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           2008-09 Annual Report
 2   Message from the Minister and the CEO
 3   Introduction
 6   Saving Energy and Money at Home
10   Saving Energy and Money at Work
14   Saving Energy and Money on the Road
18   Success All Over the Map
20   Programs at a Glance
27   Conclusion
28   Financial Review
32   Acknowledgements
S       mall changes in how we use energy
leads to healthier lifestyles, more comfortable
homes and offices, improved driving habits,
and a cleaner, greener environment. ■

OUR VISION                      OUR MISSION
To create a culture of energy   Conserve Nova Scotia
efficiency and conservation     provides practical,
among Nova Scotians.            meaningful and affordable
                                solutions to help Nova
                                Scotians: make better
                                energy choices; use energy
                                more efficiently; reduce
                                energy consumption; and
                                reduce the effects of
                                energy use on Nova Scotia’s

                              MESSAGE FROM THE MINISTER
                              & THE PRESIDENT AND CEO

                         The Government                                   Welcome to Conserve Nova
                         of Nova Scotia is                                Scotia’s 2008-09 annual report.
                         committed to making                              Since 2006, we have been
                         life better for Nova                             developing programs and
                         Scotia families.                                 initiatives that help Nova Scotians
                         Conserve Nova Scotia                             save energy and money at home,
                         is helping families                              at work, and on the road.
    save money by using less energy, and is             Some of our programs have received
    educating Nova Scotians about reducing          national and local recognition this year. The Home
    energy use and greenhouse gas emissions         Energy Upgrade: How-To Video series found on our
    through its many programs and initiatives.      website and the Rethink: Greener Choices at Work
        Over the past year, Conserve Nova           program received national Awards of Excellence and
    Scotia has increased participation in           regional Gemstone awards from the Canadian Public
    programs like EnerGuide, increased              Relations Society (CPRS).
    awareness of energy efficiency and                  Conserve Nova Scotia also received a B+ rating
    conservation and introduced new programs        from the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance’s 2009
    to meet the varied needs of individuals         report card on energy efficiency. The report card
    and families, workplaces, and those in the      rates the progress of the federal government and
    transportation sector.                          provinces and territories to reduce energy demand
        On the following pages, you will find       and consumption.
    information on dozens of Conserve Nova              In this report, you will learn about Nova Scotians,
    Scotia programs, and read about Nova            like you, who are seeing the benefits of our many
    Scotians, like you, who have saved money        programs. Your success stories give us a shared sense
    and energy, improved their homes,               of pride that we are making meaningful changes in
    businesses or communities, and reduced          the way we use energy. Saving energy adds up–and
    greenhouse gas emissions.                       you’ll see many examples of how all our efforts are
        Thank you to the thousands of people        making a big difference in the reduction of harmful
    who have already taken steps, large or          greenhouse gas emissions and saving Nova Scotians
    small, to reduce energy consumption             money. In particular, the EnerGuide for Houses
    and protect the environment for all Nova        program has helped more homeowners than ever
    Scotians. By continuing your efforts, and       before make energy efficiency improvements, with
    sharing your success story with others, we      a 76 per cent increase in the number of initial home
    can continue to work together toward a          energy evaluations over 2007-08.
    cleaner environment, a greener economy              With so many ways to reduce energy use at
    and a better life for Nova Scotia families.     home, at work and on the road, it’s no surprise that
                                                    the savings are really adding up for the thousands of
    HONOURABLE BILL ESTABROOKS, MB                  Nova Scotians who have made energy efficiency a
    Minister responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia   part of their daily lives. Every Nova Scotian can play
                                                    a part in reducing energy consumption, growing a
                                                    green economy and protecting our environment. It
                                                    starts with us…and…with you.

                                                    HEATHER FOLEY MELVIN
                                                    President and CEO

                       WE’RE CHANGING THE WAY
                       WE USE ENERGY AT HOME,
                       AT WORK, AND ON THE ROAD

N                ova Scotians from Yarmouth to Cape
Breton are doing their part to protect the
environment…and they are saving money at
the same time. Whether they are installing
solar panels at home, switching to efficient
lighting in their business or walking to work
on a community trail system, they are among
a growing number of Nova Scotians who have
discovered that it pays to be energy efficient.

    Concerns about the economy, high              These programs can only make a
fuel costs, and greater public awareness      difference if people know about them,
of environmental issues have led many         so Conserve Nova Scotia introduced the
Nova Scotians to look for better options to   EnerGuide for Houses Retail Marketing
reduce their energy use and become part       Campaign this year to increase awareness
of the solution.                              of the EnerGuide for Houses program.
    Every year, more opportunities are            The campaign—a partnership with
available to Nova Scotians to help protect    more than 135 home improvement stores
the environment and the beauty of our         throughout Nova Scotia—aimed to help
province, while saving energy and money.      consumers quickly and easily identify
Conserve Nova Scotia offers many              products that qualified for rebates through
programs, and works with community            the EnerGuide program. The campaign
groups and organizations to offer             exceeded expectations, successfully
individuals and communities “greener”         increasing consumer awareness and
options at home, at work, and on the road.    participation in the program.


    As a result of this
    program, retailers sold
    more product and
    homeowners were made
    aware of programs that
    could make their homes
    up to 30% more efficient!
    ■ Three months following
    the campaign launch,
    a poll of 400 Nova
    Scotians found that
    87% had visited a home
    improvement store in the
    last three (3) months–and
    43% recalled seeing
    display materials about
    rebates for making home
    energy upgrades.
    ■ 68% of survey
    respondents recalled
    reading, hearing, or
    seeing information about
    the EnerGuide program.
    ■ Web site visits
    increased to 27,093
    in 2008 from 3,280 in
    2007 during the same
    three month period
    (July-October). That’s an
    increase of over 800%!
    ■ Impressive EnerGuide
    participation results were
    achieved with energy
    evaluations for July to
    October increasing to
    2739 in 2008 from 1587
    in 2007 (73% increase
    over the previous year
    between July-October).

4                                SUZANNE BONA, president and owner, Scotian Homes
                                 and Enfield Home Hardware Building Centre Ltd.
    One of the key supporters of this program was well known
business leader Suzanne Bona. Suzanne is the president and owner
of the award-winning Scotian Homes and Enfield Home Hardware
Building Centre Ltd. Her vision has always been to build superior
quality energy efficient homes to suit Nova Scotians’ lifestyles.
By being a leader in the EnerGuide Retail Marketing Program,
Suzanne’s employees helped consumers achieve energy efficiency
in their homes with energy efficient products.
    Suzanne and employees at Enfield Home Hardware Building
Centre were excited about the opportunity to tell their customers
about the EnerGuide for Houses program and the home-
improvement grants. The store featured promotional materials to
identify products to make a home more energy efficient and help
people qualify for rebates.
    Participation in the EnerGuide for Houses Retail Marketing
Campaign by home-improvement retailers throughout the
province, helped to increase EnerGuide participation by 73%
and web site visits by more than 800% over the same period the
previous year.
    Thank you to Suzanne Bona, the employees at Enfield Home
Hardware Ltd., and owners and employees of more than 135 other
retailers throughout the province who promoted the EnerGuide
for Houses program and helped their customers improve the
energy efficiency and comfort of their homes, while protecting the
    EnerGuide for Houses is just one of the many successful
programs and initiatives provided by Conserve Nova Scotia to help
Nova Scotians save energy and money at home, at work and on the
road. All over our province people are taking steps to make their
homes and businesses more energy efficient, and they are seeing
results for their efforts.
    In the following pages of this year’s annual report, you will read
about Nova Scotians, like you, who have participated in Conserve
Nova Scotia programs to make their homes and workplaces more
comfortable, reduce their energy costs and do their part to protect
the environment. They hope that by sharing their stories, other
Nova Scotians will be inspired to make improvements that can add
up to big savings and even bigger environmental benefits. ■

                        “Our customers often look to us for
                        advice on the best products for their
                        home improvement projects,” said
                        Suzanne Bona. “This program allowed
                        us to suggest energy efficient products
                        that would qualify for a rebate through
                        the EnerGuide for Houses program.”

                            IT STARTS WITH ME.
                            SAVING ENERGY
                            AND MONEY  …

    Conserve Nova Scotia offers several
    programs, rebates and resources to help
    homeowners improve the energy efficiency
    of their homes.
        Since October 2006, more than 15,000
    homeowners have completed home
    energy evaluations and are making energy
    saving upgrades to their home through
    the EnerGuide for Houses program. Lou
    LeBlanc is one of them.

    It starts with…Lou LeBlanc
    After hearing about EnerGuide for Houses
    at a home show, one of many home shows
    that Conserve Nova Scotia participated in
    this year, Lou LeBlanc felt it would make
    a big difference in her 60 year old home
    and she was right. She has reduced her
    heating oil use by about 1,000 litres per
    year and cut her electricity bill in half.
    Her EnerGuide assessment recommended
    replacing old doors and windows, insulating
    the attic and basement, and sealing cracks
    and gaps to reduce air leaks.
        Lou hired contractors to do some of the
    work and did a number of projects on her
    own. She believes there are simple things
    people can do to make their homes energy
    efficient. Replacing her lights with compact

    fluorescent bulbs, keeping her furnace
    vents, ducts and filters clean and having her
    furnace serviced annually all made a huge

                            “Any little place that I could find, every

                            nook and cranny, I took the caulking

                            or the spray foam to it, I even sealed

                            up my unused fireplace to reduce

                            heat loss.” — Lou LeBlanc


       LOU LEBLANC, Wellington, Nova Scotia
    SAVING ENERGY                      Lou continues to educate herself and is   increase in their workload as a result of
    ADDS UP                       still making improvements on her home.         the Residential Energy Affordability
                                  “The next house I move into, I’ll be able to   Program (REAP).
    So far, more than 15,000      ask knowledgeable questions about when             Floris Scott has experienced the benefits
    Nova Scotians have            the place was insulated and how it was         of the REAP program.
    participated in the           done,” says Lou. The EnerGuide program
    EnerGuide for Houses          was so beneficial that Lou says she would      It starts with…Floris Scott
    program, saving enough        want to do an EnerGuide evaluation along
    energy to heat 2,800          with a home inspection if she was going to     Floris Scott used to wear her socks to bed
    homes a year.                 buy another older home.                        at night. Now, since energy upgrades have
                                       Nova Scotia EnerGuide for Houses          made her home more comfortable, the
                                  offers federal rebates up to $5,000            socks and the extra quilt on her bed have
                                  and provincial rebates up to $1,500 to         disappeared!
    Reductions in Greenhouse
    Gas Emissions (Tonnes/year)   homeowners who make their homes more               At first Floris wasn’t sure about the
                                  energy efficient.                              program, thinking that it would be too
                        16,664         In 2008-09, 8,809 homes received an       much work for her. After giving it some
                                  EnerGuide evaluation, up from 4,996 the        thought, she welcomed the team that would
                                  previous year (a 76% increase), and 63         install energy efficiency upgrades to her
                                  full time certified energy advisors were       home at no charge. Before long, she was
                                  employed in Nova Scotia, up from 15 the        reaping the benefits and knew she had
                                  previous year (a 320% increase)! With          made the right decision.
                                  marketing initiatives like the EnerGuide           Floris’s Sheet Harbour home is over
                                  Retail Marketing Program, a public             80 years old and was in desperate need of
                                  presence at consumer trade shows and           insulation. In the winter, her house was
    2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
                                  events, and informative and interactive        like an icebox and in the summer it was
                                  website and videos, homeowners are             extremely hot. By insulating her home,
                                  becoming more aware of programs that           she could enjoy the extra comfort and the
    Energy Savings                can help them save money and energy. ■         difference it made on her heating bills.
    (Gigajoules/year)                                                                Floris commented, “I didn’t burn half
                                                                                 the wood this season. This didn’t just save
                                  RESIDENTIAL ENERGY                             me money; it meant I didn’t have to make
                                  AFFORDABILITY PROGRAM                          so many trips to the wood pile! I am so
                                  Through the Residential Energy                 happy. The workers were great, my house
                                  Affordability Program (REAP), low-income       is much more comfortable and this was all
                                  homeowners receive upgrades at no              done at no cost to me.” ■
                                  charge. Community Services identifies
                                  participants from their list of low-income
                                  homeowners already scheduled for
    2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
                                  home repairs. In 2008-09, Conserve
                                  Nova Scotia committed $2.3 million to
                                  upgrade 300 low-income homes.                                  “I have had great success
                                     Through this program participants                           with solar energy. I enjoy
                                  enjoy increased comfort and reduced
                                  energy bills of about 30% every year.                           experimenting with it to
                                     Low-income homeowners are getting                         find new ways to maximize
                                  much needed repairs done, and saving
                                                                                                 its potential. I am starting
                                  money and energy. At the same time,
                                  contractors across Nova Scotia have an                            now to prepare for the

                                                                                               future when we must wean

                                                                                                ourselves off oil and gas.”

                                                                                                               — Guy Tipton

          SOLAR HEATING                                      self-regulated system attached to the back      SAVING ENERGY
          REBATE PROGRAM                                     of his house. This past winter, the Tiptons     ADDS UP
                                                             were able to heat their kitchen with the
          Conserve Nova Scotia’s Solar Heating
                                                             Cansolair heating system—the equivalent         Conserve Nova Scotia’s
          Rebate Program provides provincial rebates
                                                             heating value of ½ cord of wood or 385 liters   Solar Heating Rebate
          of 15% of the installed cost of solar water
                                                             of oil. In an area with greater sun exposure,   Program provides provincial
          or air heating systems. The popularity of
                                                             Guy believes that he could double the           rebates of 15% of the
          solar heating, and of the program, has lead
                                                             performance of the system.                      installed cost of solar water
          to an increase in total residential rebates
                                                                 Next, the Tiptons installed a solar hot     or air heating systems. The
          from less than $60,000 in 2007-08 to over
                                                             water heating system at a cost of about         popularity of solar heating,
          $215,000 in 2008-09.
                                                             $9,000. The system works well as is, but Guy    and of the program, has
                                                             hopes to work with the distributor to make      led to an increase in total
          It starts with…Guy Tipton                          it even more efficient. Once the system         residential rebates from less
          Guy Tipton came to Shelburne, Nova Scotia          improvements are complete, he expects           than $60,000 in 2007-08 to
          from the United Kingdom three years ago to         to have extra hot water which he plans to       over $215,000 in 2008-09.
          give his family a lifestyle away from the hustle   redirect to in-floor heating. These systems
          and bustle of city living. A consultant in the     saved the Tiptons $1,000 this past winter.
          oil and gas industry, Guy is well aware of the         In addition to their investments in solar   (Total # of Participants/year)
          burdens of rising oil costs. He understands        energy, Guy has installed a furnace that in
          that in the future, we will be weaning             the future can use biodiesel fuel.
          ourselves off oil and gas and he wants to be           “I truly enjoy finding new ways to be
          prepared. The father of two young children,        more energy efficient. It is important for
          Guy wants them to grow up in a new energy          all of us to take more time to become
          culture. He would like to make a difference        better educated on new sources of energy
          and ensure his children are educated on their      like solar heating so we can use it to its
          role in protecting the environment.                potential,” commented Guy. ■                          48

              His first project was to install a Cansolair                                                      2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
          Heating System. It uses 240 recycled               Educating Nova Scotians on
          aluminum cans in each unit. It was simple          Energy Efficiency at Home                       Reductions in Greenhouse
          to install and cost only $2,500. Guy has this                                                      Gas Emissions (Tonnes/year)
                                                             For Nova Scotians who like to take a “hands-
                                                             on” approach to learning, Conserve Nova                                481
                                                             Scotia has developed an award-winning
                                                             series of how-to videos to demonstrate how
                                                             easy it is to save energy and money at home
                                                             by making a few simple upgrades. The video
                                                             series features 13 videos, ranging from three
                                                             to five minutes that show how to identify
                                                             air leaks and make small improvements to                      120

                                                             increase the energy efficiency of your home.       2006-07 2007-08 2008-09

                                                                 The response to these videos has been
                                                             very positive. Conserve Nova Scotia             Savings in kilowatt hours
                                                             distributed about 6,500 DVD copies of           (kWh/year)

                                                             the how-to videos and the on-line videos
                                                             have been viewed close to 1,500 times
                                                             on YouTube, with five-star ratings from
                                                             reviewers. These videos are also available
                                                             on the Conserve Nova Scotia website,
                                                   , where they have
                                                             been viewed more than 4,000 times.                  102,336 103,848

                                                                                                                2006-07 2007-08 2008-09

GUY TIPTON, Shelburne, Nova Scotia
                            SAVING ENERGY
                            AND MONEY …

     Through the Smart Lighting Choices
     commercial lighting program, Conserve
     Nova Scotia helped commercial businesses,
     schools and institutions make efficient
     lighting choices by offsetting the cost to
     upgrade their older fluorescent lighting.
     High performance T8 lighting offers both
     energy savings and superior performance
     over conventional T8 or T12 fluorescent
     lighting systems.
         From November 2007 to March 31
     2009, more than 180,000 lighting systems
     were either upgraded or newly installed
     province wide. These impressive numbers
     translate to annual electricity savings of
     over 24,500 megawatt hours, or savings
     of more than $2.7 million. End users save
     energy and money, while doing their part
     to help protect the environment. The
     program has led to a reduction of more
     than 21,000 tonnes of annual greenhouse
     gas emissions.
         As of April 1, 2009, Smart Lighting
     Choices is being delivered by Nova Scotia
     Power as part of the electricity efficiency

     It starts with…the Nova Scotia
     Community College
     The Nova Scotia Community College
     (NSCC) recognized the benefits that the
     Smart Lighting Program could provide to
     its campuses province-wide.
         In the spring of 2008, Conserve Nova
     Scotia partnered with the NSCC to replace
     existing T12 fluorescent lighting fixtures,
     ballasts and lamps with more efficient T8
     lighting at campuses across the province.
     Funding was also included to purchase
     lighting sensors for the Burridge Campus



 DAVE JOLLY,   Facilities Manager, Nova Scotia Community College, Akerley Campus in Dartmouth.
     SAVING ENERGY                   in Yarmouth, four bulb crusher units for            Nova Scotia Farm Efficiency
     ADDS UP                         environmentally responsible disposal of old         and Conservation Program:
                                     bulbs throughout Nova Scotia, and light
     Businesses in Nova              emitting diode (LED) exit lighting.                 Conserve Nova Scotia will
     Scotia are saving millions          Building on this momentum, a number             invest $425,000 over five
     of dollars each year            of campuses also installed light sensors
     by upgrading to more                                                                years to support the creation
                                     in classrooms and looked at alternative
     efficient lighting.             lighting options for parking lots, sport and        of a Research Chair and
                                     recreation areas, and security lighting.            Farm Energy Efficiency and
     Average Monthly Reductions
                                     Eleven of thirteen campuses participated
     in Greenhouse Gas Emissions     in the upgrades (the other two campuses             Conservation Coordinator
                                     were already using efficient lighting) and          positions. Research Chair,
                     1,353           results exceeded expectations. The NSCC
                                                                                         Dr. Ken Corscadden and
                                     hoped for a reduction of approximately
              1,010                  870 tonnes of CO2 . To their surprise,              Julie Bailey, Coordinator will
                                     the actual reduction of CO2 in the year             be the primary contacts
                                     following the retrofit (compared to the
                                                                                         for farmers and those
                                     year before the retrofit) was 1,350 tonnes,
                                     with reductions at all of the participating         supporting energy efficiency
                                     sites!                                              and conservation in the
                                         While other factors such as
                                     enrollment, hours of operation and better           agricultural sector.
          2007-08      2008-09       environmental awareness among staff and
                                     students played a role in the reductions,
                                     the NSCC is convinced this program was
     Average Monthly Savings
     in kilowatt hours (kWh/month)   a major success in helping the college
                                     reduce its overall environmental footprint,
                                     promote awareness and reduce overall
                                     energy costs. ■

          2007-08      2008-09

     Businesses and
     governments are also
     looking for ways to be
     energy efficient, and                                 HEATHER FOLEY MELVIN,
     socially and fiscally                               President and CEO, Conserve
     responsible. In the                              Nova Scotia, JOAN MCARTHUR-
     last year, Conserve                                  BLAIR, President of the Nova
                                                        Scotia Community College, and
     Nova Scotia offered
                                                     MARCEL COTTREAU, Principal of
     government and                                   Burridge Campus review efficient
     businesses programs                                 lighting products at the NSCC
     to do just that.                                   Burridge Campus in Yarmouth.

RETHINKING THE                                 SOLAR HEATING REBATE                                GAMING
WAY WE WORK                                    (COMMERCIAL)                                        CORPORATION
                                                                                                   GETS INTO THE
With over 11,000 employees in the Nova         Conserve Nova Scotia’s solar water                  GREEN GAME
Scotia public sector, there is plenty of       heating rebate program was expanded to
opportunity for government to lead by          include solar air. Provincial rebates for           The Nova Scotia Gaming
example when it comes to energy efficiency.    solar water or air heating systems are equal        Corporation created a
The Rethink program encourages                 to 15% of the cost to install the system.           game called “Busted” to
provincial government employees to             Federal solar air and water rebates are also        encourage participation in
reduce energy, waste and water use. They       available for commercial buildings. They            Rethink. Employees were
are already creating some positive new         are based on a performance factor and size          divided into six teams
workplace habits by turning off lights,        of installation up to $400,000. In 2008-09,         and given “Busted”
powering down computers, printing              15 companies received provincial rebates            tags to collect points by
double-sided, and encouraging the use of       totaling over $58,000.                              identifying colleagues
public transit or energy efficient vehicles.                                                       who may have forgotten
   Conserve Nova Scotia provides               It starts with…The Quality Inn                      to power down at the
provincial coordination, program advice        Halifax Airport Hotel                               end of the day. For
and a starter tool kit to participating                                                            example, if a colleague
government departments, agencies               The Quality Inn Halifax Airport Hotel
                                                                                                   notices an opposing
and Crown corporations. In 2008-09,            is one of the first hotels to participate in
                                                                                                   team member left their
21 departments, agencies, and Crown            Conserve Nova Scotia’s solar heating
                                                                                                   computer on they could
corporations committed to making green         commercial rebate program. The hotel
                                                                                                   put a “Busted” tag on
choices at work for a potential of over        installed a 15 panel system at a cost of
                                                                                                   their screen and record it
8,000 participating government employees.      $69,000. Enrolling in the Conserve Nova
                                                                                                   as a point. The same goes
                                               Scotia solar rebate program provided the
                                                                                                   for lights, power bars
                                               hotel a provincial rebate of $10,339.
It starts with…the Department                                                                      and appliances that have
                                                   Although the system has not yet been
of Transportation and                                                                              not been turned off. At
                                               installed for a full year, they have already
Infrastructure Renewal                                                                             the end of each quarter,
                                               realized a savings of approximately 30%
                                                                                                   the team with the fewest
The Department of Transportation and           on their water heating bills! ■
                                                                                                   “Busted’s” had their team
Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) has been a
                                                                                                   meeting catered.
leader in Rethink. The program has been
extremely popular at the Johnston Building
in Halifax, and will be rolled out to the
rest of the department in the coming year.
With hundreds of offices and buildings
throughout the province, the impact will
be huge.
    “TIR Rethink is making a difference.
We are saving money and helping the
environment,” says Heather Neish,
TIR Rethink Committee member. TIR
provides employees with a Rethink
newsletter as well as advice, encouragement,
and friendly competition.
    Green Fleet is another example of
government leading by example. Through
Green Fleet, the government of Nova
Scotia commits to buying, leasing or           The Quality Inn Airport Hotel is saving 30% on
renting vehicles that rank in the top 20%      their water heating bill, thanks to Conserve Nova
for fuel consumption in their class. ■         Scotia’s commercial solar rebate.

                             SAVING ENERGY
                             AND MONEY …

     Nova Scotians have lots of great reasons to
     travel. Scenic trails, spectacular coastlines,
     welcoming communities, and exciting
     festivals and events are only a few. Add
     to that work commutes and trips home to
     visit family and it’s no wonder we spend so
     much time in our vehicles.
          At the same time, environmental
     concerns, urban population growth and
     high fuel prices are leading more Nova
     Scotians to consider more energy efficient
     driving habits as well as more earth-friendly
     transportation options.
          Conserve Nova Scotia is working with its
     partners and communities on transportation
     programs such as DriveWiser, U-Pass,
     and Green Mobility grants to invest in a
     future that will result in energy savings for
     all Nova Scotians, as well as a healthier
     environment for our children.
          DriveWiser, a behavioural change
     program, continues to grow and see success.
     It is designed to encourage Nova Scotians
     to purchase fuel-efficient vehicles and to
     educate them further on the environmental
     and financial benefits of fuel-efficient
     driving behaviours and proper vehicle
          In 2008-09, DriveWiser reached over
     5,400 Nova Scotians through community

     events and presentations, and more
     than 16% reported taking one or more
     positive actions as a direct result of the
     program. Businesses, schools and various
     organizations are also coming on board
     by promoting the program through
     information distribution, posting anti-idling
     signs and hosting information sessions.


  WAYNE MACPHERSON and students, Maritime Driver Education, Auburn, Nova Scotia
                          It starts with…Wayne MacPherson              HELPING COMMUNITIES
                          and Maritime Driver Education                GO GREEN
                          Wayne MacPherson, owner/instructor at        In 2008-09, 12 communities across Nova
                          Maritime Driver Education, invited the       Scotia received funding through the Green
                          DriveWiser program coordinator to make       Mobility Capital Grants program. These
                          a presentation to his students in Auburn,    communities submitted environmentally
                          Nova Scotia. He wanted to educate them       friendly transportation infrastructure
                          on energy efficiency and how to make         projects that ranged from solar bus shelters
                          wise choices on purchasing, maintaining      to an accessible mini bus to upgraded
                          and operating a vehicle. The student         bike trails.
                          response was so positive that Wayne
                          decided to make the module an integral       It starts with…The Dynamite
                          part of future classes.                      Trail Association
                              Conserve Nova Scotia also partners
                          with the Ecology Action Centre (an           When Sandy Hamilton heard about a call
                          environmental non-profit organization)       for volunteers to start a community trail in
                          on the TRAX program. The program             the Mahone Bay area, he quickly signed
                          promotes sustainable transportation          up. That was 10 years ago. Sandy is now
                          in Nova Scotia through initiatives like      chair of the Dynamite Trail Association,
                          U-PASS, which provides unlimited             and the popular community trail is almost
                          rides on Metro Transit for the university    complete.
                          students of St. Mary’s, Dalhousie,
                          King’s College, Mount Saint Vincent
                          and Nova Scotia College of Art and
                          Design. The price of the pass was included
                          in tuition fees and got high marks from
                          students for convenience. ■

     “I do feel that students are better informed on

     purchasing energy efficient vehicles, regular vehicle

     maintenance to include oil changes and checking

     tire pressure, improved driving skills that include

     slowing down prior to stops and avoidance of quick

     starts resulting in longevity of braking systems and

     fuel economy. They are also more aware of the value

     and importance of taking advantage of car pools,

     better trip planning and also to avoid car idling.”

     — Wayne MacPherson, Maritime Driver Education

                                                                            GEOFF MACDONALD, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
    Community members enjoy walking,             CHÉTICAMP
running and biking on the trail, but they are    Chéticamp Economic Council was granted
also using it for errands to the grocery store   $10,374 to make Chéticamp bicycle-friendly
or the commute to work.                          with bike racks, Share the Road signs, and
    A $25,000 Green Mobility Grant was           bicycle lanes.
awarded to the Association in 2008-09 to
make the trail more accessible for people        KINGS COUNTY
with disabilities. ■
                                                 The Kings Paratransit Society (KPS) was
                                                 granted $25,000 for an accessible mini-bus.
A total of more than $150,000
in grants were awarded to the                    LUNENBURG
following communities:
                                                 Dynamite Trail Association was granted
ANNAPOLIS COUNTY                                 $25,000 for a four-kilometre trail upgrade.

Annapolis County Recreation Services was         HUBBARDS
granted $17,365 for their Share the Road
campaign. They will install 120 Share the        Route Enhancement Committee of the
Road signs and 12 bike racks on designated       Aspotogan Peninsula (RECAP) was
bike routes throughout the County.               granted $4,368 for installation of locally-
                                                 manufactured bike racks at 10 key locations
BERWICK                                          in the Hubbards area.

The Town of Berwick was granted $9,500           KINGS/HANTS COUNTY
for a solar bus shelter with a bike rack.
                                                 Ross Creek Centre for the Arts and the
CAPE BRETON REGIONAL                             Kids Action Program (KAP) were granted
MUNICIPALITY                                     $25,000 towards the purchase of two
                                                 12-passenger vans.
Cape Breton Regional Library was granted
$1,595 to install bike racks and signs at        SPRINGHILL
three rural libraries.
   Cape Breton Regional Municipality             Springhill was granted $2,030 to install bike
was granted $24,478 for infrastructure to        racks throughout the town.
support public transportation in towns
around Sydney. This will include: 12 bus         STRAIT AREA
bike racks, 18 bike racks, and a transit         Strait Area Transit Co-op was granted
shelter in Glace Bay.                            $3,600 to help purchase bus bike racks and
                                                 bus shelters for the local transit system.


                                                 Truro was granted $11,600 for on-road
                                                 bike lanes and the installation of bike racks
                                                 throughout the town.

                          SUCCESS ALL
                          OVER THE MAP

     N              ova Scotia communities from across
     the province are saving energy and money
     thanks to Conserve Nova Scotia’s many
     programs and initiatives. Highlighted here
     are just a few examples of successful efficiency
     efforts in our province. ■

     ● DRIVEWISER                      ● R-2000
     ● REAP                            ● ENERGUIDE FOR NEW HOUSES

                                           TRURO: COOL TRURO
                                           Conserve Nova Scotia helped the Living Earth Council launch
                                           a very “cool” campaign in Truro. The Cool Truro campaign
                                           provided a way for residents to take steps to cool down the planet.
                                           The goal was to get local residents and businesses to take steps to
                                           reduce electricity use by 10% or more. The campaign encouraged
                                           participants to compare their power bills for three months to the
                                           same period the year previous. Conserve Nova Scotia contributed
                                           $16,000 for this initiative.

                                           BERWICK: BERWICK
                                           ENERGY COMMISSION
                                           Berwick Energy installed 100 energy meters to help homeowners
                                           monitor their energy use in November and December 2008. Two
                                           samples of 100 customers have been established, with half using
                                           energy monitors starting in December 2008 and the other half in
                                           May 2009. The two year study will examine the effect of the
                                           energy monitors in helping customers reduce energy consumption
                                           in their homes. Conserve Nova Scotia contributed $20,000 to this
                                           study in 2008-09, and a further $20,000 will be provided in the
                                           next two years.
The Council of the Federation Energy
Efficiency Conference program cover

Conserve Nova Scotia, in partnership
with the Council of the Federation,
hosted the Council of the Federation
Energy Efficiency Conference in Halifax
on November 4 and 5, 2008. Canada’s
Energy and Environment Ministers
gathered with other energy efficiency
experts from across the country to share
best practices and discuss ways to help
Canadians use less energy through
efficiency and conservation.
                                           NADINE MACNEIL and BRIAN HAYES, Conserve Nova Scotia employees,
                                           exchanging lights at The Grand Parade, Halifax.

                                           LED HOLIDAY LIGHTS
                                           Nova Scotians saved energy and money during the 2008 holiday
                                           season after exchanging close to 15,000 sets of incandescent holiday
                                           lights for energy efficient LED lights. More than 7,475 sets of
                                           LED holiday lights were exchanged at 41 tree lighting ceremonies
                                           throughout the province, thanks to a joint initiative between
                                           Conserve Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Power. ■

                             CONSERVE NOVA SCOTIA
                             PROGRAMS AT
                             A GLANCE (2008-09)

     WORKING WITH                                   LED Roadway Lighting
     BUSINESSES AND                                 LED Roadway Lighting, a Nova Scotia-
     INSTITUTIONS                                   based company, has developed an
                                                    energy efficient alternative to conventional
     CFL Partnership Program                        lighting that will save energy, protect the
     Businesses in Nova Scotia purchased CFL        environment, and reduce greenhouse
     bulbs at a reduced cost to give to their       gas emissions. LED Roadway Lighting
     employees or clients for free. About 5,500     will convert 1,100 High Pressure Sodium
     CFLs were distributed through this program.    (HPS) streetlights to Light Emitting Diode
                                                    (LED) streetlights in 11 municipalities.
     Small Business Lighting Solutions—             The demonstration project will provide
     Direct Install Lighting Retrofit               information about reduced energy
                                                    consumption and air emissions. The total
     Lighting retrofits can represent up to 85%     project cost is $1,901,000, with funding
     of the fast payback energy savings potential   from EcoNova Scotia $756,000, Conserve
     in the commercial sector. Between June         Nova Scotia $301,000, Natural Resources
     2008 and August 2009, lighting retrofits       Canada $99,000, Nova Scotia Power
     were made at 31 small and medium-sized         $142,000, and LED Roadway Limited
     businesses. Conserve Nova Scotia invested      $308,000.
     $375,000 in 2008-09 to support
     the introduction of this program, which
     will save over 4 million kWh annually.         Recreational Facility Retrofit
     Starting April 1, 2009, this program will be   Energy Partnership
     funded through the electricity efficiency      This partnership helps recreational facilities
     programs currently being administered by       throughout Nova Scotia improve the energy
     Nova Scotia Power.                             efficiency of their buildings and reduce
                                                    their costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
     Pre-rinse Spray Nozzle Water                   Conserve Nova Scotia invested $250,000 in
     Reduction Program                              2008-09 to support the program.

     Conserve Nova Scotia provided the
     opportunity for Nova Scotia’s food             Smart Lighting Choices
     preparation establishments in the              Consumers received a premium, energy
     commercial, institutional, health and          efficient, high performance lighting product
     educational sectors to reduce the usage        at the price of standard lighting. This
     and heating requirements of their pre-rinse    program is being emulated by other regions
     sprayer and dishwashing water by half.         in Canada. It has reduced greenhouse
     By converting to an energy efficient, water    gas emissions by 21,000 tonnes and saved
     conserving, low-flow, pre-rinse nozzle         participants more than $2.7 million a year
     over a conventional, high flow nozzle,         in electricity costs.
     each kitchen can save 100,000 litres per
     year of hot water and up to 5,000 kWh.

Solar Heating Rebate Program                   Energy Meters in Libraries
In 2008-09, Conserve Nova Scotia               Energy meters have been distributed
expanded its solar water heating rebate        to all public libraries and Nova Scotia
program to include solar air. Provincial       Community Colleges (NSCC) in the
rebates are available for 15% of the cost to   province. People can borrow these energy
install solar water or air heating systems.    meters to measure electricity use in
205 commercial and residential solar           household appliances.
rebates were issued this year.
                                               Energy Meters in Schools
WORKING WITH                                   Energy meters were provided to schools
EDUCATORS                                      to help students understand their personal
                                               energy use and identify ways to use
2009 Art Contest                               less energy. Conserve Nova Scotia has
Natural Resources Canada prints posters        collaborated with the Department of
to profile energy efficiency and the           Education on a Science 6 and Science 9
environment by featuring drawings from         curriculum supplement, “A Closer Look:
elementary school students across Canada.                            ,
                                               Using Energy Meters” available in all
Each year, Conserve Nova Scotia has            schools across the province.
a contest to select a winning entry to
represent Nova Scotia.                         Getting the Word Out
                                               A team of energy experts travel to
Atlantic Film Festival                         communities across the province to provide
Association’s ViewFinders                      energy efficiency advice and education, and
Green Screen Challenge                         to promote available rebate programs. This
The ViewFinders’ Green Screen Challenge        program is delivered by Clean Nova Scotia
encourages students to create short films      on behalf of Conserve Nova Scotia.
and animations about the environment,
energy conservation and efficiency. The        Grade 2/3 Project
Festival-in-a-Van program brings together      The grade 2/3 project is a hands-on,
the films of ViewFinders to communities        minds-on project for students to learn
across Atlantic Canada to spread the           about energy efficiency. Schools receive
important message the films convey about       a comprehensive education package
energy efficiency and conservation. These      including teacher/student information and
films can be viewed at      activity booklets, resource books, media
                                               support and equipment for field trips and
Climate Change Centre                          measurement/evaluation.
The Climate Change Centre provides
education and outreach about climate           School Fundraising Project
change throughout the province. The centre     Conserve Nova Scotia offered schools the
is funded by Conserve Nova Scotia, the         opportunity to sell energy efficient CFLs,
Department of Environment, and Nova            LED night lights and low-flow shower
Scotia Power and is administered by            heads. Conserve Nova Scotia contributed
Clean Nova Scotia.                             half of the cost of the products. This
                                               program ended in June 2009.

     Science Olympics                              WORKING WITH
     Conserve Nova Scotia and the Department       ORGANIZATIONS
     of Education presented the annual Science
     Olympics for grade 4 and 5 students.          Apartment Energy
                                                   Retrofit Project
     Towards a Brighter Future                     Launched in September 2008, the
                                                   Apartment Energy Retrofit Project helps
     This energy education campaign was            Nova Scotia landlords and condominium
     delivered in French to schools in the         associations improve the energy efficiency
     Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial (CSAP)    of the rental housing sector and reduce
     French School Board. It demonstrates          long term energy costs. Under the program,
     to teachers, students, administration and     landlords can apply for rebates for 20
     custodial staff how to achieve energy,        energy efficient products.
     water, and waste savings in their schools.

                                                   Berwick Energy Commission
                                                   With Conserve Nova Scotia’s support,
     DriveWiser is a behavioural change            Berwick Energy is studying the effect of
     program that helps Nova Scotians learn        energy monitors on electricity use in a
     how to save money on fuel and reduce their    sample of its residential customers.
     greenhouse gas emissions through better
     driving habits. This program is delivered
     by Clean Nova Scotia.                         Cool Truro
                                                   Cool Truro was an initiative of the Living
     Green Vehicle Procurement Policy              Earth Council that raised awareness
                                                   of energy reduction opportunities
     In August 2007, the province approved         among residents of Truro. The target for
     the implementation of this new vehicle        participation in the challenge was to reduce
     policy for government vehicles. The policy    home energy consumption by 10% in 100
     ensures that all new vehicle purchases,       households.
     leases and rentals abide by green
     procurement guidelines including right-
     sizing, fuel efficiency and low emissions.    Energy Efficient Street
                                                   & Roadway Lighting Study
     U-PASS                                        The Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities
                                                   (UNSM), received support to hire a
     The U-PASS provides unlimited use of          consultant to determine best practices and
     Metro Transit bus and ferry service to        standards for energy efficient street and
     university students during the school year.   roadway lighting in Nova Scotia.

                                                   Green House Gases Inventory
                                                   Tool Development
                                                   The Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities
                                                   (UNSM) received support to hire a
                                                   consultant to develop a municipal inventory
                                                   software tool for recording corporate
                                                   energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Rethink                                        EnerGuide Zero Interest Loan
The “Greener Choices at Work” concept          Homeowners can apply for a zero interest
encourages government employees to use         loan after they have an EnerGuide
less energy and water, and reduce waste at     evaluation. Loan amounts are tailored to
work. As of March 31, 2009, Rethink is in      the cost of energy upgrades to a maximum
21 provincial government departments,          of $5,000. The loans are for five years
with a potential of over 8,000 participants.   with fixed monthly payments. Program
                                               applications were available starting
Energy Efficiency and Building                 in October 2008, and 138 loans were
Code Changes                                   approved in 2008-09.

By making energy efficiency standards part
of the building code by the end of 2009,       EnerGuide for New Houses
all new homes and small buildings will be      and R-2000
built to EnerGuide 80 standards.               As of April 1, 2009 rebates are available
                                               for new houses that achieve a minimum
Nova Scotia Farm Energy                        EnerGuide 80 rating. Homes that achieve
Efficiency and Conservation                    an EnerGuide 80 will be rebated the $250
Program                                        registration cost. There is an additional
                                               $500 rebate for homes that achieve a
Conserve Nova Scotia will invest $425,000      minimum EnerGuide 83 rating. Previously,
over five years to support the creation        homes had to achieve a minimum
of a Research Chair and Farm Energy            EnerGuide 77 and 80 to qualify for rebates.
Efficiency and Conservation Coordinator        All registered R-2000 homes with an
positions. The Chair and the Coordinator       EnerGuide rating over 82 receive a $1,000
will be the primary contact for farmers        rebate. Between January 2007 and March
and those supporting energy efficiency and     2009, more than 500 homes were registered
conservation in the agricultural sector.       in the EnerGuide for New program and
                                               276 homes were R-2000 registered.
HOMEOWNERS                                     Energy-efficient Appliances Act
                                               Updates were passed that brought Nova
Heat Smart                                     Scotia in line with federal regulations on
The Heat Smart suite of home heating           44 appliances sold in Nova Scotia and
programs was launched in September 2008 to     included first time regulations on wood
help Nova Scotians save energy and money.      stoves. This ensures Nova Scotians can
                                               only purchase highly efficient and EPA
                                               approved wood stoves.
Nova Scotia EnerGuide for Existing
Houses, and Low-to-Modest Incomes
Qualifying homeowners can receive up
to $6,500 in federal and provincial rebates
for making efficiency upgrades to their
home. In 2008-09, the Low-to-Modest
Income Program rebated the cost of the
initial EnerGuide evaluation to 687 Nova
Scotians. The EnerGuide for Existing
Houses program saw the number of initial
evaluations increase by 76% this year.

     Energy Efficient Furnace Incentive              Solar Nova Scotia—Solar
     Homeowners who installed a high                 Shelter Manual
     efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified oil            The manual, first published in 1993,
     furnace, boiler or an indirect water heater     describes techniques and designs to build
     used in conjunction with an ENERGY              passive solar homes. Conserve Nova
     STAR hot water boiler between September         Scotia partnered with Solar Nova Scotia
     10, 2008 and September 11, 2009 can             to update the manual, taking advantage
     receive a rebate of $500 to replace their       of new multi-media technologies, and
     existing primary oil-heating system.            incorporating information on new solar
     Applications will be accepted until March       heating technologies.
     31, 2010. In 2008-09, there were 796
     approved applications.                          Solar Heating Rebate Program
                                                     This program now rebates both solar water
     LED Holiday Lights                              and solar air heating systems. Provincial
     Conserve Nova Scotia partnered with             rebates are available for 15 per cent of the
     Nova Scotia Power to distribute LED             cost to install solar water or air heating
     holiday lights at community lighting            systems. 205 residential and commercial
     ceremonies, in exchange for old inefficient     solar rebates were issued in 2008-09.
     holiday lights. In 2008, light exchanges took
     place in 41 communities and more than
     7,475 sets of LED lights were distributed.

     Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
     Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURB)
     offers incentives for audits and energy
     efficiency upgrades to residential buildings
     of up to 20 units. It is modeled after the
     EnerGuide for Houses program.

     Residential Energy Affordability
     Program (REAP)
     This program installs energy efficiency
     upgrades in low-income houses at
     no charge to the homeowner. The
     Department of Community Services
     identifies participants from their list of
     low-income homeowners already scheduled
     for repairs. In 2008-09, Conserve Nova
     Scotia allocated $2.3 million to retrofit
     300 low-income households. Another 150
     homes will be retrofitted with funds from
     the federal ecoENERGY program and the
     electricity efficiency programs currently
     being administered by Nova Scotia Power.

                         AWARDS AND

Conserve Nova Scotia’s Home Energy
Upgrades: How-To Video Series won
a Jasper Award at the Canadian Public
Relations Society’s 2009 Gemstone
Awards in the Audio Visual category.
    The Rethink: Greener Choices
at Work program earned an Amethyst
Award at the Canadian Public Relations
Society’s 2009 Gemstone Awards in the
Internal Communications category.

                                                                                            KAREN WHITE, Director of
EMPLOYEE SURVEY                                                                             Communications, Conserve
OF NOVA SCOTIA                                                                              Nova Scotia, and MICHELLE
GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES                                                                        WRIGHT, Communications
                                                                                            Officer, Conserve Nova Scotia.
In the 2009 Employee Survey of
Nova Scotia Government employees,
Conserve Nova Scotia demonstrated that
                                                CANADIAN PUBLIC
it is performing very well in all key areas.
                                                RELATIONS SOCIETY
The survey found that our employees
feel connected to their workplace, we           Conserve Nova Scotia received two
are achieving our goals, employees are          national awards from the 2009 Canadian
satisfied with their work and feel valued       Public Relations Society (CPRS) Awards of
for their contributions.                        Excellence. The “Home Energy Upgrade:
                                                How-To Videos” received a Silver Award
                                                in the Audio Visual Products category
                                                and “Re-think: Greener Choices at Work”
                                                earned a Bronze Award in the Internal
                                                Communications category.

                         Through the leadership of Conserve

                         Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia scored a B+ in 2009

                         on the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA)

                         National Energy Efficiency Report Card.


     A single drop of rain hitting the water’s surface
     creates a ripple effect, moving everything
     else in its path. In the same way, every earth-
     friendly action you take—whether it’s replacing
     a light bulb, installing solar heating or building
     a community transportation system—can inspire
     you and those around you to do more.
                           GOING FORWARD:
                           THE RIPPLE EFFECT

M                         any Nova Scotians who took part in
Conserve Nova Scotia programs over the past year
shared their experiences and demonstrated how
small changes in their energy use led to bigger and
better improvements in their homes and their lives.

     These changes aren’t just about saving money.       information to make better energy choices.
They are also leading to healthier lifestyles, more          We also need to demonstrate that these
comfortable homes and offices, improved driving          programs are saving Nova Scotians money
habits, and a cleaner, greener environment.              and that there are measurable greenhouse gas
     As we move forward, Conserve Nova                   reductions. In the year ahead, Conserve Nova
Scotia will build on the momentum that is                Scotia will work with staff, program developers
growing in this province by engaging in social           and partners to set targets for our many
marketing programs to expand on the success              efficiency programs and regularly measure
of current public awareness campaigns and                their effectiveness.
creative advertising.                                        Nova Scotia aims to become a world leader by
     We want Nova Scotians to think differently          having one of the cleanest and most sustainable
about the way they use energy at work, at home           environments by 2020. This is no small challenge,
and on the road. By educating Nova Scotians              and by striving together, we will get there.
about energy efficiency and conservation, we                 At Conserve Nova Scotia, we firmly believe
believe that we can increase the pace of change.         that ‘it starts with me’. There are dozens of
     Transportation plays a large role in the lives of   small things that each of us can do every day at
many Nova Scotians…sometimes more than we                home, at work and on the road to save money
realize. We drive for work, errands and pleasure.        and energy, support a greener economy and
With our significant reliance on transportation,         protect the environment. We will continue to
it is important that we focus our attention to the       offer advice, programs and rebates to make it
area of efficiency and transportation. In particular,    easier for Nova Scotians to use less energy and
Conserve Nova Scotia will take a closer look at          reduce greenhouse gases.
the commercial trucking industry in 2009-10, and             Thousands of people have already made
increase investment in sustainable transportation.       energy efficiency a matter of personal habit or
     Many Nova Scotians already look to                  workplace policy. You can be one of the many
Conserve Nova Scotia to learn how to use                 Nova Scotians who are saving money and
less energy. We will continue to take the lead           energy by committing to energy efficiency in
in ensuring that Nova Scotians have the right            their daily lives. This year, let it start with…you.



     We have audited the balance sheet of Conserve Nova Scotia as at March 31, 2009 and
     the statement of operations for the year then ended. These financial statements are the
     responsibility of the Agency’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on
     these financial statements based on our audit.

     We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing
     standards. Those standards require that we plan and perform an audit to obtain reasonable
     assurance whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit
     includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in
     the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used
     and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial
     statement presentation.

     In our opinion, these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the
     financial position of the Agency as at March 31, 2009 and the results of its operations and
     its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian generally accepted
     accounting principles.

     Chartered Accountants
     Halifax, Nova Scotia
     July 8, 2009

Year Ended March 31, 2009

                                                           2009             2008
    Cash                                          $        400     $          100
    Receivable from the Province of Nova Scotia     11,164,394          5,556,118
                                                  $ 11,164,794         $5,556,218
   Due to the Province of Nova Scotia             $          -     $          100
   Accounts payable and accrued liabilities         11,164,794          5,556,118
                                                  $ 11,164,794         $5,556,218

Year Ended March 31, 2009

                                                           2009             2008
   Province of Nova Scotia                        $20,026,684      $ 9,149,538
   Recoveries                                         218,468           35,156
   Fees and other charges                                   -              223
                                                   20,245,152        9,184,917
   Program grants and assistance                      18,079,585        6,865,104
   Professional services                                 350,209          727,325
   Salaries and benefits                                 939,886          716,940
   General office                                        654,084          626,092
   Travel                                                 30,756           39,198
   Furniture and equipment                                27,199          107,681
   Office rentals                                         53,811           51,372
   Other                                                 109,622           51,205
                                                      20,245,152        9,184,917

Excess of revenues over expenditures              $            -   $            -

     March 31, 2009

     1. DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS                    The Agency has elected early adoption of
                                                   these amendments to Section 3855 effective
     On September 27th, 2006, Conserve Nova        for its fiscal year beginning on April, 1,
     Scotia (the “Agency”) was designated          2008. This change in accounting policy is
     a special operating agency under the          required to be applied retrospectively with
     Public Service Act of the Province of         restatement of prior years. The Agency
     Nova Scotia. Conserve Nova Scotia’s           did not have any non-financial contracts
     mandate is to persuade Nova Scotians to       that were required to be accounted for as
     decrease their environmental foot print       derivatives under Section 3855, nor any
     through a wide range of new and existing      derivative features embedded in non-
     programs, to reduce energy consumption        financial contracts, leases and insurance
     or become energy efficient in their day to    contracts that were required to be accounted
     day activities. Prior to April 1, 2007, the   for as embedded derivatives under Section
     activities of the Agency were conducted       3855. This change in accounting policy did
     through the Province of Nova Scotia,          not have an impact on the current or prior
     Department of Energy.                         year’s financial statements.
     The Agency is dependent on the Province       On April 1, 2008, Conserve Nova Scotia
     of Nova Scotia to provide sufficient funds    adopted Capital Disclosures, Section 1535
     to continue operations.                       of the CICA Handbook. The adoption of
                                                   this new standard has not resulted in any
     2. CHANGES IN ACCOUNTING                      change in how the Agency accounts for its
        POLICIES                                   transactions, but does require additional
                                                   disclosure, which is presented in Note 5.
     Adoption of accounting policies
                                                   The CICA deferred indefinitely the
     On April 23, 2008, the Canadian
                                                   requirement of Not-for-Profit organizations
     Institute of Chartered Accountants
                                                   to implement sections 3862 and 3863 of the
     (“CICA”) amended Section 3855,
                                                   CICA Handbook. Section 3862 requires
     “Financial Instruments – Recognition and
                                                   the disclosure of information about: (a)
     Measurement” of the CICA Handbook.
                                                   the significance of financial instruments
     The amended section allows Not-for-
                                                   for the Agency’s financial position and
     Profit organizations to exempt themselves
                                                   performance and (b) the nature and
     from accounting for certain non-financial
                                                   extent of risks arising from the financial
     contracts as derivatives under Section
                                                   instruments to which the Agency is exposed
     3855 and also to exempt themselves from
                                                   during the period and at the balance sheet
     accounting for certain derivative features
                                                   date, and how the Agency manages those
     embedded in non-financial contracts, leases
                                                   risks. Section 3863 establishes standards for
     and insurance contracts as embedded
                                                   presentation of financial instruments and
     derivatives under Section 3855. These
                                                   non-financial derivatives.
     amendments to Section 3855 apply to fiscal
     years beginning on or after August 1, 2008,   The Agency has elected to defer application
     with earlier adoption permitted.              of these standards and as such continues
                                                   to follow the disclosure requirements of
                                                   section 3861.

Future accounting policy changes                 Financial instruments
In September 2008, the CICA issued               The Agency has classified its financial
amendments to several of the existing            instruments as follows:
sections in Section 4400 of the CICA
Handbook – Financial Statements by Not-          Asset/Liability            Classification          Measurement
for-Profit Organizations. Changes apply          Cash                       Held-for-trading        Fair value
to annual financial statements relating to       Accounts receivable        Loans and receivables   Amortized cost
fiscal years beginning on or after January       Accounts payable and
1, 2009. Accordingly, the Agency will                accrued liabilities    Other liabilities       Amortized cost
have to adopt the amended standards for
its fiscal year beginning April 1, 2009.
                                                 Use of estimates
The amendments include a) additional
guidance in the applicability of Section 1100,   The preparation of financial statements
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles;        in conformity with Canadian generally
b) removal of the requirement to report          accepted accounting principles requires
separately net assets invested in capital        management to make estimates and
assets; c) requirement to disclose revenues      assumptions that affect the amounts
and expenses in accordance with EIC 123,         reported in the financial statements and
Reporting Revenue Gross as a Principal           accompanying notes. Significant estimates
Versus Net as an Agent; d) requirement           used in these financial statements include
to include a statement of cash flows in          the valuation of accrued liabilities relating
accordance with Section 1540, Cash Flow          to program grants and assistance. Actual
Statements; e) requirement to apply Section      results could differ from those estimates.
1751, Interim Financial Statements, when
                                                 Revenue recognition
preparing interim financial statements in
accordance with GAAP; f) requirement for         The Agency recognizes revenue from the
non-for-profit organizations that recognize      Province of Nova Scotia when eligible
capital assets to amortize and assess these      expenditures are incurred.
capital assets for impairment in the same
                                                 Statement of cash flows
manner as other entities reporting on a
GAAP basis; g) requirement to disclose           Management has chosen not to present a
related party transactions in accordance with    statement of cash flow as the information
Section 3840; Related Party Transactions;        which would be contained therein is
and h) new disclosure requirements               available in the statements presented.
regarding the allocation of general support
costs. Management is assessing the impact of     4. FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS
these changes on its financial statements.
                                                 Fair value
3. ACCOUNTING POLICIES                           The fair value of cash, receivable from
                                                 the Province of Nova Scotia, and current
The financial statements of the Agency are       liabilities approximates their carrying
prepared in accordance with accounting           values due to their short-term maturity.
standards for not-for-profit organizations
published by the CICA and reflect the
                                                 5. CAPITAL MANAGEMENT
following significant accounting policies:
                                                 Conserve Nova Scotia has no internal
                                                 capital because it relies on the Province
Cash is comprised of petty cash.                 of Nova Scotia to fund its programs and


     MINISTER’S ADVISORY COUNCIL             THANK YOU TO                                    Paramount Management
     ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND                OUR PARTNERS                                    Parks Canada – Cape Breton
     CONSERVATION                                                                            Prescott Group
                                             Amerispec Ltd.
                                                                                             Province House Credit Union
     Paul Pettipas                           Annapolis Valley Regional School Board
                                                                                             Public Service Alliance of Canada
     Nova Scotia Home Builders Association   Atlantic Coastal Action Program –
                                                                                             Recreational Facilities Association
                                               ACAP Cape Breton
     Ann Janega                                                                                 of Nova Scotia (RFANS)
                                             Bay of Fundy Tourism Association
     Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters                                                    Retail Gasoline Dealers’ Association
                                             Berwick Energy Commission
     Bill Zimmerman                                                                             of Nova Scotia
                                             Canadian Automobile Association
     Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities                                                     Royal Canadian Mounted Police
                                             Canadian Oil Heat Association
                                                                                             Salvation Army
     Alan Richardson                         Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board
                                                                                             School Maintenance
     Nova Scotia Power                       Chignecto-Central Regional School Board
                                                                                             Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
                                             Children’s Clean Air Network
     Alasdair Sinclair                                                                       Sherbrooke Village
                                             Clean Annapolis River Project
     Affordable Energy Coalition                                                             SNC Lavalin
                                             Clean Nova Scotia
                                                                                             Solar Nova Scotia
     Dr. Robert Gordon                       Colour Creative Persuasion Inc
                                                                                             South West Shore Development Agency
     Council of Nova Scotia University       Communications Nova Scotia
                                                                                             South Shore Regional School Board
     Presidents                              Compass Group Canada
                                                                                             Strait Regional School Board
                                             Conseil scolaire acadien provincial
     Ken Meech                                                                               Sustainable Housing Education Consultants
                                             Dalhousie University
     Nova Scotia School Board Association                                                    Town of Annapolis Royal
                                             Eco-Efficiency Centre
                                                                                             Town of Antigonish
     Roxanne Smith                           Ecology Action Centre
                                                                                             Town of Berwick
     District Health Authorities             Efficiency New Brunswick
                                                                                             Town of Canso
                                             Extreme Group
     Leanne Hachey                                                                           Town of Kentville
                                             Government of Canada
     Canadian Federation of Independent                                                      Town of Lunenburg
                                             Halifax Regional Municipality
     Business                                                                                Town of Mahone Bay (Maders Cove)
                                             Halifax Regional Municipality/Metro Transit
                                                                                             Town of New Glasgow
     Brendan Haley                           Halifax Regional School Board
                                                                                             Town of Port Hawkesbury
     Nova Scotia Environmental Network,      Investment Property Owners Association
                                                                                             Town of Truro
     Ecology Action Centre                     of Nova Scotia
                                                                                             Tri-County Regional School Board
                                             Kings Transit
     Christene Almon                                                                         Trinity Maintenance Solutions
                                             Michelin North America Inc (Canada)
     Nova Scotia Department of                                                               Trivium Design Inc.
                                             MJM Energy Ltd.
     Transportation and Public Works                                                         Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities
                                             Municipality of the County of Inverness
     Steve Wilson                            Municipality of the County of Pictou
     Canadian Oil and Heat Association       Municipality of the County of Richmond          ENERGUIDE RETAILER
                                             Municipality of the District of                 MARKETING PROGRAM
                                               St. Mary’s/Sherbrooke Village                 PARTNERS
                                             Natural Resources Canada
                                                                                             A.J. Walker & Son Ltd.
                                             Nova Scotia Agricultural College
                                                                                             Allen’s Home Building Centre.
                                             Nova Scotia Community College
                                                                                             Amherst Hardware Ltd
                                             Nova Scotia Department of
                                                                                             Atlantic Office Tim-Br Mart
                                               Community Services
                                                                                             Baddeck Building Supplies Co. Ltd.
                                             Nova Scotia Department of Education
                                                                                             Barrett Lumber Co. Ltd.
                                             Nova Scotia Department of Energy
                                                                                             Berwick Building Supplies Ltd.
                                             Nova Scotia Department of Environment
                                                                                             Brady Pro Renovation Centre
                                             Nova Scotia Department of Health
                                                                                             Bridgetown Home Hardware
                                             Nova Scotia Department of Health
                                                                                             Brookfield Lumber Co./Pro
                                               Promotion and Protection
                                                                                             Brooklyn Home Hardware Building Centre
                                             Nova Scotia Department of Transportation
                                                                                             Buck’s Home Building Centre
                                               and Infrastructure Renewal
                                                                                             Cameron Home Hardware Building Centre
                                             Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association
                                                                                             Cameron’s Building Supplies
                                             Nova Scotia Power Inc.
                                                                                             Canadian Tire (all Nova Scotia stores)
                                             Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
                                                                                             Canso Co-op Pro Hardware
                                             Paperclip Communications

Carl’s Pro Hardware                             Mid-Valley Home Hardware                   Hopewell (Pictou County)
Cash & Carry Building Supplies Ltd.             N.F. Douglas and Company Limited           IWK
Central Building Supplies                       New Germany Building Supplies Ltd.         Lockeport
Central Home Improvement                        New Ross Home Hardware                     Municipality of Barrington
Charman’s Home Hardware and                     North End Building Supplies Home           Natural Resource Education Center,
   Building Supplies                               Hardware Building Centre                   Middle Musquodoboit
Chedabucto Home Hardware                        Nova Doors & Windows Ltd.                  New Germany – District of Lunenburg
Chester Building Supplies Ltd.                  Nova Scotia Building Supplies Bldg.        New Glasgow
Chester Home Hardware                           Nova Speciality Building Materials         New-Ross – District of Chester
Cheticamp Pro Hardware                          Oxford Building Supplies                   Ohio (Shelburne District)
Clarence Pro Home Centre                        Palmer Home Hardware Building Centre       Oxford
Collicutt Lester D Lumber & Building Supplies   Parrsboro Home Hardware                    Port Hawkesbury & Strait Area Chamber
De-La-Tour Co-op Pro                            Payzant Home Hardware Building Centre         of Commerce
Del’s Home Hardware                             Piercey’s Building Supplies                Region of Queens (Liverpool)
Don Ray Lumber                                  Pleasant Supplies Tim-Br Mart              Sackville
Donavan Building Centre                         Port Hawkesbury Home Hardware              Sherbrooke Village
Enfield Home Hardware Building Centre              Building Centre                         South Shore Health Care
Ettinger’s Home Hardware & Building Supplies    Proudfoots Home Building Centre            Springhill
Family Windows and Doors Ltd.                   Pugwash Home Hardware                      Sydney – ACAP Cape Breton
Fraser’s Pro Home Centre                        R. A. Belliveau (1977) Ltd.                Town of Antigonish
Gillis Building Materials & Renovations         R.M Landry & Son Ltd.                      Town of Berwick
Gow’s Home Hardware                             Rafuse Home Hardware Building Centre       Town of Bridgetown
Greenfield General Store                        Redmond’s Pro Hardware                     Town of Mulgrave
Hallidays Homecare Building Centre              River Ryan Lumber                          Town of Pictou
Hector Building Supplies                        Rona                                       Town of Shelburne
Home Choice Building Centre                     Saulnier’s Home Hardware Building Centre   Town of Stewiacke
Home Depot (all Nova Scotia stores)             Shean Co-op Pro Hardware                   Town of Trenton
The Home Place Building Supplies                Sherbrooke Pro Hardware                    Town of Truro
Happy Harry’s Affordable Building Centre        Sissiboo Home Hardware Bldg. Centre        Town of Wolfville
Hantsport Home Hardware Building Centre         St. Peters Home Hardware                   Town of Yarmouth/Municipality
Harbax Home Hardware                            Stephen’s Home Centre                      Village of Bible Hill
Harris Home Hardware Building Centre            Stewiake Home Hardware Building Centre     Village of Canning
Harrison’s Home Hardware Building Centre        Swinamer’s Tim-Br Mart                     Village of Port Williams
Highland Home Building Centre                   Tatamagouche Home Centre Ltd.              West Green Harbour (Shelburne District)
Hubbards Hardware Limited                       Terry H. Zwicker Lumber and Building
Hubcraft Tim-Br Mart                               Supplies Ltd.
                                                                                           CONSERVE NOVA
Ingonish Home Hardware Building Supplies        Truro Home Hardware
                                                                                           SCOTIA STAFF
J & H Industries Limited                        U. J. Robichaud Tim-Br Mart
Jeddore Home Hardware Building Centre           Wilson’s Home Hardware Building Centre     Heather Foley Melvin
Ken Wilson Home Hardware                        Windsor Home Hardware                      Allan Crandlemire
Kennetcook Home Hardware                        Woodworkers Home Hardware                  Nadine MacNeil
Kent Home Stores                                   Building Centre                         Karen White
King St. Tim-Br Mart/King St. Building Centre                                              Michelle Wright
L’Nuey Building Supplies                                                                   Hal Dobbelsteyn
                                                LED HOLIDAY LIGHT
Landry Brothers Limited                                                                    Donald Dodge
Layton’s Lumber Ltd.                                                                       Nadine MacKay
Liverpool Home Furniture                        Amherst                                    Josh McLean
LumberMart Clearance Centers Ltd.               Annapolis Royal                            Brian Hayes
Lunenburg Pro Hardware                          Birchtown (Shelburne District)             Frederick Drebot
MacIntyre Hardware Ltd.                         Bridgewater                                Tracey McClair
Macpherson Bros. Building Supplies Ltd.         Dartmouth                                  Colleen Paton
MacRae Home Hardware                            District of St Mary’s & Liscomb            Shane Lynch
Maple Leaf Tim-Br Mart                          Eastern Passage                            Denise Doucet
Masstown Pro Hardware                           Goshen (District of St. Mary’s)            Manjari Singh
Matheson J A & Son Bldg. Supplies Ltd.          Grand Parade                               Paul Wamback

                        2008-09 Annual Report

                        CONSERVE NOVA SCOTIA
BMO Building, Suite 601, 5151 George Street, PO Box 153, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2M4
       Tel: 902-424-0790 ■ Fax: 902-424-0799 ■ Enerinfo: 1-800-670-4636

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