Buerkle E-mail by Citizennewspaper


									Dear ,

      Last November, thanks to your help, we sent a message that we were going to clean up

        While I'm standing strong against increased spending, Democrats are still addicted to
their tax and spend ways. When I stood strong against ObamaCare, the Democrats voted in
favor of ObamaCare. Now, the Democratic Congressional Committee has singled me out, and
is targeting me for removal.

       Stand with my campaign by fighting back against Washington interests like the DCCC.
They would rather see my seat go to someone who will vote to increase our debt, someone who
will make us more dependent on China. But I won't go down without a fight. We have a critical
fundraising deadline tonight and I want to show the DCCC that we are strong and united in our

                If that's not enough, liberal Dan Maffei has said he wants to run again for this
    seat. The last thing we need in Washington is another desperate tax and spend liberal.

                Please take a moment to contribute $100, $50, or even $20 to fight back and
                           keep conservative values in the House.

                 Our work has just begun, and we will continue fighting to fix America.

                                       Thank you for your help,
                                            Ann Marie Buerkle

         P.S. The fundraising deadline is tonight so please make your secure online contribution

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