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                                              November 10, 2010

The Board of Directors meeting of the Park Bloomingdale Condominium Association was held on Wednesday,
November 10, 2010, at the Park Bloomingdale Condominium Clubhouse. President John Bamber called the
meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Attendance:    Present:         J. Bamber
                                D. Woodlock
                                K. Hoffman
                                G. Ford
                                D. Jackson
                                S. Elmore (EPI)
               Absent:          None
Guests –
              Al Woitovich(?) of Soot Yourself was present to report what he had found in the buildings and to
               answer questions regarding the chimney and vent cleaning. Mr. Woitovich reported that he
               found no issues with the fireplaces inspected. Mr. Woitovich reported that the dryer vents are
               fine from the dryers to the walls, but the lines in the walls are plastic flexible lines which do not
               vent properly and used 108204 material which could not be cleaned out without damaging the
               vent line. The normal procedure for vent cleaning is to have a brush spinning in the line with a
               vacuum cleaner running, but with this type of line you cannot spin the brush inside it because it
               will tear the plastic apart. Mr. Woitovich reported that current code requires 4- inch galvanized
               steel, which would be an enormous undertaking to correct. Mr. Woitovich reported that he had
               done the cleaning in 2007 under the prior management and that he had reported these same
               issues at that time.
              Gwen Ford questioned whether this improper venting material was brought to the attention of the
               previous management as this would be a pre-existing construction defect.
              Mr. Woitovich reported that 164 vents were cleaned and that out of 71 fireplaces, only 17 were
               cleaned and that most of the vents that were not cleaned were rental units and that there was one
               person who refused to allow the cleaning.
              Kristin Hoffman questioned whether problems with condensate issues were found in units other
               than hers. Mr. Woitovich reported there were other condensate problems.
            Unit owner of 102103 reported that he has water stains on the walls and asked if this was
             because of the plastic lines deteriorating. Mr. Woitovich reported that this could be a problem.
            Unit owner questioned whether Soot Yourself had cleaned the vents of the common area dryers
             and Mr. Woitovich reported they had not because he was unaware of the common area dryers but
             would be happy to take care of them in the future if the Board desired.
            Steve Elmore reported that the dryer line issue would be the last addition to the construction
             defect list and that there would have to be an inspection done to determine the extent of this
             problem. Mr. Elmore stated that the Village of Bloomingdale would also be contacted to
             confirm what the Village code was relative to these types of line. Mr. Woitovich reported that he
             has never seen this type of installation before and did not believe that plastic lines in the wall
             were ever in compliance with code.
            Ms. Hoffman asked if there were a lot of clamps found missing and Mr. Woitovich reported at
             least 50 clamps were replaced and also reported that some had to be aluminum taped to the wall
             because there was nothing for the clamp to attach to.
            Unit owner stated that if Soot Yourself had done this cleaning in 2007 eh should have been
             aware of these issues. The Board explained that this was the reason that Soot Yourself had been
             chosen because they were aware of the problems that existed since they had done the work
             before. The unit owner stated that Mr. Woitovich had said this was the first time he had seen this
             problem and Mr. Woitovich clarified that it was the first complex where he had come across this

Approval of Minutes –
            There was a discussion about the minutes and Mr. Elmore reported that the minutes had not
             recorded properly and that they had been reconstructed from his written notes. Mr. Elmore
             stated that the minutes that had been printed were the incorrect month and that approval of the
             minutes should be tabled until the correct minutes could be reviewed at the December meeting.

Committee Reports –
      Social Committee –
            Ms. Hoffman reported that no one has been showing up for the planned events and that the
             committee was disappointed with the non- interest from the Membership.
      Finance Committee & Building & Grounds Committee –
            Donna Woodlock reported that the Committees did not meet.
     Communications Committee –
          The Committee Chairperson reported that newsletter had been posted up to the website.
Management Report –
          Proposed Budget – Steve Elmore stated that nothing had been changed in the budget and that
           the budget had been previously sent to the Membership for review. As there were no questions
           from the Members present Mr. Elmore recommended that the Board formally approve the 2011
     Motion – Motion by J. Bamber to approve budget, as corrected. Seconded by G. Ford. Unanimously
          Emergency Lighting Systems – S. Elmore reported that there was still one proposal that had not
           been received for the revised emergency lighting that involved LED lighting. It was noted that
           the costs to convert the lighting were about $20,000.00.
          Parking Space Rate – S. Elmore stated that there had been some confusion about the charge for
           leasing parking spaces and requested clarification. The Board confirmed that the charge agreed
           upon was $40. There was a discussion about how many spaces were available for rental. There
           was also a short discussion about the towing procedures and when they would be put into effect.
           Mr. Elmore stated that the towing program would start up immediately in accord with the prior
           notices that were posted on all of the buildings bulletin boards.
          Deadbolts – S. Elmore presented a request from an owner for the Association to provide
           deadbolts for all storage lockers. The Board stated the Association would not provide deadbolts
           but that individual owners could buy their own as long as the appearance was consistent with the
           hardware on the lockers.
          Garbage Corral – S. Elmore asked Dorathy Jackson if she would like to discuss the broken
           glass that had injured her dog. Ms. Jackson stated that she thought that a fine should be assessed
           to those people who threw bottles, etc. which created a hazard for not only residents but their
           pets. Ms. Hoffman stated that it would be difficult to enforce such a rule because the person
           would have to be observed actually violating the rule. It was determined that if observed, any
           resident would be fined accordingly. Mr. Elmore stated that a $200-$250 fine should be imposed
           in the case of a witnessed offense.
          Chimney/Drye r Vent Cleaning – Mr. Elmore recommended that three units be taken apart and
           corrected to determine the problems with the venting so that there would be proof of the findings
           for the construction defect list. Mr. Elmore stated that in the event of a settlement with Equity

             Residential a reserve should be set up to draw on as problems with the vents occurred.    There
             was a short discussion that the testing should encompass all venting.
Inspection Report –
            Entry Sign – Mr. Elmore stated he would have the broken letters replaced along with the scrolls.
             Ms. Jackson stated she has some of the pieces of the letters/scrolls.
            Parking Areas – Mr. Elmore stated that the water coming up from the garages on the south side
             of the property where the storm sewer was repaired would be checked to determine where the
             water was originating and leaking out of the underside of the pavement. Mr. Elmore stated that
             the standing water would cause an ice problem in the winter and ruin the asphalt so determining
             the cause was essential. Ms. Hoffman questioned whether there would be No Parking signs
             installed along the grass area. Mr. Elmore stated that the curbs could be painted yellow and if
             that did not work, signs might have to be posted.
            Handicap Ramp – The Board determined that the ramp could not be installed where the unit
             owner requested. Also, if it was done for one person, then it would have to be done for all.
             There was short discussion about what is required to accommodate handicapped individuals. The
             Board did deny the request from a resident to install a ramp at this time at the Association’s
            Management Changes – Mr. Elmore reported that Kathy VandenBerg at extension 11 would
             now be handling all Service issues for the Association.
            Annual Meeting – Mr. Elmore stated that the 2nd annual meeting notice would be mailed to all
             unit owners on November 15, 2010 regarding the December 2010 annual meeting.
            Dryer Vent Cleaning – The Board stated that unit owners that refused to have their vents
             cleaned must have their FOBs deactivated.
            Emergency Phone – Ms. Hoffman stated that a work order had been issued to move the
             emergency phone inside but that it had not yet been done.
            Spigot Covers – Ms. Woodlock asked when the spigots would be covered and Mr. Elmore stated
             it would be done in the next couple weeks. Ms. Hoffman asked if the hoses owned by unit
             owners had been returned and Ms. Jackson stated she had not received hers.
            Towing – Mr. Bamber stated that the towing plan would begin. Mr. Elmore stated that only
             Board members or EPI would be able to have a vehicle towed. Mr. Bamber asked that the
             towing notice be posted again. Mr. Elmore stated that the notice would be posted along with the
             newsletter. Mr. Elmore stated that the tow truck operator would be required to take pictures as
Financials --
               Ms. Hoffman stated that the Clubhouse had been rented on the 23 rd and Mr. Elmore stated that
                after the inspection of the Clubhouse, it would be determined if the security deposit would be
               Mr. Bamber questioned what the $9,000 refund was for and Mr. Elmore stated it was the ComEd
                refund issued to the Association for prior deposits.
               Mr. Bamber also questioned that the monthly telephone bill was over $3,000. There was a short
                discussion about the charges and Mr. Elmore stated he would check the amount.
               Ms. Hoffman questioned a pool repair charge of $36.55 in October Mr. Elmore stated that ADR
                had reconnected the hose vent.
               Ms. Hoffman questioned the budgeted year-to-date amount for Board Committee and Mr.
                Elmore explained that the yearly budgeted amount for that line-item was divided by 12 months
                in the fiscal year.
               Ms. Hoffman questioned why SMS was paid in October and Mr. Elmore stated that since ADR is
                doing the work at the Association it was an old bill but Ms. Woodlock stated that SMS had
                delivered some supplies to the maintenance room. Mr. Elmore stated that EPI also did an
                inventory of materials prior to the janitorial contract change.
               Ms. Jackson questioned a $492 check to EPI and $2,500 to ADR. Mr. Elmore stated he would
                leave his general ledger behind for reference as every item is broken down for every check
                issued in the ledger.
Unfinished Business –
               Asphalt – Ms. Jackson asked if the yellow striping was in the same areas as it had been. Ms.
                Hoffman stated the fire lanes were the most important.
               Janitorial Contract – Mr. Bamber stated that the new janitorial service was to be on the
                property on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and that his building had not been done on
                Monday. Ms. Hoffman stated she had spoken to the owner and that they will be on the property
                Monday, Wednesday and Friday, however, the buildings have been split up by thirds. Ms.
                Hoffman stated that the Clubhouse would be checked on all three days and anything that needed
                to be done would be done. Ms. Hoffman also stated that she has a business card for each Board
                member so that if they need to contact him, they can. Ms. Jackson stated that the scuff marks
                need more work by the janitorial staff to clean them off. Ms. Hoffman also told the owner of the

              janitorial service he should remove anything left in the hallways and to inform EPI. Ms.
              Hoffman also stated that Board members should keep notes of anything that needs improvement.
             FHA Re-Certification – There was a discussion about rentals and delinquencies and how they
              impacted being included in the FHA certification program.

New Business –
             Fruit Trees – Mr. Bamber asked if the fruit trees could just be removed due to the amount of
              berries that they dropped onto the sidewalk areas. Ms. Woodlock stated there would then be the
              cost of replacing these trees with something else.
             Snow Removal – Pine Landscaping and ADR were discussed relative to the work for the
              upcoming season.

Open Forum –
             Asphalt – A unit owner expressed concerns about the patching that was done at the 129 Building
              because water will still ponding there and wanted something to be done accordingly. The Owner
              also stated that the patched area was already falling apart in her parking space #114.
             Delinquencies – The same unit owner questioned what the total percentage of delinquencies
              were and Mr. Elmore stated it was over 15%.          The unit owner asked how successful the
              Association had been with taking possession of the delinquent units. Mr. Elmore stated that
              $12,000 had been recovered during the calendar year. The unit owner questioned whether the
              Association was aggressive enough in taking possession. Mr. Elmore stated that there should be
              no more discussion regarding past-due balances during the open session but that the Association
              was pursuing collections of assessments as aggressively as the law would allow.
             FHA Re-Certification – A unit owner asked if the Association was not applying for FHA re-
              certification and it was explained that the re-certification was in progress with the Association’s
              attorney. Another unit owner asked if they could call EPI and get current information about the
              Association’s financial situation and Mr. Elmore suggested that they access the Association’s
              website for a copy of the financial reports.

Meeting adjourned at 8:49 p.m. to Executive Session –

Respectfully Submitted – EPI Management Co. LLC