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									                                    JONATHAN HARDER
                                         P.O. Box 2106, Andover, MA 01810
                                       voice: 978.749.0221 fax: 978.749.3644

SERVICES           Full life cycle software engineering, consulting and management.

SKILL SUMMARY      Hands-on team leader, and certified Project Management Professional (PMP):
                           Emphasis on developer productivity, craftsmanship, and team dynamics
                           Project planning, budgeting, task prioritization, scheduling, resource allocation and
                            leveling, tracking and reporting (with MS-Project and other tools)
                           Requirements management, risk management and process methodologies
                           Excellent communication skills, including technical writing and teaching/mentoring
                           Track record of on-time deliverables, while ensuring high quality and extensibility
                   Software architect, designer and developer (20 years experience):
                           Service oriented, component-based architectures, object oriented designs
                           Strong background in multithreading, and real-time monitoring, control, automation
                           Data management in relational, OO, and rule-based paradigms
                           Hardware interfaces (including TCP/IP, serial, parallel, SECS/GEM, custom)
                           Tools: UML, C++ / Visual C++, MFC, Windows SDK, COM/ActiveX, SQL, XML,
                            Windows XP/2000/NT platforms, some Linux and Microsoft .NET, VMWare

 EXPERIENCE        President and General Manager
                   Alitech Systems, Inc., Andover, Massachusetts

  1994 - present   · Project management: Managed all company projects, from first contact through
                   completion, including various levels of requirements management, work planning,
                   scheduling, budgeting, risk management, monitoring and control, quality assurance,
                   integration, and delivery (often while also serving as a key individual contributor).
                   · People management: Client relationships, small team management (in-house
                   employees and outsourced subcontractors), ‘dotted-line’ cross-functional leadership,
                   consensus building, communications management, team dynamics, productivity
                   enhancement, conflict prevention and resolution, training, mentoring.
                   · Software technical leadership: Team lead, architect, designer (see projects below).
                   · Negotiation and management of all contracts and subcontracts: Emphasized legal
                   accountability and completeness; never had a single contract dispute.
                   · Business financial management: Including payroll, accounts payable, accounts
                   receivable, tax management, and general bookkeeping.
                   · Entrepreneurship and small business management: Founded company and
                   established trademark (1994), incorporated (1998), and managed a low-overhead
                   operation through thick and thin, including business development and light marketing.
                   ENGINEERING PROJECTS...
                    (listed in reverse chronological order, by end date of last major engagement)

  2/06 - 4/06      Heart Pump Monitor Redesign: (subcontract for heart pump manufacturer)
                   Defined a new object oriented architecture and design to replace the existing
                   monolithic code base of a proprietary touchscreen monitor application. Provided
                   technical advice to in-house and end-client managers, and played a lead role in the

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                                   JONATHAN HARDER

               C++ coding, unit testing and debugging of the software, to ensure on-time delivery.
               Managed the integration of code from several sources (on-site and remote
               developers), throughout this tight-timeframe project. Proposed and implemented the
               merging of two product code bases, to simplify development for multiple hardware
               configurations. Proposed the use of VMWare to increase productivity.
               Platforms/tools included: Windows, VC++, UML, VSS, PVCS Tracker, VMWare.

11/05 - 2/06   Medical Device on Embedded Linux: (subcontract for blood systems manufacturer)
               Designed, coded and tested a general purpose message injector/receiver tool for unit
               testing, system diagnostics, and QA verification. The tool supported both interactive
               and scripted operation, and included a multithreaded and re-entrant script
               interpreter/engine, written in C++. Implemented an advanced application logging
               framework, using the syslog utility for configurable local or remote output.
               Contributed to document and code reviews, assisted in debugging, created builds of
               root file system and target configurations. Also pioneered the use of VMWare on this
               project, for improved development and testing efficiency, from Windows XP.
               Platforms/tools included: BlueCat Embedded Linux, Mandrake Linux, CygWinX,
               Luminosity IDE (Eclipse), Gnu C++, Merant/PVCS, VSS, PVCS Tracker, VMWare.

11/04 - 3/06   Customer Retention System Utility: (contracts for insurance industry consultant)
               Designed and implemented a multithreaded utility to detect customer contact
               information when displayed on the screen by other Windows applications; using
               Visual C++, OLE DB, MFC with system tray icon, and links to Web browser.
               Later revised with options to support Citrix-hosted virtual application environments.

3/05 - 8/05    Engineering Manager for Secure E-mail Product: (for Authentica, now EMC2)
               Managed development of a new generation of secure e-mail product, on a very tight
               schedule. Initially put in charge of the requirements specification and review process,
               including development and refinement of many detailed use cases; later took on full
               project management responsibility. Managed the work of several senior developers,
               including task prioritization, resource allocation and leveling, risk management,
               progress tracking and reporting. Coordinated the software development and QA
               efforts, performing bug triage, assignments and tracking. Used MS-Project
               extensively, and created various custom scripts to automate project management tasks.
               Successfully brought the product to release candidate status, on schedule and with less
               than expected resources.

               Also served as a hands-on developer -- designed and implemented a key subsystem,
               associated test applications, along with various UI design revisions, product changes
               and bug fixes. Development tools: Visual C++, Perforce, Bugzilla, and GNU Make.

5/04 - 6/04    Biometric Identity Capture System: (contract for ChoicePoint / Identico)
               Re-hired to quickly create a new pilot application from an existing Windows XP
               product with similar technologies, using Visual C++, MFC, XML messaging, with
               fingerprinting hardware and libraries, identity quiz, and photo/video capture.

3/04 - 5/04    Tablet-based Survey System: (subcontract for ChoicePoint / Identico)
               Led a small team in creating a survey application for a Tablet PC platform, with
               pen/stylus, on-screen keyboard, ID card scanner and flash card storage. Developed
               with Visual C++, MFC, XML, etc., to create a user-friendly, dialog-based UI with
               robust data storage features. Successfully delivered to field teams in two months.

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                                      JONATHAN HARDER

10/99 - 5/03      Silicon Reactor Control System Interface: (contracts for CXE Equipment Systems)
 (bulk of work    Re-engineered a host interface application (SECS/GEM) for reactor control systems.
  in ’99 - ’00)   Established technical requirements and scope with client, and managed a small team
                  of developers in design, implementation, quality assurance and delivery.
                  Developed in Visual C++, including multithreaded background services, COM
                  interfaces, message caching, interfacing with WonderWare and GW Associates
                  software. Re-hired several times to support new features, reactor models, and
                  multiple Windows platforms; wrote documentation, test scripts, etc.

10/97 - 6/02      Semiconductor Fab Air Monitor: (contracts for Extraction Systems)
 (bulk of work    Designed and implemented a complete OEM software package for real-time control,
  in ‘97 -‘99)    monitoring, logging, MMI and host interface (SECS/GEM) for an impurity detector.
                  Served as technical lead and project manager for contract. Worked with client to
                  define requirements, scope, architecture, schedule, and milestones. Led a small team
                  in the design and implementation of the software, and managed QA and delivery
                  assurance. Developed hardware interface and control components, using UML,
                  Visual C++, COM, multithreaded background services, GW Associates software, and
                  several hardware interfaces (serial and parallel), on Windows NT/2000 platforms.
                  Provided successful production release within two months of project inception. Re-
                  hired several times to add new features.

6/01 - 4/02       View/Query/Reporting System: (contract for Visual Interactions)
                  Developed service oriented architectures for a business intelligence product, including
                  a conventional rich client architecture (VC++ and VB), and a thin client architecture
                  (ASP.NET, Web Forms, and C#). Created object oriented, thread-safe designs of
                  several core services, and managed a team of developers in design, implementation,
                  QA and delivery. All work was completed on schedule. Technologies included
                  Windows 2000, UML, VC++, standard C++ library, COM, XML schema, etc.

9/00 - 4/01       Object Oriented Design and Database Consult: (for Instrumentation Laboratory)
                  Mentored a team of developers regarding object oriented analysis, design and
                  development for a high-end medical analyzer product. Also recommended back-end
                  database architecture and products. Tools included UML and Visual C++.

6/00 - 10/00      ActiveX Control for Spectrometer Interface: (contract for PerkinElmer)
                  Designed, implemented and tested an embeddable ActiveX control, as the user
                  interface for an 8-chamber spectrometer instrument. The work targeted Windows
                  NT/2000, using Visual C++ with an MFC architecture inside the ActiveX control,
                  which included multi-mode dynamic bar displays, fly-by tooltips, etc.

2/00 - 6/00       Electronic Document Management System: (contract for Valco Data Systems)
                  Managed a small team of developers in the design and implementation of several
                  DLL components for an electronic document management system for use in hospitals.
                  Integrated these modules with various client and third-party libraries to support
                  scanning, image viewing, etc. The work involved UML, Visual C++, MFC and COM.

6/99 - 11/99      Rule-based Data Validation/Prompting System: (contract for Pamet Systems)
                  Designed and implemented a COM component for business rule validation and user
                  prompting, including a rule compiler and high-performance runtime rule engine.

5/99 - 6/99       Wafer Map SECS/GEM Interface: (contract for Electroglas)
                  Designed and implemented an add-on COM component for a wafer inspection system.

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                                     JONATHAN HARDER

  5/99 - 6/99    Visual C++ Skill Evaluation Exams: (contract for e-Exams)
                 Co-authored exams to verify job applicant skills in Visual C++ development, for
                 basic, intermediate and advanced skill levels. (Note: Alitech later acquired the rights
                 to these exams.)

  6/96 - 9/97    Mass Spectrometer Control System: (contract for PerSeptive Biosystems)
                 Designed and implemented major components for controlling state-of-the-art mass
                 spectrometers. Work included object oriented analysis/design, Visual C++ and MFC,
                 multithreading, client-server RPC, and an object database.

  8/95 - 5/96    PolyCenter Console Services: (contract for Digital Equipment)
                 Led a small team in design and development of software to monitor text feeds from
                 200+ connected computers, using a multithreaded NT service. Also led a task force
                 on software internationalization.

  3/95 - 9/95    Uninstaller: (contract for Lotus Development)
                 Designed and implemented a software module to uninstall Lotus SmartSuite, for
                 Windows 95/NT platforms; was later used for other Lotus products as well.

  6/94 - 3/95    Oil Well Simulation: (for NewSim Technologies)
                 Designed and developed an object oriented C++ class library to simulate oil and gas
                 drilling operations, including a high speed, large capacity OO database system.
                 Also had project and business management responsibilities.

                 PRIOR EMPLOYMENT...

  2/90 - 9/94    Sales Engineering and Support Manager (7/94 to 9/94)
                 Applications Engineer / Instructor (2/90 to 6/94),
                 Intec Controls Corporation, Walpole, Massachusetts
                 Developed, supported and provided training for the Paragon SCADA product line.

  12/85 - 1/90   Senior Application Software Engineer (10/88 to 1/90)
                 Process Applications Engineer (12/85 to 10/88),
                 Simtran Corporation, Medway, Massachusetts
                 Software design and development for real-time simulations used in operator training
                 (primarily in FORTRAN and QuickBasic); also project management responsibilities.

EDUCATION        B.S. Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1985
                 Continuing Education Classes:
                        · Project Management Professional (Merrimack College)
                        · Train the Trainer (Boston University)
                        · How-To's of Good Customer Service (Dun & Bradstreet)
                        · Various technology seminars

REFERENCES       Available upon request

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