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April edition pub


									                                                 The Bethel Banner
                                                  Believe          Belong           Become
  April 2009                                                                                            Bethel Lutheran Church
 April 1     6:00 p.m.        Lenten Dinner
             7:00 p.m.       Lenten Service
                                                 † Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon falling upon or after March
 April 5     Family Worship Palm Sunday          21st. The method of dating Easter is to make it coincide with the feast of the Passover.
 April 7     7:00 p.m.        Baptism Class      †Easter is the oldest festival of the church year. The first Christians celebrated Easter
             7:00 p.m.       Leadership Mtg
                                                 as the Christian Passover.
 April 8     6:00 p.m.        Lenten Dinner
             7:00 p.m.       Lenten Service      †The name Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon spring goddess, Eastre, whose
             7:00 p.m.       Circle of Sisters   festival coincided with the spring equinox.
 April 9     7:00 p.m. Maundy Thursday Svc.
             7:00 p.m.        Youth Council      † JOY! Easter is the most important day of the church year. The resurrection is the
 April 10 12:00 p.m.       Good Friday Svc.      keystone in the arch of Christianity. We celebrate Christ’s victory over death and sin.
 April 11 7:00 p.m.           Euchre Group       Without it, everything else crumbles.
 April 12 Easter Breakfast                       †The Cross symbolizes the Christian Faith. Light is Christ’s triumph over darkness,
             7:00 a.m.      Sunrise Service
                                                 and flowers celebrate joy and resurrection...the white lily represents the purity of Christ.
             8:00 am Traditional Worship
             9:30 a.m.    Blended Worship
             11:00 a.m.     Praise Worship
 April 13 Office Closed
 April 14 7:00 p.m.          Church Council
 April 16 7:00 p.m.       Thursday Nite Live
 April 19 4:15 p.m. Confirmation CLass
 April 21 11:30 a.m.              JOY Group
 April 22 7:00 p.m.          Circle of Sisters
 April 23 7:00 p.m.       Thursday Nite Live
 April 24-25              Conf./H.S. Lock-In
 April 26 2:00 p.m.          5th/6th bowling
 April 28 1:00 p.m.            Prayer Shawl
 April 30 7:00 p.m.       Thursday Nite Live

                                                                                  PLEASE JOIN US!
                                                                                  Palm Sunday...April 5
INSIDE                                                                                         ~
   This issue...                                                          Maundy Thursday...April 9, 7:00 pm
Pastor’s Page                         Page 2                               Good Friday...April 10, 12:00 p.m.
Odds & Ends                            Pg 3-6                                                  ~
Serving Others                        Page 6
                                                                                                        EASTER SUNDAY
Christian Education                   Page 7
                                                                                                      Easter Sunrise...7:00 am
Special articles/Outreach           Page 8-9                                                          Easter Service...8:00 am
Bible Studies                        Page 10
                                                                                                                       9:30 am
                                                                                                                      11:00 am
REAL Community                       Page 11

Faith in Action-serving others       Page 12

Notes and Thank Yous                 Page 13

Prayer Requests                      Page 14

Birthdates/Anniversaries             Page 15
     Page 2                 “I believe in God the Father Almighty,            have sat on a rock late at night and gazed into a
                               creator of heaven and the earth.”              blackened heaven that is punctuated with
                                                                              literally millions of stars. God was at His
                          We are all familiar with the first line of the      creative best when in this glorious corner of
                          Apostles’ Creed. We affirm that faith and that      the world.
                          truth almost every week here at church. It                      I have been privileged in so many
                          declares the fact that behind everything we         ways throughout my life to witness the
                          know and see, behind everything we                  glorious powers of God’s creative activity.
                          experience and enjoy in life, behind everything     But I have to share with you, that this past
                          that moves and has breath, there is One who         week when I held my granddaughter in my
                          has designed and made it all.                       arms and looked into her face for the first time,
                                   Throughout my life I have had many         I knew an even greater dimension of God’s
                          wonderful opportunities to stand in wonder and      creative workings.
                          awe of God’s creative power. When we lived                      As great as the regal mountains, the
                          in Colorado, we lived at the base of the Rocky      beautiful lakes, the formidable canyons and
                          Mountains. The purple mountain’s majesty            vast oceans are, they pale in comparison to the
                          really describes the grandeur that outlined that    miracle and the gift of life. How two cells can
                          sky. Many times Terri and I would climb to          come together and then multiply until a child is
                          the top of one of those mountains and just          formed is a mystery and wonder that is beyond
                          stand in rapt reverence of the panorama of          me. My best and really only response is to
                          miles and miles of the land below.                  offer a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving.
                                   I have stood at the ridge of the Grand                 One of the questions that is often asked
                          canyon and beheld the immensity, the                is . . . . . “who does she look like?” In the
                          unbelievable rock formations and the rugged         creation story of Genesis, it says that they (we)
   And on the             beauty that draws millions of pilgrims every        were created in the likeness of God himself.
Eighth Day, God           year. Who but God could make something as           And that likeness goes way beyond physical
   Created…               spectacular as this.                                features. I don’t care who she looks like, but
  SOFTBALL!!                       I have stood on the beach in Florida       that she grows to look more and more like
                          waiting for the sunset. Whenever I am in            God’s likeness and image.
After God completed                                                                       Within moments of holding little
the seventh day, he       Florida, I make sure I am right there as the sky
realized that creation    and water is illuminated by the oranges, reds,      Elizabeth, I experienced a profound attachment
would not be totally      and yellows that are never exactly the same.        that went way beyond the genetic lineage. It
complete without          There is something about the sun touching the       was a bond of spirit, more profound than any
SOFTBALL! Bethel                                                              physical or biological likeness. Toward that
has a terrific team,
                          horizon of the water that is captivating and
                          spectacular.                                        little person so new, I experienced a bond of
and while winning is
great, the fellowship              Because of the farming spirit in me, I     love.
shared and friendships    never cease to marvel at the wonder of                          The likeness that we share with God, I
that are formed are       springtime as everything buds, and bulbs break      believe, is the propensity to look into the faces
even better! Please                                                           of others and to love. One look into the face of
join in!! The men’s       through the once barren ground, take root and
league costs about        bring forth new flowers. I love planting what       that little bundle of joy, and I fell in love. As I
$30/person. We are a      look like dead seeds, hoping and trusting that      held that beautiful little child, it was sealed –
part of the Hamilton      the miracle of germination will take place so       never to be broken – a love that gives me
County Park District.                                                         goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes even
The Season begins
                          that there will be yet another crop and another
                          harvest in the fall.                                as I write this.
last week of April 28th
at Morse Beach with a              I have canoed in the pristine Boundary                 That I believe is how God looks at
schedule consisting of    Waters of northern Minnesota. We drink the          each and everyone of us. In our baptisms God
12 games. THIS            refreshing clear water straight from the lake the   looks into our faces and says, “You are mine . .
YEAR Bethel will try to                                                       . with you I am well pleased.” And God came
have a co-rec team of     way God intended it in the beginning. We
men and women but         listen as the loons call back and forth to one      in the form of Jesus to remind us not only that
we need at least 7 of     another. There is nothing like the soothing         He loves us, but to give us powerful indicator
each. If you’re           sound of the gentle washing of waves on the         of the depth and length of that love. And when
interested in playing,                                                        it comes right down to it, love . . .unconditional
sign up on the
                          rocky shore. Wild life of all sorts abound. The
                          lily pads with the white and yellow flowers         love is the greatest gift in all of creation.
Welcome Sheet or call
the church office @       that open as the sun brings warmth and light.
773-4315.                 We have glided over huge lake that are just         Peace,
                          like glass. And we have seen the power and
                          endured wind and storms that brings fear to         Pastor Doug
     April 2009           even the most seasoned wilderness veteran. I
                                                                                             Page 3
         Living the Marks of Discipleship…. WORSHIP REGULARLY

           Kids Who Care…                               Register Now for
  is a group comprised of 3-10 year                 2009-2010 Preschool and
olds who along with their parents are                   Parent’s Day Out
    actively involved in community
 service projects. Our group meets            Information sheets are available in
once a month to engage in a variety           the Information Center in the narthex
    of activities. If you'd like more
                                              and on Bethel’s website. There are
  information, please contact Kristi
       Anderson at 863-0416 or
                                              classes for children who are 18              months through non-kindergarten
        We'd love to have you!                Contact Brenda Day, Director, for
                                              more information or a registration
                                              form, Church voicemail: 317- 773-
                                              4315 Ext. 15
                                              Email: preschool@BethelLutheranC

                    10 things You Never Hear in Church:
  10.   Hey! It's MY turn to sit on the front pew!
  9.    I was so enthralled, I never noticed your sermon went over 25 minutes.
  8.    Personally, I find witnessing much more enjoyable than golf.
  7.    I volunteer to be the permanent teacher for the Junior High Sunday
        School class.
  6.    I love it when we sing hymns I've never heard before!
  5.    Since we're all here, let's start the worship service early!
  4.    Pastors, we'd like to send you to this Bible seminar in the Bahamas.
  3.    No, our generation has had its own way for long enough. It’s time for you young
        people to show us how it’s done.
  2.    We really don’t need to set up another committee to decide that.
  1.    Nothing inspires me and strengthens my commitment like our annual stewardship

                                              Thursday Nite Live!!!
          Classes begin April 16, 7:00 pm and will run for 4 consecutive Thursday nites thru May 7.
                                           Pastor Doug… “ Boundaries in Marriage ”
                                            ( L imited to first 15 couples, book cost $20 )
                                     Pastor E. Dean… “ O ur Lutheran Roots ” ( Book cost $10 )
                                                         Pastor Wade… “ the ultimate gift ”

                                                                                            April 2009
  Page 4
                                                                        Library News
                                                                  I hope that all of you ladies
                                                                  are marking your calendars to

  O RE
                                                                  attend the "Women of Faith"
                                                                  conference that will be held at Conseco
M                                                                 Fieldhouse on August 7th and 8th. We have 25
                                                                  tickets available and have the option to buy more
                             Prayer Shawl Update                  if enough of us want to attend! It will be fun-filled
                     Anyone making prayer shawls and cancer       and faith-filled, and the speakers and musicians
                       caps should come to the meetings and       are absolutely amazing! By the time you read
                    receive instructions plus patterns. We have   this, the tickets will be available between worship
                     several patterns to choose from. All items   services in the Fellowship Hall. So mark the
                     will then conform to the patterns. Hope to   dates and join us for a life-changing experience
                      see you all at our monthly meetings, the    with thousands of other Christian women!
                      fourth Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m.
                   Thanks much for your help in this ministry     How does this relate to Bethel's library, you might
                             Maria Haisma 984-7353                ask? Well, this month we will be featuring books
                                                                  written by the team of women that comprise the
I am sure that
                                                                  WOF family. We actually have quite a few
  never was a       Prayer Shawl Ministry                         different titles available for you to check
  people, who                                                     out. They will be displayed on the table in the
                 “Shawls...made for centuries, universal
   had more                                                       library as well as in the Fellowship Hall, so
                  and embracing, symbolic of an inclu-            please take advantage of the variety that we
    reason to    sive, unconditionally loving God. They           have to offer.
 acknowledge      wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give sol-
    a Divine     ace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify.          If you enjoy reading inspirational short stories
 interposition    Those who receive these shawls have             with just the right touch of humor, we have just
                                                                  the thing for you: "Outrageous Joy", "The Joyful
     in their    been uplifted and affirmed, as if given          Journey", "Laughter for a Woman's Soul",
 affairs, than     wings to fly above their troubles…”            "Extravagant Grace", "Faith, Hope and Hilarity",
  those of the                   Bristow                          and "We Brake for Joy" are compilations written
United States;    If you or someone you love is in need           by Patsy Clairmont, Luci Swindoll, Marilyn
                 of a prayer shawl, or cancer cap please          Meberg, Sheila Walsh and a few other
 and I should
                                                                  contributors from WOF conferences from years
 be pained to           contact the church office.
                                                                  past. We have three books written by the very
  believe that                                                    funny Patsy alone: "Stardust on My Pillow",
   they have                                                      "Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer" and
                                                                  "God Uses Cracked Pots". Marilyn Meberg
forgotten that
                                                                  shares a more serious story of dealing with loss
agency, which                                                     and abandonment in "Love Me, Never Leave
 was so often                                                     Me".
                                                                  We offer five choices penned by prolific author
   during our       If you are interested in funeral              Sheila Walsh: "Honestly", "Never Give it Up",
  Revolution,        planning information, please                 "Life is Tough But God is Faithful", "Holding on to
  or that they                                                    Heaven with Hell on Your Back" and "Get Off
    failed to           check the church office                   Your Knees and Pray". If you feel that you are
  consider the       or forms are available on the                sleepwalking through life, you can wake up and
                                                                  smell the coffee with "Fresh-Brewed Life" by the
 omnipotence              Information Center.                     multi-talented Nicole Johnson.
  of that God
 who is alone                                                     All books can be checked out simply by filling out
                                                                  the card in the back of the book with your name,
     able to
                                                                  phone number and date, and can be kept for a
protect them.                                                     month at a time. So plan on joining us at the
      George                                                      conference in August and enhance your
   Washinton                                                      experience by reading one of these excellent
                                                                  books before you go!!

                                                                  Chaleen Stevens
  April 2009
                                                                                                          Page 5
Bethel Lutheran broadcasts our worship services on a local television
station (Channel 19) every week! The times of the broadcasts are:
7:30 am; 1:30 pm; 7:30 pm; and 1:30 am
These broadcasts are helpful in this way:
   +It gives our shut-ins an opportunity to view our
          Worship Services.
   +It is our hope, that people who are curious about Bethel
          Lutheran Church, will also tune in to the broadcasts.                                        DO YOU
Would you be willing to sponsor one Sunday of broadcasting? The cost is $100.00 (that
includes all four broadcasts)!.
                                                                                                      KNOW THE
If you would like to sponsor a broadcast:                                                             MARKS OF
   1. Contact the Church Office @773-4315                                                           DISCIPLESHIP?
   2. Make out a check to “Bethel Lutheran Church” for $100.00,
        and indicate on the memo line: “TV Broadcast”.
   3. Place in the offering or send to Bethel Lutheran Church.
                                                                                                      (Hint: think
Thank you for any help you can give to continue this outreach ministry. Questions?                  PoWeRSuRGe)
Contact Pastor E. Dean.
                                                                                                       Pray daily
                                          A Ladies Morning Out                                       Read Scripture
                                                Saturday, May 2                                            daily
                                                                                                      Serve others
                                                    9-11 a.m                                         Relate to other
                                                                                                    Christians in faith
                              All women are cordially invited to come and share in a time of          Give of your
                     encouragement, fellowship, prayer, and breakfast. Our speaker for this             financial
                     renewing morning will be Dr. Robin Chaddock, author and life coach.               resources.
                     Many may remember Robin from our luncheon a couple years ago. Her
                     topic this year will be “How to Get a Smart Mouth”. This happens to be
                     the title of her latest book. Ms. Chaddock is an insightful speaker,
                     internationally known author, and seminar leader. Her topics seek to
integrate the best of psychological health, spiritual honesty, zestiness for living, and fullness
of relationship with ourselves, each other and our Creator. Also a certified life coach, Robin
helps others grow deeper in their spirituality, successfully navigate transitions and life
changes, and discover what they are meant to do and to be in this world.                            RECYCLE YOUR
         Ms. Caddock’s books include: "Being a Wise Woman in a Wild World", "Come to Your
Senses: Discovering God in the Everyday", "12 Great Choices Smart Moms Make", "How to Get a
                                                                                                      AT BETHEL
Smart Mouth", and "How to Find Your Personal Path to Success". In addition to authoring
wonderful books, Robin has been the recipient of many awards and has been featured by
                                                                                                    Collections boxes
Focus on the Family, Cornerstone Television, Trinity Broadcast Network, FamilyNet TV, and
                                                                                                    are located in the
Moody Broadcasting. She has been profiled in articles published by the Indianapolis Star and
                                                                                                     Education foyer
Indianapolis Woman. See more about her
                                                                                                     and on the shelf
                                                                                                      above the coat
         After Robin’s talk we will give away some door prizes and you                                 rack near the
will have time for another cup of coffee and some chatting with your                                 kitchen. There is
friends.                                                                                            no longer a brand
                                                                                                       restriction. All
Tickets will go on sale after Easter for $10 each. We also ask that you                                  brands of
bring a small kitchen shower gift to help replace worn out items and                                cartridges can be
stock the new kitchenette in the new building. Ideas: kitchen towels, dish                          redeemed. Bethel
soap, carafes, pitchers, serving spoons/forks, ladles, cake servers…                                earns $3 for each
If you are interested in helping with this fellowship event or can donate                                cartridge.
a door prize, please contact Pastor Heather.                                                          Thank you for
                                                                                                      helping Bethel

                                                                                                        April 2009
       Page 6
                                          Living the Marks of Discipleship…. Serving Others

                                                                         Volunteer Opportunities at Bethel in
                                                                         ] Pantry workers
                                                                         ] Nursery helpers
                                                                         ] Coffee Fellowship
                                                                         ] Rummage Sale
                                 CHECK THE WEEKLY WELCOME SHEET IN THIS WEEK-END’S
                                                BULLETIN!! SIGN UP TO SERVE!!
                                     Call the Church Office at 773-4315 if you have a question.

    Stewardship                                     Marsh and Kroger Cards are back...
                            Many of you have asked about these gift cards. We listened and beginning on March 22nd,
   Stewardship in           between services in the Fellowship Hall, they will be available for purchase. Did you know
  Tough Economic
      Times?                Bethel receives 5% on each card which we then send to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal.
                            What other gift cards give that kind of reward that can then be used for such a great cause?
   We are all called to     One member shared that she buys a gift card each time she buys food for the food pantry
  share in God’s plan
   for redemption, not      and/or Thanksgiving/Christmas baskets knowing that TWO different communities are being
only for ourselves but      helped. Other shared that she sends them to her kids in college/living away from home.
   also for others. We      Other comments include: enclosing one in a birthday card, using them for a “thank-you” gift,
   are obligated to be
 good stewards of the       giving the balance on a card to the person standing next in line, especially when children are
   church. We have a        along. What a blessing it would be to an unemployed friend, a neighbor, or a family member
personal responsibility     to receive one of these gift cards. A Kroger card can also be used for gas! Of course you can
      to our Church.
As Christians, we give      purchase these cards for your own shopping as well. If you buy most of your groceries
    generously of our       elsewhere, we understand. Some of us find it very convenient to carry a gift card with us
 time, money, prayers       when running in to Kroger or Marsh for that hard to find item, or the item we forgot to pick
 and service –– to our
 Church, schools and        up, or just for a change of scenery. See you every Sunday between services—look for us in
  community. Even in        the Fellowship Hall…..
 these difficult times it
is our responsibility to
 continue the mission        Bethel celebrates with these young disciples as they participate in their First Holy
  of Jesus. In turn, he
will guide and sustain      Communion. Let us keep them in our prayers as they continue in their faith journey!
  us with his unfailing
           love.                   Alexis Amstutz                                              Tyler Anderson
                                   Jacob Cooper                                                Kyle Dankert
                                   Scott Hager                                                 David Kitko
                                   Alex Klotz                                                  Izek Leppert
                                   Cole Matthews                                               Sam Morris
                                   Anika Pearson                                               Christopher Roberts
                                   Nathan Roth                                                 Luke Staebler
                                   Ethan Walters                                               Josh Warning
                                   Troy Visscher                                               Paige Von Itter
                                   Sarah Zutter

                                                                    NEWSLETTER DEADLINE:
       April 2009                                                    April 15 for May Issue...
                                                                                                                   Page 7

                                                               by Pastor Heather
                               A Few “Proverbs” for Thought…
  Our Confirmation students were challenged to write a proverb as part of our class when we studied the
book of Proverbs. They did such a great job, that we wanted to share them with the congregation.
] The only difference between games and life is in life you don’t get redoes. ~Collin Duncan
] Lying is like a boomerang; it will always come back to you. ~Kate Mickelson
] Don’t plan revenge against someone, because if they have done something to you before, you know
   how it feels. ~Baylee Bell
] Everything you know is wrong, from a certain point of view. ~Lucas Hulka
] You don’t just develop maturity over night; you must grow up inside to become. ~Ashlyn Robbins
] Do not dwell in the past or the past will dwell in you. ~Paige Swanson
] The future will never change if you don’t think about the present. ~Drew Mlynarik
] When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die. ~Jacob Walters
] Don’t follow everyone’s steps for they may lead you down the wrong path; follow the Lord and He
   will lead you down the right path. ~Becky Dodge
] Live everyday to the fullest, with no regrets; you never know when it will be your last. ~Kennedy
] When you’re mad, use verbal actions instead of physical actions. ~Abby Smith
] A “rich” man is a man that is happy, but a “poor” man is one who wants what the rich man has. ~Luke         FOR BAPTISM
   Burrow                                                                                                     Classes are held
] I have been through the same situations as you, and I can say that real life’s not perfect. Whatever           regularly for
   they say goes, and what’s done is done. You are sure to succeed no matter what choice you make, and        those individuals
   whatever choice you decide to make, you are in for a ride because every choice you make is a               and families who
   different obstacle. Listen to your heart and be careful what you choose. ~Celeste Hettrick
                                                                                                               are planning an
] Don’t go through life unnoticed; it’s not worth it. Live your life to the fullest, laugh like you never
   have before, and love like you have never been hurt. ~Clair Wisman                                              upcoming
] Think of yourself in positive ways, NOT negative! ~Erika Von Itter                                            baptism. Our
] Don’t hold grudges against others because you may need something from them one day. ~Courtney               next meeting will
   Laker                                                                                                      be on Tuesday,
] Every person looses faith some day. But if you loose all faith then God has trouble calling out to you.      April 3 at 7:00
   So, no matter how bad things get always have a little faith. Because God is calling out to help you. All    pm. Sign up on
   you have to do is listen. ~Kaitlyn Vitone
] Keep and don’t forget the friends that stand beside you instead of the ones who are bad examples or
   you can end up in bad places. ~Grace Dodge                                                                  Welcome Sheet
] Do your homework or else you might mess up your life. ~Zach Landwehr                                           if you will be
] He who thinks before he speaks shall suffer less. ~Collin Davis                                               attending this
] Don’t do something just because you can; do it because it’s right. ~Palmer Morris                             month’s class.
] Do not leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one
   they love. ~Allison Hatcher
] You only have one life to live, so make it worth living. Smile and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, cry
   when you need to, and let God lead you through it. ~LeeAnn Reid
] Do not lose faith, or else you will lose your strength. ~Austin Roe
] Before you start being and surrounding yourself with those who use substances to be happy,
   remember that those who use those substances to be happy will ONLY be happy with them. ~Chris
] Don’t sweat the small stuff because the bigger things are what matter. ~Annie Sackers

        Don’t Forget to Sign Up to Go to CAMP!!
   The Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of the Indiana-Kentucky (LOMIK) offer programs
for those students entering grades 1-12. Send your child to camp to make new friends,
or coordinate with other parents and send some Bethel campers together! Those
students already involved in or entering the Confirmation program can join Bethel at Lutheran Hills
June 14-19.
   But wait! It gets even better—Bethel will pay the deposit for any child attending one of the
LOMIK summer camp programs. (Just turn your form into Pastor Heather.) Talk to me or check out
                                                                                                                 April 2009
the website for more information: See you at Camp!!
   Page 8

                                               “God be with us as we walk each mile,
                                           our life has a purpose and it is all worthwhile.”
                                       This prayer was said last year as the Walk 4 Faith team embarked
                                       on a journey that ended at the Komen Race for the Cure. We had
                                       15 team members and raised $4,167!! The team name has been
                                       re-registered and we are looking for even more members to join and
                                       walk with us on Saturday April 18, 2009.

                                        Want to join our team for the Race for the Cure – go to the website:
                      and register to join the "Walk 4 Faith" team.

                                  Questions or comments please see Tina Marshall 984-5370 or
Fellowship ...with
the body of Christ                         20/30 VISION
   is not just an                                                          Relay for Life of Noblesville
   option, but is                             YOUNG                               May 16-17, 2009
   critical to our
     continued                                ADULT                 The Bethel Believers team is once again
    survival as                                                     organizing for this year's event. Relay's
  Christians. We                            MINISTRY                goal for us last year was $1,200 ( or $100
      need the                                                      each) and 12 of us raised almost $4,000 for
  preaching and
  teaching from
                                                                    the fight against cancer.....and we got 1st
 God’s Word, the                                                    place in campsite theme! The American
  atmosphere of                             Come join other         Cancer Society Relay For Life® is a life-
    worship and                             Lutherans in their      changing event that brings together more
     praise, the                            20s and 30s on          than 3.5 million people across the country
  which we draw                             Sunday evenings         each year to celebrate the lives of those
      from our       from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. to share        who have battled cancer, remember loved
   brethren, the                                                    ones lost, and fight back against a disease
 opportunities of    in a topical bible study that is held at       that takes too much. You can join the
Christian service,   different restaurants, centrally located,      Bethel team by going to
 and we need the     as well as social events.          Various
  opportunity to
   practice love     Lutheran congregations are participating       on "view teams" - find Bethel Believers
  toward others.     in this program. We hope you, too, will        and click on "join team". Registration is
   See you at        consider taking time out to enjoy
                     conversation      and     deepen       your
                     relationship with God.
                            Feel free to bring a friend to share
                     in this unique opportunity for
                     fellowship. For additional information,
                     you can contact Tricha Roach at 317-
                     370-4394 or
                     We will see you there!

   April 2009
                                                                                                  Page 9

                           Calling all women! Mark your calendars now
                                for the 2009 Women of Faith Event!
                          August 7-8, 2009 @ Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis
                         This spiritual uplifting event is one you don’t want to miss!
          Guest speakers include: Shelia Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Luci Swindoll,
                                Nicole C. Mullen, and Steven Cutis Chapman.
  The tickets for this event are $75, which includes both the Friday night session (7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.)
                                 and all day Saturday (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
               We have 25 reserved seats on the first level - much better seats than last year!
     Bring your mom, aunts, sisters, neighbors, and friends! During this weekend you will have the
      opportunity to RECHARGE your batteries, RECEIVE encouragement, RELAX and enjoy yourself,
    RELISH girl-time with your friends, and REST in the knowledge that God loves you just as you are!
                        Watch for ticket sign-ups on the Welcome Sheet in March!
                                    See Chaleen Stevens for more information.

                              BETHEL BUS TRIP THIS FALL!
For some time, I have wanted to put together a “bus trip” for Bethel Lutheran adults. Recently, I came
across a tour bus company that offers a variety of tours at a very reasonable price!
Here’s information about a proposed trip in September:

Date ~ Tuesday, September 22, 2009—through Friday, September 25, 2009.
Destination ~ Asheville, North Carolina! Included on the trip:
• A tour of the Biltmore Estate, Gardens, & Winery
● A “Great Smoky Mountains Train ride”—through the scenic mountains of western North Carolina
• Twilight Cruise on Lake Lure
• A tour of Chimney Rock State Park
● 3 nights’ lodging; 3 Breakfasts; 2 lunches; 3 dinners (including “Carolina Nights Dinner Show”)
● Tour of Asheville, N.C. and the “Folk Art Center”
If we are able to recruit 40 passengers, we will have our own luxury Motorcoach (Air conditioned,
Restroom equipped, etc.) The “bus” would pick us up on Tuesday September 22, from the Bethel Church
parking lot—and return us there by late afternoon, Friday, September 25.
The cost: $519.00 (per person, double occupancy) This “fee” covers the following items:
Lodging; meals; activities; touring; entertainment; gift for all; luggage handling; plus all taxes and
meal gratuities; and round trip transportation from Bethel.
       What a great opportunity for adults from our congregation to do some “bonding”
                              and have a great time together!
                        Stay tuned! Let me know if you are have some interest!
                          Pastor E. Dean Windhorn; Home phone: (317) 815-6637
                 Office phone: (317) 773-4315, Ext. #25 E Mail:

                                                                                                April 2009
   Page 10                   Living the Marks of Discipleship……. READ SCRIPTURE DAILY

                                                         ADULT CLASSES

                                                                                        Women’s Bible Study
                                                                                        Wednesdays 9:00—10:30
                      Sandwich & Scripture—on hold for                                  am 2nd Floor of the
                      now...                                                            Christian Ed Wing
                                                                                        We are continuing the study of
                                                                                        the fascinating letters of Peter,
                                                                                        looking at them closely to
                                                                            understand all he has to say for our lives
                                                                            as Christians. After completing that study
                                                                            we will study topics to be complete in one
                                                                            session for the few that will remain before
                                                                            the summer break. It is a good time to
                                                                            look at some verses or subjects that you
Have an idea?                                                               have been wondering about. Everyone is
  Want to start a                                                           welcome to these inspiring meetings.
new group? Don’t                                                            Questions? Call Joyce 773-8115.Our 1 ½
 be shy...God will                                                          hour meeting includes time for fellowship
give you what you                                                           and prayer. All women are welcome to
   need to get it                                                           this enjoyable, inspirational time of study.
  going! Call the    Men’s Bible Study
                      We sped through the book of Mark...on
                                                                                         Questions: call Joyce at 815-
 church office @                                                                         6637.
    773-4315.        to the book of Luke. See you there:
                     Mondays, 7:30pm in the library on the
                     2nd floor of the Education building.
                                                                                                   Prayer Team
                                                                                          Wednesdays 10:45-11:30
                     Sausage & Scripture Men’s
                     Bible Study Saturdays—7:30-9:00am                                     A prayer team has begun to meet at
                     Fellowship Hall                                                       the church. Because the Bible urges
                     We are beginning a new study using a series                us to pray for each other, we meet to lift up
                     recently put out by Christianity Today called,            the persons on our weekly prayer list, anyone
                     "Engaging the Culture." Each study session                on the e-mail or telephone prayer chains, and
                     begins with one or two thought-provoking                   anyone who has filled out the blue prayer re-
                     articles from Christianity Today followed by             quest cards. We have felt called to pray for the
                     examination of Scripture related to the topics of        entire congregation of Bethel, and so commit to
                     each chapter/article. These challenge us as we               our Lord a portion of the membership by
                     ask the questions: How are we as Christians to             name every week. We pray for the pastors
                                                                              and staff and for all aspects of Bethel's ministry
                     respond to culture? Ignore it? Embrace it? Run
                                                                              in this community. We also pray for the contin-
                     away from it? How should our faith interact with
                                                                                ued growth and strength of the
                     the current issues of our day? Please join us in           Christian Church throughout the
                     this faith-deepening study. Breakfast begins at          world. Anyone who feels called to
                     7:30 followed by Bible study from 8:00-9:00.             this ministry is welcome to attend.
                     Call Mark Seifert (776-1093) for more                                 Questions ?:
                     information.                                                    call Trudy 770-9628 or
                                                                                        Connie 773-0789

                                                 GENERAL FUND FINANCIAL UPDATE
                                             November            December               Jan 09                February
                        Contributions         57,235               66,005               43,527                  48,934
                        Expenses              53,983               64,343               51,256                  53,020
                        Difference             3,252               1,662                (7,729)                 (4,086)
   April 2009
                                                                                                               Page 11
      Living the Marks of Discipleship……. RELATE TO OTHERS IN LOVE

        SCRAPBOOKING GROUP                                        Bethel Book Club
   First Saturday each month/6:30 pm
Bring a munchie to share and your
scrapbooking supplies. We will share ideas,           Book Club normally meets the second or third
tools and fellowship. For more information            Saturday of the month. Books are suggested and
call Marcia Liennemann at 877-6105                    decided on by the members in attendance. If
                                                      you've read a book you think we'd enjoy, please
                                                      send an email or put the name of the book and
                                                      name of the author in my mailbox. If we're
                                                      discussing a book that interests you, please join us.

                                                      Our April meeting will be on the 18th at Noble Tea &
                                                      Coffee at 9am. The book for next month's book
                  CIRCLE OF SISTERS                   club meeting will be Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi
                                                      Ali Raised in a strict Muslim family and extended
               We are a circle of Christian friends   clan, Hirsi Ali survived civil war, female mutilation,
who enjoy using our hands and hearts to create        brutal beatings, adolescence as a devout believer
baptismal & sanctuary banners, send cards to          during the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and life
shut-ins, and much more. We love doing Heaven’s       in four troubled, unstable countries largely ruled by
Handiwork! We meet the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays           despots. In her twenties, she escaped from a forced
of each month @ 7pm (unless otherwise stated).        marriage and sought asylum in the Netherlands,
Please join us!                                       where she earned a college degree in political
March: Hand painted scarves                           science, tried to help her tragically depressed sister
April: Beading                                        adjust to the West, and fought for the rights of
                                                      Muslim immigrant women and the reform of Islam
Questions? Call Suzy Patterson @ 844-2022             as a member of Parliament. While she is under
                                                      constant threat demonized by reactionary Islamists
                                                      and politicians, disowned by her father, and expelled
                                                      from her family and clan -- she refuses to be

                                                       If you would like more information or would like to
                                                             be added to our email list, please email
                                                        Linda Crist
                Sunshine Club
Anyone interested in taking a meal to a Bethel
family whose primary caregiver is sick or has
had a baby or surgery, please sign-up on the
Welcome sheet, call or email: Lee Abernathy                             PATHFINDERS
877-0381 or You                       For more information, contact:
will only be called upon 2-4 times per year.                   Jenny Sherrill 770-7394 or
Please help us continue this simple but
important ministry. Thanks.

                                                                      JOY GROUP
                                                           Third Tuesday of each month
Bethel’s Bingo Ministry                                             11:30am.
                                                           Join us for lunch and fellowship.
We are looking for ladies &                               Location will be in the Bethel News
men who would enjoy                                      each month. Sign up on the Welcome
playing bingo once a                                          Sheet if you plan to attend.
month (the 4th Monday) at
2:30pm with the residents
of Maple Park Nursing Home. We have so
much fun and takes about an hour and a
half. If interested, please call:
                                                      EUCHRE GROUP—Join us the 2nd Saturday
Kyle Smith 984-5692,                                  of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the church fellow-
Joy Diamond 896-5247                                  ship hall. Singles and couples are welcome.
                          Please join us!!!           Please bring a snack to share. Next gathering
                                                      is in May...see you then!                                April 2009
  Page 12
                           Living the Marks of Discipleship……. SERVING OTHERS

                      FAITH IN ACTION
                     reaching out to those in need

                 The mission of the Bethel Pantry is      Thank you to any new volunteers
                 "To be the hands and feet of God         that have been working in the
                 and to love those in need by             pantry. We appreciate each and
                 restoring hope and dignity and           every one of you. Also, thanks to
                 providing some basic needs. To           everyone else that helps out on a
                 feed the hungry of Hamilton              regular basis. Everyone plays an
                 County physically and                    important part!
                 spiritually." The statement is
  "If anyone     simple, but living that out is very
has material     challenging, yet meaningful. The
possessions      heart of this ministry is taking care
and sees his     of those in need with dignity and
  brother in     respect.
need but has
  no pity on     The Pantry coordinators met for a
him, how can     half-day retreat in February to
 the love of     discuss ways in which we can
  God be in      improve our ministry to the poor of
 him? Dear       Hamilton County. We fine-tuned
                                                                   Did you know that 27% of the food
 children, let   our mission statement so that we         at restaurants is wasted? Food Rescue, a
 us not love     will have it as a guide. It is printed   local not for profit foundation, rescues food
with words or    above. Several topics were               from restaurants that otherwise would have
                                                          been discarded, and gives it to those in
 tongue but      discussed such as fund- raising ,
                                                          need. We are looking for one volunteer who
 with actions    improving existing services and          would commit 90 minutes of time one Friday
and in truth."   envisioning our future pantry.           night a month to rescue food.
1 John 3:17-18   While no major changes will occur                 Currently there are two restaurants
                                                          on the north side of Indy who will donate
                 right now, know that the team is         baked goods to our pantry if we just go get
                 working hard to make our current         them. The restaurants are around 96th and
                 location the best possible pantry to     Meridian. Some Food Rescue volunteers I
                                                          have spoken with say they use that 90
                 fulfill our mission. If you would like   minutes as part of a "date night" with their
                 a more detailed report about our         spouse, or others use it as a family
                 retreat or if you have ideas to          outreach project. If this is of interest to you,
                 share, please contact Pastor Wade.       please contact Anna Renner for more
                                                          details: 770-9154.

  April 2009
                                                                                                    Page 13
                    CONGREGATIONAL NEWS….
           God’s richest blessings to:

Our Christian sympathy is extended to:
All those in our Bethel family who have lost friends and loved ones…
Family & friends of Scott Ramage
Faith Gates mourning the loss of her sister Joyce Mendini
Family & Friends of Bob Geren
Neal Hinz mourning the loss his mother, Betty

              Welcome to our world…
              Leah Elizabeth...daughter of Scott & Tori Wisker...born Feb 26th
                                                                                                 I believe in
                                                                                                the sun even
 I wanted to express thanks to those that have helped me                                            if it isn't
 through my first two surgeries. Thank you so much for                                             shining. I
 cards, thoughts, prayers, and visits during my surgery and
 convalescence. Thank you also for the prayer shawl, it was
                                                                                                  believe in
 most appreciated. The support I received was uplifting;                                          love even
 knowing that I belong to a community of caring, loving                                          when I am
 people is a comfort. A special thanks to Pastors Wade and
                                                                                                     alone. I
 Heather for their visits.
                                                                                                  believe in
 Jon Miller                                                                                       God even
                                                                                                 when He is

       For each new morning with its light,
       For rest and shelter of the night,                          I thank God for most this
       For health and food, for love and friends,
       For everything Thy goodness sends.                          amazing day;
       ~Ralph Waldo Emerson                                        for the leaping greenly
                                                                   spirits of trees
                                                                   and a blue true dream of
                                                                   and for everything
                                                                   which is natural, which is
                                                                   infinite, which is yes.
                                                                           e. e. cummings
                                                                                                    April 2009
   Page 14
                                     Living the Marks of Discipleship……. PRAY DAILY

                      Please keep these family members, friends, and loved ones in your prayers:

                   Family & Friends of Bob Geren as we mourn his passing
                   Neal Hinz—as he and family mourn the passing of his mother, Betty
                   Bob Geren—healing, strength    Cindy Kreisher—healing        Marshs—strength and growth
                   Faith Gates—as she mourns the loss of her sister, Joyce Mendini
                   Joel Kirby & family—mourning the loss of his mother Amanda
                   Dawn Johnson—ear surgery Mar 20           Bruce Hoffmann—healing
                   Tony Fulton—medical testing on April 21
                   Brenda Marsh—healing, strength & hope Rectors—peace, financial problems

                                           FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF MEMBERS
                    Megan Ott—Steve & Luann Snyder’s daughter—breast cancer, healing
                    Pam—daughter of Pat Kneip—chemo for aggressive cancer
                    Robin Hartley—strength & healing
                    Jim Carr—asst. principal HHS—lung cancer, treatments
                    Susan Roma-Calderaro—mother of Julie Morgan—brain cancer
                    Margaret Ellis—mother of Luann Snyder—ill, healing
                    Madison Walker—niece of Helen Hills—serious immune complications
    Hear my         Marci McQuitty—friend of Linda Merideth—brain tumor
                    Gracyn DenBesten—friend of Crowes—9yr old awaiting heart transplant
   prayer, O        Mike Nordmeyer—friend of Andy Klotz—mourns the loss of his son in Iraq
  LORD, Give        Greg Seagal—dad of Jonathan Holleb’s friend—colon cancer spreading
   ear to my        Mary Mozingo—grandmother of Andersons—hip replacement surgery
 supplications!     Randy Skemp—friend of Kristi Anderson—job concerns
 Answer me in       Perry Gates—friend of Dorthy Pratt-open heart surgery, healing
                    Lois Eiler—mother of Sue Woodring—breast cancer, chemo, strength
                    Leona Draper—friend of john Jameson—healing & strength
faithfulness, in    Ken Pickett—friend of Rosemary Kaiser—lung cancer
      Your          Jack Waters—father of John Waters—adjusting to assisted living
righteousness!      Huddleston family—friends of Gates—family problems, father’s cancer
                    Barbara Marotta—friend of John Jameson—healing & strength
                    Joni Golde—friend of Jeanne Halik—cancer
   Ps 143:1
                    Andrew Sieg—nephew of Janice Pruitt—kidney stones, infection
                    Carl Karfault—neighbor of Pruitts—ureter cancer, surgery
                    Orangy, papa, and everybody—McKenna—
                    Jim Pickering—boss of Luann Hansen—Parkinson’s
                    Deb Spannan—cancer
                    Bill Gatewood—surgery Mar. 19, kidney stones
                    Family of Dennis Baitz—friend of Gerens & Lists—as they mourn his passing
                    Kellie Nikou—friend of Behrendts—life threatening infection
                    Drew Rector—grandson of Rectos—acid burns on legs
                    Infant Cole Sabelhaus—family friend of Nan Callahan—respiratory problems
                    Bertha Luusua—mother of Marie S. & Carol W.—strength & healing after stroke
                    Beth Wilson—mother of Jason Pearson—recovering from knee surgery
                    Ava Daugherty—born at 26 weeks—health issues
                    Kathy Alexander—friend of Brenda Gerbsch—strength & healing
                    Ruth Stevens—mother in law of Chaleen—pneumonia
                    Michael Stokes—father of Roberta Perez—problems w/work and getting paid
                    Kristina Trusty—friend of Grace & Olivia Ritchie—pregnancy complications
                    Pearl Harbor Suvivors—John & Jan Haessig—& all Son & Daughters of Pearl
                    Harbor Survivors
                    Ryan Hickman—son of Brenda Marsh—strength faith, job, hope
                    John Goodrich—friend of Al Eckstein—lung cancer
                    Norman Dorsey—neighbor of Edna Hecht—healing

                               ADULT LIVING & HEALTHCARE CENTERS
                     Madeline Scherer       Levera Millikan Alice Ann Burris
                     Evelyn Hilton          Dorothea Leach   Jane Owens
   April 2009
                                                                     Page 15

     Birthdays this month...

Siro Brooks          4/1
Jon Hankenhoff       4/2
Abigail Crist        4/3
Jeff Schwartz        4/3
Sarah Mickelson      4/4
Les O'Brien          4/5
Trent Rice           4/5
Abby Smith           4/5
Lexie Almodovar      4/6
Pastor Wade Apel     4/6
Nancy Hansen         4/6
Nancy Hardie         4/6
Charles Swanson      4/6              Grant Beeman           4/17
Dorothea Leach       4/7              Vic Hansen             4/17
Bob Roe              4/7              Mary Lou Waltz         4/17
Jeff Visscher        4/7              Lydia Bish             4/19
Nicole Belk          4/8              Madison Bell           4/20
Linda Clark          4/8              Josh Kinney            4/20
Kameron Foellinger   4/8              Alex Webber            4/21
Scott Nealon         4/8              Clair Wisman           4/21
Mary Nelson          4/8              Justin Kirby           4/22
Rich Rager           4/8              Jean Baxter            4/23
Luann Hansen         4/9              Matt Jones             4/23
Julie Savickis       4/9              Trent Morton           4/23
Caleb Cooper         4/10             Teena O'Connor         4/23
Reid Swanson         4/10             Susan Parks            4/23
Brandon Swart        4/10             Jacob Walters          4/23
Helen Hills          4/11             Denise Rezsonya        4/24
Gary Kitko           4/11             Olivia Johnson         4/25
Mark Landwehr        4/11             Todd Yoder             4/25
Karen Goldstein      4/12             Erich Gerbsch          4/26
Fred Gronau          4/12             Elizabeth Kelley       4/26
Amanda Horton        4/12             Lori Schneider         4/26
Kelsey Lang          4/12             Palmer Morris          4/27
Luke Hilton          4/13             Bodie Derrer           4/28
Brady Beeman         4/14             Jeff Warning           4/28
Sheryl Whiteman      4/14             Ellis Burns            4/29
Jason Anderson       4/15             Lori Cain              4/29
Christy Brown        4/15             Joe Macaluso           4/29
Emma Burns           4/15             Lu Olp                 4/29
Spencer Gilbert      4/15             Manda Short            4/29
Donna Hulka          4/15             Lexie Amstutz          4/30
Joel Kirby           4/15             Nick Burrow            4/30
Makenna Melott       4/15             Mallory Lackner        4/30

                            Steve & Cheryl Nealon        4/11/1970
                            Bert & Maria Haisma          4/12/1960
                            Jason and Emily Perry        4/12/2003
                            Jeff & Mary Scherer          4/14/1979
                            Tony & Shannon Rivera        4/15/2000
                            Matt & Stacey Corley         4/17/1999
                            Shaun & Shannon Weyer        4/18/1998
                            Jim & Joy Diamond            4/20/1963
                            Alan & Mary Kinney           4/21/1973
                            Scott & Tori Wisker          4/22/2007
                            Kirk & Jenny Pfeil           4/29/1995

                                                                     April 2009
   Page 16
                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                           NOBLESVILLE, IN
                                                                           PERMIT NO. 551

   20650 Cumberland Road
  Noblesville, IN 46062-8823
           Phone: (317) 773-4315                     Place mailing label here
              Fax: (317) 773-8026
               Visit our website:

Senior Pastor:                  Douglas Gast
Visitation Pastor:          E. Dean Windhorn
Associate Pastor:                Heather Apel
Associate Pastor:                 Wade Apel     RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
Youth Director:
Music Director:                    Tim Yoder
Parish Administrator:              Scott Mork
Secretary & Editor:             Cathy Crosley

         5:30 p.m. Praise Worship:

     8:00a.m. Traditional Worship
      9:30 a.m. Blended Worship
      11:00 a.m. Praise Worship
Sunday School: 9:30 am (During school months)

     Midweek opportunities for all ages!
     Channel 19: Sundays at 1:30 am,
      7:30 am, 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm

The vision of Bethel is to be a dynamic,
 life-changing church of fully devoted
   disciples of Jesus Christ. Join us!
   April 2009

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