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SQA Virtual Desktop Infrastructure _VDI_ Pilot


									                                                                                       case study

   SQA Virtual Desktop
   Infrastructure (VDI) Pilot
   Deployment of VMware VDI as a technology
   pilot, for remote and internal users.

INDUSTRY                           •	 Centralised	management	of		 	   CORE TECHNOLOGIES
Public Body - Education               all desktops.                   •	 VMware	ESX	3.5
                                   •	 Desktop	data	stored	securely	   •	 VMware	Virtual	Centre
BUSINESS CHALLENGE                    in the data centre.             •	 VMware	Virtual	Desktop	
Providing support, applications
and updates to remote users,       INTEREST AREAS
running a variety of different     •	 Secure	remote	access	for	       •	 Microsoft	Windows	XP
platforms and operating systems.      general user staff.             •	 Microsoft	Windows	2003	
                                   •	 Provide	dedicated	Virtual	         Server
                                      Desktops for support staff to
Secure access over the internet
                                      monitor, repair and support
to Windows XP Virtual
                                      systems remotely.
Desktops. Easy to provision,                                           “Very Impressed with
support and manage.                •	 Fast	provisioning	of	
                                                                       VDI technology, it’s very
                                      desktops for remote users
                                                                       easy to use and under-
RESULTS                               to access systems from
                                                                       stand and the fact that
•	 Reduced	desktop	deployment	        temporary locations (e.g.
                                                                       it takes advantage of
   time from hours to minutes.        working from home)
                                                                       VMware High Availability
•	 Secure	and	highly	available	    •	 Large	scale	deployment	          provided by ESX3 is a
   remote access solution using       of virtual desktops for          real advantage”
   Virtual Desktop Management         internal users.
   security servers.                                                   Stuart Paterson,
                                   KEY SERVICES                        Senior Network Systems Engineer
•	 Desktop	environment	that	
                                   •	 Capito	Services
	 benefits	from	VMware	High	
CUSTOMER OVERVIEw                        HOw CAPTIO HELPED                       RESULTS
SQA is an executive                      Utilising SQA’s existing VMware         SQA have been very impressed with
non-departmental public body             Virtual Infrastructure (previously      the technology of VMware VDI. The
(NDPB) sponsored by the Scottish         designed	and	installed	by	Capito	       ease of use, and fact that it takes
Government Education Department.         to facilitate server virtualization),   advantage of the high availability
It is the national body in Scotland      two	Windows	2003	virtual	servers	       and enterprise robustness provided
responsible for the development,         were deployed in a network load         by the underlying ESX platform, is a
accreditation, assessment and            balanced	configuration.	VMware’s	       real advantage.
certification	of	qualifications	other	   ‘Virtual Desktop Manager’ was           Once the infrastructure is in place,
than degrees.                            installed on both servers. This         support staff has the ability to
                                         provided a load balanced and fault      provision one or many virtual
BUSINESS NEED                            tolerant web portal for                 desktops within a few minutes.
SQA are piloting VDI technology          management and user access to
with a goal to providing a secure,       pooled or individually assigned         With centralised management of
consistent and centrally managed         virtual desktops.                       all virtual desktops from the data
full Windows XP desktop                                                          centre, SQA are able to monitor,
                                         To facilitate secure external           manage and relocate these
environment to internal and              access to Virtual Desktops, two
external users.                                                                  resources as necessary.
                                         VDM security servers were
As an example, this would provide        deployed to the existing DMZ. This
the ability for home based               allows remote users to securely
users, with a variety of uncontrolled    tunnel through the internet to the
platforms and operating systems,         internal desktop brokers, from
to access a consistent Windows XP        where a Virtual Desktop can be
platform securely over the internet.     chosen or auto-assigned from
                                         a pool.
SOLUTION                                 Capito	also	assisted	with	the	
Secure access over the internet          creation of a Windows XP template.
to Windows XP Virtual                    To reduce the operating system
Desktops. Easy to provision,             footprint as much as possible, any
support and manage.                      unnecessary applications or services
                                         were removed, resulting in a very
                                         lightweight Windows XP template
                                         that can be used to provision as
                                         many	Virtual	Desktops	as	required.

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