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Posting Policy - POSTING POICY


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									                                                    POSTING POLICY:
                                                    Campus Life Center
                                                 Oklahoma State University

The posting of signs, handbills, and flyers and the posting of displays in buildings at Oklahoma State University will be
limited to recognized and registered groups and official units of the University.
Procedure:        In order to have a poster registered for campus posting, a representative of the sponsoring
                  group or unit must bring the material to be posted to the Department of Campus Life (060 Student Union)
                  for a permit. Once the permit is filled out, the group representative will stamp each poster/ flyer with the
                  Campus Life “Registered” stamp.
A.       Posters and flyers must not exceed 400 square inches in size. Signs exceeding this limitation must receive
         special permission from the Director of Campus Life to be posted.
B.       The name of the sponsoring group or unit must appear on each flyer, sign and display. The organization name
         spelled out is preferred, but Greek letters, acronyms, and logos will be accepted if these clearly identify the sponsor.
         In case of symbols or initials which are not clear, the group will be required to spell out the entire name of the
         sponsoring organization.
C.       Posters and displays which are in languages other than English will have an exact translation of the material on the
         poster in English in order to allow for all OSU students to be aware of the poster’s message.
D.       Publicity encouraging the abuse of alcohol at events sponsored by registered or recognized student organizations is
E.       All posters without a registered stamp or those remaining up beyond the expiration date will be removed. Only one
         poster per event is permitted on each bulletin board.
F.       Posters are not to be posted on walls (interior or exterior), trees, shrubs, trash cans, elevators, etc. Only
         bulletin boards and sign standards are approved as posting places. Any signs posted in unapproved areas
         will be removed and may result in the individual or group being billed for the signs removal plus any
         damages that might occur.
G.       The painting of sidewalks, buildings, etc. is not permitted. Chalking of sidewalks is permitted if a permit is obtained
         from the Campus Life office in 060 Student Union.
H.       Lawn signs for campus elections will be registered by the SGA Election Agency. The Director of Campus Life may
         approve lawn signs for special events of an all-campus interest.
Posting in Residence Halls: Persons wishing to post in the Residence Halls must register posters in the Campus Life
Center, Room 060 Student Union. The regulations (A-F) cited above are applicable for posting in the Residence Halls.
Arrangements to post in the halls must be made with the Residence Hall Coordinator in each hall.

PUBLICTY DISTRIBUTION: Following is a list of bulleting board locations on campus.

                 Building Name                 # of BB      BB location in building
                 Ag Hall                                    On each floor by the stairwells
                 Business Building                 20       Mailroom organization boxes only
                 Campus Life                       2        Basement area between 050 and 060 Student Union
                 Classroom Building                5        BB on each floor at each end
                 Colvin Center Annex               1        Front board near the entry door
                 Engr. North                       1        Inside south doors
                 Engr. South                       2        SE and SW entrances
                 HES                               15
                 Life Science East                 1        1st floor only
                 Life Science West                 1        At south entrance only
                 Math Science                      1        At north entrance only
                 Morrill Hall                      1        2nd floor next to room 203
                 Physical Science                  1        Across from room 116
                 Seretean Center                   2        Across from room 121 and front desk counter
                 Student Union                     5        Outside the Student Union Bookstore 1st floor
                 Wellness Center                   1        Take flyers to the front desk.
                 Whitehurst                                 30

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