Tips on How to Save Money in College

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                                 Student Life: Tips on How to Save Money in College

        College gives a lot of opportunities for students to develop as personalities and professionals. But

apart from multiple benefits students find in college, they face a lot of difficulties. Since students learn to live

on their own in college, they have to deal with money without parents’ help. It is very important not to indulge

and handle money wisely. Study the following tips and try to avoid mistakes in money handling.

        Doing research on spending

        Everybody sometimes spends money on unnecessary things acting on a whim. For students it is a

very harmful habit that could leave them in huge debt. To know the spending it is advisable to make a list of

things a student buy every month. Alongside this, a student should know his/her expenses on parking, school

supplies, rent and the like. When a student knows what he/she spends money on, it is easier to priorities his

expenses and make important savings.

        Economizing on entertainment

        Do not get it wrong but money should go first on studying and then on entertainment and clothes. It is

very useful to establish a limit on expenses on parties, cinemas, clothes and various knick-knacks. Knowing

how much money one could spend on things like that will help save money for more important things.

Besides, it is always easy to hire a video from video store than to go to the cinema. It saves money a lot and

in fact it is the same fun one gets in the cinema.

        Buying in discount stores

        One more secret that helps students economize is making purchases in discount stores. It is always

better to buy used books since they are the same as the new ones but cost less. Do not forget to follow

discounts and sales in stores not to overspend money.

        Following these guidelines will help any student to stay away from the debts and enjoy college life.

        Written by an intership program participant at

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Description: The article concerns student life in college, in particular money issues giving advice on how to save money and cut expenses on unnecessary things.