together with brass wire
and the overall dimension is approximately 20” x 20.”

           Coordinated by: Rene Hawkes,
            Jeni Bartell and Amy Huber.

     Thank you Marsha’s Kindergarten Class

                       12                                                    13
          Claudia’s Indian Dinner for 8                          Westside Instant Wine Cellar

  Hop the ferry to Vashon Island and feast on a       Are you a wine aficionado or do you enjoy wine but
fabulous, authentic Indian meal prepared by and         feel overwhelmed at the specialty wine market?
served in the home of Al and Claudia. The style is         Here’s an opportunity to taste and enjoy the
East Indian and will include such delights as dal,   recommended selections of other Westside families.
   chapatis, chutney and much, much more!             The variety of reds and whites is amazing and a gift
                                                     certificate to West Seattle Cellars has been included
                                                       as well. Don’t miss this one--it’s sure to be a wine
                    $500                              lover’s delight! Listen carefully auction night for the
    Thank you Al and Claudia Ross-Weston                  number of bottles and gift certificate amount.

                                                                 Wine Lover’s Delight
                                                     Thank you Westside families and Spirit Attendees

                       38                                                      39
                      14                                                           15
    Speed Racer: Race Car Driving Experience                              A SPACE for Westside
     Buckle up in a 600 horse-power race car and               Our entire community of students, teachers,
  experience the thrill of speed. The winning bidder             administration and families need space.
      will soar around the famed half mile Yakima            Enough space for our integrated curriculum and
 Speedway in the Sundberg’s own late model stock           experiential learning approach to flourish, to provide
 car. You’ll learn racing techniques such as braking,       expanded before-care and after-care programs, to
 passing, qualifying, green flag starts, pit stops, and      enhance our enrichment offerings, and to promote
  taking the checkered flag in a multi-car heat race.                        community building.
To further enhance your need for speed, the winning                              Students
   bidder is invited to experience life in the pits as a                         Playing
crew member for the TSR race team while watching                                 Achieving
 and listening to all the action from high atop the pit                          Creating
 box. You will experience Saturday night, short track                            Exploring
   racing at its best with one of the Northwest’s top
  late model race teams. Package for one includes:             The goal is to accommodate 14 classrooms,
   in-the-car, on-track experience on Friday, lunch,       enrichment, community and teacher meeting space,
soft drinks, snacks; use of all necessary safety gear          a gym, a library, adequate outdoor play area,
   including helmet, fire suit, and gloves; TSR crew         and overall room for administration, 250 students,
    shirt and hat; one hotel room in Yakima for both             and 35 staff by the 2011-2012 school year.
   Friday and Saturday nights. Restrictions: Friends
    and family are welcome to come to the track on              Give to the Westside SPACE fund-a-wish,
Friday to watch from the stands and/or the pits. (Any           and help us create our room for the future.
     age is allowed in the stands; must be 8 years
           or older to be in the pits on Friday.)

            Take the Checkered Flag
       Thank you Tracy and Mark Sundberg

                          40                                                        41
Private Wine Tasting for Eight at Bear’s Clubhouse

 You and seven of your closest oenophiles (people
who love wine) will be treated to an evening of wine
and hors d’oeuvres at West Seattle Cellars. Enjoy a
variety of wines that will tempt your palate and add
          depth to your personal wine list.

          Thank you West Seattle Cellars

                      17                                                         18
Your Westside Child(ren) on a Westside Billboard                          Aztec Sun Stone
                                                                     Joe’s 3rd Grade Art Project
Has your child seen the billboard and asked, “When
 will it be my turn?” Well, today is the day. For this   Aztec Sun Stone! This Aztec Sun Stone is a 3D wall
  once in a lifetime “look at me” experience, your        ornament made from everyday materials that will
 Westside child(ren) will be featured for one month      enliven any room in your house. Sixteen artists have
on one of the billboards around West Seattle during      worked day and night to create this reproduction of
the 2010-11 school year. Specific billboard location                   an ancient Aztec artifact.
and design are at the discretion of Westside School
       and Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising.
                                                             Coordinated by: Kris Jensen and Joe Tutch

               Your Name in Lights
            Thank you Westside School                                        Priceless
                                                                  Thank you Joe’s 3rd Grade Class

                         44                                                      45
         Stuart’s 3rd Grade Art Project

  Over 500 pieces of art bring this wall piece to
   life. Spot the birds, the bugs, the clouds, the
  sun, and more. Imbedded in resin and framed
 out with recycled plastic bottle caps, these little
masterpieces created by Stuart’s 3rd grade class
are waiting to be your new priceless piece of art!

Coordinated by: Lori Lieske and Rebecca Chavez

      Thank you Stuart’s 3rd Grade Class

                       20                                                           21
 Luxury Yacht Cocktail Party on Saturday, June 5                          Five Nights at Whistler

Eight couples will enjoy cruising Lake Washington in        Five nights at The Westin Resort & Spa will spoil you
 luxury aboard the magnificent “Bella Songo!” Join           rotten. This 2-bedroom, 2-bath condominium sleeps
the Harrelsons and the Barber-Lambs for an intimate          six and is ideally located at the base of world-class
  cocktail party complete with warm conversation,              Whistler Mountain. Whether your stay includes
   gourmet appetizers, and your favorite spirits. It’s       golf at the championship courses nearby, canoeing
  sure to be an experience you’ll always remember.             on the River of Golden Dreams, or skiing the two
                                                              highest vertical rise mountains in North America,
“We had a great time on the cruise last year. Good food,     your stay will be an experience worth re-living time
   good wine, great company. We cruised all the way          and time again. *Mutually agreeable dates exclude
around Mercer Island. The boat is amazing, truly a yacht,
                                                               Thanksgiving, Christmas, and mid-winter break.
     way nicer than anything you could charter to
           take a ride in Lake Washington.”
                                                                  Book early for best accommodation times.
             Sue Winter, 4th Grade Parent

“Yes - It was a wonderful evening. Stan, Mary, Roy and                           $3500
Jana were gracious hosts and the yacht was incredible.
We had good wine, good food, and good company. Our 3                 Thank you Mary & Stan Harrelson
hour tour made us want to stay out on the lake all night.
 I highly recommend this as a great way to get to know
 other parents and enjoy the Pacific Northwest beauty.
           We might just have to sign up again!”
            Susan Viscon, 1st Grade Parent

                 $250 per couple
         Thank you Mary & Stan Harrelson
           and Jana Barber & Roy Lamb

                           48                                                        49
                      22                                                        23
         One Week Stay in Vail, Colorado                           Seven Night Tahoe Get-Away

 Enjoy seven nights lodging at Marriott’s Streamside       Enjoy a seven night get-away to beautiful North
 Resort in Vail, Colorado for Mid-Winter Break 2011.      Shore Lake Tahoe! This upscale 3-bedroom, 2 1/2-
   WOW! A one bedroom/ loft that sleeps up to six       bath fully remodeled condominium sleeps six, has a
(four with privacy). Features: A master bedroom with      hot tub and sauna, and is one block from a private
  a king sized bed, living area, two hide-a-beds, two   beach. A recreation center is close by and available
 full bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Shuttle    for a nominal daily fee. This four season winter and
 service to the base of Vail and other Summit County       summer destination is close to local ski resorts
   Resorts are right out your door. Check in Friday,    (Diamond Peak, Mt. Rose, North Star, Squaw Valley,
February 18, 2011 and check out Friday, February 25.    Royal Gorge, Sugar Bowl), restaurants, and a casino.
                                                                Includes a $300 rental car allowance.

                     $2800                               The Reno, NV airport is the closest access. A $500
        Thank you Jon and Teresa Muench                    refundable security deposit will be required.
                                                               Book early to secure best availability
                                                              (currently available Sept ’10-June ’11).

                                                           Thank you Kim Valenzano and Shelley Gaddie

                         50                                                      51
          Rustic Copper Framed Mirror
  Claudia’s Pre-Kindergarten Class Art Project

This mirror is surrounded by a handmade 42”x 33”
quarter sawn oak frame adorned with copper tiles.
Each tile is embossed with unique artwork created
 by the children of Claudia’s pre-k class. The four
 corners are embossed with the Westside trees.
      A functional work of art inspired by the
              arts and crafts movement.

        Coordinated by: Jennifer Costello

  Thank you Claudia’s Pre-Kindergarten Class

     Welcome to Our World: A Photo Book
     Nancy’s Preschool Class Art Project

This beautifully bound and professionally printed
  photo book celebrates the world through our
                  children’s eyes.

        Coordinated by: Alex Camacho

      Thank you Nancy’s Preschool Class

                      26                                                     27
            Four Club Level Tickets                  Personalized Custom Roasted Coffee & Designer Label
    to the Seahawks Home Season Opener
                                                      Jazz up your holiday greetings! Send your business
                                                        clients a special thank you! Or maybe you have a
Be the “12th Man” with these great seats for the      big celebration coming up and want to include a gift
  2010 Seahawks Regular Season Home Opener              that everyone will enjoy! Whatever the occasion,
(typically played in early September). These four,       send a distinctive gift that is sure to please - a
club-level tickets have a phenomenal view of the         12-ounce bag of custom-blended coffee with a
45th yard line. Includes access to the Wells Fargo      personalized label created especially for you. On
        Club lounges, and a parking pass!                a mutually agreeable date, your family will taste
                                                          coffee with Caffé Umbria owner and Westside
                                                        parent, Emanuele Bizzarri, at his roasting plant in
                    $800                              South Seattle to develop your perfect custom coffee
                                                       blend. Once selected, 50, (that’s right 50,) 12-ounce
      Thank you Bryan and Jody Jennings                 bags of coffee will be freshly roasted, packaged,
                                                       and available for pick up. But this package doesn’t
                                                       end there! Westside parent and graphic designer,
                                                          Megan Simmons, will meet with your family to
                                                      create and produce custom packaging labels (front
                                                         and back,) for your special blend. Please allow
                                                         4 weeks for labels to be prepared and ready for
                                                              packaging. Get creative with coffee...
                                                                   the possibilities are endless.

                                                      Thank you Caffe’ Umbria and M.C. Simmons Design

                       56                                                      57
                       28                                                      29
                  U2 360 Tour                            Private Ski Day & Coaching with Teacher Judith
          Two Tickets in a Luxury Suite
                                                          Enjoy a day of skiing and coaching for two adults
                                                          or one child with Westside School’s own Level III
Now this is a concert you don’t want to miss! Enjoy        Certified Alpine Ski Coach. Judith has coached
 great music and the company of other Westsiders             national team members in the U.S. and New
with two suite tickets to the U2 360 Concert Tour at   Zealand, and even coached Scott McCartney, one of
 Qwest Field. The concert is Father’s Day (Sunday,     the skiers in the 2006 Torino Olympics! Lift tickets not
June 20, 2010) and starts at 7:00pm. Hors d’oeuvres,    included, but Judith will treat you to lunch. Whether
       beverages, and parking are included.              you’re getting ready for a Giant Slalom or just want
                                                        to make sure you don’t harm yourself on the slopes,
                                                              here’s your opportunity to train with a pro!
                 $450 per pair
      Thank you Tracy and Mark Sundberg
                                                                         Hit the Slopes!
                                                                    Thank you Judith Arvidson

                        58                                                       59
                  “Deep Blue Sea”
           Judith’s 4th Grade Art Project

 You’ll love this gorgeous, fused glass serving bowl
and six side plates designed with a Northwest Coast
 theme and handmade by Judith’s 4th Grade class.

          Coordinated by: Carol Loughlin

        Thank you Judith’s 4th Grade Class

                         31                                                    32
                  Fund-A-Wish                                         Custom Built Dog House
                Tuition Assistance
                                                        Pamper your pooch with an insulated, outdoor, one-
 Westside is a special community; we are a family.      of-a-kind, super cool, envy-of-the-neighborhood dog
  We take care of and support each other. One of        house complete with access door, cedar lap siding,
 the ways we do this is through tuition assistance.     and shingle roof. Only the finest for the family’s best
   Send the message that we value all members                 friend and custom designed just for you.
                 of our community.

        Our community has always generously                                  $750
   demonstrated that we are dedicated to helping
 families afford a Westside education. Every year, a
                                                                Thank you Mike Allison Consulting
portion of the school’s operating budget is allocated               and NW Home Designers
       towards this program. This year, the gap
   between the allocated amount and the need is
                approximately $50,000.

 Please raise your paddle and give from the heart.
   Together we can help keep our family strong.

                         62                                                      63
                         33                                                      34
            Wine Tasting & Dinner for Six                    Four Nights in a Winthrop Mountain Home

      Ever had a madman in your kitchen? Have your       Enjoy four nights and five days perched high above
    cutting boards ever been tickled with huge, razor       the Methow Valley in this 3-bedroom mountain
     sharp knives? Ever eaten the food prepared by a      home. With either plenty of snow or sunny warm
     wildly passionate lifelong chef? Ever rolled your   weather, expect a flourish of eagles, deer, coyotes,
       eyes back with nearly every bite? Perhaps this     and stupendous views. Spy an eagle’s nest within
      is your chance. Feast your eyes as well as your      this 20-acres of beauty while enjoying access to
   stomach. Chef Peter Levine will dazzle your palate        hundreds of miles of biking, hiking, and cross-
      and take “simple home cooking” to the highest      country ski trails. It’s near Winthrop and Bear Creek
    level. A multi-faceted six-course dinner featuring     golf course. The home comfortably sleeps up to
  the freshest seafood and the finest meats prepared        eight people and offers a fully equipped kitchen,
   in John and Carolyn’s waterfront home and served       3-bathrooms, an outdoor fireplace, and a hot tub.
    to you by Chef Peter and other Westside parents.            Not available Memorial Day, Labor Day,
    World class wines from Jana and Roy’s cellar will                          or New Years.
   be paired with each course, making this dinner an
        exclusive opportunity to meet the chef, learn
         about food and wine pairing, and enjoy the                          $1200
                  fruits of the chef’s labor.                     Thank you Megan and Dan Dahl

              Thank you Peter Levine,
Jana Barber & Roy Lamb and Carolyn and John Comick

                          64                                                      65
                   Salmon Art
          Laura’s 2nd Grade Art Project

  After the inspiring class activity of raising and
returning coho salmon, it was all hands on deck to
 create this stunning, 20” x 38” framed artwork of
              student-painted salmon.

     Coordinated by: Christina Mastrangelo

       Thank you Laura’s 2nd Grade Class

                 One Amazing Photo
            Jill’s 2nd Grade Art Project

How would you like to capture the joy and delight of
  your child and their classmates in a fresh modern,
    photographic display? Hundreds of photos were
 taken of the children and one amazing digital photo
     was selected. It was then printed directly onto
frosted glass (23” x 17”) and mounted onto a modern
   framework that’s incredibly beautiful and unique.

  Coordinated by: Leslie Mann and Kirk Stephens

         Thank you Jill’s 2nd Grade Class

                      37                                                      38
     One Week in a Sunserra Vacation Home                    Peak-Hour Reserved Parking at Westside

 How does a place that gets 300 days of sun sound?        Does the drop-off and pick-up line give you hives?
 Spend up to six nights and seven days at this home      Stop stressing and just whip right into your reserved
in Crescent Bar, Washington, in the sunny Sunserra          parking space during the prime-time hours of
    community. The home sleeps up to 8 with two          8:30-9:30am and 2:30-3:30pm. Your troubles are over
master suites, a kid’s bedroom with twin over double             for the entire 2010-2011 school year.
bunk, a hot tub, and a media room. It’s only 2.5 hours
 from Seattle and only 45 minutes to Mission Ridge
  skiing. Community amenities include pool, tennis,                          Priceless!
     spa, exercise room, golf, and jet ski rentals.                  Thank you Westside School

   Thank you Robert Hadley & Laura Newcomer

                         70                                                       71
                       39                                                        40
       One Week in a Rocky Mountain Cabin                              Mariners vs. Angels
                                                                       A Private Suite for 20
Relax and recharge your batteries for an entire week                Saturday, May 8, 2010, 6pm
 in this 100-year-old log cabin on the edge of Rocky
   Mountain National Park (Estes Park, Colorado).
 The cabin has a tennis court, and hiking, fly fishing,      What a treat to watch the Mariners host the Los
 and horseback riding are all nearby. This beautiful,    Angeles Angels and view the game in high style. In
secluded cabin is just a two hour drive from Denver        suite #67 you can enjoy the game from the open-
    International Airport. Expires September 2010.         air seats or in climate-controlled comfort. It’s the
                                                            perfect environment for entertaining, complete
                                                            with a personal wait staff and concierge. High
                                                           ceilings, stone countertops, area rugs, and a 42”
                      $1200                             HDTV accent the suite in luxury. Suite ticket holders
        Thank you Hallidie and Donald Haid                are also welcome to visit the members-only Wells
                                                          Fargo Terrace Club. It’s a unique place for a family
                                                          celebration, a company outing, or to make clients
                                                            feel special. Package includes: 20 private suite
                                                        tickets, 4 parking passes in the Safeco Field Garage,
                                                           private skybridge entrance to the exclusive suite
                                                          level, special catering menu (food and beverages
                                                        are not included) and attentive suite staff. Purchase
                                                           these tickets and prepare to experience luxury!

                                                                 Thank you Mary & Stan Harrelson

                         72                                                       73
                         41                                                      42
             Five Nights in an Ojai Villa                                2nd Annual Ping Pong
                                                                     Tournament Party with Jo Ann
    Are you ready for five nights in “Shangri-La?”
  This charming community is known as a haven for          Challenge our Head of School and other ping pong
 artists, musicians and health enthusiasts. A village        champions in a head-to-head tournament filled
   of about 8,000, Ojai is filled with delightful shops     with excitement and skill! Hosted at Scott and Beth
 and art galleries. Walk its oak-shaded paths taking        Yockey-Jones’ home, player and guest will also
  some time to drink in the serenity of it all. Located         enjoy a light summer supper prepared by
  in Southern California, about 12 miles inland from             Chef Scott. Tournament to take place on
  Ventura, this fabulous Mediterranean villa has all                   Saturday, May 15th at 4 pm.
  of the amenities you need: 5-bedrooms (sleeps up                   Who will be the next champion?
 to 13), 5-baths, gourmet kitchen, tranquil swimming
  pool, hot tub, 2-acres of land with citrus trees and
   a spectacular view of the Ojai Valley. Ojai offers                 Be a Ping Pong Champion!
limitless possibilities for day trips, including walking
  and equestrian trails just one block from the villa.
                                                                       Thank you Jo Ann Yockey,
                                                                      Beth & Scott Yockey-Jones
           Thank you Friend of Westside

                          74                                                       75
            Lighted Art Piece
       Linda’s 5th Grade Art Project

 This freestanding, lighted art piece features
stained glass embedded in epoxy resin and a
       framework made of copper pipe.

       Coordinated by: Betsy Dumais

    Thank you Linda’s 5th Grade Class

                      44                                                         45
 Two Nights and Two Rounds of Golf in Suncadia                       Girls Weekend in Sun Valley

 Enjoy a two-night stay in a two-bedroom condo at         Experience a fun-filled weekend slumber party with
 the Trailhead Condominiums in Suncadia and two           “the girls” at the Tabbutt’s Sun Valley home. Seven
rounds of golf at Prospector Golf Course. Suncadia         of you will join Denise for three nights (Thursday-
   has quickly become a recreational playground             Saturday) on January 20-23, 2011. You won’t be
   for Seattleites and travelers across the Pacific          sleeping on the floor at this slumber party. Each
   Northwest. Located 90 minutes east of Seattle,           of you will have a bedroom and bathroom all to
    Suncadia features over 50 miles of hiking and        yourself! Their home is located in Ketchum, a couple
   biking trails. Suncadia Village also features two     of blocks off Main Street and all the apres-ski action.
  restaurants and bars, the Suncadia Club Swim &          Enjoy skiing, shopping, great meals both in and out,
Fitness Center (think waterslides), a skating rink, an   maybe some relaxing, and definitely a lot of laughter
       outdoor amphitheater and luxurious spa.           and fun. This is one weekend you don’t want to miss!

                     $1000                                                     $900
         Thank you Trailhead at Suncadia                         Thank you Denise and Mark Tabbutt

                         78                                                        79
                      Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1001 See Kai Run Lilly Jean Sandal                              $32
She’ll be the belle of the ball in this metallic gold t-strap sandal that is
sure to become her favorite pair of shoes. Size: 6-9 months
Thank you Cause Haun and See Kai Run

1002 See Kai Run Chase Shoe                                     $32
A shoe almost as yummy as he is. This brown and butterscotch trainer
with cream stripe is a wardrobe must this season. Size 9-12 months
Thank you Cause Haun and See Kai Run

1003 See Kai Run Elise Mary Jane                                $40
She’ll look and feel like the trendsetting girl she is in the Elise pink
ankle-strap shoe. Each side has a single fanciful plum flower on top and
matching plum piping and sole. Size 6 (18-24 months)
Thank you Cause Haun and See Kai Run

1004 See Kai Run Violet Mary Jane                               $40
Elegant and distinctive, this “wrap style” Mary Jane is dark navy blue
with lavender piping. She will find the delicate lavender blossoms too
charming to resist. Size 5 (12-18 months).
Thank you Cause Haun and See Kai Run

1005 See Kai Run Spencer Trainer                                $40
See Spencer Run. A classic blue and white trainer with a modern
sensibility. Size 5 (12-18 months).
Thank you Cause Haun and See Kai Run

                     Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                    Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1006 See Kai Run Erik trainer                                $40            1011 ARTMAGIC for Five Kids                                    $100
He’s bold. He’s fun. Now get him shoes to match! These midnight             ARTMAGIC is a four hour fun-ride through the arts of dancing, singing,
blue trainers with a fiery orange X will match any boy’s gregarious          yoga, healing arts, a healthy feast, storytelling, and fire circle. For up to
personality! Size 6 (18-24 months).                                         five children. Valid through Summer 2010.
Thank you Cause Haun and See Kai Run                                        Thank you Esther Marion Bannwart-Cohen

1007 See Kai Run Gift Certificate                             $40            1012 American Girl Doll - “Lanie”                              $150
1008 See Kai Run Gift Certificate                             $40
                                                                            Meet Lanie, The American Girl Doll Girl of the Year 2010! Wearing her
See Kai Run is the premier provider of cool urban footwear that             striped rugby dress, double ribbon headband, and blue canvas shoes,
promotes healthy foot development for babies and toddlers 0-3 years         Lanie inspires girls of all ages to get outside and be kind to the earth.
old. Gift Certificate worth 1 pair of shoes available online (shipping not   Also included: a Lanie paperback book, Lanie’s pet bunny, and many
included). Expires December 31, 2010. Valid for “Smaller” or                other cool accessories.
“See Kai Run” sizes only.
                                                                            Thank you Janet, Grace and Chad Beeby-Maglaque
Thank you Cause Haun
                                                                            1013 Josefina’s Camisa, Skirt & Sash                            $24
                                                                            This American Girl Doll outfit includes a camisa (long blouse) and a blue
1009 Strong Books for Feisty Girls                           $40
                                                                            and yellow striped skirt with a dark blue sash. Handmade by our very
Your daughter will enjoy three of Librarian Sarah’s favorite books: “The    own Teacher Claudia!
Exiles” by Hilary McKay, “Bad Girls” by Cynthia Voigt, and “Wee Free
                                                                            Thank you Claudia Ross-Weston
Men” by Terry Pratchett. Package includes a flashlight for reading
under the covers and fancy bookmarks.
Thank you Sarah C. Wildflower                                                1014 Kirsten School Dress                                      $36
                                                                            This outfit made to fit American Girl Doll “Kirsten” is a long sleeve blue
                                                                            cotton dress with lace trimmed pantalettes and sweater. Dress and
1010 Child’s Drawstring Backpack & Zipper Bag                $20
                                                                            Pantalettes by Claudia and sweater knitted by Pat.
Backpack and small Zipper Bag (fits most children and small adults)
                                                                            Thank you Claudia Ross-Weston and Pat Sims
handcrafted by kindergarten parent, Amy Eby.
Thank you Amy Eby

                                     84                                                                          85
                     Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                  Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1015 Kirsten Flannel Camisa & Slip                         $20              1018 Children’s Art Box                                    $50
Beautifully hand-crafted undergarments for American Girl doll, Kirsten.     This colorful, deluxe wooden box is the perfect storage and creative
Set includes a camisa and flannel. It’s extra cozy for the long,             center for any young artist. The 113-piece set contains 32 fine-tip
cold nights!                                                                markers, 28 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 20 crayons, 2 drawing
                                                                            pencils, and a ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, fold-out drawing board
Thank you Claudia Ross-Weston
                                                                            and 2 easel clips. The box has two drawers to keep supplies and opens
                                                                            up to reveal a fold-up easel. (Ages 4+)
1016 American Girl Doll Lady Bug Costume                   $24              Thank you Steve & Joan Sundberg
Dress up your American Girl Doll for Halloween or just for fun! Your doll
can be dressed in this charming lady bug costume complete with red
                                                                            1019 Hooked-on Phonics Reading Program                     $140
and black coverup and mask, black turtleneck and antennae. Another
stunning creation by Claudia!                                               Hooked-on Phonics guarantees success! The set includes 30
                                                                            storybooks, wordplay cards, workbooks, and flashcards.
Thank you Claudia Ross-Weston
                                                                            (5 levels for ages 3-8).
                                                                            Thank you Karri Boerner
1017 Shadow a Vet!                                         Priceless
Is your child crazy about critters? Or dream about becoming a
                                                                            1020 Ballet Costumes for Dress-up                          $75
Veterinarian? This is a perfect chance to experience what being a
vet is all about! Your child and his/her friend will don a white coat for   Three beautiful, genuine ballet dresses from the Seattle Civic Dance
the morning and learn alongside Dr. Fukuzato at VCA West Seattle            costume sale. These costumes are gently used and will be a delight for
Veterinary Hospital! Get an individual, special behind-the-scenes tour of   that little girl in your life. Size 7-10.
VCA West Seattle Veterinary Hospital, a lesson with a stethoscope, ask
                                                                            Thank you Karri Boerner
questions, take notes, and observe Dr. Fukuzato treat a patient. Have a
family pet dog or cat? Bring them along as Dr. Fukuzato will give your
pet an office exam free of charge. It is also an amazing opportunity for
                                                                            1021 Balletinis in Burien                                  $250
your child to understand the value of setting goals, sharing hopes, and
having the self-confidence to communicate their vision. Please note:         Ever wonder what to do while your Seattle Civic Dance Theater
Children must be a minimum of 5 years of age and accompanied                ballerina is preparing for her recital? On Sunday, June 6, 2010 you and
by one adult.                                                               five guests will experience a unique tailgating event. Balletinis will be
                                                                            poured and snacks will be provided. After you are properly primed, take
Thank you VCA West Seattle Veterinary Hospital
                                                                            your seats front and center to watch your special ballerina perform in
                                                                            “The Tea Party,” a show that will thrill all parents and friends!
                                                                            Thank you John Sulcs and Linda Beinikis,
                                                                            Seattle Civic Dance Theatre and Bridgett Chandler

                                   86                                                                           87
                     Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                  Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1022 Children’s Fire Station Birthday Party                  Priceless      1026 Mighty Builders Fire Engine and Jet Plane             $45
Your little fire fighter will delight in spending some time at the North      Fire Engine: Here is a functioning hook and ladder fire engine for
Highline fire station for his/her next birthday party.                       your mighty builder to assemble. No need to cut or glue, just grab a
                                                                            screwdriver to build this 15” long wooden emergency vehicle with
Thank you North Highline Fire Station
                                                                            its pulley-operated ladder! Jet Plane: Children can build their own
                                                                            highly detailed jet plane that’s fun and easy to assemble with just a
                                                                            screwdriver! Wooden pieces easily fit together without cutting or glue
1023 Parrot Lady Experience                                  $150
                                                                            to make a model that can be proudly displayed for all to see. Includes a
Debbie Goodrich, the parrot lady, entertains at birthday parties            wooden stand. Measures 14” long when assembled.
and events with her flock of parrots. Kids love her educational and
                                                                            Thank you Damon and Angie Graves
fun presentations.
Thank you John Nuler and Kit Cudahy                                                          1027 Three Kids Video Games for PS3                        $45
                                                                            Three PlayStation 3 video games: LEGO Indiana Jones The Original
                                                                            Adventure, MotoGP 08, and Ballers Chosen One.
1024 Emerson & Roo Children’s Wearable Art                   $125
                                                                            All are rated E for Everyone.
Dress your favorite girl in a delightful, reversible one-of-a-kind poncho
                                                                            Thank you Emily and Nicolas Wingfield
and skirt. A sample is on display, but after working with Callie to
determine size, style, and color, your’s will truly be a custom creation.
Please allow at least two weeks for completion.
                                                                            1028 “Diary Of a Wimpy Kid” Set                            $60
Thank you Callie Deegan
                                                                            This complete set of four “Diary of a Whimpy Kid” books will keep your
                                                                            Westside reader busy for many 20-minute reading sessions.
1025 Awesome Archie McPhee Variety of Fun Stuff              $73            Thank you Jane Miller
An Archie McPhee surprise shopping bag filled with pirate treasures!
Thank you Archie McPhee & Company                                           1029 Tennis Anyone? Custom Racquet and Lessons             $150
                                                                            Two 1-hour tennis lessons for two kids at Lincoln Park tennis courts
                                                                            when the sun is out! Package includes two kid-sized tennis racquets
                                                                            and two cans of tennis balls. For beginners or advanced players.
                                                                            Instructor is Mika’s dad, a former college tennis player and current
                                                                            USTA competitor. Length of classes can be modified to be age
                                                                            appropriate. Items shown are for display only; actual racquets to be
                                                                            custom sized for the winning participants.
                                                                            Thank you David & Jenna Ichikawa
                                    88                                                                         89
                      Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                    Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1030 Two Week StageStruck Musical Theatre Camp               $400             1034 Kids Novara Pixie 20’’ 6-Speed Bike                    $195
Voted Seattle’s most popular summer theatre camp! StageStruck has             It looks tough and it’s built tough, but riding it is simple! Your junior
been engaging and entertaining kids 6-14 years old for ten years. Shows       rider will love the lightweight aluminum frame and sweet Shimano
from which to choose this year: Cinderella, Jungle Book, Mary Poppins         components. Nimble 6061 aluminum frame. Six speeds and twist shifters
and Oliver. This item assures a position in one (1) two-week camp for         offer plenty of choices for hill climbing or flat-land speed. Tektro linear
one child. These camps usually sell out within two days of availability       pull brakes. Wellgo platform pedals. All-terrain traction tires.
so place your guaranteed bid and guarantee their spot. Camp must be           Rear moto-style fender and front down tube deflector. Includes a
chosen by April 15.                                                           warranty tune-up from REI.
Thank you David Koch & Siouxie Jeter-Koch                                     Thank you Jennifer and Kirk Stephens

1031 The Little Gym                                          $50              1035 Vintage Framed Art Nouveau Poster                      $750
This $50 Gift Certificate can be used toward any program at The Little         A beautiful vintage Alphonse Mucha art nouveau silk-screen, lavishly
Gym in West Seattle. Gymnastics classes for children ages 4-months to         framed with metallic inks, approx. 40” x 52”.
12-years old, camps for 3 to 8 year olds and birthday parties for all ages.
                                                                              Thank you Bellamyjax Gallery
Valid only at the West Seattle location.
Thank you The Little Gym of West Seattle
                                                                              1036 “Sea Hurst #201” Framed Print                          $200
                                                                              An orginal 13”x18” framed relief print, using water-based medium on
1032 Mini M.A.S.H. Unit/Doctor’s Office                       $200
Dramatic play time is all the rage and your little one will LOVE this FAO
                                                                              Thank you Robert Dean and Maura Costello
Schwarz Doctor’s Office. The wooden cabinet kit comes complete with
wooden doctor office toys, lab coat, masks, and more.
Thank you Mary Doerflein-Bohus & Robert Bohus                                  1037 “Flag Stone” Framed Print                              $200
                                                                              An orginal 18”x18” relief print using water-based medium on paper.
1033 Kids Novara Duster Single-Speed Bike                    $160             Thank you Robert Dean and Maura Costello
This easy-riding Novara Duster Single-Speed Coaster 20” bike matches
the energetic lifestyle of kids. It features a high-tensile steel frame,
single-speed drivetrain, rear coaster brake, and alex rims, steel hubs
and burly Kenda tires. Also features a rear moto-style fender and front
down tube deflector. Includes a warranty tune-up from REI.
Thank you Jennifer and Kirk Stephens

                                    90                                                                           91
                     Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                  Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1038 Framed Original Watercolor Print                        $150         1043 “Soft Horizon”                                         $250
Framed print of an original watercolor by Laura Beso. Print is from       This piece of art is a layered shadowbox of deceiving simplicity.
a series of 15 original floral paintings that will be exhibited at The     It reflects inspiration from both the Modernist Movement
Fountainhead Gallery in April 2010.                                       and Japanese culture.
Thank you Laura Beso                                                      Thank you Cynthia Turner and John Kugler

1039 “Freedom”                                               $500         1044 Scenic Oregon - Framed 16x20 Photograph                $150
14”x14” Beeswax Encaustic painting “Freedom” by artist and Westside       This matted and framed photograph of scenic Oregon is a beautiful
mom, Callie Deegan.                                                       addition to any home. Measures 16” x 20.”
Thank you Callie Deegan                                                   Thank you Shannon Lindberg

1040 Original Mr. B Framed Photograph                        $150         1045 “Sunny Flowers”                                        $750
An original photograph by Westside’s own “Mr. B,” completely framed       24” x 24” Encaustic Painting, a riotous splash of vibrant colorful flowers
and matted.                                                               by well known Northwest sculptor Penny Mulligan
Thank you David Bergler                                                   Thank you Thomas and Susan Mulligan

1041 Original Mr. B Framed Photograph                        $150         1046 “Swallow” Linoleum Cut Print                           $350
                                                                          1047 “Butterfly” Linoleum Cut Print                          $225
An original photograph by Westside’s own “Mr. B,” completely framed
                                                                          1048 “OMG Girl” Linoleum Cut Print                          $225
and matted.
                                                                          1049 “Owl” Linoleum Cut Print                               $350
Thank you David Bergler
                                                                          West Seattle artist Jennifer Ament begins her creative process by
                                                                          illustrating an image to a nearly finished state and then deconstructs
                                                                          and reworks the illustration by creating a highly, labor-intensive
1042 Color Photograph by Grant Faint                         $500
                                                                          linoleum cut print, each of which is usually a two or three day process.
A numbered and signed, color photograph of the city lights of Paris       Finishing each piece using mostly vintage frames, these linocuts are
taken by Grant Faint, a Getty Images contributor based in Victoria, BC.   printed in limited editions of 30 or less.
Each year, Grant creates prints of his work to raise funds for children
                                                                          Thank you Jennifer Ament
attending a school in Sierra Leone; Getty Images purchases these prints
to support his work and provides these prints to employees to generate
funds for other non-profits.
Thank you Christina James and Eric Tuch
                                    92                                                                       93
                     Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                    Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1050 Carhartt Men’s Jacket                                   $130            1054 One and a Half Hour Full Body Massage                  $90
Go outdoors in the rain in this men’s waterproof breathable Carharrt         Enjoy a 90-minute, full-body massage given by Esther, a licensed
jacket. The size can be exchanged at any of the area                         massage therapist with 22-years experience. You may choose instead a
Whistle Workwear locations.                                                  massage for specific pain treatment.
Thank you Whistle Workwear                                                   Thank you Esther Marion Bannwart-Cohen

1051 Carhartt Women’s Jacket                                 $140            1055 Halo Salon Gift Certificate                             $148
Need a rain coat? How about this women’s waterproof breathable               This gift certificate is good for three haircuts OR two single process
Carharrt jacket. The size can be exchanged at any of the area                color treatments with Stylist Robin.
Whistle Workwear locations.
                                                                             Thank you Halo
Thank you Whistle Workwear                                         

1052 Deluxe Family Emergency Supply Kit                      $140            1056 Jet City Girl Skincare Pack                            $87
Food, First Aid and Essential Supplies for four people including state-of-   This local start-up company features an all organic and natural body
the-art water filtration system all packaged in a convenient container        care line and has put together a collection of body wash, lotion, sugar
for easy storage. Let’s hope we never need it but be prepared if we do!      scrub, and body butter.
Thank you John and Jeni Bartell                                              Thank you Jet City Girl

1053 Nicole Miller Personal Beauty Collection                $80             1057 Vitality Signature Facial                              $125
Perfect for busy women who need to look great on the go, this handy          This luxurious facial increases collagen and elastic tissue, stimulates
zippered pouch contains a Manicure Set, a Nail Polish Set, and a             cellular regeneration, improves circulation, and nourishes and hydrates
Cuticle Care Treatment Pen. But that’s not all. Six shades of stylish eye    skin. An anti-aging and relaxing facial using medical grade products is
color complement eyes of all shapes and sizes.                               everything a face could want.
Thank you Jackie Clough                                                      Thank you Vitality Medispa and Wellness Center

                                    94                                                                          95
                     Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                               Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1058 Custom Invitations or Announcements                    $100        1065 Geyser Peak Winery Poker Set                             $80
Twenty-five handmade custom invitations or announcements (baby,          This 300-piece poker set is perfect for card sharks. The heavy metal
engagement, moving, etc.) can be yours! The winner can choose from      case is beautifully embossed with Geyser Peak Winery and includes all
the examples shown or work with Yvonne for additional styling. Please   the cards and chips for a great poker party.
allow 2-3 weeks for design and delivery. Expires 10/31/10.
                                                                        Thank you Lisa Johnson & Rene Dufour
Thank you Yvonne & Chris Frankovich

                                                                        1066 Flying Trapeze Lessons                                   $70
1059 Crocheted Doily Set Handmade by Jo Ann                 $100
                                                                        Learn to fly with two hours of flying trapeze lessons at Emerald City
One large doily plus four smaller matching coaster doilies are          Trapeze Arts (SODO district). New clients only, expires January 15, 2011.
beautifully hand-crafted by Head of School - Jo Ann!
                                                                        Thank you Jeff Kelsey and Pamela Snider
Thank you Jo Ann Yockey

                                                                        1067 $20 to Pet Elements and Dog Gift Basket                  $50
1060 Necklace & Earring Set                                 $75
1061 Necklace & Earring Set                                 $75         Treat your loyal companion to dog treats, samples, and a $20 gift
1062 Necklace & Earring Set                                 $75         certificate to Pet Elements.

A necklace and earring set of sterling silver, fresh water pearls and   Thank you Pet Elements
swarovski crystals. Designed and created by Betsy Dumais.     

Thank you Betsy Dumais
                                                                        1068 Flip Camcorder and Mini Tripod                           $110

1063 Spanish Dance Entertainer at Your Party!               $120        This Flip Ultra Camcorder and tri-pod package makes it easier than ever
                                                                        to shoot and share video. With 120 minutes of recording time, you’ll
Flamenco dancer, Esther Marion, will entertain your guests with her     never miss another minute. Convenient flip-out USB arm plugs directly
expressive, feminine, and skillful dancing for 20-30 minutes.           into your PC or Mac to launch pre-loaded FlipShare™ software, and
Thank you Esther Marion Bannwart-Cohen                                  because of Ultra’s pocket-sized portability, you’ll truly be able to capture
                                                                        video anytime, anywhere.
                                                                        Thank you Teresa McNally
1064 MiniBar                                                $100
Enjoy this red leather mini-bar with all the necessary accoutrements
plus two beautiful glass-topped wine stoppers.
Thank you Alexis Camacho & Tom Utterback

                                   96                                                                       97
                      Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                  Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1069 Ergonomic Task Chair                                      $450         1073 Swimmer’s Delight                                      $300
Need a new office chair? How about this multi-function task chair with       This collection of top-of-the-line swimming gear includes Aquasphere
black mesh back and lumbar support, height and width adjustable arms.       Kaiman swim goggles, Aquasphere zip fitness swim fins, Sea to Summit
                                                                            Tek towel, Aquasphere Wet/Dry duffel bag, an easy freestyle swimming
Thank you Apex Facility Resources
                                                                            DVD by Terry Loughlin and the Finis SwimP3 waterproof MP3 player.
                                                                            The MP3 player wraps around head and attaches to goggles. No wire
                                                                            attachments to slow you down. Swimming exercise will be enjoyable
1070 Torker Black Soloman 26” Cruiser Bike                     $399
                                                                            and easy with all of these swimming tools.
This limited edition bicycle is only one of 300 built! Cruise Alki on the
                                                                            Thank you Joel & Krista Wassermann
same style of bike the pirates brought ashore there. Steel frame and
fenders with pirate graphics. Single speed 26” with a foot coaster
brake. (This is the exact bike - no exchanges.)
                                                                            1074 Kool-Aid Beach Bag                                     $75
Thank you Torker Bicycles
                                                                            Reduce-Reuse-Recycle! Help the environment and look cool with this
                                                                            12” x 14,” red and orange Kool-Aid juice bags beach bag with mesh
                                                                            bottom, beach towel, sun screen and beach toys!
1071 Folding Camp Table                                        $115
                                                                            Thank you Karri Boerner
Take your next picnic up a notch with this stylish and functional camp
table. Folds to just 4” wide; open it up to reveal a durable aluminum       1075 IslandWood One-Week Summer Camp                        $575
table with four attached seats. Great for camping, picnicking,
                                                                            This certificate is valid for one child for one week of overnight camp at
or tailgating!
                                                                            Islandwood. Islandwood Sleep-Away Camp is for boys or girls entering
Thank you Marc Bowers                                                       4th thru 6th grades. Just for Girls! has openings for two age groups:
                                                                            girls entering 4th through 6th grades or girls entering 7th through 9th
                                                                            grades. Reservation subject to program availability. Call Registrar by
1072 Water Tube with Boat Towing Rope                          $130         April 30, 2010 to schedule.
This Straight Line “Bullet” Tube includes a tow rope and is suitable to     Thank you Islandwood
pull one person. Wiley’s t-shirt and stickers are an extra bonus. Enjoy
your summer from Wiley Water Sports!
Thank you Wiley’s Water Sports
                                                                            1076 A Fresh Coat of Paint!                                 $300
                                                                            You pick the color and buy the paint; that’s it. Let John Bartell (a very
                                                                            detailed, experienced indoor painter) do the work to transform one
                                                                            reasonably sized room in your house. All supplies, ladder, etc. provided!
                                                                            Thank you John and Jeni Bartell

                                     98                                                                        99
                     Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                  Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1077 Four Hours of Yard Work or Organizing Help              $100          1080 Fine Art Portrait Session with Natalie Fobes               $500
Need a little spring yard work done? Need a closet (or room)               Included is a creative photography session at her studio garden, a web
organized? Westside mom, Jessica Netherland, really enjoys gardening,      gallery and one fine art 8x10 print. “Natalie is a talented photographer
pruning plants, taking down dead plants, etc. and is a whiz                who is very enjoyable to work with. We are extremely pleased with
at organizing. Her direct quote: “I am not afraid of physical labor,”      the photographs she took of our family.” Kimberly Klapmust, last year’s
so it’s Jessica to the rescue with 4-hours of her time.                    winner who used the session for her family’s portrait. Session must be
                                                                           scheduled by August 31, 2010.
Thank you Jessica Netherland
                                                                           Thank you Natalie Fobes Photography
1078 Avalon Glassworks: Glass Garden Bugs                    $210
Three adorable glass garden bugs featuring a Monarch Caterpillar, a
                                                                           1081 Pearl Necklace                                         $125
Ladybug, and a Yellow Tortoise Beetle.
                                                                           This is a beautiful 16” strand of freshwater chocolate colored pearls.
Thank you Christine and Tim Smith
                                                                           Thank you Menashe and Sons Jewelers

1079 Fine Art Pregnancy, Baby or Children’s Portrait             $500
                                                                           1082 Design in Silver Necklace & Earring Set                $150
Natalie Fobes takes stunning family, children or couples portraits that
capture personalities in a unique, fine art style. Included is a creative   This necklace and earring set is crafted from silver and found objects
photography session at her studio garden, a web gallery and $100 to        and designed and created by Westside mom and artist, Callie Deegan.
apply toward prints. “Natalie was great to work with and I love my
                                                                           Thank you Callie Deegan
prints,” said Jill McCormick, a previous winner who used the session
for her pregnancy portrait. The West Seattle resident is a nationally
recognized photographer who specializes in photographing people,
                                                                           1083 Handmade Couture Rwanda Gold Sequin Belt               $100
places and wildlife. In addition to her portrait and wedding work, she
has worked for National Geographic, Smithsonian and other major            Taya Maxey, a Seattle native living in Kigali, Rwanda, is designing
magazines and has three books published of her work.                       and creating some amazing items while working with individuals hit
                                                                           hardest by the Rwanda genocide. Taya designs the belts that are then
Thank you Natalie Fobes Photography
                                                                           handmade in Rwanda by a cooperative of blind women who crochet the,
                                                                           belts and deaf women who sew on the sequins. Taya Maxey’s blog can
                                                                           be found at
                                                                           Thank you Gabrielle Moorhead

                                   100                                                                        101
                      Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                       Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1084 Jewels by Park Lane                                        $75              1087 Floral Greeting Cards                                 $25
This necklace and earring set is called “Bamboo” and is highlighted              This box of eight various floral greeting cards of watercolor painting
with gold, silver and copper metal tones. Perfect for work or casual.            reproductions has been made by Westside parent Laura Beso. The
Also enjoy a $10.00 gift card toward an on-line shopping experience              original paintings will be exhibited in the Fountainhead Art Gallery
at                                                 in April, 2010.
Thank you Jewels by Park Lane                                                    Thank you Laura Beso

1085 Exclusive Art Institute of Chicago Jewelry Set             $230             1088 Sewing Lessons & $40 to Pacific Fabrics                $80
This gorgeous set can only be found in the Art Institute of Chicago’s            Enjoy this gift certificate to Pacific Fabrics & adult beginner sewing
catalog and in their museum shop. The earrings are made of Jasper and            lesson by kindergarten parent, Amy Eby. Join Amy at her house for a
Smokey Topaz. The bracelet consists of Jasper, Smokey Topaz, Olive               relaxing afternoon and a beginner-level sewing machine lesson. While
New Jade and Green Garnet. The set is then completed with a 36” long             Amy is not a professional seamstress, the session will include how to
necklace wrapped in Green Garnet, Jasper, Olive New Jade, Jasper,                make a Market Bag and/or Gift Bag.
Labadorite, New Jade and Red Turquoise for punch.                                All supplies and nourishment included.
Thank you Lieske Designs                                                         Thank you Amy Eby

1086 Jewelry Making Party                                       $200             1089 Maui Jim Sunglasses                                   $340
Throw a jewelry making party for your child or adult friends. This               Choose a new pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses and step into summer in
party will be customized to fit your needs. Rene Hawkes, jewelry                  style! Not only are they gorgeous, they’re great for your eyes. Maui Jim
designer/maker, mom to Sophia (Marsha’s Class) and Roots of Empathy              sunglasses block 100% UV.
Instructor, will come to your greater-Seattle location to make jewelry
                                                                                 Thank you West Seattle - Highline Eye Clinic
with your party guests. These jewelry pieces will be fashioned from
high-end materials - think Swarvarski Crystals and sterling silver. Rene
will tailor the materials to suit the guests. Whether it be a girlfriends’
                                                                                 1090 Vitality Signature Facial                             $125
wine night or a child’s birthday party, this activity will be a sparkling hit.
                                                                                 This luxurious facial increases collagen and elastic tissue, stimulates
Thank you Rene Hawkes
                                                                                 cellular regeneration, improves ciruculation, nourishes and hydrates
                                                                                 skin. An anti-aging and relaxing facial using medical grade products is
                                                                                 everything a face could want.
                                                                                 Thank you Vitality Medispa and Wellness Center

                                     102                                                                           103
                     Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                 Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1091 Pureology Hair Care Products                           $100          1096 iPhone Accessory Gift Pack                             $500
Purology hair care products will keep your locks looking their best.      Includes (1) InMotion Max premium speakers for iPhone and iPod with
                                                                          rechargeable batteries, (1) Plantronics Backbeat Bluetooth wireless
Thank you The Forsythe Studio
                                                                          stereo headphones ideal for iPhone, and (1) Plantronics Bluetooth
                                                                          headset designed for mobile professionals in the office or on-the-go.
1092 Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Fragrance Set               $83           Thank you Kevin and April Sunderland
Catch the latest Swiss spirit fresh with the scent of the Alps.
This fragrance is available exclusively at Bloomingdales which,
                                                                          1097 Sounders FC - 2 Club Seat Tickets                      $170
unfortunately, is not in the Northwest. Fragrance set includes Eau De
Toilette 2.5oz natural spray plus bonus travel flacons.                    Enjoy two tickets to a Seattle Sounders FC match from Club Section 235
                                                                          “mid-pitch.” Valid for the 2010 regular season, but not for the season
Thank you Theresa Schaefer
                                                                          opener. Includes parking.
                                                                          Thank you Astrid Klopsch & Preston Poythress
1093 Halo Salon Gift Certificate                             $215
This gift certificate is good for three haircuts OR two single process
                                                                          1098 Seattle Mariners - 4 Box Seats                         $320
color treatments with stylist and salon owner, Laura.
                                                                          Attend the Friday, June 18, 2010, Mariners vs Cinncinnati game in style.
Thank you Halo
                                                                          Section 133, row 27, seats 1-4. Extras include a parking pass, a basket of
                                                                          Mariners items, and goodies to enjoy at the game.
                                                                          Thank you West Seattle Thriftway
1094 Nambe Stackable Coasters                               $125
A sophisticated Nambé spin on an essential tabletop item. This Twist
                                                                          1099 Povolny Orthodontic Smile Basket                       $625
coaster set creates the illusion of movement as square panels of acacia
wood are set in metal alloy bases with turned corners that, when          This $450 gift certificate entitles you to orthodontic consultation
stacked, form a single twisting column. Set of 6 coasters.                and pre-treatment diagnostic records (located in Tukwila). Sonicare
                                                                          Flexcare w/UV Sanitizer, mouthwash, toothpaste, dental floss and
Thank you Hallidie and Donald Haid
                                                                          stuffed animal are all included.
                                                                          Thank you Povolny Orthodontics
1095 Discovery Bay Game Pack                                $215
Family game night is in for a real treat with this assortment of games
and puzzles from Discovery Bay Games, a local start-up
company in Seattle.
Thank you Discovery Bay Games
                                   104                                                                       105
                    Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                  Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1100 Four Piano Lessons                                     $100           1104 Starbucks Coffee & Tunes                              $250
An assessment and four 30-minute piano lessons with Liz McGinn. Liz is     Enjoy six pounds of your favorite Starbucks whole bean coffee from
the piano teacher to the Boceks and Klines.                                around the world as you listen to a variety of music.
Thank you Liz McGinn                                                       Thank you Amy and Chris Carrasco

1101 A Day on the Mountain for Two                          $500           1105 Cocktail Party in a Box                               $130
One day of instruction for rock climbing, mountaineering, or a ski         Do you love to entertain but don’t have time to make homemade hors
mountainteering tour with international mountain guide, Tom Milne.         d’oeuvres? This is your answer. The Cocktail Party in a Box is ready-
Washington State destination to be determined.                             made to store in your freezer. When the mood strikes, open the box!
                                                                           Bake all or some of the delicious homemade appetizers and mix the
Thank you Elevation Mountain Guides and Tom Milne
                                                                           vodka with the homemade lemon-drop cocktail concentrate. It’s a
                                                                           stress-free party just waiting to happen! Includes Kettle One Vodka,
                                                                           frozen homemade lemon-drop mixture, and 36 frozen appetizers ready
1102 Handmade Couture Rwandan Apron                         $100
                                                                           to bake (including at least three varieties, such as spanokopita, cheese
Taya Maxey, a Seattle native living in Kigali, Rwanda, designs beautiful   puffs, mushroom turnovers, etc).
aprons that are then sewn by a cooperative of tailors using traditional
                                                                           Thank you Lori Freer & Peter Bocek
Tanzanian and Congolese fabrics. Take home the apron displayed
or exchange it for your choice of another, more flowered pattern of
congolese fabric. Taya Maxey’s blog can be found at
                                                                           1106 Fresh, Home-baked Bread                               $100
                                                                           One fresh-baked loaf of bread delivered to your home (West Seattle
Thank you Gabrielle Moorhead
                                                                           only) every Sunday for 12 weeks. Lisa uses mostly whole grains and
                                                                           organic ingredients when available to create deliciousness.
1103 Lori’s Homemade Fruit Pies                             $180           Thank you Lisa Holtby and David Hlavsa
If you love homemade fruit pies, but don’t love the mess of making them,
then Lori’s pies are your answer! You’ll receive six frozen (unbaked)
                                                                           1107 Custom Decorated Cake or Cupcakes                     $100
fruit pies (including raspberry, strawberry/rhubarb, peach, and apple)
to store in your freezer. You can bake them off as you need them and no    A custom decorated cake or cupcakes for your special event. You
one will know you didn’t make them yourself!                               choose the theme and our very own Westside Cake Boss, Lori Lieske,
                                                                           will create the mouth watering dessert!
Thank you Lori Freer & Peter Bocek
                                                                           Thank you Lori and David Lieske

                                   106                                                                       107
                    Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                   Silent - Closes at 6:45pm

1108 Sweet Toby’s Gift Basket                              $36              1112 Woman’s Apron                                        $40
Indulge with this gift basket loaded with shortbread and candy along        Add some pizazz to your meal prep with this fashionable, reversible
with a certificate for one bag of brownies. All delectables created by       Apron w/appliques. Handcrafted by kindergarten parent, Amy Eby.
Tony Matasar, owner of Sweet Toby’s and Eats Market Cafe.                   (Pattern from Lotta Jansdotter, Simple Sewing)
Thank you Toby Matasar                                                      Thank you Amy Eby

1109 Homemade Spiced Pumpkin Bread                         $20              1113 Dinner Prepared by a Personal Chef                   $300
Two yummy loaves of homemade spiced pumpkin bread delivered to              Private dinner prepared in your home for two to four people by personal
your West Seattle doorstep (or the school). Simply call Jill to make        chef, Vanessa Kaywood. Vanessa has 15 years’ experience as a
arrangements for baking and delivery date.                                  personal chef and is a current student of Le Cordon Bleu. Menu, date,
                                                                            and time to be agreed upon by both parties. Host is responsible for the
Thank you Jane Miller                                                       cost of food and wine.
                                                                            Thank you Vanessa Kaywood, Personal Chef
1110 Starbucks Basket                                      $50
Enjoy this basket with two Starbucks Mugs, Pike Place Roast Coffee,         1114 Starbucks Tasting & Roasting Experience              $250
Cafe Verona Coffee, Via Ready Brew, Peppermint Hot Chocolate,
Chai and TAZO Tea.                                                          Come to the Starbucks headquarters for a “behind the scenes” coffee
                                                                            tasting and roasting experience. You and up to three friends will have
Thank you Yvonne & Chris Frankovich                                         the opportunity to create your own blend of beans, roast coffee with
                                                                            an expert and taste your creation. Each person will take home a coffee
                                                                            mug, a pound of coffee, candies and a $10 Starbucks gift certificate.
1111 Dessert: Once a Month for 12 Months                   $200
                                                                            Thank you Ann-Marie Kurtz and Starbucks Coffee
A scrumptious dessert that serves six will be delivered to your West
Seattle location once a month for an entire year! Dawnelle has included
a list of available choices to tempt your palate, requiring only one week   1115 Halo 3 Bundle for XBox 360                           $140
notice. In-laws coming to dinner? Dazzle them with this special dessert,
or simply make any occasion special!                                        This Halo 3 videogame comes in a black attache case with two
                                                                            collectible Xbox 360 controllers decorated with artwork and autographs
Thank you Dawnelle & Tom Anderson                                           from comic book artist Todd McFarlane. Wireless earpiece included.
                                                                            Thank you Emily and Nicolas Wingfield

                                  108                                                                         109
                    Silent - Closes at 6:45pm                                                  Silent - Closes at 6:45pm
1116 PSP 2000 Player, Accessories and Games Bundle         $252            1120 Nambe Santa Fe Bowl                                   $265
Need a PSP 2000 player? Here it is: PSP 2000 portable game player,         Beautiful 11-inch glass bowl features a turquoise color that mimicks the
(silver player and power cord, no box or manual); PSP 2000 headphones      color of stone and the tropical waters of the islands.
with remote control (accessory); PSP headset with microphone
                                                                           Thank you Friend of Westside
(accessory); PSP Extended Life Battery Kit (accessory); component
AV cable for connecting PSP to television (accessory). Games include:
NBA, FIFA Soccer, SSX On Tour, Untold Legends Brotherhood of the
                                                                           1121 Australian Wine Sampler                               $245
Blade, Ratchet & Clank Size Matters (disc only, no box).
                                                                           This six bottle collection includes: two bottles Massena Barossa Valley
Thank you Emily and Nicolas Wingfield
                                                                           Eleventh Hour Shiraz 2004, two bottles Shirvington McLaren Vale
                                                                           Cabernet Sauvignon 2004, and two bottles of Adelina Clare Valley
                                                                           Shiraz 2005. Enjoy!
1117 Daddy-O Game Pack                                     $135
                                                                           Thank you Kimberly and John Klapmust
Your family will flip over this fabulous fountain of board games from
a new local board game company called Daddy-O Games! Mancala,
Marbles, and More, More, More!
                                                                           1122 Kosta Boda “Zoom” Artglass Vase                       $400
Thank you Leslie & James Bratsanos
                                                                           “Zoom” - Artglass vase designed and signed by Goran Warff and
                                                                           handmade by the masters at Kosta Boda glasswork.
                                                                           Height: 10 3/8 inches.
1118 Ballard Train Ride for Four & Lunch                   $450
                                                                           Thank you Premium Marketing
Ride in the cab of a locomotive as it makes its way through the Ballard
industrial district. Includes lunch with the train crew! What an amazing
treat for that special kid in your life!
                                                                           1123 Wine Lover’s Basket                                   $250
Thank you Ballard Terminal Railroad
                                                                           This basket includes: 2006 Sparkman Kingpin Cab, 2006 Coeur de Terre
                                                                           Pinot Noir, two Riedel Bordeaux wine glasses, one Vinturi wine aerator,
                                                                           six pewter stemware charms, two rabbit wine bottle stoppers, one wine
1119 Trio of Niebaum-Coppola Wine                          $125
                                                                           glass cloth, one wine-out stain remover.
Take home three bottles of Niebaum-Coppola Captain’s Reserve wine:
                                                                           Thank you Darrell & Janice Castle
one Pinot, one Syrah, and one Merlot.
Thank you Christina James and Eric Tuch

                                  110                                                                        111
                  Almost Live - Closes at 6:55pm
2001 Head of School for a Day                                   Priceless
What does it take to run a school like Westside? If your child is curious
about what makes Westside tick, then this one-of-a-kind experience
will be memorable! One lucky child will be Head of School for the day.
Their day might include hosting an assembly, conducting a fire drill or
visiting other classrooms. It will include a behind-the-scenes look at
the many things that happen in the school office during a school day.
Available to one student before the end of the 2009-2010 school year.
Thank you Jo Ann Yockey

2002 “Flour Lovers” Baking Class for Six & Goodies              $800
Enjoy a baking class for six adults or six kids at Grand Central’s new
bakery in Burien. Also included in this fun and delicious package: one
gift certificate for a baker’s dozen (at Grand Central, that’s 14) pastries,
one “loaf a month” certificate for 12 months of delicious bread, and $40
to use as you would like! Class recipes to be determined based on an
adult group or kid group (minimum age is 4 with chaperones).
Thank you Grand Central Bakery

2003 Two Night Stay at a Washington Beach Getaway               $400
Escape to a cozy 3-bedroom, 1-bath, beach cottage on the Washington
Coast for two nights. Located in quaint Pacific Beach, it’s just down the
road from Seabrook and just steps from the beach. Kids and dogs are
welcome, or make it a romantic weekend for two with long beach walks
and evenings in front of the fireplace. Includes spacious, fully-fenced
yard, full kitchen, wrap-around deck, Cable TV, DVD/VCR, kid-safe gas
fireplace, I-Pod/MP3-compatible stereo, movie library. Not available
mid-June to mid-September or holidays. More information and photos
Thank you Katy Lloyd & Carl Guess

                 Almost Live - Closes at 6:55pm                                               Almost Live - Closes at 6:55pm
2004 Music Day & Recording with Cathy Chutich                  $200          2007 In-house Concert by Amir Beso                                $300
Family Jam Session with an informal recording. Come visit the Chutich/       Spice up your next party with a 45-minute live set of brilliant Balkan,
Martin household and try out the instruments together. There are             Flamenco and Gypsy guitar instrumentals by Westside Parent, Amir
guitars (electric and acoustic), strings (all but viola), piano, horn and    Beso. Amir’s music is as fascinating as the story of the musician
flute. We’ll jam together, make a recording for posterity and eat some        himself, a man who somehow learned to draw incredible sounds from
ice cream. Most appropriate for 2nd grade and up, but you know               the guitar while surrounded by the chaos of wartime Sarajevo. His
your child best.                                                             songs are light, airy, soulful, and dramatic all at the same time. Within a
                                                                             few notes, your toes will be tapping. “Seattle’s answer to Jimi Hendrix.”
Thank you Cathy Chutich
                                                                             as quoted by Misha Berson, The Seattle Times.
                                                                             Thank you Laura & Amir Beso
2005 Nancy’s Class Black & White Stationary Drawings           Priceless
Who can resist this? Black and white drawings of “people” by each
                                                                             2008 Art Class for Two with Margery                             Priceless
student in Nancy’s class. You will be the envy of the class when you
take this home.                                                              On a Saturday or Sunday, from 1-3pm, two students will enjoy private
                                                                             art time with Margery. You can choose the media (clay, wood, etc.)
Thank you Nancy Levine
                                                                             and the project!
                                                                             Thank you Margery Lamden
2006 $1000 Credit at Tuxedos & Tennis Shoes Catering           $1000
Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes, the fabulous caterer here at The Hall at
                                                                             2009 Claudia’s Black & White Stationary Drawings                Priceless
Fauntleroy, is offering a $1,000 credit for catering. This certificate can
be used for any combination of food and labor. Maybe you’d like to host      Take home black & white drawings of “people” by each student in
a cocktail party for 30 in the Hall’s Studio Room. Or a special occasion     Claudia’s class, and be the envy of the class!
dinner for 10 at your home. Are you throwing a theme party or Oscar
                                                                             Thank you Claudia Ross-Weston
Night shindig that needs a few fancy hors d’ oeuvres? It’s a $1,000 credit
to be spent any way you’d like. One use only, certificate cannot be split.
Thank you Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering                                  2010 Soundbridge with Music Teacher Cathy                       $100
                                                                             A musical outing for one child to Soundbridge at Benaroya Hall where
                                                                             they will experience a morning of hands-on musical discovery. An
                                                                             opportunity to see and try instruments, do other activities, have lunch,
                                                                             and take the water taxi home. You can never have enough music in your
                                                                             life. Appropriate for 3rd grade and under.
                                                                             Thank you Cathy Chutich

                                   116                                                                          117
                 Almost Live - Closes at 6:55pm                                                Almost Live - Closes at 6:55pm
2011 VIP Seating & Parking                                      Priceless     2014 2 Tickets to the Father/Daughter Dance                   $200
You’re the V.I.P! Sit up front (up to four seats) during Westside’s premier   Don’t miss your chance to make memories that will last forever.
events: Winterfest, Spring Fling, and Graduation. Don’t forget the big        Admission to the Father/Daughter Dance for one dad and one daughter
bonus of one super close, reserved parking space for each event as            on Friday, June 11, 2010, at the Columbia Tower Club. Join Stan and
well. Valid during the 2010-2011 school year.                                 Sami for an evening of great food and frolic enjoyed by many fathers
                                                                              and their princess(es).
Thank you Westside School
                                                                              Thank you Sami & Stan Harrelson

2012 6” Kindle Reading Package                                  $400
                                                                              2015 Work Registration at the Father/Daughter Dance           $100
Take home a 6” Kindle Global Wireless Reading Device that can hold
up to 1500 wireless books, blogs or newspapers. It can also read to           What an opportunity - but it’s an invitation for Moms only! Under the
you. Along with the Kindle, you will receive a $100 gift card to begin        circumstances, Mom, you’re not allowed to attend the Father/Daughter
loading up your Kindle on; where you’ll find over 350,000           Dance sponsored by Sami and Stan Harrelson to benefit Northwest
titles. Because of its global wireless capability, the Kindle can download    Hope and Healing. However, here’s your chance at a front row seat.
books from the internet on the bus, on the train, or even in the airport.     You’ll get to work the registration desk on Friday, June 11, 2010 at the
Package includes a stylish leather carrying case.                             Columbia Tower Club as all the lovely ladies arrive in their finest attire
                                                                              and accessories accompanied by some very special men in their lives.
Thank you Krista and Joel Wassermann
                                                                              As an added bonus you’ll get to spend some time relaxing and reflecting
                                                                              as you enjoy dinner and drinks with Mary Harrelson at the Waterfront
                                                                              Restaurant that evening.
2013 Work Registration at the Father/Daughter Dance             $100
                                                                              Thank you Mary Harrelson
What an opportunity - but it’s an invitation for Moms only! Under the
circumstances, Mom, you’re not allowed to attend the Father/Daughter
Dance sponsored by Sami and Stan Harrelson to benefit Northwest
                                                                              2016 Antique Carnelian Gold Earrings                          $350
Hope and Healing. However, here’s your chance at a front row seat.
You’ll get to work the registration desk on Friday, June 11, 2010 at the      Take home this 18th century Turkeman gold vermeil with 2,500
Columbia Tower Club as all the lovely ladies arrive in their finest attire     year old carnelian prayer beads. A stunning addition to your
and accessories accompanied by some very special men in their lives.          accessory collection.
As an added bonus you’ll get to spend some time relaxing and reflecting
                                                                              Thank you Jada Designs / Lauren Milne
as you enjoy dinner and drinks with Mary Harrelson at the Waterfront
Restaurant that evening.
Thank you Mary Harrelson

                                    118                                                                         119
                 Almost Live - Closes at 6:55pm                                                 Almost Live - Closes at 6:55pm
2017 Holiday Light Hanging                                      $250           2020 BBQ Dinner for Twelve - Delivered                         $360
No reason to bah humbug this year! Westside dad and light hanging              Sit back and do nothing while 4th grade dad and BBQ master Dave
extraordinaire, Roy Lamb, will make sure your home is tricked out              Allison prepares his famous barbeque dinner of slow smoked ribs,
for the winter holidays - you simply supply the lights and a nip of hot        creamy mashed potatoes and summer spinach salad and delivers the
cocoa. Good for two hours of “Roy” labor to be redeemed no later than          meal to your Seattle home. Please make contact at least seven days
December 18, 2010. Put Roy to work and reduce your holiday stress.             prior to desired delivery date.
Thank you Jana Barber & Roy Lamb                                               Thank you Roshele and Dave Allison

2018 Domanico Cellars Wine Tasting & Appetizers for 8           $400           2021 Hotel 1000 - Overnight Stay                               $425
Enjoy a wine tasting and appetizer pairing for eight people at the small,      Voted Best Luxury Hotel by KING 5’s Best of Western Washington,
family-owned and operated Domanico Winery in Ballard. Sip award                2009, enjoy a one night stay in a luxe guest room at Hotel 1000, Seattle’s
winning wines, tour the winery with wine maker Jason Domanico,                 Premiere Luxury Hotel Destination.
munch on tasty appetizers, and bask in the warmth of friends. Tour and
                                                                               Thank you Hotel 1000
tasting scheduled for Saturday, May 15, 2010.
Thank you Jill & Jason Domanico and Susan and Ben Viscon
                                                                               2022 Weekend/Overnight Child Care                              $450
                                                                               It’s time to book that long overdue weekend away (3 days/2 nights)
2019 Westside Aftercare Time                                    $120
                                                                               without kids to get reconnected with your loved one. What’s better than
Does your child want to be in aftercare? Need more time at the end of          having two Moms take care of your kids in our home while you are off
your day? Choose Monday or Friday for the remainder of the school              enjoying time together. All meals, entertainment, and (unique) bedtime
year and let your child(ren) enjoy aftercare at Westside while you gain        routines will be taken care of with the love, trust, and spontaneity your
some priceless time for yourself and make your child(ren) happy too.           children are accustomed to. Kids must be able to spend the night at
Good for your Westside enrolled child(ren). Value is approximately $120        another home. We have two small, indoor dogs.
per child. Sorry, no credit given if your child(ren) are already enrolled on
                                                                               Thank you Kim Valenzano and Shelley Gaddie
Monday or Friday in aftercare.
Thank you Westside School
                                                                               2023 One Night at The Boatyard Inn on Whidbey Island           $140
                                                                               Escape locally and discover Puget Sound all over again. Enjoy a one-
                                                                               night stay in a waterfront studio suite with a galley kitchen, fireplace,
                                                                               private balcony, and delightful water and mountain views. Valid Sunday
                                                                               through Thursday; no holidays or summer months.
                                                                               Thank you Boatyard Inn

                                    120                                                                           121
                 Almost Live - Closes at 6:55pm                                              Almost Live - Closes at 6:55pm
2024 Victorinox Swiss Army Susan G. Komen Timepiece           $525          2027 Three Nights at a Mazama Trailside House                $600
Adorn your wrist with this Swiss made, sporty and elegant Ladies            This 5-bedroom, 4-bath rustic ranch house on the Methow Valley
Alliance Sport Susan G. Komen For The Cure Timepiece. Scratch               trail sleeps 12 and has convenient access to 200km of cross-country
resistant, sapphire crystal, water resistant to 100 meters and three year   ski trails or mountain biking. Step back to the 1970’s... no wi-fi, no
warranty.                                                                   flat screen, most cell phones don’t work... a perfect stress reducing
                                                                            opportunity! Not available: December 18- January 3,
Thank you Scott & Theresa Schaefer
                                                                            Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or President’s Day weekends.
                                                                            Thank you Mollie and Kris Jensen
2025 Three Nights at Mt. Rainier/Crystal Mountain             $1000
Enjoy 3 nights and 4 days in this beautiful, just remodeled, 4-bedroom
                                                                            2028 PS/PK Hand Drawn Self Portrait Quilt                    Priceless
cabin on the bank of the White River. Perfect for a winter skiing or
summer hiking/fishing get-away. Located just 10 minutes west of the          Hand drawn self portraits of each child in the PreS/PreK class have
entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park as well as the Crystal Mountain       been transferred onto fabric and sewn together. Nancy and Maria
turn-off. Comfortably sleeps 8-10.                                          stitched their names, date and Westside emblem to enhance this one of
Not available President’s Day weekend.                                      a kind, handmade keepsake.
Thank you Krista & Pitt Means                                               Thank you Nancy Levine and Maria Lidgard

2026 Custom Metal Fabrication                                 $750
Picture your kitchen or bar updated with a stainless steel backsplash,
or, perhaps, a custom copper entrance/gate feature. Imagine your
fireplace mantel clad in stainless steel for a sleek and modern look or in
patina’d copper for that old world appeal. Have a workshop or garden
shed? Why not cover your work space with some galvanized metal for
easy clean up? If you like the look of copper gutters, we can do that
for you too, as well as chimney caps and custom entry roofs! For the
business owners: Need your hvac system revised? Ductwork updated?
We do commercial work as well as residential, both small and large.
Kollmar Sheet Metal will measure, fabricate, and install and the first
$750 is on them.
Thank you Kollmar Sheet Metal

                                   122                                                                        123
                            Buy-In Parties
3001 Apples to Apples Game Night Party                 $45 per person
Enjoy an “Apples to Apples” game night for adults hosted by the
Chavezes on Saturday, April 24, at 7 pm. There will be plenty of drinks,
including “appletinis,” and appetizers as you laugh through this super
fun, big-group party game.
Thank you Rebecca and Carlos Chavez

3002 Fall Mama Mixer                                   $40 per person
A time-honored, Westside tradition is the annual Mama’s Mixer, so be
sure to secure your space and save the date for Thursday, September
16, 2010. It’s the perfect time to see friends, catch up from the summer
and meet new moms!
Thank you Lisa Medina, Carola Meyer and
Gabrielle Moorhead

3003 Guys Night Out                                    $50 per person
On May 23, 2010, you’re in for an evening of billiards, cards, darts, and
indulgence hosted at a private downtown club reserved exclusively for
Westside fathers. Think about it... a huge man-cave!
Thank you Shawn White, John Sulcs,
John Comick and Darrin Stumpf

3004 “Endolyne” Progressive Dinner                     $50 per couple
On Saturday, July 17, 2010, three families will host 16 people in the
“Endolyne Joe’s” neighborhood for a progressive feast of gourmet
appetizers, dinner and dessert, (including drinks, of course!) Roam the
neighborhood, get to know each other and enjoy yummy food! All three
homes are within a short, two-block distance.
Thank you Megan & Christopher Simmons,
Cynthia & Mark Jordan and Jon & Teresa Muench

                           Buy-In Parties                                                              Buy-In Parties
3005 Sounders vs. Wizard in a Luxury Suite             $80 per person      3009 Book Club with 1st grade Teacher Margie            $55 per person
Watch the Sounders FC and the Kansas City Wizards battle it out on         Sign up to be a part of this ever-popular Book Club with Margie on
Saturday, April 17, 2010, at noon from a Luxury Suite at Qwest Field.      Friday, May 7, at 7 pm. “Sarah’s Key,” by Tatiana de Rosnay, is this
Includes food, beverages, and parking.                                     year’s selection. Led by Margie Carpenter and hosted by Carolyn
                                                                           Comick, you will enjoy an evening of thought provoking conversation,
Thank you Tracy and Mark Sundberg
                                                                           delicious appetizers, drinks and, of course, Margie’s famous chocolate
                                                                           cake. Don’t delay. Sign-up early as space is limited to the first 15 people.
                                                                           Book or kindle copy will be provided.
3006 Progressive Shopping Party                        $35 per person
                                                                           Thank you Carolyn Comick
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!!! Set aside Thursday May 20th and join this fun
progressive shopping party. Clementines will kick everything off at 6
pm, Sweetie will welcome you at 7 pm, and then wrap up at Carmilia’s
                                                                           3010 Family, Food, Fun & Flippers Party                 $65 per family
at 8 pm. At each of these locally owned, West Seattle boutiques you’ll
be treated to a specialty cocktail and appetizer delights. All three       Suit up for some fun in the sun! Come join the Bocek and Kline families
establishments will donate 10% of the evening’s proceeds back to           for a casual evening of swimming and socializing on Saturday, July
Westside, but 100% of the fun is all yours!                                24 from 3:30-8:00 pm at the Bocek’s pool. Lifeguards will be on hand
                                                                           to watch the kids while the grownups have fun. Pizza, salad, snacks,
Thank you Carmilias, Clementine,
                                                                           cookies, and more are on the menu!
Sweetie and Dawn Mills
                                                                           Thank you Christina Mastrangelo & James Kline
                                                                           and Lori Freer & Peter Bocek
3007 “Lazer Tag & Pizza” with Will and Eli             $35 per person
Drive from Normandy Park with Will Loughlin and Eli Ronald (4th
                                                                           3011 Beautiful Booty Boot Camp with Celesta             $60 per person
graders) and their mothers to Federal Way LazerQuest, play two games
and return to Eli’s house for pizza. Date to be determined in Fall 2010.   Summer is fast approaching and this boot camp will have you loving
                                                                           your short skirts again. Celesta Bjornson, certified instructor and
Thank you Jane Miller and Carol Loughlin
                                                                           Westside parent, will take you through an intense workout that will
                                                                           include pushups, dips, lunges, squats, and more. Participants will meet
                                                                           in Lincoln Park on Friday mornings at 9 am and the burn will begin.
3008 Beach Bon Fire and BBQ                            $50 per couple
                                                                           Camp dates are April 16, 23, 30 and May 7. Grab a girlfriend and sign up;
Join the Lightbody’s and Stumpf’s for a beach bonfire on Friday, June       it won’t even feel like exercise!
25th, at 7 pm. Ten couples will meet at the Cove in Normandy Park (a
                                                                           Thank you Celesta Bjornson
private, community beach) for food, fun and adult beverages!
Thank you Shelly & Darrin Stumpf
and Peter & Jennifer Lightbody

                                   128                                                                        129
                           Buy-In Parties
3012 Pinot Party on the Patio                         $60 per person
Sign up early for this popular wine party. Spend an evening on the patio
at Sue and Mark Winter’s house and enjoy fine pinot noir from around
the world. Party date is Saturday, July 24, 2010.
Light snacks will be served.
Thank you Sue and Mark Winter

            Thank You for Supporting Westside School                            Thank You for Supporting Westside School
909 Coffee and Wine Bar           Daniela and David Bernhard        Catherine Chutich                    Denise and Frank Edgar
Alexis Hotel Seattle              Laura & Amir Beso                 Clementine                           Elevation Mountain Guides
Alki Kayak Tours                  Bird on a Wire Espresso           Jackie Clough                        Elliott Salon
Darrell Allen                     Katherine and Emanuele Bizzarri   Coastal Surf Boutique                Elliott’s Oyster House
Roshele and Dave Allison          Celesta and John Bjornson         Carolyn and John Comick              Family Fun Center
Felicia Alston                    Boatyard Inn                      Cornerstone Architectural Group      Fit Family, LLC/
                                                                                                           Stroller Strides, Seattle
Jennifer Ament                    Karri Boerner                     Bellamyjax Gallery
                                                                                                         Yvonne & Chris Frankovich
Dawnelle & Tom Anderson           Marc Bowers                       Cupcake Royale
                                                                                                         Lori Freer & Peter Bocek
Anthony’s Restaurants             Leslie & James Bratsanos          Curious Kidstuff
                                                                                                         Fresh Bistro
Apex Facility Resources           Brenda Haugaard                   Megan and Dan Dahl
                                                                                                         Tim Frost and Lauren Cole
Archie McPhee & Company           Donna Matsumoto and Bruce Brown   Melissa and James Dayka
                                                                                                         Full Tilt Ice Cream
Arts West                         Burien Press Coffee Shop          Robert Dean and Maura Costello
                                                                                                         Grand Central Bakery
Judith Arvidson & David Farrell   Cafe Revo                         Callie Deegan & Patrick Dunn
                                                                                                         Damon and Angie Graves
Auto Buff, Inc.                   Caffe Ladro                       Dick’s Drive In Restaurants
                                                                                                         Laura Graziadei
Bakery Nouveau                    Caffe Primo                       Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley
                                                                                                         Christine Grienauer
Amy Baldinger                     Caffe’ Umbria                     Discovery Bay Games
                                                                                                         Lisa Hadley
Ballard Terminal Railroad         Jennifer and Frank Calvo          Diva Espresso
                                                                                                         Robert Hadley & Laura Newcomer
Esther Marion Bannwart-Cohen      Alexis Camacho & Tom Utterback    Mary Doerflein-Bohus & Robert Bohus
                                                                                                         Hallidie and Donald Haid
Banya 5                           Canlis Restaurant                 Jill & Jason Domanico
                                                                                                         Halo Salon
Jana Barber & Roy Lamb            Carey Limousine                   Joe Donsky
                                                                                                         Sami, Mary & Stan Harrelson
John and Jeni Bartell             Carmilias                         Dream Dinners
                                                                                                         Cause Haun
Beauty Bar Spa & Boutique         Amy and Chris Carrasco            Duke’s ChowderHouse
                                                                                                         Rene Hawkes
Bee Waxed Spa                     Lisa Castanon & Cliff Villa       Betsy Dumais
                                                                                                         Head to Toe Day Spa
Janet, Grace and                  Darrell & Janice Castle           Durante & Associates, LLC
  Chad Beeby-Maglaque                                                                                    Heather Quintans Photography
                                  Bridgett Chandler                 Eat Local
Belltown Vision                                                                                          Lisa Holtby and David Hlavsa
                                  Rebecca and Carlos Chavez         Eats Market Cafe
David Bergler                                                                                            Hotel 1000
                                  Chef John Howie Restaurants       Amy and Peter Eby
            Thank You for Supporting Westside School                                     Thank You for Supporting Westside School
Hotel Vintage Park                   Margery Lamden                        Dawn Mills                          Sara’s Skin & Massage Butik
Hotwire Online Coffeehouse           Nancy Levine                          Tom and Lauren Milne                Scott & Theresa Schaefer
David & Jenna Ichikawa               Peter Levine                          Mission Latin Restaurant & Lounge   David Schanen
Il Terrazzo Carmine                  Libby Lewis Photography               Gabrielle Moorhead                  Schlegel Sports
Intiman Theatre                      Maria Lidgard                         Moss Bay Kid’s Camp                 Seattle Children’s Theater
Islandwood                           David and Lori Lieske                 Mountain to Sound Outfitters         Seattle Civic Dance Theatre
Ivar’s and Kidd Valley Restaurants   Lieske Designs                        Jon and Teresa Muench               Shoofly Pie Company
Jada Designs                         Peter and Jennifer Lightbody          Thomas and Susan Mulligan           Susan Silver
Christina James and Eric Tuch        Shannon Lindberg                      Natalie Fobes Photography           Megan and Christopher Simmons
JEM Contractors, Inc.                Katy Lloyd & Carl Guess               Peggy Nelsen                        Pat Sims
Bryan and Jody Jennings              Carol Loughlin                        Jessica Netherland                  Small World Productions
Mollie and Kris Jensen               M.C. Simmons Design                   North Highline Fire Station         Christine and Tim Smith
Jet City Girl                        Elyse & John Maffeo                   John Nuler and Kit Cudahy           Sound Music Instruction
Jewels by Park Lane                  Leslie Mann & Joe Gifford             NW Home Designers                   Spiros Pizza and Pasta
Lisa Johnson & Rene Dufour           Marcy’s Household Managing Service    Shelley and Michael O’Clair         Square One Books
Tammi & Michael Johnson              Kristin & Rob Mariani                 Ola Salon                           Starbucks
Susan and Kevin Jones                Christina Mastrangelo & James Kline   Shelli Park                         Kirk Stephens
Cynthia and Mark Jordan              Matador Restaurants                   PCC Natural Markets                 Neil Stephens
Julia’s Restaurants                  Toby Matasar                          Pet Elements                        StoryBook Theater
Kathy’s Studio of Dance              Liz McGinn                            Philips Oral Healthcare             Shelly & Darrin Stumpf
Jeff Kelsey and Pamela Snider        Teresa McNally                        Positive Insights Coaching          Sugar Rush Baking Company
Kimberly and John Klapmust           Krista & Pitt Means                   Povolny Orthodontics                John Sulcs and Linda Beinikis
Astrid Klopsch & Preston Poythress   Lisa Medina                           Premium Marketing                   Tracy and Mark Sundberg
David Koch & Siouxie Jeter-Koch      Menashe and Sons Jewelers             Queen Anne Dental Group             Steve & Joan Sundberg
Kollmar Sheet Metal                  Carola Meyer                          Restaurant Le Gourmand              Kevin and April Sunderland
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts               Mike Allison Consulting               Claudia Ross-Weston                 Swedish Automotive Inc.
Ann-Marie Kurtz                      Jane Miller                           Salon Julian                        Sweetie
                                                                                                                           Live Auction Index
                                                                              Bear’s Clubhouse                                               2nd Grade Jill .................................. 68
                                                                              Wine Tasting ................................... 42            2nd Grade Laura ............................. 66
           Thank You for Supporting Westside School                           Custom Coffee                                                  3rd Grade Joe ................................. 45
Sync Interior Design                     Krista and Joel Wassermann           from Caffee Umbria........................ 57                  3rd Grade Stuart ............................. 46
Denise and Mark Tabbutt                  Rhonda and Robert Watt               Custom Dog House ........................ 63                   4th Grade Judith ............................. 60
                                                                              Diamond Club Tickets .................... 33                   5th Grade Linda .............................. 76
Table 35                                 West 5                               Fly Fishing ........................................ 24
Tacoma Rainiers                          West Seattle Bowl                    Mariners Suite ................................ 73             Unique Westside Experiences
                                                                              Race Car                                                       Board Cocktail Party...................... 32
The Forsythe Studio                      West Seattle Cellars                 Driving Experience......................... 40                 Claudia’s Indian Dinner ................. 38
The Inquisitive Mind Tutoring Services   West Seattle Thriftway               Seahawks Season Opener ........... 56                          Ping Pong Tournament
                                                                              U2 Concert....................................... 58           with Jo Ann ..................................... 75
The Jungle Gym                           West Seattle Golf Course
                                                                              Ukulele                                                        Primetime Reserved Parking........ 71
The Little Gym of West Seattle           West Seattle and Fauntleroy YMCA     signed by Jack Johnson ............... 31                      Ski Lessons with Judith ................ 59
                                                                              Wine Tasting Dinner ...................... 64                  Westside Billboard ........................ 44
The Painted Room                         West Seattle - Highline Eye Clinic
                                                                              Yacht Party ...................................... 48          Westside Wine Cellar.................... 39
The Paramount Theatre                    Al and Claudia Ross-Weston
Thrive Art School                        Whistle Workwear                     Get Aways                                                      SPACE for Westside ...................... 41
Tom Douglas Restaurants                  Shawn White                          Anderson Island ............................. 25               Tuition Assistance.......................... 62
                                                                              Honolulu........................................... 30
Torker Bicycles                          Sarah Wildflower                      Ojai.................................................... 74
Trailhead at Suncadia                    Wiley’s Water Sports                 Roche Harbor.................................. 23
                                                                              Rocky Mountains ........................... 72
Cynthia Turner and John Kugler           Emily and Nicolas Wingfield           Sun Valley ........................................ 79
Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering        Sue and Mark Winter                  Suncadia.......................................... 78
                                                                              Sunserra .......................................... 70
University of Washington Athletics       Molly & John Woodruff                Tahoe................................................ 51
Kim Valenzano and Shelley Gaddie         Jo Ann Yockey                        Vail .................................................... 50
                                                                              Whistler ........................................... 49
Valet Detail                             Beth & Scott Yockey-Jones            Winthrop .......................................... 65
Vanessa Kaywood, Personal Chef           Friends of Westside
                                                                              Class Projects
VCA West Seattle Veterinary Hospital                                          PS/PK Nancy................................... 54
Ed and Jill McCormick                                                         PK Claudia ....................................... 52
                                                                              Kindergarten Marsha .................... 36
Via Radiology, Katherine E. Dee, M.D.                                         Kindergarten Sarah ....................... 34
Susan and Ben Viscon                                                          1st Grade Margie ........................... 26
                                                                              1st Grade Renee ............................. 28
Vitality Medispa and Wellness Center
Alison and Philip Wallace
Washington State University

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