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 Financially assisted by The London Borough of Wandsworth, Film London, and South London
                     and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Funds

  This project has been enabled by Screen South and the RIFE lottery funding programme.

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Official website:

Writer/Director:          Mike Rymer (EgoProject Films)
Producer:                 Christine Hartland (Patchwork Productions)
Shooting Format:          35mm | Colour | Kodak Vision 200T
Shooting Locations:       London, UK
Aspect Ratio:             1.185:1
Duration:                 15mins | 1500ft | 1 reel
Sound mix:                Dolby Digital 5.1 SR-D
Preview Format:           DVD stereo/ Dolby Digital 5.1
Exhibition Formats:       35mm combined audio SR-D, Digibeta (others on request)
Completion Date:          October 2007
Funding Sources:          Film London, The London Borough of Wandsworth, South
                           London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Funds
                          Screen South and the RIFE lottery funding programme

Alternate Languages:      French Subtitles available on all formats. Italian on DVD.

                                                             St i l l # 0 9 i n t h e ‘F I L M ’ s t i l l s f o l

Matthew Gough, Head of Post Production Sound, was BAFTA nominated for his work on
Anthony Mighella’s ‘Cold Mountain’.

                                      ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007                       [2]
ONE PAGE SUMMARY                                                                                  Brian - Alan Breck
                                                                                        Amanda - Joanna Alexander
                                                                                              Ben - Michael Selwood
                                                                                          Dr. Cassey - Natasha Bain
                          MIKE RYMER                                                 Dr. G. Porter - David Roylance
                                                                                          Dr. Wormley - Peter Wear
                          Writer/Director    (Born: 22/05/79 Surrey, UK)                 Bereavement Counsellor
                                                                                                      Andrea Deeley
                                                                                             Nurse/ Foster Mother
                                                                                                         Maria Goyal
                          ‘SICK’ is the first film from new Writer/Director                  Policeman - Alan Grice
                          Mike Rymer, and sees him build on grass roots                    Cashier - Henry Nyarkpo

                          industry experience. A postgraduate of the                     Director of Photography
                                                                                                       Sam Garwood
                          Skillset Screen Academy Wales, Mike recently                       Production Designer
                                                                                                    Emma Saunders
                          performed the role of Assistant Director to                           Costume Designer
                                                                                                     Nadia Dunn-Hill
                          Peter Greenaway on Nightwatching, but he                                    Offline Editor
                                                                                                            Rosa Bond
                          hopes ‘SICK’ will bring him more directing                                       Composer
                          opportunities.                                                             Innes Johnston
                                                                                                   Sound Designer
                          »                                        Joel Cahen
                                                                                               Re-recording Mixer
                                                                                                         Jamie Roden
                                                                                             Executive Producers
                                                                                                           Paul Davies
                                                                                                     Graham Rymer
PITCH                                                                                                 Gerry Twyman
As Brian’s story slides backwards through 15 years of therapy, his daughter’s                     Rosanna Machado
                                                                                                  Executive Editor
crashes forwards over one devastating night and they collide on that evening                         Tim Thompsett
                                                                                              Head of Post Sound
- the catalyst of his condition.                                                                     Matthew Gough
                                                                                               Assistant Producer
                                                                                                         Dana Wilson
                                                                                                  Casting Director
DESCRIPTION                                                                                             Annie Cowan
                                                                                                   Make-up Artists
A fractured psychological drama that positions the story of a father in the                        Anastasia Pappas
present, his daughter in the past, and sets them on a collision course to                               Nicholas Tully
                                                                                                       Art Directors
define their future.                                                                                 Simon Aronson
                                                                                                       Rebecca Child
                                                                                            1st Assistant Director
                                                                                                      James Davison
SYNOPSIS (more on page 5)                                                                  2nd Assistant Director
                                                                                                           Guy Dorrell
The experience of depression and alcoholism have left Brian’s daughter                      3rd Assistant Director
                                                                                                         Luke Daniels
(Amanda) relying on him for her son’s welfare. When Brian’s wife dies                                Additional AD
and he gives the child into social care, Amanda’s world falls apart and                                 Annie Cowan
                                                                                                      Focus Pullers
she and her father don’t speak for 15 years. That is until she gathers the                             Kashfi Halford
                                                                                                       Sophie Wilson
strength to visit him.                                                                                     Sam Goldie
                                                                                                       Danny Gagatt
                                                                                                  Clapper Loaders
                                                                                                   Miriam Hermanns
ENDORSEMENTS (in full on page 6)                                                                              Ed Lukas
                                                                                                           Vron Harris
                                                                                                            Chris Kane
‘A compelling and moving work’ Samaritans                                                           Pacu Trautvetter
                                                                                                 Camera Assistant
                                                                                               David Puyol Cutando
                                                                                                  Grip Alex Hudson
‘Breaks the silence on key mental health issue’ Society Guardian                                               Gaffers
                                                                                                         Niall Higgins
                                                                                                       Harald Beeker
                                                                                                     Haydn Boniface
‘A subtle yet forceful story sensitively portrayed’ Film London                                                  Spark
                                                                                                     Alex Stevenson
                                                                                                 Sound Recordists
‘Engages the viewer on a difficult subject’ Wandsworth Film Office                                      Julian Wilson
                                                                                                         Bob McKenzi
                                                                                                            Joel Cahen
                                                                                                      ADR Ian Pirrie
‘A thought provoking film deserving of a wide International                                      Script Consultant
                                                                                                           Ros Davies
audience.’ Screen South                                                                         Script Supervisors
                                                                                                  Rosanna Machado
                                                                                                          Kirsty Jones
                                                                                              Stills Photographer
‘The mark of a real talent in the field of creativity.’                                                  Dana Wilson
Shadowline Salerno Film Festival                                                               Costume Assistant
                                                                                                        Rose Truchet
                                                                                                Make-up Assistant
                                                                                                     Tricia Woolston
                                              ‘...exceptional                          Art Department Assistants
                                                                                                           Paul Zabihi
                                              filmmaking...’ Montclair                      Production Assistants
                                                                                                  Camila Salamanca
                                              International Film Festival                                 Kirsty Jones
                                                                                                          Maria Goyal
                                                                                                        Sandra Adjer
                                              ‘Heartrending and                                              Suki Mhay
                                                                                                  Runner/ Drivers
                                              universal’                                                Paul Brennan
                                                                                                    Edward Baybutt
                                              DC Shorts Blog                                              Julian Higgs
                                                                                                      Sophie Venner
                                                                                                      Scott Jacobson
                                                                                                     Edward Bradley

                                        ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007         [3]
                                                                          Samaritans liked the film so much
                                                                          they have dedicated pages on their
                                                                          website and are hosting the trailer.

Still #02 in
             the ‘FILM’ stills fo


  GOLD AWARD, 41st Houston International Film Festival (USA)                    IN COMPETITION:
  THE GOLDEN KNIGHT, Malta International Film Festival (Malta)
          BEST SHORT FILM, AsterFest 2008 (Macedonia)                                 7th KaraFilm Festival
    HONOURABLE MENTION, The Accolade Film Awards (USA)                     (The Karachi International Film Festival)
              1ST PLACE: BEST INDEPENDENT FILM,                             5th Atlanta Underground Film Festival
                                                                          11th Montclair International Film Festival
                and 1ST PLACE: BEST SCENARIO,                                     Central Florida Film Festival
    39th Canadian International Annual Film Festival (Canada)                5th Naoussa International Short Film
     BEST EDITING, San Francisco Short Film Festival (USA)                             and Video Festival
         SPECIAL MENTION, Short Cuts Film Festival (UK)                       24th European Film Festival of Lille
                                                                          Treasure Coast International Film Festival
         BEST ACTOR, Festival de Cine de Granada (Spain)               San Fernando Valley International Film Festival
   INTEGRAL REALISATION, Barcelona Cinema Festival (Spain)                  Malescorto International Film Festival
      BEST DIRECTING, Bruxelles Cinema Festival (Belgium)                      Cyprus International Film Festival
       BEST SHORT FILM, Chicago Short Film Festival (USA)                      Euroshorts 2008, Warsaw, Poland
                                                                                        Vine Shorts Fest
    SCRIPT, Golden Gate Fiction & Documentary Festival (USA)                  Beaufort International Film Festival
        GOLD KAHUNA Award for Excellence in Filmmaking                      FILMSTOCK International Film Festival
             Honolulu International Film Festival (USA)                St. Petersburg International Youth Film Festival
     GRAND GOLDIE FILM AWARD, Goldie Film Awards (USA)                  4th International Short Film Festival Detmold
                                                                               International Film Festival Egypt
            TBA, FirstGlance Film Fest Hollywood (USA)                              Portobello Film Festival
        BEST ACTRESS, New York Short Film Festival (USA)                    10th WT Os International Film Festival
      BEST DRAMA, The Indie Short Film Competition (USA)                3rd International Urban Film Festival, Tehran
     SHOESTRING TROPHY, 51st Rochester International Film                       Ohio Independent Film Festival
                                                                             Chinh India Community Film Festival
                           Festival (USA)                                          Ffresh Film Festival Wales
                                                                                   Lake County Film Festival
                     NOMINATIONS:                                          15th Bradford International Film Festival

                      Best International Short                                OFFICIAL SELECTION
              Rome Independent Film Festival (Italy)
              Shadowline Salerno Film Festival (Italy)                           Budapest Short Film Festival
             Salento International Film Festival (Italy)                          Akbank Short Film Festival
                 Waterford Film Festival (Ireland)                 Wandsworth & Westminster Film Festival (‘Best Shorts’)
               Reggio Short Film Competition (Italy)               24 Hours of Nuremberg International Short Film Festival
   Best Scriptwriting, Grand Off European Film Awards (Poland)       Final Cut - Brighton Festival (Spotlight South East)
                                                                                  Nights of the Independent
                                                                                       Cannes in a Van
                 FINANCIAL AWARDS:
        RIFE AWARD, UK Film Council/ Screen South (UK)
         LONDON PRODUCTION FUND, Film London (UK)

                                                                                           Still #03 in the ‘FIL
                                                                                                                M’ stills folde

                                                                                  Costume Designer, Nadi Dunn-
                                                                                  Hill, worked for Woody Allen
                                                                                  and Shane Meadows before
                                                                                  joining this production.

                                                     ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007        [4]
                                                             “The film takes us
                                                             through a journey
                                                             Samaritans’ volunteers
                                                             know only too well.”
                                                             Mike Cobb | PR Manager

                                                                                                   ’ stills fo
                                                                             Still #04 in the ‘FILM
SYNOPSIS (short)

The experience of depression and alcoholism have left Brian’s daughter (Amanda) relying
on him for her son’s welfare. When Brian’s wife dies and he gives the child into social care,
Amanda’s world falls apart and she and her father don’t speak for 15 years. That is until she
gathers the strength to visit him.

SYNOPSIS (medium)

In the aftermath of his wife’s death, Brian (55) finds it impossible to cope with supporting his
mentally ill daughter (Amanda), and caring for her child. When Brian gives his grandson over
to social care, Amanda attempts to snatch him back, but comes quickly to realise that she
can’t care for him either. A grief stricken Brian, intolerant to his daughter’s depression, severs
her financial support.

These events bring Amanda to her lowest ebb. Father and daughter don’t speak for 15 years,
after which time Brian himself has succumbed to depression. The relationship between father
and daughter seems hopeless. That is until Amanda, who is now paying for her father’s
treatment, finds the courage to visit him.


‘SICK’ centres on the fractured relationship that exists between an elderly man (Brian)
and his daughter (Amanda). Amanda is a single mother whose depression and decline into
alcoholism have left her relying on her parents for support and child care. When Brian’s wife
dies and he gives the child over to social services Amanda kidnaps her son but comes quickly
to realize that she can’t care for him either. A grief stricken Brian, intolerant to his daughter’s
mental illness, severs her financial support.

These events bring Amanda to her lowest ebb. Father and daughter don’t speak for 15 years,
after which time Brian himself has succumbed to depression. The relationship between father
and daughter seems hopeless. That is until Amanda, who is now paying for her father’s
treatment, finds the courage to visit him.

‘SICK’ begins its interleaved stories at opposite ends of the time line. Brian’s slides
backwards, methodically retracing its steps, and Amanda’s crashes blindly forwards. Through
checker-boarding his days and her night, it sets them on a collision course until they meet at
the epicentre of their devastated relationship. But what appears to be the end for Amanda,
and the beginning of the end for Brian, is the start of a mirroring of experience between them
that will bring them closer. This is a short film with a story and structure that work together
to narrate an intense and involving tale.

                                         ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007    [5]

‘Breaks the silence on key mental health issue’
                                                                          Sara Gaines | Society Guardian | UK

“The British High Commission Malta is delighted to accept the Golden Knight Award on behalf of Mike
Rymer for his film “SICK”. This brings well deserved international recognition to efforts which highlight a
                    The British High Commission congratulates the pro-
serious issue affecting many.
duction team on this fantastic achievement”
                                                           Jennifer Wong | British High Commission | Malta

“The protagonists in this psychologically complex film offer exceptional performances that
draw the viewer into the heart of the story. Carefully crafted to increase dramatic tension, filmmaker
Mike Rymer drives the story to reveal their troubled spirits. It’s a film that will be admired by those who
love solid character development, crisp and effective editing, and excellent cinematography and sound.
It deserves wide distribution.”
                                                 Thomas Baker, Ph.D. | The Accolade Competition | USA

“...exceptional       filmmaking ...”
                                                            11th Montclair International Film Festival | USA

“’SICK’, which we particularly appreciate for its artistic and technical qualities ... is   the mark of a
real talent in the field of creativity.”
                                                                    Shadowline Salerno Film Festival | Italy

“Screen South are delighted to support Mike Rymer in the distribution of his short film ‘SICK’, which is      a
thought provoking film deserving of a wide International audience.”
                                                                      Miranda Robinson | Screen South | UK

“’SICK’ is a powerful depiction of how the lives of people everywhere are affected in the long and
short term by mental health issues. I thought that the way the film chose to portray links between Brian
and Amanda’s illnesses was      particularly insightful.          It is   a compelling and moving
work that will resonate with its audiences.”
                                                                                  Mike Cobb | Samaritans | UK

“A subtle yet forceful            story sensitively portrayed.                   Film London is proud to have
funded this project”
                                                                           Michelle Jenkins | Film London | UK

“Wandsworth Council was delighted to be involved with this successful project and continues to provide
support and assistance to imaginative new film makers. Congratulations to Mike Rymer and his team
              a well produced short film that engages the viewer on a
for making such
difficult subject.”
                                                                  Jack Adam | Wandsworth Film Office | UK

“[A]   powerful and good looking 35mm film.”
                                                                          Final Cut | The Brighton Festival | UK

                                             ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007   [6]
      a stylish, well-crafted film with great performances and a strong
“SICK is
narrative. The judges were unanimously impressed and touched by the story. We are delighted that
it is part of the first ever short film festival in Buckinghamshire.”
                                                                  Darren Cliff | Short Cuts Film Festival | UK

“Sick is a nonlinear but   very powerful discussion of the multi-generational affects of depression.
Difficult to discern at first, by the end the short completely resolves itself. Heartrending and
universal, the strong acting and visuals make for a world where the audience is made
to understand all that comes from depression and all that it means. Not so much about the story as
about the message, it gives the audience a detailed glimpse at this particular ‘sickness.’”
                                                                       Washington DC Shorts Blog | US

“We felt that this compelling movie demanded a professional subtitling contribution to allow it to be
fully appreciated by a wider audience. We are pleased that we have been able to assist in the promotion
of this work, which deals so sensitively with an important but often ignored subject.”
                                                            John Birch | Screen Subtitling Systems | UK

“Nice camera work with great close ups that were        visually beautiful, great acting with
sound that fit the script. The story held the interest of the group and was considered gut gripping
drama. In addition, the actors reflected the pain of the character. The story was very believable and
portrayed true family dynamics.”
                                                            51st Rochester International Film Festival | US


‘SICK’ is an atmospheric and enigmatic visualisation of people at extremes of emotional
endurance. From the tradition of trauma narrative seen in the likes of Memento (2000), 21
Grams (2004), and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), the film examines shards
of the fractured lives of a father and daughter, each fighting in their own way to make sense
of the abject isolation of grief.

In visiting characters at breaking point, the film examines the roots of emotional identity. For
an era in which depression is at unparalleled levels, it is an engaging, provocative and timely
adventure into a vastly underrepresented facet of modern life.

       Editor Rosa Bond cut The Orange
       British Academy Film Awards
       (BAFTA’s) for TV in 2008.

                                             ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007   [7]
                                        DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT (suicide and social relevance)

                                         Why make a film about depression?

                                          Worldwide, near to a million people take their own lives
‘one person                               each year, one every 40 seconds. For every one that
                                           succeeds, 20 attempt it. Mental disorders, particularly
takes their own                             depression with anxiety (the most common of all) and
                                            substance abuse, are associated with more than 90% of
life every 40                                all cases (World Health Organization).
                                             I didn’t sit down to write a film about depression, but
                                             I was drawn to explore the boundaries of what it is to
‘In the UK                                    cope with living. When does it get too much? What is
                                              it in so many people that can so profoundly contradict
mental illness is                              their instinct to survive? Under what circumstances
                                               does our very life become worthless to us?
experienced by
1 in 4 people’                                 Depression is known to everyone, experienced
                                               by many, but talked about by few. Often wrongly
                                               perceived as an individual’s fault, a lack of mental
                                               fortitude, and an emotional weakness manifest as
                                                collapse under the strain of modern living, it seems
                                                that to admit to it is to admit to a loss of control of
                                                one’s self. In the UK, mental illness is experienced
                                                 by 1 in 4 people, and touches the lives of many
                                                 more (Mind, 2004).

                                                 In the United States more people kill themselves
                                                 than are killed by others. 80 people a day commit
                                                 suicide, around 30,000 a year. This is equivalent
                                                 in loss of life to a major airline crash every week,
                                                 but it doesn’t make the news, its not sudden, it
                                                 is an insidiously regular occurrence in the human

                                                 The more I looked into it, the more compelling
                                                 were the facts. Psychological drama explores
                                                 states of mind, and there are few more universally
                                                relevant and dramatic than this. And to compound
                                                its intrigue it is marred by misconception and
                                                shrouded in mystery.

                                                 There is no consensus in the medical profession
                                                as to any one cause of depression. Some point
                                                to chemical deficiencies in the brain, others to
                                               hormonal imbalance such as after pregnancy. It
                                               can appear to run in families and is often brought
QUICKFACT:                                    on by an emotional reaction to life events such as
Director of Photography,                      bereavement, redundancy or injury. It seems that any
Sam Garwood, was a focus                     adverse shift in the way we see our selves can put us
puller on Robert DeNiro’s                    at risk. There is no immunity.
‘The Good Shepherd’.
                                            It is incredible that something so prevalent should still
                                            be so unmentionable, and that so many should suffer
                                           in silence for fear of what it means. Common to all
                                          countries and cultures, and more deadly than homicide.
Still #14 in the ‘FILM’ stills folder     Why not make a film about depression?
                                             ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007   [8]
    Executive editor, Tim
    Thompsett, is an RTS
    Award Nominee for
    Derren Brown’s ‘The
    Heist’ (Ch4).

Still #
       53 in the
                 ‘DIRECTOR’ stills


      Mental health is the theme for ‘SICK’ the dark debut film short from Mike Rymer. Just 24
      when he wrote the script, Mike spent a year researching and writing the 15 minute movie
      which charts the relationship between a father and daughter.

      Now 28, he said the idea of mental illness intrigued him as the subject for this first film,

      “I started to write a film about ordinary people in emotional extremes and it evolved towards
      exploring the boundaries of what it is to cope with living today. The captivating thing is that
      none of us are far from those extremes given the right circumstances.”

       "After all one in four of us will have a mental health problem in our lives and in this country
      it's still very stigmatised. Events in the film aren’t extraordinary at all, they are what can
      happen when people’s lives take a turn for the worse, but depression is still a taboo. It's
      symptomatic of our British reserve. The stiff upper lip and unwillingness to talk about the
      things that make us vulnerable.”

      ‘SICK’ tells the story through different time lines of a father and his depressed daughter. The
      dad has little time for her problems and doesn't show much sympathy for her illness until
      things take a more dark turn for him too.

      Mike added, "Depression is such a various condition. The film paints a landscape of
      circumstance and allows the audience to draw from it what resonates with them."

      The film took 5 days to shoot and a further year in post-production, with cast, crew and many
      industry companies gave their time voluntarily.

      ‘SICK’ is to be entered in various film festivals and the hope is it may get some broadcast
      exposure. Mike would like to win awards but does he think it will make any difference?
      "Well its a drop in the ocean, but I hope at the least it might provoke people who
      wouldn't usually talk about depression to join the debate."                            l de
                                                                                                          lls   fo
                                                                                                    ’ sti
                                                                                            C   RE W
                                                                                       the ‘
                                                                                 43 in
                                                                         Still #

                                              ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007          [9]

    Wandsworth Film Award
    On the strength of its script the film was awarded                        ‘9 breakdowns
    development money from Wandsworth Film Office,
    through Film London's London Production Fund, as well
                                                                              in 5 days’ -
    assistance to pay for a professional script doctor who                    (vehicles not
    supported some redrafting.
»   Breakdowns
»   Day one of the shoot looked like a non-starter when both
    equipment trucks failed to start and were 3 hours late to
    set. 4 breakdown services were called out in the first 4 days
    of the 5 day shoot. In all, 9 vehicles broke down, 2 sets of
    keys were lost, and the camera truck's shelves collapsed.
»   The Producer’s car broke down when her battery was
    poached on one night to power a light, and couldn’t be

»   Special Effects?
»   Rain was written for some exteriors but discounted because
    of the shoestring budget. Then an electric storm provided a
    natural wet down of streets and real fork lightning that can be
    glimpsed in the car park scene.

»   Quite a performance
»   While getting into the character of depressed single mother
    on the way to the set, actress Joanna Alexander (Amanda)
    raised concern from fellow passengers on the London
    Underground who enquired after her welfare.

»   Top Shelf Material                                                ‘The public
»   The Supermarket scene was shot at 8am in the
    washing powder aisle of an ASDA (Walmart) in                      interrupted
    London’s East End. Neither the supermarket or the
    aisle were closed to the public, who interrupted                  crew to ask
    crew to ask them to reach the top shelves.
                                                                      them to
    The Great Outdoors
    Exterior camera angles were seriously restricted for
                                                                      reach the top
    all period scenes because the production had no
    money for dressing such large areas.
»   All night exteriors were shot with available light
    (street light) only.

»   Film School Beginnings
»   The film began life as a graduation project
    for first time Writer/Director Mike Rymer, but                     ‘The film
    he delayed production when its ambitions
    outgrew the scale of the course at The Skillset                    began life as
    Screen Academy Wales. Instead, choosing
    cinematography to earn him an MA distinction
                                                                       a graduation
    in film, Mike then brought the project back to
    London and finished principal photography a
    week before his graduation ceremony back in
    South Wales.

        Find storyboards in the ‘ARTWORK’ folder of the EPK >>

                                          ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007   [10]

Alan Breck
A veteran of repertory theatre and TV appearances for BBC and ITV
 (including Z-Cars) whilst in his native Scotland, Alan has returned to acting
 after an interval of 30 years.

  Joanna Alexander
  Joanna Alexander has played a variety of roles in theatre, film, and radio,
  notably the comedy spoof series The Oscars: Seventy Odd Years with Bob
  Monkhouse for BBC Radio 2. She is currently writing a novel.

   Michael Selwood
   Michael was 8 years old at the time of filming ‘SICK’ and had received
   drama training since the age of 6. He has acted in a number of London Film
   School shorts as well as performing in Hecuba at the Donmar Warehouse
   in London’s West End. Recently he was excited to have played the part of a
   Monkey in a music video for London hip-hop artist Lady Sovereign.

   Peter Wear
   Dr. Wormley
   Peter Wear has 35 years experience as a comic actor, performer and
   improviser as well as credits in theatre, radio, film and TV. Theatre
   includes Antonio to Max von Sydow’s Prospero at the Old Vic. TV includes
   The Young Ones, Lenny Henry, French and Saunders and he was a bank
   robber in Superman 3!

   Natasha Bain
   Dr. Cassey
   In London theatre, Natasha has been directed by Sir Trevor Nunn at the
   National Theatre and appeared in The Lion King at The Lyceum and The
   Lion & The Jewel at The Barbican. She has performed in Doctors and The
   Bill on UK television (BBC and ITV respectively) and, in film, the British
   Academy Award winning foreign language short in 1995.

   David Roylance
   Dr. G. Porter
   David trained as an actor at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and
   has performed a host of roles in Theatre and TV (notably BBC’s The Last
   Englishman), alongside an 8 year career in Directing.

  Andrea Deeley
  Bereavement Counsellor
 Andrea's recent roles in the theatre include Regan in King Lear and The
 Woman in The Human Voice (King's Head). Film work includes Annabel in
 Break for the London Film School and varied character roles in numerous
 short films and music videos.

Child actor Michael Selwood appeared as a Monkey in a music video for
London hip-hop artist Lady Sovereign.

<< Still #39 in the ‘CAST’ stills folder

                           ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007   [11]

Producer Christine Hartland and first time Director Mike Rymer assembled an illustrious and
award winning crew, who between them had experience on many of the UK’s biggest films, to
work with the relatively unknown cast.

                                                                                       ’ stills folder ^
                                                                 Still #45 in the ‘CREW
‘SICK’ is the first film from new Writer/Director Mike Rymer, and sees him build on grass roots
industry experience. A postgraduate of the Skillset Screen Academy Wales, Mike recently
performed the role of Assistant Director to Peter Greenaway on Nightwatching, but he hopes
‘SICK’ will bring him more directing opportunities.

Christine Hartland
‘SICK’ is the fourth in a line of shorts recently produced by freelancer Christine Hartland, and
the first to be shot on 35mm. She has seen her previous films play to a host of international
festival audiences (including New York, San Francisco and Barcelona) and win several awards
(including Best film in Miami and Best Direction at Strasbourg) as well as support from
The British Council, and distribution by Short Film Label Dazzle. Christine comes to drama
production from 10 years experience as a producer of events, film and video for clients such
as BT, Nokia, Barclays, GSK, Nestle and many more. The founder of Patchwork Productions
she now has a slate of four feature scripts in development and one in production.

Sam Garwood
Director of Photography
An accomplished focus puller on globally renowned features the likes of Buffalo Soldiers,
Birthday Girl, Shine, Wilde, and most recently on Robert De Niro’s The Good Shepherd, Sam’s
skills in the camera department are well founded. Among his work as Director of Photography
he has shot a 35mm commercial for Capcom, and has completed several features as camera
operator and 2nd Unit Director of Photography, most recently on the star studded Separate
Lies and Boogie Woogie.

Nadia Dunn-Hill
Costume Designer
Fashion Journalist turned Costume Designer, and British TV Advertising Craft Award winner,
Nadia Dunn-Hill counts Mastercard, Kenko, British Gas and The Times among her commercials
clients. As an Assistant Designer and Buyer for feature film, Nadia has recent credits on some
of the UK’s most high profile productions, from Wimbledon (starring Kirsten Dunst) to Woody
Allen’s Match Point and Shane Meddow’s This is England. On The Mutant Chronicles (soon to
be released), Nadia was Costume designer to the second unit.

                                      ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007    [12]
Emma Saunders
Production Designer
Emma has experience as Art Director and Production Designer on a number of independent
features and promos, as well as a BA in Fine Art and an MA from Goldsmiths College, London,
in Contemporary Cultural Processes. In 2006 she was art department runner on Miss Potter
which starred Renee Zellweger.

Anastasia Pappas
Make-up Designer
Anastasia has worked for 10 years as a hair and make-up artist in both the UK and her native
Australia with credits for all UK terrestrial broadcasters including: Sugar Rush, The Bill, Judge
John Deed, Bad Girls, and Dream Team; commercials for Disney, Spec Savers, and Twinnings
Tea; and promos for MTV, Craig David, Rachel Stevens and Ministry of Sound.

Nicholas Tully
Hair and Make-up Artist
Professional hairdresser and graduate of the Brushstroke School, Shepperton, Nick worked on
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Star Wars and Brick Lane in film; Phantom of the Opera and
Guys and Dolls in theatre and a host of commercials and TV dramas.

Matthew Gough
Head of Post-Production Sound
Matthew has a well-established track record as an effects mixer on large-scale Hollywood
films such as The Brothers Grimm, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Cold
Mountain (for which he received a BAFTA nomination along side Walter Murch and Mike
Prestwood-Smith). His reputation as lead mixer is growing fast, having performed the role
most recently on Anthony Minghella's Breaking and Entering.

Jamie Roden
Re-recording Mixer
Jamie works in-house at leading audio institution Goldcrest Post where his work has
contributed to BAFTA and Academy award nominated productions. Recent work includes
effects re-recording mixer on Breaking and Entering and Hannibal Rising, and ADR recording
on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,
Children of Men, The Chronicles of Narnia, Batman Begins, Becoming Jane, Casino Royal and
Miss Potter.

Tim Thompsett
Executive Editor
Tim is a partner in Soho editing facility The Joint Post, a Royal Television Society Award
nominee for Derren Brown’s The Heist, and a veteran of music productions for clients the
likes of Oasis, George Michael and Paul Weller. At the time of writing, Tim was editing Derren
Brown’s Trick or Treat for Channel Four (UK), and The Heist was nominated for a BAFTA.

                Stills Photographer and Assistant Producer, Dana
                Wilson, has recently had photo documentaries from
                Romania, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia published.

Still #28 in the ‘CREW’ stills folder   ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007   [13]
Innes Johnston
With seven years in the arena of film, TV and spoken word soundtracks, Innes has composed
for E-learning software, Channel Four, short film and theatre. As an acoustician and engineer,
he has advised architects on the design of schools, dwellings and auditoria (including services
noise control for the Royal Festival Hall and Barbican Centre, and room acoustics for the new
Prescot Theatre) and has tutored students at Nottingham University.

Joel Cahen
Sound Designer
Joel works on feature and short films, dance production, theatre and art works. His clients
include Opera North, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Channel 4, BBC and work performed at Tate
Britain, RADA, LOH and The Place amongst others.

Rosa Bond
Rosa works in-house at The Joint Post, Soho, and has recently completed edits for TV chef
Jamie Oliver, and music icons Hard Fi, Arctic Monkeys, and Madonna live at Koko. ‘SICK’ is
her first foray into short form drama.

                                                                         Still #16 in the ‘CREW’ stills folde

Dana Wilson
Assistant Producer/ Stills Photographer
Dana recently produced documentaries for the International Transport Federation and
Transport for London, and is currently in production on the Trial of a Child Denied, which
charts the cases of several human rights violations against pregnant women in the Czech
Republic. A photojournalist for nearly 10 years, her recent photo documentaries from
Romania, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia were published in Marketplace, Transitions Online,
The Christian Science Monitor and The Washington Post. She was the photo editor and
photojournalist with The Prague Post from 2003 to 2005.

                                     ‘SICK’ Press Pack | | EgoProject Films 2007   [14]

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