Seville Orange Marmalade by esioal00


									                                                Standard Recipe
Name of dish/recipe: Seville Orange Marmalade
                                          Cooking time:              mins             Total time:           mins
  Ingredient name            Required measure           Purchased             Cost                     Work it out
                            Quantity       Weight        Weight        Purchased     Total
                                           /g/ml         /g/ml            cost       cost
Seville Oranges                 56           Oz
Lemons                          2           Each

Water                          120         Fluid Oz

Sugar                           96            Oz

                                                        Total cost                           Selling price per serve

                                                        Number of serves                     Profit per serve

                                                        Cost per serve                       % Mark-up


Wash oranges and lemons, squeeze out the juice, reserving the pips, and then copy the skin – size depends on what
texture you want.
Put juice, water and chopped skin in a large saucepan. Tie the pips in a piece of muslin and suspend them in the liquid.
Bring to the boil and simmer for 2 hours or until the peel is tender. Meanwhile, put the sugar to warm in low oven.
Remove the muslin bag, squeezing out as much of the liquid as possible. Add the sugar to the pan and cook over low heat
until dissolved.
Turn up the heat and boil rapidly until setting point is reached.
Remove the pan from the heat, allow the marmalade to settle for 15 minutes and then pot in hot, sterilised jars and seal.

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