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									THE CH R ACTER
                INE AB OUT WINNERS
                                   & WINNING

                    WE’RE TOUR
                    LDC’S CHARITY BIKE RIDE UPDATE PG10

                   A YEAR OF OPPORTUNITY AHEAD PG3

                         WHY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE PG4
                                SOMETIMES FAIL

                            MARK BEAUMONT ON PG6
                            COMING TO AMERICA

                              RIDDLES, RAMBLING PG8
                            AND REFLECTIONS ON
                             LEADERSHIP AND LIFE

                                 TORTURE DE LDC PG10
              L  D
         WORLCHART                LDC LONDON IN PG11
            I                    THE COMMUNITY


             real LDC London
The Character s

             Peter Brooks                            Bertie Aykroyd                   Tim Farazmand
             Managing Director                  

                 Carl Wormald                             Violeta Valkova               Yann Souillard

                                      Daniel Sasaki                            Waqqas Ahmad

                Joanne Milner                        Anthony Francis                  Miles Frost

                               LDC THE CHARACTER 2010

                               A year of
                               opportunity ahead
                               In 2009, Robin Buchanan, President of London Business School
                               wrote an article in which he suggested that those predicting the
                               'end of private equity' were missing the point.
                               He argued that, despite a fallow year for many private equity houses, the sector
                               would rebound because the principles of private equity – growth, creating value
                               for shareholders – are the key principles of business.
                               And it was LDC’s strong adherence to these principles, coupled with the level of due
                               diligence we employ, which meant that, unlike many competitors, the London team
                               was doing deals and achieving growth in our portfolio in 2009.
                               If you’d told me at the start of 2009 that we would invest around £85million,
                               complete four deals, one 'buy and build' and an exit with secondary re-investment
                               I’d have taken that as a good year in the middle of a recession.
By Peter Brooks, LDC London.   We also had no issues with businesses in the portfolio, so no distractions from our
                               key focus. This meant we could invest time in businesses such as Modelzone, where
                               we worked up front with the company for over a year and placed three non-executives
                               on the board before the deal completed - not many private equity businesses would
                               be so detailed.
                               Our deal volume and the high profile nature of investments such as Manor Grand Prix
                               meant that we were in the media spotlight for all the right reasons, demonstrating that
                               we could deliver in a tough market.
                               And while 2010 remains very competitive it is still providing a number of promising
                               opportunities for consistent investment activity - at all levels of the mid market. I have
                               a great deal of optimism, even though it remains to be seen what levels deal activity
                               will hit by the year end.
                               We still want to invest around £40million more in 2010 than last year - over £120million in
                               total - helping businesses to expand, innovate and reach new markets. Our recent support
                               for Ascend is just one example of this. It is shaping up to be another interesting year!

                                                                                           A YEAR OF OPPORTUNITY AHEAD PG 3

Business psychologist Sheryl                    or refuting all negative feedback; a          day, then intimidate others the next; people
                                                powerful ego which leads you to dominate      hold back from interacting with you and
Haddow explains why some
                                                and bully others; excessive pride means       may ask your PA for a 'weather report'
of the brightest brains can                     you don’t take responsibility for your own    on your mood.
go off the rails. Why is it                     errors, instead you blame the economy,
that seemingly brilliant and                    the team, the organisation or anything        Excessive caution – You just
                                                or anyone except yourself; wanting            aren’t able to make a decision
inspirational leaders can be                    everything done your way, and those that      Cautious leaders are congenial and would
responsible for giant                           don’t hold your view or do things your way    describe themselves as prudent, thorough
business disasters?                             will be ousted; you believe that you do       and analytical. The negative signs of
                                                everything exceptionally well.                excessive caution include: needing a
Individuals who become CEOs are almost
always remarkably intelligent, articulate,                                                    second or third opinion before making a
                                                Melodrama – You like to
perceptive and knowledgeable.                                                                 decision; obsessing about what might go
                                                be the centre of attention
                                                                                              wrong and eventually getting stuck; you
If we looked at the management teams            Melodramatic leaders enjoy the limelight,     don’t give people the go ahead because
within Enron, Tyco, Vodafone, France            will be exceptionally good presenters         of your fears that a project might be
Telecom or any other major corporate            and are highly socially skilled. Signs of     flawed; you are unwilling to fire anyone
appointment we would find that nearly           melodrama are: dominating meetings and        for fear of repercussions; you may not
all of these individuals reached the top        gatherings by speaking constantly, rarely     give strong opinions in a debate.
because shrewd investors chose them for         taking the time to ask questions and
their competence as well as exemplary           listen; using an attention-getting style      Sceptic – You focus on the
educational and career track record.            to create unquestioning compliance,           negative and trust no one
Research suggests that one third of             making others feel their opinions are         Sceptics are shrewd in business, insightful
leaders will fail and two thirds will derail    not wanted or needed.                         and are very good at identifying
at some point in their career, not as a                                                       inconsistencies in an argument. However,
result of technical incompetence or lack of     Volatility – Your mood shifts are
                                                                                              they always tend to think others are acting
intelligence or experience, but consistently    sudden and unpredictable
                                                                                              out of self interest or for political reasons
as a result of issues related to personality.   Volatile leaders have great passion and       and are always very sceptical about
Industrial psychologist Robert Hogan            can generate energy and enthusiasm for        everyone’s motives; if you are a distruster
suggests that leaders (and in fact all of       projects. You are derailing if you: explode   then you’re likely to be consistently
us!) are susceptible to eleven 'derailers'.     over minor mistakes; move back and            critical when giving feedback and create
These are deeply ingrained personality          forth between a pessimistic and optimistic    defensiveness in your direct reports; you
traits that affect leadership style and         attitude; create energy and enthusiasm one    don’t forgive easily and may seek revenge;
actions. So what are these derailers? Have                                                    you are overly sensitive to criticism.
a look at some of the traits. Can you see
these in yourself, or others?

Arrogance – You’re right and
everyone else is wrong.
Unfortunately, leaders highly affected                                                                   VOLATILE leaders have
by arrogance are the ones most likely                                                                    great passion...but can
to deny emphatically that it is part of                                                                  easily derail
their character.
On the upside, arrogant leaders
demonstrate great self-belief and have
conviction when making decisions or
communicating messages, the negative
signs of arrogance are: reconfiguring
feedback to fit your own self perceptions,

Aloofness – You disengage,                    Passive resistance – You hate                   Eagerness to please –
disconnect and show little empathy            conflict, say one thing and do                  You have to be popular
                                              another and can be stubborn
Where the CEO is very aloof there may                                                         People pleasers are very perceptive and
be a 'cold' culture where individuals are     On a positive note, this trait leads to         good at working out what others want.
discouraged from expressing feelings.         outwardly congenial leaders who can             They are popular leaders, great at getting
Signs that you’re susceptible to being        concentrate on the task at hand. However,       consensus and generating co-operation.
derailed by aloofness are: You withdraw       ‘passive resisters’ are very good at            Unfortunately, they need to be liked so
in a crisis; you may be invisible to your     convincing themselves and others that their     much that they want to avoid conflict or
staff; you don’t open up and show your        negative behaviour is justified; if you have    unpopular decisions, so they might avoid
weaknesses; you ignore conflict and           passive resistant tendencies you may; hate      voicing contrary opinions that really need
expect others to sort out their differences   conflict, and as a result outwardly appear      to be aired, or they might avoid making
without your involvement; because you are     to agree, while inwardly you are resentful;     tough calls with people. You might be
unattainable others may second guess you      you may have your own private agenda            a people pleaser if you are; so flexible
and make false assumptions.                   and don’t share this; you might have            that no one (including yourself) knows
                                              confused or angry direct reports because        where you stand on things; you tend to
                                              you don’t follow through on commitments;        communicate that any conflict is bad, so
                                              you procrastinate and you give lip service      create too much of a consensus culture
                                              to certain things; others may mistrust you as   where people don’t challenge each other;
                                              you talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.     you can lose loyalty and support because
                                                                                              sometimes in trying to please everyone,
                                              Perfectionists – You get the little             you please no one.
                                              things right, but the big things
                                                                                              Those of you who are arrogant may be
                                              can go wrong
                                                                                              reading this denying emphatically that
                                              We might argue that a need to do things         you have any of these negative traits – if
                                              perfectly means these leaders work much         that’s what you are doing, BEWARE!!
   ALOOF behaviour creates a 'cold' culture   harder than others and so avoid mistakes        Most people have at least one 'dark side'
                                              that the less vigilant might make.              characteristic, some have many.
                                              You are likely to be a perfectionist if         The key here, especially if you are in a
Mischievousness – You believe                 you: refuse to delegate to others as you        position of power, is to become acutely
that rules are only suggestions               don’t believe they will complete the task       aware of them, be open about them,
Those who are mischievous are very            as perfectly as you; you are fastidious         and have people around you who are
charming, are great influencers and are       and focus on the detail, but don’t see the      prepared to let you know when you are
good at getting what they want. However,      wider implications and sometimes you            engaging in them.
you are derailing if you: break rules         overlook the obvious; you get so busy with
                                                                                              If you would like to find out more about this
because you think they are boring and         processes and the mechanics, you forget
                                                                                              subject, or find out about the assessment
unnecessary; you can be destructively         about the people; you get trapped in a
                                                                                              tools available on the market to help you
impulsive; think it is okay to bend the       stress cycle, the greater the pressure you
                                                                                              identify your own or others’ derailers
truth or lie to get what you want; take       are under the more perfect you try to be
                                                                                              please contact Sheryl Haddow, Business
unnecessary risks without considering the     and the harder you work which creates
consequences; you tend to 'fly by the seat    more pressure for you.
of your pants' a lot of the time; you are
very skilful at covering up your mistakes.

Eccentricity – You like being
different just for the sake of it
Eccentric leaders have great ideas,
are highly imaginative, insightful and
have great vision. You may have eccentric
tendencies if you confuse and confound
people with your unpredictable behaviour;
you may have an inability to prioritise
your ideas, believing them all to be
equally as ingenious – this can cause
your subordinates to become confused
about what is a priority; you may express
yourself in a vague and nebulous manner
and therefore don’t communicate a
clear message.
                                                                                              ECCENTRICS are highly imaginative, but
                                                                                              can confuse with unpredictable behaviour

                                                                                                                 PG 5

Mark Beaumont on
Coming to America
Back in the UK after 268 days cycling and climbing
the highest peaks along the length of the America’s
continents, Mark Beaumont has missed many of the
financial ups and downs the UK economy has faced.
Here he talks about what drives him:
There is nothing like a healthy dose of       For months I trained to break the World          conquer both mountains at the first
obsession to ignite that fire in your belly   Record for rowing the North Atlantic.            attempt – that’s without building in
and move life up a gear or two. Finding       However, in January 2009, the boat               the odds of making the 13,080 miles
this passion and developing a habit for       sank in an accident mid-Atlantic. After          by bike without serious mishap.
success is addictive.                         such a disaster it would have been easy
                                                                                               But I am not one for stats – I am one
                                              to lose momentum and spend the year
My 'healthy obsession’ theory is                                                               for a healthy dose of obsession!
                                              enjoying previous successes – but I was
something that I have perhaps taken to
                                              determined to get back out there.                You can find out more about Mark at
the extreme – coming back from nine
months on expedition is an odd and not        Fifteen weeks later I was on a plane
                                                                                               Sponsorship/MarkBeaumont or
entirely enjoyable culture shock. Don’t       to Alaska to try and become the first
                                                                                               by watching the BBC documentary
get me wrong, to be back with friends         person to climb the highest mountains
                                                                                               about his challenge
and family is wonderful, but I do miss        in North and South America whilst
that sense of momentum you get from           cycling between them in a single season.
testing yourself, mentally and physically     Both mountains tower above 6,000
from dawn till dusk, for days after weeks     metres and the 13,080 miles
after months…                                 took me down the Rockies and Andes,
                                              through incredible deserts, rainforests,
After breaking the Guinness World
                                              tundra and hostile regions.
Record for cycling around the world
in 2008 I planned to test myself in a         If you care for stats there was less than
very different way.                           a 20 per cent chance that I would

The power of momentum
It’s easiest to achieve when your project is following a recent         tempting to give up or take a rest when things go wrong, I
success. On a personal, team and even national level momentum           have found that these crucial moments are when it’s essential
is an undeniable force. Economic boom or bust has a contagious          to keep going. This is the real power of momentum - being able
effect and on a personal level, when things get tough, it often         to maintain a habit for success when things are toughest and
feels like many unrelated parts of life are falling apart at once.      those around aren’t able to perform. There was a day a few
This is not a coincidence. It’s not jiggery-pokery to acknowledge       months ago in Patagonia when the winds picked up to 100km
the power of developing a habit for success - all things being          per hour and the most I could do was walk, all day long,
equal then it’s the person with the expectation for success who         pushing the bike alongside. On the world cycle, after five
will win. Pessimists don’t believe in momentum, they simply look        days under armed guard in the southern Pakistan desert,
at others and comment 'what a jammy run of luck!'.                      a sandstorm was blowing over head height and the local
                                                                        police were insisting that I stop and take a lift. During times like
My expeditions are a pure kind of obsession and have given me
                                                                        these it is tempting to stop, to weather the storm and get going
the time to discover how to effectively focus. Unlike a standard
                                                                        again on an easier day - in actual fact, this is when it’s most
job, there is no time off and I am almost always alone. Despite
                                                                        important to keep going.
being very tough on both physical and psychological levels
these expeditions have a very simple routine to them - cover the        Experience has taught me that when things are toughest then
distance, find enough food and clean water every day, then a            it’s useful to focus on your momentum and through doing so
safe place to camp every night. What I have found is that the           develop a habit for success.
human mind loves routine and so the more things you can take
                                                                        As Albert Einstein once said:
on as a matter of habit, the easier they will become and the
more you can achieve. Cycling 100 miles seems a long way - do
it every day for half a year and it doesn’t seem so scary!
                                                                        ''Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep
                                                                        your balance you must keep moving''
When things get particularly tough on expedition, this is when
my force of habit really becomes key. Whilst it would be

                                                                                                               PG 7
Etienne St Villiers is the Chairman of Virgin Racing. He brings decades of experience
to the role from previous appointments such as Executive Chairman of the Association
of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Tour and Chairman of BBC Worldwide.

Prior to both he spent 15 years at the       to seek out and sit at the knee of suitable     D - Disney. Viewers should be able to
Walt Disney Company as President of          mentors during your career - you are                see everything that Disney offered
their international TV operations and        never to old too learn. Find someone who            across the spectrum and behind
latterly as President of the company’s       fits the bill. And encourage 'mentoring'            the scenes. Disney fans had to
overall activities in, and managing          within your organistation so that learning,         feel privileged.
director of, Walt Disney International       insight and experience are transferred.
                                                                                             I - Imagination. When we got it
Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
                                                                                                 right it was always by stretching
Here he discusses his approach to            2. What is the oldest technology                    imagination beyond viewers’
leadership of talent based businesses.          and why is it relevant to CEOs?                  expectations. Think the opening
                                             The answer is 'Storytelling'.                       scene from Lion King, or the
“I’m not one for management books or                                                             puppets in the stage show, or
pithy comments from people who are           “Communicating a vision not only                    farting warthogs or singing
good at sounding like they know what         involves repetition and a carefully distilled       Rastafarian crabs…
they are doing. I’m reminded that;           message; it demands an ability to tell
                                             a story. True leaders are CSOs – Chief          A - Aspiration. Disney’s storytelling
                                             Storytelling Officers. They provide the             is all about realising dreams.
'Experts built the Titanic; amateurs
                                             focus, inspiration and meaning that the             Enough said…
the ark!'
                                             organisation has been crying out for.”          L - Life. The enriching part of life…
The essence of what I have learned can       (Jonas Ridderstrale and Kjell Nordstrom -
be cheekily addressed by resolving five      authors of ‘Funky Business’).                   A simple tool that proved ridiculously
simplistic riddles:                                                                          effective in informing every creative
                                             Communicating a vision not only                 decision and most marketing calls as
                                             involves repetition and a carefully             well. This became such an important
1. What did Isaac Newton
                                             distilled message; it demands an                part of how I spent my time.
   really teach us?
                                             ability to tell a story.
No, nothing to do with gravity, it is what                                                   So, I hope you can see that it’s the
                                             Successful CEOs know they do need               CEO’s responsibility to define what
he said about learning from others:
                                             to take responsibility for ensuring the         you stand for; and make sure everyone
“If I have seen further, it is by standing   company vision is compelling, shared            buys in and lives it!
on the shoulders of giants.”                 and understood by all. The CEO’s vision
                                             must set bold goals for the organisation
Who we are as individuals is often a                                                         3. Do you know your way
                                             and make explicit the values and guiding
function of who has taught us. Great                                                            to Carnegie Hall?
                                             principles that unify teams.
parents allow their children to stand on
                                                                                             You all know the apocryphal story of the
their shoulders and I think great mentors    Everyone needs to know how they are
                                                                                             tourist asking a New Yorker how to get
do the same. There is a great saying:        contributing to the achievement of these
                                                                                             to the Carnegie Hall? ’Practice, practice’
'Steal with pride'.                          goals and the part they play in the big
                                                                                             came the answer
                                             picture. A good CEO must articulate:
It is a guiding principle of mentoring;
                                             “this is what success looks like!”              Gary Player famously said: 'The harder
and it is also a lesson about not 'having
                                                                                             I practice, the luckier I get'.
to reinvent the wheel' and the antithesis    For example at Disney one would think
of 'not invented here'. In my career I       that the values are crystal clear but when      We all need luck in building great
have worked alongside a number of            we were building the Disney Channels            businesses but we should all know that
incredible individuals, including Jeffrey    around the world we kept asking 'What           hard work is a necessary condition for
Katzenberg (former Chariman of Disney        makes this Disney?'.                            success. But it’s more than just working
Studios), Ronnie Lubner (South African                                                       hard it’s about working 'smart'. Jeffrey
                                             We needed to define Disney in a way
entrepreneur and former owner of                                                             Katzenberg knew how to use networks. It
                                             that inspired creative executives rather
Autoglass), and Tom Peters (author of                                                        was hard work building them; it was smart
                                             than make them feel shackled to a
'In Search of Excellence'). They have all                                                    how he used them. He made 200 phone
                                             narrow range of ideals, so after much
helped me to understand and value the                                                        calls each Monday morning to everyone
                                             soul searching and brain storming we
role that a mentor can have.                                                                 who was anyone in the Film business – he
                                             developed the acronym DIAL which
                                                                                             literally inserted himself into the deal flow.
All CEOs benefit from multiple and           captured the essence of what The Disney
diverse mentor relationships. I urge you     Channel should stand for. Very briefly:

Building great strategies starts by knowing      a willingness to take on risk. Surround
your business drivers backwards and              yourself with the best and brightest and
forwards so that you leverage your               let them make new mistakes.
strengths; and anticipate and influence
                                                 As tough as you are about hiring in the
change. When you understand your
                                                 best, so you must be about weeding out
industry and business better than your
                                                 underachievers. You can be firm as long
competitors you can re-write the rules.
                                                 as you are fair. I believe that CEOs have
And this is where fact based analysis and        six months to assess someone. If we go
logical problem solving comes into its           beyond that time span without taking
own, even in creative industries. This was       remedial action, it is down to our poor
second nature to the process at McKinsey         judgment and management.
and became second nature at Disney.
                                                 A leader has to ensure that things get
Without analysis and research we never
                                                 done – and being passionate about
have the foundations for decision making,
                                                 ideas and not taking 'no' for an answer
especially when you are dealing with
                                                 is a culture that allows everyone to have
consumers who have discretionary time
                                                 their say. It’s a culture that says 'good
and income and have no compunction to
                                                 ideas are everywhere.'
choose you. Research does not give you
the answer but it avoids a number of blind       And this leads me onto my final point.
alleys and pitfalls
My last point is on time. The most               5. What do hamburger buns
important thing a CEO can do is to                  have to do with management?
recognise that intellectual bandwidth is         It’s a simple message - love what you
a finite commodity and therefore where           do. Ray Kroc founder of McDonald’s
you spend your time is crucial.                  said it best:
Knowing what you do best and what                'You must see beauty in a hamburger bun'.
creates the most value is critical. Tom
Peters always maintained that CEOs               There must be a passion shared by all for
could only do two critical things. One,          the business you’re in. And you have to
you can change what people did with              enjoy your work and laugh often.
their time – i.e. priorities and goals; and      For the truly privileged, work is a part of
two, you can shape the organisation’s            life, not a means to enjoy it. Most people
culture by imposing your style.                  understand that fame, fortune and power
And this leads me to the next riddle.            are inherently unhealthy pursuits as one
                                                 can never get enough of them and
4. Kids are great mimics.                        therefore never satisfy those goals.
   Are you worth mimicking?                      Most people derive their satisfaction
                                                 and happiness from feeling good about
My late father-in-law gave me a
                                                 themselves – good old self esteem. But it is
wonderful piece of advice about rearing
                                                 key to retaining great people – they need
children. Parenting is a simplistic analogy
                                                 to be stimulated, feel empowered and
for the relationship between CEOs and
                                                 feel needed and appreciated.
employees. What you do, not what you
say, is what employees respond to. They          And finally stay enthusiastic
mimic you. So, 'style' and, importantly,         and optimistic. Life really
YOUR style matters                               is too short, so savour
                                                 each and every
CEOs set the tone of an organisation,
                                                 moment and
often intuitively and sub-consciously.
                                                 celebrate every
Style is an area where CEOs can have
                                                 small victory.
the greatest influence because they
create the environment and, ultimately,
a winning culture emerges.
Also, let the talent you’ve assembled
get on with their jobs, only delegate
what you understand, and stay in the
loop where you don’t – otherwise you
are abdicating. But don’t make the
mistake of simply hiring bright people
and expect them to do 'anything!'
Supporting and nurturing talent is as
important as hiring the right ones!
Convincing teams that it is okay to fail is
often the hardest job. It is self evident that
there is no creativity or innovation without

                                                                                       PG 9
                                    Torture Tour de LDC –
 Foll clesso
www.ld                              Painful Private Equity
                                    If you thought this year’s World Cup in South Africa was the
                                    sporting spectacle of 2010 you’d be wrong.
               Donate at...         For a committed team from LDC, those heady days in June while
   the rest of the nation is crowding round the television praying
                                    Wayne Rooney stays fit, will be spent pedaling...and pedaling……

                                    The 200 strong team have (bravely)
                                    agreed to take part in some or all stages
                                    of a 1,120 mile, 15 day ride from Land’s
                                    End to John O’Groats.
                                    Taking their inspiration from Mark
                                    Beaumont – who recently conquered the
                                    highest peaks in North and South America
                                    on his own – the riders already claim to
                                    be out there, training hard to ensure they
                                    perform for our very kind sponsors.
                                    The 15 stages include daily rides of up to
                                    124 miles so the challenge is certainly not
                                    for the faint-hearted or weak-legged and
                                    all cash raised will be very well earned for
                                    our nine chosen charities.
                                    Although the final route is still being
                                    tweaked, daily schedules can be found
                                    at to
                                    highlight where riders will be heading                Please visit the website above to find out
                                    to visit LDC offices or sponsor premises              more, view all of our charities in detail
                                    along the way.                                        or sponsor us.
                                    It’s not too late to sponsor the team or              You will also be able to follow the Tour’s
                                    shame your favourite (or not so favourite             progress via the site and on Twitter at
                                    LDC person) to attempt a larger chunk of     where we
                                    the gruelling ride.                                   will post using the hashtag #ldctour

                                    Thank you to our supporters:

                                           We would also like to thank the following companies for their support of the Tour de LDC -
                                          Ascend, BDO, British Salt, Cameron Price, Emprise, Eve Trakway, Ernst & Young, GVA Grimley,
                                                Leasedrive Velo, MB Aerospace, Modelzone, Motorclean and Osborne Clarke.

      Get Blogging...               Tour de LDC charities:

       Send your blog stories
          - training, cycling,
      touring and best wishes

Top left
Darryl Eales and Edward Parker
- Opportunity Club Event

Top right
Trevor Williams, Barry Ross, Patrick Sellers
- FDs Club Event

Bottom left
The LDC Charity Golf Day

Bottom right
LDC 'Real' Table Football Event

                                                                                                                 The LDC
                                                                                                                            C harity
                                                                                                                 quiz w il
                                                                                                                           l take
                                                                                                                place la
                                                                                                                          ter in th
                                                                                                                year. As            e
                                                                                                                          ever this
                                                                                                                w ill be
                                                                                                                         a battle
                                                                                                               of w its
                                                                                                               teams fr
                                                                                                               across th
                                                                                                                          e UK.

Since the last edition of The Character the LDC London team       competed as ‘table football’ players in a winner take all event -
have supported a number of charitable events and also             and we’re still not quite sure which team actually triumphed that
hosted friends from the London community at networking            night! This followed a more conservative but no less entertaining
events held throughout the year.                                  event in early November - An Evening with Sir Ian McGeechan.
                                                                  This presentation provided an opportunity for avid rugby fans to
In 2009 LDC passed the £1million to charity mark with
                                                                  quiz Ian on the recent Lion’s tour of South Africa, and provided a
the London team helping this effort through their support for
                                                                  a number of management lessons that we could all apply in our
the Friendship Works ('FW') - previously known as Friends
                                                                  day-to-day lives.
United Network). This charity (find more information at ) has been providing mentoring         2010’s activity schedule is no less hectic. Already one London
and support to children in the UK for over 30 years and has a     Marathon has been completed (congratulations Jo Milner!) and
long-term approach to the mentoring of disadvantaged children.    training for 5th June bike ride is underway (for some). The next
                                                                  big event is the return of Mark Beaumont to London on 7th July
LDC London’s activities ranged from participation in the London
                                                                  who will talk about his recent adventure in the Americas.
Marathon and LDC’s Annual Charity Golf Day, through to a
group three peaks’ expedition and raffles held at a number of
LDC events. This year FW has been selected as one of the nine
charities for the Tour de LDC when the London team will be
showing some style and hopefully class on a bicycle (although                              MARK BEAUMONT EVENT
the odds have fallen recently on this!).
                                                                                           Wednesay 7th July
The highlight networking events of 2009 were dramatically
different in scope. In November LDC had a riotous night hosting
the real human football event. Teams from the London community

                                                                                                      LDC IN THE COMMUNITY PG 11
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