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					                            Sunrise Kids
   Fall 2008                                                                                       

Camp Sunrise: A Letter from the Executive Director                                                                GO GREEN FOR CAMP!
Katie McKee Klakos                                                                                                We would like to reduce the
                                                                                                                  amount of paper we produce
Camp Sunrise, Ohio’s only camp for children impacted by HIV/
AIDS, took place the week of August 8-16 and proved to be a                                                          for each newsletter by
stress-free week for the youth in attendance. Camp Sunrise accepted                                                increasing the # of people
105 youth to the program this year, and 26 of these youth were                                                      who receive it by e-mail..
first-time campers. The number of children living in families where
one or both parents has HIV/AIDS continues to grow, as does the                                                     Please send an e-mail to
need for a safe, supportive environment like Camp Sunrise. The                                            if you
demographic breakdown for the youth who attended Camp Sunrise                                                     would like to be taken off the
in 2008 was as follows: 40% male, 60% female, 53% African                                                           paper newsletter list and
American, 15% Caucasian, 17% Hispanic, and 15% Multi-Racial.                                                          added to our e-mail
Camp Sunrise served children from various areas of the state                                                             newsletter list!
including: Cleveland - 47%, Columbus - 22%, Toledo/Lima - 14%,
Cincinnati - 8%, Dayton - 7%, and Youngstown - 2%.                          While the week of camp gives the children
                                                                            a break from the day-to-day stressors they
Camp Sunrise rented the facilities at a YMCA camp in Southern               deal with in their own lives, Camp Sunrise
Ohio for the week of camp. Daily activities included nature studies,        would like to do more for these youth
hiking, canoeing, arts/crafts, expressive arts, creative writing, sports,   through year round programming. In
swimming, and teambuilding activities. All of the activities at Camp        order to coordinate more events and
Sunrise are age-appropriate, meeting the skill levels of all age groups     retreats throughout the year, it is necessary
attending the camp. The 2008 schedule also included volunteer-              for Camp Sunrise to increase revenue
lead electives, such as Weird Science (fun experiments for campers          through grants, fundraisers, corporate and
who like science), Rice Crispy Treat Castles, Ballet, and Rugby. It is      individual donations. We plan on
helpful to be able to use volunteers for leadership roles at camp           coordinating another Moonlight and
such as the Electives Program, which breaks away from traditional           Martinis Fundraiser during the summer of
camp activities. This allows our volunteer staff to be able to teach        2009, and several volunteers have already
the youth new skills while giving the campers a chance to develop           inquired about doing smaller fundraisers
talents that they may be reluctant to try at home. Camp Sunrise             in their own communities. Camp Sunrise
incorporates educational and emotional support programs to help             will also participate in AIDS Walk
youth cope with HIV/AIDS as a family disease. Since many of the             Cleveland (October, 2008) and AIDS
families that we work with are also struggling with poverty, the            Walk Central Ohio (July, 2009), and we
Camp Sunrise staff and Board of Directors work tirelessly                   hope to increase awareness about HIV as
throughout the year to raise enough money to fully cover all costs          well as raise additional funds at these
for participating children.                                                 events.

                Camp Sunrise is proudly affiliated with...
            Camp Sunrise Events
Fall 2008                                                                             

Moonlight and Martinis, A Summer Night to Benefit Camp Sunrise
                                                                                                 Thank you for your support!
            2008 Event                                                                           A special thanks to the following
         Committee Members                                                                      businesses who contributed in-kind
      Irene Alvarez Mark Knisely                                                                     donations for the event:
       Valerie Belt  Wendy Licis                                                            Absolute Impressions       Cathe Kobacker
      Jenn Bonito    Katie Klakos                                                           Barcelona                  M
                                                                                            Basi Italia                Made From Scratch
       Katy Finklea  JT Thomas                                                              Bath & Body Works          Melissa’s Incredible
       Terry Finklea Chad Vogt                                                              Bon Vie                       Edibles
                                                                                            BOSCA                      Miranova
                                                                                            Capital Spring Co., Inc.   Debra Mosic
                                                                                            Jeffrey Chaddock           O’Brien & Associates
                                                                                            Cup o’ Joe                 The Ohio State
                                               Volunteers from the Event Committee          David Yunker                  University
                                                                                                Photography            Outlook Media
                                                                                            Deep Wood Restaurant       Professional Imagery
                                                                                            Delphia Consulting         The Rossi
                                                                                            Due Amici                  Southwest Airlines
                                                                                            Eleven                     Touch of Gourmet
                                                                                            FireSky Resorts & Spa      Union Café
                                                                                            Friedler Photography       The Wine Guy
                                                                                            Giuseppe’s Restaurant      Wizard Custom Golf
                                                                                            Haiku Poetic Food & Art       Outfitters
                                                                                            Hopping Turtle             Yosick’s Artisan
                                                                                            Hyde Park                     Chocolates
                                                                                            Jacob Neal Hair Salon

On Saturday, July 26, over 100 friends of Camp Sunrise gathered in downtown Columbus for Moonlight and Martinis to help raise money
and awareness for the Camp Sunrise organization. Through their kindness, the generosity of our sponsors and lots of hard work from the
planning committee and team of volunteers, Camp Sunrise raised over $25,000. The event featured appetizers from top local restaurants,
great live jazz music and cocktails from our beverage sponsor, Woodford Reserve. Thanks to a beautiful summer evening, guests mingled
indoors, outside on the patio and wandered through the silent auction area bidding on items such as Southwest Airline tickets, a vacation
in Scottsdale Arizona at the FireSky Resort and Spa, Bosca Leather Bags and more. Guests also had the opportunity to hear directly from
a few campers and their families about their experiences.
Why a martini night? “In the past we focused on several different events throughout the year for fundraising efforts like a wine tasting, a
golf outing, private parties, etc.” stated Katie Klakos, Executive Director. “But based on the amount of time and effort that went into
each of those events, I felt that our efforts and resources would be better spent by focusing on one signature event.” It was a gamble that
paid off and set the tone for future fundraising efforts. So mark your calendars for July 2009 and look for a “save the date” card in the
mail. Next year’s goal is to make the event bigger, better and to raise even more funds for Camp Sunrise. We hope to see you there!

         We would like to thank all of our Corporate Sponsors from Moonlight and Martinis 2008.

               Jendco Safety Supply
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            Camp Sunrise 2008
Fall 2008                                            

                             a week at home
                             by Tim, Sundog

                             This place is amazing
                 a place where you hear people laughing
                  not just children, but teens and adults
                  a place where the worries of the world
                                 do not touch
                a little piece of heaven that we get to live
                            even if only for a week
                       we carry the memory for a year
                  a place where judgment does not exist
                      where everyone is who they are
                           not what they look like
                          not where they have been
                              not what they wear
                           and not what they have
                               Just who they are
                   a place where you are not left behind
                  where you always have a hand to help
                                    you walk
                 a shoulder to cry on, a friend to lean on
                       and a family who understands
                       This place is not amazing, No
                   There is only one word for this place
                    this is the place where our family is
                                 This place is

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                    Camp Sunrise 2008
  Fall 2008                                                                               

                    Thanks for everything Ken!
      Without you, the Camp Sunrise program would not be
         what it is today. We will miss you next summer!

Dear Sunrise Community,                                                 It's hard to believe that there was a time when Camp Sunrise didn't
                                                                        have a retreat for it's older teens, or a Sports Department, or an
As I leave my position as Camp Director, I am filled with much          Expressive Arts department. There was no newsletter, or electives
excitement about the future, but no shortage of sadness at the idea     program, or year round Advisory Committee. It’s been such a
of a summer without Camp Sunrise in my calendar. I have spent           pleasure to watch Camp Sunrise grow and evolve based on the
fourteen incredible years getting to know an extraordinary array of     work and feedback of so many people in the community.
adults and youth and, most special in many ways, youth who have
now become adults.                                                      Camp Sunrise operates on an important set of underlying principles
                                                                        that allow it to be a remarkable place with incredible strength, spirit,
Despite countless obstacles, we have seen tremendous growth.            and sense of community. I am proud of what we have
From a camp that had only 35 campers in its first summer, we have       accomplished in the name of children impacted by HIV/AIDS.
developed to the point where accepting upwards of 100 youth each
summer is now standard operating procedure. We have grown               I will deeply miss being Camp Director of such a wonderful
from a program at which only three adults had participated in           program. I will forever treasure the lessons I've been taught
anything like it, to a place where staff members return in staggering   through my work with Camp Sunrise. For the optimism and the
numbers. This past summer, 84.9% of our counselors and program          sense of teamwork, for the pies in the face and the late night giggles,
staff had been to camp before, many of them five times or               for the boundless warmth and enduring relationships—I offer my
more. Much like the adults, the children keep choosing to return        profound thanks.
and their families continue to allow us the privilege of working with
them.                                                                   With love and respect,

I have loved participating in camp’s development over the          Ken Gladstone
years. Through the input of the community, youth and adults alike,
we have created the Sundogs program for older campers and a
Junior Counselor program for past campers interested in developing
their leadership skills and in giving back to the program.

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   News and Upcoming Events
Fall 2008                                                                           

                                                                             Camp Sunrise Holiday Party
                                                                       Sunday December 7, 2008 from 2:30-4:30pm
                                                                          King Arts Complex—Columbus, OH
                                                                      Volunteers from Camp Sunrise along with members of
                                                                     Ekklesia Church will provide food, fun, arts & crafts, and
                                                                      games for campers and their families at this event. Jim
                                                                      Arter, local artist in the Columbus community, will be
                                                                   leading an art activity during this fantastic event! To RSVP,
                                                                       please call 216-432-9544 with the number of family
                                                                    members who will be attending and a phone # where you
  Camp Sunrise and The Ohio AIDS Coalition                                                  can be reached.
     Collaborate to Launch OPY! Website
Camp Sunrise and OAC recognize that Stopping HIV/AIDS
requires comprehensive strategies that focus on young adults.
We feel that it should be a priority within the field of HIV/
AIDS services to identify the needs of this population, to train
current case managers and medical staff about best practices
for working with this population, and to ensure that adequate
programming is available for these young people. It is our hope
that with the launch of this new site we can provide resources
to families and professionals as well as create an atmosphere
that is welcoming and a safe space where HIV-Impacted
Young Adults in Ohio can be themselves, make connections
with other young people who are impacted by HIV, and stay
                                                                             Friends of Camp Sunrise Carnival
For additional information about the OPY! Website, please
contact Katie McKee or Tyler A. TerMeer              Come and join the Friends of Camp Sunrise on Saturday,                                                 November 29 at 6pm—East Village in the Short North (630
                                                                      N. High Street, Columbus). The event will be filled with
                                                                    games, prizes & loads of fun. All of the proceeds will benefit
                                                                        Camp Sunrise. If you would like to make an in-kind
                                                                    donation for the silent auction or if you have questions about
                                                                          the event, Please contact the event coordinator,
                                                                                Lea Maceyko—

                                                                    Toys “R” Us, Inc. and Disney Announce
                                                                    Exclusive Launch of Specially Designed
                                                                      Halloween Costumes to Benefit the
                                                                     Children Affected by AIDS Foundation

                                                                        Support the Children Affected by AIDS
                                                                   Foundation (CAAF) by purchasing an exclusive
                                                                   line of Halloween costumes at Toys “R” Us and
                                                                        Babies “R” Us stores nationwide and at

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      Camp Sunrise Thanks...
 Fall 2008                                                                   

                                                            Thanks to all of the AIDS Walk Central Ohio
                                                         participants, our team raised over $5500 at the event!
                                                         Robin Aker            Kevin Day                Pamela McVeagh
                Thank you to all of our
                                                         Adam Anderson         Anne DeNoronha           Kelly Merryman
                fabulous Camp Sunrise
                                                         Jill Anderson         Jeff DuBois              Pat Merryman
              Volunteers. This program
                                                         Sandy Anderson        Lauren Feiner            Erin-Kate Murphy
                 would not be possible
                                                         Augie Arballo         Debbie Fisher            Kelly Myles
               without your dedication,
                                                         Manuel Arteaga        Amy Freer                Ellie Pelc
              talents, & positive energy!
                                                         Jill Backer           Shannon Friesen          Micki Pike
                                                         Karen Baldoza         Andrew & Judith Froling Douglas Pineda
                                                         Amy Barrett           Tim Fulton               Denise Pleska
                                                         Tara Barrett          Jim Gladstone            Leslie Raihall
    2008 Camp Sunrise Contributors                       Rita Bedritis         Ken Gladstone            Hiram & Yvonne
A special thanks goes out to the following groups and/   Bill Behrens          Larry & Suzie Gladstone          Richardson
or individuals who went above and beyond to support      Cash Beraun           Kenneth Goddard          Hugh Rodman
 the 2008 summer camp program through a monetary         Catherine Bernard     Michele Gorman           Stacey Salomon
  or in-kind donation. If you would like information     Fiona Blackburn       Kelsey Goss              Scott Santarella
   about how your company can get involved in our        Britney Blair         Angie Gross              Marc Sasala
    summer or year round programs, please contact        Victoria Boczkowski   Anjum Gupta              Rachele Schneekloth or 216-432-9544.               Anne Boninsegna       Jessica Haag             Heather Shea
                                                         Jenn Bonito           Ellen Harvey             Larisa Sidorova
         Association of Nurses in Healthcare             Lisa Brightbill       Maureen Havelka          Tania Simoncelli
                Bath and Body Works                      Judie Brown           Suzanne Henry            Carey Smiley
               BMW Financial Services                    Marie Browning        Dylan Hildreth-Hoffman Carolyn Straub
                The Camp Collective                      Peter Buffett         Jill Hoffman             Jill Stugmyer
                   Ekklesia Church                       Judith Butsko         Jill Hughes              Joe Stugmyer
                Terry & Katy Finklea                     Jayma Calgiano        Bonnie Kay               Mark Swanson
             inVentive Communications                    Sarah Callender       Paul & Machelle Kline    Aimee Swartz
          Jim Kemp & The Oakland Family                  Andrew Cameron        John Lally               Rick & Pam Swartz
                  Deborah Kloenne                        Angelique Campbell    Glory Lane               Natalie Todd
                       DJ Moxy                           Stacy Carlson         Brandon LaSan            Chrissy Trickett
                 National City Bank                      Cassie Carothers      Robert Lawson            Davina Troughton
                 The Navicor Group                       Molly Casey           Alex Lilien              Justin Tyack
           The Ohio Children’s Foundation                Heidi Cho             Becca Lindenberg        Stephanie Vecchiarelli
                    Julie Patterson                      Michael Clumeck       Chad McCouryq            Jim Wagner
         Ronald McDonald House Charities                 Karen & Don Cogley    Sheila McGrath           Stephen Wald
                 Tom & Patty Tyack                       Kachina Corti         Victoria McGrath         Christa Watson
                       Wal-Mart                          Dan Crane             Dylan McKee              Lauren Weber
               Charlie & Mamie Yeagle                    Chris DaRosa          Barbara McVeagh          Mary Wesley
                                                         Kimberly Davis        Charles McVeagh

Sam Schisler and The Columbus                A special thanks goes out to Rob
 Softball Association, longtime              Waldron who worked tirelessly to          Thank you John Mullins for the
supporters of the Camp Sunrise              organize Sunride—a bike-a-thon in          time and energy you devoted to
  program, raised $3500 for the             Dayton that raised $3600 for Camp              the FLASHES Softball
  organization at Bat n’ Rouge               Sunrise. Event partners included          Tournament on August 2, 2008.
 this past June. Thanks for all of          Children’s Medical Center, PFLAG,             This event raised $1000 for
         your hard work!                    ARC of Ohio, Youthquest, and the                    Camp Sunrise.
                                                  Dayton LGBT Center.

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           Friends of Camp Sunrise 2008
Fall 2008                                                                                                                       

       These are the individuals and groups who have donated to the Friends of Camp Sunrise campaign in 2008.
  ...They gave the gift of laughter to help children learn how to laugh again.                                     …They gave the gift of friendship to help children
                                                                                                                  realize there are other kids out there just like them.
                              Jodi Bopp          Craig & Kathi Iden     Jim Ruck & Gail
                        Don & Nancy Burdsall        Edward Jekot                                                           Phillip Corcoran       Jeremy Jacobson         Cheryl O’Brien
                             Dennis Bye              Cindy John                                                         Phil Corrigan & Friends      Beth Jarvis          Paula Perrerra
                                                                        Marlene & Tom
                            Leann Birko           Debbie & Donald                                                             Tammy Cox              Char Jessie           Denise Pleska
                          Nicole Carmean              Kennard                                                              Catherine Curley        Barb Karolski &        Robert Preston
                                                                        (in honor of Joe &
                         Jeffrey Chaddock            Janet Kidd                                                               Del Doerner          Patty Tomeske          Michelle Rakes
                                                                       Mary Kay Delpriore)
                             Bette Coles         Lorraine Leichner                              Carol Albertus            Thomas Drezek III        Frederick Kemp         Molly Raybuck
                                                                       Richard Schnipke &
                          Michael Council           Karen Liming                               Stephanie Barber               Erin Durbin           Vivian Laxton         Edward Russell
                                                                        Michael Crandall
                           Michelle Dietz        Lisbeth McCloskey                             Bob Barnes & Ryan              Scott Crum           Lea Maceyko &           Fred Sewards
                                                                         Suzie Simpson
                                                                                                    Poirier             Mr & Mrs. Chuck Dale        Collette Haley        Steve Shellabarger
                          Elizabeth Dejelo           Bruce Leff          Vernon & Helen
                                                                                                                            Susan Davidson         Susan Maceyko        Jeanne Slaughenhoupt
                           Donald Doyle            The Licis Family          Smith              Tara Barrett &
                                                                                                                             Teresa Downs         Gerrye McCarley       Tom & Shawn Smith
                             Sean Duffy              Judy Long          Lori Steigerwald     Kathleen Hildenbrand
                                                                                                                           Ekklesia Church          Ellen McKee          Matthew Staman
                           Mollie Dunlevy         Stephanie Mann          Steve Strobel      Nancy & Dick Bennett
                                                                                                                             Terri Fishman        John & Catherine        Jena Stugmyer
                         Gregory Espinoza       Karen & John Mayer       Gemel Thomas            Jenn Bonito
                                                                                                                           Christine Foster             Milos              John & Janie
                             Barry Frank          Lyndsey Maynor        David Townsend        Phoebe Brockman &
                                                                                                                             Brandy Froling        Richard Mitsak           Stugmyer
                        Mark & Brandy Froling    Marjorie Mitcham      Barbara Weinstock      Marwan Kashkoush
James & Ellen Angus                                                                                                          Stacey Golden         MW Industries,        Charlotte & Sheila
                         Colleen Galbraith           Mary Myser         Jeffery & Cheryl         Vincent Byrd
  Tamara Arment                                                                                                               Peg Griffith          Capital Spring            Sullivan
                           Linda Garrick        Wilbert & Norma Oler         White             Charles Campbell
   Karen Baldoza                                                                                                         Janet & Dwight Haas           Division          Kathryn Tunstall
                           Patricia Gates           Joanna Pallos      Laura Wickersham      Care Pet Clinic, Inc.
     Pat Barber                                                                                                            HAS Images, Inc.        Daniel Nowicki         Barbara Varga
                             Pam Gavan             Matthew Perry           Darla Wills       Manuel & Jerrald Cavillo
    Jeffrey Blasi                                                                               Adella Chess                 Sharon Huber         Julie Patterson &      Cathy Williamson
                          Teresa Gonzales           Pearl Rayfield       Michelle Yeagle
    Karen Blazer                                                                                                              Mark Hurtt           Robert Morgan          John Wilkinson
                            Becky Green             Marlene Renz          Angela Yeagle          Robert Clay
   Faycal Brahimi                                                                                                             Denise Izor         Ted & Sybal Oakland     Barbara Zelley
                         Jennifer Hannum           Ted Rogachuck                               Malcolm Cochran
 Stephen & Christie
                           Scott Harrier
                            Bryon Hayes
Nancy & Bob Brown
 Orlando & Lenora
                            Debra Hurtt                                     Friends of                                    …They gave the gift of hope to show
                            Phyllis Hupp
                           Robert Hupp                                     Camp Sunrise                                     children they can live well with
…They gave the gift of wonder to allow children to experience
       the beauty of the outdoors for the first time.                                                                                         David Froling
                                                                                                                                            Martin Greitzer
                           Christopher Fairman            Sharon Lessard
                                                                                                                                    Hewitt Associates Foundation
                            Katy & Terry Finklea           Jeffrey Marva
                                                                                                                                     Robert Hipp & McGraw Hill
                             Patrick Gallaway              Susan Moore
                                                                                                                                       inVentiv communications
                          Henry & Sheila Gladstone    Jeff Redfield & NRFPT
                                Tom Havens                Bowling League                                                                     Jessica Kaiser
                               Dawn Henslee              Cynthia Roberts                                                          Paula Katz and Bath & Body Works
                               Karen Higgins         Ronald McDonald House                                                                 Deborah Kloenne
                              Jeffrey Hissem                 Charities                                                        Lea Maceyko & the Friends of Camp Sunrise
                                Tara Hower           George Rubin & Premiere                                                                 Carnival Crew
                                Mark Hurtt                 Turf Services                                                    Barbara Miller & the Ohio Children’s Foundation
                         David Jargowsky in honor       Sam Schisler & The                                                              National City Fun Club
                            of Mildred Resnick       Columbus Softball Assn.                                                   Gabe Thompson & BMW Financial Services
The AK Steele Foundation The JM Smucker Company         Heather Schneider              Diane Cabalquinto
                                                                                                                               Tim Shrewsbery & Bill Mast— BearVillities
  Denise Bakenhaster     Wendy Johnson & Otterbein         Heather Shea                 Debra Camarota
                                                                                                                                     Trident International Toledo
     Jason Barnett               Jack Kahl               Matthew Stearn              The Columbus Cutters
     James Bruner                                                                                                                        Tom and Patty Tyack
                                Paula Katz              Douglas Thompson                  Scooter Club
      Dave Castro            Deborah Kloenne                                                 CLAW                                   United Pool Distribution, Inc.
       CJ Curtis         Mark Knisely & Chase Bank          Sally Windle                                                                     Matthew Wick
                                                                                   Chuck & Sandy Dale (Elevator
      Gregg Dodd         Jeff Lemert & the Sunday     Patricia Wright-Stover                                                            Charlie & Mamie Yeagle
     Marc Dotson          Brunch Bowling League      William & Celeste Young

                        Please consider giving and becoming a Friend of Camp Sunrise in 2008.

    We are looking for individual, small business and corporate members to increase the doses of LAUGHTER, FRIENDSHIP,
                             WONDER and HOPE FOR OUR CAMP SUNRISE KIDS IN 2008.
   When you become a Friend of Camp Sunrise, you can be sure that every penny of your donation will be used to provide Ohio
               children impacted by HIV/AIDS with the opportunity to attend camp or other activities where
                                         they will know they're not alone.
         For more information on how to become a Friend of Camp Sunrise, please contact Katie at or call the office at (216) 432-9544.

  Donations may be taken through Paypal using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover at Simply put FOCS (Friends of
                                                     Camp Sunrise) in the “Payment For” Line.

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                                                         Camp Sunrise
                                                       3210 Euclid Avenue                                              U.S. Postage
                                                      Cleveland, Ohio 44115                                               PAID
                                                                                                                      Columbus, OH
                                                                                                                      Permit No. 7036
                  Fall 2008

          Camp Sunrise                                                     Become a Friend of Camp
         subsidizes 100%                                                         Sunrise
         of camper costs!                                                     Tax deductible donations
                                                                                                                      Thank You!

                                                                                    may be sent to:
            FOR CAMP SUNRISE:                                                        Camp Sunrise
                                                                                  3210 Euclid Avenue
 October 4—AIDS Walk Cleveland—University Circle                                 Cleveland, OH 44115
                                       OR log onto
                                                                             And pay with your credit card.
   November 29—Friend’s of Camp Sunrise Carnival—
                                                                                 and pay using Pay Pal.
                   East Village
                                                                             Designate your gift to FOCS.
 December 7 (2:30pm)—Columbus Sunrise Holiday Party
         and Art Event—King Arts Complex                                           Name:_____________________________________
       December 3—World AIDS Day Conference—                                      Address:_____________________________________

      December 20—Razzle Dazzle—Axis Nightclub                                            ____________________________________

      January 24—Katie Reider Benefit—Promo West                                          ____________________________________

If you have questions about any of our upcoming events, please feel free          This donation is made in honor/memory of:
                    to contact

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