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					Could you use up to $150,000
in as quick as 10 days
without upfront fees…
no financials…
and no collateral?                      What will you use
                                         your funds for?
Does your current                 • INVENTORY PURCHASES
credit card processor              Increase sales, revenue and profits
give you the power to             • ADVERTISING
get $5,000, $50,000                Find customers for your goods and services
or even up to $150,000            • EXPANSION
as a cash advance                  Take advantage of market opportunities
against your future               • RENOVATION
credit card sales?                 Entice new customers with a fresh look
                                  • NEW EQUIPMENT
                                   Offer new products and services
                                  • TAXES
Central Payment                    Take care of obligations and move on
Corporation can                   • PAYABLES
                                   Eliminate interest by paying off debts
turn your Visa                    • WORKING CAPITAL
and MasterCard                     Enhance your daily operations
                                  • EMERGENCIES
receipts into                      Keep money on hand for a rainy day

Take advantage of this
revolutionary way to build
your business with resources
you didn’t know you had!
Do you qualify?
 • You are a Restaurant, Retail, Service or Internet* business
 • You have been in business one year
 • Your current credit card statement shows $5000+ monthly volume
 • You have no open tax liens, judgments or bankruptcies in last 3 years
 • You have good standing with landlord – at least one year left on lease
How do you arrange it?
  • Complete your Central Payment Corporation Merchant Application
    for bankcard processing services (and save money with our low rates!)
  • Your CardPayment Account Executive submits your information for approval;
    a Funding Advisor contacts you with business consulting advice
    and with your approvalstatus in as little as 24 hours
  • Funding occurs by Direct Deposit in as little as 10 days
  • Easy automated repayments occur via a small percentage withholding from each
    credit card purchase your customers make
  • Your funding arrangement is tax-deductible and builds business credit!
Consult your personal Account Executive:


                                                        GENERAL AUTHORIZATION
I/we _______________________________________________(merchants name) give my/our consent to file an application for a Working Line
of Credit to Business Financial Services or assigns for the business known as:

_________________________________________________________(name of business)
This General Authorization includes credit referencesfrom, but not limited to, Credit Report Agencies, Suppliers, Banks,
Landlords, Dunn & Bradstreet, Creditors, UCC Holders, etc.

I/We hereby agree and accept that personal and business credit information may be released to Business Financial Sevices and its
processors or assigns, electronically, verbally or otherwise.

Merchant Signature                        Title                        Merchant Name (Please Print)           Social Security #

                                                              Business Name:__________________________________________________________

                                                              Address: _________________________________________________________________

                                                              City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________________
(Agent: Please call a BFS Funding Advisor at (866) 411-4006
for an instant consultation (have the Merchant Application
handy) or fax this signed sheet along with the completed      Business Phone:__________________________________________________________
front page of the CPC Merchant Application to 877-300-7145.
Also submit this sheet to CPC along with the full CPC
Merchant Application.)                                        Merchant's Cell:__________________________________________________________

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