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1.    Name in full                        :    ARSI PRASAD JHA
2.    Father’s Name                       :    Late Raj Narayan Jha
3.    Date of Birth                       :    06-12-1976
4.    A. Category                         :    General (Unreserved)
      B. Caste                            :    Brahman

5.    Sex                                 :    Male
6.    Nationality                         :    Indian
7.    Present Address                     :    Arsi Prasad Jha, Anthropological
                                                Survey of India, W.R.C.,
                                                Pratap Nagar, Udaipur-313001 (Raj)
8.    Permanent Address                   :    Arsi Prasad Jha, S/O-Late Raj Narayan Jha,
                                                Moh.-Prabhu Thakur, Ward-09, P.O.-Rosera,
                                               Distt-Samastipur, Pin-848210 (Bihar)
 9.   Mobile No.                 :             09414170971
10.   E-mail Id.                 :   
11.   Academic Qualifications    :
Sl.   Exam.       Board/University                 Subject                Year    Marks             Percent     Div.
No.   Passed                                                                      Obtained          age of
01.   Matric           B.S.E.B.,         Patna     Hn., Eng., Snsk.,      1990    372/900           41.33 %     III
                       (Bihar)                     Eco., Math.,Soc.
                                                   Sc., Sc.
02.   I.A.             B.I.E.C.,         Patna     Eco.,        Psy.,     1992    431/900           47.88%      II
                       (Bihar)                     Maithli, Pol. Sc.,
                                                   R.B. Hindi
03.   B.A. (Hons.)     L.N.M.U., Darbhanga         Psychology             1997    493/800           61.62%      I
                       (Bihar)                     (Hons.),     Eco.,             (Hons.)
                                                   Maithli,     MIL
                                                   Hindi, GS
04.   M.A.             L.N.M.U., Darbhanga         Psychology             1999    494/800           61.75%      I
      (Psychology)     (Bihar)
05.   P.G. Diploma     I.P.R.S., P. U., Patna      Clinical               2003    383/600           63.83%      I
      In   Clinical    (Bihar)                     Psychology
06.   Ph.       D.     M.L.S.U.,      Udaipur      A       study    of    2008    Awarded           Awarded     Awarded
      (Psychology)     (Raj.)                      psychoneurotic
                                                   trends          and
                                                   problems among
                                                   tribal adolescents
07.   Certificate in   I.G.N.O.U.,     New         Guidance               2010    Letter Grd.-C     Equiv. to   Grade-C
      Guidance         Delhi                                                      Point Grd.-3.00   54.99%
08.   Computer-        N.I.I.T.,    Branch-        Basic Computer,        2003    Pass              Pass        Pass
      Swift Jyoti      Gonda (U.P.)                Fundamental, MS
                                                   Word, etc.
12. Details of Experience                              :
Sl.   Name      of         the     Post held          Pay Scale          Period         Whether          Nature of duty
No.   Organization                                                                      regular or not
01.   Adarsh Viklang Seva          Psychologist-      Voluntary          03-            Temporary (in    Counseling,
      Sansthan, Block Road,        Trainee                               Apr.2006- 02   NGO)             Psy.therapy, testing &
      Rosera,         Distt-                                             Aug.2010                        assessment, camping,
      Samastipur,    848210                                                                              etc. for disabled and
      (Bihar)                                                                                            other persons
02.            -Do-                Psychologist-      Voluntary          24-04-1998 –   Temporary (in              -Do-
                                   Trainee                               27-02-1999     NGO)

03.                 -Do-                  Psychologist      Voluntary       02-03-1999 –   Temporary (in              -Do-
                                                                            4-10-2001      NGO)
04.       Distt. Disabled Rehab.          Psychologist      5000.00         05-Apr.2002    Contract         Counseling,
          Center, Red Cross                                 Fixed           – 03 Nov.                       Psychotherapy, Psy.
          Society Bldg.,                                                    2003                            testing and assessment,
          Maharajgang, Gonda                                                                                camping, etc. for disabled
05.       Anthropological Survey          Research          9300-34800,     05     Nov.    Regular          Research Work in the
          of India, WRC, Pratap           Associate         GP-4200.00      2003 to till                    field of psychology
          Nagar, Udaipur-313001           (Psychology)      (Present        date                            which includes
          (Raj.)                                            Basic-                                          collection, compilation
                                                            17510.00)                                       and analysis of data and
                                                                                                            writing of reports on
                                                                                                            tribal and non-tribal

13.List of Publication (Research papers in different journals)                                         :
Sl.   Title of the Paper                                         Journal’s/Book’s     Vol. No., Issue       ISSN/ISBN No.
No                                                               Name                 No., Year and
.                                                                                     Page No.
01    Environmental Noise and Concentration in                   Behaviourometric     27, 1-2, 2010         Not Available
      Mental Work                                                                     Paper is accepted
                                                                                      for publication in
02    dknj tutkfr % ,d ifjp;                                     Vanyajati            58,1, January-2010    ISSN 0975-647
03.   Effect of Personality (Neurotic Tendencies) on             Gujarat Journal Of   5,8,October-          Not Available
      |Interpersonal Relationship in Workplace among             Psychology and       december-2009,
      the Government Employees                                   Education            67-69
04    fd’kksj Nk=ksa ds ekufld LokLF; ij xzkeh.k ,oa ’kgjh       f’k{kkfe=            2]2] fnlacj&2009]     RNI
      okrkoj.k dk rqyukRed v/;;u                                                      17&18                 UPBIL/2008/28046
05    Effect of Emotional Status on Autonomy in                  Magadh Journal of    I, 1, July-           Not Available
      Decision Making Process                                    Social Research      Dec.2009, 64-69
06    Examophobia in Adolescents in relation to their            Indian Journal of    73, Special Issue,    ISSN 0019-6215
      Sex, Type of Family and Previous Academic                  Psychological        2009, 303-306
      Records                                                    Review
07    Effect of Socio-Economic Status on Students’               Economy of           2009                  Not Available
      Academic Achievement of Udaipur District                   Rajasthan:           (In Book Form)
                                                                 Emerging Prospects
                                                                 and Challenges
08    fo|ky; esa v/;;ujr fd’kksj Nk=&Nk=kvksa ds ekufld          lkekftd ‘’kks/k      4, 2008, 29-31        ISSN 0973-1210
      LokLF; dk rqyukRed v/;;u
09                                                  a
      o`) ,oa izkd&o`) O;fDr ds varjoS;fDrd lac/k ij ’kSf{kd     Journal of Well      2,2, June-2008, 48-   Not Available
      fLFkfr ds izHkkoksa dk v/;;u                               Being                55
10    tutkrh; fd’kksjksa esa ‘’kSf{kd miyfC/k dh vkfFkZd ,oa     lkekftd ‘’kks/k      3,3, December-        ISSN 0973-1210
      jkstxkj leL;kvksa ij izHkkoksa dk v/;;u                                         2007, 61-63
11    tutkfr ,oa xsSj&tutkfr fd’kkjska ds ‘’kkjhfjd ,oa LokLF;   lkekftd ‘’kks/k      3,3, December-        ISSN 0973-1210
      leL;kvksa dk rqYkukRed v/;;u                                                    2007, 64-65
12    A Study of Mental Health of Secondary School               Indian Journal of    64,3, September-      ISSN 0019-6215
      Children                                                   Psychological        2005, 119-122
13                                            `
      Mkeksj tutkfr esa ijaijkxr dkuwu ,oa usrRo ‘’kSyh          ekuo                 28,1, 2004, 73-77     Not Available
14                           `
      lgfj;k tutkfr esa usrRo % ,d                       ekuo                 28,2, 2004, 59-62     Not Available

14.List of Publication (personal, academic and vocational guidance/counseling in different newspapers) :
Sl. No.       Title of the Paper                                 Newspaper’s Name               Date, month, year and Page No.
01.           vki viuh LoewY;kadu ¼ijh{kk½ ,sls djsa             U.P. India Times (Gonda)       28 July-06 Aug. 2003, 4
02.           fodykaxksa esa vkdka{kk Lrj c<k;sa                 U.P. India Times (Gonda)       28 May-02 June 2003,2
03.           v/;;u ds fy, le; foHkktu ,sls djsa                 U.P. India Times (Gonda)       14-20 May 2003,2
04.                                              q
              fodykaxksa ds fy, Vad.k dk;Z% ize[k jkstxkj        U.P. India Times (Gonda)       28 March-06 Apr. 2003,2
05.           ijh{kk dk ek/;e dSls ifjorZu djsa                  Sarkar Aur Janta Ka Darpan     03-09 June 2002,4

06.                                     w
         ekufld eanu dks jksdus esa Hkz.k vof/k dh lko/kkfu;ka      Dharti Gagan (Gonda)             31 May-06 June 2002,3 &4
07.                S
         lwpuk izk|ksfxdh esa jkstxkj ds volj                       Action India (Gonda)             21-27, 28-03 Apr. 2001, 7
08.        z
         xwi fMLd’ku esa ,sls lQy gksa                              Aryavarta (Patna)                25 January 2001, 2
09.      vki Hkh izkIr dj ldrs gSa ,jksuksfVDl f’k{kk               Aryavarta (Patna)                24 January 2001, 7
10.      ’kkjhfjd f’k{kk esa jkstxkj                                Aryavarta (Patna)                03 January 2001, 7
11.            a
         vuql/kku esa jkstxkj                                       Aryavarta (Patna)                03 January 2001, 8
12.      lh-,l-vkbZ-vkj-&;w-th-lh- es ,sls lQy gksa                 Aryavarta (Patna)                27 December 2000, 7
13.      vFkZ’kkL= i<s]a jkstxkj ik;¡                               Aryavarta (Patna)                06 December 2000, 7
14.                       s
         ;w-th-lh- esa izo’k ds fy, euksfoKku dh rS;kjh ,sls djsa   Aryavarta (Patna)                20 December 2000, 7
15.      vuqoknd ds {ks= esa jkstxkj                                Aryavarta (Patna)                22 November 2000, 7
16.      fganh Hkh cu ldrh gS jkstxkj dk ek/;e                      Aryavarta (Patna)                22 November 2000, 7
17.      foeku bathfu;fjax esa jkstxkj                              Aryavarta (Patna)                15 November 2000, 7
18.      ;w-th-lh- lh-,l-vkbZ-vkj- esa ,sls lQy gksa                Aryavarta (Patna)                08 November 2000, 7
19.      vki Hkh cu ldrs gSa oSKkfud                                Aryavarta (Patna)                25 October 2000,7
20.      fyf[kr ijh{kk dh rS;kjh ,sls djsa                          Aryavarta (Patna)                18 October 2000,7
21.      dSfj;j dk pquko ,sls djsa                                  Aryavarta (Patna)                11 October 2000,7
22.      vki Hkh cu ldrs gSa ik;yV                                  Aryavarta (Patna)                20 September 2000,7
23.      ,l-,l-lh- Lukrd eq- ijh{kk esa lQyrk dSls ik;sa            Aaj (Patna)                      02 August 2000, 13
24.      eSfVªd ds ckn fo"k; ,oa laLFkku dk p;u ,sls djsa           Aryavarta (Patna)                19 July 2000,7
25.                    Z
         ekufld nqcyrk% mipkj ,oa jksdFkke                          Aryavarta (Patna)                11 July 2000,7
26.      x`g foKku ds {ks= esa jkstxkj                              Aryavarta (Patna)                21 June 2000,7
27.      ch-ih-,l-lh- ds fy, euksfoKku dh rS;kjh ,sls djsa          Aryavarta (Patna)                14 June 2000,7
28.      dSls ,l-,l-lh- eSfVªd Lrj dh ijh{kk esa lQy gkas           Aryavarta (Patna)                17 May 2000,7
29.      euksfoKku ds {ks= esa jkstxkj                              Aryavarta (Patna)                10 May 2000,7
30.      ;w-th-lh- ’kks/k v/;srko`fRr dh rS;kjh ,sls djsa           Aryavarta (Patna)                05 April 2000,7

15. Seminar/Conferences/Workshop attended                                     :
Sl.   National/International                         Title of The                      Name of the          Title of the Paper            Period
No.   Seminar/Conference/Workshop                    Seminar/Conference/               Organizer            Contributed
01    15th International and 46th National           Life skills for quality of life   Deptt. of            Role of                       18-20
      Conference of the IAAP                                                           Psychology,          Psychological                 February
                                                                                       Andhra               Factors on Suicide:           2010
                                                                                       University,          An Overview
02    National Conference on the                     Recent Trends in                  Deptt. of            Nk=ksa esa c< jgh             6-8
      Psychology                                     Psychology: In Indian             Psychology, M.                         `
                                                                                                            vkRegR;kRed izofRr;ksa        Febuary
                                                     Perspective                       L.B. Girls Coll.,    dk dkj.k                      2011
03    98th Indian Science Congress                   Quality      Education     and    S.R.M.               Effect of                     3-7
                                                     Excellence     in    Scientific   University,          Impulsivity on                January
                                                     Research        In      Indian    Chennai              Concentrated Work             2011
04    National Conference                            Well-Being, Women and             Deptt. Of            Suicide in                    23-24
                                                     Work-emerging trends in           Psychology,          Working Women                 October
                                                     Psychology                        Govt. College,                                     2010
05    National Seminar                               Minorities and Other              Deptt. of            vYila[;d ¼eqfLye½ oxZ         5-6
                                                     Excluded Groups of Indian         Sociology,           ds ’kSf{kd fodkl              October
                                                                                                            ¼fu"iknu½ ij
                                                     Society                           R.C.A. Girls’                                      2010
                                                                                                            lkekftd&vkfFkZd Lrj
                                                                                       P.G. College,        ds izHkko dk v/;;u
                                                                                       Mathura              dkj.k
06    National Seminar                               Terrorism, Society and            Deptt. of            eqfLye ,oa fganw lekt         3-4
                                                     Quality of Life                   Psychology,          ds lkekftd&vkfFkZd            October
                                                                                       University of        Lrj dk v/;;u                  2010
                                                                                       Rajasthan , Jaipur
07    National Conference                            Educational Reforms :             Aiswarya             fu/kZurk ,oa ‘’kSf{kd         1-3 Oct.
                                                     Insights and Analysis             Coll.Udaipir         miyfC/k                       2010
08    National Seminar                               Globalization and Human           Deptt. of              S
                                                                                                            os’ohdj.k ds nkSj esa         9-10
                                                     Rights in the 21st Century        Sociology,           fd’kksj&fd’kksfj;ksa esa c<   June
                                                                                       B.S.A. Col4ege,      jgh vkRegR;kRed               2010
                                                                                       Mathura                  `
                                                                                                            izofRr;k¡% lekt’kkL=h;

09   International Conference               Gender and the Changing         Mohan Lal            Suicide As a Result          30-31
                                            World of the Work and           Sukhadia             of Excess Violence           March
                                            Health                          University,          Among Working                2010
                                                                            Udaipur              and Non-Working
10   National Seminar                       Positive Psychology and         Deptt. of            fd’kksfj;ksa esa             28-29
                                            Health: interventions and       Psychology,          vkRegR;kRed leL;k;sa         March
                                                                            M.D. University,     ,oa blds fuokj.k esa
                                            Strategies                                                                        2010
                                                                            Rohtak               ldkjkRed euksfoKku dh
11   National Seminar                       Mental Health                   Deptt. of            fd’kksjksa esa c< jgh        13-14
                                                                            Psychology, J.R.     vkRegR;kRed leL;kvksas       March
                                                                            Vyas University,     dk v/;;u                     2010
12   XIX Annual Conference of The           Challenges and Issues in the    Bangalore            Role of Religion,            6-9
     NAOP                                   Application of Psychological    (Karnataka)          Caste and Education          March
                                            Principles for Human                                 on Suicide                   2010
13   National Seminar                       Values and Ethics in            Deptt. of            Neurotic                     26-27
                                            Corporate world : Managing      MHRM and             Tendencies and               February
                                            Challenges and Realities in     MBI, UCCMS,          Employee’s                   2010
                                            HR                              MLSU,Udaipur         Interpersonal
14   45th National and 14th International   Quality of Life and             Deptt. of            Role of                      18-20
     Conference of the IAAP                 Globalization: Effective Self   Psychology,          Psychological                February
                                            Care Interventions              Andhra               Factors on Suicide:          2010
                                                                            University,          An Overview
15   National Seminar                       Rural Tourism in India          Deptt. of History,   i;ZVu ds eukslkekftd         2-3
                                            (Special Reference to           M.                   igyw                         February
                                            Rajasthan, Gujarat and MP)      L.S.University,                                   2010
16   National Seminar                       Recent Trends in Applied        Deptt. of            Suicide in                   23-24
                                            Psychology                      Psychology, Coll.    Changing                     January
                                                                            of Commerce,         Scenario: an                 2010
                                                                            Patna                Overview
17   National Seminar                       Positive Psychology and         Deptt. of            e/;e lekftd&vkfFkZd          23-23
                                            Well Being                      Psychology,          Lrj ds fd’kksjksa ds         Decembe
                                                                            Moha Lal             ekufld LokLF; ij
                                                                                                                              r 2009
                                                                            Sukhadia             ikfjokfjd cukoV ,oa
                                                                                                 ikfjokfjd leFkZu ds
                                                                                                 izHkkoksa dk rqyukRed
                                                                            Udaipur              v/;;u
18   8th Biennial Conference of the                       -                 I.I.T. Delhi,        A           Comparative      11-14
     AASP-2009                                                              AASP, NAOP           Study of Modernity           Decembe
                                                                                                 and Inferiority              r 2009
                                                                                                 Complex            among
                                                                                                 Upper               Caste,
                                                                                                 Backward Caste and
                                                                                                 Scheduled Caste
19   World Veda Conference                  World Veda Conference           G.K.                       S
                                                                                                 euksoKkfud ,oa oSfnd         20-22
                                                                            Viswavidyalaya,      n`f"Vdsk.k ls mRre pfj=      Novemb
                                                                                                 ,oa pkfjf=d fod`fr dk
                                                                            Haridwar                                          er 2009
                                                                                                 rqyukRed v/;;u
20   10th World Congress of World                         -                 NIMHANS,             A Comparative                12-15
     Association for Psycho-social                                          Bangalore            Study of Mental              Novemb
     Rehabilitation                                                                              Health of Male and           er 2009
                                                                                                 Female Adolescents
                                                                                                 among Tribal and
21   International Conference               Emerging Technologies in        Deptt. of Civil      An Experimental              26-28
     (ICETESE-2009)                         Environmental Science and       Engineering,         Study on                     October
                                                Engineering-2009            Z.H. Coll. of        Performance of               2009
                                                                            Engineering,         Mental Work in

                                                                            A.M.U., Aligarh      Noise-free and
22   Multidisciplinary International        Emerging Issues and Global      Aishwarya            Curriculum and            21-24
     Conference                               Economics Scenario            College,             Teaching Procedure        August
                                                                            Udaipur              Problems and              2009
                                                                                                 Achievement of
23   National Seminar                        Mental Health and Current      Deptt. of            fo|ky; esa v/;;ujr        20-21
                                                     Scenario               Psychology, G.       fd’kskj Nk=&Nk=kvksa ds   March
                                                                            K. University,       ekufld LokLF; dk
                                                                            Haridwar             rqyukRed v/;;u
24   National Seminar                        Mental Health and Current      Deptt. of            The Problem of            20-21
                                                     Scenario               Psychology, G.       Empowerment :             March
                                                                            K. University,       Mental Illness a          2009
                                                                            Haridwar             Barrier
25   Gerontology International               Youths is a Gift- Age is an    AU-NCSA,             Neurotic                  12-14
     Synthesis Conference                                Art                Center for           Tendencies                March
                                                                            Gerontology,         Among the High            2009
                                                                            Andhra               and Low Educated
                                                                            University,          Aged People
26   National Seminar                       Indian Peasantry and Social     Deptt. f             xzkeh.k d`"kd tutkfr      18-19
                                                      Power                 Sociology,           fd’kksfj;ksa ds v/;;u     February
                                                                                                 fu"iknu ij ikfjokfjd
                                                                            BHU, Varanasi                                  2009
                                                                                                 cukoV ¼la;Dr cuke
                                                                                                 ,dkadh½ ds izHkko dk
27   National Conference                    Changing Fabric of Intimate     Deptt. of            Familial Pressure         13-14
                                            Relationships: Challenges to    Psychology,          and Mental Health         February
                                             Theories and Practices in      Christ University,   among Adolescent          2009
                                                   Mental Health            Bangalore
28   13th International and 44th National                -                  Deptt. of            Recreational              30
     Conference of the IAAP                                                 Psychology, Dr.      Activities in             January-
                                                                            Baba Saheb           School Going              1
                                                                            Ambedkar             Children                  February
                                                                            Marathwada                                     2009
29   2nd International Indian Geography       Unified Planet Earth and      Deptt. of            fd’kksj Nk=ksa ds         29
     Congress                               Diversified World: Changing     Geography and        ekufld LokLF; ij          Feruary-
                                              Environment and Space         Natural Resource     xzkeh.k ,oa ’kgjh         2 March
                                                     Technology             Management,          okrkoj.k ds izHkko dk     2009
                                                                            Rajasthan            rqyukRd v/;iu
30   91st Annual Conference of the                        -                 Deptt. of            Effect of Socio-          27-29
     Indian Economic Association                                            Economics,           Economic Status on        Decembe
                                                                            Mohan Lal            Students’ Academic        r 2008
                                                                            Sukhadia             Achievement of
                                                                            University,          Udaipur District
31   National Conference                    Recent Advancements        in   Deptt. of            Role of Emotional         19-21
                                            Cognitive Science               Psychology,          Status (Mood) on          Decembe
                                                                            B.H.U., Varanasi     Decision-Making           r 2008
                                                                                                 Process in Daily
                                                                                                 Life Activities
32   International Conference               Managing Global Business        Deptt. of            Effect of                 22-24
                                            Competition: World’s Best       Business             Personality               August
                                            Practices                       Admn., Mohan         (Neurotic                 2008
                                                                            Lal Sukhadia         Tendencies) on
                                                                            University,          Interpersonal
                                                                            Udaipur              Relationship in
                                                                                                 Work-Place among
                                                                                                 the Government

33       National Seminar                        Behavioural Challenges in         Deptt. of             o`) ,oa izkd&o`) O;fDr   11-12
                                                 Elderly People                    Psychology,                              a
                                                                                                         ds varjoS;fDrd lac/k     January
                                                                                   M.L.S.U.              ij ‘’kSf{kd fLFkfr ds
                                                                                   Udaipur               izHkkoksa dk v/;;u
         National Workshop                       Health Problems and Health        Deptt. of             Effect of Psycho-        8-10
                                                 Care Systems Among the            Anthropology,         Social Factors on        February
                                                 Tribes of India (With Special     Andhra                Health Problems          2006
                                                 Emphasis on Eastern Ghats)        University,           among School
                                                                                   Vishakhapatnam        Going Tribal
                                                                                   (A.P.)                Children
16. Professional Training Received                       :
Sl.      Name/Nature of training                                  Organization Where              Period
No.                                                               training was provided
01       Assessment and Treatment of Autism                       Indian Institute of Health      17-19 February 2002
                                                                  Education and Research,
                                                                  Beur Road, Patna
02       Workshop on Orientation in Clinical Psychology           RINPAS, Ranchi                  15-17 April 2002
03       Visits for Clinical Exposure                             RINPAS, Ranchi                  15-26 April 2002
04       Workshop of Special Learning Disorder                    Deptt. of Psychiatry, R.N.T.    24 April 2010
                                                                  Medical College, Udaipur
17.Sponsored Projects Undertaken                       :
Sl.    Sponsoring Agency                            Title of the Project           Amount of Grant              Period
01       Anthropological Survey of India            Syncretism In India            As a part of duty            2003-2005
02       Anthropological Survey of India            Emotional Problems of          As a part of duty            2005-2008
                                                    Tribal Adolescents
03       Anthropological Survey of India            Depression and Suicide:        As a part of duty            2008-2009
                                                    Psycho-Genetic Study
04       Anthropological Survey of India            Traditional Knowledge          As a part of duty            2010 to Till
18. Independently organized the exhibitions:
Sl.     Theme of Exhibition                                           Venue                            Period
01.      Art and Artifacts of Rajasthan                               Shilpgram, Udaipur (Raj.)        21-30 December 2009
02       Cultural Artifacts of the communities of Rajasthan           Shilpgram, Udaipur (Raj.)        21-30 December 2010

Membership of Professional Body                     :
S. No.      Name of The Body                                                                      Status Of the Membership
01          All India Association for Educational Research, Bhubaneswar                           Life
02          Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, Chennai                                         Life
03          National Academy of Applied Psychology, Delhi                                         Annual (In Current Year)
04          Association of Clinical Psychologist, Delhi (DACP)                                    Life
05          The Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata                                      Life
06          Bihar Psychological Association, Patna                                                Life
07          Academy of Well Being, Udaipur                                                        Life
08          Community Psychology Association of India, Jaunpur/Faizabad (UP)                      Life

19. Any Additional Activities                            :
                                            (i)         Involved in N.S.S. during 12th studied
                                             (ii)        Participated in Pulse-Polio Programme
                                           (iii)         Received The prize in Hindi Week
                                           (iv)          Presently Incharged of Museum, Security and Hindi Section
                                           (v)           Organized two exhibitions.



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