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Partners in Literature


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									           Campus and Community
                                     Lindsey McBride
                                      Jessica Twining

1601 Rio Grande, Suite 300A • Austin, Texas 78701 • (512) 637-0900 • austinpartners.org
Meet and Greet
Complete School Info Forms, MOU
APIE Programs Overview
Breakout Sessions
   1) Mentor Contacts
   2) Partner and Volunteer Contacts
           Contact Information
• Online form vs. paper
   – Comments?
• Form data for SalesForce tracking and support materials
   – E.g. APIE to create/email report for Mentor Contacts with addt’l
     lines for student info
       • Mentor Contacts enter student’s info and provide to Mentors
       • Helpful for other Contacts?
• In future, data will be in SalesForce and attached to
  Principal letters for review/update
                    About Us
• 1983: Started as Adopt-a-School
• 1987: Mentor Program started with IBM grant,
  ~80 mentors
• 2004: Secured non-profit status through
  partnership between AISD and Chamber
• 2009-2010:
  – Over 850 mentors
  – Over 19,000 volunteers
  – Over 2.5 million cash value donations
             APIE Goals
• Every student believes in their ability
     to succeed
• Every student succeeds academically
• Engage community resources to serve
     every student
         Campus & Community
          Engagement Goals
• Develop collaborative relationships with
  Contacts to ensure quality engagement with
  volunteers, business and the community
• Support the development of best
     practice programs
• Implement systems to create efficiencies
  among programs and for measurement
        Program Guidelines
• Validated by a campus administrator
• Hosted by the campus on campus
  (exception: partnerships)
• Secular in content
• Free for students
• Consistent and approved scope of activities
        Policy and Procedure Updates
• Specific opportunities posted after Contact attends training, completes
  MOU and necessary paperwork
• Live link to update approved volunteer participation
   – 6 possible choices
        •   Requested
        •   Ready to Place
        •   Placed
        •   Dropped
        •   Switched
        •   Completed
• Postings to be removed after 3 attempts at securing participation updates
• Simplifying forms for volunteer programs (1 MOU)

• Community members register for volunteer
  opportunities on
  – Can sign up for multiple opportunities at 1 campus or
    various campuses
Volunteer Page
Opportunity Page
Returning Volunteer Confirmation
New Volunteer Registration
              Background Checks
• All volunteers need a background check
    – 3 exceptions
        • Grand/Parents volunteering in grand/child’s class with teacher
        • Volunteers only participating in one-time events
        • Visitors (non-volunteers) that AISD employee will constantly supervise
    – Good for up to 3 years
    – Authorized by registering online
• 2 Tiers
    – Mentor
    – Volunteer/Tutor (includes Classroom Coaching, after-school, etc.)
• Approvals to supervising Contact within 2 busn days
• Hits and disapprovals to supervising Contact (or Principal if not
  employee); checks can take up to 2 wks
          Volunteer Sign-In
• Verifying a volunteer’s ID
• APIE program binder to help alleviate strain
  on front office. Tabs for:
  – Mentor
  – Volunteer/Tutor
  – Classroom Coaching (to be provided later)
• Recommend separate log-in for Visitors
• Raptor System
• 2 times a year (12/17/10, 6/2/11)
• 3 school reports
  – Mentor
  – Partner
  – Volunteer
• Reports from Raptor
  – https://apps.raptorware.com/VSOFT/Login.aspx
    Mentor Program Overview
• K-12 students at any of the 95 schools city-wide
   – Mentors can transfer with students
   – Mentors can return with their students the following school year
• Commitment:
   – 1 day/week, 45 minutes
   – Same day and time
   – Entire school year (25 weeks total)
• Mentors will need to:
   – Pass a Safe Schools background check
   – Attend a one-hour mentor training provided upon registration
      Mentor Program Goals
• Build Best Practice school programs
• Provide high quality mentors to students
• Minimize turnover time
         Mentoring Objectives
• Focus on the students interests and goals
• Make a positive impact leading to
  –   Fewer absences from school
  –   Better attitudes toward school
  –   Decrease likelihood of drug and alcohol abuse
  –   Increase chances of attending college
• Mentoring interactions can translate into
  academic success
      Roles & Responsibilities
• APIE will support the Mentor Contact by:
   – Providing criminal history background checks
   – Training mentors on policies and procedures
   – Connecting mentors to schools with Best Practice
     mentor programs
   – Continuously supporting Mentor Contacts
   – Providing opportunities for additional training and
     development for Mentor Contacts
   – Submitting mentor hours in the Community Involvement
     Report to Austin ISD
       Roles & Responsibilities
• Mentor Contacts will:
   – Collect Student Referrals from staff and parents
   – Collect Parent Consent forms for all students each year before
     assigning a mentor
   – Ensure all mentors have been approved through a criminal
     history background check within the last 3 years
   – Provide training for mentors who do not attend APIE training
   – Communicate with mentors within one week of training
   – Assign mentors to a student within two weeks of training
   – Contact mentors in advance when students are unable to meet
   – Notify APIE if mentors are no longer needed at the school
 Policy and Procedure Changes
• Schools own relationship with Mentors
• Mentor registration
   – Tier background check
• Parent Consent Forms every year
• Mentor Contact to communicate to APIE if Mentor not
  matched within 1 month
• Enrichment workshops to be provided to Mentor Contacts
  instead of Mentors
• Volunteer participation updates via web link
   – 3 notices to update before postings removed
   – Once all participation updated, postings will go back up
•   New mentors
     – Mentors register on APIE site
     – Background check completed
     – Mentors attend training
          • Submit completed profile and pledge
          • Provide media consent form
     – APIE sends profile and pledge to school
          • Will send to those schools that have provided parent consent forms and student pledge
•   Returning mentors
     – APIE receives intent via survey
     – Mentors register on APIE site
          • Background check confirmed
     – All mentors submit pledge
     – Mentors wanting new student will need to complete profile
     – APIE sends returning mentor profile and pledge to school
          • Will send to those schools that have provided parent consent forms and student pledge
                       Best Practices
•   30 min intake meeting with participating students to review profile
•   Pair mentors/students within 2 weeks of training
•   Provide status updates weekly to those trained but not matched
•   Inform mentors of school policies and procedures
     – Dress code requirements
     – Bringing food and gifts
     – Rescheduling visits
• Support your mentors
     –   Ongoing Communication
     –   Coffee with the Mentor Contact
     –   Enrichment Workshops
     –   Mid-year trainings
     –   Recognition
            Scenario Activity
•   Break into groups of 2-3
•   Review sample concerns and questions
•   Discuss ways to coach mentors
•   Present to group at-large
                 The Handbook
•   Timeline
•   Background Checks
•   Verifying Volunteer ID
•   Training
•   Student Referral Process
•   Parent Consent
•   Mentor Matches
•   Warning Signs
•   Mentor Retention
•   Reporting
Supporting Forms
Supporting Forms
• Supporting documents available on
  – Training presentations
     • Contact training
     • Mentor training
  – Forms
  – Enrichment workshop materials for sharing with
    mentors (as available)
   Partner Program Overview
• Adopt-a-School, Adopt-a-Class
  – In-kind donations
  – Monetary donations
  – Volunteer time
 Volunteer Program Overview
• Connecting community to schools through
  identifying and meeting specific school
  needs (e.g. Library aide, Cafeteria monitor,
  after-school programs)
• Non-profit organization support (e.g. Gen
  Austin, Seedling)
Volunteer Opportunities
                 Partner Program
              Roles & Responsibilities
   – point of contact for one-time donors, Partners and volunteers by
     giving immediate visibility to well-supported programs through
   – facilitates partnerships with businesses and individual donors by
         • Posting school donation needs on APIE website
         • Referring potential Partners to schools that would most benefit from
           particular donations
         • Providing opportunities for schools to recognize Partners through
           campus recognition events and district-wide awards
         • Collecting donation records for each school
         • Submitting a Community Involvement Report to AISD at the end of
           each year
School Needs Assessments
Partner Recognition
               Partner Program
            Roles & Responsibilities
• Principal/Assistant Principal
   – Direct the assessment of school needs based on the Campus
     Improvement Plan
   – Seek opportunities to recruit and meet with new Partners
   – Strengthen relationships with current Partners
   – Approve the guidelines of each Partnership Plan
   – Visibly promote and support Partners on campus
   – Stay informed about the progress of Partnerships
   – Welcome Partners to school meetings and events
   – Thank Partners both publicly and personally
                 Partner Program
              Roles & Responsibilities
• Partner Contact
   –   Act as point of contact for potential and current Partners
   –   Develop an assessment of school needs based on Campus Improvement Plan
   –   Follow up with communication between Principal and Partners
   –   Set up meetings with potential Partners
   –   Keep Principal informed of Partner activities and contributions
   –   Inform APIE of changes in Partner Contact selection for school
   –   Maintain regular communication with all Partners
   –   Invite Partners to school functions and recognition events
   –   Maintain records of in-kind and cash contributions to the school
   –   Submit Donation Report to APIE at the end of each semester
   –   Nominate exceptional Partners for annual Salute awards
Partner Process
              Volunteer Program
            Roles & Responsibilities
   – Provide criminal history background checks for volunteers, in
     accordance with federal regulation and AISD policy
   – Post specific volunteer opportunities for your school
   – Refer new volunteers to Best Practice programs
   – Provide general training materials for use with new volunteers
   – Submit volunteer hours in the Community Involvement Report to
     AISD at the end of each year
                  Volunteer Program
                Roles & Responsibilities
• Volunteer Contact
   – For school-coordinated programs:
       • Solicit volunteer opportunities from campus staff and/or provide
         Volunteer Opportunity Application Forms to staff
       • Ensure that all incoming volunteers:
            – Are approved for their specific volunteer opportunity
            – Have their ID verified
            – Receive basic training on school procedures & district policies
            – Are utilized for the registered opportunity or reassigned (following re-
       • Update APIE on volunteer utilization every two weeks
       • Set up sign in procedures
       • Track & report volunteer hours once per semester
   – For external (nonprofit) coordinated programs:
       • Be aware of volunteers on campus
Volunteer Process
 Policy and Procedure Changes
• Volunteer participation updates online
• School needs assessment can include volunteer time –
  communicate this to organization contact
• Background check tiers to decrease time to placement
• Simplifying forms (MOU, Volunteer Opportunity Application)
• Requesting specific volunteer opportunities
• Adding Adopt-a-Class
• Recognizing partners distinctly
                        Best Practices
• Upon receipt of Partnership Plan or Volunteer Opportunity Application,
  have 30 min intake meeting with contact to discuss
• Inform Partners/Volunteers of school policies and procedures
    – Dress code requirements
    – Bringing food and gifts
    – Rescheduling visits
• Support your contacts (APIE will provide consultation as needed)
    – Ongoing Communication – status updates, etc.
    – Coffee with the Partner/Volunteer Contact
    – Recognition
        •   Appreciation events for Partners
        •   School newsletters and other publications
        •   APIE website
        •   Salute awards
• How do you pitch your program?
  – Volunteer Benefits
     • Giving back to the community
     • Enriching student’s life
     • Flexible schedules
  – Corporate Benefits
     •   Team building
     •   Community Networking
     •   Workforce Prospects
     •   Hands-on management practice
     •   Leadership training
         Partner Contact Handbook
•   Definition of Terms
•   Best Practice Partner Programs
•   Planning & Preparation
•   Partner Recruitment
     –   Tips for Cold Calling
     –   Writing Solicitation Letters
     –   Benefits to Partners
•   First Meeting
•   Elements of Strong Partnerships
•   Managing Partnerships
•   Reporting
•   Evaluating the Partnership
•   Partner Recognition
•   Case Studies
    Volunteer Contact Handbook
•   Contact Information
•   Roles & Responsibilities
•   Overview & Guidelines
•   Registration and Background Checks
    – Verifying Volunteer ID
•   Ongoing Communication
•   Volunteer Sign In
•   Reporting
•   Appendix (Background Check Details)
Supporting Partner Forms
Supporting Partner Forms
Supporting Volunteer Forms
• Supporting documents available on
  – Sample letters
  – Contact training presentation
  – Forms
          THANK YOU
          We are here for you.

 If you EVER have questions, comments,
concerns, feedback, victories to share, etc.
             please contact us.

Please don’t forget to turn in your school
             information page.

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