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					1976 – 1980          1981 - 1985         1986 - 1990            1991 - 1995           1996 - 2000           2001 - 2005        2006 - 2010
Brown, yellow        1983 John           Student strike         1991 –                1st division in       2004 – Vale Sue    2007 IEC joined
and green            Rule, Glen          over brown school      Aeronautics starts    swimming and          Colcott            G.S.H.S.
uniforms (trees)     Flanders            uniforms                                     athletics
Japanese             1984 Bruce Utting   1989 Beasley           1995 Corporal                           2005 – Vale Jenny Gavin Rogers left.
                                                                                      Start of volleyball
Exchange                                 Report                 punishment            program with      Bacon              Pam Campbell-
program                                                         ended.                John Vincent „96                     Foulkes left
Don Idle –           1985 Greg           Gerry Marriott –       1996 Music            1999 -2007        King hit student
founding Principal   Bowdell             2nd Principal          specialist program    Gavin‟s IT help   2005
Small numbers –      1985 – 1300         1990 Ross              Star student - Lisa   1999 Paul         2001 Music tour – 2007 Music tour -
175 Year 8s          students; school    Manson – English       McCune                Frisina‟s multi-  Japan              UK
                     buses, bike racks   teacher – left to go                         media             2004 Music tour -
                                         into IT.                                                       Japan
Alan Bond owned      Locker area with    Steve Raphael –        Feral kids – staff    1998 3 Amigos     Brett Hunt – 3rd   2007 Skye killed
the land             inspection          Hugh Hefner of         cars pinched          formed            Principal          at Greenwood
                                         GSHS                   (Sonya)                                                    Hotel
Geoff Carter (DP)    Lush gardens        1990 Gary Tuffin       1992 Ed Retallick     1999 debate -     25 anniversary of 2007 Natalie and
lived at back of                         – Police Officer       arrived               republic          school             Sonia – maternity
school                                   started                                                                           leave
Showpiece school     Large proportion    1988 - 1035            Miles Pollard         1997 gang warfare 2001 – fire in Art 2006 Wearing of
boundaries           of students sat     students; 2 HODs       (McLeod‟s             Pommy & the       block – kids       jeans to school
stipulated, school   TAE (TEE)           of English and         Daughters).           Rapiers v Bogans smoking             banned
creed                                    Science
Notable students:    Lock step           1986 new school        1992 Progressive      1996 Tea money        Joan Virdnichs –   2006 and 2007
Vyninka Arlow        stipulated          uniform; red, blue     Phys Ed Dinners       stolen twice          social organiser    eV Challenge
Lisa McCune          curriculum          and white – a new      (on the bus).                                                  won
Myles Pollard                            vision. Emblem =
Michael McCall                           gumnuts /leaves
Barry Heard                              “Courtesy and
Ben Rowe                             Friendship”.
Ben Tippet
Mildred Seth
Michael Stuart
                 1984 School         1990 school pool       1991 End of          End of the wood   2002 ex students    Numbers
                 assemblies          constructed            Friday drinks.       duck              killed in Bali      increased – drawn
                 cancelled – bad                                                                   bombing             from Lansdale.
                 Strong Japanese     1987 VET               1992 Governor        1999 Admin        2003 first school   History of recent
                 language program    programs               Stirling Cup each    revamp, fibre     chaplain            rejuvenation
                                     introduced             year until 1997.     optic cabling                         linked to numbers
                 1981 end of year    1988 Students in       1993 end of year     1999 = era of 3   2006 Wearing of     2007 Interschool
                 full school         A/B division for       party; Ed in tutu,   C‟s               jeans banned.       cricket team –
                 activities begun    interschool            Dennis as an elf;                                          won first game in
                                     athletics and          pan flute players                                          4 years
                                     swimming.              in Northbridge.
                 Drug Lords          1990 First             1992 Dance           1996 Common       2001 formal        2008 school
                 Approx. 120 staff   computer in staff      studio..             Assessment        assemblies – multi numbers =849
                 mentors             room for ALL                                subjects          media
                                     staff.                                      introduced
                 1984 – 1263         1990 Yr 11                                  SWL introduced    2001 water pipe     2007 Camps and
                 students, 1200      transitional course                                           burst               Excursion Policies
                 lockers                                                                                               re duty of care.
                 Demountable City    School Creed                                1998 Time         2003 Rock           Ty Delevale –
                                     reflected instilling                        capsule           Eisteddfod          murdered partner.
                                     of values.
                 Brian Burke‟s       1998 Aviation                               Office, Admin and 2004                Upper School
                 visit               Simulation room                             Student Services  Drama/Dance tour    Science wing
                                     (Marion Brown)                        upgrade.                                moved.
                   Media in Drama    1988 Warwick                          Changes to duty     2003                2007 Science
                   Room. Upper       and Woodvale                          of care – less      Cheerleading        moved to
                   school block      open.                                 excursions          success             accommodate IEC
                   where Maths is.
                                     1989 Fete to open                     1999 School         Jake Pagel
                                     pool.                                 Musical “Food for
                                                                                               Laptop computers
                                                                                               for teachers
                                                                                               Yr 12 common
                                                                                               Tippet family –
                                                                                               gift of car for
                                                                                               automotive class
                                                                                               to restore
                                                                                               (including 12
                                                                                               month rego.)
                                                                                               2004 Graeme
                                                                                               Henshaw retires.

Dates unknown:
Dance program, Volleyball program      Hayley Cameron, Damien Smith, Marni Stafford in Young Originals        Cat plague
Anne‟s green eye-shadow                I.E.C.                                                                 Career nights
I.E.P. – Lucy‟s emails                 High flying students pre ADHD medication                               Swimming Pool project
Pay increase once – date unknown.      Assemblies for Anzac Day, World Day                                    (speak to Greg/Bruce)
Beavis and Butthead @ sports carnival       Mary Mac – reading room – mother for all kids   ex student John O‟Neill
Ann Robinson – deputy of rules              Sundowners – good old barbecue snags            Principal, Davallia PS
Cockroach plague                            Ed & Miro – always been here (shared hair)      Ex student Michael
R.I.P. Helen Zani, Mary Mac                 Living dead – John Rule, Ric Murray             Burke, Head Fisheries,
Specialised subjects (Dance, Aeronautics)   Choreography nights                             ex student Todd Felton,
YFC Multi media presentations               Ben Rowe – baseball player                      golfer
Ex student Michae4l Franklin, actor         Guy who did sfx on “Lord of the Rings”