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  Media Contact: Kate Templeton
  The National Institute for Urban School Improvement (NIUSI)
  1380 Lawrence Street, Ste 625
  Denver, CO 80204
  Phone: 303-556-3990
  Fax: 303-556-6141

Press Release
          The National Institute for Urban School
          Improvement (NIUSI) honors Clark County Schools/
          Las Vegas Partnership for Inclusive Schools.

    Washington DC, May 5-6, 2005: Four Las Vegas leaders represented the Las Vegas partnership:
Rhonda Glyman, the Co-Chair & Founder of the Nevada Partnership for Inclusive Education; Glenn Schaeffer,
the President of Mandalay Resort Group; Tom Pierce, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and Charlene
Green, Associate Superintendent Student Support Services, Clark County Public Schools. NIUSI proudly honors
these individuals and groups for their hard work and dedication to creating inclusive schools.
    NIUSI partners with the following school systems: Chicago, Cincinnati, Clark County-Las Vegas, Denver,
District of Columbia, Hacienda-La Puente, Houston, Miami-Dade, and the New York City Department of
Education, Regions 10 & 75. NIUSI’s headquarters are located in Denver, CO on the campus of the University of
Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center.                  For more information or to contact NIUSI go to .

The NIUSI mission is to develop powerful networks of urban districts and schools that embrace and implement a
                    data-based, continuous improvement approach for inclusive practices.

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