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Navigation & Overview

       Presented by:
  Information Technology
 Why am I here?—I’m too busy!

    Failure to attend proper
    training is not an option.
• Properly trained users reduce their
  time to perform specific procedures
  by as much as 80%.
• Without training, you will interrupt
  others from their work for one-on-
  one training and support, causing
  inefficiency for you and others.
•   Administrative System Project
•   Security/Privacy
•   Training Documentation
•   Definitions
•   Data Standards
•   Duplicate Records
•   Help/Support
•   Navigation
• Southeast Implementation Schedule
  –   Advancement: January 11, 2005
  –   Admissions: May 17, 2005
  –   Finance: June 28, 2005
  –   Human Resources: January 3, 2006
  –   Portal: Fall, 2004

   • Financial Aid: February 22, 2006
   • Student: January 10, 2006,
     (First Step: Feb. 24)
           Training Plan

• Navigation & Overview
• Each module will provide subject
  specific training
• Register On-line
       Administrative System

•   Improved Operations
•   Integrated & Relational Database
•   Must abide by Policies & Standards
•   Multiple databases

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                               DBA Grants
          Security             Access
                               Enroll in

• Begins with granted Access
• Types of Access
  – Query
  – Modify
• Your Responsibility!!
  – Protect your Password
  – Unattended PCs are a
• Misuse/Inappropriate use
• Confidential Information
• Inappropriate uses may be considered
  employee misconduct and may be
  subject to disciplinary action
       Training Documents

• Centralized Web Site
• Contents
  – Manuals
  – Training Tip Sheets or Documentation
  – Definitions
• Object: can be a form, job, menu, or
• PIDM: the Person Identification Master
  may represent a student, vendor,
  alumnus, or other entity. All tables that
  contain person or entity data must store
  the PIDM.
• Southeast ID
        Definitions Cont’d

• Key Block: appears at the top of each
  Banner form and used as the query
  criteria required to access data.
• Block: a section of a form containing
  related pieces of information—usually a
  single table. Blocks are usually
  separated by a solid line.
         Definitions Cont’d

• Field: a data element within a block. For
  example, an address block may contain
  the city and state fields.
• LOV: List of Values. A list of possible
  field values which are displayed by
  pressing the Values (LOV) button next
  to the field.
         Definitions Cont’d

• Query: a question in Banner that looks
  at the data in the Banner database for
  an answer.
• Wildcard: a character that is substituted
  for unknown character(s) in a Banner
  query. A percent sign (%) stands for any
  number of unknown characters.
           Banner Forms

• Form: a screen used
  to query, enter,
  and/or update
• Each Banner form
  has a 7-character
Position 1           Position 2            Position 3
G-Gen’l Person       A-Admissions          A-Application
F-Finance            C-Catalog             I-Inquiry
P-HR                 F-Reg/Fees            R-Rule Tables/
S-Student            G-Gen’l Stu                 & Reports
T-Acct. Rec.         H-Grds/History        V-Validation Form/
A-Advancement        O-Overall                   & Table View
Positions 4-7: Free Form Description
 EX: SPAPERS: General Person Form TFAISTL: Installmt Plan Form
           Data Standards
• Data Standards Manual
  – Purpose
     • Document campus policies, standards, and
     • Ensure common practices regardless of
  – Content
     • General Person & Non-Person Information
• Brief Referral Sheet
            Duplicate Records
• Problems
  –   Multiple W2s
  –   Multiple student bills
  –   Incorrect 1099s
  –   Inaccurate info
      provided to inquiries
• Difficult and time
• What to do if found
• How to avoid
          Data Standards
• Ownership of data=Responsibility
• Before creating a person ID in Banner,
  a thorough name and ID search must
  be performed to ensure the person does
  not already exist in Banner and prevent
  the creation of a ―duplicate PIDM‖ or
  Southeast ID.
       Verifying Duplicates
• Possible Father/Son with same
• Possibly same name with no relation
• Check:
  – Birthdates
  – SSN
  – Age
  – Addresses
  – Phone numbers
                 Help & Support
• Resources            Bookshelf
                           Web: FAQs & Google Search
                                   Other Admin. Staff
                                   Module Support Staff

    • Year to associate            • New coding for
      with semester:                 semesters:
        – Remember: Fall              – Fall = 10
          BEGINS the                  – Spring = 20
          Academic year               – Summer = 30
        – For all semesters,
          use the year in which
          the Academic year

Example: This Fall semester begins Academic Year 05-06
Code for this fall, if in Banner, would be 2006 (year) 10 (semester)
or 200610 for Fall; 200620 for Spring; and 200630 for Summer
     Possible Viewing Problems
  1. Pop-up Blockers
     – IE, Google, Yahoo,
       AOL, etc. tool bars
     – Prevents some
       Banner windows
       from opening
     – IE: Tools/Pop up
       Blocker/Pop up
       Blocker Settings.
       Choose Off or           2. Choose the
       change settings          correct display

With others, you may need to   3. Acrobat Reader
exit the program to make
necessary changes.
       Possible Problems

• Netscape is not Banner friendly.
• One-time installation of J Initiator
• Can not use Banner from home unless
  through Self-Service.
• Do not use the following symbols:
                  # or &
        Banner Navigation

• Once security access has been
  provided on the Production database,
  login using your Southeast Key &
    Navigation Training

    • Open Internet Explorer
  • Use link from Information
 Technology web page or enter
   the following web address: