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					                                                              CHAPTER 17: The United States in WWII
                                                   EQ: How did the U.S. use its resources to win WWII?
                              17.3 - War in the Pacific                                           17.4 - The Home Front
•   Identify key turning points in the war in the Pacific.                              • Describe the economic and social changes that reshaped American life during WWII
•   Describe the Allied offensive against the Japanese.                                 • Summarize both the opportunities and the discrimination African Americans and other
•   Explain both the development of the atomic bomb and debates about its use.            minorities experienced during the war.
•   Describe the challenges faced by the Allies in building a just and lasting peace.

The Allies Stem the Japanese Tide                                                    Opportunity and Adjustment
1. How extensive were the Japanese conquests?                                        1. How did the war affect American workers?
2. What American actions surprised the Japanese?                                     2. How did the growth of the defense industry affect American population patterns?
3. What was the importance fo the Battle of Midway?                                  3. How did wartime activities affect families?
4. What strategy did the U.S. Adipt in fighting Japan?                               Discrimination and Reaction/Internment of Japanese Americans
The Allies Go on the Offensive                                                       4. How were African Americans treated at home and in the military?
5. What were the kamikazes?                                                          5. How did Americans react to progress in acceptance of African Americans?
6. Why did the Japanese fight so hard on Iwo Jima?                                   6. What caused the zoot suit riots in the 1940’s?
7. Why did the Allies believe Okinawa was a foretaste of an invasion of Japan?       7. Why were Japanese Americans placed in internment camps?
The Atomic Bomb Ends the War                                                         8. How were Japanese Americans compensated for internment?
8. What was the Manhattan project?
9. How did scientists view using the atomic bomb?                                    QW: Do you think that the government’s policy of evacuating Japanese Americans to
10.      How did the battles on Iwo Jima & Okinawa influence the decision to use the         camps was justified on the basis of “military necessity”?
   bomb against Japan?
11.      What reasons did opponents of using the bomb offer to Sec. Stinson?
Rebuilding Begins
12. What plans for peacekeeping did the U.S. Make near the end of the war?
13. What did the U.S. Do with the surviving leaders of Germany and Japan?
14. What happened to Japan after the war ended?
15. Why was FDR anxious to make concessions to Stalin concerning th fate of postwar
16. Describe what you think you are looking at in the picture below.
 CHAPTER 17: The United States in WWII
EQ: How did the U.S. use its resources to win WWII?

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