How to Have an Easy Breakup by jeremymendez


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									How to Have an Easy Breakup

Breaking up is hard to do...but if you follow these steps it can be easier and no one has
to walk away broken

Things you'll need:

      patience
      compassion
      empathy

   o           1
             To prevent a painful break up, one must stay on good terms with their
             partner throughout the relationship....meaning continued honesty, no
             cheating, and no explosive secrets.

   o           2
             Set up the relationship so that it has a strong foundation called friendship.
             Friends turn out to be the best partners because if you start as friends its
             easier to end as such...even if you dont stay in touch much. You love your
             friends right? So even if they hurt you, you know their character so its hard
             to stay mad at them (in some cases ;~)

   o           3
             In order to attain step two you must take time to get to know person.
             establish a solid friendship before moving on to talking or dating. During the
             establishment of a friendship the cards must be exposed so one can know
             how to proceed with the relationship. don't want to dive into anything with
             absolutely no clue as to how it will turn out. for example, if you get to know
    the person and upfront you can see a break up would drive one of you
    crazy...then you know its best not to go there.

o     4
    In an unmutual break up it's important for the breaker to help the breakee
    with closer so that the breakee doesn't flip out and you end up with bad
    blood between the two. If you want a pleasant break up do what you
    reasonably can to help that person move on. Key word is reasonable.
    Sometimes folk just won't get the closer they seek because what they want
    is you and they can't have you. Don't lie and say it's not you its
    honest so there will be no questions in the other persons mind as to why
    you broke up. the breakee can just move on and improve in areas as

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