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									                               CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) FORMAT
                             TO BE SUBMITTED WITH APPLICATION

Personal information
First name: -                                     Peroz Mohammad
Last name: -                                      Furhody
Gender: -                                         Male
Date of Birth: -                                   05-06-1974
Material states: -                                 Married
Nationality: -                                    Afghanistan-Kabul
Address: -
Current address: -                                 Dalazak Road Feroz abad-Peshawar
Country: -                                         Pakistan- Since 01-05-1993
Email address: -                         
Mob: -                                             0092-3005925952
Practical Skills: -                                Oracle, Ms Office, Hardware, Computer networking,
                                                   Server 2003, DHCP, DNS, Backup, Data recovery
Languages: -
Persian (Farsi) *                                  Native
Pashto          *                                  Native
English         *                                  Fluent
Urdu            *                                  Work Experience
Work Experience: -
Job Title                              Company Name, City                              from Date to Date
Accounting      *               Afghan currency Exchange, Peshawar             02-01-1995 to 25-12-2003
Teacher         *               SOCIS Institute, Dalazak Road, Peshawar        04-04-2007 to 02-10-2008
Teacher         *               Oxford EL & CA, Dalazak Road, Peshawar         09-07-2009 to 28-04-2010
Gaps: -
Travel          *              I immigrated to Pakistan-Peshawar with my family since 01-05-1993
Work                           I had personal work for two years, and then I got job as an accountant
Skill           *              I worked at afghan currency Exchange as junior accountant from
                                Date 02-01-1995 to 25-12-2003
Voluntary work*                years only from 26-12-2003 to 24-10-2005 to prepare myself for study
Education: -
Certificate/Diploma earned             School Name, City, State                           Date completed
11th Grade                            Ibni Sina High School-Kabul                           01-12-1992
Diploma 12th Grade                    Ibni Sina High school-Kabul                           01-12-2009
Diploma      DEL                      Aptech Institute-Peshawar-PK                          06-05-2008
Diploma      DIT                       SOCIS Institute-Peshawar-PK                          05-05-2006
Certificate CIT                       SOCIS Institute-Peshawar-PK                           25-10-2005
Certificate MCSE                       Aptech Institute-Peshawar-PK                         01-12-2007
Certificate Hardware                   SOCIS Institute-Peshawar-PK                          20-07-2006
Career Level: -                        Entry Level
Career Objective: -
        Looking for a growth-oriented positions that would utilize my skills, management ability and
technical proficiencies to be reflex in a positive contribution to my prospective employer obtaining their
goal and objective, I am Confident to do the best of myself.
Special achievements: -
        I had some projects, in visual basic that was a full computerized Intercoms 1, 2 and 3.and project
at Ms Excel, a small data base in oracle for the tailor, a very small project at Ecommerce HTML (web
         I had another project in MCSE to create a LAN network from two computers and more then two
computers with Hubs with Microsoft windows server 2003 and its configuration, With (DHCP, DNS).over
all I thought in basic level of English Language from beginner to Intercom3 and Ms office, Networking
Basic, Software installation, Hardware of computer, Oracle, Backup, Data recovery.
References: -        References are available on request.

          I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this bio data correctly
describes me, my qualifications, and my experience. I understand that any willful misstatement described
herein may lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if engaged.

Yours faithfully
Peroz Mohammad Furhody


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