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					61-34 224th St #B
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364
Ph (225) 328-1234

Atir Javid
                   Focusing in robust application development and back end systems for businesses including but is not limited
Objective          to MVC Content Management Systems, Inventor y Management Solutions and E-commerce – my objective is
                   to obtain a challenging position in a fast paced and growing company where my skills and education in the
                   fields of web application development and system administration will be of great benefit, and to further gain
                   experience and education in the field in order to hone my skills.

Wor k History      April 2008 – Present INOptix L.L.C., Kew Gardens, NY
                   PHP Developer & IT Administrator
                        Object Or iented PHP5 development of web based inventor y management software applications
                            using MySQL database employing various software design patterns including Model View
                            Controller (MVC), Singleton, Factory, Fr ont Controller, and various other design patterns.
                        Administered the deployment and setup of inventor y sof tware on workstations.
                        Website design, framework implementation, site construction, ser ver side/client side coding, QA,
                            debugging, maintenance/administration of source and content delivery with PHP5,CSS, HTML,
                        System Administration: Design, impleme nt, configure and maintain the business network ensuring
                            workstation uptime of 99.9%.
                        Object Oriented PHP5 and MySQL based development of data entr y and
                            inventor y tracking software vital to the business as it is used to list the pr oducts on the website.
                        Successfully converted users of our popular e-bay store into direct customers via effective on-line
                        Design and implement search engine optimization and marketing strategies for
                   in turn doubling the traffic in less than two months, and continuously

                   August 2006 - January 2007 Dell Inc., Oklahoma City, OK
                   Business Systems Consultant, Small and Medium Business Division
                        Interacted with medium and lar ge businesses ow ners and CIOs to determine their needs and
                           provided custom solutions to meet their individual requirements in an extremely fast paced
                        Provided clarification on various Dell Inc. networ king technologies; features and benefits.
                        Increased total sales in my team by 5% and gained a mentor ranking.
                        Trained other co-wor kers on how to achieve better sales results by using various sales
                        Promoted within the first 2 months.

                   August 2001 - October 2006 Infologix Software Development Inc.
                   Assistant Network Administrator
                        Installation, configuration and maintenance of
                           DNS/ FTP/APACHE( mod_rewrite/mod_php)PHP/DHCP/ IIS5-6/ and various critical server
                        Providing help desk support to 10 depart ments directly. Responsible for the uptime and
                           constant availability of the network and networ k resources.
                        Resolved users concerns on networ k security policies, usability, and networ k maintenance.
                        Provided networ k administration, training and technical support.
                        Successfully troubleshoot hardware and software issues, upgrades and installs.
                        Building servers and desktops from scratch for optimization. Construction of spacious hard drive
                           RAID arrays for various data storage needs.
                        Data recovery diagnostics. Level II data recover y from various file system formats.

                   May 1999 - November 2000 Flash Net Inter net Service Provider
                   Web Development & Technical Support Specialist
                       Coded the company website from scratch by hand using HTML and JavaScript for a stunning
                          dynamic experience by implementing an on line billing system for customers. Features included
                          Account details, Login System, Authent ication System, Billing and Pay ment System
                          using procedural PHP design patterns.
                       Inbound customer service and technical support calls.
                       Assisted customers in resolving issues with connectivity and accounts.
                          Accepted payments over the phone, managed and balanced accounts, entered customers problems
                           and resolutions/fixes in a database.
                          Administering IIS/APACHE/ DNS/ DHCP/ SQUID/ MYSQL/ MSSQL and various other ser ver
                           services. Administering Windows 2000 servers and wor kstations.
                          Managed employee schedules and trained customers on the usage of the Internet.

                   September 1999 - May 2000 The Lahore Lyceum School
                   Netw ork Administrator & Lab Instr uctor
                        Instructing and technical support. Installed and networ ked 250 workstations.
                        Maintained and administered the computer lab.
                        Lectured and trained the students on Internet technologies.
                        Administered NT 4 Servers and Wor kstations, and development of the institution's website.

Educat ion & Skills September 2006 Oklahoma State University
                    Pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science

                   1999-2000 Infologix Soft ware Development Inc.
                   Company sponsored Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification.
                   Company sponsored Microsoft Certified Professional certification.

                   Pursuing Zend Professional Certification.
                   PHP5 with or without using php frameworks like Zend Framework, Code Igniter, Kohana OOPHP5. Desktop
                   Applications using the Gtk2 bindings for PHP using the php5-gtk2 module. Mostly develop using php-cli,
                   using apache only when true web related output need be generated.
                   CSS 2.1/ 3(experimental)
                   HTML4/X HTML1/XML
                   Javascript/AJAX using jQuery, mootools, or any other javascript library.
                   The Gimp, Photophop CS3, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator and experience with ba sic graphic design in order to
                   consult on and oversee project development.

Interests          My main interest is volunteering support and development for the Debian GNU/Linux or ganization, for
                   Software in the Public Interest.
                   I like computers, technology, music, and reading technical documentation. HTML & CSS coding. Graphic
                   design and studying astronomy & physics. Learning various web technologies and implementing Linux
                   servers and w orkstations. Implementation and administration of various open source web c ontent
                   management systems.

                   Dr. Zahida Imran: Former employer
References         CEO
                   Sapna Enterprises & Subway Sandwiches
                   6648 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA
                   (225) 284-7175

                   Rafael Zakinov: Former Co-Worker
                   124-15 Metropolitan Ave
                   Kew Gardens, NY
                   (917) 497-3022

                   Sajal Quraishi: Former Co-Wor ker & Friend
                   New York City Special Victims Investigator
                   Jamaica, Queens NY
                   (225) 287-6154