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My HR Self Service Job Aid - Perrigo Company

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									                   Accessing                         Self Service
     There are two ways to access the website, depending if you are at home or Perrigo.

From a Home Computer (to login from a Perrigo computer go to page 2)
                                                              1) Log onto

                                                              2) Click on the Employees Link.

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3) Click on the MyHR Self Service link
   and go to page 3.

   Click on the links to view a list of
   FAQs or the job aid.

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From a Perrigo Computer

                          1) Log onto
                             and click the MyHR Link on the left.

                          2) Click on the MyHR Self Service link.

                             Click on the links to view a list of
                             FAQs or the job aid.

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           Step 1:                   Self Service Registration
Our first step requires that you must register. You will only need to do this once.

                                                                      Self Service Login Screen

                                                                1) Click on the link: First Time
                                                                   Users Register Here

                                                                  * Do not use the Back button when
                                                                    using this website or you will
                                                                    have to start over.

                                                                         Registration Process

                                                                2) Click Register now.

                                                                  Enter Your Registration Pass Code

                                                                3) Enter your Registration pass code
                                                                   and click Next.


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  Enter Your Personal Information

4) Enter your name, Social Security
   number, and birth month and day.
   Then click Next.

  Enter Your Contact Information

5) Enter your name and e-mail
   information and click Next. Your
   phone number is optional

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  Enter Your Security Information

6) Enter your place of birth.
7) Select your security questions,
   enter your answers, and then click

Important: The security questions
and answers are used if you forget
your logon credentials so be sure to
choose information that you can
remember. You should make a note
of your answers and keep them in a
safe place.
  View Your ADP Services User ID

8) Your user ID is displayed.

9) Create your password and click

Your password must be at least 8
characters long and must contain at
least 1 letter and either 1 number or 1
special character. Also, your
password is case sensitive.

Important: You should make a note
of your user ID and password and
keep them in a safe place. You’ll
need them to log on to ADP services.

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     Log On to an ADP Service

10) Select the service you want to use
    and click Log On.

Note: “ADP Service” represents the
product you registered for.

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You have now completed Step 1 of Self Registration. You are now able to login to your account
                           and verify/update your information.

                Step 2- Logging In to                       Self Service

                                                                       Self Service Portal Login Screen

                                                                     Go to or
                                                            to go to
                                                                     the Self Service link (review
                                                                     instructions on page 1 and 2 if

                                                                     1) Click on the button: User Login

                                                                               Password Prompt

                                                                     2) Enter in your newly created User
                                                                        name and Password. Your
                                                                        password is case sensitive.

                                                                     3) Click OK

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  MyHR Self Service Home Page

Once you have logged in you will see
tabs across the top of the page.

The Pay & Taxes Tab is where you
can view/print your pay statements,
add/change your direct deposit
accounts, change your tax withholding,
and view/print your Annual Statements

The Personal Information Tab is
where you can add/update your
emergency contacts, update your
address, and phone numbers.

The Benefits Tab will take you to the
link to MyHR Benefits where you can
enroll for benefits during open
enrollment or update benefit

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          Pay & Taxes Tab

Pay Statement
The Pay Statement screen allows
you to view your paychecks online.
To view your paycheck, click on the
pay date. Your paycheck will
appear for you to view or print.
Click the back button to return to the
main screen.

Direct Deposit
1) To change an existing account,
   click on the account and update
   the information.

1) To add a new account click add
   new and enter the new account
   information then click save. If
   you have direct deposit and you
   want to stop receiving your pay
   statement and would like to
   receive an e-mail notification
   instead, click Go Paperless.
2) Click the box next to Access my
   pay statements online only.
3) Click Next.
4) Click Accept on the next screen.
5) Enter the confirmation number
   into the designated area.
6) Click Save.

Tax Withholding
To view your tax withholding, click
the withholding type (Federal/State)
you want to change. Click Save.

Annual Statements
To view your annual statements,
click Annual Statements. Click on
the year you want to view/print.

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      Personal Information Tab

Emergency Contacts
Click on Emergency Contacts to change
or add a new contact. Click on the
contact name to update the information
or click, add new and enter all contact
information then click save.

Click on Addresses to make changes to
your address. Click edit, update the
information, and then click save.

Phone Numbers
Click on Phone Numbers to change or
add a new phone number. Click edit to
update your phone number or click add
new, enter a new phone number then
click save.

          BENEFITS TAB

Click on the MyHR Benefits link to log
on to the benefits website.

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