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minutes - Person Centred Planning in Hampshire Welcome to the


									                            Basingstoke & Deane,
                            Rushmoor Borough & Hart
                            Local Implementation Group
                            Minutes of the meeting
          Tuesday 10 February 2009

            Who was here:
Amanda Kent – Speakeasy Advocacy (Chair)
Dan Stoneman – Partnership Board Development Officer
Steve Ward (HCC)
John Cornes (HCC),
Kevin Millard – Apex centre
Sandra Kenning – Locality Housing Officer, Basingstoke
Dionne D’sa (Just Advocacy)
Florence Garland – Admin Partnership Board & LIG
Emma Dyer – Commissioning Officer for HCC, representing Karen
Ken Dowse – Hart and Rusmoor day services association and carer
Bernard Pearcey – Hart & Rushmoor day services association and

             Apologies: Colette Meredew-Lynch – Community Nurse,
Surrey and Borders Foundation NHS Trust,
Steve Haynes - Community Nurse, Surrey and Borders Foundation
NHS Trust,
Steve English – Hart Voluntary Action
Joanne French - Speakeasy Advocacy
Jan Pearson – Children services
Tania Peckham – Day Services
Laraine Beech – Day Services
Suzanne Redknap – Person Centred Planning facilitator, Just
Linzi Holt – Liaise Loddon
Jo Crewdon – HCC locality housing officer
Kew Fullick - Dimensions
Brenda Thompson – Day Opportunities Broker, Basingstoke

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Yvonne Paterson – LD team, Aldershot
Karen George – Commissioning Manager (HCC)
Gill Davis – Hampshire Connexions


Amanda welcomed everyone.

Notes/corrections from last meeting


         LDDF bids for 2009/10

There is £40,000 per LIG to spend on development projects.

We agreed that the three projects should go ahead

Speakeasy: £12150 (revised price)
Probox: £14000
It’s my life: £4850 (*)

(*) The LIG would like this project to expand more ie “what have we
learnt from this” and to link it to LD awareness workshops and make
sure there is enough support for people to make changes to their lives.
The LIG is in favour of a revised bid to be submitted by latest
Wednesday 18 February. Please e-mail
with revised bid.

We discussed also the central bids:

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Some comments:

   User audit project must ensure that people are supported
    appropriately. There must be a cost for adequate time for briefing
    and debriefing service users so they can take part in a
    meaningful way.

   Stars in the Sky gave a presentation to Just Advocacy recently
    and said they would be helping people with employment and
    other issues as well as dating. We are not sure whether this is
    part of their bid. Also how will they target smaller groups in the
    rural areas?

   HARG advocacy: the money should really be coming from
    Hampshire County Council not LDDF as it is for core funding and
    not development work.

   Hampshire Valuing Families Forum: to coordinate events for
    carers, but make sure that they do not forget about us in the
    north of the county.

   Hampshire Special Schools: the LDDF is for adults only so not
    sure why they are asking for this funding unless it is for transition
    work. These need to be made clear at the funding panel.

This should be reported to the LDDF funding panel when they meet in

Bernard would have liked some money to support activities that
happen in the day services, but LDDF is for development work only.

        Work plan for 2009/10

The next   Local day services:
few        - communication money to support events for carers and
months     service users
           - information sharing and plans for the future
           - how are they responding to Valuing People Now and the
           HCC strategy?
           - “what does it mean for us”?

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            Amanda to write to Laraine

The next    There will be housing information days in both areas as
few         well
April       Possible event to look at the Hampshire model of
            personalisation and delivery of services. Steve Ward/Lucy
            Butler/Project manager(?).
7 April     Carers - invite as many carers as possible to find out what
LIG         support they would like in the area. Include Hart Voluntary
meeting     Services group, Basingstoke branch of National Autistic
            Society and Carers Together.
7 April or  Valuing People Now and Hampshire County Council
9 June      learning disability strategy update.
May/June Event for professionals who work with parents with a
           learning disability (Amanda and others to organise).
           Possible consultation or event to get feedback on
           integration of social care and health services
9 June     Local area information - Karen George from the
LIG        Commissioning team to give us report on local area
meeting    information (population, age, profile etc of people with
           learning disability in the area). This will help us think about
           what services and developments are needed in the area.

            Autism and complex needs – look at what services and
            developments are needed to meet people’s needs. We
            may need to involve the new Hampshire County Council
            autism group, and possibly Jo Olford.
25          Transition - invite someone from the Transition Board to
August      talk and tell us what is available in the area. Look at
LIG         children moving into adult services, and also older people
13          LDDF monitoring and planning for the future – report from
October     Dan

Bernard would like some money for a summer’s event for the Hart and
Rushmoor Day Services Association which will cost around £350. We
can use the LIG communication money if everyone agrees.

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         Self Directed Support update

Steve said that the roll out to the rest of the county which was
anticipated in April 2009 will now happen the later part of next year (not
before April 2010). The transition from making the referral to receiving
the service has been slow and difficult and they have learnt a great
deal from this. The service is moving away from funding panels to the
outcomes that are being delivered and risks. 11 people with a
learning disability now have support plans and 48 have been

People think that SDS and Direct Payment are the same but they are
not so there is some training to do.

Steve also said that SDS can only be applied if a person is stable as it
is not intended for crisis situations. People have been able to
purchase equipment, care, legal costs for shared ownership, respite
from the family and IT equipment – all positive moves. Care managers
have had to look at things in different ways which has been

They are also working with Recreation and Heritage, libraries, Enham
and other providers to respond to the changes in how people can get

Nigel Harvey-Whitten is looking at commissioning autistic specific
service, outreach from day services and respite.

Steve also said that there has been money from central government to
get this programme started but as such no other money has been
given for services.

Amanda said that she was disappointed that she advocacy has not
been involved so far in SDS. Speakeasy have not had any referrals
even though Amanda spoke to an SDS project lead back in May last
year about this. Only carers and service users have been able to go to
forums so advocacy and other voluntary organisations have not been
able to take part. She would have liked more information but she was
very happy to have Steve and John today to give feedback and would
like to thank them for their time.

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Steve gave us a brochure on SDS. Flo added that a newsletter would
be good as well so she would not have to chase up all the time for
updates for the partnership board.

          Advocacy review
Emma is reviewing advocacy provision in Hampshire. She wants to
know how we can involve carers and service users in this review. She
would like feedback on people’s experiences, and can meet some

Dionne has two self advocacy groups who could help and there are
also providers in the LIG (ie: Linzi and Kew) who could give feedback.

The LIG would be happy to take part in a consultation so would like a
list of questions they can pass on to others.

If you have any other suggestions, you can write to Emma at Trafalgar
House or e-mail her at

          Anything else

The lease for the Apex centre in Fleet was extended for another 2
years last April. Kevin was pleased with this news.

Carers group: Some money will be given to Hart Voluntary Services
(about £800) and the LIG will ask for the rest of the money tat is
available (about £1200). Jason Hope is dealing with this.

       Dates for your diaries

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 7th April 2009 at Elisabeth
Hall, Hook, 10.30 am to 1 pm

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(The dates for the LIG for 2009 are: 9 June, 25 August, 13 October
and 8 December 2009. All meetings from 10.30 am to 1 pm at
Elisabeth Hall, Raven Road, Hook)

Items for next agenda

   Carers – what support do carers for people with a learning
    disability need in the area?
   Partnership Board update

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