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                          Issue 1 / 2006
                      Dated 3 February 2006

                               Editor’s Corner
        Hi, everyone and welcome to our family newsletter‟s latest edition, the first
of this year. From reading the inputs for this issue, it seems that everyone has
been more than a little busy, scurrying from one thing to another. If it isn‟t
something going on around the home, it‟s a new project at the office. If it‟s not a
vacation to warmer climes, it‟s tackling university exams. I get the impression
that these days, our lives are often far too hectic. The big question everyone
seems to be asking is “how can I turn down the life volume knob?”. Well, at the
sake of sounding like the pot calling the kettle black, I‟ll go out on a limb and
venture an answer to this dilemma. Here it is: set aside a few minutes, each and
every day, to think about how important the members of my family and my
closest friends are to me, and then tell them. Easy enough to actually do, and
clearly, soul soothing. Let‟s all give it a try.

        In our last issue, news of the reunion was trickling in. Well, it‟s now a
virtual torrent, with a full slate of events planned, registration forms available and
a contest for the official Reunion 2006 Logo design now underway (you read it
here first, folks!). John reports that registrations are coming in almost daily now,
and it looks as though the Okanogan is going to be gunwale to gunwale with
Schlosser, this coming Canada Day weekend. Hope to see you there. Thanks,
John and Gail for tackling this very important family event.

       I‟d be remiss if I didn‟t mention that our family matriarch, Anne Parish is
now on-line. Why not take the time to drop her an e-gram (no chain mail nor
jokes or humorous stories unless they‟re about our family, please)? You‟ll find
her address in the “Keeping in Touch” section.

       I‟ve also been receiving lots of positive feedback on the website. Thanks,
Mike, you‟re doing a super job keeping the site updated. Let‟s all do our part and

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keep feeding him news bites and happenings. “Mikey likes it”! Oh, by the way,
for those families who have yet to chip in their $15 to defray our family website
annual costs (domain registration and hosting fee), please do so, now, as it‟s
unfair to expect our webmaster to pick up the tab by himself.

        In closing, Karen and I wish you and yours, all the best for 2006. Don‟t
forget to reach over and turn down the life volume knob.

All the best to you and yours,

Marty (Martin) Schlosser
Your Clan E-Newsletter Editor

                                    Marty & Karen
                                 Christmas Day, 2005

Inputs for the 2 / 2006 issue are due on the last Sunday in May

Columns this E-Newsletter:
      Keeping in Touch
      Important Request for Information
      Family News
      Schlosser Family Reunion 2006

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                          KEEPING IN TOUCH

      Here are the latest changes in addresses (internet & snail mail) and
phone/fax numbers that were sent in to be shared with everyone. Don‟t forget to
update your address books!

Anne Parish – New e-mail address:

Editor‟s note:
       As you may be aware, Anne and a group of ladies at her apartment
       complex are collecting stamps to give to the Canadian Cancer
       Association. Also, the ladies enjoy the social time together to do this
       project. Profits from those stamps go towards cancer research, so this is
       a doubly-wonderful activity.

      Nothing heroic, just tear the stamps off the envelopes. Don‟t tear or
      damage the stamp. Neatness is not a criterion (Canadian Cancer
      Association gets paid by the weight)

      Anne‟s snail mail address is:
            A. E. Parish
            103 – 9302 Angus Street
            Summerland, BC V0H 1Z5

Jeff (Martin) Schlosser: New e-mail address:

Christine (Anne, Brian) Parish: New e-mail address:

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Hello, everyone. One of our cousins, Cathy Collie (Mary, Joy), who has recently
been diagnosed with cancer, has a very important request of us. Here‟s her

       In November I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery on
December 13, and first Chemo treatment on January 18. I'll have six Chemo
sessions approximately 21 days apart and then if that's not enough I'll have
radiation! A lot for our family to take in, but we are from strong stock!! I'm a very
healthy person (except the cancer!!) and I'll breeze through this trial. I have a lot
of angels around me that are looking out for me and my family (Husband Ric and
daughter Laine (7 yr)).

       I have a request of all family members, it is to do with a genetic test that is
available to me but I must have family history of cancer. What I require is:
Name/Age at diagnoses/Type of Cancer/Date of remission/Date of Death if
caused by cancer (age). If this information qualifies me for the genetic test I will
keep you all informed.

       You can send all information to me via email at: Or
snail mail to: Cathy Collie, 368 Woodside Circle, Airdrie Alberta, T4B 2J8.

God Bless,

Cathy Collie

Ric & Cathy Collie
403-948-1037 or toll free 1-866-659-5916

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                              FAMILY NEWS
George’s Family

Norma, Alan, Collin and Fraser – January 2006-01-29. Hello to all from sunny
Edmonton! We have settled nicely into life in here. Our first year here was hectic
– Collin graduated grade 12 at WP Wagner High School of Science and
Technology with honours and Fraser completed his first year of High School at J
Percy Page High School.

Collin auditioned and was accepted into the University of Alberta music program
in September 2005 He is part of a lively group working towards a 5 year
combined degree – Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education. At the end of it he
will receive both a teaching degree (Senior High – Communications Studies
Minor) and music degree (Concert Band Focus) and fulfill his dream to be a high
school music teacher. His principal instrument is clarinet and his passion is rock
guitar. He had a very successful first semester and is now back at the books. In
his spare time he is lead guitarist in a garage band called „Set In Stone‟.

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                                Fraser & Collin
                    Photo taken at Collin‟s Gr 12 Graduation

Fraser is in grade 11 and about to start the second semester. This summer he
will start the RAP program – Registered Apprentice Program – and start working
towards a journeyman ticket in welding. Fraser has a part time job at a local
movie theatre – he gets more tips than anyone (this boy definitely has the
Schlosser charm) and takes drum lessons at Alberta College. He is working
mostly on rock drumming but his teacher is a percussionist with the Edmonton
Symphony so he gets exposed to all types of music. Fraser and Collin do not
play in the same band but they are working on a performance for the reunion.

Alan is doing well. Last summer he completed the last touches on the yard. Our
house in Edmonton was brand new when we moved in with a lovely „bare dirt‟
yard. What a job! He moved all the topsoil by hand and built the fence with the
neighbours. We have watched the neighbourhood build out and we have finally
stopped living in a construction zone. It is a great subdivision though – Arts and
Crafts style homes - with great neighbours. The community is built around a large
man made lake. Not as nice as a real lake but it does circulate and is stocked
with trout. There is a clubhouse with kayaks, paddleboats and small sailboats for
the residents. In the winter there is great skating. Fraser loves to skate with his

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We were able to get out to the coast for a vacation last summer. We took the
boys to Vancouver Island to visit Long Beach. It was great to see the ocean
again. Next summer our plans include a trip to Eastern Canada and of course the
Schlosser Family Reunion.

See you all in the summer.

Wray, Irene and Shannon Hello from Sparwood !! Winter is moving on and the
days are getting longer. It‟s great to have more daylight hours, good for walking
after work. The roads have not been bad for driving in the Rockies and the snow
has not been too deep for shoveling. We have lots of deer in town and walking
with our dog Shiloh is a bit of a challenge at times. Wray, Shannon and I are all
busy between work and house and school. We have been fortunate this winter
to have avoided colds and flu. Shannon is in the last term of first year
University. She is busy approaching the final days of rehearsal for "Mikado".
The cast of approx 35 and a full orchestra are putting on 6 performances
commencing February 14. University life is busy and living in Lethbridge has
been a good experience for Shannon. The winter there has been sunny and dry
and with the exception of the 80 kph winds its been great for her. She was home
two weeks for Christmas and renewed friendships with other kids home for the
holidays. Exams will be all done by April 26 and then home for the summer. We
are hoping Shannon gets on a Greenhills Operations, the mine where I work and
she can work either in the office or in Maintenance. The company has a great
policy of hiring University students especially in their first and second years. It
would be a good paying job and a pleasurable experience and I would again
have my gardening partner back. I was bold enough to give cross country skiing
a go. Unfortunately I gave it too much of a go for the first time out, went
completely around a golf course in a set track, felt great, good workout, felt the
burn, proud of my stamina and all that. The next day, let me tell you, we are
talking stiff and sore, although the idea of exercise was good, pacing is also
good, I will persist and continue to go out again but in moderation for my aging
frame. Wray is doing well, taking his quad apart in the garage and getting it in tip
top shape for summer and fall. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you
as possible in Kelowna this summer.
Wray, Irene and Shannon Mills

Mary’s Family
Hello from Joy Frost. Happy New Year to all my family out there. May God bless
and keep you well. Life had been good. I spent my Christmas holidays with my
family in Alberta. Joy, Ron and Olivia Houle hosted the dinner, which was great.
All the family pitched in with the food to help feed the full house. We now have
an addition to the family, Presley „B‟. She is the third little girl for David and
Amber Prang-Johnson. Amber is my oldest granddaughter, Brenda‟s girl. I so

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enjoyed being surrounded by my daughters and their families. The children‟s
Christmas concert was so enjoyable.

I came home to Summerland for a few weeks and am now off to Arizona for
about a month. I‟ll see you all at the reunion. I‟m so looking forward to the
Love forever, Joy

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Larry’s Family
From the Saunders

I am very busy with Isabella who is now 3 and with working 3-4 days a week at a
mortgage company doing book keeping and learning the business to hopefully
sell in the next year or so. It is very flexible I am able to come and go as I please
so I am still around for Isabella. She is very energetic loves to sing and dance I
guess like most 3 year
olds and loves to boss both John and I around. John is still working for Austar
which is a cable company here on the coast manages a team of about 14 staff,
doing very well.

We had a wonderful Christmas, birthday (which I turned 31 on boxing day) and of
course new years. My highlight of 2005 was the visit of Aunty Rosemary and my
surprise visitor Rebecca. I knew Rosemary was coming but not Rebecca and we
had a wonderful 2 weeks just hanging out together and her getting to know our
girls. I am trying
hard to save to come visit maybe this year or next but it is a huge trip for the
three of us but you just never know.

Mum and Dad are great, still doing the same things, Dad with his company Motel
Brokers (working way to hard for my liking) and Mum is still at MYER which is a
large department store. Dad is 60 this year doesn't want a party so probably just
a nice dinner and mum is already trying to plan something for her 60th next year.

If we don't communicate before July we wish you all the best for the wedding and
give everyone our love at the Schlosser reunion.

Take care,



Hi everyone. This one will be a short synopsis of what everyone is up to.

With my parents, John and Gail... both are very busy. It is like Christmas time for
my mom as it is time to look at her new seed catalogues and pick what she
wants to plant this year in her garden. She is busy looking after her mom who is
95 years old. She also is the best wife and mother around in my opinion.

Dad is busy with work and his various meetings. He is now the president of
BDIBC (Building Designers Institute of BC) and he is also busy with liturgy

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meetings with their church - never mind the fact that he is occupied with his
company. Among all that, both my mom and dad are trying the healthy living
lifestyle... eating healthier and becoming more active. Way to go folks!

Teresa, Dave, Karina and Devan are busy too... Teresa with her photography (I
hope you all had a chance to look at her website. The link is on our family
website), Dave is busy training/working for his new airline employer, Zoom, and
loving it. Karina is busy in her second semester in college and her main man (it is
no longer her dad), and Devan is busy with his car racing and his last year of

Jenny and Mauro - Mauro is in his final year of his computer program and will be
looking for work soon. Don't ask me what it is all about b/c other than basic email
and computer skills, I no nothing. Jenny is busy still working with kids who have
special needs.

Dan and I are busy. He is busy working and I was busy looking for a job but I am
waiting for the college of teachers to process my papers so I can actually teach. I
have caught up on most of my household duties since I have had so much free
time. I did get to go down to Vancouver for a short bit and I saw Rosemary. WE
went to Kelowna for Christmas (Dan and I). don' t know where the time has gone
but we are getting married in about 5 months, 1 week! What happened to the 1
1/2 years of engagement?

That is about it.


Anne’s Family
Anne – Visited Barry & Peg for Christmas. As usual, when visiting family, she
brought far too many, delicious tarts. Just before coming to Coquitlam she did
her best to make sure that Chris and Marlene were well stocked with the same
type of treats. She took time to provide some input for Marty to be used as the
introduction for the revised web page and says she is now planning her speech
and wardrobe for the reunion. Anne wishes to thank all of you who contributed
stamps to her group of ladies who organize their distribution to the local cancer
agency to be used for research. She is always looking for more used stamps.
Hopefully by mid February Anne will be „online‟. We‟ll keep you posted. On
January 23rd, she celebrated her 84th birthday. Happy birthday to you – Happy
birthday to you – Happy birthday dear Anne … .

Barry & Peg – We were so pleased to welcomed Mom for Christmas in
Coquitlam. She helped make our Christmas even more special. At present,

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we‟re busy making plans to visit with Kim and Brendan in May of this year. We‟ll
be in Europe from May 15th to June 26th. We‟re really excited that our daughter
Kim will be flying home with us from England, same flight even. She will spend
eleven full days in Canada including the Schlosser Clan reunion over the July
long weekend in Kelowna. Did we mention that we‟re RV‟ing at St. Charles
Garnier church while at the reunion?

Shaun & Melanie Well, old man winter seemed to be laying low over Christmas
and we experienced some very warm weather for the Big Smoke. It was a green
Christmas and on one occasion we were seeing red and not because of all the
decorations…We continued to have basement woes over Christmas with sewage
backing up into our tenant‟s basement apartment. We discovered that the
problem was on the city side this time. The common phrase around our house
these days is, take two Advil and never call the city. If you want to see your tax
dollars being wasted, just deal with city workers - Big on ego, little on results.
Anyway, we finally have sorted things out with a commitment from the city to start
digging soon (don‟t hold your breath here) and replace the old pipes with PVC.

                                Melanie & Shaun

Christmas was very nice in our new home despite the plumbing problems. Shaun
and I were together Christmas morning and then joined Mike and Tracey with our
good friend Gillian for a very lavish breakfast at her house. We hosted Christmas
dinner, but as our luck seems to be running low these days, our stove stopped
working. So, I rang up Mike and Tracey and asked if we could bring over the bird
and use their oven. They obliged (they had to if they wanted turkey) and Mike
cooked up the big 20lb gobble-gobble to perfection.

We live in a very quiet pocket of Toronto, but have seen our share of action in the
past few months. The most recent action landed a stolen vehicle on our lawn,
and six police cruises surrounding our house while a canine unit patrolled our
block. Four young men decided to steal a vehicle, but the plan was foiled when
someone called 911. We heard none of this action outside our house until a very
burly officer rapped on our door at 2:00 a.m. and informed us of the drama
unfolding outside on our lawn. We immediately went to the window to access the

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damage to our fence. It was not that bad and the next day, Shaun and my Uncle
Vic patched it up. As we stood in the window looking out at the flashing lights of
the police cars and the snap of a photographer‟s camera flash (our street and
house was featured on the news), I noticed the criminals in the police cars. I
looked right at them and wagged my finger and proclaimed them bad boys!
Shaun laughed and said I was such a granny.

We recently were invited to a wine and cheese party across our street to meet
our neighbors. So, armed with a nice bottle of red Shaun and I put on our fancy
duds and went across the road to visit the neighbors. I told Shaun we would go
in, mingle, eat a few appetizers, and chat about politics, weather and maybe our
street trouble and then leave… in an out! Well, so much for that. We arrived at
8:00 p.m. and left at 1:00 p.m. - a little better for it as well. We learned so much
about the history of our area and that one of our neighbors has lived in the area
for 70 years. When you live in such a large city it is not usual to be on very
friendly terms with your neighbors. It is not that Torontonians are unfriendly, but
we keep to ourselves. I have not always lived in the Big Smoke and it brought me
back to my roots – country roots, where not only did you know your neighbor, you
knew their extended family that lived out East. Since that evening I have passed
by my neighbor‟s houses a little more aware of the good people that surround

Much joy for 2006.

Kim & Brendan – spent New Year in Thailand, leaving London on December 26 th
and returned on January 11th. Kim actually set this up as a surprise
Christmas/Birthday present for Brendan – in July. And it worked; only telling him
on December 8th his birthday. They spent their time on the Western coast.
They found it strange to see an elephant walk by on the sidewalk while the two of
them were having lunch. They spent New Years at Koh Phi Phi, lovely spot.
Could still see some damage from the tsunami. They stayed near the beach at
Ko Lanta. Enjoyed the beach massages for about $7 CDN each. Saw Thai
boxing, and rode on elephants. Moved on to Phuket for several days. While
there, Kim & Brendan fished, enjoyed some beach time and saw a lady selling
cooked insects from a cart – cockroaches, scorpions, worms, crickets, etc. – No
Thanks! Kim & Brendan have a three day trip to Turin Italy booked during the
Winter Olympics in February. They have hockey tickets for the Canada vs.
Czech Republic game!!
Kim is flying home to Canada with Mom & Dad on June 26th just in time to join us
at the Schlosser Reunion. She will return to England on July 8 th. We should
warn family members that while her real Canadian English is good she will have
„brushed-up‟ as it were, to be totally understood. Unfortunately Brendan cannot
join us at that time but we‟ll hoist one for him.

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Brian & Pat – Continued their tradition of serving steak and lobster for dinner on
New Years Eve. This year Brian chose to „supervise‟ as Don, Christine‟s special
guy, BBQ‟d the New Year‟s Eve gourmet presentation.

Lora, Brad & Jacqueline – Are the proud owners of a new car, a blue Saturn Vue.
Pat Parish loves it because of the ease of getting in and out of the back seat.

Christine & Don – If you‟ve looked over the Schlosser family website recently,
you know that Christine and Don are engaged to be married. Christine moved to
Shalalth, BC to be with Don. *There is a prize if you can figure out where
Shalalth is! He teaches school there. In the process she changed jobs. She
now works for the local Indian Band with the social aid department. She sees
clients and accesses their needs. Christine & Don enjoyed two Christmases this
year. The first in Victoria with Don‟s parents and family who Christine claims
spoiled her and then, a few days after the 25th, in Kamloops with Brian & Pat.
Also in January, her birthday month, they went out to dinner with Mom & Dad.
New Years Eve was spent at Brian & Pat‟s. „Don the Chef‟, BBQ‟d lobster and
steak. These were eaten with raved revues.

Chris & Marlene – Christmas had a new twist for the Chris & Marlene this year,
as this was the first Christmas without children at home. Gerald and his family
were in Victoria where Brother Greg joined them. However they had a mini
Christmas one week before with Anne, Gerald, Carlin & Josephine. Chris waited
thirty years to dawn his Santa suit for his precious Josephine – and then
proceeded to scare the poor child who had never seen Santa before. As both
Carlin & Gerald have December birthdays Chris & Marlene took them out to
dinner at one of Summerland‟s top restaurants.
Hunting was good for Chris this year as he bagged a white tail buck as well as a
mule deer. He sells heating wood to pay for his hunting and a side of beef. He
enjoys taking the dogs along. Katie, Anne‟s dog, now referred to as „Box Head‟
found a box of doggy treats in the truck and when no one was looking dove in
and ate everything. Unfortunately the box got stuck on her head. You get the
picture. Marlene & Chris hope to get a head start on fishing this year, as last
year was not great. The highlight of the fishing season last year was fishing with
Gerald and family. They have a picture of Josephine in a pontoon boat holding
the sacred fishing rod, (nobody but nobody touches The Fly Rod). PS – Yes they
all caught fish that trip. They‟ll see you at the reunion. Chris & Marlene and all
their doggies and cats pass on all their love.

Gerald, Carlin & Josephine – Spent Christmas in Victoria with Carlin‟s Dad &
Stepmother and her Granny who is 92. Josie enjoyed spending time with Anna,
her 8 year old Auntie. Josephine celebrated her 1st birthday with a special cake.
She was fascinated with the candle but decided that cutting the cake took just a
little too long so she took a delicious bite from the side first! Lots of fun. This
young lady is very near walking and can stand on her own. The whole family is
doing great! Gerald and Carlin are still enjoying being „newly weds‟.

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Greg Parish – Lives in Victoria. He was unable to travel home to Summerland
for Christmas this year but spent Christmas day with Brother Gerald, Carlin and
Josephine in Victoria. He still enjoys his Mountain Biking, managing to be in
some videos for a company called Grounds Swell Productions.

Mike & Tracey Parish – Mike burst on the scene as the new, Schlosser web page
manager. He is enjoying the role and doing an excellent job. Tracey organized a
“Get-stamps-to-Anne‟s-Cancer-Group”. She challenged her staff at school and
the results were „supercilious‟. Even more money for cancer research!

*The prize is that you learned something new today!

Matt’s Family
Matt & Elizabeth are both doing well and enjoying life in the Okanogan. Matt‟s
getting excited about the reunion and can hardly wait to see everyone there.

Martin’s Family

Marty & Karen – This year we celebrated Christmas… twice. The first time it
was with our daughter Deanna and her husband Kevin, in Toronto the week
before Christmas. We wanted to see them before they headed up to northern
Ontario to be with his family this year. The second time was on the 25 th, with our
son Drew and his new bride Katherine, here in Ottawa. As a result, this year‟s
Christmas family photo is a collage of shots, taken individually.

Karen and Marty celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary on the 20th of January
and Karen‟s birthday (35 and holding…) on the 31st, so January was a full month
in that regard. Marty‟s been making as much sawdust as possible in his
workshop, but hasn‟t done much exercising lately… and it shows. His latest
lame excuse is the poor skiing conditions. Slackard! Karen‟s been changing the
décor in the living room and master bedroom, with new drapes, bedspread, pillow
shams, chair accent pillows, etc., in place and talk of hardwood flooring, throw
rugs and fresh paint in the bedroom.

Deanna & Kevin – Dee and Kev are all excited about the new home they‟re
having built in Stouffville (NW of Toronto); their move-in month is October. Dee‟s
business is going well and Kev‟s looking forward to reducing his commute time
when they move into their new digs. They spent Christmas with Kevin‟s family, in
Kapiskasing, ON.

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Bernadette & Tom – Their pre-Christmas trip to Cuba went off without a hitch and
they both managed to return, all bronzed and ready to boogie! Bernadette is
looking forward to “practicing retirement” this coming summer when she takes a
well-deserved sabbatical.

Debbie & John – The big news, of course, came in the form of Kyan, their 3rd
grand-child. Those of you who frequent the Schlosser family website have
already read the news and seen the photo of their daughter Jennifer and son-in-
law Joe with their first child. Debbie and John vacationed in Cuba around
Christmas time and of course hated every minute of the snow-free beaches and
being pampered by the staff that waited on them, hand and foot. They‟re
continuing to enjoy both vacation travel and working at their business.

Derek & Cathy – Derek and Cathy, along with their two young kids, are
continuing to enjoy life in small-town northern Alberta, home of the genuine red-
neck. Jack, now nearly 6 years old, is into hockey and really enjoys the game.
Emma does “ballet” (as she calls it), and likes her dance lessons and taking
centre stage. She‟s going to be four, this spring. How do they grow up so fast?!

Jeff – Jeff is back into the swing of his weekly exercise class at the U of A sports
complex now that the Christmas break is behind him. He‟s looking forward to
receiving your e-mails and can be reached at his new address:

                   Schlosser Family Reunion 2006
        There‟s been so many new developments since the last newsletter, that
it‟s gonna be difficult to get them all in here… so I‟d recommend you drop in on
the website‟s reunion page,, for
the full run-down and to keep up with developments as they unfold. Here‟s the

       -   Itinerary. The itinerary has been finalized and includes:
               o Friday evening family get-together at Gail and John‟s place
               o A number of exciting events on Saturday:
                       Family Picnic (11am – 4pm)
                       Schlosser Family Mass, complete with a Schlosser
                         family choir and musical accompaniment (5- 5:45pm).
                         Contact the undersigned if you wish to join the choir or
                         play a musical instrument at the Mass
                       Catered-buffet Banquet (6pm, onwards…) Highlights
                         include a talent show, dancing, door prize, Schlosser
                         Family labeled wine

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             o Sunday golfing tournament, coordinated by Brian (Anne) Parish.
               Self-guided winery tours, etc., are encouraged.

      -   Registration. Registration forms are available at
, and you‟re
          encouraged to send in your completed forms and payment (fees are:
          free for the under-three year olds, $15 if between 3 and 12 years of
          age and $35 for everyone else), along to the undersigned as quickly as
          possible. For that very reasonable fee, you get to take in the Friday
          night get-together, gain entry to the Saturday picnic (everyone is to
          provide their own lunch and refreshments) and of course, enjoy the
          Saturday buffet supper (includes a super buffet and 2 free bottles of
          Schlosser Family labeled wine at each table; more wine will be
          available for sale), gala evening events and door prize.

      -   Talent Show Registration. Please contact the undersigned if you‟re
          interested in entering the talent show. This has proven to be a fun
          event for both participants and audience alike, and we‟re glad to be
          offering it again this reunion.

      -   Profits. All profits from this reunion will be put towards a new initiative
          being organized for Reunion 2010. (In 2010, we‟ll celebrate the
          centenary of the immigration of our fore-fathers to Canada.) Entitled
          “Schlosser Family Centenary Project”, its objective will be to repair the
          dilapidating gravesite of Bernadina and Mathias Schlosser. Details will
          soon be announced at the Schlosser Family website.

      -   Reunion 2006 Logo Design Contest. Yes, everyone may enter the
          logo design contest. Send your entries (hand-drawn or done on the
          computer ) along to the undersigned, to arrive before Friday, the 10th of
          March. John will head up the jury, and the winning entry will
          announced on the Schlosser Family website, on the 20th of March.
          Complete instructions on making iron-on transfers of the logo will be
          provided on the Schlosser Family website at that time, for those
          families or individuals who may wish to make their own Reunion 2006

      -   Accommodation. Accommodations are shown on the Schlosser
          Family website, There
          is a vast variety of accommodations available in the area, everything
          from bed and breakfasts, to luxury motels. RVers should note the
          arrangements that have been made available at the church and
          banquet location.

John Schlosser
Reunion 2006 Coordinator

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+++ End of Issue 1 / 2006 +++

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