How to Rebound Fast From a Breakup

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					 How to Rebound Fast
   From a Breakup

It can be hard, particularly if you were very emotionally attached or had a long
relationship, to rebound after a break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. The difficulty in
moving on can be paralyzing to a lot of people and can place them into a depressed state
of sorts. Fortunately, it is possible to move on and these steps will help you learn how to
rebound quickly after a break up.

Things you'll need:

      Friends
      Stress Relief
      Garbage Can

   o           1
             Call up friends or relatives and make plans. You probably shouldn't be left
             alone and the company will help you get over the old ex boyfriend or

   o           2
             Throw away things that remind you of your ex. Pictures, gifts, or other little
             things can only keep the person in your mind and won't help you rebound
             fast from a breakup. Throw this crap in the garbage can.
  o         3
          Pick up hobbies or activities that will help you forget about the broken up
          relationship. Going to the gym, or building models of something in the
          garage. These kinds of activities will chew up time, ease your mind from
          thinking about past relationships, and be relaxing.

  o         4
          A tough break up can throw you into a spiral of self-doubt and loathing. This
          is a great time to work on your self-esteem. Whether that involves losing
          weight and looking good, or doing other things that improve your confidence,
          this is the time to do these things.

  o         5
          Seek closure. If you've mysteriously been dumped and aren't sure why then
          ask. Not knowing the truth will only haunt you as you try to move on from
          your ex.

  o         6
          Start dating again. Don't go over board and get into another serious
          relationship to quickly, but go ahead and begin meeting new people. Adding
          new experiences and having some happy moments will help replace the
          hole left in your heart from a previous relationship.

Tips & Warnings
         Make a clean breakup with the person. I.E. don't go back to them for comfort or
          be "on again, off again."
         Don't aim to get your ex back if it was a traumatic break up. It will only hurt your
          self-esteem and worse yet, will probably happen again.

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