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					                                                     Blazer Daily News
                                                                  April 11, 2008

          Homemade pocket pizza, brat or two hot dogs / bun, chicken patty / bun, grilled chix or veggie salad,
                         Turkey & cheese sub, corn, potato salad, harvest cheddar chips

  IMPORTANT DATES TO                                        Homework Lab                              Athletics…
      REMEMBER…                                      in the library 3 – 4:30                             The weight room will be open
                                               (Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays)                            before school @ 7 a.m. and
                                                          Library is open early
                                                                                                           after school until 4:15 on
                                                        every day @ 7:30 a.m.
April 15                                                                                                         Tues. & Thurs.
TBA School of Cosmetology @
9:50                                       Reminders…                                                 The track meet has been
                                                                                                      cancelled for today.
April 16                                   Seniors,
Senior Parent meeting in the library       Tickets to the All-Night party are available until
                                           Friday, May 2 @ $30.                                        4/11/2008 Fri Softball & Baseball JV 4:30 PM
@ 6 p.m.                                                                                              Away Grayling
                                                                                                      4/11/2008 Fri Softball & Baseball Varsity 4:30
                                           Prom ticket sales start today during lunch.                PM Home Grayling High School
April 22
                                           Cost: $20 per person if purchased April 7 – 18; $25
Marines @ lunch                            per person if purchased April 21 – May 9. ($40 for a
                                           couple).                                                   Spring sports photos are in.
April 23                                                                ***
Lake Superior State @ 1
  field                                    Any student interested in NovaNet after school, please     New today…
                                           see your counselor this week.
April 25                                                               ***                            The following Seniors have not turned in a
                                                                                                      schedule for next year. If it is not turned in by
Trout Friday / ½ day students              The following Juniors have not turned in a schedule.
                                                                                                      Monday, April 14, Mr. Guggemos and Mrs.
                                           If it is not here by Friday, Mr. Guggemos and Mrs.         Holzbauer will have an awesome time filling in
Senior Reminders…                          Holzbauer will have a lot of fun putting you in classes.   your schedules. If you don’t want them to do that,
                                           If you don't want their choices, you had better get that   then how about you turn in your
                                           schedule in to them NOW! Travis Adams, Mariha              schedule…NOW!!! Andrew Adams, Matt
Senior bills have been posted in the       Andrews, Heidi Bell, Tyler Bissett, Nate Bowersox,         Augenstein, Brittney Burke, Donna Bush, Cindy
office window. Please don’t wait to        Breanna Burke, Taylor Eldridge, Eden Elkins, Cody          Chaddock, Kara Clay, Justin Cummings, Randy
                                           Fuson, Jena Gorman, Blake Gruse, Chris Hine, Brad          D’Hondt, Brian Duke, Megan Dunn, Lynn
get them paid.                                                                                        Eckstein, Ashley Flanagin, Jon Flanagan, Drew
                 ***                       Jenkins, Ashley Mallory, Melissa McRannolds, Sean
                                                                                                      Floreno, Ty Foster, Angie Fowler, Tim George,
                                           Michalski, Kira Miller, Anthony Muma, Kaitlyn
Seniors,                                                                                              Luke Gillespie, Taylor Gillisse, Amanda
                                           Musselman, Grayson Myas, Alex Neill, Jordanne Neill,       Goldsborough, Dusty Hand, Erik Hayes, Andrew
The Athletic Boosters is offering          Robert Riegler, Emily Roberts, Lindsey Seabolt, Sage       Higgins, Brandon John, John Kasza, Daryl
their annual $500 scholarship. You         Shelton, Brittney Short, Jacob Soenen, Jennifer Spann,     Labarge, Laura Luengas, Rachelle Lupo, Wes
must have participated in a sport for      Ashley Sprague, Katherine Stosio, Angel Swinehart,         McFadden, Arica Miller, Craig Miller, Trevor
at least one season to be eligible.        Zach Wakefield, Holly White, and Sydney Wojey.             Monroe, Bill Nelson, Tyler Nyson, Erin Park,
Stop by the office for an                  Hurry or you will be in the counselors' dog house!         Ryan Patterson, Tyerl perrin, Krystal Pratt, Jared
                                                                        ***                           Raymond, Buddy Ross, Mike Sedgewick, Drew
application.                                                                                          Wagenschutz. Hurry or you shall feel the WRATH
                 ***                       Kalkaska County Library is hosting Earth Day, April        of the counselors!!!
The following honor (seniors) have not     22, @ 3:30, with a speaker from the Conservation                                    ***
picked up their white cord & tassel:       District. Everyone who attends will receive a free         The following Sophomores need to turn their
Batterbee, Ellis, Kimball, Kole, Lawson,   plant. For more info call: 258-9411.                       schedules into the counselors NOW: Tabitha Ball,
Moran, & Villalpando M.                                                 ***                           Briana Bell, Katelyn Bell, Zachary Bontrager,
                                           TBA report cards are in the office.                        Dani Brian, Shennah Browning, Josh Buell, Hallie
                                                                                                      Chwastek, Paige Clay, Jake Crawford, Brent
                                                                                                      DeRosia, Maley DeVriendt, Nolan Guy, Sam Hall,
                                                                                                      Karli Hauser, John Hittle, Ken Johns, Emily Jones,
                                                                                                      Justin Kenwabikise, Kelly Krupski, Devon Lang,
                                                                                                      Olivia Marvin, Amilia McKinney, Austin,
                                           .                                                          Michaeu, Kodee O'Neill, Richard Parlett, Tyler
                                                                                                      Patterson, Casey Perham, Michael Perry, Laura
                                                                                                      Pickford, Steve Pope, Josh Reed, Alyssa
                                                                                                      Evan Shafer, Marinea Stardevant, Peyton Swonder,
                                                                                                      Ezekiel Vanas, and Samuel Warner. You have
                                                                                                      until Monday or your schedules will be made for
                                                                                                      you and Mr. Guggemos and Mrs. Holzbauer
                                                                                                      guarantee that you won't be too happy!
                                                            Blazer Daily News
                                                                        April 11, 2008

Teachers,                                                               Softball program is selling golf cards (2 for 1 green fees and such).
                                                                        (Cost: $20, $10 going to softball.) Buy one for yourself and your
Graduation is just around the corner. I need to                         spouse. See Jeremy or Rik to see the card.
know if you plan on walking for graduation.                                                       ******************
Thanks,                                                                 Staff!!!!
Georgie                                                                 The Journalism is once again sponsoring McTeacher’s night,
                                                                        Thursday, April 24 (the day before Trout Friday).
         17         CDC – 3:30                                          Please let Kelly know if you would be willing to participate. It’s a lot
         23       TBA Principal’s Meeting, Staff Meeting – 2            of fun!
              hour                                                      Thanks!
         25       Trout Friday – ½ day students, full day staff (time
         30         NHS Senior Night                                    Subs:
May       1         Special ed staffing with the MS – Jan Gaubatz       Woolcott / Ron Greaves
         6-8        Physics Trip                                        VanAlstine / 1-Swoverland, 2-Wilson, 3-McCave, 4-??, 6-Stockford, 7-
         10         Prom
         14         Staff Meeting – 1 hour, Spring Concert
         16       Seniors last full day                                 Warnock / 5th & 6th hr. Swoverland
         19       Senior Exams – 1,2,3,4                                Mangene / 6th hr. Cotton
         20     Senior Exams – 5,6,7 Senior Awards Night
         21         All senior work must be turned in, CDC              The following students are on a field trip: C. Abramczyk, B.
         meeting – 3:30
         23        Senior breakfast/video, graduation practice          Duke, V. Elmy, D. Everett, A. Fowler, A. Hennry, N. Horner-
         Graduation – 11am @ KMS, Senior All-Night Party
                                                                        Becker, J. Janisse, A. Phelps, C. Smith & M. Rustic.

         Juniors and seniors are encouraged to periodically check the scholarship box in the office. It is located on top
                of the filing cabinet below the ACT packets. Please make copies of any info that you may need.

Seniors - just a reminder that there are more applications in the office for the Kalkaska Memorial Health Center High School
Scholarship. Make sure that you apply for this scholarship if you are going into one of the health professions.
The Kalkaska Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary is sponsoring a $250 scholarship application. The deadline to apply is May
2. See the scholarship basket for details and an application.
The scholarship available for Kalkaska students is the Barney and Renie Barber Trade Scholarship... the award could go to either a
Kalkaska or Mancelona student... the deadline to apply is April 15, 2008. For additional information or to apply, students can visit
 There are a number of regional scholarships that students may also be eligible for. They each have a different deadline (the soonest is
April 1), though most are also due April 15. There is a complete list with deadlines and descriptions at
If you are planning to enroll in a petroleum related career in the fall, seniors, see the scholarship box for a scholarship from the Bay
Area Desk and Derrick Club of Michigan.
Seniors - please pay close attention to the scholarship announcements as many of the local scholarship competitions are beginning and
these are often just open to Kalkaska students. These are great opportunities for you to win scholarships.
The W.R. Angell Natural Science Scholarship and the Peta Williams Memorial Scholarship is offered to students who may be
attending NMC next year and plan to major in a science related field. The applications is due April 11. Mrs. Holzbauer has received a
call from NMC since they have not had many students apply for this scholarship. Get busy, Blazers! This could be a great opportunity
for you! Get an application NOW from the scholarship box.