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        Held at The Council Offices St Margaret’s Hall, St. Margaret’s Street, Bradford on A von
                                       on Tuesday 28 April 2009 at 7.00pm

Town Council
Cllr G Allison
Cllr S Fisher
Cllr M Hewson
Cllr P Leach
Cllr I Martindale
Cllr J Repton
Cllr P Skidmore (Chairman)
Mrs D Holmes (Town Clerk )

Others Pres ent
Gerald Milward-Oliver ( Economic Development Consultant )
Moira Forsyth (Lamb Yard Project)
Victoria Ashford (Wiltshire Times Reporter)

Moira Forsyth addressed the Town Council asking for the Council’s support in allowing the Lamb
Yard Project to continue with the project of having an Arts Centre in the Vaults without the presence
of the Tourist Information Cent re now that the TIC had withdrawn.

240. Apologies
Cllr S Allen
Cllr A Craddock
Cllr V Landell Mills

241. Declarations of interest
Cllr Leach declared a personal interest in the Residents Parking Scheme being a resident of Frome

242. Matters Arising from the minutes
i)      Minute 225. Christmas Lights
The Clerk reported that no reply had been received from Mouchel or the Chamber of Commerce. Cllr
Martindale reported that the Chamber of Commerce would be sending a representative to the next
Riverside and Public Areas meeting when the matter would be discussed.

ii)      Minute 234/4 Age No Barrier Week
Cllr Martindale reported that the Senior Citizens Forum were considering a present ation of WII Fit
programme visiting elderly persons centres in the town. She was hoping to arrange for y oung people
to demonstrate the equipment to older ones. The programme should take place during Age No
                           th     th
Barrier Week being the 20 – 26 June 2009.

iii)    Minute 236 NHS Dental Service
Cllr Hewson reported that he had written to the Primary Care Trust regarding the lack of NHS Dental
Services in Bradford on A von.

243.  The meeting was adjourned and Standing Order suspended to accept questions or
comments from members of the public.

Gerald Milward Oliver addressed the Town Council regarding ‘Priority for Peopl e’ advising that all
groups had now met.

DH/VAB/Full Council Minutes 28.04.09
With regard to the Historic Core Zone Action group, Wiltshire Council had confirmed that there was
money in the budget for the feasibility study and that the group would be sending a proposal to
interested parties. The Safer Communities Group would be holding their next meeting in Westwood.

With regard to the Connected Communities group, Mr Milward Oliver advised that he had spoken to
Dr James Heffer regarding the possibility of providing medical services in the villages. He further
advis ed that a Social Networking site was being set up.

In answer to questions, Mr Milward Oliver confirmed that the Historic Core Zone principle was to deal
with the centre of the town, giving a sense of place and assisting with t raffic management with fewer
street signs and had been used in other towns, for example Bury St Edmunds and Lincoln.

244. Chairman’s Announcements - There were none.

245. Minutes of the Committees and Working Groups
It was RESOLVED that the minutes and decisions taken under delegated powers in respect of the
Planning and Development Committee held on 7 April 2009 be noted.

246. The Vaults
Consideration was given to the request from the Lamb Yard Project to continue with their project for
the use of the Vaults as an Arts Centre wit hout the Tourist Information Cent re. Cllr Fisher as
Chairman of the Working Group reminded the Town Council that it had chosen B RAVE (now the
Lamb Yard Project) to develop a plan for the use of the Vaults with the provis o for inclusion of the
Tourist Information Cent re.

The Tourist Information Centre had now withdrawn being committed to a longer term lease. Cllr
Fisher advised that the Lamb Yard Project were an organisation keen to continue and he did not see
a requirement to go through the whole tendering process again. Cllr Fisher made a propos al, which
was seconded by Cllr Hewson and with 5 in favour, and 2 abstentions it was RESOLV ED to agree
that Lamb Yard Project could continue to pursue their project for use of the Vaults as an Arts Centre
without the inclusion of the Tourist Information Centre.

247. Vacancies for Town Councillors
    i)    It was not ed that no calls for election had been made for the vacancy in the North ward
          and that the Town Council must now co-opt a member. Papers regarding the process of
          co-option had been circulat ed with the agenda.
    ii)   It was not ed that Linda Coggan had resigned on the 16 April 2009 and noted that
          notices had been posted. The Clerk advised that if no election is called for by the 1 2
          May 2009, this post will also be filled by co-option. It was RES OLV ED to deal with both
          vacancies together and if no election called for the South Ward vacancy by the 12 May,
          an advertisement be placed for both vacancies in the Wiltshire Times in the Public
          Notices Section asking for interested parties to submit an application to the Town Council
          and be asked to attend the next Town Council meeting on the 26 May 2009.
248. Annual Town Meeting 14 April 2009
The minutes for the meeting had been circulated. Cllr Leach commented that he had submitted an
apology and asked for it to be added. Comments were made of the Footbridge presentation and was
generally very well received.

249. Community Planning
It was not ed that David Gregory (Chair of Bradford on A von Community Area Part ners hip) would be
attending the next Town Council meeting to update the Council on the work of BOCAP.

    a)      St Margaret’s Hall
    The Clerk reminded the Town Council that a meeting on the 10 March it was RESOLV ED that
    an acoustics report should be obtained for St Margaret’s Hall prior to instructing arc hitects to
    prepare planning application for the proposed improvements. She reported that three quotes had
    been obtained ranging from £725 - £1,240. It was RES OLV ED to appoint Amadaus Acoustic
    Solutions at a fee of £725 with a possibility of £250 being rebated against supply and installation.

    b)      Yellow pages/ advertising
    Quotations for the renewal of the advertising of St Margaret’s Hall in Yellow Pages and on the
    web site were considered. The quotes being £102 for the Yellow Pages and £370 for After some consideration it was RESOLV ED to renew the Yellow Pages advert but not website ent ry.
DH/VAB/Full Council Minutes 28.04.09
251. Residents Parking Scheme
A letter from Andrew Wyatt of Wiltshire County Council dated the 1 April had been circulat ed with
new proposals regarding a Single Residential Parking Zone. After some discussion it was
RESOLV ED to support the parking zone in the green boundary but to ask the Wiltshire Council to
continue to cons ult regarding the far end of Frome Road opposite the Maltings.

252. Historic Towns Forum Conference
This matter was not discussed as a request from Mr Milward Oliver to attend had been withdrawn.

253. Town Council Conference
                                                                       th                 th
It was RESOLVED to agree to move the date of the Conference from the 17 October to the 24
October 2009 due to the availability of the venue.

254. Recycling of Office Waste
This matter to be deferred to the next meeting as Cllr Landell Mills was not present.

255. Town Council Website and Office IT support
The Clerk reported that the current Town Council website was not working correctly and did not allow
minutes to be uploaded. In addition she report ed that the current Town Council domain would benefit
from being registered as a .gov address and the current IT network needed upgrading to use a main

She had obtained a recommendation from Corsham Town Council for an IT provider who also offered
IT support and obtained a quote which had been c irculated. She advised that the situation was
urgent due to the website not working.

After a long discussion it was RES OLVED to waive the standing order requiring three quotes due to:
     The urgent requirement to resolve the website problems
     The positive rec ommendation from Corsham Town Council about the contractor and
     the fact that Corsham Town Council had sought three quotes for a similar service.
     The contractor being registered to deal wit registration

After furt her discussion it was propose d by Cllr Leach seconded by Cllr Allison and wit h 6 in favour
and 1 abstention it was RESOLV ED to delegate powers to the Clerk in consultation with the
Chairman to agree a fee for Annual IT support and if satisfactory to appoint 3D Comput er System
Ltd., to register a new .gov domain name, trans fer the website, post the website and resolve the
current problems for a fee of £565.00 + VA T and to provide a new IT net work upgrade including a
server for a total of £1,729 + VAT and to give further delegated powers to the Clerk regarding the
choice of backup options and accept the appropriate quote. It was further RESOLV ED that this
should be funded from the budget code 15 – Computer hardware and code 342 – Website.

256. Correspondence for Consideration

1      Wiltshire Association of Local Councils                      Newsletter April 2009
       Copy enclosed                                                Noted.

2      Royal Air Force                                              Civic Reception at the Wiltshire Music
                                                                    Centre on 17 th June 2009 7.00 p.m

                                                                    Resolved that members should register
                                                                    their own attendance
       Invitation to reception. Includes music by RAF band.
       Register attendance at http://ci

3      Stella Lebretton , New Town Centre resident                  Complaint about music, car and youth
                                                                    noise at night
       Query if Town Council has any plans to tackle this (letter   RESOLVED to reply stating that the
       enclosed)                                                    Chairman would take this matter to the
                                                                    next Community Safety meeting on the
                                                                    13 Ma y 2009.

257. Correspondence to note
The correspondence as listed was noted.

DH/VAB/Full Council Minutes 28.04.09
258. County Councillor Reports
Cllr Hewson reported that potholes had been filled in Culver Road.

259. Reports
Cllr Martindale reported that she had cycled around the town with Andy Cadwallader from Wiltshire
Council Highways and he had agreed to arrange for five or six of the worst potholes to be filled. She
advis ed that she was concerned about the quality of the material used by Utilities to fill holes after
work which were only covered for two years.

Cllr Fisher reported that there was a badly even surface on the road at the junction of Winsley Road
and Bath Road.

Cllr Martindale further reported that she had attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting last night
and that the Chamber were enthusiastic about the Bradford in Bloom propos als and about the
Bradford project to enhance areas of the town. She also advised that the Chamber of Commerce
were looking at producing a ‘Welcome’ pack.

Cllr Leach reported that there continued to be incidents at the Victory Field and that the Police had
been called twice due to break ins to the shed.

Cllr Fisher reported that the sign to the Quaker meeting house at the bottom of Whitehill was
continually being turned round.

260. Accounts for payment
A list of accounts had been circulat ed. It was RESOLVED that having been checked by Cllr Gwen
Allison invoic es and direct payments amounting to £33,390.48 + VAT and payroll amounting to
£10,455.25 be approved.
‘Under the Public Bodies (A dmission to Meetings Act 1960) by reason of the confidential nature of
staff matters now to be discussed it was RESOLV ED that the public and press be excluded from the

261. Private Business

DH/VAB/Full Council Minutes 28.04.09

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