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					Women's National Book Association - News & Events                                                                 6/20/09 10:51 PM

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                                       Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a book to publish? Do you want to make
                                       your already published book a bestseller? Are you an extraordinary BookWoman and
                                       you just didn’t know it before?

                                       Behind every ordinary woman is an extraordinary woman waiting to be unleashed with
                                       an extraordinary story to shout from the rooftops and publish in a book!

                                       WNBA-LA is hosting the event of the year: Extraordinary BookWoman Day. At this
                                       event you will meet the contacts you need to take your book career to the next level--
                                       agents, publishers, marketing mavericks, film/TV producers. You will also discover how
                                       to unleash the Extraordinary BookWoman you truly are!

                                       We have four extraordinary inspirational speakers who will share their secrets for
                                       selling hundreds of thousands of books. The event will include a delicious catered lunch
  Member Sign-in:                      and networking opportunities as well as a panel discussion entitled, “Book Marketing
  Username:                            for Extraordinary BookWomen.” The grand finale of the event will be our fabulous
  Password:                            Silent Auction.

         Sign In                       We will be announcing our first in a series, "Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives," a
                                       collaborative book made up of real stories of how women have turned tragedy into
                                       triumph, lemons into lemonade, and an Ordinary Life, into an Extraordinary Life! We
  Join us on Twitter!
                                       will be accepting submissions from YOU, about how you overcame your life's greatest
                                       challenges. If you have dreamed of becoming a published author, this project is your
                                       chance to make that dream come true! Join us and our distinguished list of celebrity
                                       authors in telling your story of how you are CHOOSING to live an EXTRAORDINARY

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Women's National Book Association - News & Events                                                               6/20/09 10:51 PM

  Favorite Links:
                                                        Keynote speakers and panelists include:
  Women's National Book
  Association                                           Cynthia Kersey- author of the bestselling books “Unstoppable” and
  WNBA United Nations                                   “Unstoppable Women.” Cynthia will inspire you and share with you
  WNBA By-Laws                                          her secret to selling 600,000 copies of her book.
  Press Releases

  Boston Chapter
                                       Cynthia Kersey
  Dallas Chapter
  Detroit Chpater                                       Marsh Engle - CEO of ENVISION NETWORK, Marsh Engle has
  Nashville Chapter                                     facilitated hundreds of hours of transformational coaching and
  New York Chapter                                      consulting to entertainment and media professionals, authors,
  San Francisco Chapter                                 entrepreneurs, coaches, and more. As founder of Amazing Woman’s
  Seattle Chapter                                       Day, Marsh brings together thousands of women and men in
  Washington Chapter                                    programs and events designed to empower feminine leadership and
                                                        success. As the author of the acclaimed Amazing Women Amazing
  National Reading Group                                World book & journal series, Marsh has written about some of today’s
                                       Marsh Engle
  Month                                                 most boldly successful – including the fewer that 30 women who
                                                        serve among the 12,000 firefighters of FDNY.

                                                        Marie Diamond- author of “The Very Simple Law of Attraction.”
  OUR PARTNERS:                                         Marie Diamond, internationally known Feng Shui Master, teacher, and
                                                        contributor to “The Secret,” will use the Law of Attraction to teach
                                                        you how to develop your personal and work environments to further
                                                        support your wishes and requests to the Universe.

                                       Marie Diamond

                                                        Ruth Klein- author of 3 books including "De-Stress Diva." She is a
                                                        bestselling author and branding expert and a publishing consultant
                                                        for authors.

                                       Ruth Kiein

                                                        Jacquie Jordan- author of “Get On TV.” She is the founder of
                                                        TVGuestpert.com, a media development company concerned with
                                                        raising the profile of guest experts and growing the business and
                                                        brand of its clients.

                                       Jacquie Jordan

                                                        Kelly Sullivan Walden-WNBA-LA President, and bestselling author
                                                        of "I Had The Strangest Dream", and Co-Creator of "Ordinary
                                                        Women, Extraordinary Lives," will be the panel's moderator.

                                       Kelly Sullivan

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Women's National Book Association - News & Events                                                                 6/20/09 10:51 PM

                                                        Melinda Woolf - WNBA LA Vice President, Media Maven, Visionary
                                                        and Co-creator of "Ordinary Women Extraordinary Lives," &
                                                        Extraordinary Book Woman Day, will be the panel's coordinator.

                                       Melinda Woolf

                                                        Joan Gefland - WNBA National President, Author of "Silent Center"
                                                        and "A Dreamer's Guide to Cities".

                                       Joan Gefland

                                                        Laurel Shapiro - WNBA Inventor and chairman of the Silent Auction
                                                        and Hat Trick. Writer of Murder Mysteries and Fairy Tales.

                                       Laurel Shapiro

                                                        Paul Ryan is the bestselling author of "How to Be Funny"----Host,
                                                        Actor, Comedian will co-moderate the Extraordinary BookWoman
                                                        Marketing Panel. www.paulryanproductions.com and

                                       Paul Ryan        Book Marketing for Extraordinary BookWomen, A panel
                                                        discussion, will include the following publishing/marketing experts:

                                                        Rocky Lang is a 30 year motion picture veteran producing such films
                                                        as White Squall directed by Ridley Scott. He has produced, directed
                                                        and written, Features and Television . He is also an published author
                                                        and is partner in Books To FIlm.TV an author and publishing service

                                       Rocky Lang

                                                        Teresa Fogarty - Independent Book Publishers Marketing
                                                        Association, and additional literary publishers, agents, film and TV

                                       Teresa Fogarty

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Women's National Book Association - News & Events                                                                 6/20/09 10:51 PM

                                                         Liora Mendeloff – Speaker agent and founder of
                                                         InstantMediaKit.com, CEO of Lele & Associates, Inc, a boutique
                                                         speaker agency. She specializes in bringing highly respected and
                                                         sought-after speakers, best-selling authors and experts in the
                                                         personal/professional development industry into the global market.

                                       Liora Mendeloff

                                       EVENT INFORMATION
                                       Date: June 27 th - Time: 10am-4pm

                                       Location: Marina del Rey Hotel - 13534 Bali Way, Marina del Rey 90292 -

                                       Cost: $149 for non-WNBA-LA members (price includes lunch), $99 for WNBA-LA

                                       *If you only want to attend the silent auction from 3:45 to 4:15, the price for
                                       admission is $25.

                                       Parking: Free

                                                                                               Please Select
                                                                                   Member $99.00

                                       OUR SILENT AUCTION
                                       What BookWoman, when she isn’t reading or writing-- doesn’t like to shop?

                                       Calling all BookWomen to contribute to our biggest Silent Auction ever:

                                       Do you have a service you would like to donate?

                                       · For example, Laurel Shapiro has received gift certificates from Brent's, LA Dodgers,
                                       Kentwood Players, and Legoland

                                       · Terri Negron, our Web-gal and Certified Feng Shui Consultant, is offering a Feng Shui
                                       Consultation for your home.

                                       Do you frequent a restaurant or grocery story that you would be willing to ask for a
                                       gift certificate?

                                       · For example, Melinda Woolf, our VP has received a $50 gift certificate from Whole

                                       · Ruth Light, our Membership Chair, received a $50 gift certificate from The Cheesecake
                                       Factory, as well as Famous Writer Dolls—i.e. Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf—from the
                                       Writer’s Store.

                                       If you don’t feel comfortable asking for a gift certificate, do you have a beautiful item
                                       of jewelry, a vase, picture frame, hat, scarf, etc that may be old to you but would be a
                                       new treasure for someone else?

                                       Make sure to deliver your items to Ruth Light (3327 Moore Street, Los Angeles

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Women's National Book Association - News & Events                                                                  6/20/09 10:51 PM

                                       CA 90066, Phone: 310.397.4503) by no later than June 14th! (Note: Donated
                                       items that are not sold during the event are non-refundable—they will be used at
                                       future events)

                                       Questions? Please contact our Silent Auction Chair, Laurel Shapiro: 310-391-1030 or
                                       email at: lnda.lsa@verizon.net

                                                                                               Please Select
                                                                                   Member $99.00


                                                               Decode Your Dreams & Sleep Your Way
                                                               to Success
                                                               Led By: Kelly Sullivan Walden

                                                               Teleclass Description:

                                                               Decode Your Dreams with Kelly Sullivan Walden, Dream Expert
                                                               and author of the bestselling book, I Had the Strangest Dream,
                                                               the Dreamer's Dictionary for the 21st Century.

                                       Did you know that Dreams inspired
                                       • Thomas Jefferson's writing the Declaration of Independence?
                                       • History's biggest oil discovery?
                                       • Elias Howe's invention of the sewing machine?
                                       • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?
                                       • Otto Loewi's Nobel Prize?
                                       • Jack Nicklaus'golf swing?
                                       • Paul McCartney's song Yesterday
                                       • Stephanie Meyer's mega-best-selling Twilight book series?

                                       In these economic times we can no longer rely on the external structures we used to:
                                       the stock market and banking systems are crumbling, the automotive industry and
                                       housing markets are falling apart. When all else fails, turn within. People claim that
                                       they can't afford the time to pay attention to their dreams-you actually can't afford not

                                       Kelly Sullivan Walden's Decode Your Dreams & Sleep Your Way to Success TeleClass is
                                       filled with inspirational real-life stories of ordinary people that turned their
                                       extraordinary dreams into a gold mine, as well as dream interpretation tips and tools
                                       to empower you
                                       to Sleep Your Way to Success.

                                       Tuition: No Cost

                                       Sign Up Now!

                                       Go to the list of other TeleClasses

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Women's National Book Association - News & Events                                                         6/20/09 10:51 PM

                                                    TUCLA Extension - Summer Quarter

                                                    Deepening the Characters You Create: A Writing Workshop

                                                    Lisa Lieberman Doctor - X 466.15 English 3 units $415

                                                    According to Ernest Hemingway, "a writer should create living
                                                    people; people, not characters. A character is a caricature." But
                                                    how do you turn a character into a dynamic being? How do you
                                                    imbue characters with truth and give them their own unique
                                                    voices? You begin by lending them your own truths and
                                                    experiences, and then allowing them to evolve into people who
                                                    are whole and separate. Through a series of writing exercises
                                                    and discussion, you create a character in the co

                                                    LORELEI SHELLIST - TO SIGN AND READ FROM NEW BOOK
                                                    RUNWAY RUNAWAY*

                                                    SATURDAY JUNE 20, 2009--2:00 P.M.
                                                    DAVIS-KIDD BOOKSELLERS-(GREEN HILLS MALL)
                                                    *(special guest-Def Leppard's Phil Collen)

                                                    Been there done that and lived to talk about it. What happens
                                                    when the world of fashion collides with the world of rock.
                                                    Lorelei Shellist writes about life before, during and after rock 'n
                                                    rock's biggest party as she chronicles her journey from teen
                                                    runaway, to international success on the runway, to her
                                                    ultimately tragic relationship as the fiancée of the late Def
                                                    Leppard guitar great Steve Clark.

                                                    "Shellist writes about her journey with great poignancy and
                                                    panache...... she certainly leaves no stone unturned in this
                                                    very readable tell-all which is, indeed, your very own
                                                    backstage pass to the glamorous life she lived and the men
                                                    she loved." -- Dish Magazine


                                                    Tracy Repchuk just returned from New Zealand where she
                                                    presented, appeared on Channel 7 Eyewitness News for
                                                    internet marketing and research spot, recognized as one of the
                                                    top 10 internet marketing women in the world from Legendary
                                                    Marketers Series, taping in LA studio for that is next week.

                                                    Launching new mentor program on
                                                    BirthdayBashCountdown.com beginning of April, called
                                                    Recurring Riches for Life.

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Women's National Book Association - News & Events                                                        6/20/09 10:51 PM

                                                    Our New York Chapter just hosted a very successful event
                                                    about online marketing. There was a huge turnout and quite a
                                                    bit of online coverage—including a YouTube video posting (by
                                                    one of the panelists) and a lot of Twitter activity—for our panel
                                                    discussion about online book marketing. Here’s some links to

                                                    The link to the YouTube video: http://tinyurl.com/cwcwjf

                                                    The twitter thread can be found through the ID number, called
                                                    a hashtag, #wnba318. You’ll find comments from folks who
                                                    were there and “twittered” during and after. Some not there
                                                    twittered about it also. Here’s the direct link:

                                                    Also a blogger for PR Week wrote it up. See

                                                    Watch Kelly Sullivan Walden's recent interview on
                                                    FOX-5---how to reframe nightmares"

                                                    "Watch Kelly Sullivan Walden's TV Pilot,
                                                    "I Had The Strangest Dream"


                                                    Check out WNBA-LA member, Mira Tweeti's LA Times article.
                                                    LA Times Reports: Mira Tweti's lorikeet is living the good life -
                                                    ocean view, personal chef. Still, the owner advocates leaving
                                                    such birds in the wild.

                                                    ZaZu hangs upside down on the curtains of the apartment
                                                    window, surveying all that is his: the jumble of colorful plastic
                                                    balls, the climbing ladders, the panoramic view of the ocean.
                                                    And the woman standing before him, cooing.

                                                    "Whaddya say, cutie? Are you my sweetie?" she asks... Read

                                                    Audio Slideshow: Protecting Parrots - Los Angeles Times - Click
                                                    A lorikeet's life - Los Angeles Times - Click Here

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Women's National Book Association - News & Events                                                   6/20/09 10:51 PM

                                                    Our member, Hillary Carlip, author of, "Ala Cart: The Secret
                                                    Lives of Grocery Shoppers" was just featured on NPR! Here's
                                                    the link: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?


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