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									How to Cope With a Breakup

Did you recently break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you feel down and
depressed and are you looking for proven techniques on coping with a breakup? If so, I
can help. I've been through several breakups in the past and I can give you some proven
techniques to use right now. Let's begin.


   o           1
             Realize that it will take time for your heart to heal. It will take time coping
             with a breakup. After all, you have a lot of feelings for your ex and those
             feelings aren't going to just disappear overnight. However, you will find that
             if you give yourself some time, those hurtful feelings will vanish with time
             and you'll realize that it isn't the end of the world because the two of you
             have parted.

   o           2
             Concentrate on your needs. If you're like most folks, when you were with
             your ex, you probably concentrated on their needs. Well, now it is time for
             you to concentrate on pleasing yourself. Therefore, put your needs first and
             do the things that you neglected when you were with your ex. For instance,
             go shopping and buy yourself some new clothes. Get your hair fixed or
             have a manicure. Treat yourself to a movie or play but do something that
             you enjoy without worrying if your significant other would have approved.

   o           3
    Keep A Journal. Coping with a breakup is similar to mourning the loss of a
    loved one. It hurts and the pain is real. Therefore, you can deal with these
    feelings by writing them down in a journal. Therefore, every night, write
    down how you felt during the day. Write down any positive or negative
    feelings that you felt and what caused those feelings and how you reacted.
    For instance, if you run into a friend who casually invites you and your ex
    out for dinner and this causes you to feel sad, write it down. On the same
    token, if you spent the entire afternoon laughing with friends and didn't feel
    sad at all, write that down too. Simply pour your heart into your journal and
    heal your heart in the process.

o     4
    Surround yourself with supportive people. Spend precious time with friends
    and family members. Not only do they love you but they can help you
    through this difficult time. After all, they don't want you to feel miserable and
    will likely do all they can to "help you feel better." Don't forget to confide in
    them about your feelings and have as much fun with them as you can. After
    all, you don't want to be miserable but you do want to acquire love and

o     5
    Get rid of reminders. Eliminate all signs of your ex. Not only will these
    things conjure up hurtful feelings but they will cause you to feel worse.
    Therefore, pack up all items that remind you of your ex and put them out of
    sight. If you can, throw them away. If you don't want to destroy them, put
    them in the attic or give them to a friend for safekeeping. After all, this will
    keep you from reminiscing about the past and help you focus on the
    present and future.

o     6
    In conclusion, a breakup isn't an easy thing to cope with but it's part of life.
    Nearly everyone has gone though it at one point and they made it through.
    If you follow the previous tips, you can get over a breakup too. Good luck
    and know that things will get better.

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